The Sword in the Stone!!! - Grounded

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest video where only one lucky player can claim the sword and wield its spicy glory...
The Sword in the Stone!!! - Grounded
The Sword in the Stone!!! - Grounded

The Sword in the Stone!!! - Grounded

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another epic video from Neebs Gaming! Today, we're talking about 'The Sword in the Stone!!! - Grounded' and why it's our favorite video.

simon: Oh yeah, that video was hilarious! I mean, who wouldn't want to claim a spicy sword and wield its glory? It's like the ultimate weapon of flavor!

appsro: Totally! And let's not forget the epic battle for the sword in the stone. It was like watching a spicy version of Excalibur come to life!

neebs: I know, right? It was so much fun to film that video and see who would come out on top. Plus, the editing was on point, if I do say so myself.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest video where only one lucky player can claim the sword and wield its spicy glory? If not, you definitely need to check it out and see who comes out victorious in this epic battle!

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o little warm here oh oh now I'm1.0794.24
sizzling we got to move fast oh oh wait3.4393.36
you don't have any good arm back come5.3193.96
back back6.7992.48
back okay you got a spot for it uh yeah20.964.76
do you see where I have it can you see24.1194.0
this um not really you're kind of25.724.039
obscured I mean it's so bright over28.1193.08
there there's like a milk bottle or29.7593.201
something behind you or a pill bottle31.1993.601
yeah I mean I see youp it's right behind32.964.2
me like right here well that that should34.84.32
work okay all right I'm going to finish37.166.04
building mine real fast up boom oh nope39.126.32
I don't have everything I'm just missing43.23.359
stem let's see don't I get any weat stem46.5596.48
around me of course there's none around50.0394.36
me when53.0393.36
I hold on I might be able to get you54.3995.64
some weed stem Yep this would be awesome56.3995.881
we can go from here to there and then60.0394.76
maybe this guy will go all the way back62.286.159
to I think our castle base is over there64.7994.801
man we can get68.4393.32
everywhere I'm a little n I'm a little71.7596.441
look at my Wier it's so fat I'm cute75.25.72
little nap I tell you about that watch78.24.76
out B I'm a80.924.519
nap okay you think that's going to reach82.965.44
down there um maybe yeah go ahead and85.4394.64
drop those can I can you want me to88.43.12
attach it oh yeah go ahead I can do that90.0794.04
I think boom there it is you want me to91.524.599
try yeah try it see if it'll attach94.1194.64
should attach to mine no problem gotcha96.1194.36
okay then I switch98.7595.601
by connection blocked blocked I think100.4796.041
the table's blocking you hold on let me104.364.439
see cuz mine it's out in the open oh I106.523.599
don't know here let me uh let me go back108.7994.28
to oh here we go I found it here we go110.1195.121
with oh God I'm113.0795.601
coming are you down there yep I see you115.246.199
perfect all right B bam nice now you118.684.2
think you connect it uh from up there121.4392.72
you think you can con connect to the122.884.72
castle too um right now you ready I mean124.1595.24
we should try it right okay going back127.65.2
up right behind you this is fun I know129.3995.92
it's always fun zip lines are great dude132.84.519
if we can connect this one to the castle135.3194.56
man that just expands our Network don't137.3194.2
like this bee hanging around down there139.8795.041
though no man nowhere we can't go all141.5194.761
right and here we144.925.64
go connection blocked oh come on yep no146.285.92
you know what I think we got to do what150.562.959
I think we got to build another anchor152.24.72
on the castle facing more this way oh oh153.5194.44
yeah that's right cuz I one of the156.923.399
Castle's facing up to that makes sense157.9594.401
yeah I think we can pull that off well160.3193.721
listen I've heard there's like a katana162.363.32
or something over there I want to go get164.043.16
that today sorry back that up you heard165.684.08
there was what a katana like a spicy167.27.679
sword samurai sword yeah oh I'm here for169.765.119
that okay ready yep and sha oh wow nope176.8410.399
oh oh got it yeah hey that was really182.5196.921
impressive yeah I got lucky there but187.2394.041
there's a fight here I have no idea why189.443.799
I had a hard time with that uh when I191.286.08
tried it sence193.2395.92
science all right let's go get this uh199.1594.601
lint Simon201.9595.721
yay Simon we're g lint turn around Simon203.766.0
yes how'd you lose your sense of direct207.683.639
I'm jumping I mean I'm not going up209.763.479
there I'm going down I'm assuming right211.3195.401
yeah but okay yeah all right just on213.2395.92
this uh what the hell was216.726.159
that all right I'm on my way threat219.1596.041
detected we got bees it's probably222.8796.92
yourself probably I'm so damn225.24.599
hot oh we got a little little fighting I231.046.759
guess oh you you little [ __ ] feel so233.9597.28
slow there we go wa all right we don't237.7994.72
need many of these but I might as well241.2393.521
grab them all okay look at I'm throwing242.5194.521
dust I don't I don't think that's244.765.679
accurate to uh to Nature then throwing247.046.64
dust no I don't think so all right let's250.4396.8
get some dust mes come on come on why am253.685.279
I I'm so slow because I've been I've257.2394.321
been dusted is that is that it I don't258.9595.041
know I have no other excuse M okay let261.564.88
me get this you little [ __ ] come on you264.04.84
eating my butt getting the clumps oh266.444.199
you're throwing stuff clumps clumps268.843.72
clumps might as well just grab all these270.6393.601
clumps and we'll head back and make a272.564.44
wasp Mount so we can be tougher against274.246.08
wasp yep that's what I like now it's not277.04.479
like we're going to be able to ride a280.324.2
wasp though is it no no no no we we've281.4795.44
established this the mount on the wall I284.524.92
you know what have we yeah I think so286.9194.801
when many times because I remember289.445.16
thinking a mount would be it be great it291.724.479
be so there's a you know what I'm296.1993.401
talking about right there's like a298.63.439
Katana a sword somewhere I don't know if299.63.56
it's under this lid or in these302.0393.0
charcoals or somewhere I've heard rumors303.165.28
it's in the charcoal bag oh the bag yeah305.0395.16
you know how to get there spider them308.443.599
are spiders them two spiders are they310.1993.641
sleeping oh wait hold on what we can312.0393.72
find resistant weakness chopping313.844.639
slashing spicy I wanted to try this uh315.7595.0
magic wand I got okay apparently I was318.4794.16
using it on the wrong things the comment320.7594.16
section was like no use it on spiders322.6393.84
when you go out there does it you get324.9194.681
burnt or no right here no yeah I feel326.4795.44
like I'm going to get burnt am I uh no329.64.2
we're not near a charcoal oh this isn't331.9193.881
I thought we were in a hot area I mean333.83.839
parts of this area are hot but not right335.83.2
here you going to fight this spider I'm337.6392.68
going to I'm going to shoot one of this339.03.68
with the magic wand you ready yep hit340.3196.081
it in the sleep what a rude God yeah342.685.959
that did a ton of damage do it again all346.44.639
right I need shield shield okay I'm in348.6398.441
front oh God good Lord he hey ouch that351.0397.641
that took me down the whole thing okay357.083.64
out I got you358.683.079
okay run360.725.319
in God why' that hurt so bad I don't361.7598.56
know okay take him down oh yeah there we366.0398.121
go man better drink some [ __ ] man that370.3196.88
thing jeez oh yeah now it's pretty374.165.12
awesome on spiders I take back377.1993.881
everything I said about this thing379.283.0
there's uh one more over there and I381.083.48
want to grab that science I'm going for382.286.12
it all right W sorry that was384.565.44
science can I block with this thing yeah392.5994.201
all right so I got to I got to learn to395.124.44
block all right help me out beses okay396.84.0
coming in for the399.565.039
pooper there we go yep that's some knes400.87.56
in your poop Sho how you like404.5993.761
that woo all right yeah this thing's411.445.72
badass against spiders man can fight The414.565.079
Brood mother with this thing what417.164.92
happened to you I think I was poisoned419.6395.481
oh gotcha okay the Venom got me quit422.084.72
missing all right let's go find this425.124.519
Katana so we got wildly distracted sure426.88.0
did worth it super worth it hey429.6395.161
F oo little warm here oh it's oh now I'm437.5995.201
sizzling we got to move fast oh oh wait440.9193.361
you don't have any good armor back go442.83.839
back go back go back okay all right ah444.285.68
good God sizz okay how hurt are you446.6396.441
right now I'm not too hurt oh man that's449.965.079
right I got the sizzle armor I mean453.083.839
maybe I can make it if we ran fast if455.0394.361
it's not that far what about this way456.9194.041
follow me because I I'll detect the459.43.12
sizzle and I'll tell you where to go can460.964.0
we run up to the bag oh I'm afraid462.525.239
you'll die what where are you headed I464.963.84
wanted to go with the bag that's the467.7592.4
only I want want to go that damn bag468.84.079
here follow me follow me bag's that way470.1593.88
right I know yeah we might have to go472.8793.0
around okay this is sizzling we can't go474.0393.761
that way I just don't want you to die475.8793.561
you're my friend I just think there's a477.83.079
way to figure this out over there479.443.199
without going this way I mean we could480.8793.201
run through it we're already in it now482.6392.721
we've gone this far you just want to run484.083.519
through it um that or you drop your485.364.519
clothes to me well then how the hell am487.5994.081
I going to get through it you go okay489.8793.401
let's just go your way let's keep moving491.684.12
yeah right right right right right ow493.284.68
damn it in my way you would have gone495.83.56
through it then you dropped the clothes497.964.04
and I go through it see what I'm saying499.365.119
no how does that work it gravity I would502.05.12
have run through it go up above to the504.4794.801
ledge drop the clothes down the ledge507.123.4
can you drop the clothes like what509.284.879
you're asking that's maybe yeah right I510.525.84
know so you517.446.079
say yeah what that so you probably can't520.365.12
tell me what this thing does again you523.5193.721
know what ites it's a wasp Mount I'm525.483.919
going to I'm going to do it no no it's527.244.52
uh yeah yeah okay you're going to do it529.3994.0
I know what it is you're telling me you531.763.32
can also make infected wolf spider533.3993.681
mounts that's pretty nuts cuz those535.084.879
things suck ass it is but how how do I537.085.48
no oh it's just the mount on the wall I539.9595.641
see I haven't been hanging on change the542.564.6
a how long have these mounts been on the545.65.239
wall a long time okay like um since the547.166.04
beginning never paid any attention to550.8394.0
them really how do553.25.28
I you can't put that there no I sure can554.8395.321
oh there we go oh it's going to be up in558.484.4
the well oh right we can sneak that in560.164.88
there yeah that's perfect we'll sneak it562.886.0
in there yeah and then build build build565.044.88
wait now an acorn shell is not close569.923.84
enough you son of a [ __ ] that's572.0794.281
ridiculous need an acorn shell I don't573.764.079
well you know there's one right there576.364.24
has got to be right got to be got to be577.8394.961
that's an acorn top come on now so when580.64.359
you say like when you go up to one of582.85.279
these things and you use it right it584.9595.801
makes you stronger against them Mark Foe588.0795.241
and that's it bam science go ahead and590.763.48
it now we can kick their asses all right594.247.08
okay so now now we're going to now we're598.85.64
easier to kill well between that our our601.326.56
um salt arrows that we've got and we604.446.48
made four of these waspa does we're607.884.12
going to have a better chance against610.923.28
this wasp queen so that's cool all right612.04.72
so we are ending the day with that I I614.23.879
don't I don't know we'll we'll think of616.724.0
something else well no yeah so far so618.0795.081
good with us okay no that's fun we are620.726.04
useful at times yeah we can623.163.6
are you sizzling it all no I mean a631.443.88
little bit a little bit I don't want to633.64.679
step on really hot charcoal there we go635.325.92
there we go yeah that's the way to do it638.2794.0
okay so yeah these clothes will641.244.159
definitely get you through it okay no642.2795.68
problem I ate some mint earlier I think645.3995.161
that helps you too okay I see you oh and647.9594.801
I don't want to fall oh hey there you650.566.959
are okay you ready ah boy I hope so I652.767.72
hope so too all right657.5196.32
drop yep oh there it is worked got it660.486.76
I'll be damned all right drop and drop663.8395.721
two things huh yep boom boom bam all667.245.48
right put all that on okay stand669.566.8
by so far no Sizzle is the way I'm going672.725.08
pretty good yeah no yeah you're doing676.363.52
okay yeah now I see you oh Sizzle yep677.85.64
that's right yeah there we go hey not679.886.88
bad made it and now the bag right oh683.446.48
yeah now follow me okay686.766.079
yeah I think right back here needes okay689.924.2
this is going to be awesome huh you692.8392.641
think this will be a good sword to use694.123.88
against like the wasp queen man I don't695.484.24
know is she vulnerable against what698.03.68
spicy oh I don't know because that I699.725.08
would imagine this sword is spicy and uh701.685.2
oh I think it's in there this hole can704.84.44
we go in here without sizzling I706.885.199
wouldn't think so uh oh I'm not sizzling709.245.039
here though are you not no yeah I'm good712.0794.481
well I'm good too so let's push forward714.2794.521
there's uh something glowing right here716.564.48
oh now I'm sizzling oh wow aot of Siz718.83.64
I'm sizzling that's a lot of sizz hold721.044.4
on flaming sword did I get it did I get722.445.199
it I don't know I did I didn't hold on725.443.24
I'm still sizzling how do I get out of727.6393.601
here oh my God where's the hole it's728.686.519
it's right here inside me hold731.243.959
on you uh remember your dreams Simon no735.687.8
hardly ever really yes I do every night740.045.84
and I kind of feel like it's draining743.484.68
I'm sure it is I mean do do you ever745.885.6
think that you're Mak maybe like living748.166.76
or getting a glimpse into another you751.485.4
know what do they call it I know what754.924.8
you're going with but I I don't I don't756.884.68
you don't huh no but it doesn't change759.723.4
that I'm thinking about it when I wake761.563.839
up which just seems like it's work763.125.24
sometimes you know is most of it like765.3996.161
fun or do you find a lot of it mundane768.366.44
it sometimes stressful you know yeah771.565.88
that sounds annoying maybe it's better774.84.24
you know what could you imagine like me777.443.959
if I did remember my [ __ ] oh God yeah779.044.039
you don't need that who knows like the781.3993.361
the small things I remember don't make783.0794.801
any sense yeah hey I'll tell you what784.765.079
what snooze here for a second I'll I'll787.884.079
let you know what happens oh this will789.8395.0
be like the TV show I didn't ask for791.9595.0
yeah just keep it down a little bit sure794.8394.0
I'll whisper weird [ __ ] to try to796.9595.721
influence your dreams oh that's fun yeah798.8395.481
go to802.684.0
bed some monkeys are going to be playing804.323.44
sizzling mastering secret what does that812.0796.2
mean nope sword's still there I see it815.564.279
well that's the thing is I did a thing818.2794.961
and then hold up let me look oh oh God819.8397.841
oh God oh God oh God right what's wrong823.246.839
I don't know what's happening up there I827.684.079
don't know man I I stepped out there's830.0794.281
Madness going on in there is toy doing831.7593.921
some crazy stuff oh yeah you know what834.364.52
it might be toy what's he shooting at oh835.685.36
there's these damn oh these838.885.28
larva oh you know what nebes yeah hold841.046.32
on mastering secret they're fighting it844.166.76
oh crap oh crap see I didn't I thought I847.365.839
grabbed the sword you didn't I think I850.923.96
think you have to like pull it you know853.1993.64
kind of like a King Arthur style okay854.884.44
well there was oh god there was a thing856.8395.24
and I did the circle sorry I'm going to859.324.36
like you I don't have any armor so I'm862.0795.56
really weak gotcha okay so hold up there863.685.8
you go there you go you didn't bring867.6393.76
backup armor okay no I didn't bring damn869.485.0
backup armor did you well no I mean now871.3995.321
I have two sets I know can I have your874.483.84
armor so I at least have some protection876.723.239
out here okay I didn't want to give it878.324.0
to you well if you got my armor I need879.9595.481
yours damn fool that got it all right882.324.6
sweet put that back on so yeah it885.443.44
triggers an event where a bunch of damn886.923.52
ladybird larva come out and start888.883.0
chewing out oh man we might need a whole890.444.199
team for something like891.882.759
Simon hey you're not going to believe907.6394.681
what I dreamt about what a monkey909.7595.561
playing a tambourine see now I heard you912.324.36
whisper it let's make this thing that we915.324.16
need to fight the uh the WASP the916.684.2
barbecue medley I don't know where those919.484.2
guys are but oh hey guys hi hey what you920.885.92
doing barbecue medley trying to get the923.686.599
you know for the the was this now none926.85.039
of you have told me what you're doing930.2794.281
barbecue medle you I said we're making931.8395.68
the barbecue medley open your ears all934.564.399
right the barbecue medle to fight the937.5194.68
was Queen hey um could you join nebes938.9596.601
and I over at the charcoal thing sure we942.1995.801
got a big fight we may need help you945.564.719
guys might want to make a ponchos if you948.04.92
can all any kind of Sizzle protection950.2796.761
would be great okay ponchos on952.924.12
it all right I am already sizzling but957.66.44
I'm going for it and pulling the sword961.445.0
all right they're starting sweet all964.043.52
right I'm going to have to pull out of966.445.079
the sizzling region oh I see him oh yeah967.566.68
that that really hurt yeah that one's971.5195.12
down three arrows what kind of Arrow was974.244.959
that just uh normal ones I'm using oh976.6394.68
damn hell yeah hell yeah that thing so979.1993.361
that's really nice so glad I brought you981.3193.32
boys oh they just spawned let's do it982.564.68
all right all right there you go get his984.6394.361
pooper I get his face all right we got987.243.44
to protect the sword that's the most989.04.199
important part you see him on the sword990.686.56
get yep yep all right yeah hell yeah993.1997.281
hell yeah this is it boys careful Simon997.244.68
you'll Sizzle in there am I going to1000.484.0
sizzle here oh yeah okay sorry then well1001.924.44
we've got the antline stuff yeah but1004.484.2
it's still like oh that I see oh on the1006.364.32
sword get I see him I see him I see him1008.683.639
oh I'm going to have to go in come on1010.683.8
stay off that sword you big1012.3194.64
[ __ ] this is uh the best we've done so1014.484.479
far and it's still not that good I got1016.9594.161
one on this s over here here we go oh1018.9594.72
God we're getting there we're getting1021.125.799
there keeping that sword protected we're1023.6795.961
trying our best yeah we are go there we1026.9196.561
go oh come on ah Dam No you little1029.647.08
bastard we are halfway there come on1033.485.64
baby I see these guys over here yeah1036.724.56
helping me names yeah thank you all1039.124.799
right watching The Sword yep there's one1041.285.399
behind the sword yeah get him no don't1043.9195.161
you get up there mm-m mm-m1046.6794.401
there we go we getting them we out this1049.083.92
is looking good listen I'm coming down1051.084.4
I'm coming down careful you will Sizzle1053.05.039
and die I see I see oh I see what you1055.485.64
saying oh God1058.0395.561
I that was stupid that was really DB1061.123.32
stay up1063.63.4
there when I ran up down I don't have a1064.445.0
revive oh wait oh god1067.07.32
ohy um oh boy little help yep yep yep1069.446.92
first I'm going to shoot kill him first1074.324.96
you got time all right oh you little son1076.364.48
of a gun oh need we should have put a1079.284.16
thing down right outside first get first1080.844.0
I just got1083.443.76
who get it again oh go we're back in it1084.845.6
let's go woo oh we're almost there oh no1087.24.8
what's hitting it what's hitting it1090.445.56
nothing I don't know oh oh god oh that's1092.05.48
not good somebody's got to1096.04.12
see y I'm shooting him I'm shooting the1097.485.84
guy on AB come on almost there shooting1100.125.64
them shooting them keep your arrows on1103.325.599
these guys shooting them okay1105.765.799
can I hit that oh down Dead all right1108.9195.961
somebody save him stay focused sacrifice1111.5595.6
me stay focused on the bugs okay1114.883.4
you one more there miss that [ __ ] [ __ ]1118.286.8
oh wait he's on there's one new thing I1122.7996.321
see shoot don't don't let him K the K1125.086.719
yeah I get the mission oh wait this1129.124.84
one's down oh God I'm so hurt that one's1131.7994.281
dead I think the katana came loose I'm1133.964.76
not sure what happened hold on can you1136.084.2
run in there and grab it1138.723.959
NE oh God my Health's too low anybody1140.284.0
got good health uh I have full health1142.6793.36
but I don't even know where it is should1144.284.0
be right there in that glow Rock thing1146.0392.961
not oh no it's not there he said hold on1149.04.24
I got some good heal up stuff let me1151.7993.641
take this all right and yes good heal up1153.245.0
stuff and should I try to run it in hold1155.446.88
up all right go oh God give me give me1158.245.439
give me give me it's not here give me1162.323.4
just give me it's not oh me why is it1163.6794.321
not here you can't help him oh God I get1165.723.319
ready to1168.04.799
stop okay now somebody's got to help in1169.0396.961
should I do it I'll get okay I'm so1172.7995.201
confused right now me1176.04.88
too coming it's up to you buddy oh God1178.06.4
both of you are dead just get me okay1180.888.48
one two there you are okay now run for1184.48.24
it I'm getting him okay I'll he trying1189.366.12
to trying to oh God okay no no get off1192.646.24
the sizzle oh God heal upd buddy all1195.484.679
oo wait is everyone Dead uh I'm dead but1200.1595.801
I got time I got 20 seconds left oh1203.9194.201
that's not enough baby but I I'll1205.964.599
sacrifice myself to give my give you all1208.124.64
right well it doesn't matter I guess why1210.5594.161
not okay I mean go for it if you want to1212.763.279
all right how many seconds you got I1214.724.4
still got 10 all right good we're doing1216.0395.0
this you're going to go for it huh Y and1219.123.48
then once you heal me you just run1221.0394.401
straight in front of me okay run run run1222.65.199
run run run run in front of you sorry I1225.444.479
ran back to where I was okay hey you1227.7994.721
saved me you're1229.9196.88
good Oh's back there we go hey did you1232.525.96
get the sword uh no we unlocked the1236.7994.081
recipe for it oh we got to build what we1238.483.64
don't even get the sword we got a recipe1240.883.4
for it yeah we got a recipe for1242.124.76
it okay I know it's really dumb because1244.284.2
it was right there and it just seemed1246.883.0
like you should be able to pick it up1248.485.72
gotcha okay hey hey good job job sucess1249.886.0
that was hairy I'm getting this tooth1254.22.68
while we're1255.883.96
here NOP M up1256.885.96

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