Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Episode 20 of Ark: Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe is finally here, and let me tell you, it's a wild ride f...


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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Neebs Gaming! Today, we're diving into the age-old question: who wins, bats or wyverns? It's gonna be epic!

simon: Oh man, I am so ready for this showdown! I've got my popcorn ready, and I'm placing all my bets on the wyverns. They've got that fiery breath, you can't beat that!

appsro: Wait, wait, wait. Are you guys seriously Team Wyverns? Come on, bats all the way! They're like the ninjas of the sky, swooping in out of nowhere. Plus, they're just so cute!

neebs: Haha, oh man, here we go again! Team Bats versus Team Wyverns. This is gonna be a battle for the ages, folks. Who's gonna come out on top? Stay tuned to find out!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Episode 20 of Ark: Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe is finally here, and let me tell you, it's a wild ride from start to finish. Who do you think will come out on top in this epic battle? Trust me, you won't want to miss a second of the action.

If you're like me and can't get enough of Neebscom merch, be sure to check out their spreadshop for all the latest gear. And if you're looking to dive into the world of "Ark: Survival Evolved," make sure to visit their official website to join in on the fun.

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As a die-hard fan of Neebs Gaming, I can't recommend their videos enough. From the hilarious commentary to the epic battles, each episode is a rollercoaster of emotions that keeps me coming back for more. So grab your favorite beverage, sit back, and enjoy the latest installment of Ark: Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe. You won't be disappointed!

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I'd say that was worth it definitely and1.385.1
this saddle I forget I forget who found4.383.479
the saddle might have been thick thank6.483.119
you thick geez this most ridiculous7.8593.481
thing I've ever seen in this game like a9.5993.0
Zoid what are you gonna name this thing11.344.04
Zoid Zoid12.59911.821
you get that reference names uh no I24.422.82
don't get that right but I'm sure26.2792.281
someone does well you know we could27.242.879
change if we can we can work together28.563.0
here what do you guys think let's do30.1193.661
some science first put like 10 1031.564.62
bullets in it okay now I made I made a33.784.2
bunch how do you put bullets in it I'm36.183.84
curious if you put bullets in it if they37.984.2
stay you know in its inventory and can40.024.08
you cry let's see I'll give you all the42.183.36
bullets give me ten bucks I'll give you44.14.08
here here's 50. 50 bullets okay so you45.545.4
go up here and hold this okay what if I48.184.74
just put them in there do I have ammo50.943.42
it's got to be oh oh you turn the gun52.923.0
how'd you do that what was that bike54.364.28
that's bike oh that's it okay55.925.639
oh that is so cool that is actually58.644.84
really awesome you walk slower come on61.5593.541
come on I want to ride it around come63.484.1
here buddy65.12.48
we're ready for war yeah we're not there68.064.72
yet but we're getting there closer to70.865.36
war oh wait a little buddy72.783.44
careful don't worry don't hit that baby77.1195.561
Simon yup I got an issue today109.385.76
um yeah I think I know what you're gonna113.7595.64
say yeah yeah that kind of sucks it115.146.42
really sucks it kind of hinders me I've119.3994.741
explained well I've restarted three121.563.8
I still move like I'm completely weighed125.365.2
the down like a fatty fatty fat fat128.584.56
fats yeah and I'm not I don't have130.564.98
anything in my like I've got a pretty133.145.04
bare minimum yeah you're on the the135.544.86
dragon or the wyvern yeah do you want me138.184.5
I'm dropping off salty I figured we're140.43.9
gonna put a password on the top in case142.683.96
they're flying high yeah which they they144.34.38
have bad and I think that if I drop him146.643.959
right here let's see yeah did it stay148.685.1
yes it did oh what a balancing act that150.5995.961
is yes153.782.78
don't fall you're supposed to stay161.225.7
please I'll grab another one for you and163.926.12
I will have it ready to drop in The166.927.98
Taming pen yes you you do that you drop170.047.559
them we'll we'll have a few of them salt174.94.26
and pepper the next one's gonna be177.5994.081
pepper okay you salty and pepper yeah179.166.96
yeah yeah you go for it bro okay will181.686.059
you drop it in the pan I'll shoot it in186.124.68
the butt I'll let you know thank you oh187.7395.341
is that ours what are you doing up here190.85.87
is that ours is this our salmon193.084.879
what makes you think it's ours well197.9594.661
because these things exist only by that200.764.44
like as far as I knew the Volcano Island202.624.74
well they drop it in the drop it in and205.24.2
let's see huh yeah I guess so all right207.365.04
it might be ours if yeah it'd be weird209.45.28
it's really cool I mean yeah let's see212.44.14
here we go here we go let's get a good214.683.419
old drop it's been a while since I216.544.199
messed this up yeah let me see if I can218.0994.381
try to remember where a door is220.7394.621
is that door did it go in did I missed I222.485.28
got in you did yeah yeah what's it doing225.364.68
I don't know is it a good boy I don't227.764.32
know what are you doing you know what I230.044.02
can shoot from up here if I need to yeah232.084.5
it says it's uh it's ours it says it's234.064.8
following at it's wet meat that's eight236.584.98
it was falling though I never turned it238.864.64
off okay241.567.05
welcome home look alone with me243.57.92
great cool cool cool cool251.424.86
check out this cave I think it's cave256.344.54
it's like a cave I mean yeah that's a258.543.9
cave all right probably nothing but260.883.66
let's let's take a look nothing it's262.444.08
probably a hell hole we've seen caves in264.544.439
this game okay so looks like nothing oh266.523.899
man get ready to go all the way in app268.9794.741
store come on oh God huh come on there's270.4194.741
got to be like a secret passage here273.723.72
yeah it was doesn't seem right can we275.164.62
hit this with pickaxes or something you277.444.44
can try I mean yeah I probably ain't279.783.54
gonna do anything yeah it's probably281.882.759
just somewhere you build a base you know283.323.659
it's not a bad spot it's pretty cool Hey284.6393.601
listen I'm gonna try something what are286.9792.94
you gonna do y'all come watch my back288.243.179
though right all right I'm on your back289.9193.0
I'm watching you right now all right I291.4193.541
want to see if I can wing suit all the292.9193.84
way to that to the swamp through the294.963.739
swamp yeah296.7594.021
we're strong now right I know we're298.6993.641
strong now but you want to take us into300.783.24
a we're strong because we've302.343.84
made good decisions so far yeah it's304.024.02
time we get Reckless you ready no it306.183.66
isn't but go I'm doing it308.044.879
all right you got my back oh yeah309.847.02
huh who who feels alive today fine it's312.9197.541
great there you go man welcome back look316.865.58
we're like the Blue Angels except in Ark320.465.1
yeah we can do Maneuvers ready left lamp322.446.66
I mean right right right left right325.565.16
backwards depends on what side you're on329.13.72
okay so once you get to the swamp my330.723.36
favorite area of the game where are you332.822.7
gonna go I don't know I was just gonna334.083.179
see if I could do this and if man Wonder335.523.6
would follow me and I don't know babes337.2593.541
how's this helping us win I don't know I339.123.12
just thought it'll be fun here's what340.84.5
I'd like to see uh here can you get on342.245.88
rounds why red drop red drop red drop345.35.22
turn around turn around oh neebs try to348.124.38
get on man Wonder as you're flying okay350.523.42
where is that's what I want to see he's352.52.82
behind you he's following you oh he's353.942.64
gotta he's gonna have to speed up a355.324.14
little bit didn't he men Wonder nope now356.584.26
it ain't happening nah that'd be cool359.463.84
though okay straight to the red drop all360.844.199
right thank God that red drop showed up363.33.66
it's zero desire to go to a swamp thing365.0393.6
it's gonna be a while oh yeah cause it's366.964.35
just coming down yeah368.63917.57
well that guy looks like he matches you393.1395.041
okay that was the Marine Corps him hey399.383.939
this is Semper guy it's the Marine Corps401.6393.861
okay for a semper guy this thing is405.55.319
gnarly looking Simon I know you're doing409.1995.041
your thing but holy I see you guys410.8195.041
it looks like it's from a horror movie414.244.44
like maybe a Hellraiser or something wow415.864.26
but yeah yellow420.123.24
Marine Corps colors semper guy isn't421.2594.38
that crazy look the back particularly I423.364.98
like it and and uh fact that most people425.6395.041
don't know uh red and yellow represents428.344.38
the Marine Corps because of uh tomato430.684.5
ketchup and mustard really yeah because432.723.96
you with us we're gonna get all435.183.42
over you and up inside you and you436.684.2
up back wow that's the Marine Corps and438.63.719
that's what happens with ketchup and440.884.02
mustard I guess I don't know I made that442.3194.44
um you're a hard charger semper guy I446.7593.361
wanted to bring that to you Simon448.622.76
because I know you're placing them up on450.122.4
the you know you're doing your thing451.383.12
well I'm trying and I got this guy over452.523.42
here freaking out because he's trying to454.53.9
follow me you got semper guy now yes I455.944.92
do all right easy easy there I gotta458.45.78
wash my back I'm gonna watch my back460.863.32
welcome to the team465.2593.361
all right drops here who wants to do the479.244.84
honest the time has come like I did the481.565.28
last one so that's wrong yeah yeah I'll484.084.44
do it I'll do it I'll walk between the486.845.04
bats and go through the totem oh wow an488.525.579
ascendant flak helmet there you go with491.884.7
some armor what was it armor494.0995.761
694 Armor oh my God that could496.585.98
survive a dragon attack what's a499.865.239
all right well we got an ascendant505.224.419
saddle for one of those holy crap though507.244.5
I am putting on this helmet immediately509.6394.561
oh so now what's my armor now like514.24.639
total let me guess517.024.139
580. why would it be lower than the518.8393.601
1229. I'm not good at math that's why522.444.0
holy crap I'm gonna be an invisible524.644.86
Powerhouse don't go kill him go do it526.446.3
just go do it no I'm good but I can do529.55.1
it that's uh that's pretty awesome all532.745.7
right more drops yep more away why does534.65.58
he talk like that I don't know why does538.442.94
that thing over there look like it does540.182.88
with its dumb nose you're right it541.383.84
doesn't deserve to live a laughter kicks543.065.04
your ass okay after I was joking but it545.223.96
won't leave me alone548.15.9
helps oh God it took me549.184.82
it's in his mouth you're in his mouth558.244.88
holy crap561.385.82
all right oh you killed it okay563.127.2
oh boy great567.27.0
all right I'm making a foundation in a570.326.16
bed all right I've also got you know574.23.66
what we could just go back to base576.483.6
because I've got a cryopod oh for the577.863.78
bat man we should get one of those those580.082.64
are the ones that shoot grenades you581.642.28
know we should go back to base we got a582.722.76
beaver uh a beaver about to be born soon583.923.359
yeah yeah let's do that well Crab Pot is585.484.88
bad we'll meet him at base I love it587.2796.861
oh boy oh boy's right590.365.919
loosey-goosey's dead and now I just594.144.84
realized the gig is gone the gig is up596.2795.521
you're right and what was the uh what598.985.16
was the king's name again uh why doesn't601.85.159
it start this is the I mean604.144.379
the gig is606.9594.5
fine see well I know no well Lucy goosey608.5194.681
was Kick-Ass and that's the problem with611.4593.5
once they I understand that but once614.9595.201
once once they lock on you don't know617.3994.081
where they're gonna go620.163.6
um the hot Hank was killed by yellow621.486.0
Batman oh wow well there's that yellow623.766.18
Batman yeah you mean one of their627.484.2
animals killed one of ours that's what629.944.32
it would appear to yeah wow hot pink and631.684.08
then I think Ada said something about634.263.0
you being close so maybe you could have635.764.98
done something uh yeah she likes to just637.265.1
with her head yeah that's that's640.744.92
wrong agreed agreed well well our gang642.365.159
is out there that's yeah that's not good645.663.78
though because the Giga of course is not647.5193.301
good A lot of these things aren't good649.443.6
oh yeah the whole aggressive thing650.825.0
he's got a Giga out here that's657.664.76
with his team ever well I don't mind662.4593.301
that I can't walk today because I know664.322.82
what I'm doing now what are you doing665.764.68
what we just talked about okay I'm I'm667.146.18
going I'm going back oh my God I'll go670.445.3
this away673.322.42
okay I'll meet you guys over there yeah712.923.539
we'll come find you okay you got your714.723.72
bat right Anthony I do have my back okay716.4594.141
but I don't have this all right you got718.443.6
your you got your shoes on it's fine720.63.96
okay you ready don't grab you doing it722.046.38
here okay fine oh sorry724.563.86
oh yeah I feel like a gargoyle right now736.865.4
don't you yell a Batman sitting on top739.144.92
of this Castle742.263.66
but all right it's night time so you744.064.58
know what that means745.922.72
to see if we can go screw with these748.83.84
guys see what else they've left out for750.484.26
us maybe some Raptors maybe some more752.643.24
little cats754.743.539
little cheetahs or cougars the Lions a755.886.3
Tigers everything but a saber tooth758.2795.341
gotta remember where I think their base762.184.26
is right there on the end of that763.624.159
hopefully Anthony and neebs are on the767.7794.541
way yeah that's exactly where their base770.3395.94
is over there now what can I screw with772.326.24
out here let's see I don't see their776.2793.901
base spawning in am I in the right spot778.563.719
oh yep wait starting to see stuff maybe780.184.44
nope ah where is it I hate that you okay782.2793.841
yeah there we are784.623.719
I don't want to get too close oh yeah I786.124.74
see a dragon oh two dragons one in the788.3395.401
air wow you're not gonna get one of them790.864.68
let's see what have you guys got out793.744.26
here on the edge oh is that is that a795.545.539
cute little Raptor in a fence798.03.079
I'm nothing that looks like a tamed801.423.96
Raptor why would they be sitting there803.824.04
like that805.382.48
oh you poor little Taylor810.7793.441
you wanna climb me up though814.2793.961
did they notice819.744.36
what happened a raptor was killed by821.945.24
yellow Batman just now824.13.08
no they're right here I'm sorry there's834.7793.3
names we're just gonna do a quick stop836.5193.12
at a drop all right you guys get here838.0793.601
I'm already uh I'm making good progress839.6393.601
are we close teams I've never been over841.682.399
uh yes I don't like all these uh and the844.684.5
fact that you're looking around you in a847.923.12
circle just just be just be calm we'll849.184.08
get there when we get there guys I think851.044.14
I think they noticed I uh I did853.264.019
something they're circling around with855.184.26
their dragons oh but I am hidden857.2794.62
I'm invisible859.444.62
you hold right click all right all right861.8994.321
I can do it all night we can really864.063.959
with them but stamina is a thing we'll866.224.82
see you soon love you868.0193.021
they see one ah if I know but I871.23.9
just killed Lucky Duck like the water873.542.58
this one's on attack879.266.4
you just killed a duck a lucky duck oh881.665.739
no no no no no885.663.72
what have you done after what's wrong I887.3994.081
jumped off the thing stop889.384.28
following you that's ill-advised891.484.979
right here somewhere oh my God I shot893.666.52
the bad guys it's okay okay I'm okay but896.4595.88
my bat is still somewhere over there900.186.24
on the water side okay I just902.3395.701
jumped off I shot the bed I was trying906.423.419
to hold R I hit you God I hate the E908.043.419
button in this game we knew the risk's909.8393.12
going into this Mission we knew the911.4593.361
risks all right I think I'm close what912.9594.261
are those down below it looks914.824.74
like a turkey oh wait I actually managed917.224.859
to get the bag here we go time to go I919.566.86
see the bed I'm right here with you922.0794.341
oh my God oh my God get on get on that's932.8395.44
scary get on oh my God why won't you935.6994.32
want you oh I you get on get on938.2793.5
the get on it actually yes940.0196.241
okay I'm on the bat going invincible941.7796.341
still should I also go leaves is this946.264.68
you yeah right here okay yeah wait hey948.124.079
guys remember to hold right click go950.943.899
Invincible Invincible invisible sorry I952.1993.781
feel like I can't be killed I'm954.8392.94
Invincible right now what do you want to955.985.18
do I'm hanging out on the ridge957.7795.881
I'll get away from that up in the air961.164.66
dumbass I'll just go like this I know963.663.6
what I'm gonna do I'm gonna with965.822.4
I'm gonna get my gun out and I'm gonna968.224.559
pop one what was that oh that's the969.724.619
average Joe all right look at all look972.7793.0
at them all look at all them damn fools974.3394.101
running this way975.7792.661
this way yep get on the ledge get on the979.6993.721
again and I hope that it's turning why983.425.219
doesn't that work on the cliff985.742.899
you hold right click994.883.6
I see1021.823.18
this is Rosie and Hooch no wait those1025.95.939
are our animals I can't see1028.5793.26
I'm shooting our animals that's not good1068.25.88
where are you at pal was that a ghost1070.825.52
they're shooting lightning just randomly1074.084.06
around them they're scared they're1076.344.64
scared shitless1078.142.84
tactics yes1083.6793.421
if you see if it's the sun let's get out1098.243.059
let's get it all right bail out get out1099.743.54
once again go invisible and get out1101.2993.181
because yeah as soon as the sun comes up1103.284.34
okay you got it1104.486.12
see you there I bet they left I bet they1107.627.62
left did you see what yeah1110.64.64
I wonder1116.026.279
oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God1118.484.84
oh Dragon over here oh boy yeah can I1123.324.2
not go invisible during the day no you1126.023.48
can't okay okay I can't speak time the1127.523.779
Shadows hide in the shadows okay oh1129.54.22
they're chasing us yeah yeah1131.2995.221
towards the island towards us you know1133.724.78
the little island in between let's see1136.525.12
if you can bring them back this way1138.55.4
I know but I'm saying like you might you1141.646.24
might be he's homie he's on me1143.93.98
I'm above him trying to stay above him1148.4195.14
I'm trying to stay above though I got1151.74.46
the vacation homes1153.5592.601
look neebs you and I1156.226.12
can head to you right click1159.326.08
all right1162.343.06
I know we're having a blast1167.123.86
yep here we go1171.345.14
oh crap you moved they moved so if I'm1173.5595.041
stuck are you really1176.484.76
are we fighting this yeah1178.66.36
I'm gonna try and grab on an expert1181.245.34
that's our advantage we have the1186.585.459
maneuverability and we have the stamina1189.56.179
day all right did someone grab me you1192.0396.221
flew in front of me crap crap what just1195.6794.38
happened it really is are ghosts taking1198.263.419
you off your dragons or what what's1200.0594.041
going on1201.6792.421
oh I got a fire dragon Simon's here1206.1795.901
Simon's here1209.023.06
guys remember the swamp you have the1224.25.44
smoke it might be your Lifesaver get a1227.0595.781
drop gotta take further1229.643.2
no no no1289.243.059
oh my God oh my God I think1300.1594.421
I think doors in the water is this1303.024.519
whipping on passive1304.582.959
who's this1311.62.78
oh boy he's hurt me it's not1315.0397.201
working in the water ask1318.863.38
okay yeah it's just Simon oh I see him1323.145.5
down there1325.886.74
here this is our day boy1328.646.62
all day1332.625.32
all right you stay on a kid keep an eye1335.264.799
you've got to get them I know but the1340.125.46
problem is ammo is an issue1342.55.58
can't I know1345.585.14
anybody got eyes on1348.083.74
yep that's it1351.823.42
sure yes I do are you on Simon after I1359.5393.981
might be1362.2994.701
I'm Healed up ready for action1363.527.2
now is my ass1367.03.72
hey Mama1376.243.24
yeah you drop them neebs I'll try to1381.225.079
catch him midair I don't have him I'll1383.485.64
try to catch him oh yeah1386.2995.221
don't try to catch him Simon how far of1389.123.6
a ball you think you can survive1391.524.62
ah there he goes I got you1392.726.42
something I catch you ah crap I just1396.144.94
holy moly did we get him is he down yeah1401.084.599
he's right here in the water I'm1404.4194.5
checking it out dead uh yep I'll get his1405.6796.12
oh my God my God some good stuff1408.9196.62
baby that's supposed to happen1411.7993.74
did we get both their dragons and them1415.727.36
all right well hey nothing else yeah I1420.343.64
don't know why I'm whispering they're1423.082.7
well done1425.783.18
that went better than I thought I was1427.584.02
going to amazing now what is this up1428.964.38
here did they build this or did was this1431.64.199
one of you guys no I didn't build it oh1433.344.56
look they have two chairs this is what1435.7994.86
has made them soft and weak a life of1437.95.519
decadence yeah they're relaxing look1440.6594.861
looking out this is like a watchtower1443.4194.981
they've built jackasses well done team1445.525.34
okay yeah no we should call it a date1448.44.139
don't blow it too much yeah to be fair1450.863.12
they could have things to fly back with1452.5392.821
so yeah no we need to get out of here1453.984.26
let's go let's just go good job good job1455.364.1
I told you it was a day for war1459.465.099
run run1483.823.18

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Ark: Survival Evolved is an absolute masterpiece of an open world survival game. Through Neebs Gaming's cinematic series, we get to experience this incredible game world in a whole new way. Their Noobs vs Alpha Tribe series perfectly captures the magic and adventure of starting fresh on a new Ark server.

In the latest episode, the scrappy Noob tribe continues their quest to take down the tyrannical Alpha tribe that has dominated the server for so long. This episode is jam-packed with twists and turns as the Noobs hatch an ingenious plan to infiltrate and sabotage the Alpha's main base. The editing and camera work make you feel like you're right there with the Noobs, holding your breath as they sneak past defenses and plant explosives.

The climax is an epic all-out war as the Alpha tribe realizes what's happening and scrambles to defend their base against the Noob onslaught. The cinematic cuts between different characters in the heat of battle are simply breathtaking. Neebs Gaming has such a talent for capturing the emotion and adrenaline of these conflicts. It's the next best thing to playing Ark yourself.

While many gaming channels simply record raw gameplay footage, Neebs goes the extra mile to turn Ark into a true cinematic experience. Their scripted roleplay combined with expert editing and camera work makes for unparalleled storytelling. If you love Ark and want to experience it from a whole new perspective, Neebs Gaming is simply the best way to go. Their Noobs vs Alpha Tribe series will have you cheering for the underdogs in no time!

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