Look at Me. I am The Hunter Now. - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! So, have you seen the latest video from our favorite YouTube channel? Appsro has got himself a rifle no...
Look at Me.  I am The Hunter Now. - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH
Look at Me. I am The Hunter Now. - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

Look at Me. I am The Hunter Now. - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

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neebs: Hey Appsro, have you seen our latest video, 'Look at Me. I am The Hunter Now.'? It's my new favorite!

appsro: Oh yeah, that one where I finally get a rifle and become the ultimate hunter? Classic. Definitely one of our best.

neebs: I mean, who wouldn't want to watch me take down some wolves and bears with that bad boy? It's like watching a pro in action.

appsro: Ha, yeah right. You're just lucky I'm there to show you how it's really done. But hey, at least we both agree this video is pure gold.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! So, have you seen the latest video from our favorite YouTube channel? Appsro has got himself a rifle now, and let me tell you, it's epic! If you haven't already, be sure to hit that subscribe button and join the Neebs Gaming family. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on any of their hilarious content.

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my first victim4.465.26
who's your perspective this wolf oh with7.54.32
the rifle who doesn't know I have tons9.723.959
of rifle ammunition God is he not11.823.3
watching these games apparently he13.6793.061
doesn't because uh if he did he would15.124.26
know yeah come here buddy there we go16.744.02
there we go I'm just gonna come out here19.383.239
and clear some of these idiots out20.764.439
rifle works like a dream oh it does I'm22.6195.641
so happy I'm so happy to have found it25.1994.441
oh yeah I looked two of them out here28.264.019
they don't even know they don't watch29.644.5
neeb's gaming they gotta keep they32.2794.681
really do idiots34.144.74
oh yeah you coming in come on come right36.963.18
at me come right at me where are you38.883.859
going over the side there you go buddy40.145.16
oh this feels so good42.7395.761
this really is feels this feels great45.34.939
man so I got four bullets in my rifle50.2396.761
left oh yeah is it four and then the one53.948.52
does that mean five Yes Yes Man57.07.199
yeah kind of want to hit that road or62.464.38
see where that road went well the road's64.1995.1
right there what goes that way yeah you66.844.68
know what I want to warm up a bit or let69.2994.32
them to you know but the morning pass71.525.3
I'll warm up and I'm exploring73.6193.201
who's had83.9391.261
oh and I think I got the gut I'm gonna89.2993.341
see if I can start making this91.6192.881
Mooseheart satchel92.644.38
and let's see yes94.54.68
yes hello oh man it's gonna take 1097.024.08
hours all right change of plans I'm not99.183.18
exploring today101.12.82
make it a satchel yeah I mean God102.362.939
because if I go out with this thing I103.923.32
could just haul stuff105.2993.96
that's worried about weight anymore you107.244.18
know what yep I'm spending four hours My109.2594.021
Day crafting that yeah let the day go111.423.78
let the day go I don't even care I got113.284.58
food I got water115.25.58
how bad is it two arrows down maybe I117.864.84
can make it back120.784.26
a whole day working on a moose satchel122.75.339
what a crazy life you live I know it all125.047.1
right three hours I'm done I'm doing it128.0394.101
a bit jealous of that oh I wore my132.183.18
sewing kit out133.925.28
oh oh wow crap so that means I think I135.366.06
got one upstairs please have one139.24.399
can but I know want to use my fishing144.064.56
hook yep it's this one yes this is at146.344.92
100 all right yeah I have another sewing148.624.259
kit let me drop the old one or I guess151.263.479
it's just gone oh nope there it is we'll152.8794.381
just drop that we'll put you I don't154.7393.72
know here in the corner because you've157.262.28
been bad158.4592.461
and then let's go downstairs and finish159.544.1
this bad boy160.922.72
Barbara Ann you're looking great165.125.699
kind of weird I got two Whitney Wares169.0195.281
you know I got two two homes and neither170.8195.161
one knows about each other174.34.519
am I crazy175.982.839
I guess it is just paint on the wall178.864.2
though all right180.725.18
our God is dark183.062.84
okay I made it is it just in my187.924.14
inventory now190.3793.36
I mean do I have to equip it or is it192.063.72
just on me193.7395.101
okay yeah just on I think it may just be195.784.92
on me which I'm tired right now so it's198.844.34
hard to tell200.72.48
yeah hey okay it's me names yeah I guess205.54.739
it just applies it let's see how close I208.3793.301
can get to them210.2393.181
maybe a warm-up to me and I'll eat on my211.684.5
hands he's not gonna do that cool if you213.424.679
did though huh216.183.779
what if I could saddle them and we could218.0994.761
write off the Milton together219.9592.901
here out here nice evening or too bad228.064.38
temperature wise230.8194.681
I can use some meat though232.445.159
any deer235.54.62
Kenny wolf me so that's out of the237.5996.0
equation oh he saw me up yep240.128.16
bye hunky I wish I had a honky right now243.5997.86
yep hunky's great248.287.099
what is that oh God is a bear251.4593.92
okay could I255.6596.36
oh boy oh boy bear skin coat would be258.95.4
nice honeybeebs262.0193.561
dude but a fair skin coat be even better265.583.82
all right I'm gonna pop and then run in268.1393.5
the basement269.42.239
run in the basement run in the basement271.862.81
run to the basement273.124.079
you can't see crap277.1993.5
she did the old pop and run I did the284.585.54
pop and run all right let me go upstairs286.443.68
go out here this is my porch can you292.225.14
find him from the porch maybe oh yeah295.1993.601
he's right here297.363.42
hey Mr bear298.84.44
oh he's limping I think uh-oh I think I300.783.24
got him303.242.459
are you bleeding304.024.679
oh yeah he's bleeding he's bleeding305.6995.401
tracking time check it down308.6994.94
what sucks though is I can't eat bear314.045.12
meat yeah yeah315.63.56
here we go all right new rifle I need319.53.72
you to be awesome321.963.54
oh yeah all right he's running he's325.53.18
yeah he's bleeding330.03.38
God do I go out at night and track this335.6996.021
stupid bear weather's not too bad337.83.92
I'm doing it341.7592.541
tracks just disappeared349.443.199
oh there they are okay352.6394.481
oh my God is it getting so far away his355.53.06
tracks are disappearing357.123.72
back you better speed up oh here they358.563.84
are there they are360.844.919
okay okay I don't want to lose this guy362.45.1
can't lose it can't lose him won't lose365.7593.78
man I spent like half the day today369.5394.621
Gathering wood and I'm already out371.6994.141
what is up with that what kind of wood374.163.9
you gather I mean some sticks and some375.844.26
of that reclaimed or whatever there's a378.064.079
little uh jaggedy looking things oh yeah380.14.4
those don't382.1392.361
last dicks in a fire pit before right386.463.06
yeah but388.024.019
it's a little bit ridiculous here389.524.679
you could give me 30 minutes not have392.0395.421
enough wood for probably days394.1993.261
yeah the big logs yep big logs but I397.684.799
mean come on I could grab one of these400.625.24
trees and be good for a month402.4793.381
oh God all right is that the same bear411.2594.861
It's gotta be it's Gotta Be416.6396.56
there we go that's a hit baby oh he's424.2593.421
running at me he's running at me that426.4792.101
ain't good that ain't good go another427.684.28
thing no red thing oh he's running oh no428.587.16
yeah whoa431.963.78
Bear Down436.7596.401
oh my God439.6397.721
oh yeah oh yeah okay all right we gotta443.168.42
set up a fire we gotta get a fire Road447.364.22
that is fantastic452.0993.861
cold morning here and I'm eating my last462.245.78
bit of deer meat464.583.44
that's it for my food I gotta go out and468.5393.66
find food today470.583.899
that shouldn't be a problem huh I hope472.1994.56
not one thing you can eat deer only474.4794.261
thing I can eat is deer476.7596.181
peaches and peaches yes so478.746.179
it's around here man and what I don't482.946.56
like is that uh it's pretty snowy today484.9194.581
yeah so uh I don't like this490.024.739
all right I'm gonna head over to the493.3192.82
barn because I think you know it's494.7593.421
pretty wide area I feel like I've seen496.1393.84
deer out there498.185.72
and two degrees temperature down499.9793.921
full ammunition not gonna do me squat if504.783.539
I starve at death yeah no I need food506.7592.821
every day508.3194.201
some people like my friend Simon he uh509.584.68
he'll be like oh I forgot to eat today512.523.54
and I'm like that's the dumbest thing514.264.079
I've ever heard yeah yeah it's crazy how516.065.719
did I forget to eat today yeah518.3393.44
how do you not remember every time you525.483.96
think about your stomach yeah527.3994.081
it's lunch time yep everyone's eating529.443.6
this happens every day the whole world531.483.419
does it yep533.043.12
I know some people though that'll534.8994.081
they'll go like they fast536.164.679
I keep hearing there's health benefits538.983.78
things like that you know oh if you're540.8393.601
fast it's good for your body but I don't542.762.639
are they I don't know545.3995.521
okay here you are548.164.799
all right Bambi550.924.26
I hope honky doesn't like his brother552.9594.621
Todd I don't think Todd's related to555.185.219
honky never heard him bring him up oh557.584.14
Todd's days are numbered561.724.38
oh man I hope I hope this deer goes down564.243.779
quick I really need this deer to go down566.12.82
not too far from The Farmhouse568.923.5
you know what I always go for the head577.384.7
but that makes way more sense578.943.14
I'm gonna sneak up on him585.33.659
get still heart lung area588.9596.0
yo okay okay that was heart lung area591.9594.081
well that should have been a kill shot596.043.2
yeah from a distance599.8994.5
oh baby605.123.88
all right Mr deer let's see oh man did I609.06.0
crap I didn't pick up any wood I have613.083.9
nothing to build a fire with615.03.72
here we go tell you what I can gather616.983.0
wood from618.723.36
my surroundings619.983.66
and then yeah I'll build a fire and622.083.0
harvest this deer623.644.259
to me I'm gonna cook my last piece of627.8994.5
meat and jump in the bed man I don't629.944.92
know I might just leave tomorrow I'll be632.3996.141
here forever if I don't just leave yeah634.863.68
yeah I go yeah if the weather's good in640.625.06
the morning I'm just gonna go643.264.8
big branches though like this a cedar645.684.48
limb it takes 45 minutes to break down648.063.12
oh crap like wow my temperature just651.184.26
went way down yep that's that was dumb653.224.739
that was dumb655.444.94
I got a visitor approaching670.386.079
it's a wolf673.862.599
let's see677.044.02
man all this meat I just got hold on let678.384.3
me take a look is any of it like some681.063.3
sometimes there's one that's like not a682.683.27
lot of calories684.364.699
hold on let me take a peek689.124.08
yeah here we are let's drop this one hey693.485.64
here you go buddy here you go buddy I'm695.944.519
gonna try to feed him699.123.3
you have some of that stuff you can't700.4593.101
here you go here you go hey hey I got703.564.8
I'm doing all right right now beat the708.363.74
you scared of me you didn't want it no712.324.62
he didn't want it I dropped some gamey714.64.2
venison raw meat right here716.943.899
sometimes it takes uh you know a while718.84.38
for an animal to warm up to you my mom720.8395.541
had a dog named Whitey and he would uh723.185.399
like run away and then come back run726.384.0
away and come back oh yeah they moved in728.5793.961
here we go hey here you go buddy check730.384.399
it out732.542.239
man no he doesn't like me I mean I am735.34.5
wearing you know clothing made from his737.4594.94
kind right739.82.599
right oh he's coming back maybe I could742.683.719
intercept him so here do this743.944.139
right here right here746.3993.601
they go buddy look748.0795.101
piece of meat just for you750.05.94
just for you bud753.185.46
camo it's okay755.944.74
it's okay you can have it758.643.6
you can have it760.684.44
right there it's right there762.244.86
it's right beside you765.125.04
it's right beside you you're standing767.15.58
beside it it's a good piece of mates770.164.38
right there772.686.38
yeah monkey you you stupid monkey774.544.52
I'm trying to lead your face to it you781.0194.981
see it see it there it is you're782.76.02
standing on it786.02.72
mom's bathtub just nervous all the time790.885.32
oh yeah I felt felt good in the bathtub793.743.96
for some reason796.23.6
yeah hey do you want a piece of meat797.74.699
it's free799.82.599
trying to make friends out here802.865.34
I'm going abstro oh805.84.56
poor man heading back towards Milton I808.24.379
want to see810.365.46
I heard there's a shortcut812.5796.241
yeah okay good luck I'm gonna try to815.825.36
find it818.822.36
pretty piece of meat right in front of823.263.72
you come on get that meat824.763.9
come on get that meat it's right there826.985.299
it's right there I gave it to you828.663.619
now you're dead on top of the mate834.124.219
oh I'm seeing I've been here before847.764.5
I'm seeing like a kind of a broken down852.8994.261
building with some birds over it855.04.8
I know I found a body out here one time857.165.9
I don't know if it was this far859.83.26
nope I hope it's real I864.366.3
nope this is new there's a house that's868.683.42
a neat looking house up there oh I don't870.662.76
need that anymore872.13.6
um you got a house oh there's a yep873.426.599
there's a broken house and a nice house875.78.759
there is a deer Frozen deer carcass here880.0197.62
but I could get some meat off of it okay884.4595.041
birds are circling I guess the deer cart887.6393.481
probably the deer carcass that's a good889.54.32
assumption okay and I might grab some891.126.26
sticks and with all that deer out893.823.56
fire going899.5795.82
here is 35 Frozen901.446.06
so it's thawing905.3995.521
I have a can of peaches actually907.55.579
well they're 30 one of them's at 37910.923.96
percent you think if I cook it it'd be913.0792.961
all right914.884.38
37 that's uh that's risky you wouldn't916.045.64
need it919.262.42
I'm not desperate922.924.26
should I eat924.545.4
I'm desperate I'd save it save it for927.185.219
when you're desperate929.944.74
really like you want to be desperate and932.3995.24
then get food poisoning934.682.959
you wouldn't eat that should I just941.543.159
throw it out I can throw it out throw it943.383.54
out yeah I'm gonna throw it out okay944.6994.14
that's what I'll do throwing it out946.924.8
dropped it948.8395.521
there it is threw it out951.724.5
it's just sitting here deer staring at954.363.839
it the one you have on the lake956.223.54
um yeah958.1993.841
this is the Pizza Shack like peaches959.764.86
Pizza Shack962.044.32
it's that old territory now it's just964.624.92
peaches yeah peaches country966.366.0
oh yeah you had a house there yeah it's969.544.68
in the house I don't know I was gonna972.364.02
wait on this deer974.223.66
I don't want the how much the fire977.884.079
Fire's got 21 minutes okay979.54.26
okay uh981.9593.781
uh I might sleep there tonight so you983.763.72
oh yeah987.482.539
we calm down out here yes okay I'm gonna991.1394.081
grab a piece of food I'm getting out and993.9594.62
I'm exploring temperature not too bad995.226.299
not too bad okay998.5795.341
which way do I want to go got bullets I1001.5193.74
I want to go back to that plane crash1006.83.719
this house has a graveyard in front of1009.0793.541
it really1010.5195.161
that's sad kg1012.626.42
it's kg this one's nothing all right1015.685.88
okay yep1019.046.18
probably Kevin Greene probably1021.565.519
here I'm gonna hit the road in front of1025.224.079
The Farmhouse and go right because I1027.0793.901
don't know what's that way I mean I went1029.2993.54
that way one time but I started to walk1030.983.599
up yeah because I walked I went that way1032.8393.36
to walk up the mountain1034.5793.541
that Tower1036.1994.26
I left some good pants at that Tower was1038.123.9
it a jacket yeah I don't need it I'm1040.4593.24
making a bear jacket1042.023.179
this house1045.1993.021
is where's the front door back this way1048.5593.74
Okay so let's see what we got in here1052.343.44
yeah it's kind of a farmhouse1057.086.0
okay there's a safe1059.4195.161
you probably don't know the combo do you1063.086.3
no I mean oh look what is that soap1064.586.959
what is that a tender plug yup there's1069.383.659
some stuff in here man so can you pick1071.5394.561
up soap I don't know it just says shelf1073.0394.38
okay then no you1076.14.38
so I was about to say I've never picked1077.4196.741
them nope I haven't either all right1080.483.68
oh got some nuts and stuff1085.15.22
and I go energy drink that's good oh man1087.24.44
that'll help you climb because if you're1090.323.0
going back to building1091.645.659
I hope so if it's even a thing1093.323.979
oh there's a snare1100.0393.961
tomato soup1102.54.32
sardines there you go grape soda there1104.06.12
you go okay this is great that'll help1106.825.4
you survive a journey yeah yeah all1110.124.28
these people are prepared1112.223.959
um all right so I've been up that way1117.54.5
Farmhouse is back that way I am on the1119.663.6
this is kind of pleasant1124.163.24
there's a little river here well I mean1125.843.24
it's iced of course everything's iced1127.42.58
but uh yeah maybe this leads somewhere1129.984.74
maybe it's another town up here long1132.323.54
wow what a descript long curve1135.866.36
should I do a little navigation out here1140.245.7
maybe oh wait is this there's a rifle1142.225.04
cartridge on the ground1145.943.599
how's yours now heck yeah I found a pair1147.265.34
of worn insulated Foods there's one1149.5395.161
better than my boots1152.64.02
all right let's take a look at that good1154.74.4
boots huh1156.622.48
never had a magnifying lens and now you1160.345.699
do ragged old-fashioned parka1163.225.54
well you're like there's iron in these1174.263.0
rocks or something yeah like you're out1175.72.82
in the southwest or something yeah1177.263.48
something like that but I don't know1178.524.26
it's just a different color they're1180.744.52
anyway I'm gonna keep going pretty cool1185.4194.441
like land bridge up here1187.344.44
man I bet this road would have been cool1189.864.16
oh wow okay leave Pleasant Valley1191.784.26
let's see where it goes1194.025.839
Keepers pass South all right1201.026.32
look at this vehicle1203.985.92
I love exploring1207.345.5
crunchy stuff explorers just so damn fun1209.95.04
to me yep I love it too you love1212.843.959
traveling yeah you never know what's1214.943.54
around the next bin1216.7994.38
all right pushing forward pushing1218.484.92
forward yeah lots of power lines so it's1221.1795.101
got to go somewhere it's Gotta1223.44.5
that's kind of how I got around that1226.283.18
train tracks1227.94.019
oh I just stepped outside it's got kind1229.464.74
of nasty out see if we can find that1231.9193.12
what time is it I mean the sun's going1236.244.08
down tell you what I'll go peek for a1238.163.96
minute but I think the best thing for me1240.323.58
to do is stay in this house tonight1242.124.86
but the Black Rock federal penitentiary1246.984.38
prison whoa there's trailers out here1252.143.8
what the hell is that1266.54.84
I swear I hear growling but I don't see1268.94.36
where the growling is coming from your1271.344.88
belly did you forget to eat1273.266.659
oh over there oh it's a wolf1276.226.54
oh she went on a rabbit1284.95.58
okay yeah buddy I don't need your1287.65.52
message there you go I got plenty of1290.485.36
ammo don't care1293.122.72
found a bag1296.724.38
just down here in the hill1298.884.02
back just a backpack1301.15.84
nuts and stuff oh and crunchy stuff1302.94.04
the road goes to the left1308.9194.841
I want to see if I can get to this1311.94.399
check it out for some uh maybe some food1317.6593.841
yep oh [ __ ]1319.764.86
the sun says to Milton oh really yeah1321.55.52
that's where I'm headed okay yeah you're1324.623.72
headed that way1327.024.38
it's also scenic view okay let me check1328.344.44
out this Scenic for you I like a good1331.44.259
scenic view let's see the penitentiary1332.785.24
from here1335.6592.361
down here1347.144.36
I bet this place was nice when it wasn't1349.2996.641
snowy and awful it was down there I1351.56.299
think there was a time it wasn't snowing1355.945.52
awful yeah yeah yeah hit it is not1357.7996.74
snowing awful all the time1361.463.079
oh wait this road might be blocked up1380.745.46
oh yeah wow what is this1388.0597.421
man Yep this is a roadblock1391.6596.581
see can I climb this can I get what1395.485.059
let's see can I get up this uh1401.6593.681
oh no oh no oh no there we go come on1405.5594.86
come on get up this lock oh climbing a1408.027.32
tree neebs oh yeah yep jump in this game1410.4197.321
let's wait1415.344.44
probably half my childhood1417.746.0
in a tree yep oh god oh damn it1419.786.0
where yeah1423.744.98
I'm growling I don't see him1425.785.6
let's try to see1428.722.66
the other side here yep come on I'm a1437.7995.38
human I'm a human man should be able to1441.53.299
do this1443.1794.681
okay just run off yeah1444.7994.38
I'll tell you oh man it's like an1447.863.48
invisible wall here it won't let you1449.1794.021
why haven't put this here that is a1451.344.62
tease tell them man all right fine how1453.26.0
do I get around this oh yeah hey you1455.966.42
oh God oh God oh no okay it scared him1459.25.54
I missed1462.385.88
yeah it was a wolf I missed but uh he1464.744.96
ran around let's see all right I gotta1468.263.86
figure out a way around this roadblock1469.74.979
this way so I grabbed the snare out of1472.125.02
this Trapper's house okay and I see some1474.6794.441
rabbits I'm gonna try to set it up1477.144.399
I don't I don't think they work have you1481.586.959
ever had a snare work uh no okay so it's1483.627.62
pointless can I get this rabbit with a1488.5394.88
they can let me either1496.944.979
oh okay and I run up and then what grab1498.944.78
it grab it grab it grab it that'll grab1501.9193.661
it I couldn't grab it1503.725.16
I pushed every button on the keyboard1505.587.26
hide your rug oh man yeah no that's1508.885.46
that's BS you should be able to just1512.844.94
like yeah it should know grab it1514.347.819
okay here we go uh grab it got it1517.787.56
okay got a rabbit1522.1596.421
you're good1525.343.24
okay hey wolf you gonna do this you1530.94.019
gonna do this there you go there you go1532.73.78
run away run away1534.9193.541
yeah they're starting to learn I love it1536.483.6
yep I'm starting to learn too because1538.463.18
there's a button that says use that's1540.084.16
the one yeah1541.642.6
oh god oh geez ah come on1546.29.0
oh boy it's a big one oh that was a big1551.865.86
one right now yeah I was fighting a damn1555.24.82
I bleeding no he's bleeding he's bleed1560.966.54
boy these snares or something man1563.965.4
what do you mean I'm just walking around1567.53.36
with a snare that won't place anywhere1569.362.88
oh you gotta be pretty close to it when1570.863.419
you place it oh I'm just not close1572.245.49
enough to it right okay I gotcha1574.2796.601
huh it's a place to climb here1580.944.8
I'm doing it1583.43.86
come on1585.744.86
come on I want to find this penitentiary1587.266.1
Penitentiary would be cool a prison1590.64.679
yeah imagine being held up in a prison1593.363.66
for a couple days1595.2795.221
that'd be awesome by yourself yeah like1597.025.88
by yourself like an abandoned prison got1600.54.32
it yeah it sounds better than me man I'm1602.93.06
getting this is stupid though I'm1604.824.04
getting so far from The Farmhouse1605.966.86
ah what's up here1608.863.96
he's just a damn cave1613.823.14
oh man do I go in here1617.2996.601
[ __ ]1621.24.23
I'm doing it1623.96.649
you'll accelerate that's good soda this1633.886.039
is a cool looking cave I've never been1637.943.599
in a cave like this games all look the1639.9194.021
same man no this one does not this is an1641.5394.941
ice cave1643.942.54
caves all over the world they all look1649.345.1
the same have you been in a nice cave1650.965.94
I bet it doesn't look like any of the1654.444.56
caves you've been in but I bet you all1656.94.74
the Ice Caves look the same maybe oh I1659.05.52
may have found an exit1661.646.139
oh where now1664.523.259
Keepers pass North1671.963.319
we're near this penitentiary1675.5596.5
I wanted to get to this penitentiary1678.383.679
thanks man1682.344.04
good thing1683.842.54
God I wish I knew how to open that safe1690.025.82
start a fire cook that Venison and get1695.844.88
some sleep thank you1697.762.96
good decision right now would be turn1704.325.08
around go back to safety Bud nope I'm1706.645.76
committed I got bullets I got food I got1709.45.18
what could go wrong1715.123.6
looks like I found a burnt out cabin1723.985.22
what the hell is this doing down here in1727.464.4
the middle of nowhere1729.22.66
someone came out here built a cabin and1735.983.48
then uh1738.024.019
just ran away from it1739.465.94
oh there's a bed in here huh1742.0395.221
which is actually might work out because1745.44.98
I could I could use some sleep1747.265.34
get you some sleep yeah all right so1750.383.72
from this cabin all I gotta do is go1752.64.079
right take me back the way I came I'm1754.14.62
hoping this wraps around damn I don't1756.6793.841
know let me navigate a little bit1758.724.52
where the hell am I1763.244.02
no way to tell okay1768.947.3
water okay A little food a little water1773.124.799
a couple of hours of sleep now I'm gonna1776.243.03
keep walking1777.91911.961
all right1789.884.899
got some rest temperatures up actually1791.845.52
temperatures not bad right now1794.7794.14
I think I might take a torch and just1797.363.26
keep on walking1798.9194.341
even though it's night you know1800.625.38
yeah only one arrow down out here1806.04.279
find some sort of life civilization oh1810.865.1
it's a place to climb here1814.1594.081
I climb with a torch1815.964.319
guess not1818.245.36
my climbing okay yeah1820.2793.321
torch at the top1825.744.26
oh it pops right back out oh another1828.323.839
it's got to be going around gotta be1832.1594.921
there's a jail on the other side of this1835.524.259
neebs I know there is actually I don't1837.083.5
it's a Penitentiary yeah1840.585.14
pick whichever word you want1843.623.36
remember that hitchhiker we picked up1845.723.54
that one time1846.984.14
they've been to jail yeah been to jail1849.263.96
never been to prison1851.124.62
a good guy1853.223.959
just wanted to go into town to get some1855.743.12
head he did1857.1794.62
he was like 80. hey good for him I hope1858.864.199
I'm trying to get into town to get head1861.7993.98
when I'm 80.1863.0592.72
man just cleaned my firearm it was1867.147.5
it's still it's 15 and oh wow yeah that1871.823.719
ain't good1874.643.96
That's My Revolver1875.5394.14
oh take care of that thing because I1878.62.579
think if it breaks it's broken1879.6794.74
I cleaned it twice it's only up to 20.1881.1795.161
try again no just keep1884.4195.101
it's gonna take time to clean all right1886.345.339
whoa God I almost walked off a damn1889.524.74
okay is this I wonder if this is the1894.264.799
the river goes that way okay1899.0593.86
maybe the penitentiary is on the other1903.323.9
side man I am taking such a stupid1904.944.2
a Torchy's about to go out I got one1909.145.1
player but I also have my uh1911.04.98
tossing that oh God I can't see1915.985.28
don't feel me now1921.262.96
that's a little better1924.742.84
he's got a ways1929.8994.02
I think I see power lines out there1933.9194.74
hardly barely but they're there1935.485.579
It's gotta be running to something I'm1941.0592.881
gonna come off on the back side of this1942.53.0
Penitentiary that's what's gonna happen1943.944.52
and I'm gonna be like oh1945.52.96
what are you hoping to find in there man1954.865.939
um I don't know just anything whoa is1957.325.219
oh wow maybe I didn't see power lines1960.7993.24
this is a1962.5395.24
old rickety wooden bridge1964.0393.74
there this man my butthole's puckering1969.023.6
right now I hate this1971.1794.761
uh yeah I hate this1972.627.98
stop it stop it oh my God this is1975.948.58
stressful I don't like this at all1980.63.92
dude [ __ ] that1986.844.62
but I need to know are these boots1989.244.86
better than the boots I have on let's1991.465.52
take a look bam close1994.17.38
um so these are 38 they wore out1996.988.99
an insulation of plus four degrees2001.485.819
I mean these are only plus .192007.2997.821
but they're in better better shape2011.084.04
it was not letting up2018.15.939
Penitentiary I need you right now2020.55.279
holy [ __ ] I found a road2024.0394.74
yeah down the road2025.7795.421
which way2028.7792.421
I feel like2031.2994.5
oh my God which way2033.225.88
uh I need to navigate oh man I'm2035.7995.76
freezing [ __ ] nope I need to make a fire2039.14.679
that's what I need to do2041.5595.901
uh it's accelerant time2043.7793.681
let's see oh my God I need I should be2054.545.319
picking up sticks all day2057.585.599
I got one piece of coal2059.8593.32
oh man is that not gonna do it2063.523.92
is there any wood out here2068.53.08
oh there we go all right warm it up warm2074.24.32
it up uh can I cook oh yeah I gotta I2076.064.68
got a t i can get a t That'll get my2078.524.44
warmth up too2080.743.96
well I can't navigate it's dark I don't2082.963.899
know what I was thinking um but which2084.74.74
way did I come from I came from there so2086.8596.081
I just need to make a mark2089.443.5
say hey2093.762.82
that way that's where you came from2094.8994.081
hey rabbit right like you can yeah2098.984.139
yeah you're not allergic to it or2102.0993.561
anything no yeah2103.1192.541
yeah it just doesn't give you a lot as2106.05.16
far as calories okay venison's where2108.45.58
it's at with calories huh for sure2111.164.74
all right yeah I hate I didn't Harvest2113.983.18
that damn moose that would have been2115.93.9
so I'm at this road and I'm just2119.85.279
I don't know which way to go2122.987.22
I mean I feel like I came from that way2125.0795.121
no I'm gonna go left2136.484.04
but uh okay I can come back here2140.6193.781
let's see you guys an hour on this fire2143.0793.061
all right I'm gonna start walking Pick2144.44.02
Up Sticks along the way you can see if I2146.144.439
come across anything2148.423.659
I'm happy that I found the road though2150.5795.04
roads leading to something right uh2152.0795.461
so I'm out of the cabin2157.546.539
okay I'm gonna check out this snare2160.186.23
is there something in there2164.0794.881
there's a rabbit in the snare okay2168.966.28
yeah finally I can't believe it2171.827.14
yeah oh ketchup chips oh really have you2175.246.839
ever tried ketchup chips needs2178.965.7
yeah no in real life I'm not sure you2182.0795.121
want to yeah2184.666.72
all right so finna from Canada sent us2187.26.72
some ketchup chips there we go2191.386.26
give it a shot memes2193.923.72
yeah all right let me try2198.549.94
those are not bad at all2208.483.9
right back to the game yeah2210.524.8
yeah thank you for those chips2212.385.6
all right yeah ketchup chips are tasty2215.325.88
thank you2221.22.54

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