The Evil Business Man Must Be Stopped!!! - Grounded

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest video where the man behind everything is finally revealed? I know, it's been a ...
The Evil Business Man Must Be Stopped!!! - Grounded
The Evil Business Man Must Be Stopped!!! - Grounded

The Evil Business Man Must Be Stopped!!! - Grounded

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey Appsro, have you seen that new video 'The Evil Business Man Must Be Stopped!!! - Grounded'? It's hilarious!

appsro: Oh yeah, that one is a classic! I love how they reveal the man behind everything in such a silly way.

neebs: I can't get enough of it! And did you see the Appsro YouTooz they keep promoting in the video description? It's everywhere!

appsro: I know, right? It's like they're trying to brainwash us with those YouTooz! But hey, at least we can support them on Patreon and get some channel perks.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest video where the man behind everything is finally revealed? I know, it's been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over! If you haven't checked it out yet, you definitely need to head over to the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel and watch it ASAP.

But that's not all, they also released a super cool Appsro YouTooz figure that you can get your hands on. I mean, who wouldn't want to have a little piece of Neebs Gaming to display proudly on their shelf, am I right? The attention to detail on these figures is seriously impressive, and I don't know about you, but I definitely need to add this one to my collection.

And let's not forget about all the other awesome content Neebs Gaming has been putting out lately. Have you checked out their new channel, Neebs Magic Dumpster? It's filled with even more hilarious and entertaining videos that are sure to keep you entertained for hours. Plus, if you want to show your support and get some awesome perks, you can always become a Patreon member or check out their merch store for some cool Neebs Gaming swag.

So, if you're a fan of Neebs, make sure to hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications so you never miss a new video. And don't forget to follow them on social media to stay up to date on all their latest adventures. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on all the fun and excitement that Neebs Gaming has in store for you.

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here it is abst you I love it with a0.165.719
terrified jaboa yes you love it even3.524.76
more okay that's weird man it's not5.8795.481
they're only terrified at8.283.08
first bravo bravo so the labat have12.27.88
finally reached the end of the maze oh16.526.04
there he is yep so I killed him well so41.365.92
we here I mean I was there but I didn't45.0394.52
see it I did it on the47.284.799
dumpster we've never we've never killed49.5595.041
one of those ever we'll have to do that52.0795.561
on the show we'll try well nobody54.64.439
watches that neb so you're going to have57.643.48
to do it again oh yeah show it to the59.0395.361
masses hold on here it goes oh did I61.124.999
just hurt myself I think I did shut the64.43.88
door where' he go that way all right he66.1194.481
just went over towards like the lab is68.283.92
that what it is that's right Simon70.64.159
that's right yeah oh boy oh there's two72.25.08
of them oh that's even better last time74.7594.961
you killed one now it's killed two now77.284.839
you killed two that's the true only79.724.48
one's infected though all right so kill82.1193.721
them both just do it I'll see if just84.23.599
the effective one will fight me there we85.844.36
go I think we' be happy to here he comes87.7994.521
he jumps like crazy he does jump like90.24.04
crazy I can't wait to watch from92.324.28
here that's the94.246.239
jump oh God okay come on baby no96.65.64
pressure you just take the time okay yep100.4793.881
I will now didn't you kill the other one102.245.239
real quick maybe okay I'm going in I'm104.366.079
going in just going nuts all right o I107.4798.201
see oh got he hurt me bad oh no I'm not110.4397.161
doing as good as I did before you're you115.683.96
you feel the pressure I'm guessing yep117.64.76
okay don't don't do it yeah come out119.645.119
I'll help you look I just shot an arrow122.365.84
oh yeah oh that's right really that's124.7595.961
what I'm talking about that's amazing128.24.08
that is pretty good but I did shoot an130.723.599
arrow so I might have you didn't do [ __ ]132.283.08
I might have done that might have been134.3193.961
mostly you yeah all right told you135.3610.32
that's impressive colana Co mama no no138.287.4
hello oh hey nabes what's up man uh151.125.0
nothing just making some mint Globes and154.124.8
some uh bricks oh I made mint Globs why156.124.92
did I make mint Globs um I think your158.924.56
spear isn't your spear minty yeah that's161.043.52
probably what it was so you're probably163.482.56
trying to upgrade it even again which164.564.16
you should upgrade that spear I'm good166.045.44
yeah D have you uh have you imbibed your168.724.56
weapons with anything not with anything171.483.8
in particular they're just stronger173.285.0
gotcha level eight oh yeah level eight175.288.319
fresh oh yeah level eight fresh man man178.287.8
what's we against empty stuff uh I don't183.5994.92
know D are those larvae out there well186.084.12
I'd have to look at the data hopefully188.5193.961
the director is weak against it that's190.23.959
true we should go over to that castle192.486.56
and uh just start poking around yes get194.1598.8
Ito yes just like that yes yes all right199.046.559
hold on is this done what you upgrading202.9595.56
um not upgrading anything oh you making205.5994.72
something I wanted to have a mint weapon208.5195.561
so now I got a mint step oh my gosh that210.3196.761
yeah I like that Crystal in your butt214.084.64
yeah this is straight up Gandalf [ __ ]217.083.28
that's like like your fire weapon huh218.723.56
it's kind of like a fire weapon but220.364.36
instead of the fire what how does that222.284.12
minty got oh wow I guess it just blasted226.44.72
out you got to be close for that huh229.045.32
yeah like it's like a shotgun spread wow231.124.52
does it have like a cool down or234.364.32
something on it see hold still yep oh235.645.72
yeah y that's hurting okay that hurts238.684.32
man now I want to go fight something241.363.92
that's weak against mint all right let's243.03.84
uh with your minty you got the minty245.282.599
thing and I got this and I should246.843.0
probably upgrade this some more yeah Dr247.8794.041
Telly check this out oh that's hurting249.845.2
our building oh no wow God you froze the251.928.2
building that's cool now255.048.08
right well that's going to be permanent260.124.359
let's don't break nothing all right all263.122.84
right let's not break anything let's go264.4794.121
find something to kill265.965.64
oh see a ladyb bird all right fresh272.525.48
right oh yeah her weakness is fresh okay274.884.319
man we're the freshest people on the278.03.44
planet yeah we are I got fresh staff go279.1993.961
get it okay come on give you a second281.445.199
and see how it does oh boy oh god oh got283.165.479
okay can I do a staff and a shield I286.6393.801
can't I hold a staff and a shield that's288.6393.721
too much man that's dumb come on now290.443.52
you're just asking for too much all292.363.08
right run at me run at me so I can dodge293.964.44
you run at me how's the damage been so295.445.88
far you notice it looks like it has it298.46.44
oh God oh God I can't tell because of a301.327.08
little bit oh great this thing sucks let304.845.24
me give it a go with the308.44.56
spear little help Dora yeah I'm coming310.084.72
come out come out you got to upgrade312.964.079
that thing every let chewing into it314.86.2
maybe oh yeah level eight there we go317.0395.761
yeah yeah May me upgrade it's a shame I321.04.039
can't use a shield and the staff at the322.85.56
same time I need to be able to block mhm325.0395.201
from that ladyb bird that's dumb block328.365.2
and spray block and spray oh well still330.245.239
looks cool333.565.759
does get ah God okay you know I don't335.4797.28
like cold got to stay away from339.3193.44
you this thing's getting in my way all351.086.559
the time Dr Tully that's Dr Tully right353.6395.321
oh yeah yeah he likes to fly in front of357.6393.12
your faces especially when you're peing358.964.84
yeah so do you see him I see you're360.7594.681
looking at the mushroom Castle right oh363.84.16
yeah hey nees yeah all right we're by365.445.319
this uh zipline anchor is it where you367.964.44
want it uh no I'm going to move it370.7594.44
closer to the castle cool you know what372.44.359
you got to do it's got to be in plain375.1993.201
side of this guy right right I don't376.7593.201
want to get too close to the castle378.43.919
though cuz of those damn things but over379.965.079
there might be good huh maybe right here382.3195.921
sure yeah all right try that mes can you385.0398.28
see me M yeah you see me pick it up388.246.76
again I can see it better when you pick393.3193.521
it up right395.04.599
here no don't see it don't see it you396.844.28
know what how do you not see that damn399.5993.0
thing God damn it Dr401.123.68
tul yeah there's no reason why you402.5993.481
wouldn't see it maybe you just need to404.83.0
be closer how about over here hey if406.083.559
you're happy just hold on I'll jump on407.84.36
the zipline anchor and see if it works409.6395.161
well that next Brock over abro might be412.164.319
a little higher I don't know yeah maybe414.83.519
it's not high enough but that'd be silly416.4793.4
no I mean it looks like it's it's418.3195.0
completely even with what's here on I419.8797.76
mean very slightly down okay um maybe423.3195.761
yeah it's it's wanting to connect to427.6394.161
something you ready429.085.519
sure connection blocked that and that431.86.119
ain't it huh oh you know what I mean is434.5995.401
it possible that that little Lantern437.9194.081
thing over there is causing the issue440.03.599
maybe the Lantern's causing the issue so442.03.479
yeah so come over here right where I'm443.5993.88
standing all right where are you445.4795.241
standing okay I see you I see you yeah447.4794.921
back to where you picked it up from yeah450.723.36
pretty much I452.45.12
mean okay let's see maybe right we face454.085.679
it that direction should be nothing457.525.0
blocking you here yeah that should be459.7596.4
good try that names okay try again Dr462.524.72
I come here come here I I saw your blast467.246.959
oh really what you blasted I'm blasting471.365.799
in his [ __ ] face here goes come474.1995.56
on that's it that's it how did not477.1594.361
connect over there that's St okay479.7593.321
whatever you got enough rope I don't481.523.92
know if uh probably not I'll get it483.084.76
started though um yep I'll cook some485.443.8
more and I'll meet you over there all487.843.0
right rock and roll all right let's go489.245.16
check out this Castle a lot of490.846.039
mosquitoes there we got got one nice494.45.799
shot all right he coming496.8795.841
in oh he don't like that do you no500.1995.801
probably not oh he didn't like that at502.726.0
all man okay this thing's cool all right506.03.96
you likeing it508.723.08
uh yeah oh I got to I got to watch my509.964.12
stamina though that wasn't good boom511.83.479
okay I can block514.084.68
it yes there we515.2798.88
go I'm a wizard Harry yes you518.765.399
are all right stuff takes forever jeez525.5198.0
can I place this two oh right there bam529.489.68
okay let's see oh yep yep there okay um533.5198.521
oh we got some some done take all that539.166.64
make some more mhm craft craft craft and542.046.44
uh come on come on come on come on come545.85.92
on there we go take take take take make548.484.12
more all right those guys doing that552.65.56
fight without me come out come on come555.326.519
on come on let's do it woo all right558.166.52
okay makes the time561.8392.841
go who left this open566.87.88
oh heard one oh yeah there he is you oh574.685.96
yeah come on you boys got him look at577.85.12
that oh yeah and there's the old man580.644.52
what are you582.925.52
doing get out of here perfect and man I585.164.76
remember we came out that door over588.443.6
there I wonder if we can get in it now589.923.159
that'd be helpful wouldn't it it would592.045.0
be helpful oh get that SK593.0793.961
oh it looks like we can I think it's601.2792.8
oh that's okay that's okay I'm just604.0795.88
going swim over there see me hold on you606.85.2
could yeah you could swim right to the609.9593.12
door or something yeah exactly you can612.04.12
swim to the door I can do that anyway613.0795.361
yep it's on water level right oh yeah616.124.64
and it's still open hell yeah we got a618.444.959
skater we got a skater hey it's a skater620.764.6
and the Peter lick it off there's a623.3994.641
skater on a Peter lick it off there's a625.366.36
skater on a Peter skat628.043.68
on I think it's flick it off was I631.924.68
saying lick yeah I said Lick first so634.045.64
yeah good timing my friend all right I'm636.64.2
in thanks man sweet all right let's see640.86.2
what we're dealing with in here of644.485.08
course that's right what you okay647.04.959
[ __ ] Tully was that you Tully T hurt649.565.36
you [ __ ] T's an [ __ ] wait T's right651.9595.921
here never654.922.96
where's the entrance to this place over661.724.64
here there's a door uh down at the664.3993.841
bottom you should be able to see it oh666.364.68
yep I see you there yeah looking good668.244.8
all right I'm coming watch out there's671.043.44
mosquitoes out673.046.16
there woo Dam that was a pretty good674.487.4
dive all right is there a fight in here679.24.84
uh yeah I believe so I was waiting for681.883.84
you we got to go uh I got to go talk to684.045.479
Dr Tully uhhuh okay let's do it685.727.919
oh hey boys hi got689.5198.161
Phil we need to talk before you go693.6395.961
inside all right I'm chatting with697.683.52
Doctor all right let's do this are you699.65.4
ready all right I'm ready okay let's get701.26.04
burgle on the line talk to burgle but705.04.519
okay hold on we'll call him burgle why707.243.96
we call him burgle I don't709.5194.681
know hello this is burgle science lab711.25.319
burgle speaking can I interest you in714.25.4
some burgle I need you to hack into an716.5196.0
ominent security door for me right719.64.44
Burg's going to hack this door open for722.5194.88
us oh thank you burgle great entering F724.046.239
protocol mod haing727.3994.68
username d732.0793.601
efficiency yeah oh what we got we got a739.926.68
little something right there oh through744.565.2
the glass oh me746.65.16
glass there you're quite lucky we're749.763.4
going to fight all those at one point I751.763.319
think man they're going to bre open753.163.44
aren't they this dude whoever is Dr755.0793.481
schmor is has been trying to control756.65.44
ants with a l device yeah that's pretty758.566.2
stupid oh I I mean seems like a pretty762.044.919
interesting idea all right I think if we764.764.48
hit this button we might summon Dr766.9594.281
schmeer I have a feeling that's going to769.243.52
be the case yes that's probably going to771.243.12
be a fight okay well I brought some772.763.4
extra healing stuff so let's divy that774.363.719
oh yes please yep I got healing stuff I776.163.799
should be good I need it I think I'm all778.0793.131
right I'm ready with some779.95913.201
errors all right ready to hit the button793.163.679
yeah let's make sure we work with this795.6395.961
idiot bravo bravo director finally796.8398.12
reached the end of the Maze and not801.66.479
alone I see pulling the strings from804.9596.641
behind the SC as always Dalton you808.0796.801
gutless coward his name's Dalton poor811.67.56
poor wend lost your job Trudy left you814.888.079
took the kids too left you with nothing819.165.88
but your822.9595.12
work at least I'm not experimenting on825.046.44
children yeah you tell them Dr Jolly oh828.0795.32
but isn't that just what you've been831.484.52
doing hiding in your little garden and833.3994.601
using these children to fight your836.04.32
battles for you because you never fight838.03.24
yourself you were pathetic before I841.246.719
fired you look at you now you're nothing844.247.399
just a shrivel sad raisin all right847.9596.761
enough of this attack come on now there851.6396.281
and this will all be wow that's what854.725.479
we're fighting that's what we're857.925.64
fighting oh [ __ ] all right neither do I860.1996.0
ooh okay he's got that move uh he does863.568.24
not like sour things ooh I got a sour866.1995.601
M all right bubbles bubbles that bounce872.246.399
and keep bouncing875.485.84
okay the arrows do something right yeah878.6395.56
they do okay where's my stamina comeback881.326.959
baby come on come on yeah get him884.1997.2
boys oh yeah he does that zap don't want888.2794.961
be around when he charges that me I891.3993.56
think you was stepped in front of me I893.245.599
don't know yeah I think oh [ __ ] these894.9597.88
are bad affecting my vision get him Dr898.8394.0
T you really don't like my first thing903.324.8
good for this uh he doesn't like sour905.5195.76
stuff I don't have that I got one sour908.125.839
thing Pi911.2792.68
up screw you director schector oh [ __ ]914.047.08
after to shoot you in the head oh wow oh918.0795.041
wow that's a lot more balls oh that's do921.123.48
with the balls stay away from him stay923.123.36
away from the balls I think if you got a924.63.479
shield I think you can bounce them back926.483.32
oh gotcha I'm with the sword right now928.0795.44
there a lot of balls lot of balls oh God929.86.12
okay hey guys if you stand on this back933.5193.88
wall with those ball shoot off they935.924.12
don't hit you that's nice back wall oh937.3994.24
God they're Hur me this the other back940.043.64
wall not the one you're on okay so941.6393.88
that's an option can I bounce the balls943.686.68
into him a good option too that'd be945.5197.56
great what you doing what you doing oh950.365.36
is he doing the ball thing yep call more953.0794.601
balls okay I'm going to smack him in the955.724.28
face oh yeah they don't you safe back on957.685.519
this wall what960.03.199
good yeah get him oh God I think I got963.8395.841
hit my wall where's our manious stranger966.3196.161
what's he doing what's he969.682.8
doing where him down oh yeah yeah he973.488.039
taking Dage balls coming in976.365.159
okay oh he's coming excuse me excuse me982.167.28
oh oh God I got hit by on suon I got him985.368.159
s's down hey come to me come to me all989.447.639
right thank you all right let's eat some993.5196.601
of that [ __ ] heal up s y oh he's997.0795.721
summoning more balls I think oh spider1000.125.36
screw you oh boy spiders oh I got some1002.85.479
for spiders they do not like you do oh1005.484.4
these are different ones this is you1008.2795.441
nees yep to shine yes spider down oh1009.887.6
[ __ ] that Hur come here spider spider1013.726.08
down I think that's it I think he's1017.485.039
doing balls again maybe hard to tell1019.84.239
what he's doing wrong is it going to get1022.5194.961
me on this wall don't get1024.0395.601
me can't tell this is the best weapon1027.485.599
for him but I got about time yeah there1029.646.799
he is man involved two man's involved oh1033.0798.041
yeah yeah get invol that is good shot SP1036.4395.921
okay spider a KN get him get him needs1044.526.68
I'm on it oh my little spider buddy's1049.284.44
here there you go oh those mats1051.24.88
distracted him that was great more than1053.726.959
halfway SP down nice good job NES yeah1056.086.04
oh he's doing something maybe calling1060.6793.12
him more balls this guy couldn't even1062.125.36
get a wild stren yeah oh God yeah that1063.7997.081
ball got me oh what was that oh w got1067.485.079
new get on the back wall get on the back1072.5596.36
wall with me back wall back wall Jesus1074.6795.36
oh boy what are you going to do what are1078.9193.601
you going to do Dr tell get out of the1080.0394.52
wayes I'm going to shoot I'm shooting1082.523.48
very close to your head right now oh1084.5594.441
yeah right in my face look at this all1086.05.08
right sorry is that funny I I mean was1089.04.88
kind of funny okay all right we got some1091.084.36
good stuff here we got some good stuff1093.883.52
can you move farther away from me got a1095.443.719
in here for1097.44.08
it is that getting ready is that is that1099.1594.321
done he getting ready to come to me oh1101.483.8
wait he's calling1103.485.0
Las lasers get back to the wall get back1105.285.279
on the wall1108.486.079
ow I got you Z I got you come on come on1110.5596.641
baby right how do uh I don't know how to1114.5595.961
say I don't know use your healing juice1117.25.28
okay S I got you get back on the damn1120.524.6
wall take your healing juice can't just1122.485.199
okay okay take the healing juice yeah1125.124.48
but it's coming right now uh like that1127.6794.721
stay stay right this gy nope I moved1129.64.6
cuzz that's how I have to do it I think1132.43.0
no I've been doing it the whole time1134.24.2
this wall I'm on come to this wall now1135.46.32
lasers were keeping it from happening oh1138.46.36
God okay Shield up okay I need to heal1141.727.72
up and uh Boom come on come on you1144.768.159
whip behind you oh I got this SPID right1149.446.68
oh wrong wrong weapon yeah come on damn1152.9197.76
it he's doing something oh he's C in1156.127.24
balls show me that1160.6799.561
ass baby oh bring it lasers maybe SP1163.369.679
yep I'm on him he's going down so soon1170.244.12
lasers come1173.0394.201
on we almost got him1174.366.84
boys come on man yeah one more hit two1177.246.6
more hits back wall get it back1181.24.4
wall down he's going down1185.64.72
yeah good job1191.0394.88
man the lasers are still going why are1193.525.68
the lasers still going turn off hurt1195.9199.441
okay okay we done it let see Harvest his1199.29.12
remains seems you've been a busy busy1205.366.679
bee Dal but now I'll know everything1208.326.599
about what you've been up to cool I1212.0394.721
guess with this uh Dr tally can clear1214.9195.481
his name I don't know we don't1216.766.6
care that's fine hey I grab these spider1220.44.96
Parts hey good job boys good job1223.364.199
everybody NE you and that sword don't1225.364.679
mess with me in this sword I1227.5595.24
will if you were a spider you would1230.0395.921
regret that he's not a1232.7993.161

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