Snowy Chaos - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 39

Today in Darkness Falls, Appsro and Simon continue doing story missions together while Doraleous plans his horde base. ► SUBSCRIBE ------- http://b...
Snowy Chaos - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 39
Snowy Chaos - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 39

Snowy Chaos - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 39

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

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the Blue Angels yeah we're going by oh35.364.359
we just went by real fast I know yeah38.163.0
look at this look at these stunts we're39.7193.721
doing here right this is insane I'm41.164.26
diving I'm diving where are you at oh43.445.06
I'm right above you45.423.08
wow okay these things are fun once you48.85.919
kind of get the hang of them yeah all52.624.619
right so we got a ways to go don't we oh54.7194.68
yeah we're going out well oh [ __ ] I57.2394.681
tried to I'm not trying to come up pull59.3994.021
up baby pull it up pull up there61.922.96
holy [ __ ] I really I have not gotten the64.886.64
hang of it yet I see it now
kilometers yeah we got away71.524.54
okay are you77.222.6
are you seeing me oh yeah I got mile on81.843.36
you baby or I had my eye on you we're83.525.0
close all right good85.23.32
all right Simon my love my precious this94.2595.521
is the place beautiful slow down there96.64.92
should be a better stop feature on this99.784.019
puppy uh the best way to stop just hop101.526.9
out yeah does it hey what's up baby all103.7997.621
right let's see Eve like your eye patch108.425.76
you look sexy you got any jobs sure got111.424.44
a few errands you can run there's a114.185.64
quest called the favor oh all right I115.865.82
think it's just a retrieve supplies but119.823.72
let's see what the details are the favor121.684.979
and two a ranch to receive the shipment123.545.4
be careful I don't know what's in there126.6594.681
I like her outfit oh her outfit's great128.946.36
listen yeah I mean she she is a sexy131.346.0
little minx she really is yeah you know135.33.96
what man you could you could take care137.343.899
of me toss me over your knee yeah man139.263.36
the thing she could do with that robot141.2394.101
arm right right142.622.72
it's your turn doralis I know I'm very146.4594.621
intimidated names yeah but we got all149.0993.241
these structures that you can build on151.083.72
too I know and I'm I aim to I just kind152.343.539
of wrap my head around a little bit154.82.159
because I haven't been paying attention155.8793.0
you know what I mean just kind of like156.9594.081
doing my thing and getting the stuff but158.8794.381
here I am back and like I have a lot to161.044.199
live up to because my horde none of us163.263.42
died on mine you know what I mean first165.2393.961
November in history we'll just build a166.683.96
poll straight up to the sky and we'll169.23.539
just all stand on it if it works oh wait170.645.28
you did that if it works it works I172.7394.14
don't know why there's so much hate175.923.66
about that I just it's not creative I176.8794.201
guess it's called oh I know it's179.585.22
jealousy I get it I get it that's what181.084.24
it is184.82.299
yeah yeah I don't like it here these188.664.719
these freaking birds have been following191.583.54
us if you haven't noticed oh yeah no193.3794.201
they're circling yeah we're going in195.124.32
this way because uh you know we're197.584.56
awesome yep okay we're sticking with199.444.68
melee right trying to keep it quiet oh202.144.26
yeah I don't know if it's gonna work204.125.28
yeah well watch out back up I'm backing206.47.02
up I'm giving you plenty of space yeah209.46.419
oh this is a nice place I think we're213.424.38
just here for anybody in there yep yep215.8194.801
the Plies uh-huh hmm217.85.64
nice living room oh I bet this place has220.625.64
a scary spoopy basement oh yeah oh oh I223.446.24
see yeah I see a greeny mini over there226.267.259
hey Granny Manny and sweat oh that229.685.88
didn't bring it down huh oh you you just233.5193.481
a tough little lady aren't you well235.563.12
stand back up237.04.159
makes my rap238.685.839
oh damn241.1596.461
all right ah fine yeah just took a hit244.5194.121
man I should have brought more health247.622.699
kits coming out all this way without248.643.84
more health kits was dump I know you250.3196.321
need to think like me I got two252.484.16
are they over here257.126.46
[ __ ] what that's outside the door's open260.06.04
oh my God that was a dumb yeah wow I263.584.08
haven't done something that stupid in a266.043.0
minute well I mean I mean you know267.663.06
whichever I forgot to start the mission269.044.52
and oh and I can't because I put my bed274.863.899
roll too close all right let's go get277.1994.981
the bed roll okay that was stupid278.7595.66
yeah man you don't have to do this but284.4196.34
uh but if you helped me repair Kane's287.16.24
thing like if you were doing that I'm290.7595.701
gonna add one more new tier to the the293.345.46
whole structure okay just so I could296.464.019
have like a new Fresh idea in front of298.83.42
it right we'll just keep adding to that300.4793.901
but uh you know at your leisure of302.223.419
course on the repair and the other thing304.383.0
I've got a bunch of concrete mix for you305.6393.721
if you need yeah okay I'll repair that307.383.599
you're gonna build something new yes and309.362.76
then whatever you need you know you go310.9792.761
do whatever you want I don't want to312.123.48
take your time it's my week but uh313.744.38
here's a bunch of concrete okay so if315.64.319
you're cool with that yeah I'm I'm good318.123.84
with that just just remember I'm a319.9195.641
doctor now you're also a farmer okay a321.966.299
farmer dog that's a great place yeah I'm325.564.56
just a boring old Hunter I wish I was328.2594.741
something else okay yeah well study and330.124.799
work towards something like I did yeah333.04.44
it's just it I've got a horde week so334.9195.161
you know all right Hey listen I'm gonna337.443.9
get some things together thank you so340.083.119
much for your help thank you Doctor yeah341.344.62
we can't all use like Brilliant Minds343.1994.741
like Kane to cover our butts you know we345.963.239
have to have our own Brilliant Minds347.944.25
yeah I'm just a hunter right349.1994.921
all right let's try this again okay boom354.125.94
we're going in this way alrighty got you356.945.16
back all right tell you what yeah let's360.063.96
get sneaky all right I'm I'm going loud362.14.02
though just let you know it's not sneaky364.023.72
then well I mean right now we're366.123.78
sneaking listen I all I have is a367.743.72
freaking Sledge I forgot to to grab369.93.9
arrows so I only have melee Sledge let371.463.959
me sneak over here because I know there373.84.38
was a cute lady just around this corner375.4194.56
oh boy yep okay they're tough yeah go378.183.66
loud that's fine or sled you're in the379.9794.621
face that's fine too yeah hey lady one381.844.02
oh yeah that was a good hit that was a385.864.08
good hit388.023.84
going in the garage anything in the389.943.9
uh yep yep yep one guy and maybe another393.844.44
one let's see yep I got one guy with the396.243.42
sled so that should have you want398.284.259
another piece of me oh god oh [ __ ] okay399.664.56
go watch out watch you all right watch402.5394.851
out but he's coming for you okay oh [ __ ]404.226.299
all right so we don't need to go in the412.2592.701
garage because yeah let's go let's head413.6392.941
shoot that [ __ ]418.43.48
yeah okay all right I'm searching426.624.66
because this I'm taking stuff whatever429.4193.961
all right here's upstairs Simon all431.285.78
right upstairs we go433.383.68
nobody nobody oh yeah oh yeah443.845.22
she went flying here again all right all450.025.44
right come on baby oh I tried oh God you452.7594.56
guys coming behind you all right ready455.464.859
for YouTube yeah yeah all right here457.3195.581
comes uh oh well wacky boy oh wacky boy460.3194.621
is that Sledgehammer is awesome it is462.94.199
let me get a nip here we go get in there464.944.34
and hit him all right467.0995.581
oh nice that was like a cartoon head469.285.319
popped off and it took the body a minute472.684.32
to fall all right so our supplies have474.5995.401
got to be up here somewhere no now it's477.06.539
saying down really yeah oh there's a480.05.28
chest back here so hold on oh yeah this483.5393.301
is good loot we should absolutely get485.283.78
this yes we should oh yeah here's some486.845.04
bandages that you can grab in this in489.064.56
this little container here yeah thank491.883.719
you thank you and a couple of the boxes493.624.139
there yeah let's see some Electronics495.5994.741
anything good in here oh what is that497.7595.401
learn how to craft a power bridge that500.344.56
might come in hand area battery brand503.164.08
okay very noisy yeah it's very noisy504.94.26
downstairs isn't it yeah all right which507.243.959
is apparently where our supplies are so509.164.879
head back down yeah we have some company511.1996.321
hello sir514.0393.481
and then one for you and then another519.9595.641
for you and then one more for you and522.4194.98
then please for you oh boy I'm getting525.63.239
hurt I don't want to get hurt anymore oh527.3993.921
come on pal528.8395.161
oh you went loud oh I didn't go loud oh531.324.24
okay that sounded like a gunshot that534.03.0
was an arrow good for you535.564.98
plot oh I think we're getting close oh537.06.779
here they are hey carrier Satchel let's540.544.68
see what's in here yep all right White543.7793.721
River supplies boom we did it now we545.223.72
just gotta go back and talk to Eve uh547.52.88
before we do let's uh let's loot this548.946.2
place thanks for your help no proud550.384.76
yeah I didn't know it was night time560.244.84
yeah it's uh you heard the Crickets oh562.564.44
God there's a bunch over here huh yeah565.084.08
I'm trying to rebuild this thing yeah I567.03.54
know and I brought some more supplies569.164.739
and stuff and uh okay are you walking uh570.545.46
no well now I am there's zombies over573.8994.741
there yeah I know all types all sorts576.04.8
but you know I can see them on my on my578.644.259
on my screen yeah I've got that sense580.84.38
remember that's right yeah I'm just582.8994.021
trying to get this thing back to where585.184.62
it was yeah I've got some you know586.925.76
blocks down and I just fill in this589.84.44
stuff yeah I was just building a bunch592.684.08
of stuff to add to this front side I594.243.9
think it's gonna be fun it's gonna be596.762.82
fun I don't think this is gonna take too598.143.54
long to fix really nah that's good man599.583.54
you can go have fun with all the other601.684.32
kids you know I got like science work to603.124.56
do right I know I don't want to take up606.03.839
your time that's why I was like thankful607.684.5
and apology all the stuff I remember609.8394.921
those those oh crap okay oh I just612.184.92
witnessed that up yeah just well oh here614.763.78
it's the guy okay wait I'm not going617.16.179
loud no I almost missed it yep618.546.479
oh I missed again all right I don't want623.2794.021
to hit you here we go let me check625.0193.901
around us did you see I got some627.33.539
titanium gear look at my clothes oh good628.924.38
for you okay titanium oh that's that's630.8394.261
great you know we've been rocking that633.33.9
style for a minute a couple of us oh you635.14.26
have yeah I'm the last kid of the party637.25.54
maybe okay639.363.38
before neither have I and you know like644.4594.741
I love goats don't get me wrong and I'm647.043.9
not just trying to be like ah whatever649.23.6
but I kind of want to Sledgehammer to go650.943.42
just to see what happens I want to see652.82.76
you Sledgehammer with a goat right and654.362.76
I'm gonna give it a power swing so this655.564.56
this puppy should really go flying you657.124.32
would think all right I'm gonna wait660.123.659
till it's in a space where I feel like I661.444.38
can really hit it and it's got some663.7793.841
place to go potentially all right ready665.824.44
yep and go667.626.6
oh great that was just sad that was670.267.019
quick and sad just like sad about that674.226.299
now yep I'm sorry sir or ma'am what can677.2795.641
we uh I mean let me get let's see oh680.5194.341
sorry I don't want to hit you yeah682.924.2
I got a good amount of cloth from that684.865.56
goat hey goat cloth go cloth we recycled687.125.88
it that cloth is good I feel bad I feel690.424.08
good about it now yeah no we'll take the693.03.42
clock yeah let me get this guy you gonna694.53.72
shooting this guy I think you can get696.423.9
him for me you can't no can't all right698.224.2
let's turn this [ __ ] into Eve not Eve700.324.38
wait yes Eve sorry razor Eve I'm trying702.423.78
to get to know everybody can we do this704.73.6
at night do they work all night I forgot706.23.24
that's the nice thing about this mod708.33.42
Traders work all damn night all right709.443.959
yes they should you better be open 24711.723.6
hours you live in the day and age of713.3994.56
Walmart lady all right okay what are you715.323.66
gonna get717.9592.581
um oh my God what you got good stuff she720.547.26
for a reward I get a damn semi-autom I724.565.82
love those things doing it let's see all727.84.32
right any more jobs lady730.384.26
okay another retrieve supplies oh this732.123.98
one's a little bit further away though734.644.199
let's see the reward736.16.4
oh God this isn't a military bunker uh738.8397.201
you really want to do that yep okay head742.55.399
to the military bunker and retrieve the746.044.38
shipment expect heavy resistance all747.8994.321
right I'm gonna I'm gonna need to get750.423.9
some sort of reward for this helping you752.224.64
girls this science thing man I'm just758.03.94
blowing through this stuff I'll bet you760.323.959
aren't I'm struggling as you say that761.944.68
like I can't make [ __ ] like I want to764.2794.921
make a bunch of Minds come on Minefield766.625.58
yeah I'm already five scientists five of769.24.5
six now I just gotta fight I mean we772.23.12
have everything we have everything that773.73.18
I need to do775.323.66
um painkillers got it what are you776.883.72
making well you know how when you first778.982.64
started you had to do all the things780.62.88
like gather gather this oh yeah for sure781.624.5
I'm on six of six already what do I need783.485.28
forged iron leather duct tape is786.124.92
probably all in here this is crazy yeah788.763.66
people are gonna think I'm not a real791.044.5
doctor you're not a real doctor well I'm792.424.44
a scientist and sometimes I call795.543.479
scientists doctors don't they I think a796.863.479
lot of people like to call themselves799.0194.44
doctors leather duct tape like do you800.3396.3
think a chiropractor is worth doctor do803.4595.041
you a chiropractor I don't think it's806.6393.661
worth doctor well who do you think's a808.54.38
doctor there's a bad [ __ ] crazy we can810.34.26
all agree on that right chiropractors812.884.259
yeah bad [ __ ] I've seen some crazy ones814.566.48
yeah yeah yeah yeah Dr crazy pants what817.1396.32
about like a bat Like a Surgeon821.044.979
that's a damn that's a double doctor823.4595.261
what makes them a doctor surgery826.0196.141
okay if you say so828.723.44
all right 100 meters away Simon yep I'm835.84.86
getting ready I'm just pretty much839.3993.721
descending right now840.664.679
all right bedrolls are down and boom843.124.62
okay all right I'm gonna I'm Gonna Roll845.3395.701
with melee until I can't yep man I'm847.745.339
still hearing so much noise right yeah851.043.72
once we open this up maybe they'll come853.0793.181
out maybe we can clear some out like854.764.579
that this door is locked oh so hold up856.266.54
that she all I like how unassuming this859.3395.141
is it's just a well out in the middle of862.83.659
nowhere yeah you want to lead the way864.484.02
you lead the way oh man I get to do the866.4593.721
honors huh yeah oh yeah we got already868.53.66
got a lady up here so you You Lead the870.184.8
Way come back up if it's Harry oh boy872.166.78
I'll kill this one what in the hell it874.986.659
certainly sounds hairy Simon yeah all878.945.519
right I guess um I got mine I'm coming881.6395.341
down oh my God884.4595.521
yeah go ahead come on down man I should886.984.979
have brought my damn turret I feel889.983.96
stupid for ignoring it all right I think891.9593.301
we are gonna have to go loud on this one893.943.6
yep I'm switching to the old that guy895.265.22
all right I'll do a few things oh God897.544.799
this door is locked I gotta make sure I900.484.38
don't kill you I'll be very aware I'll902.3394.321
try to be very aware look at this [ __ ]904.863.839
in here there's a bunch of them okay so906.664.919
there's hogs in there too Hogs okay I908.6994.32
think so tell you what I'm gonna bust911.5793.841
this door all right and get ready to913.0194.141
possibly run back upstairs if we need to915.423.599
yeah I think running stairs is a good917.163.539
idea and then we could shoot down at919.0194.38
them okay I'm gonna I'm gonna aim I920.6994.621
that's what I suggest what the f wait923.3994.44
what's going on I can't bust this door925.327.079
oh can I bust oh wow we can't we can't927.8397.081
break anything on this base really I'll932.3994.861
wait a second Simon what you remember934.924.02
those blue key cards and [ __ ] we've been937.264.379
picking up yeah this might be for that938.945.1
you're kidding that is I bet you that is941.6394.081
it and I just picked up I just got a944.043.72
green one in the last horde oh you don't945.723.479
still have it on you by chance do you no947.764.079
no I I put it away God I wish the game949.1994.38
told you like hey you're gonna need key951.8393.661
cards for this yeah because now we953.5794.681
either got a radio home or we gotta go955.55.82
all the way back and get key cards958.266.8
yeah all right climb up climb up961.323.74
hey Palace y'all do you see that at the967.0195.401
bottom bottom what screen is said uh969.8994.861
Johnny ethical shared no no I was busy972.424.62
in the menus with other crap what what974.763.84
did share it's like a waypoint or977.044.44
something need key cards okay we have978.65.099
key cards the those are the blue uh981.484.62
green red yeah I mean we've got is it983.6995.221
just green and wrong way I always go the986.14.5
wrong way yeah I'll grab one of each you988.923.18
want me to do it I mean you gotta you990.63.66
gotta work no neebs just bring them all992.14.799
yeah okay not one of each right because994.264.98
watch them need like four of each yeah996.8994.981
backups all right I'll do that I'll grab999.244.62
the you got work to do yeah you're busy1001.884.319
yeah he wanted to put that up all right1003.866.38
do it be safe okay1006.1994.041
oh yeah Simon I think needs got the1010.66.52
message great yeah so he's there we're1013.3996.961
here yeah he's coming all right come on1017.126.18
over your theory is right I mean he1020.365.219
might get here with all the cards and it1023.34.56
still might not work oh man I hope not I1025.5793.961
mean we'll see how else would you get1027.863.54
into this place I mean it's science we1029.544.639
gotta try right1031.42.779
oh yeah there he is hey so I brought the1040.48.059
keys okay let's see if this works1044.364.099
are they coming but not yet okay I think1050.367.86
I have to unlock it and boom okay here1052.946.9
we go oh God you know you know Simon1058.223.3
you're standing in the hole man yeah why1059.843.54
but I'm not falling down all right come1061.523.24
on here I come here I come here I come1063.383.299
there okay all right let's spread out1064.763.299
don't shoot each other now I'm gonna1066.6792.461
shoot I'm gonna shoot while they're1068.0592.881
coming up you're standing right on okay1069.143.659
that needs actually should be that he's1070.943.96
got that uh that shotgun that shotgun's1072.7994.441
mean memes go ahead and do it okay1074.96.0
carefully oh boy I didn't reload1077.246.059
I know it's dumb I was driving all day1080.94.68
look it's been been a long day okay get1083.2993.961
ready to switch out when I gotta reload1085.584.68
copy that I'll switch out next okay go1087.264.919
ahead switch it out switching out yeah1090.265.1
oh this is Drake taxi all right1092.1794.341
oh yeah I got him oh no I don't watch it1096.526.279
back there we go man leave have you made1099.864.559
a bed roll uh yeah put it right there1102.7994.081
beautiful I see it do see some lights1104.4194.38
down there some smoking lights smoke and1106.883.9
lights that means there's probably some1108.7993.12
of the zombies all right need to clear1110.783.36
the way okay and I will go down there1111.9194.581
and try to chew them up go get him tiger1114.144.68
I want to go down too just because I'm1116.54.6
I'm peeking into this place a little bit1121.14.1
what the hell1123.147.22
oh boy yep get ready to go back1125.25.16
maybe sells that shotgun is that shotgun1130.944.76
ready yeah I1132.6795.041
got all the spread on this thing you1135.72.859
I got you backed up1138.5593.381
okay okay I think we're good1143.128.9
oh no we got go go get out of here get1152.025.08
out of here screamer yeah go up because1154.74.26
she's probably upstairs I'm going oh1157.15.819
[ __ ] right here [ __ ] two screamers oh1158.964.86
I think there were two oh yeah another1163.824.739
one God damn it did she scream oh and1165.746.24
the stairs are broken okay because when1168.5595.281
I can't get out hey we'll come back down1171.983.36
here all right we can make the set we1173.843.36
can make it upstairs no no no there's1175.344.02
bad things happening right above us holy1177.24.92
[ __ ] right there dude this is bad trust1179.363.96
me you wanted me to know what's1182.123.419
happening is that a demon that is1183.326.02
absolutely a demon oh my god1185.5397.741
oh [ __ ] he's got coil weapons oh [ __ ]1189.346.52
cool weapons I might have a coil pistol1193.285.22
watch out Simon oh God someone you're1195.866.36
not moving trying to oh [ __ ] get out of1198.56.72
here go go go go go oh God damn it we1202.224.68
got nowhere to go we're stuck in here we1205.223.78
gotta kill this guy right here oh boy1206.93.659
all right get him on your with your1209.03.74
your sword thing sword thing yeah okay1212.864.6
I'll try oh God I don't want to hit you1215.484.439
I'm going down what the hell is1217.466.92
happening very bad things very bad1219.9198.701
oh God oh God damn it we're stuck I'm1224.385.86
done here with a demon we're trapped1228.623.72
like rap Steve I got a deal with me I'm1230.243.54
shooting through the oh God he's so1232.343.18
tough man I'll get this guy you get the1233.784.04
no I can't see anything I can't see1239.7994.981
I like this man so quiet around here1260.0595.701
well those kids are off having a good1263.782.45
this is great1268.4616.609

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