The Final Battle!!! - Grounded

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Are you ready for the ultimate showdown in the latest Grounded video? The final battle is upon u...
The Final Battle!!! - Grounded
The Final Battle!!! - Grounded

The Final Battle!!! - Grounded


neebs: This video is my favorite because it showcases the epic final battle in Grounded, keeping the audience engaged and entertained until the very end.

simon: I love this video because it highlights the intense action and teamwork of the Neebs Gaming Crew as they face their ultimate challenge in Grounded.

appsro: The Final Battle in Grounded is my favorite video because it features our most thrilling and dramatic moments, making it a must-watch for all our fans.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This is a video from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Neebs Gaming

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Are you ready for the ultimate showdown in the latest Grounded video? The final battle is upon us, but who knows what twists and turns await us in this epic conclusion. Will our favorite characters emerge victorious, or will they face unexpected challenges that could change the course of the game entirely? I don't know about you, but I am on the edge of my seat waiting to find out!

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oh look at this guys oh yeah that's for0.287.72
you toos yeah I got a Jabor why so I can4.045.92
love it and kiss it and squeeze it and8.04.719
choke it it looks terrified it's not9.964.2
yeah that's what I like about it it's12.7193.521
terrified Link in the description box if14.165.26
you want to get one poor little16.246.579
guy yeah they are chewing through this23.2793.681
big time yep yep yep I'm getting down25.3593.68
one by one there we go there we go there26.965.76
we go that29.03915.641
woo I think I have something you're all44.684.24
going to like what's that look at this46.8796.561
look at this so here we have oh yeah and48.929.24
then me uhhuh uhhuh and then me and then53.447.2
what that's me and then me58.165.6
that's a y it's all of us did you draw60.645.24
this yeah well done I've become an63.764.28
artist I've make it out of like bug [ __ ]65.885.52
and parts that makes sense it's adorable68.046.16
it it just warms your heart yeah is this71.45.12
a Target you're using yeah I just got a74.24.2
sweet little Bullseye actually looks76.523.84
good can you shoot it over my head head78.44.359
up Apple on your head where are you oh M80.364.079
your way go ahead that's right that's82.7593.761
right oh man now your name's in my way84.4393.921
that's the86.525.32
worst oh you stood up you were supposed88.364.88
to St I thought it was just one of you91.843.04
doing it oh man D that was close to a93.243.32
bullz it was all right I had to deal94.883.12
with your name and where did mine oh96.563.199
yeah mine's right in your oh yep I'll98.03.52
take those yeah yeah please yank it out99.7593.761
of my chest it's not in there anymore101.524.84
okay calm down dramatic I got you can103.524.04
you hit the target can you hit the106.363.56
target yeah I can oh yeah [ __ ] Target107.564.0
can hit the target can can you hit the109.924.839
target can can you hit the111.567.04
target my head I got both of them I114.7596.121
these are both mine118.64.28
okay so I hit the target all right good120.883.32
job well that one dropped out of my head122.884.239
so please take that one okay okay I'm124.24.52
already hurt you know that we need to we127.1195.161
need to focus yeah we are Supreme128.725.32
plating is that what we're doing oh yeah132.283.52
yeah you guys need to upgrade your armor134.044.04
to Max Capacity okay you get that going135.84.12
I'm going to go get a key and open up a138.083.879
chest oh okay neees you want to check139.926.0
out that Supreme plating I do do it okay141.9598.56
um where is it you make it in the bench145.927.28
Oh I thought you made it for me okay you150.5195.761
know I'm hurt knock it off nope take153.25.16
them down yep don't you can't work you156.284.0
can't shoot me if I'm doing this yeah I158.364.2
broke whatever this was good damn it160.285.679
okay Supreme plon coming162.563.399
up what are you doing I'm I'm166.845.679
encouraging you jeez got me all jumpy169.25.399
come on now okay so I'm going to do Ox172.5194.241
harness it's a level seven I'm going to174.5994.841
do this no no no say it like a rock star176.766.08
um going to do it to this179.446.32
yeah I'm going to do two of them because182.844.44
I'm going to leave two for Dr two of185.762.88
what you got to make a supreme plating187.284.36
song Go Supreme plating it's time to do188.646.0
Supreme plating [ __ ] rock and roll191.645.44
okay one more that's level eight and194.645.519
then level nine that's maxed out right197.087.28
yeah woohoo rock and roll baby uh chest200.1598.28
plate is maxed out I'm ready hell204.367.28
yeah wow that's right rock and roll yeah208.4396.241
show me your tits uh I don't know how to211.644.76
take this t-shirt214.683.24
titties nope just217.923.679
t-shirt okay I'm pretty sure this is222.4396.8
where the key for one of those chests226.085.159
the one on the tire what a great what a229.2395.801
great place that was okay an exercise in231.2395.36
patience if you235.049.32
will and yes uhhuh so far so Bueno right236.59910.601
to here did I [ __ ] up244.366.879
already no no no no going to go over247.26.2
here and get on that vine that's what251.2393.56
I'm going to253.44.92
do oh254.7993.521
yeah oh they didn't know I was a258.564.959
boy all right but265.685.92
oh man neebs uhhuh I wanted to come out271.724.72
here just to just just to see like how274.44.12
far we've come okay like you remember276.443.759
these guys they used to be kind of a278.524.08
threat didn't we just do this two weeks280.1995.28
ago did we I thought we282.66.599
did did we come out here and do it yeah285.4796.401
this just happened right I came out here289.1993.881
with this we might have done it while we291.883.68
were grinding on the dumpster oh yeah293.084.16
maybe so that's what I'm thinking of oh295.563.0
ladybug right I just I just enjoy how298.564.919
powerful we are now and this is like a301.684.32
great example of it okay let's see the303.4794.56
um the fresh306.04.84
one the the oh boy these are regular308.0394.321
ants I don't know if fresh will do much310.843.24
but I'll try it oh was that the other312.364.96
ants it works on ladybug wa that worked314.085.6
good Lord sorry ladybug let's see any317.325.2
more ants how does fresh work oh wow oh319.685.16
yeah no this thing kills it too just oh322.524.72
man here comes the324.844.919
Exterminator actually you look like yeah327.244.92
you look like an exterminator now just329.7594.321
spraying insecticide everywhere all332.166.039
right yeah mantises insde get him this334.086.08
is great man did you get it out of your338.1993.641
system I did it's a nice sense of340.163.08
progression you341.844.04
know when you can just dominate will you343.244.84
shut up he's doing what you did he345.884.039
learned it from watching you that's true348.085.8
yeah yeah I am I am his daddy and I got349.9197.481
issues well don't pass them on I353.887.599
will [ __ ] you357.44.079
ha all right362.166.96
easy and this365.688.04
way I will not be okay369.128.04
easy yeah373.727.44
yes yeah we're at this point now I377.167.8
believe it is this way all the way down381.165.08
there's some signs over there I'm not384.963.28
going to get you we've got enough well386.244.239
we never have enough signs388.248.079
okay down here onto that I believe onto390.47910.041
that yeah that's what's up and what's in396.3197.28
the treasure chest you ask I assume400.526.04
it'll be a rocket launcher and if it's403.5996.32
this game it ain't going to do [ __ ] we406.565.56
all know that409.9195.161
too is this where412.125.479
[ __ ]415.086.48
H okay yay look at that417.5997.04
[ __ ] and then to421.565.55
here don't hit my424.63910.101
head NES M stink bug I know I don't you439.285.4
don't need to peep he's right there they443.0393.401
used to be the worst I know oh you still444.684.079
got your gas mask yeah man I don't like446.444.039
breathing that no I don't either but I448.7593.12
mean we haven't seen these guys in a450.4792.881
while since we've been in the upper yard451.8792.641
yeah but don't you you still need a gas453.363.08
mask don't you I don't know stay right454.522.95
okay no you didn't even get stuned he462.524.48
didn't even get a chance he didn't even465.6393.161
get the chance thing he didn't even get467.04.56
a damn chance you not even get a chance468.85.119
man God used to be so scared of those471.566.319
guys those guys are idiots now okay do I473.9195.201
just seeing if I could break those with477.8794.241
this okay we need these burs right ah479.125.799
yes yeah because uh I think the roof of482.125.72
our base like I made it out of a484.9196.321
uh more he stunk you you're getting487.846.479
stuned no491.243.079
mask are you getting496.847.16
hurt did you get hurt uh no I'm fine you499.246.959
got poison right yeah a little bit but I504.05.52
mean [ __ ] take a bandage drink a drink506.1995.96
you got hurt oh yeah I got hurt for sure509.524.999
okay but I'm not wasting inventory space512.1594.32
on a gas mask all right I don't have the514.5194.96
the chopper for this oh I'm on it all516.4794.24
right let's do it and I ain't worried519.4794.521
about stink bugs no more because I'm a520.7198.641
mean Bo poor girl I don't know524.05.36
anymore um should I get on the leaf535.95910.721
[ __ ] suck it suck at all of you well549.0796.141
yeah okay okay chewed gum556.888.44
four get that561.8397.601
gum come on get the gum oh it's it's a565.326.36
key it's a sticky569.443.92
woo all right let's go get that rocket573.363.52
launcher and the576.884.0
science science science science581.128.76
sence um I'm home uh good cuz uh we got585.85.56
a decision to make I was looking at589.884.32
these bur floors we got plenty of spiky591.365.88
burds but we need lint rope which we594.25.48
have 34 of so we could blow it on that597.244.279
if that means our defenses but man why599.683.719
is this on the floor what is this looks601.5194.201
like plating oh oh because my inventory603.3994.721
is full there we go I deposited it and I605.724.559
picked up the plating I made and then I608.124.64
deposited the plating yep there's more610.2794.841
oh I guess I made a lot yeah I guess I612.763.56
made a whole bunch you're a mess right615.123.92
now I am a mess we could replace those616.325.28
roofs with burrs but I kind of just want619.044.4
to fire the thing off and see how the621.63.72
other roofs do to begin with cuz623.443.519
otherwise we got all those materials625.324.32
just gone to waste if you say so so yeah626.9594.481
this will be our backup plan if we if we629.645.96
fail today then we make Roes out of bur631.447.959
[ __ ] uhhuh but if we don't then we go635.67.12
down in history of being the most badass639.3995.44
badasses did I just break something that642.724.119
was a lamp you broke a lamp damn it I644.8393.641
don't want to break a lamp have nice646.8393.44
things around here yeah know I I really648.483.08
shouldn't use this thing in the house650.2793.601
but it's so damn651.567.6
fun and there it is it's quite big it is653.886.84
large okay um there's annoying things in660.727.52
the water whatever here we go I'll be on664.045.56
the right side of668.245.52
it and missile launch what is669.66.52
this milk673.764.319
Muller milk676.125.8
Muller two milk MERS really what is this678.0797.041
what is this what is this and a note681.924.8
water logged685.125.2
recipe yay686.725.919
y exactly guys690.326.72
yay exactly how you sound692.6398.521
wooho Jesus [ __ ]697.044.12
Christ all right nees uhhuh um I've put701.246.039
our respawn point and like campfire and704.564.079
chest with all the exploting rounds and707.2793.441
everything over there over there huh708.6394.721
yeah um okay I see that what happens if710.725.6
these walkways break then I guess we713.364.4
can't use them anymore does that mean I716.323.199
can't get up here and like like what717.764.04
about this turret over here can't get to719.5194.041
the turet hey hey what's up [ __ ] uh721.83.92
no we're just we're just messing yeah I723.563.68
don't know how I don't know if they're725.722.72
going to destroy these walkways727.242.32
hopefully most of these bugs will be on728.443.44
the ground and they'll be going after us729.563.76
or the purple things they're not going731.882.639
to worry about the walkways you would733.322.6
hope I mean if they're shooting and734.5193.641
things this no I get it I I get it the735.924.359
walkways absolutely could break I'd just738.163.56
like to know if the walkways broke I can740.2793.961
still get up here and it just might not741.725.16
be that way Hey listen I um I didn't744.244.399
help a lot I got two milk mullers I was746.884.399
hoping to get a rocket launcher oh I saw748.6395.401
you unlock bomb arrows what was that you751.2795.0
unlock bomb arrows well that's kind of754.043.96
dope yeah that is kind of dope you said756.2793.8
we need gunpowder rounds to uh shoot it758.03.6
off and I don't think we've ever made760.0794.081
gunpowder never done it well we'll see761.64.08
we'll see if we need it because I'm764.163.28
thinking we test this thing sun's coming765.683.719
up let it get a little bit higher and767.443.88
let's let's fire it off yeah yeah yeah769.3993.481
yeah let's see if we can do it this has771.324.24
no range by the way either what doesn't772.884.44
I'm looking at Ground oh these things775.563.68
suck everywhere I'm looking at Ground777.324.319
suck okay that that should not go there779.244.839
have the option yeah well then place it781.6393.681
somewhere where you think it would be784.0792.801
better or build a platform where you785.324.28
think you could uh utilize it in in an786.884.0
easier fashion I'm going be using my789.66.12
arrows bro bro you're my bro bro got it790.886.16
what you going to do with that NES can I795.723.479
rotate it I think797.045.0
so wait am I not your bro yeah you're my799.1995.0
bro bro okay you just acted weird about802.043.64
it yeah I don't know it's just he's like804.1993.721
a young man's thing isn't it bro yeah805.684.48
bro bro807.925.479
Bruh Bruh NES it's not like we're old810.166.64
bruh mhm ain't like we're young either813.3994.521
ni speak for816.83.76
yourself there we go got it that's what817.926.359
I want NOP why it ah crap all right820.565.2
nebes you find a spot I'm going to the824.2794.961
coffee maker sounds825.763.48
good all right I'm hitting the button834.925.2
all right I'm drink him a waspa do we837.686.519
don't care this Simon's not here uh no840.126.24
okay he missed out it may be better844.1993.961
without him who know you know my God846.363.159
he'd be panicking right now he really848.163.16
wanted to be here we we could used four849.5194.201
people though keep an eye out they're851.324.56
going to be coming from everywhere's got853.723.84
a brew oh yeah we got mosquitoes coming855.883.16
mosquitoes oh yeah they're going after859.044.479
these walls I don't think860.85.76
so let's get back to this are they863.5196.801
breaking them um maybe866.566.839
i' I've fallen down oh man there that870.324.879
goes that's what I was talking about man873.3994.921
yeah I know I think I did that okay uh875.1995.44
use your use your spray I I am I'm878.325.04
spraying there he goes he's down oh wait880.6394.841
this guy's attacking my thing what which883.365.52
guy my turret oh no you don't right here885.487.159
there he's down for a moment oh yeah I888.885.12
get him get him get him that's right892.6395.161
baby is he dead nope oh God all right oh894.05.199
no he broke it897.83.64
oh turret broken telling you man those899.1994.921
things are worthless okay down though901.445.48
all right he's dead all right how we ant904.125.279
over here I need more Direction than906.924.719
over here I hear on Charlie I'm moving909.3994.12
we should have talked about Charlie here911.6394.64
we go bring the Min there we go perfect913.5194.641
this thing's great God I love this thing916.2793.36
repair this oh yeah absolutely let me918.164.08
repair it let's see so Bo and then bam919.6394.88
listen Okay Okay Okay building menu922.244.959
doesn't work during this oh really yep924.5194.401
that makes sense I guess that be927.1993.44
wouldn't it You' be you'd be forting the928.923.52
[ __ ] out of this place guess got going930.6394.241
on nothing what's going on oh Noe I see932.445.04
some ants that was first wave oh I hear934.884.439
some ants we got some walkway that maybe937.483.4
need some repairs939.3193.76
too man it's the only thing about this940.884.72
uh oh seeing something on the back side943.0794.361
yeah back here945.64.28
by yeah there's a bunch back here I947.444.44
can't jump this I I was worried about949.884.92
this great all right okay okay maybe if951.884.48
I rebuild this stuff I'll use smaller954.83.44
walls how about that or just the way to956.363.56
over it not going to have to rebuild oh958.244.56
yeah here they are yep exactly oh God959.924.96
nope no you don't woo I can't believe I962.83.12
missed your964.883.519
head Yep they're trying to break it stop965.926.08
it oh wow we got little mites a [ __ ]968.3996.24
mites watch out nees okay oh they're972.05.319
black widow Lings oh perfect those are974.6395.361
fun oh we got a couple more flyers I'm977.3194.361
going to go deal with these980.04.68
flyers oh they coming up with wires981.684.36
cheeky little984.683.48
bastards I didn't think they'd come this986.043.359
come on you [ __ ] tracker mosquito yeah989.3995.601
you out oh no oh no I fell that sucks992.164.2
yep yep didn't think they would go up995.03.6
that way all right I'm heading back996.363.88
toward Charlie I hear some [ __ ] over998.64.679
here oh boy we got some big bugs too big1000.245.88
bugs up top of bomber1003.2796.0
bom two hands down two ANS down at Bravo1006.126.24
awesome three an down got some damage1009.2794.0
yeah they're trying to break through1012.363.479
Alpha here oh man I got to quit I I1013.2793.881
think I'm destroying more with this1015.8393.401
[ __ ] ice staff I'm1017.163.56
helping this this is kind of crazy ain't1020.723.959
it yeah hey we're doing better than last1022.9594.161
time what doing much better than last1024.6795.76
time yeah man this magic wand Works1027.124.48
wonders oh crap what is this coming in1031.65.56
flying stuff is that mosquitoes okay I'm1034.4394.561
coming right back once I I got to get1037.163.2
these guys otherwise going for Bravo1039.02.88
they're going for Bravo here I'm working1040.363.079
on these mosquitoes oh not they're not1041.883.079
mosquitoes what the hell oh what am I1043.4394.6
looking at oh God what was that they1044.9595.761
lighting I think that's lightning bugs1048.0395.52
man we got no beef with those guys okay1050.724.48
we're on them hey we're about halfway1053.5593.921
through by the1055.24.4
way yeah they are chewing through this1057.483.76
big time yep yep yep I'm getting down1059.63.72
one by one there we go there we go there1061.244.319
go I don't have anything for that that's1067.965.48
you oh yeah I do oh my1070.526.8
God oh God stay away you damn Beetle oh1073.445.76
my God1077.324.8
go down B all right ra oh I got to heal1079.24.719
got to heal all right we're going to get1082.123.76
that Black Ox man we're going to get it1083.9195.921
oh yeah there you go mysterious1085.883.96
stranger oh you're so close oh the1091.04.84
turret all right what are you doing in1094.443.8
the turret I'm shooting black o fields1095.845.6
down oh my God there's so many bugs oh1098.246.88
there's God I wish I had grenades this1101.447.68
up oh I need help1105.127.439
where you at oh ow behind you behind you1109.126.12
behind you quickly cover you cover you1112.5593.441
you it didn't work it didn't working up1116.05.48
good thank you n yep we got a lady bird1118.884.919
right there what you got for Lady Bird1121.485.319
Lady Bird down with the turret1123.7994.681
nice come1126.7995.041
on got an an I know I know I'm working1128.485.8
I'm doing my bad this is1131.844.839
madness woo all right let's clear out1134.284.24
some of these bugs so I can [ __ ] see1136.6794.721
yep yep I hear you how's it looking Dora1138.526.72
um crazy uh [ __ ] be's getting1141.46.279
hit all right all right I got Charlie1145.244.96
take a look at me there's a mosquito on1147.6795.681
the back oh we're so close oh should I1150.24.599
go to Bravo looks like they're trying to1153.363.64
hit Alpha two there's okay I'm inside1154.7994.721
Bravo King the an I'm going to come1157.04.88
repair okay I'm1159.525.24
coming I'll take this [ __ ] down no1161.886.64
turret bravo bravo bravo oh no I can't1164.766.56
jump over my own creation come on come1168.524.92
on I can't get to that side there's a1171.323.479
mosquito on the other side I can't get1173.444.68
to him take Dad my1174.7999.681
sko oh God Bravo no so close [ __ ] I'm1178.128.84
trapped we're almost there okay I'm at1184.486.28
Bravo I'm at Bravo we're so close [ __ ]1186.968.68
off go down baby okay that one's down I1190.766.48
got this1195.643.64
flies down all right where's the breach1199.283.96
what are they after okay here we are1201.0394.441
prepare what you can I'll keep looking I1203.245.2
got more mosquitoes over here oh hey man1205.484.84
we're almost there okay we might1208.445.92
actually pull this off if you say so1210.324.04
oh wait I think no what NES I need help1215.47.96
oh you need help I went down I'm coming1220.9195.361
I see you wait did we do it did we it's1223.365.0
quiet now did we do it why is this so1226.283.96
quiet they're running they're running1228.366.04
running holy [ __ ] we may have did we do1230.246.16
it why they1234.46.0
running I can't tell if we did it or not1236.46.36
oh my God are they broken they're1240.44.68
they're stopped did the letters go away1242.764.44
I I died right as like we were close we1245.083.599
were so close but I couldn't tell this1247.23.24
this one isn't broken are any of them1248.6793.761
broken I'm looking there's one not1250.444.119
broken which was which was this I'm back1252.445.4
to this what is that no they're all good1254.5595.36
let's see H let's go to the coffeee pot1257.844.319
right [ __ ] good job all of us good job1264.9195.921
well I mean with building the base oh1268.844.28
thank you mes where you at I'm coming up1270.844.8
I'm running through bodies you left a1273.124.76
lot of bodies yep we're going to coffee1275.645.6
pot huh uh I I guess so what else would1277.884.919
you do that's the where the thing is1281.244.2
right yes say mixer module repairs1282.7996.12
needed what what's happening hold on1285.445.64
yeah let me go up and look it was wait1288.9193.76
did it mix the thing it may have1291.082.76
actually mixed the thing we might have1292.6795.081
actually done this [ __ ] shut up oh God I1293.845.079
don't know if this science are we all1297.763.0
going there real you know this seems1298.9194.681
like well we're we're shrunk nebs how1300.764.36
are we're going to doubt science saying1303.62.76
it's so weird there's three of us we1305.124.52
can't tell if we want or not yeah it was1306.364.559
it was weird as [ __ ] so this is the1309.643.0
thing we were mixing I don't see1310.9192.88
anything in1312.645.159
here wait was it up top very top got go1313.7996.521
to the p pencil sharpener don't you oh1317.7996.041
wait oh no we lost we lost we absolutely1320.326.239
lost why cuz our next Quest is repair1323.845.16
the broken mixer module and restart the1326.5594.561
Java Matic and then defix defend the1329.04.159
mixer modules we lost nothing none of1331.124.36
those broke no one of them must have1333.1594.161
broke I mean they were low it was so1335.484.28
close though we did such a good job look1337.325.12
if we do this again we got Simon yeah1339.765.96
like no problem no damn problem okay1342.445.839
those walkways yeah no the walkways yeah1345.723.959
yeah yeah I'll I'll I'll work on a1348.2793.681
better thing for1349.67916.6

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