Otherworldly Shenanigans: Our First Journey to the Savage Planet!

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you heard the exciting news? Neebs and Appsro are embarking on a brand new adventure to a savage p...
Otherworldly Shenanigans: Our First Journey to the Savage Planet!  - Part 1
Otherworldly Shenanigans: Our First Journey to the Savage Planet! - Part 1

Otherworldly Shenanigans: Our First Journey to the Savage Planet! - Part 1

Neebs Magic Dumpster


neebs: Hey there, Appsro! Did you see our first journey to the Savage Planet video? That was some otherworldly shenanigans for sure!

appsro: Oh yeah, Neebs! That was one wild ride. I mean, who knew we'd encounter so many weird creatures on that planet?

neebs: I know, right? And remember when you tried to pet that giant space llama and it almost ate your arm off? Classic Appsro move!

appsro: Hey, I was just trying to make friends with the locals! But seriously, that video is definitely one of my favorites. Can't wait for part 2!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Magic Dumpster YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you heard the exciting news? Neebs and Appsro are embarking on a brand new adventure to a savage planet, and we get to come along for the ride! I don't know about you, but I am beyond pumped to see what kind of shenanigans these two get into this time.

Every Thursday at 8pm ET, you can catch all the action live on Twitch. It's like hanging out with your best buds and watching them take on crazy challenges and laugh at their hilarious antics. The energy is always high, and you never know what unexpected twists and turns will happen next.

And of course, you can always head over to their main YouTube channel to catch up on all the latest videos and series. From epic battles to heartwarming moments, Neebs Gaming never fails to entertain and keep us coming back for more. Plus, their merch is top-notch, so why not show your support and rock some awesome Neebs Gaming gear?

So grab your snacks, settle in, and get ready for a wild ride with Neebs and Appsro on their journey to a savage planet. I can't wait to see what kind of madness unfolds, and I'm sure it's going to be a blast. Let's show our favorite gaming duo some love and enjoy the adventure together!

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hey Neighbors hey buddy what's happening0.04.98
uh well we were trying to figure out2.764.26
what to play tonight right it was like4.983.36
oh let's do something for the dumpster7.023.24
and I remembered this game Journey to8.344.44
the Savage Planet the trailer looked10.264.799
cool and I thought let's give it a shot12.784.74
yeah and then I saw it and went yeah15.0594.98
yeah I'm downstairs guys welcome welcome17.524.38
to neeb's Magic dumpster thanks for20.0393.481
being here uh neebs and I have a drink21.92.82
we're just hanging out this evening23.523.12
that's right you grab a snack and we24.723.18
will do all the work all right I'm gonna26.643.6
hit start game and then three two one27.94.499
click it's a good slogan you grab a30.244.92
snack we'll do all the work yep I just32.3993.84
came up with that that's the magic35.165.34
dumpster I like that a lot hmm36.2397.32
cheers everybody oh boy wow here we go40.55.04
let's get into this43.5594.941
let's see what happens45.542.96
are you in I'm in some sort of cutscene49.984.02
are you seeing something different yeah52.624.2
I'm walking around a room okay well wait54.05.52
for me I guess I'll wait for you56.825.04
oh all right here we go might be my room59.524.08
yeah see oh there you are I'm right here61.865.54
ah them watching you sleep63.63.8
how's this this guy67.883.66
Pioneer program okay72.844.26
I do not know what to expect I don't75.064.879
know what to expect either77.12.839
relunts Javelin okay let me take a peek81.03.96
around this room yeah we don't need to83.463.6
watch that all right okay hold on you're84.963.54
gonna have to deal with my menus for87.064.26
just a second because the sensitivity on88.55.1
my control is crazy91.324.5
here we go here we go I don't know why93.66.199
people want to look around like nuts95.823.979
there we go that's better you got it99.93.66
where you want it102.363.299
I think so103.565.419
stop that video yeah105.6593.32
where's Echo I don't know111.2593.9
is it here right here117.1193.021
maybe log into the computer okay I'm120.724.32
gonna do it so they can make sure you're123.244.739
not crazy let's see uh-huh best in the125.044.919
world Kindred Technologies is that who127.9794.521
we're working for uh yeah Kendra129.9595.401
aeronomic Aaron aeronomics yes perfect132.55.379
sure new report okay looks like you made135.364.62
it good job as per your Kindred employee137.8794.021
experience program benefits contract you139.983.6
are contractually obligated to submit141.93.12
regular ports deer in your mission let's143.582.159
one of my jobs is to continually assess145.7396.121
your mental state okay148.143.72
one of these images is a photo you which153.567.12
one is it oh man I like all of them156.187.86
what should I be a dog a nerdy black man160.685.639
from the 80s164.043.5
a Chinese woman with a very big perm167.547.12
Yeah Boy they're all so good this guy171.545.46
this guy from a Mad Max movie yeah I174.663.6
don't know177.03.72
the dog178.264.32
he's a dog or the black guy all right180.723.239
yeah these are both great I'm going with182.583.56
that guy he's all right183.9595.161
okay good let's do this man which one186.144.599
was crazy time enjoy your adventure stay189.124.8
alive okay oh wow videos hey this shirt190.7394.86
okay exit193.923.78
so that's the computer195.5995.661
please walk downstairs197.73.56
okay downstairs uh there's two there's204.25.56
two of us good you want to go first well207.93.24
I guess we both got to get it together209.764.08
okay here we go use teleporter ready yep211.145.4
and three two one use it213.846.14
did it oh216.543.44
now we're getting into it220.3194.681
that flashed right here222.425.399
that means go to it oh225.05.879
got it what is it it's a can of grub227.8194.98
grab is delicious it could also be used232.7994.141
as to bait creatures around hold Q to234.545.419
aim release to throw236.943.019
a nation of rocks240.483.14
do you have glob on your head yeah cause245.065.8
I got glob on my head247.985.539
all right250.862.659
oh boy every one of these games thinks256.045.979
let's have a creature talk for 30259.8594.741
minutes huh I don't want that262.0195.4
let's see press Z to show track Mission264.65.34
objective okay Z267.4194.881
gotta go over here to the javelin276.246.14
launch the cartographers okay278.284.1
and all he has a button back here I'm282.785.06
gonna hit it285.32.54
hit it hit it hit it hit it it's not288.843.299
there it goes292.1393.021
Al what am I doing yeah I just got296.166.0
knocked down okay am I okay oh a bunch298.745.64
of things just flew out I guess those302.166.5
are the cartographers oh okay304.384.28
okay they'll feed us back information308.7593.921
now okay we gotta scan the exterior317.6994.161
okay gotcha328.9193.661
let's see340.52.9
press left and right to toggle scanning343.624.76
oh it's tab350.162.78
yeah hit tab memes I saw that that353.224.14
really brings up something different355.743.06
doesn't it357.364.5
okay so if I scan oh okay check it out358.84.82
so yeah our ship361.864.26
there's this bit right here363.625.799
yep I'm gonna hold it this exterior366.125.04
panel must have been knocked loose on369.4194.201
Landing I am adding a location marker to371.164.92
your compass please find it and scan it373.624.859
if you lose your way you can always hit376.084.32
the survey button to highlight its378.4794.921
location again oh boy380.44.739
connection to other players been lost383.44.5
how'd you do I I was I went in the menus385.1394.921
and hit the wrong button387.94.859
memes come on now now I've blown it all390.064.56
right now I gotta invite you again yep392.7594.801
hold on these are all of our friends394.625.16
you want the one that says neebs got it397.565.1
I sent you an invite yep399.785.4
this menu music's great though yep I402.664.62
like it too405.183.9
join game409.083.84
you coming in yeah411.03.96
do me a favor uh-huh don't exit in the414.966.019
menus again yep I know417.785.88
I've done that before it happens you420.9793.461
you're like oh I gotta click this one ah424.443.66
damn that's not the one I'm surprised it426.663.659
stopped you oh no it started us from the428.14.159
okay wait Maybe not maybe not we can432.2594.601
just run straight downstairs right yeah435.4793.121
go downstairs and go to the teleporter436.864.619
yeah she won't ramble438.65.099
boy just run down away there's a grab441.4794.201
commercial on nope443.6993.72
I'm going back hold on I'm with you I'm445.683.359
watching this grab commercial I'm really447.4194.461
into this grub449.0392.841
nope let's go did you turn that off come456.384.78
on let's do it you damn monkey okay fine459.123.54
let's do it461.164.02
all right and I think grob's my favorite462.664.74
new thing now grabs of food and a weapon465.185.299
right I think so467.43.079
she's driving me crazy470.6395.161
uh yeah she chats a lot okay let's do it472.625.28
well hold on I think we might still have475.84.14
to I was in the middle of something477.92.96
and then what was the scan oh [ __ ] no480.864.42
that was throwing my grub I threw my483.782.94
scam okay there's where we gotta go 32486.726.479
meters away this is one of those uh you490.384.379
know follow me I'm a professional right493.1993.78
just follow the yellow dot I know kind494.7594.081
of things I'll I'll do it I'll lead the496.9792.821
right this way absro499.86.98
Hmm this looks like a thing503.0993.681
see you right here yeah507.844.68
see scan mode510.366.799
so there was Z and there was one tab tab512.524.639
all right this is seven meters that's527.644.319
all right is there more this is a deep531.9595.82
touch part of the thing534.36.06
where do we go now hey your face looks537.7794.381
pretty cool when you scan oh does it540.363.599
look it look at this542.165.7
oh it does look me you look like um543.9597.981
like a DJ yeah DJ neebs547.866.12
all right let's move on to the next551.944.14
thing we scan that let's see553.984.08
all right well then do we take it out556.083.42
here uh maybe559.53.0
well there was no way to pick that up561.242.94
was there562.54.019
I don't think so let's see the564.184.14
objectives Point me over here so I'll566.5195.301
just still follow this thing568.323.5
yeah there used to be something covering572.944.5
this I know we looked at it575.044.02
oh hey there's another thing I can scan577.443.98
back here579.062.36
if you can find a local fuel source583.83.42
you'll be able to get back home oh585.723.739
new Mission round trip view in the592.085.34
journal Jay Jay for the journey first594.664.32
check your [ __ ] for damage this means598.985.88
scan the javelin for damage you know606.483.539
that's what I'm done608.3393.06
I've done it all right I guess there's610.0192.521
more damage611.3992.521
let's keep looking at the javelin oh612.544.1
something back here613.925.22
okay this is the Cartographer deployment616.644.06
hatch I think that's okay because we619.143.42
used it you read all of round trip620.74.44
already I read most of it oh yeah look622.565.64
so we also got this let's scan that625.145.4
that's not supposed to look like yeah no628.26.02
[ __ ] we got a busted landing gear630.543.68
okay our ship's busted637.443.56
that way so yeah the cartographers we649.85.279
sent out they found they found stuff652.924.8
let's see I'm going in you with me uh655.0795.76
yeah I just had to get a little grob657.724.799
I don't know when to use this grub yet660.8394.74
do you no no clue can we get past this662.5196.201
stuff what is this pink stuff665.5793.141
all right you want to scan it uh using670.683.659
tab yeah672.8394.261
okay scan and then do I just click it674.3395.821
like click on it to scan it677.15.34
is crystals680.163.84
Grog scrub687.863.719
she's chatty but you know what shut up701.7793.941
and listen to her because she just704.4593.06
explained what we need to do I listened705.723.359
but she probably knew these were in here707.5193.06
and she could have said grab the fauna709.0793.781
before we come on just the order of710.5793.781
things we're going back out is that712.864.74
what's happening oh wow we we gotta grab714.365.4
a resource in here we got Critters here717.64.08
though can I scan these guys I don't719.763.48
have any of that grub anymore I threw721.683.74
okay these things are called puffer bird725.824.44
I'm running in727.984.62
yep I think they're friendly okay I'm730.264.68
gonna throw a grab at them732.65.479
oh yes yes734.943.139
oh wait there's more grub over here739.225.5
holy crap look yeah I I took the grub744.724.859
and I threw it at one of these guys747.9593.241
uh-huh let me see if I can do this again749.5794.021
what'd it do like they attacked their751.24.079
buddy they didn't like the way he's like753.64.5
smelt look at it jeez they're going out755.2795.341
no they went after him God758.16.06
okay hey wait I think I found something760.625.459
this plant is that the resource we need764.164.619
you want to throw grub on it the birds766.0794.621
will attack it oh oh wait no oh wow we768.7795.3
can slap it how'd you do that770.73.379
carbon how are you picking stuff up775.14.44
slaps can I slap this780.064.94
that was he yeah I just kicked him785.05.339
I can't grab any of this stuff oh no791.886.98
okay all right well I'll kick these guys795.243.62
there we go803.824.359
did you pick up all that carbon oh no we808.5195.141
get it from these guys look sucks okay811.263.6
there's where we're getting the carbon813.663.6
what did we I smacked that plant and it814.864.14
dropped stuff but I smacked it yeah and817.263.12
I couldn't tell if I was grabbing stuff819.04.26
it was a mess okay but uh we got carbon820.384.68
for those guys good to know about the823.263.12
so now let's get back to the ship to828.65.34
craft right uh maybe831.124.68
yeah let's do that833.945.54
I love the way your character runs835.83.68
does my guy run as silly839.5195.281
um yeah yeah you got kind of an arch841.866.719
back kind of thing going yeah uh okay oh844.85.88
we gotta go on to the ship so here we go848.5795.601
on the ship okay850.683.5
resources deposited854.3393.56
we get it we get it866.365.32
is waiting870.364.8
what a waste all right we're gonna turn871.687.08
yeah that off okay so oh where do we875.165.4
make stuff man there's a grab vending878.764.34
machine here880.567.019
succulent let's say succulent meal883.16.94
oh is it stuck887.5794.041
is it890.046.799
it is yeah can you slap it891.625.219
no he just does that okay where do we896.888.36
is this the blueprint thing901.983.26
ah here we go 3D printer right here okay905.6396.741
let's see so items907.764.62
Journal character kindex character items912.9596.721
basic utility belt can carry three917.3394.68
objects of any type already have that919.684.74
better utility belt922.0195.241
[ __ ] nope927.8394.8
we got 29 carbon what can I make with 29929.665.2
character gear it's got to be a gear934.863.539
I like gear standard spacesuit already938.3993.961
got that940.265.6
required element undiscovered942.363.5
pay advisor weapon947.046.659
a nomad pistol let's make that yeah need950.225.88
10 out of 29 carbon953.6996.381
so we have we have 29 you need 10.956.18.77
continue we could probably just head967.263.6
back outside now right968.884.5
uh maybe did it print it970.865.719
um do you have it in your inventory973.383.199
uh yeah maybe it's if you go outside you977.224.619
have it all right go outside979.444.139
um maybe did you print one or do you981.8393.481
need to print one I did not print one I983.5792.88
figured if you had one I'll just stand985.323.6
behind you986.4594.56
well that's it okay yeah I got one I got988.924.14
one yeah okay so yeah if we print one we991.0193.661
both get it993.065.16
is there ammo oh it says seven oh you're994.684.62
nope we can reload it oh really999.33.74
okay sweet sweet it's infinite seems to1004.044.2
be at least so we wouldn't try to break1006.83.599
these things with this gun uh yeah let's1008.243.42
try to break these things with the gun1010.3994.021
bam oh yeah I'm breaking them from here1011.665.52
whoa you shot me bam bam is that that's1014.424.32
I think that hurt me1018.744.2
oh wow that hurts you uh yeah I didn't1020.185.96
mean to shoot you okay1022.943.2
all right we're through see what we got1027.4596.761
I reloaded it's not easily what I do but1030.0797.321
all right I'm right behind you all right1034.225.459
um oh wait ah yeah come on now we gotta1037.46.84
do here oh wait oh you can uh Vault kind1039.6798.941
of got a vault over that uh Run and Jump1044.247.2
yeah sweet oh look at this we got some1048.625.299
stuff to break1051.442.479
we came to the correct direction1060.025.279
did you come the way I came because uh1063.444.92
yep I see where you at look at this now1065.2995.721
we're in the world1068.366.6
yay okay Journey to the Savage Planet I1071.027.2
guess we're at the Savage Planet okay1074.966.54
her again1078.225.94
appears to directly contradict this idea1092.265.62
I will contact your superiors1095.385.159
immediately one moment please thank you1097.887.039
let's see let's shoot these1100.5394.38
uh these things are glowing1106.0395.701
okay oh okay that's how you pick up1109.0394.441
stuff you just walk over it just walking1111.745.4
in just sucks it up huh seems to1113.485.819
okay it only sucked up one of these but1117.144.68
they're all over the ground1119.2995.821
yeah see I don't get this I want to like1121.826.9
feel like I grabbed it you know yeah1125.127.58
oh the president he's talking to us1128.723.98
okay maybe maybe I won't who knows let's1133.526.539
see I'm gonna scan this thing1136.885.46
berries are edible and slightly1140.0595.521
hallucinogenic as with all animals take1142.344.92
it slow1145.585.82
all right I shot it will it oh1147.266.36
it does like a they're gassy1151.44.2
yes maybe there's an enemy near it you1153.623.12
heard them1155.64.079
maybe uh hold on let me scan this what1156.745.24
is this1159.6792.301
metal it's a metallic seed bag1164.1795.88
can I shoot it shoot it1166.525.279
no metal oh wait there's little1170.0594.641
different little bits1171.7992.901
gelatinous blob1175.964.959
okay oh it's gelatin so those are the1178.46.06
gas blobs right there there's some other1180.9196.481
Wildlife right let's see can I do a1184.466.079
regular scan1187.43.139
hmm all right I guess we keep pushing1192.54.559
forward and see what we can find okay1194.664.08
I'm with you1197.0593.48
all right you run down what does this do1198.744.14
well oh it's a bouncing thing1200.5396.14
see this oh yeah1202.883.799
this is neat1207.443.239
I feel like we're all yeah this is great1209.242.88
I feel like we're on an alien world1210.6792.821
exploring we don't know what's around1212.123.419
the next corner you get higher the more1213.54.7
you stay on it1215.5392.661
too same height yeah same height same1218.5595.881
man can't get up there1225.25.16
all right pushing forward yeah can we1227.486.48
grab anything off this plant oh wait1230.365.34
look it was back up okay yep he's gonna1233.963.06
do its thing1235.72.52
all right so I don't think we can1237.023.0
Harvest any resources from that thing1238.224.28
um hey one of these chickens looks1242.845.42
different oh my God1244.763.5
what'd you do I missed it hold on let me1248.486.86
scan this puffer bird Alpha1250.884.46
okay there's an alpha puffer bird okay1255.445.46
is that the red one yeah here1257.96.139
he just went after me1260.93.139
let's see hey guys can we tame these oh1264.385.84
God I just kicked it I hit e1266.63.62
it's on1270.7992.541
oh he's after you he's glowing1273.446.239
oh God good Lord holy crap that took my1275.786.6
help down a lot okay the alphas explode1279.6794.321
I'm getting the proteins or whatever1282.383.24
they are1284.05.28
the carbon carbon yep jeez1285.625.76
it's like a little nuclear bomb on that1289.283.6
little bastard hey I see something1291.382.88
flashing over here1292.884.56
okay is that just leaves yeah this is1294.265.34
Health okay that's why we couldn't pick1297.443.18
it up1299.62.819
oh it's Health yeah I just shot it and1300.623.84
walked over it my health replenished um1302.4194.201
I'm good at gaming so I don't need it1304.464.56
perf should I shoot this that's just1306.624.26
another metal thing in it uh let me scan1309.023.56
I think so but I was gonna scan it just1312.584.479
in case right but yeah these are1315.265.58
gelatinous blobs we get from that1317.0596.6
okay I think our next objective is 2001320.844.14
something meters away let's look at the1323.6592.341
what was our next thing find the alien1326.06.299
alloy okay that's right those uh buddies1329.365.04
of ours we had found an alien alloy and1332.2993.301
we got to figure out how to get to it1334.43.18
there's a big spinal cord right here or1335.63.6
something that is a big bowl isn't it1337.584.26
can we get on top of it careful there's1339.25.58
a yeah purple stuff it's more of this1341.844.74
gelatinous stuff I feel like all these1344.783.0
resources are going to come into play1346.585.06
for crafting you know I'm sure1347.783.86
can we get around this thing you just1354.743.54
gotta are you trying to climb the bones1356.6593.061
yeah I was trying to get up on the bones1358.284.2
maybe okay yep got time it out just1359.723.9
I don't think we can1363.624.7
what about over here1365.482.84
whoa I walked into the stuff1369.6795.101
I'm tripping out1372.24.74
uh yeah made my screen crazy for a1374.784.08
minute all right so that stuff makes1376.945.599
your screen crazy got it1378.863.679
uh neeb's coming to me uh-huh1385.345.28
so is this this is where we came in1388.1594.38
right yeah okay the ship's back that way1390.624.32
oh check this out where'd you go right1392.5394.64
yep right here1397.884.679
yeah I didn't do that uh you run you hit1399.9193.481
see yeah okay got it good to know1403.48.399
Let's uh let's go this way yeah1407.487.02
okay more of those guys help1411.7994.201
I think we can avoid this stuff for now1414.53.9
let's stay focused on the mission1416.06.14
think we can get in that water oh1418.43.74
exploration efforts1422.725.579
oh it wants me to scan this1424.6595.741
hey this thing's Frozen man1428.2994.88
it's all ice1430.42.779
oh yeah oh hold on watch this it's going1434.4195.781
oh names no oh god oh wow am I in water1436.885.88
uh yeah you're a water and you got what1440.25.94
is that I'm gonna scan these guys1442.763.38
whoa that hurt uh jelly weft I got jelly1446.246.319
stop okay1455.962.54
okay got the jelly waves what do they1459.7993.961
drop yellow stuff is that carbon or1461.785.16
carbon yep okay it's just carbon1463.765.82
okay so no it's not it's silicon oh1466.944.44
silicon yeah those things are made of1469.583.839
silicon silicon so we got carbon we got1471.384.74
silicon silicon yeah uh is your health1473.4193.781
um yeah it's not uh Boom come down here1477.26.78
suck on a health plant yep I need it now1480.087.62
pardon oh yeah that's perfect all good1483.985.819
now shoot this stuff yeah look at this1487.75.479
get right through here1489.7993.38
I think back here we're forgetting oh1493.74.14
wait oh my god look1495.625.1
what you see it looks they put something1497.844.8
behind a waterfall1500.723.72
that doesn't sound right yeah it does1502.642.94
there's something though is that a1505.585.479
health thing I can eat it I'm doing it1506.967.14
health and stamina upgraded what we got1511.0596.0
four health bars now1514.12.959
smash this for Rich deposits of carbon1526.7794.741
yes resource all right maybe I'm liking1532.763.6
this game I like it too this is kind of1534.5593.661
all right should we yeah keep pushing1538.222.819
forward I think we go through this1539.843.54
little cave right here1541.0395.101
oh yeah it is nice right here I see some1543.385.039
kind of crazy little lizard dragon or1546.144.74
something over here you see it1548.4195.221
and I didn't see it oh God something's1550.884.86
after you after me1553.643.899
the hell was that hold on let me scare1555.744.16
this guy1557.5392.361
dumb Panic panicky and utterly harmless1561.626.32
oh wow1568.1592.781
just ran away yep it's dumb panicky and1572.325.2
utterly harmless do we go to the yellow1575.842.88
uh yeah let's continue to the yellow1578.725.28
thing you lead the way all right behind1580.885.58
me apps row oh I'm behind you1584.04.919
all right there's another one of those I1586.464.26
like how they screamed wait do we know1588.9194.38
these guys yeah these are the uh other1590.725.4
guys same Birds right I think so1593.2995.401
just be watch out for their Alpha1596.126.6
can we jump we can jump this1598.76.719
man the thing we want to go to is this1602.724.74
okay still behind me yeah oh God yep1607.464.319
right behind you1610.643.32
I guess there's a way to get up there1613.964.42
around this bin yeah hold on a second1615.983.96
we're missing some good carbon over here1618.384.279
okay yeah1619.942.719
yeah we're gonna need it I don't want to1624.142.82
have to get back to the ship and be like1625.642.88
oh you can craft the next thing but you1626.963.959
don't have enough carbon mm-hmm1628.525.06
that guy1630.9196.981
man I just heard something growl1633.584.32
you're just shooting everything aren't1640.0393.661
you uh yeah getting carbon1641.485.64
so can we climb over there1643.76.66
yep I'm up here it says our objective is1647.126.559
31 meters away1650.363.319
okay do we just climb this whole thing1654.265.58
well I'm falling I'm falling babes I'm1656.845.3
are you okay I'm back in the grub place1663.7995.341
oh wow you're way back there1666.444.14
I'll catch you okay yeah catch up to me1670.585.699
see if I can figure out how to get up1674.63.86
well I can't get up that way1679.885.279
retrieve your new Mission retrieve your1682.883.899
is that your loot's here yeah yeah hold1686.7796.9
on wait what happens if I recover the1691.763.72
loot can you1693.6793.261
retrieve your loot you got all your loot1696.943.4
um I don't know1700.343.62
how would I know I don't know well maybe1704.244.62
your loot is my loot all the carbon you1707.1793.6
pick up all the other stuff yeah I don't1708.863.18
see like an inventory1710.7792.941
what's this1713.724.559
see something up here1715.75.42
grapple plant1718.2792.841
we need a grapple neebs1725.446.96
yeah that sounds fun1728.63.8
I guess I'm just exploring a little more1741.53.55
oh there's a secret nearby1743.1793.721
where is it seek1749.5395.161
I'm making my way back to you okay1752.7795.481
sounds good I'm looking for a secret1754.73.56
okay I can bounce on this1763.05.02
where did I take me1766.13.54
can't go anywhere with that there's1769.644.58
nothing to jump to1771.262.96
man if she's working on a blueprint for1774.6794.921
a grapple that's what we need1776.6595.701
right now I don't see any way to get up1779.64.679
yeah there's a grapple over there1784.2795.461
get some more carbon all right let me1795.5594.641
take a peek at the journal1797.242.96
they're calling proton tether they're1802.585.3
feeling appropriately1805.222.66
am I getting close to you uh yeah tell1811.586.54
you what though man yep here I am there1815.5394.681
can't get up there though I'm back what1818.123.48
you got figured out1820.223.839
uh well we need to get up here see where1821.64.5
I'm shooting yeah we need the grapple1824.0593.6
huh we need a gravel because that thing1826.13.48
needs a graft but we don't have a1827.6593.301
blueprint program we don't have a1829.583.24
blueprint for a grapple but the alien1830.963.839
said that she's working on it right now1832.824.14
are we just waiting for her to do this1834.7993.781
um oh actually1838.586.44
now follow me names see something1840.6794.341
what do you see1848.63.959
something I can scan what is he what is1850.582.88
canopy Leaf so leafy so luscious so1853.464.76
did you scan it uh scanned it it just1858.226.1
says so leafy so luscious so luxurious1861.6795.1
it's a canopy Leaf that's it1864.323.839
I don't know if we can Harvest anything1866.7792.701
from it1868.1593.421
but what I saw1869.485.0
yeah we can jump over this neebs okay1871.585.64
would you like to do the honors sure we1874.483.52
please get rid of these guys all right1878.04.14
well that'll make it easier to walk here1880.224.02
we go1882.143.96
cleared it yeah easy1884.243.04
right behind you1886.13.679
is beyond your current capabilities1889.7794.62
please redirect your exploration efforts1901.4195.74
towards it okay check the journal1904.3995.9
jump thrusters1907.1593.14
do we have to go back to the ship1912.383.32
uh no we have to go find the fluid for1916.487.12
these jump thrusters which is this way1919.885.46
man they are running us all over the1923.64.199
place yeah1925.344.74
this reminds me a little bit of1927.7994.5
subnautica like okay you've landed on an1930.083.959
alien planet and you got to go over here1932.2994.081
to get re this resource and over here to1934.0394.14
get this resource right you gotta figure1936.384.44
out what does what this is cool1938.1794.22
whoop okay1940.824.32
it's terrified screaming Birds there's1942.3995.02
those jellyfish things and you said1945.144.019
they're uh they're aggressive they seem1947.4193.36
to be1949.1592.821
that one1950.7794.38
would see bonus loot oh all right this1951.985.819
one was juicy oh yeah give me all that1955.1593.781
sweet sweet juice1958.946.42
aluminum silicon silicone silicon I1961.75.94
always get those mixed up once boobs and1965.364.08
ones like computers1967.644.139
all right yep we got more1969.445.58
oh boy oh he throws glob at us you see1971.7797.041
that yeah I've been hit by it1975.023.8
oh there's another one out here1978.863.26
there we go1982.762.6
get all the goods1985.3993.201
this plant does something right1988.764.68
hold on we got something here too yeah1991.3993.541
scan this1993.443.9
silicon vein smash the rich deposit of1994.944.2
silicon to open retrieve its Bounty of1997.343.36
resources yeah see I gotta just start1999.144.2
saying silicon because that nobody knows2000.74.56
what that is yeah silicone I think is2003.344.76
the breast silicone breast silicon2005.266.84
silicone silicon and then use silicon2008.18.5
oh hey more blob yep or grab2012.18.299
towering crystals of Madness2016.63.799
one all right we'll do it's getting the2026.6795.181
structure now2029.322.54
sorry I'm supposed to say teleport okay2040.268.58
activated neebs okay did it2044.384.46
I don't even think about it2052.263.96
okay now I like her okay so I'm betting2057.826.9
use teleporter okay so look this little2062.024.56
yeah this whole Lab allow us to teleport2064.725.04
inside the javelin outside the javelin2066.585.94
to these crystals okay so this is this2069.764.5
is a great way to get you know back to2072.523.42
the spaceship so we want to go back yeah2074.263.899
yeah and we come back here2075.946.719
so now let's see because we were not far2078.1596.121
we were looking for jumpy juice right2082.6594.801
yeah this jump sample 70 meters this way2084.285.96
so follow me2087.462.78
yeah once we get the grapple that's2097.183.6
gonna be great yeah grapple will be good2099.0993.601
and jump something2100.785.1
jumper juice jumpy juice oh a glimmering2102.75.22
cave of wonder2105.884.26
okay we got two directions you want to2107.923.84
split up or go together I think go2110.143.66
together what do you think which way all2111.764.22
okay red stuff see it gets skinny oh2116.386.3
wait no we got Birds2119.985.54
oh what are these2122.682.84
hold on let me get a scan uh-huh uh Cave2127.066.24
puffer bird sickly but it still loves2130.963.48
okay so they're peaceful2134.444.919
until you kick them or slap them or2136.8395.301
throw juice on them2139.3592.781
let me get that carbon from this [ __ ]2144.944.139
right there2147.464.86
oh yeah more carbon uh all right I think2149.0797.321
our objective is this way 90 meters yeah2152.328.58
did you go back uh over here okay2156.46.06
over here over here from where I'm2160.93.78
shooting yep yep Oh I thought you were2162.464.2
still catching up no I was trying to get2164.683.12
your attention2166.663.439
man I wish you had flashlights oh what's2171.223.84
this plant do I'm gonna grab it hold on2173.143.479
let me scan it first2175.064.559
oh I grabbed a flashlight I grabbed it2176.6194.381
you ate that thing without asking what2181.04.079
it was2182.926.78
it's a flashlight plant that's low shrub2185.0796.721
S I wonder how long it stays lit2189.73.96
all right you grab one we're carrying it2191.84.5
now which is great here we go2193.664.56
man that's that's a thing that needs to2196.33.48
happen in the real world can we get2198.223.92
through here2199.782.36
oh yep shot it2202.245.46
then what is this uh aluminum aluminum2204.3395.401
as they like to say the Science World2207.74.62
now can we get oh I found a way up2212.324.759
then over here2217.483.68
nope oh my uh it's my grub my light2222.285.579
going out I guess not well there's more2226.244.32
here you need it don't need it2227.8594.201
all right we got natural light in here2230.564.039
the precarious Shrine yep my lights out2234.765.42
mine's gonna go out soon2240.647.439
so do we want to go hmm this way go down2243.47.98
here yeah I think go down2248.0794.981
I think I see a way up and then go up2251.385.239
over there take care of these idiots2253.063.559
sorry they're all having a good day till2256.784.74
we got here we need the carbon we're2258.466.44
gonna have to craft something I know it2261.523.38
okay Kate I'm up I'm jumping okay right2266.444.2
behind you2269.444.32
crouching crouching Yep this is this is2270.644.8
great it's pretty cool world it's a2273.764.38
great game so far yeah I don't know but2275.444.56
the more the deeper you get into it the2278.143.42
better yeah2280.03.18
which is what you want out of a good2281.563.12
game yeah the star you're like I don't2283.183.12
know but then like Yeah the more you2284.683.54
keep playing now are we supposed to jump2286.33.9
and grow or I got pushed did you push me2288.225.34
I didn't mean to I'll be back2290.25.879
hold shift all right so this is like a2293.565.64
big jump so we want to run and jump yo2296.0794.741
oh yeah we can make that we can make2299.23.899
that did not mean to push you that's all2300.824.44
right apologize for my uh transgressions2303.0996.861
it's no big deal oh wow2305.264.7
can you make it um2311.465.44
yeah barely okay2314.686.06
and then we've come to three four faces2316.95.42
in a pot okay2320.745.9
extract and analyze here we go2322.324.32
sucking up some goo wow you got a little2327.0994.441
syringe yeah dude where are you holding2329.25.18
that who knows2331.542.84
good work and now you have the required2335.5795.461
okay so we need to go back to that jump2345.3594.661
portal yeah we gotta go back to the2348.43.9
habitat make a jump juice suit which we2350.024.44
found that fast travel point right this2352.34.559
way right yeah so just run out this cave2354.466.379
yeah grab one of these yeah oh I'm sorry2356.8597.381
I think oh it's empty there's there's no2360.8395.081
more left I got all oh here's one over2364.243.599
oh yeah hold on I'm gonna need it I2367.8394.441
can't see did we come in that way uh God2369.44.14
I hope so this might have been the first2372.283.36
one we came by yeah I think it was2373.544.38
for him okay so but I don't really need2375.643.959
it now yeah but they're fun get2377.922.71
everything out of this cave2379.5991.561
is there anything over here2383.023.14
other than dead chickens2386.744.56
can I get up there can't get up there2389.683.54
you gotta jump juice2391.33.66
anything that way that's where we went2393.223.24
okay yeah let's get out of here let's2394.963.48
get out of here this should take us out2396.463.899
Let's Travel you run over that thing2398.444.02
silly hey I know it's just gelatinous2400.3594.74
blob we picked up I can actually hold it2402.464.86
can I like throw it and what happens if2405.0994.081
I do2407.324.44
gotcha how did you uh was it like oh you2411.764.26
hit it yeah you remember the number2415.063.24
Middlesex we found yeah you shoot those2416.024.8
and then uh you can pull that out it's2418.35.52
in your if your scroll wheel uh-huh so2420.825.88
grob which is bait oh gelatinous blob2423.824.38
which allows us to jump place and you2426.73.899
hold it so daintily I know like look at2428.25.659
that I got pinky out and everything2430.5993.26
that's okay that's pretty cool okay yeah2434.886.4
yep I'm loving this game yep all right2438.884.68
loving this game so next time we gotta2441.284.46
jump something2443.565.46
yeah let's go uh let's fast travel back2445.745.5
to the ship and see if we can 3D print2449.024.62
uh jet pack yeah2451.245.879
okay teleporter habitat2453.646.439
here I go2457.1192.96
I picked something up2461.223.66
coming in oh there he is2470.323.32
Oh I wanna2474.043.0
incoming message we got a message here2477.043.9
what is this this better be good2480.944.2
yeah we hear you2485.143.32
hey do you recognize this actor no me2489.5794.861
makes it impossible to do anything else2494.446.44
next video2498.0992.781
on ary262500.924.32
and I've I've seen some of the2503.264.44
preliminary data okay and I have to tell2505.244.5
you we have a few questions good well2507.74.2
while he's answering listen to him I'm2509.745.3
gonna use the bathroom okay2511.93.14
so he went to the bathroom and I'm2519.965.58
thinking about skipping this2522.223.32
we need to know what's inside that2527.564.44
structure okay how did our scanners you2529.424.919
didn't go to the bathroom yeah I know I2532.03.72
just went and got a beer everything2534.3392.641
that's the opposite of going the2535.723.379
I need you to transmit this data2542.265.579
directly to me okay okay and boy let's2544.05.16
turn that off yeah I don't what did he2547.8393.181
say anything important only thing I took2549.163.179
away from that was he wants us to2551.023.78
transmit data to him but it sounded2552.3395.401
sketchy let's build the jump juice maybe2554.85.88
but neebs are you looking for love2557.743.9
why because2561.644.86
very lonely man here2563.764.839
looking for love what's he say hello2566.55.22
ladies my name is Bill Chung does your2568.5994.921
heart seek the companionship of an2571.724.92
intense passionate man of action2573.526.059
uh yeah well2576.646.6
Gentleman by nay Bad Boy by night2579.5796.0
laughs I don't know why I got distracted2583.244.02
by this I see a few of those have been2585.5794.02
ripped off you better get in while the2587.265.46
getting's good yeah hello yeah that's2589.5996.121
fun okay all right yeah jump back yep2592.724.08
jump back let me get out of your way2595.723.3
yeah jump back jump back jump back let's2596.86.66
see 3D printer General weapons items2599.026.42
proton tether yeah I can't make that yet2605.445.419
backpack here we go jump thrusters2610.96.179
that's it we want that we got plenty of2614.744.82
hot dang yeah2621.03.72
pollutants okay we ready uh yeah should2629.5795.981
we teleport2633.883.239
see what do we want to teleport do we2635.563.059
want to go back to that uh teleport2637.1193.72
place where we left is it going to ask2638.6195.161
us uh yeah so towering crystals um yeah2640.8394.74
yeah let's go there2643.784.7
towering crystals2645.5796.181
space and then space again to do like a2651.764.8
double jump right2654.8194.02
that's it that's it2658.8394.801
that looks pretty cool too yeah all2661.484.92
right so now we can uh let me go to my2663.643.959
let's continue our2667.5994.041
hey before you leave I picked up2674.025.16
something called binding bio and it's2677.0794.74
this binding I feel like it was right2679.185.22
not oh this stuff2684.45.28
oh yeah binding bile can I should have2686.745.52
scanned that before I popped it yep scan2689.683.899
this stuff can I is there another one2692.263.48
over here throw this crab at other crap2693.5793.841
to stop their crap asses from moving2695.743.48
around so dang much2697.424.439
oh really it sticks it'll like stick2699.224.619
stick people2701.8595.941
right maybe let's see so if I2703.8395.581
are you stuck2707.84.2
I'm having a hard time moving yeah oh a2709.423.96
little slow down yeah we can use that2712.03.119
against enemies okay2713.384.68
got the bouncy stuff and yep let's do it2715.1196.361
Bouncy Stuff like globby stuff which is2718.065.34
like bait like pisses other animals off2721.484.619
and then slow stuff2723.45.58
yeah okay2726.0994.621
now do you remember where we're going2728.985.04
well I activated the objective oh the2730.725.52
yellow the first one yeah gotta find the2734.024.44
yellow dots so now wait if we have it2736.244.7
get up here I don't know why I'm going2741.462.639
in here2743.0793.481
because we can holy crap wait oh no2744.0994.26
we've not been in here before duck am I2746.563.299
stuck oh let me let me back off here2748.3593.061
maybe there we go yeah yeah yeah yeah2749.8594.281
I don't think we can get across this you2755.923.24
can make that2757.664.5
I mean here can I scan across no my2759.164.8
scanner won't even reach that far here2762.163.36
I'll try you ready2763.963.48
oh wait I see rocks popping up on2765.524.44
occasion yeah I'm going for it2767.444.62
um you're going huh yeah you ready yeah2769.963.72
go for it2772.063.92
um right here2773.682.3
right here right oh it's sinking yeah2776.925.06
it's thinking2779.442.54
oh I made it what's over there2782.25.159
um we got a2785.025.4
looks like uh I'm picking it up I don't2787.3595.781
know do it2790.422.72
oh cool2794.983.139
alien alloy and I got a bunch of uh2802.27.2
carbon oh alien alloy perfect2804.944.46
okay I'm on this rock and boop boop2809.87.08
boop boop there we go2814.425.939
man I'm a gamer you're a total gamer2816.885.459
love it2820.3594.861
slid through there just like a gamer2822.3394.74
now we're gonna go try to get the2825.224.26
grappling right uh I won but that might2827.0793.481
have been yeah2829.484.74
push me again oh sorry2830.566.0
I bump into you yeah the Collision is uh2834.224.2
is wide but only from the back like if2836.563.779
you stand still right now2838.424.5
like I'm hitting you in the bag it's not2840.3394.561
messing with you it really likes it when2842.924.38
you're on the ledge to do it I think oh2844.94.26
like It's Tricky like that it's so2847.34.2
tricky okay but I think that alloy watch2849.164.14
out for those little uh squids over2851.54.8
there look at the journal2853.35.96
I'm gonna go over here2856.32.96
samples yeah2859.53.3
okay yeah we still don't have the sample2866.3194.861
for the thing we need2868.425.52
hmm oh you're up there now who did that2871.184.679
someone's globbing me2873.944.74
oh there's a do you see him yeah it's uh2875.8596.5
one of those squids sucker2878.683.679
okay I'm ready when you are2882.5796.661
it's easier map no map funny health2885.645.34
uh you better shoot a help tree I think2889.242.879
it's right here oh yeah there's one2890.983.42
right here too2892.1194.801
there we go all right you good I'm good2894.44.74
and you are right there all right yeah2896.924.14
follow me2899.144.02
you gotta get out of this area and go2901.063.72
back that way2903.163.12
so we'll have double jump working on the2906.284.4
oh can't get on top of that2911.0793.441
is that horn I don't know2918.964.6
I'm trying to protect you from Globs2922.1193.781
what is that horn2923.564.32
I don't know got a lot of good stuff out2925.93.719
of here though2927.883.3
if we get up here2929.6193.421
oh hey whoa hold on we got something2933.044.279
what are you2934.722.599
hmm plant excretes molten lava the red2938.525.02
upgrades we can throw lava at people and2941.384.939
ruin their whole thing2943.542.779
oh wow this is a lot up here oh yeah2946.486.54
do I need to come up there2950.145.4
uh no I can't we can't hold it2953.024.5
I think if we hold it it's too hot we2955.544.64
gotta get rid of it2957.522.66
wow so if I can grab it I can't hold it2962.645.62
long but I can throw it yep you throw it2965.6194.021
at me why don't you2968.263.48
it looks cool2969.646.679
nope all right we get it2971.744.579
all right we gotta keep going Southeast2976.5995.581
going to the purple thing2982.965.46
the purple thing yeah on the on them I'm2985.065.58
going to the yellow thing oh2988.424.02
I don't have a yellow thing2990.643.84
well I got a yellow thing2992.444.08
jeez these things are scared to death2994.483.359
yeah when you shoot them they like2996.522.7
like they break into more pieces you2999.223.66
know what I said I did not see that no3001.024.74
like see if I can if I find another one3002.885.58
I'll show you what I'm talking about3005.764.33
all right so we're gonna try to get back3012.35.96
to this now this is where we were so yep3013.84.46
but yeah now we can make this I bet run3020.0994.561
jump boom3022.563.539
okay uh same thing here run jump boom3028.0797.861
right behind it3032.947.379
all right oh yeah one jump boom3035.947.379
uh wow okay I gotta scan this guy oh3040.3195.421
this guy's stuck in that stuff3043.3195.461
meat Vortex your average swirling3045.746.64
orifice of meat and incisors feed it a3048.785.819
puffer bird and see what happens I feel3052.385.82
like we've done that already right uh3054.5995.041
done what3058.23.84
oh is this not the what's what's oh over3059.644.14
there yeah that3062.045.519
that is a meat Vortex puffer bird gotcha3063.785.52
so you gotta kick it in there like this3067.5594.701
oh God oh God oh God3073.146.36
jeez oh and it opened3076.55.72
doors open3079.56.18
I feel so I feel so bad but yeah I'm3082.225.68
absolutely gonna kick this one towards3085.683.84
there you go you still hungry3089.523.5
anymore yeah he's full3093.3196.78
nope you still got it3096.33.799
okay so we're on this side3101.0994.98
that way see bag below us3106.0795.581
we're going this way huh3109.5596.081
yeah we need to head more East3111.663.98
hold on what are those plants let me3115.743.06
scan these3117.424.76
oh can't scan those3118.83.38
more grob there's grab everywhere3122.76.68
this place is loaded with a grub3125.943.44
have we seen these plants right here3129.483.5
uh we have not I tried to scan it but I3133.3196.0
can't it's all right of no importance3136.3195.401
okay let's just push forward pushing3139.3193.601
excuse me I could use a little help3142.924.679
there we go suck that up oh we got3144.724.08
another thing3147.5994.561
another thing meet Vortex oh God okay3148.85.88
we're gonna need a bird to kick into3152.164.56
this up there3154.684.379
Jesus all right there's a bird over here3156.724.379
I'm gonna kick it this way3159.0595.04
yep oh boy can you oh no did I just kick3161.0994.74
it off a cliff you sure did sorry all3164.0993.601
right well let me get another one3165.8394.26
there's a couple over here don't take it3167.75.04
so far do they are they pooping there's3170.0994.02
like a lot of poop over here on the3172.743.72
ground nice birds poop yeah3174.1194.881
okay all right I'm gonna try to kick it3176.466.48
and boom all right I'll take the pass oh3179.06.579
you killed it died dang3182.946.26
hmm was that just one kick3185.5793.621
this binding bile so maybe we can use3189.726.5
oh it's stuck3197.764.26
you end up killing it again3199.524.66
you don't want to kill it or if I kick3202.024.46
it now3204.182.3
kick it again it's gonna kill it3207.0593.3
probably oh it's mad at me oh if it's3208.384.02
mad at me maybe it'll fly yeah chase you3210.3595.101
huh hey over here hey look at me look at3212.44.439
me look at me look at me3215.463.0
oh yeah it's mad line it up yeah it's3216.8394.681
man it's mad oh and hold up I'm stuck3218.465.879
what's happening I'm stuck on something3221.525.42
come on kill it3224.3392.601
oh boy3234.03.72
I just kicked the other two off the3236.042.76
I think they'll respawn3238.83.14
there are no birds man3242.183.34
the thing we need we don't have hmm3245.524.079
here I'll try to I got an idea neebs do3249.5995.281
you let's see I kicked some up to you uh3252.05.7
no come to me come to me this this is3254.885.1
it's crazy but it might work okay but3257.75.159
I've got I got birds for days down here3259.984.619
but yeah you kick him a couple times and3262.8593.901
they die right and also they're already3264.5994.681
they've respawned up here3266.764.98
gotcha Dave come on up yep3269.286.0
I'm up all right all right follow me3271.746.3
crazy enough to work3275.284.16
so there's the thing what if I put3279.449.82
that there and then took some bait3284.8195.941
well I don't know we had bait yeah it's3289.264.14
what's good let's grab3290.764.859
[ __ ]3293.44.86
Come and Get It one's coming okay so it3295.6193.781
does like it3298.264.099
I'm just gonna kick it3299.42.959
yeah okay3302.43.719
that'll do God could you imagine if that3306.1193.48
was your front door at your house it's3308.0993.901
so brutal I love it yeah it makes me sad3309.5995.401
every time brutal I love it it sounds3312.05.04
like a weed eater3315.05.88
oh man okay is this some of that okay3317.045.22
were you trying to scan I was gonna3320.882.939
scare you don't look the same I thought3322.263.96
it was just okay this is stuff I've3323.8194.141
already got apparently hold on let me3326.223.72
scan this thing I think this is one of3327.964.139
those upgrade things orange goo alien3329.945.36
superfood shove it in your mouth3332.0993.201
yeah more Health oh yeah it's five3337.166.64
news the good news is those things you3341.0996.0
ain't made you way harder to kill yeah3343.85.46
because most of your bones have been3347.0994.681
placed with a rock hard space tumors oh3349.265.339
good news potential Partners indeed too3351.784.819
much hey you hear that3354.5996.421
we'll put that in our profile okay3356.5997.421
more silicon uh is it is this a dead end3361.026.059
ah damn I guess this is a dead end man3364.026.539
this is lame right well we no we got a3367.0794.74
health upgrade that's actually really3370.5594.321
good but we need to get 70 meters that3371.8194.981
way yeah I thought we were doing that's3374.883.42
what I thought we were doing too okay3376.84.019
things happen we got distracted3378.36.6
let's see how do we get up oh3380.8196.54
what's going on down there3384.95.58
this is the way we want to go huh Maybe3387.3597.101
what is it you see that red lines3390.488.18
I see it I don't know3394.466.94
sometimes there's volcanic oh it's3398.664.6
volcanic goo3401.44.439
see up top3403.265.64
it's lava spew3405.8395.22
I have a spew perfect is this what we3408.93.3
all right we got to figure out a way up3412.24.04
okay so there's a way if we can get way3421.84.62
up there maybe we haven't gone this way3424.3194.441
have we Which Way jump down here where3426.423.6
these birds are and then just hit up the3428.762.7
yeah this is new3431.463.48
yeah let's go this way there's a meat3434.946.84
Vortex right there come on go baby3437.048.1
I got it jeez I hate I miss it I love to3441.785.819
watch it each time3445.145.58
carbon look at this3447.5997.401
it's like a rip in the wall3450.724.28
oh and there's one of those like really3455.224.02
good things behind it oh oh I'm sorry3456.665.76
man I wasn't even aiming at you yep well3459.244.98
you got me can't shoot these things3462.425.939
clearly we have to blow that up3464.226.359
bile I don't think we have anything to3468.3593.661
blow it up3470.5792.941
what'd you just throw it's one of those3472.023.72
cans of bait3473.523.9
um how's bait gonna blow that up let's3475.743.72
just grub I guess he have a grab his3477.424.139
bait I know3479.463.899
it's all I got though I got bile and I3481.5593.601
got Bouncy Stuff okay let's push forward3483.3595.341
well wouldn't do it right probably not3485.167.399
our uh if I were a betting man3488.73.859
tent of weeds part of a much larger3497.285.63
thirstier creature living Underground3499.986.08
you coming oh yeah I'm right behind you3507.1197.321
all right oh yeah kick him I'm kicking3511.3194.141
I wanna I wanna watch him hit it yeah3515.468.28
it's like a dang song man that is the3519.686.52
gnarliest thing in gaming I've seen it3523.744.859
in a long time it's different Jesus3526.23.54
oh my God is that a whole Ice Arena out3529.744.619
you see what I'm looking at to the West3534.3595.46
nice I see a bunch of ice yeah yeah wow3535.986.0
wow yeah this is wild3539.8196.421
okay so but from here oh names yep3541.987.76
follow me let's see eggs3546.243.5
I can't go that way this way3552.2995.04
the teleport thing huh3555.0594.401
they're waiting to go back to the ship3559.6193.661
already uh no we don't something God3561.1194.081
what is that oh there was spikes came3563.283.18
out of it3565.24.159
scan it hold on yeah3566.462.899
porcupine oh God you gotta run back3569.885.58
offense spikes meet your face try to3573.1193.301
shoot it3575.463.72
uh when it opens its shell gotcha3576.424.439
opens we shoot3579.185.7
okay come on open your dumb dumb face3580.8597.26
open your dumb face open your dumb face3584.885.459
it knows we're looking at it yep look3588.1195.161
away look away look away look away look3590.3394.5
oh boy I fell down babes I I was looking3594.8395.661
it's gonna open up from here there you3603.965.399
go oh I got it I got it neebs sweet I'm3605.887.96
coming back we can get aluminum from it3609.3597.321
I need a health plan a fail3616.685.46
uh there's a few up here so you should3619.8595.22
be good I just shot one3622.145.4
the dollar Hill3625.0793.681
oh what is it what are you3628.763.839
fast furious materialistic3632.964.379
uh there was a creature called a3637.744.74
something snatch uh-huh it was like a3639.8394.801
little squirrel gotcha you've already3642.484.5
done this plant right uh yeah I killed3644.643.78
the plant let's activate this uh3646.983.66
teleportation pod like this one this one3648.423.899
says Oh that's oh that's the lava one3650.643.179
like if you grab it yeah you can only3652.3194.681
hold it for so long yeah but grab it and3653.8196.681
you gotta hit q and throw it immediately3657.03.5
perfect here it went3661.929.179
come on you get open3672.665.639
there you go hey you you gonna open you3674.75.22
gonna open3678.2994.26
oh I was out of ammo3679.924.32
hey you gonna open3682.5594.8
you gonna open get open yeah here we go3684.244.92
oh let me get all this3687.3594.7
this is good stuff3689.162.899
all right we touch the uh touch the3694.8594.861
teleportation pod3697.6194.861
just to turn it on just activate it yep3699.724.32
all right now it's an option3704.045.759
that's an option so we're about3706.6196.0
90 meters from our objective3709.7994.201
we have to go over this bridge right3712.6193.24
here I'm guessing3714.03.839
I'm right behind you3715.8595.061
and right in front of you3717.8393.081
okay oh is that a meat thing oh that's a3721.923.78
lava spew3724.383.6
a lava spew3725.74.56
is that what it's called I just made3727.983.18
that up3730.261.88
let's see3731.165.28
it's called a barfer barfer yep3732.146.459
not a lot of speed3736.445.359
not a lava spew3738.5993.2
oh [ __ ] oh God you own3742.0794.52
yep oh okay yeah careful careful3747.3597.101
did you make that I made it3751.8594.921
okay we're here3754.464.06
Health stuff's up there I mean I could3756.783.779
use a little help let me wait to this3758.524.62
barfer to be done zap that suck up a3760.5594.321
little bit of that3763.144.74
oh you just kept going up huh well I3764.884.56
know I went up and around are you gonna3767.883.479
go up too huh I guess3769.444.02
and then around and then around and then3771.3593.24
I mean I can't go this way can I you can3774.5994.821
I'm up3782.463.599
okay see anything worth the [ __ ] up3784.143.0
there I don't know if I'm supposed to be3786.0593.24
up here but I'm up here oh you might3787.144.26
supposed to be I'm gonna grab this uh3789.2994.861
carbon real fast it doesn't oh wait yeah3791.44.679
I think you can climb this way do you3794.163.959
see any way to go down there uh no I3796.0794.02
don't here I'm coming to you yeah it3798.1193.901
looks like you can climb these crystals3800.0994.561
oh wow okay3802.024.819
careful right there oh God it's a barfer3804.664.8
so see there to your left3806.8396.161
can't shoot these guys uh yes I do see3809.467.68
that neebs our objective however is 473813.08.059
meters that way is it above us3817.143.919
oh try it I'll try it3823.0796.54
oh God no I fell3827.524.64
you made it up yep you coming back3835.524.72
around I'm gonna try to I was looking3837.93.84
for another way but yeah I'll probably3840.242.94
join you3841.744.859
grapple seed what's grapple seed do3843.186.26
you use that3846.5992.841
grapple seed3849.684.54
um oh yeah I got one too what does that3851.944.679
do oh man3854.224.98
I bet we don't have a thing for it but3856.6194.68
if I were a game designer if you throw3859.23.72
this somewhere will it like create a3861.2993.361
grapple point3862.925.1
so we would just need a the gun first3864.665.88
should I throw one uh yeah toss one on3868.023.9
the ground I just tried to toss one at3870.543.42
the cliff or wait no look there's a3871.925.879
grapple thing like I'm shooting at it3873.967.379
that uh right here yeah above me what3877.7995.161
happens if you throw it at that it was Q3881.3394.52
right yeah3882.962.899
nothing it just threw him fell down all3886.265.42
right let me throw one down here3888.3593.321
just threw one on the ground I don't3891.8393.541
know what gravel seat does3893.763.9
we'll find out later3895.386.0
oh God oh God I'm moving forward yeah uh3897.665.959
sorry I'm right beside you3904.3195.421
okay going for it3906.723.02
all right I'm on the grass okay I'm3909.94.32
coming right behind you here in just a3912.423.98
here we go we're on3918.425.34
jump across this3920.544.84
I think3923.765.76
can we make that oh wait here3925.385.34
here okay there's the teleporter where3930.725.66
we came from3933.662.72
okay then I bet we can make this jump3937.3194.98
man I feel like we've gone too high3939.3594.921
maybe I'm crazy well there's more see3942.2994.981
that there's more barfers up there3944.284.98
okay yeah maybe we're good let's yeah3947.284.14
let's keep going up okay so we want to3949.265.059
go straight across3951.422.899
come on no no I'm sorry I missed it oh3954.5995.401
no all right well you try to climb I'll3958.23.72
try to climb I'll see the top did you3960.06.319
make it yeah I made it okay3961.924.399
okay Whoa man easy easy easy3972.984.98
man that's the thing the objective keeps3982.0794.26
telling me we need to go that way I'm3984.663.419
wondering if3986.3394.2
like it's down there going the wrong way3988.0795.821
huh maybe maybe but I mean who knows3990.5396.241
maybe we'll find something good up here3993.95.659
and get done4000.386.199
oh God oh God oh God oh God4002.184.399
yeah here we go4009.8595.94
oh wow I found something4012.924.5
don't know what it is4015.7993.661
can I scan this4017.426.119
alien oh it's a alien alloy okay picking4019.465.28
it up4023.5394.881
two out of 32. okay4024.743.68
and some grub all right4032.384.56
wow okay where did we come from4038.3597.161
oh can I see the ship from here4041.783.74
I think the ship might be here4046.644.979
that whole area is up there goodness4055.167.8
this place is huge4062.965.96
okay okay okay okay4064.94.02
up here yet I'm a lot closer4071.986.04
I don't know where you are oh I see you4075.5593.961
down there perfect4078.025.839
you're not far not far at all okay4079.524.339
oh [ __ ] uh neebs turn left go into those4084.7995.881
weeds left in the weeds got it eat this4087.7995.161
yeah I think that might boost our health4090.684.859
okay does it work if I eat it or you you4092.964.08
gotta eat it I think we yeah it doesn't4095.5392.581
yeah boom we all yeah both of us got to4098.124.92
help boost did we I think yeah we had4100.3397.621
five before did we yeah okay well4103.047.259
I mean it can't hurt well I have more of4107.966.0
that right I hate it4110.2995.721
oh here's some good stuff yellow silicon4116.2997.741
lots of silicon so so yeah I don't think4120.445.279
I mean I think we were meant to climb up4124.044.02
here yep4125.7194.14
but there's nothing really up here now4128.063.54
but not yet4129.8594.201
we climb this too early uh no we we4131.64.079
climbed it whenever we wanted to climb4134.062.82
but I think yeah that's where we4136.883.66
supposed to go4139.14.199
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah all right neebs4140.545.279
you with me over here okay so if you4143.2993.9
look down here where I'm looking that's4145.8194.52
the teleporter we were at4147.1993.14
uh yes see it all right there's a path4150.55.1
to the left of it that leads over there4153.024.199
I think that's where we were supposed to4155.63.78
go I went the wrong way well I mean we4157.2194.261
came up here and we got um glowy bits4159.384.74
and silicon huh and we picked up a help4161.485.6
thing so you think we can just jump down4164.125.4
and then do our double jump at the last4167.083.4
you wanna you wanna try it yeah you4170.483.6
ready go for it4172.14.32
okay going down going down going down4174.084.04
and double jump4176.425.839
and land it nice okay beautiful I'm good4178.127.44
holy [ __ ]4182.2597.241
yep ow okay that hurt hey we did it we4185.566.04
did it I need a uh I need some help now4189.54.44
but yeah over this way is uh this is4191.64.44
where I think we needed to go4193.943.42
oh good there's a help thing right4196.044.28
across what is that4197.362.96
that big light yeah it's oh that's what4201.345.379
that's the lights you saw yeah that's4204.923.42
the lights I saw yeah you thought it was4206.7194.261
the uh the barfing guys not the barfing4208.344.32
guys are you gonna scan it4210.984.62
okay scan it from this distance4212.664.74
I gotta get closer4215.63.48
well look there's a rock we can hide4217.43.839
behind yep that's what I'm doing yeah4219.085.19
don't let it see you okay4221.2394.44
some creatures can only be hurt by melee4225.6794.56
uh oh4228.7394.161
hold on4230.2392.661
hey let me know what it's not looking4234.6792.821
I'm in my scan mode it's tough to tell4235.826.66
okay it's looking at you stand by and go4237.57.02
he's looking at you4242.485.54
it's called a sprout look okay4244.527.62
dangerous let me look at my uh skindex4248.026.219
Predator sprout look sprout look4254.2394.021
it'll retrieve from any potential4258.263.78
threats and erect a thorny barrier from4259.883.6
which it will launch attacks at the4262.043.179
perceived threat4263.485.34
hmm okay only has one pound4265.2195.46
only has one parallel in the known4268.825.22
universe a human teenager okay tell you4270.6795.04
um ah man where's all the health4275.7195.0
all right4278.2392.48
you want me to show you what it does4281.063.139
I'm gonna try to get close to it and4285.624.26
like slap it okay4287.1795.341
oh no no no no no4289.885.16
oh my god wow that's a sound it's4292.524.26
shooting things in the air shooting4295.044.56
things near crap what do they do they4296.785.7
blow up oh God God they blow up god wow4299.66.119
they blow up they blew up a lot okay4302.485.16
is it gonna Sprout again no more more4305.7193.301
things to blow up4307.642.76
all right follow him back follow him4309.024.58
back follow back follow him back4310.43.2
that's a lot4313.7194.901
and he's back hey back okay maybe he4315.84.74
can't see us from here I'm behind The4318.623.24
okay I think what I was doing was good4321.863.72
but he saw me before I could get behind4324.085.04
him I really want that health over there4325.586.86
I'm gonna run to this other Rock4329.123.32
I'm around the other Rock4333.984.5
okay I'm good okay yeah you're good4336.443.6
you're good you're good I need that4338.482.699
he's looking at you oh now he's looking4341.1794.741
this way there's no Health crap4343.464.08
myself back here4345.923.779
ah I'm not over there all right hey try4347.543.6
to get behind him without him seeing you4349.6994.621
okay and then hit him4351.145.4
should I go now not now hold on give it4354.325.82
a minute not yet not yet go is it wait4356.545.94
is it e4360.144.86
oh oh I took it down I poked him in the4362.484.14
eyeball oh beautiful4365.05.84
I just stuck my finger right in his eye4366.624.22
no hail4371.7193.601
no Health on this4373.643.0
oh hey we're4376.645.72
this is it this is where we gotta be4378.563.8
looking seismic seismic instability yeah4385.825.6
there we go much better4394.765.28
wait what was that4398.064.02
saw a thing I can't skin it there's4400.043.96
creatures in here there's little things4402.084.74
on the ground no things up top not too4404.06.739
far away oh it's like a bat kinda4406.825.879
it's coming at me4410.7394.361
let me shoot it uh maybe where'd it go4412.6993.96
can you scan it4415.15.4
s odd scanner shoot4416.6595.52
well what a skater to find out what it4420.52.94
try again4423.442.94
it's coming oh4424.584.5
maybe I should try4426.384.08
all right I'll shoot it you scan it4429.082.34
nope try again4434.62.96
looks like a boomerang boomerang4439.525.4
there we go4443.03.659
all right got it got one of them at4444.923.6
all right so we just shoot these things4448.527.219
and once it shoot it shoots back at you4452.063.679
oh no it doesn't4458.963.54
our lasers bounce off of it when it's in4460.465.1
like uh oh God4462.54.8
when it's flying though you can shoot4465.562.94
it's flying I think that's when it's4467.32.34
okay as soon as it flies4469.645.66
God he's so squirrely4472.1593.141
that's pretty fun it just shoots it4478.824.04
right back4480.52.36
okay yeah he's fast going he's just4484.344.379
going from side to side come at me come4486.924.04
at me4488.7192.241
ow [ __ ]4491.844.02
oh God it's coming down he's coming at4494.363.42
me ow okay I think I got him did I get4495.865.24
him uh yeah I think he did4497.783.32
there's not more either that took us all4501.622.66
pomegranate plant this plant excretes4504.284.419
molten lava oh maybe we could have threw4506.6594.381
that at the bat oh yeah that's the thing4508.6995.821
yeah maybe uh let's see4511.045.22
let's go this way4514.525.28
man is that all carbon stuff over there4516.265.7
I'm going for this carbon4519.85.78
oh all right go for it4521.963.62
oh yeah see where you're going for yeah4525.624.82
absolutely it's a lot4527.1793.261
got it4530.782.54
and you go this way yep yep yep I'll go4533.95.66
back to where I came from4536.62.96
all right I'm ready got it4546.864.92
and here we go4550.1594.02
okay we got one of these walls oh I got4551.785.04
an idea here we go so check it out if I4554.1795.52
grab one of these can't hold it long but4556.825.78
I'm a gamer4559.6992.901
come on now how you want to handle it4564.624.32
baby just like you handled it health I4566.544.76
need that4568.942.36
all right4573.384.02
pushing further in4574.95.92
let's see it says 130 meters this is4577.45.22
something right here right4580.823.48
we shoot that4582.623.66
I lost you I'm right behind we're here4584.34.8
did we shoot that uh yeah do it that's4586.284.68
probably what silicon yeah that's4589.13.599
silicon that's good stuff4590.963.9
next time we get back to the ship we're4592.6995.54
gonna have plenty of stuff to craft4594.863.379
yeah I'd love to get that grapple4599.064.56
yeah that's the only oh4601.15.36
thing we haven't made4603.622.84
locked inside some sort of geode in the4607.463.84
Next Room4609.865.28
oh crap these guys again more bats what4611.36.48
happens if I throw lava4615.145.64
nothing oh because that what about oh4620.96.9
this is uh the bile it might stick to4624.7394.92
them and he'll be too sticky to move4627.83.3
oh oh can we shoot4631.14.74
yeah that's how we do it that's how we4633.284.84
do it got it we buy along you can buy4635.844.62
them they'll stick them to the damn uh4638.124.26
so we gotta get across huh uh-huh4642.386.42
let's see oh man I know some of those4645.444.739
rocks are sinking all right I'm going4648.83.3
for it4650.1794.98
it oh they sink when you step on them4652.16.3
God I hope not all right so far or not4655.1596.201
coming over to this4658.42.96
you think over there4662.422.9
no I think you want to go4665.426.299
back out into your right all right this4668.7194.801
one seems pretty solid which is good4671.7193.841
yeah I'm gonna go over there4673.523.96
oh you might have to go straight first4675.564.5
and then to the right4677.484.56
two rocks4680.063.84
oh no you made it good4682.045.1
all right what I need to do because4683.96.299
oh wait oh God bat4687.146.3
oh yeah he's respawn [ __ ] I'll take him4690.1996.96
out if I got him I got him okay okay4693.446.96
I need to grab a lava thing here we go4697.1597.621
and then yep jump come on then jump4700.47.62
and then yeah jump cue toss no oh God oh4704.786.6
God oh God okay oh no did you die I4708.025.1
think no we gotta grab a lava thing4711.384.44
because there's rocks over here yep so4713.124.02
you gotta grab lava get over there then4715.824.859
throw it yeah yeah yes absolutely4717.146.059
do I need to come over or just wait here4720.6794.98
see if I can figure this out4723.1995.401
um can I grab and toss from here I don't4725.6594.681
think I can make it4728.63.54
did that get it4730.345.16
yeah I think so I did oh if that's the4732.146.74
case let me just a little closer4735.53.38
and uh oh no it's going down oh no it's4739.2195.46
going down oh boy yeah I got it I got it4742.2194.201
yeah come on down come on over all right4744.6794.341
I'm coming4746.422.6
oh point two four yeah4749.366.62
man this game looks good too it does4751.524.46
all right oh that's sinking be there in4758.05.36
a second4761.122.24
what the hell what got me that's4764.123.24
probably me I was trying to be silly and4765.6795.06
I actually hit you [ __ ]4767.363.379
okay and4771.6794.921
not too far nice nice nice nice we're4773.785.64
here all right we do it look at us we're4776.65.16
space adventurers4779.424.2
is this space4781.763.479
feels like space because you know the4783.623.86
astronaut outfits4785.2396.261
chamber of intrigue4787.484.02
okay well4791.86.359
it's another one of these uh4794.783.379
water doesn't hurt does it all right I'm4799.2196.201
gonna extract and analyze okay4801.443.98
oh that's a syringe again oh that's a4806.2393.721
all right this ought to give us4809.963.62
something good4811.1592.421
we broke it4815.124.4
she gonna talk4816.922.6
all right we gotta get back to the4825.643.46
uh well she said once we had the other4829.14.68
resources yeah I'm hoping the other4831.1994.621
resources are like Silicon and carbon4833.783.84
but yeah let's check the journal4835.825.54
do we go this way let's see4837.623.74
yeah yeah we need 150 silicon which we4841.885.76
already got this is how we get out right4844.6995.341
which way did you go I went behind you I4847.644.74
was way behind4850.044.8
or is there more stuff in here I don't4852.384.44
know there's still a purple uh indicator4854.843.62
on my monitor4856.823.66
maybe you haven't changed whatever your4858.464.6
Journal says to do oh maybe I don't know4860.484.44
what you got going on yep I'm probably4863.063.0
doing something wrong see yeah we need4864.922.16
to we need to find our nearest4866.064.639
teleporter and get back to the javelin4867.083.619
here we go this looks like it goes out4870.86.02
yeah it does4874.042.78
yeah a little help4877.43.74
man I am oh it's this guy again I want4882.2195.381
to poke him4886.642.85
and eat4887.65.78
it's pretty great isn't it it's4893.383.22
all right yeah there's our teleporter4896.65.4
oh we're gonna make a javelin neebs4899.124.619
we're too good at this this game's not4902.03.48
ready for us Scrabble not a javelin what4903.7394.141
am I saying Javelin I know what you mean4905.485.6
see is that4907.883.2
pomegranate plant less explosive than a4911.2395.48
human teenager4914.062.659
all right all right all right you ready4919.2396.341
and teleport yeah to the javelin habitat4922.345.78
got it4925.582.54
okay and I think I know how this one4934.344.58
shut up4940.2193.601
build this thing turn that off every4941.544.46
posit my materials these middle alloys4946.044.639
all right 3D printer4970.483.88
see uh4974.365.6
yeah gear proton tether4976.6995.46
printing it4979.965.34
proton tether4982.1593.141
Perfect all right what else can we do4990.644.44
required upgrade ingredients come get it4995.266.1
I don't your choice and we can upgrade4998.425.88
our visor to have a longer detection5001.366.379
range that's handy oh fast reload5004.36.78
supercharged shot improved damage5007.7395.861
Advanced Battery it's all good it's5011.084.44
battery capacity of your pistol shoot5013.63.54
more reload less I like shoot more5015.526.08
reload less yeah sure let's do that5017.144.46
and then can we afford improved damage5023.45.07
yeah let's improve our damage5026.145.579
uh fast reload5031.7194.321
supercharged shot I think we can afford5034.023.88
them both5036.043.36
yeah we're upload we're upgrading the5037.93.54
hell out of this gun man we're already5039.44.56
op because we're Gamers yeah fast reload5041.444.6
boom let's do it5043.964.52
man all right items the items5048.485.28
okay I just want to go use the tether5054.945.04
you want to see this tethering action5057.94.24
yeah I do too all right so what's next5059.984.44
on our Journal we got that5062.143.96
I'm gonna kill him with fire5066.15.599
that's what we gotta do5067.985.38
all right5071.6993.941
locate and extract the required so yeah5073.363.78
they found another sample we got to5075.643.539
locate and extract okay it'll allow us5077.143.48
to carry those uh you remember those5079.1793.06
lava things you're doing that side yeah5080.623.42
let's go to the Towering crystals I feel5082.2394.801
like we had picked sides and now we're5084.046.5
towering crystals yep5087.043.5
yep created an employee handbook section5091.427.259
2349818 you must catalog the floor of5095.286.34
this planet explored in its entirety and5098.6795.161
report back on its potential suitability5101.625.94
for human settlement now we hit F of5103.847.28
specific obstacles you will face5107.563.56
can you shake your head up and down5121.925.759
there you go5125.022.659
okay all right I want to try this5128.44.6
grapple do it5130.785.1
oh it's electric grapple all right try5133.04.739
it okay5135.885.72
man it looks like uh5137.7393.861
oh that's cool5144.33.6
okay you were still yammering on are you5151.03.86
like hey man yeah5156.13.98
okay anything else I can get onto right5160.94.62
over here5163.63.119
thank you5165.523.719
coming up names uh yeah I had to jump5166.7194.44
for that one5169.2394.861
I feel like it was uh not working5171.1595.761
I don't know where you went up here5174.14.68
oh that way okay5176.923.6
um did you have to jump5178.785.22
uh yeah I think so jump and grapple yep5180.526.84
there we go got it nice5184.05.639
let's see any more up here where do we5187.364.879
go for Mia5189.6392.6
oh there's one way up there that can't5194.7395.281
be it right double double and F5196.965.58
uh yeah I couldn't reach that oh over5200.026.179
here double jump oh yeah dummy5202.544.92
you were gonna go for that one way up5206.1993.0
there like an idiot oh and then over5207.463.36
you know5210.822.54
and then jump jump5214.123.8
no well good5225.44.16
for you oh wow5229.784.74
see this I see something I don't know5231.943.54
what it is5234.523.96
some sort of fuel source5235.486.679
all right Mark for extraction5238.483.679
good that means we don't have to that's5252.2193.181
you sound like Simon right now yeah good5255.46.0
I'll do it anyway5259.124.619
yeah give me that carbon baby there's a5261.43.779
place to climb up here5263.7392.761
I don't know if we're looking for clown5265.1792.341
oh yeah this one um5267.525.48
let's see how high we can get5269.83.2
maybe yeah5277.962.9
oh wow yeah this feels very mobile now5282.886.799
doesn't it sure does jet packs5285.44.279
what's this5291.064.74
found a glowy bit neebs oh yep where'd5300.045.82
you go I'm trying to keep up with you I5303.463.779
guess you went this way5305.864.56
Rebel seat of those Barnacles nope maybe5307.2394.681
you didn't5310.424.52
coming back to you5311.923.02
so you know how to see me on your5315.943.6
compass right um which one do you look5317.624.26
like I'm white you're white5319.544.94
these guys oh I see you5326.385.279
wait how'd you get up there5329.82.64
I don't remember5332.444.38
came up here somehow5333.945.94
okay well uh had to have been this way5336.826.18
in some capacity5339.885.779
so from here I probably would have gone5347.326.3
were you here before I mean I had to5350.84.74
have been close by5353.623.96
I didn't see it on the ground you might5355.543.84
be on the ground I don't remember oh I5357.583.48
see where I went I bet I went over here5359.385.04
and then I grappled up yeah5361.065.22
oh well that's just straight up yeah I5364.424.46
just came up here5366.282.6
yeah things got a pretty good range on5370.2393.0
it yeah5371.7393.781
but I found this5373.2395.361
is that a pipe5375.523.08
have we seen this plant before5382.7195.221
it's glowy one no oh check it out it's5384.884.819
got tentacles running running from it5387.944.38
follow the tentacles oh right up there5389.6994.0
like I'm looking at it up top should you5393.6995.94
hear it yeah so yeah it goes there5396.585.28
yeah we gotta pop all three pop all5399.6395.52
three yep one down where do you go5401.867.1
there's a thing to climb over here5405.1593.801
going up5409.844.02
I see one should I go it's right over5411.45.58
here that's two oh and three5413.865.94
okay there we go and this is oh it's5416.987.08
metal alloy alien alloy got it sweet5419.87.62
we can use that and uh upgrade stuff5424.065.34
so yeah this was a good diversion yeah5427.423.9
uh names I don't know how about your5429.44.38
feeling but I want to play more of this5431.325.04
yeah I like this a lot this is awesome5433.784.14
so uh what do you think sign off for the5437.924.819
evening sure yeah whoa push me again5440.565.46
didn't me oh God5442.7396.761
okay Journey to the Savage Planet yeah5446.025.34
I'm curious to see where this goes this5449.53.9
is cool I'm digging it I'm glad we5451.363.839
checked this out tonight me too thanks5453.43.0
for watching yeah there will definitely5455.1992.46
be more of this and we'll see you guys5456.45.36
next time all right next time back5457.6594.101

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