What’s Inside the Lab??? - Grounded

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Are you ready for some more epic adventures with the gang? Well, in this latest video, it looks like the...
What’s Inside the Lab??? - Grounded
What’s Inside the Lab??? - Grounded

What’s Inside the Lab??? - Grounded

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, Neebs here! Can we talk about how epic that video was? I mean, what's inside the lab? The suspense was killing me!

simon: Oh, absolutely Neebs! That video had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I was so curious to see what they would find inside!

appsro: Haha, you guys crack me up! I loved how they were all like 'Now that the gas is gone it's time to investigate what's inside!!!' I mean, talk about building up the suspense!

neebs: Right? It's like they knew exactly how to hook us in! I couldn't tear my eyes away from the screen, waiting to see what they would uncover next.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Are you ready for some more epic adventures with the gang? Well, in this latest video, it looks like the gas is finally gone and it's time to dive in and see what's waiting for us inside. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see what surprises are in store for us this time!

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So grab your snacks, get comfy, and let's dive into this exciting new video from Neebs Gaming. I have a feeling it's going to be one wild ride!

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so there's another button over here hit0.263.49
the button2.762.78
that doesn't look good oh no5.544.559
hey hey guys hey19.747.92
what you look so small as do you yeah23.46.36
you're tiny I see you turn the gaps off27.665.7
yes good job we're gonna go down and29.766.959
explore the uh non-gas area now yeah33.366.24
enjoy enjoy the free breathing you're36.7196.68
welcome thank you oh yeah getting dark39.65.82
uh yeah you better do it while the43.3993.401
getting's good yeah we may as well do45.423.959
the same thing Simon yeah let's let's do46.84.439
this okay yeah we're gonna jump down49.3793.421
here oh man but it's getting dark man51.2394.14
should we explore out here oh I'm torn52.85.279
in the dark yeah in the dark okay fine55.3794.801
yeah in the dark well you don't go into58.0794.62
this desert in the daytime it's too hot60.184.559
you Sizzle okay so you're saying you62.6994.261
want to explore the death trap of the64.7394.801
sand where everything comes from beneath66.964.8
to kill yeah oh maybe we can kill all69.544.619
them crazy bugs that are down here for71.764.5
what reason they're parts to harvest the74.1594.621
parts so we can scan it for science all76.264.74
right I'll try because you'll take care78.787.159
of me if I die I'm ready to stab step81.04.939
that's what we need bro that's one of89.2994.481
those guys blow up right by that door91.4394.14
that's perfect because I don't have any93.784.5
grenades oh there's some stuff so what95.5795.761
we got to do is lure them in yep yep hey98.284.199
don't ah here we go here we go back here102.4793.6
nope hey buddy hey buddy hi oh there you106.0796.961
go now run run back this way quick right110.824.04
do we just wait114.863.539
I'll trap him121.043.34
that was two of them come on these don't124.385.42
blow I guess huh127.9793.84
okay that's what we need these little129.83.519
flaws aren't working man okay yeah I got131.8194.021
you the other ones okay yeah oh did I133.3194.261
drop my yeah I dropped everything what135.844.1
am I doing137.582.36
oh man these guys you know what these140.184.419
guys are grabbing my weapons that's143.044.16
what's going on that's144.5992.601
all right all right going to get one bud150.864.84
okay you go get something to blows all153.425.42
right here we go155.73.14
come on damn it let that do it damn it162.25.679
that didn't do it166.144.86
no it's Gotta Get Closer167.8796.381
come on man171.03.26
yeah okay I heard it is where is it oh175.5197.481
that's it okay he just went under oh God180.04.519
yep yep yep oh geez all right here uh he184.5196.64
does not like slapping okay so slashing188.44.38
is not the stabbing that I'm doing in191.1594.621
his butt right now oh God192.784.819
okay Shield up yes197.5994.841
Shield up203.342.899
come on baby214.345.759
oh shut up shut up Shield up216.5993.5
oh God he knocked me he knocked me oh220.346.72
I'm getting his butt real good oh yeah222.784.28
oh am I in your mouth no I'm not all227.425.099
Shield up oh and we have a dancer234.26.72
showing up just for fun238.25.16
let's get his Parts you get his Parts240.924.48
okay okay you know what yeah screw this243.363.599
sandbox for now we can analyze that245.44.259
later all right let's see did I see this246.9594.5
pipe down here yeah we're gonna uh we're249.6593.241
gonna dandelion down to this Pawn you251.4594.381
ready I am sir252.94.579
all right255.845.1
I love this yeah that's so fun it's very257.4794.66
it's like I'm being rocked to sleep262.1393.801
what happened guys270.863.54
don't die hold on I'm coming all right274.945.14
you got 20 seconds oh no hang in there277.445.96
don't you tell me I wouldn't280.083.32
okay here I come287.187.079
enough seconds hang in there290.43.859
I'm close okay are you eight seconds294.445.14
close I think so ah there's so many297.4793.961
things that want to kill me though six299.584.04
oh three seconds yep yeah I know it's a303.867.6
little bit don't don't hit me back okay307.85.94
all right okay okay he's gotta be weird311.465.48
I grab my tools313.743.2
I didn't see him323.186.16
okay I need you to come back here to the325.529.179
counter restart uh 26 20 seconds hold on329.345.359
why are you doing this335.123.6
oh there's another one I'm trying339.567.0
oh wow there's so much drillies hit me342.387.36
up eight seconds and it's not good yeah346.564.74
oh things are blowing up if things keep349.745.959
going up man oh wow351.34.399
I'm sorry360.9196.581
where's my tool you can't have my ax363.389.06
where's my ex oh there's my ax oh no367.54.94
all right maybe we should go get the ant373.45.04
all right we got our flippers we got a379.743.899
bubble helmet yeah I'll be Shield guy381.4793.901
you'll be torch guy all right sounds383.6394.321
good so am I like leading the way385.384.5
um no stay behind me I'll go in first387.963.66
here we go389.883.08
thank you391.624.199
oh boy oh yeah you got your hands full392.965.859
oh that's a lot there is that is395.8194.801
and there's four I mean you know398.8192.761
what we're gonna do we're gonna swim400.623.0
right past all right I like it I like it401.583.78
God going fast403.623.66
oh they're almost took us yeah that's405.363.66
okay that's okay all right we got a407.283.479
little spot right here I'm gonna grab409.023.54
some of these in case crap it was bad410.7593.601
get some air they're following they're412.563.3
following you're getting there okay yep414.362.339
getting through here now we're going415.862.58
down all right then boom416.6995.22
okay I think this is where doralius was418.445.16
and he said there were some Vines down421.9193.241
here all right I'm gonna take care of423.64.2
this idiot yeah I'll check in the back425.164.319
it looks like the idiots are still427.83.36
coming so the ones we fought earlier oh429.4793.06
yeah they are still coming crap yeah431.163.539
crap crap crap okay I'm coming with you432.5394.861
oh geez that's that's a problem we're434.6993.901
not getting through that mess unless437.42.699
you're gonna break it might be able to438.63.98
do it but okay440.0992.481
all right uh where did you go there you461.44.199
are all right yeah just stay behind me464.343.5
all right465.5994.16
all right467.845.5
come on you idiot yeah okay all right469.7594.84
gonna push forward a little bit come on473.343.479
over here all right come in follow uh474.5995.22
lost yeah where'd you go I went up to476.8194.32
get some water I'm back at these Vines479.8193.78
okay hold on I get through here nope I'm481.1394.981
going up in the air come on I got483.5994.261
through the vines oh boy here comes some486.123.299
more though that's right okay coming487.863.0
after you I'm gonna split them up a489.4194.521
little bit because they're following me490.863.08
come on496.382.659
good yep yep yep two more one more oh500.8795.521
yeah come on come on come on you little504.184.459
yeah yes yes yes506.43.979
all right508.6394.9
okay good work sir thank you hey good510.3795.201
work with you you uh you were the the513.5394.62
light of my life yeah I love it all515.584.379
right now come on let's see where this518.1594.161
Jazzy's gonna run in and do this528.925.62
um don't you have the armor not with me531.9593.961
no you don't have it with you okay I was534.543.0
just hoping and we just need one egg535.923.78
right look at this plant537.544.44
seeing this oh it's like cockle Burrs or539.73.6
like that's what we used to call them541.983.66
cocklevers can we uh can we get it it's543.34.38
a burr weed it requires a higher tool545.643.54
than what I got what do you have what547.683.42
kind you got what number like a tier 2x549.184.62
oh yeah that's probably a three huh I551.15.46
guess man uh listen they don't like us553.84.32
we just run for it right oh that he's556.563.24
already on you yeah you running with me558.124.74
I guess just get one egg one egg a559.85.52
couple eggs one and we're out I guess oh562.863.659
look on this guy's butt I'm like oh and566.5196.541
I didn't grab a you gotta be quick torch569.75.66
yeah didn't have that573.064.82
good nope577.885.019
I don't think I have either oh man580.224.42
there's a tooth though582.8994.44
huh I got a good time to get tea oh oh584.645.52
you didn't see one egg not yet I don't587.3394.68
think well also it would help if I could590.164.92
just see right hmm592.0196.661
okay come on ants get busy come on we595.086.54
need some eggs you do it this is our day598.685.4
doralis I hope so oh my God I fell even601.625.04
further wow I'm way deep there's a bag604.084.199
in here it really's bag I'm not606.664.2
surprised all right you don't care about608.2795.401
your bags I'm not gonna find that no610.865.159
matter what babes there is not one egg613.684.8
in there not one egg616.0194.32
I'll be an egg be an egg no that's a618.484.22
that's not an egg wow620.3395.161
are you down there I'm somewhere in here622.75.62
there's no eggs in there man I know why625.54.8
is the day going like this we gotta kill628.323.36
these ants that's the thing they have630.32.76
eggs when they die they know they got to631.683.56
reproduce I think we should get your633.064.56
you want to go all the way back across635.245.46
town I don't care637.623.08
this is leading I think it's leading to644.164.619
a gift shop is that it oh that's a646.147.5
spider what was that what what648.7797.201
I I653.644.52
oh wiped out wiped out you got658.926.359
another one damn it you did hold on how662.17.34
do I get to the thing things665.2798.221
put it on it's on I put I I activated do669.445.74
I gotta click it or something673.53.3
oh just pull it out put it in your hot675.183.719
bar I did I did it put it I'm hitting676.84.2
two I don't understand what's happening678.8994.5
all right let's fall back get some air I681.04.079
don't know where this is the bear stop683.3994.341
it I don't know where back is because685.0797.94
everything's gone great thanks687.745.279
hold on idiot I'm working on it693.0794.2
see me you see me yeah follow me698.546.82
everything has light why can't my life701.366.06
why can't my light shine705.365.28
my hot bar you dumb dick you're not707.424.599
doing something right now I want to710.644.98
shove my fish down your throat your ass712.0196.421
get some damn air you you dumb oh715.624.98
God now we got a spider on it I have six718.443.98
of these things720.65.46
I'm hitting two is there is there six of722.425.8
them is it a glowy thing what am I doing726.064.5
wrong he might just have the stock you728.223.9
don't actually have the torch oh well730.564.74
then I don't have anything slime Old732.126.719
Stock it's all I got damn monkey yeah735.34.19
that's me738.8395.311
all right sorry I feel like a traitor oh748.23.0
they're fighting the thing and I'm750.122.76
fighting them whoa751.23.06
all right I'm just gonna stay back here752.883.54
Nate yeah you stay back there once I754.263.84
mean I just want to kill a couple more I756.423.3
know I got about six before you got here758.13.479
okay so there should be a lot of eggs759.724.2
down there761.5794.32
six eggs I don't know how quick it goes763.925.06
to be honest okay and little gas sorry765.8996.261
all right768.983.18
all right now I'm a good guy get that772.26.9
egg yeah okay now I'm Undercover774.66.72
Buffalo just a regular old length he's779.15.4
just an ant person and I'm going in all781.324.74
right dude784.55.279
all right so ants have you been busy you786.065.88
know making babies789.7794.62
better be some eggs down here791.946.3
no eggs yet come on what was that794.3996.421
seriously did they see me do that up and798.244.08
I mean since they're fighting anyway800.823.9
what'd you get an egg I got an egg okay802.324.319
I'm gonna get it grab a couple just in804.724.14
case yeah that's a good call yep is that806.6394.44
it I mean yeah yeah two or three eggs808.864.26
that's it that's all we need we only811.0795.841
need one pretty sloppy813.123.8
are you with me yes okay I am oh there817.5794.781
better be something good at the end of821.223.6
this I hope so did you hear that there822.364.44
was something good no I'm just I'm824.823.72
checking it out826.82.38
please be air all right I think we got831.444.86
some air here Simon all right833.884.92
beautiful week836.34.659
uh can we get like this stuff that's838.83.96
hanging from the ceiling is that like840.9593.901
good stuff no I guess not no that's842.763.84
fungus all right and here's the door844.864.32
here's it Yep this is a door can we get846.66.02
in this door you would think uh we can't849.187.56
follow maybe follow this wire see852.626.459
anything down here oh and I know there856.745.64
was another Direction down the pipe859.0796.301
there's an office chair yeah862.387.32
all right so holy crap well865.387.32
that was uh something oh wow there are869.74.8
oh boy fall back fall back fall back872.73.84
those are weevils then they explode they874.55.459
do all right yeah you're gonna do it two876.544.56
ette go ahead go ahead come on881.14.62
rotated monkey see883.625.1
are you so you're called like him that885.724.739
thing and myself are the same like you888.723.84
call that a monkey everything's a monkey890.4593.721
are you gonna do it you do it watch it892.564.079
fall back there you go all right how894.185.04
many of you are left yeah this place is896.6395.401
like a freaking mad house yeah what is899.225.58
it like yeah yeah902.045.0
do something oh okay what are you doing915.8994.56
oh something just blew up right behind918.8392.461
hey okay we got these guys all right921.36.06
well can I stab them all right they924.184.68
don't like hammers I remember that oh927.363.839
boy oh damn it I don't know where my928.864.68
hammer is uh hold on let me try to find931.1995.421
a hammer oh look933.546.62
good science936.623.54
okay you know snare is a hammer you940.3395.521
should always happen944.6993.901
I know I should but you know what when945.864.2
you're a monkey948.65.539
I'm just happy to be here950.064.079
there we go956.2795.161
Simon to the rescue where the hell are958.6395.801
we we discovered a lab that's not that961.445.16
weird I mean there's Labs there's Labs964.443.24
everywhere I just don't know what lab966.63.84
we're in I just hit that okay so that967.685.399
closes it I hit the green button it970.444.56
wasn't green before now it's green okay973.0794.921
this is clearly the fungal lab right so975.05.959
uh foreign978.06.44
yeah I mean it seems like980.9597.0
watch out for those pods all right oh984.445.82
all right Wellies yeah it's over here991.984.859
under this uh spray handle yeah let's994.0795.461
put this to bed huh do you see it see996.8394.62
what the where the thing is yeah it's999.543.84
right over your note right here watch1001.4593.961
watch me get this one1003.384.68
never mind watch him ignore me all clear1005.426.659
I'll clear okay here we go okay so I1008.066.54
need to hit this one then I just I hook1012.0795.281
it right you hug it I believe hugging1014.66.62
yeah stay in there1017.363.86
thank you yeah we came in like a SWAT1024.43.82
team that was nice I was so ready for1026.723.9
that look at this we're in man that we1028.225.219
are now good news hit this I guess be1030.624.14
hit it there1034.764.679
try your hand it doesn't like my hand oh1037.285.399
yeah oh you gotta hold it yeah it says1039.4396.24
hold to use let's see yeah I mean come1042.6796.301
on there you go great job Brothers watch1045.6796.181
out for robots look at this we're in a1048.987.56
whole new place yeah we are awesome1051.864.68
yeah so1080.784.139
okay this is the same room as before1082.525.18
it's the same1084.9192.781
you're you're questioning me yeah1088.14.439
because it looks it looks exactly the1090.444.099
same the same room as before yeah I mean1092.5394.38
this way we're down the same yeah but1094.5394.421
you know what for in my defense we've1096.9193.301
been sitting here for freaking 151098.962.76
minutes I don't know when I saw that1100.222.66
last thing1101.723.839
all right so you know come on all right1102.885.38
we want these things to pop and then run1105.5595.041
through maybe yeah I guess I mean watch1108.264.08
this I'm gonna peep into them go back1110.63.98
go back out oh wait look look a Peeping1116.267.419
and I go past everything and then I go1121.44.32
like this oh wait can you open that door1123.6794.74
and I thought I could but oh it says1125.726.8
it's locked locked damn it yeah1128.4194.101
you got to do this you got to go like1136.4195.921
this and then like this Jesus that hurt1138.5595.941
me a little bit oh Jesus okay this1142.343.6
room's gonna kill us damn room he's1144.52.82
gonna kill us1145.944.44
all right we're fine how do we keep1147.324.92
going we can't get that online Simon1150.384.02
there's a button on the right side of1152.244.38
that door on the right side yeah okay1154.44.94
I'm doing it1156.622.72
all right you little good see that1160.964.9
button all right behind right behind you1163.44.8
all right nope get over there you know1165.866.6
ah I got a bandage slowly go up oh hey a1168.26.479
little bit of food good oh look I've got1172.465.339
a sturdy marble Shard and I've got some1174.6795.041
brittle Court Shard this is why I came1177.7993.541
here I'm so happy that was my goal for1179.723.48
today I can go home now yeah let's see1181.346.24
two hard bottom lit easy pour edible1183.27.26
mushrooms and then we could do this1187.586.18
watch oh that that door we couldn't open1190.466.12
earlier oh yeah flick this yeah and now1193.764.799
we can open that door all right let's1196.584.62
see we'll get these get that all right1198.5594.261
let's get let's run back to this door oh1201.25.359
God okay ready it's easy look watch1202.823.739
all right1211.723.12
and now we swim yeah no it's right over1218.4194.021
here yeah this door it's open now so1220.823.3
there's another button over here all1222.446.0
right yeah may I hit the button uh-huh1224.127.98
Simon I didn't look good oh no this is a1228.446.3
bit this is a there's a ladybug in here1232.16.24
that's insane what oh wait here wait no1234.746.0
there's no button there to you okay no1238.344.32
you can't you're trapped out I have1240.744.28
that wasn't much of his life1246.0396.281
what's up1249.944.739
thank you1252.322.359

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