Where to Find the Red Ant Club? - Grounded

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video from our favorite YouTube channel yet? If not, you're in for a wil...
Where to Find the Red Ant Club? - Grounded
Where to Find the Red Ant Club? - Grounded

Where to Find the Red Ant Club? - Grounded

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen that video 'Where to Find the Red Ant Club?' It's our favorite!

simon: Oh yeah, that one where we ventured a little too far into the world? Classic!

appsro: I love how we always get ourselves into these crazy situations. The Red Ant Club was no match for us!

neebs: Haha, yeah! We may have gotten grounded, but it was totally worth it for the laughs and adventure.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video from our favorite YouTube channel yet? If not, you're in for a wild ride because this time, the gang might have taken their exploration a little too far into the world!

In the video, the Neebs crew embarks on a new adventure that promises to be filled with excitement, laughter, and maybe even a few unexpected twists and turns. As a die-hard fan of the channel, I can't wait to see what kind of shenanigans they get up to this time.

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oh God did you just like spawn [ __ ] to0.5996.441
come after us did I oh3.063.98
God okay all right yeah we need weed21.685.38
Sims so we can actually finish this door25.743.42
in this sad little Hut we got yeah I27.064.2
know and I need a drink I think I think29.164.5
I eat some bad Weevil meat oh what'd you31.263.9
do that for I didn't know it was bad33.664.2
okay well I'm assuming that's a35.164.14
legitimate excuse you didn't know it was37.862.94
bad that's why you ate it yeah I ate39.32.7
something and then all of a sudden I was40.82.88
sick I'm really just kind of guessing on42.03.719
that okay tell you what let's uh let's43.683.719
keep moving along this rock wall because45.7193.901
we still need to find that uh that video47.3994.201
game cartridge man I love video games49.624.14
they're so fun yeah they are oh and I51.63.9
need some some agua and I see a drip53.763.06
yeah you want to go grab that egg one55.53.739
yes please56.824.8
oh man I'm so tempted to drink that59.2395.021
don't drink it61.625.22
thank you can you see this ladybug well64.264.92
I mean I saw oh flying no you mean you66.844.5
mean the lightning bug oh yeah oh yeah69.184.2
what did I say ladybug sorry Firefly or71.344.08
lightning bug yeah yeah I used to catch73.383.66
those all the time when I was a kid yeah75.423.36
me too I did horrible things to them I77.043.06
would smush them because I thought it78.783.12
was fun to see the glowing stuff like80.13.3
smeared up against the cops I think81.93.12
every kid did it's just a dumb thing83.43.359
that kids do you know a horrible thing85.023.54
but I have that's not good I don't86.7594.22
you on the six Dallas yes I am ah I can91.24.86
really use some water it's always hard94.684.86
to tell which one yeah yeah that one96.066.36
you see oh I see it what it wasn't being99.544.74
uh Cooperative yeah there you go get102.424.92
that slurp it up yeah baby okay this way104.286.119
we're a little bit thistle huh yeah I107.344.559
think I know what they look like they're110.3994.021
kind of tall weed looking things with111.8994.201
little spikies on them yeah like114.424.5
thistles yeah that's what they look you116.14.86
know what I'm talking about yeah I think118.924.379
uh well you needed like nap fuzz and120.964.28
crap I'm pretty sure123.2995.52
this is this is the wall oh right here125.245.14
I'm gonna get past this wall there128.8193.301
should be an opening somewhere what's130.384.14
this what is this wall like a a132.124.02
landscaping thing134.524.859
spider what yeah it's a spider butt I136.144.739
think we can sneak around it I think139.3794.021
that's an opening in the wall140.8796.921
nope it's just a crevice143.44.4
look at those sons of [ __ ]148.4595.021
you know they're gonna do a little turn151.584.9
around and like Yay Ah that's where we153.484.86
gotta go doralius are you kidding156.484.74
there's three spiders three158.345.06
nope nope nope161.225.159
can you see me well it just shot a web163.44.72
of something there's not any other way166.3794.5
into there I'm sure there is why don't168.124.74
we follow the wall the other way okay170.8795.841
other way you got it172.863.86
wow is that a blueberry uh yeah I176.9595.261
believe it is and I remember being up180.184.02
there like at some point do you got a182.224.519
rock so you can throw a rock at it184.25.759
oh yeah oh hey that's that's something186.7395.561
yeah no absolutely is something swim189.9593.541
that cute little butt out there and get192.33.06
it oh it says chop193.55.099
chop chop it okay so hold on oh can you195.364.5
push it back towards me do you have198.5993.481
anything to chop it with I have an ax uh199.864.019
yeah I do hold on let me I can oh and202.083.36
I'm probably shouldn't be doing this203.8793.0
with my torch in the water but oh it's205.442.82
fine it's fine yeah push it push it this206.8792.761
way all right yeah push it towards Shore208.263.38
that's what I'm doing there you go209.644.62
yeah oh yeah Simon we're eating good211.644.36
tonight yeah look at this giant214.264.1
okay so chop so let me pull out my ax219.085.2
and if we chop it222.124.52
yeah there we go224.286.44
nice oh Simon grab grab a berry chunk226.647.42
okey-doke all right its skin is both230.725.799
strong and luxurious oh here's my berry234.066.02
chunk oh I'm ready236.5193.561
but hold on it's a berry chunk I'm243.9594.2
holding the berry chunk I thought wait245.8793.901
yeah how do we eat the berry chocolate248.1592.94
right seven249.784.34
I hit eight that's a that's it251.0995.82
a plump slice of purple hedgeberry its254.124.899
skin is both strong and luxurious can we256.9194.261
not eat the damn blueberry I don't know259.0195.161
oh Dad's Bull and why can't I [ __ ] this261.186.68
right oh yeah cause I gotta hook it264.183.68
oh God yeah273.2596.341
oh I'm stuck I'm stuck okay we gotta276.785.54
chop our way through it279.62.72
all right through through another one282.86.88
you got it okay286.165.62
this is good maybe they were having like289.684.68
a little um uh tea date over there291.784.859
that's where this spider is they were294.364.32
sleeping you can hear them snoring the296.6394.201
other spiders yeah they were moving and298.684.579
shooting webs what are you talking about300.845.52
I didn't hear that all right you see any303.2595.201
thistles no306.366.32
spider to the left spider to the left308.464.22
um I don't see Teslas but I do see one313.744.38
of those bases okay315.664.08
Simon yeah Yep this seems promising319.745.239
right oh yes sir322.2596.541
absolutely can we open this uh you hope324.9796.521
e yep locked we can't get in this331.55.34
whatever this is [ __ ] I got I know the333.94.39
truck here watch336.842.82
do it again yeah hold on339.665.46
I don't think that's gonna work son ah345.123.72
see so now hold on is the map see the346.9793.241
map this this cartridge we're after348.843.12
looks like it's in there how in the350.223.3
world do we open this place351.963.959
well maybe there's another that just353.524.08
looked like it lit up like a way around355.9194.981
yeah another way around another door357.65.52
that might be left open okay yeah let's360.94.139
uh I can't get anything back here no man363.123.419
I'm ready for the sun to come up yeah365.0394.081
it's been dark yeah let's make our way366.5394.081
around this thing because we obviously369.123.18
want to go inside of it right yeah what370.623.78
is this it's a bird bath372.33.86
oh God no no no stay away oh God oh God376.165.979
I got it do you have any rocks in your380.6392.941
hand can you distract them with a rock382.1393.84
I'm going at the thistle man okay go to383.584.02
the desert I wonder if you can climb the385.9793.241
thistle if we can climb the thistle he387.63.9
can't you think spiders can climb389.224.319
anything can they but like they're391.54.74
spiders see look at me I'm up here maybe393.5395.521
it's like uh just snap the needles so I396.244.56
can get real high you know we'd be maybe399.064.74
we'd safe it's a spider yeah but it's400.86.42
thistles you know yeah yeah now403.86.66
clownfish had what what what what is it407.227.08
here yep that's a big one look you can't410.466.84
get me okay good okay414.35.88
um he's trying to lose him and sir you417.35.22
should climb a thistle hello420.185.34
you got two spiders on you now422.524.799
as I hate to say it but I think you're425.524.5
screwed man he's so smart427.3195.641
cause the spiders yep430.025.1
is the spider around you I can't see one432.964.019
okay keep look keep an eye out I'm435.125.579
coming nine I'm coming I'm coming here436.9795.961
we go440.6992.241
keep an eye for spider yeah oh yeah yeah443.525.1
yeah yeah yeah I think so thank you446.0995.82
thank you right I'm a hero it's not it's448.626.199
a thistle oh451.9192.9
here it what's going on456.125.88
wait how'd you call him higher it's hard459.3195.641
don't bite me oh god462.06.44
oh snap here464.963.48
I should have climbed the Fizzles469.6396.521
now I need the favorite repaid I'm not472.6997.081
gonna wait a little bit okay476.163.62
but seriously I could use a hand yeah I486.865.08
it's right there right okay I just489.4194.141
remember I've saved you man yeah you491.943.18
remember that yeah493.565.9
I have to seems one-sided it is495.124.34
oh salmon yes sir is that what I think499.865.76
it is uh a pink glowy thing yeah that's502.446.0
some science right oh yeah probably oh505.624.56
wait there's another I saw a glowy thing508.443.659
over there all right so pink pink one510.183.62
I'll go to the pink one I need water bad512.0994.68
uh yeah I'm getting low on water yeah I513.84.539
do have some honey I think I've been516.7794.2
wasting it no this isn't so what is this518.3393.961
she ate520.9794.92
I'm sorry mix our overdrive I just did522.35.9
it see what happens525.8996.0
huh fight's breaking now oh God did you528.25.86
just like spawn [ __ ] to come after us531.8995.88
did I oh no Simon what have you done all534.065.899
oh wait no you know what I saw a crack542.184.24
in the wall head to the crack in the544.864.02
wall okay wait is it is it back where we546.425.16
were yeah you see where I'm at you go to548.884.019
the crack of the wall all right well I'm551.583.0
going by these threats over here okay552.8993.12
yeah all right I think because we got554.584.8
away all right oh what do we learn about556.0194.621
hitting buttons we don't know what they559.382.22
um we should live dangerously and do it561.63.419
no is the answer don't because the563.3995.101
answer is don't okay hold on hey oh wow565.0196.721
this is insane oh wow what's in there uh568.56.66
a bunch of and heads and heads yes look571.747.7
what the [ __ ] yeah what the [ __ ]575.167.799
what what is happening a weapon I just579.446.1
picked up a weapon hold on wait is this582.9594.621
let me check something Simon all right585.543.479
this isn't where we're supposed no this587.582.58
still isn't where we're supposed to be589.0194.26
we got to get to this Tech chip hold on590.166.72
what the hell check this out593.2797.381
huh now that's a cool looking weapon yes596.886.54
yes I'm gonna see if I can uh whap some600.666.299
[ __ ] with this gross that's a hard heavy603.425.22
swing right there606.9593.361
okay is there anything else here okay608.643.74
ant totem recipe610.324.86
we can build these ant totems recipe612.384.84
found next to a dead body in a cave full615.184.5
of ant heads there's a body in here I617.223.6
didn't see your body I don't see your619.684.08
body see a bunch of ant Effigies good620.825.22
this is creepy yes it is like anything623.764.5
back here anything worth the [ __ ] so626.043.96
what about this book I guess it's a628.263.96
marble Shard I don't know what that is630.04.14
another brittle marble Shard well maybe632.223.54
you can analyze these see what they do634.143.6
well damn since we can't open that door635.763.78
Simon I don't know if we can get in and637.743.719
get to that cartridge right now but I639.543.359
don't know let's keep exploring maybe641.4593.0
we'll find a way all right I got you642.8993.741
hey doralis you still got that bow I got649.266.139
the bow yeah drop stack oh yeah651.66.359
that's a just throws them all out of the655.3994.541
ground doesn't it heck yeah all right657.9595.041
let's see one shoot it no me though okay659.944.68
here let's see if I could oh we're going663.04.56
outside see if I can get something like664.626.899
a hunt Okay well who's the lucky lucky667.566.779
oh you're lucky poor guy what he's671.5193.781
getting away674.3393.961
we're mighty684.63.02
what is this Simon it looks like there's688.0796.061
so if I hit e on that other pink thing691.0195.101
over there more things will come and694.143.84
attack me that's the same pink thing and696.123.6
yes if you hit e on it more things will697.983.539
come in attack oh it's the same one we699.723.54
just came from down there I'm all sorts701.5193.721
of confused this looks like it's uh this703.263.72
is part of like that lab being built705.243.3
yeah and I guess you know yeah there's a706.983.72
other lab must be under the Hedge who in708.543.96
the World building Laboratories under710.75.36
the Hedge can we get up here whoa712.53.56
oh wow Simon yeah be careful because716.767.139
there are spider eggs in here all right720.07.92
um but I got some science723.8994.021
science I'm trying to get up here okay728.224.26
oh there's uh there's robots over there730.23.66
flying oh yeah you think they're732.483.0
friendly no733.863.719
we don't know I know I don't let's find735.484.02
out right oh yeah you guys hey you got737.5793.901
that new weapon how you doing buddy you739.53.899
want to come over here yeah I'll give741.483.66
you a little swing well don't hit it743.3993.201
unless it oh745.144.639
now it's gonna746.63.179
be oh yes751.444.56
that ain't good oh God are they gonna be753.83.76
after me now look I'm not associated756.05.48
with him I don't want to do it nope757.566.6
oh boy see I could tell they were761.483.94
aggressive I'm gonna try to get you764.162.58
without pissing these guys off come on765.422.58
come on come on hurry hurry hurry hurry766.743.0
hurry hurry nope you can't hit me you768.03.06
can't hit me yep I'm through the window769.743.14
watch time and run okay771.065.42
good job thank you772.883.6
tell you what stay behind me uh stay780.25.259
behind you yeah I left already what are782.74.319
you talking about where the hell are you785.4593.481
um I stayed in the toy oh okay well I787.0193.181
gotta come back because I left there788.944.019
after me oh yeah you hit him okay790.24.639
go to the other tunnel uh yeah794.8396.101
dope so cute okay thank you I know I am798.0194.961
see where this goes800.942.88
oh it looks like one of those uh803.824.62
analyzer places oh God it's getting dark805.564.44
I don't like being under these bushes808.443.66
when it's dark Simon yeah maybe we810.04.079
should make it up to that analyzer Place812.14.02
spend the night there814.0793.961
oh that's been816.124.08
not a clothespin thing818.044.14
paper clip820.23.72
all right let me see if I can try this822.183.36
all right so this blueberry we picked up823.925.039
let's analyze it uh-huh common blueberry825.546.299
how about some food huh Berry chair828.9595.88
hedge Lord Berry leather831.8394.921
we can make a [ __ ] chair out of a834.8394.56
blueberry a chair yeah all right how836.764.879
about that839.3992.24
I like to eat the blueberry I'm hungry I841.84.62
really need the juices you found cake844.0194.201
out in the wilderness846.422.94
make a rug848.224.26
that's one okay usually where there's855.64.799
one there's more huh you would think858.665.22
right oh boy Acorn stop I made Acorn860.3996.361
like armor are you wearing it yeah on my863.886.18
chest and my legs oh man look at you I866.764.62
know I know870.064.86
okay we're on it okay oh there we go871.388.519
sucker got that guy drop all right so uh874.926.659
acorns we gotta go back and get more879.8994.321
acorns all right I might have some still881.5793.961
left on me but yeah we need those884.223.179
they're surrounded by spiders which is885.544.58
fantastic yeah887.3995.721
popped up on my screen drink or die893.7794.601
um oh God why don't we follow this water897.063.66
hose have you tried that uh no but I did898.385.04
find a cookie okay a cookie yep if I had900.724.679
a Boston toy we'd be eating cookies we903.423.779
gotta see some larval stuff down there905.3993.481
oh damn this isn't a water hose this is907.1995.341
a goddamn power cord yep oh boy bad908.886.24
threats just ran across bad threats you912.546.539
at Simon uh I am by the cookie oh [ __ ]915.126.42
oh I see you running all right I'm919.0794.26
coming back to you but it looked like it921.543.84
was gonna rain I was like oh if it rains923.3394.081
I'll be able to get some water nothing925.384.319
man we don't want it to rain I want927.423.84
water have you ever seen honey ice from929.6993.661
the kids I'll take some rain well the931.263.72
sprinkler system goes off it's a worse933.363.0
thing oh you kill me after me [ __ ] you934.983.18
[ __ ] you no no no no no I'm jumping over936.363.979
oh you [ __ ] person I think we got too940.5197.0
far oh it's too dark mama said fight the944.6993.981
Mama live oh948.684.779
screw this it's too dark I can't see951.484.02
there's no Moonlight I gotta get where I953.4594.021
can have moonlight955.56.18
there we go oh yeah look ah957.487.19
oh yeah oh961.685.04
my God972.1396.281
jealous moves in he's a train Hunter I974.947.32
am with his bow and arrow yep oh978.426.3
did they get away yeah982.263.84
sorry about that984.723.239
this would help oh The Christmas lights986.13.84
just came whoops I was one is that a b987.9594.38
what is this oh God why am I getting a989.943.06
oh yeah993.02.839
he's big yeah yeah that's a big b yeah I995.8396.661
know you wouldn't shoot those right yeah999.665.58
come on come on pull on you shut up yeah1002.56.6
together yeah take it together yeah1005.248.18
oh he's really powerful dude1009.14.32
you're down1014.0793.241
okay don't shoot me sorry B1017.446.06
oh God Seven yeah you got a mosquito on1023.546.419
you look what are you doing hide under1027.6793.66
the feather under the feather under the1029.9593.12
feather I don't see the oh okay hold on1031.3393.6
it looks like a feather what are you1033.0793.6
doing out there I'm trying to get my1034.9393.781
[ __ ] I think we're gonna have to abandon1036.6793.481
your [ __ ] I hate to say I tried to go1038.722.459
over by your [ __ ] there's a big wolf1040.163.24
spider oh okay what I mean I was right1041.1793.721
on top of my [ __ ] in one of those like1043.43.12
Weevil well not weevils but I don't know1044.92.88
what the [ __ ] they are okay well look1046.522.82
here's the good news in this game I1047.783.6
don't think your [ __ ] despawns so it'll1049.343.839
always be there all right so then I'll1051.383.299
try to get it later yeah what do you say1053.1792.88
you and I try to make our way back home1054.6793.901
huh okay let's go follow you I think1056.0593.961
we've come out too far oh is that a1058.583.479
sleeping ladybug let's not bother her1060.023.42
where is home it's gonna be over there1062.0593.24
by neebs and Rally's right1063.443.54
um I don't honestly I don't know I don't1065.2993.661
know where the hell we live I don't know1066.984.319
how to navigate this [ __ ] game you1068.963.839
don't know how to navigate any game no1071.2993.481
that's not true I know what I had to1072.7994.561
navigate some games of very little water1074.785.279
yeah yeah grab that water1077.364.559
that thing is cool it's not aggressive1080.0593.841
is it I don't think so should we try to1081.9193.661
kill one of these1083.93.899
um well I I can't because Mike I lost my1085.585.719
[ __ ] maybe we'll get some good stuff oh1087.7993.5
and I'll watch it1091.523.5
all right don't [ __ ] with lightning bugs1101.846.6
nope nope badass you are a badass the1104.2997.461
lightning bug not you1108.443.32

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