We'll Do It With Grenades!!! - Rust

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Can you believe there's only one week left and the guys are still scrambling to come up with a plan in t...
We'll Do It With Grenades!!! - Rust
We'll Do It With Grenades!!! - Rust

We'll Do It With Grenades!!! - Rust

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen that video 'We'll Do It With Grenades!!! - Rust'? That's gotta be my favorite one!

simon: Oh yeah, that one was a blast! Literally. I mean, who doesn't love a good explosion in Rust?

appsro: I know right! It's like the perfect mix of chaos and comedy. Plus, watching Neebs blow stuff up never gets old.

neebs: And let's not forget our brilliant plan in that video. Who needs strategy when you have grenades, am I right?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Can you believe there's only one week left and the guys are still scrambling to come up with a plan in their latest video? The suspense is killing me!

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I can't wait to see what the guys come up with in their latest video - the anticipation is killing me! Let's show our support and cheer them on as they tackle their latest challenge. Go team Neebs!

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all right neebs we got this uh research0.243.28
bench now uh-huh2.322.959
um should we research the rocket3.523.68
launcher uh that's gonna cost i mean we5.2792.56
lose it7.22.319
huh that means one we lose it and it7.8393.281
costs like 500 scrap do we even have9.5192.721
that much scrap right now11.124.32
i mean i've got no i got
yeah i have a hundred and something i15.443.2
have i have none17.1993.681
i could scrap stuff up the hill up here18.643.84
there's like that that recycler up the20.882.239
okay what we really if we're really23.1192.721
gonna take down this tank in a couple24.562.4
days we're gonna need25.843.04
to learn the rocket launcher and we need26.963.04
to find rocket launcher28.882.799
ammo neebs do you think maybe you and30.03.04
doric can go to the military base do31.6792.321
that i'll make a run33.042.16
i'll run back to the junkyard and get34.02.64
scrapped i'll take simon with me okay35.23.039
then i got that hill thing all right36.644.079
when's the uh when's the sacrifice38.2393.121
leader what what41.363.44
because of what i'm wearing yeah all47.843.52
right we're gonna sacrifice simon later49.922.639
tonight we're gonna drink his blood it's51.362.0
gonna be great52.5593.441
oh okay sorry simon good yeah that's53.363.199
okay so uh let's get to it all right yep56.5593.361
let's do it59.1214.55
all right simon follow me all right59.9222.37
so dick's not here simon i guess i got103.363.2
you today uh104.964.64
yeah and i'm pretty shocked by this this106.563.919
shitty vehicle109.64.0
i mean it's good any vehicle is good but110.4795.841
this is a pretty uh pretty rough and113.64.799
listen you're not supposed to drive with116.323.92
you know your foot on the brake and your118.3993.281
foot on the gas120.243.04
is that what i'm doing oh yeah no that121.683.2
doesn't look good at all does it no123.283.36
that's that's not good that'll [ __ ] up124.883.92
your transmission oh yeah big time i126.643.599
don't know why i'm doing it i don't know128.82.079
probably keep my eye on the road huh130.8793.36
yeah so i mean132.3194.241
so what am i i'm i'm here today just to134.2393.681
help and stand in136.563.52
yep help stand in yeah you got a bow and137.924.24
arrow so uh you know if we get attacked140.082.48
try to take cover try to take pop shots142.563.12
at uh bad guys144.642.8
um i hope this junk yard's still clear145.683.199
we cleared out this junkyard not too147.442.24
long ago148.8793.041
and uh oh i see a guy right over there149.683.199
son of a [ __ ]151.922.319
well maybe you won't mess with us152.8793.281
there's a junkyard up here we can uh154.2393.601
scrap vehicles out we cleared it out the156.163.439
other day but damn it they just keep on157.843.44
coming back in this game maybe we'll get159.5992.401
all right now i'm gonna park up i'm162.03.12
gonna park up here by this bus stop163.922.08
we'll take a peek165.123.04
okay and i would take uh i guess a166.03.84
pickaxe and try to scrap things with168.163.359
yeah there will be some barrels here171.5193.121
tell you what though follow me i'll be172.9592.161
space bar there we go yep oh no175.124.0
take cover behind here oh [ __ ] all right179.123.839
how do i crouch again hold control hold181.124.08
control hold control182.9594.241
son of a [ __ ] where is he where is he i185.23.679
don't know187.23.44
oh all right get in the car oh he's188.8792.191
right there190.641.76
damn it ow192.46.08
got him hit me oh no yeah he's uh he's195.443.68
16. oh god damn you shoot me of course199.126.08
jesus christ jesus all right jesus203.123.119
christ all right we're getting in the205.22.48
car get the car get in the car all right206.2392.56
getting in the car207.683.16
get in the car wait why don't i switch208.7993.52
seats oh no210.843.72
that's not good i should not be here by212.3193.2
simon i'm on the side of the car revive215.5194.08
me okay how do i do it again what button217.364.239
probably e i don't know just hold e i'm219.5993.521
holding it for you guys221.5992.801
just keep doing it keep doing it keep223.123.839
doing it yeah yeah yeah yeah224.45.119
oh yeah perfect perfect okay okay okay i226.9594.321
need a fan to jump get in first oh yeah229.5193.601
you need to bandage up okay231.284.64
jump i got a bandage up233.122.8
it's a horse isn't it i see it i see it239.365.04
all right242.3194.401
yeah oh you got them too yeah perfect244.43.6
we'll grab that we'll have two we can246.722.719
get a lot quicker we can carry more248.02.08
yeah perfect how far are we from where250.083.439
we were gonna go252.723.2
yeah i don't know a lot quicker on253.5193.28
yeah yeah here we go okay so this256.7993.68
okay it's amazing how tame these horses260.4794.561
are here you know for like wild just out263.122.72
and about265.042.879
just ready to hop on horses really265.843.359
trusting aren't they267.9194.241
we in a cliff oh [ __ ] horses do not hack269.1994.0
at the cliffs272.163.12
where's the steep in it can we get down273.1993.761
this way probably not275.283.6
i mean right here okay yeah probably276.963.92
yeah there we go278.884.24
what is that place i don't know what's280.885.12
it say um283.124.88
the military tunnel that's the military286.03.12
tunnel over there288.04.24
military oh wow yeah quicker my thought289.126.0
okay exactly yeah we were there um this292.244.959
is not going to be easy i'd imagine295.124.16
okay i mean wouldn't you imagine it's a297.1993.201
oops i just299.283.04
no i don't want to use that i can't use300.44.48
that yet until you need it yeah302.324.319
let's take a look uh probably see304.883.68
anything dangerous i don't see306.6396.0
any bluebees bluebees308.566.0
is that okay bluebees can we call them312.6394.241
blueberries i like bluebees that's not314.563.04
like bluebee bluebee left i don't see it317.63.439
all right320.6392.801
yeah let's push in uh just take it slow321.0395.041
though yeah323.442.64
so i remember these uh these these guys328.6394.241
are very powerful331.682.799
they don't see you guys yeah no they332.883.44
don't mess around and unfortunately and334.4792.16
and they just spawn back so it doesn't336.6392.641
matter if you clear an area they're338.162.24
going to be back in an hour339.283.84
right yeah i mean oh yeah sweet oh340.43.92
yeah let me eat these let me get some344.324.0
mushrooms too oh yeah346.086.959
come on baby come on right baby348.326.8
there's a chicken all right crouch let's353.0393.841
uh we're going to snatch these crouch355.123.44
i don't know if crouching works or not356.883.12
because sometimes i feel like these guys358.562.0
see you anyway yep yep yep yep here's my360.566.4
[ __ ] okay which one's mine loot loot363.7595.761
this one's mine if you hold h and then366.964.079
just do this yeah you take it all back369.522.32
take it all back371.0393.361
all right so i gotta get in all right371.843.12
getting it374.43.28
yep simon got it got it all right so now374.964.0
i'm just gonna sneak around to the front377.683.28
of the car i'm getting in378.962.959
all right get in the passenger seat380.962.48
passenger seat all right all right i'm381.9192.56
in all right we're in383.443.28
all right back it up all right god we're384.4793.361
right back into386.724.24
i don't know getting out of here387.845.04
i can't i can't see behind me so here we390.963.519
go turn it around turn it off all right392.884.8
all right you're looking good394.4793.201
get on me yes399.686.239
oh no names no402.887.439
you little [ __ ] yeah feel it sorry man405.9196.641
oh yeah yeah okay you're still here yeah410.3193.121
there we go this isn't a good start man413.445.52
no but we're fine that was a that was a416.884.24
pig we're gonna go into a military base418.964.079
that's their outer uh defenses421.123.76
apparently there's my423.0394.88
bow yeah i'm useless right now five424.885.36
five health oh you're fine no that's not427.9194.081
fine no i've got stuff430.243.76
calm down what is wrong with you mr432.04.96
negative why are you434.02.96
i've got meat man look just it's all442.163.92
right hold on i was just hoping to get444.02.8
into this446.083.04
yeah i know that's what we're gonna do446.84.48
you weird little bark head449.123.6
oh you know what i've got a better451.283.44
helmet i got to put that on here we go452.724.64
do that and then uh all right let's tell454.723.199
you what457.363.44
let's move forward yeah uh i'll just457.9194.56
look at all the sun glare and blood in460.84.32
my face oh boy wow462.4794.481
do you want to take a nap you sound like465.123.919
you need a nap can you get me a nap466.965.2
maybe a yeah maybe a candy bar and a469.0393.84
i wish we had time hey you go right down472.8793.921
the middle i'm gonna go up high here474.963.6
okay down the middle hey scrap right476.83.44
here hold on yep478.564.079
i'll do the eyes on the hill okay crap480.243.28
thanks managing up yep how's the middle483.523.359
uh glarey going into this486.8794.561
come on give me good stuff oh wait490.083.6
radiation i i hear a bunch of radiation491.442.8
45 i don't pull back one back yep494.246.399
it's hurting uh 78 on the poisoning497.366.239
[ __ ] it'll be all right calm down i'm500.6394.641
it's really not good503.5993.761
i see a bluebee and there's no radiation505.283.28
over here okay507.362.959
well i'm still dealing with it it's508.564.159
received me petty's got good eyeballs510.3195.441
eats a lot of carrots a bit oh man512.7195.68
radiation like all day yeah come towards515.764.24
me there's no radiation i wish my518.3992.88
clothes are better than you i see the520.02.959
tunnel i see a tunnel neebs521.2794.881
crap is that him is that him i'm running522.9595.681
he's yeah run for it go for the tunnel526.164.4
there's a there's a tunnel oh [ __ ] no i528.644.639
can't because of radiation poisoning530.565.44
damn it i gotta use my thing you're not533.2794.081
wearing clothes536.04.08
i'm going in just bones really i don't537.364.24
have the right gear i don't think540.084.08
[ __ ] yeah geez we're not ready for this541.63.84
there's no way544.164.72
there's so many you can't just wear545.447.76
phones yeah to a radiation place548.887.6
what was that i learned it i need help553.24.48
coming neighbors i'm coming but my556.483.84
health said 21. i'm gonna die557.684.159
yeah there's a there's a bluebee through560.323.92
the door too561.83915.841
oh no [ __ ]564.2416.48
hey hey napes where you at577.685.599
in the uh in the bus station wait about580.723.04
uh what's up i just i think we need to583.763.92
get my stuff and get out of here we're586.481.919
not ready587.682.96
i know guns i don't have a gun also we588.3994.081
went to a place that has military in the590.642.48
uh-huh so that was an indicator yeah i593.124.159
didn't know if the military was still596.162.48
together you know if they were like597.2792.721
blockbuster or something598.642.96
yeah they kind of just hang on to these600.04.32
places don't they i guess so ready601.64.56
uh now i got no clothes radiation604.323.28
poisoning yeah you don't want to606.162.64
you don't want to mess with that where's607.63.12
where's your stop where's your ah608.83.52
it's at the door of the thing i'm610.723.76
getting poisoned ah nah612.323.84
do you think you can go get my stuff614.484.16
well i gotta know where it is exactly616.164.32
oh you just go straight down this road618.644.08
and uh the tracks like run right into620.483.68
like an underground tunnel622.723.28
i'm gonna do my best i've got a grenade624.163.6
that i found so626.05.519
okay you know how those yeah yeah627.767.199
so i'm probably gonna need all new stuff631.5195.121
now there was a guy like on top of the634.9593.12
thing and then there was a guy636.643.84
inside you don't want to go inside don't638.0793.601
go in the tunnel640.482.56
mouth of the tunnel it's almost like a641.684.64
loading dock i'm on the ground there643.046.56
pull my shoulder oh you little [ __ ] up646.326.0
all right oh come on here go ahead i649.65.04
don't know652.322.32
i heard him go off yeah655.26.879
are there two bloomies i don't know i'm659.444.32
just dealing with one662.0794.32
and i'm hitting them yeah keep it up663.763.84
doing great666.3994.88
i took them out yeah whoo667.66.799
way to go thank you that's just one671.2795.68
uh oh can you get my stuff i don't know674.3993.761
we're gonna see them up top676.9593.521
looking up top there's a door that goes678.163.6
into the tunnel680.484.24
yep and my body's on the ground before681.763.6
the tunnel684.722.64
right yeah i was okay kind of like in a685.364.24
loading dock area where it's like687.365.2
are you were you on the side of the689.64.56
there's a door on the left side and i692.563.44
kind of fell off to the right of it at a694.162.799
lower area696.03.519
oh okay perfect that well explained696.9594.801
would you be in here yep i found it699.5193.601
you're really knocking it out the park701.763.6
today i did pretty good703.124.719
yeah yeah i'm glad i got you instead of705.364.479
simon okay shut up let's keep it down707.8395.461
and buy a lot of things here709.8395.601
hear okay hear me dear me hear me dear715.443.44
hear me dear me ooh he's fast oh watch718.885.199
this i'm gonna shoot the [ __ ] too722.0794.32
do it do it simon all right hold on oh724.0793.2
dear me726.3992.961
come on dear me come on i think you're727.2793.761
just putting arrows into our window729.364.08
i am i am that'd be nice if you didn't731.043.359
do that733.444.0
dear me dear me dear me hear me come on734.3993.761
come on737.442.959
i love you some dear me oh i'm a hungry738.164.16
boy i am a hungry boy you know that's740.3993.201
[ __ ] fast742.323.519
okay oh oh he stopped you stop you stop743.64.64
there me dear me dear mate745.8394.081
come on baby all right here we go here748.243.52
we go here we go here you go simon this749.922.64
is your opportunity751.764.16
all right hold on and top752.565.36
he's running but i don't know if i if i755.923.919
got that that was lucky757.923.2
uh i know i'm trying to get close i'm759.8392.321
trying to cut him off you know what i761.122.08
mean you know what762.162.4
he's got he's got to run back this way763.23.12
he's in the water oh here we go here we764.563.279
go simon all right get him766.323.84
hold on boom got him so the blood767.8393.201
got at least one oh no we're gonna catch771.043.76
oh he's yeah he's gonna be stuck in the773.62.479
water here we go here we go774.82.719
all right it comes out of the water776.0793.361
that's where we ramp okay oh777.5193.521
yeah this is good this is looking good779.443.36
this is looking good okay yeah dear me781.042.72
dear meat there me782.84.479
oh i can't get him right there because783.765.759
that was a horrible setup for me787.2794.24
shoot him again wait for him to stop but789.5193.12
that's the only way i'm really going791.5194.641
oh he's looking look at his worn out792.6393.521
that's right oh i took that poor little796.3997.12
deer out of his misery man we just did a800.05.2
drive out on a [ __ ] deer803.5194.481
that's right we don't mess around no not805.24.0
actually this is this is nothing but808.02.88
messing around we need scraps yeah that809.23.04
was kind of a whole day's goal810.883.28
right listen me going to the junkyard812.243.2
trying to take all those guys on by814.161.84
insane no yeah i love you i love you but816.03.519
you're gonna you're you're gonna [ __ ]818.0792.481
you're gonna [ __ ] it up and i'm just819.5193.041
gonna die i'm useless i remember i820.563.36
already shot you once822.562.959
yeah exactly i don't want that to happen823.923.76
again but yeah well then you're lucky it825.5193.601
didn't happen again when we were hunting827.684.88
but look at that that's a beaut829.123.44
big strategy huh gonna have to change835.363.039
our strategy837.684.24
probably just to uh recycle recycle and838.3994.081
something because uh time's about up842.486.159
me me845.5196.32
no go in the military oh man okay bad848.6393.521
i wish i would have never bought this852.163.119
shotgun i need a ranged weapon853.363.599
oh yeah god i would love a ranged weapon855.2793.68
i made a damn nail gun but it's856.9592.801
is that okay yeah it practically is it859.763.84
shoots nails but the damage is so low861.923.2
you may as well stick the damn bow and863.62.08
all right we need scrap we need to buy865.683.839
stuff i'll run up the hill i'll use this867.683.519
recycler i'll scrap a bunch of the [ __ ]869.5193.281
we have that we don't need the car parts871.1993.2
all that stuff i'll get some scrap872.83.279
all right go for it that'll help and no874.3993.44
uh the junkyard mission i got shot in876.0793.521
the back by simon we died and had to get877.8392.961
her [ __ ] back it was bad879.63.44
yeah okay yeah now doraleous goes up the880.83.599
hill there he's got883.043.44
enemies as well right probably yeah i884.3993.68
guarantee that so we need all of this886.483.28
i could use a quick clear and then i'll888.0793.12
just do the back and forth once we've889.762.0
cleared it891.1992.32
wow don't use a nail you guys want to do891.763.439
this right now like just do it893.5193.68
quick clean it do it all right i want to895.1993.521
get rid of this ammo so i am going to897.1992.64
use it so we're going to go898.722.799
are we going to am i following him or is899.8393.041
he going on his own oh901.5194.161
hey i'm going i'm running from a damn902.884.319
getting a pig907.1992.721
started i got you simon910.8395.961
don't worry you see how crappy that nail914.6394.801
gun is i know i know 20 shots916.85.52
that's what i'm saying just up there now919.444.48
i'm out of ammo i switched to my bow and922.323.04
arrow so i'm actually useful923.923.2
all right let's do it let's move in925.364.08
right behind you dora927.124.719
okay okay okay hang out a little bit929.444.24
right okay931.8394.24
maybe i don't move it to the left i see933.683.519
yeah see the recycler937.1995.041
let's just do like a little parameter940.483.84
clear like i didn't see anyone down942.242.8
where'd these bluebees go bluebees is945.043.28
that what we're calling them947.363.2
movies blueberries do you like that i948.323.84
thought they were professors950.564.639
yeah they're professors952.163.039
i don't see any guys we might be all955.2793.041
right watch my back956.9592.641
i'm moving in do i have anything to958.323.12
recycle uh959.63.84
i've got some scrap i've got some stuff961.444.16
neem should we go to that bandit camp963.445.04
buy some grenades uh yeah yeah get a965.64.4
grenade yeah968.483.2
if we got a grenade and research that970.03.12
maybe we can build our own maybe we can971.682.8
build enough grenades to take down a973.122.639
tank that's a long shot974.482.56
that is a little that's the best plan975.7592.961
i've heard i'm just gonna be doing this977.042.96
i'll be doing this i'll go back and978.721.84
and recycle what i can yeah and recycle980.565.12
everything in our base983.8394.8
there absolutely okay all right just do985.683.279
lights always coming on check engine uh995.2794.961
no i think that's the gas-like need998.163.84
yeah you know because it looks like a1000.243.68
fuel tank oh yeah yeah yeah that's the1002.03.12
yeah i got some i got some gas in my1005.123.2
pocket though we should be fine i got oh1006.723.039
is that anthony i'm getting using the1008.322.639
car with us oh yeah yeah he's probably1009.7592.161
getting shots1010.9593.041
yeah um i got the shots for the earlier1011.923.359
part of this episode yeah1014.02.88
probably just noticed him back online1015.2793.281
computer shut down or something1016.884.48
yeah uh listen we're not doing that good1018.564.48
oh no we're doing terribly yeah but1021.363.439
i think next go around once they wipe1023.043.84
and we reset we're bringing our a game1024.7994.88
oh watch out for this guy yep yeah we1026.884.159
are getting good aren't we oh boy1029.6792.561
yeah we're doing all right they're1031.0392.4
shooting out they're shooting yep yep1032.242.48
yep juking and jabbing kicking and1033.4391.921
jumping okay1034.722.719
you kidding i repaired the car before we1035.364.479
left yep yep yep yep1037.4394.721
okay this is this isn't good oh i know1039.8393.681
no it's not good you know to go around1042.163.36
those right oh we did fine look at this1043.529.36
look we're good1045.5211.76
yeah yep yep yep there we go and yeah1052.886.4
that's a fun part okay weapons uh make1057.283.04
sure you have no weapons1059.284.24
uh oh yeah are we being shot at by1060.325.92
what turrets why because i had an axe1063.523.039
just a stone let me make sure i don't1066.5594.0
have any weapons on it okay yeah no i'm1068.883.52
clear okay i think the car saved me on1070.5593.841
that one1072.44.08
why are they still shooting i don't1074.43.6
understand what's happening i'm holding1076.484.24
binoculars yeah i'm holding nothing1078.05.2
they're binoculars stop it is it because1080.723.52
anthony has a1083.23.52
giant gun on his back uh is it anthony i1084.243.65
don't know1086.723.76
i come in peace i don't have any [ __ ] on1090.484.88
me i'm bandaging up i'm coming back1092.644.88
all right they seem to have calmed down1095.363.04
not too bad1097.524.159
85 health it's peaceful now it seems to1098.43.68
yeah i don't know what that was is it1102.083.28
because you had an axe in your hand1104.05.84
that's ridiculous1105.364.48
that's danger he says he has dangerous1109.9193.601
stuff oh1112.43.76
yeah there we go weapons all right why1113.524.56
don't you uh purchase some grenades1116.163.36
okay and then we can take the grenades1118.082.64
we can take them back we can research1119.522.32
and we're going to make a ton of1120.722.16
grenades all right1121.842.56
i got a grenade can you buy any more i1122.883.28
can buy another grenade oh yeah go ahead1124.42.08
buy a couple i guess i don't know i just1126.483.68
buy man i wish i had a pistol we'll buy1128.43.12
a pistol if you bought the grenades we1130.162.399
can research the grenades we can make1131.522.56
our own grenades i don't have ammo1132.5592.24
can't you make ammo i've never made ammo1134.7993.521
in this game yeah me neither1136.723.68
okay look i'm gonna buy the pistol dude1138.323.2
buy the pistol maybe we can figure out1140.42.08
how to make ammo1141.524.0
okay uh there we go let's let's leave it1142.483.36
okay then we're good we're good head1145.843.839
back uh yeah let's look around a little1147.6793.12
bit then we'll head back okay look1149.6792.24
around a little bit i need to go to the1150.7991.681
okay i'm gonna piss right here off the1152.483.28
ladder they won't care look at that1154.642.159
water yeah1155.7610.08
i know look at this place1156.7999.041
there we go why don't you give me the1166.7993.201
grenade oh god1168.085.599
a bear a bear up here up on the hill1170.07.039
up out of his room i'm not gonna go deal1173.6794.481
with that give me the grenade1177.0393.841
okay simon what are you up to um just1178.163.44
standing over here where are you oh well1181.66.72
back by the car there you go i didn't1185.364.96
even know you came back1188.325.2
oh my god yeah okay hey guys1190.324.56
i'm gonna try to get my stuff there was1193.523.84
a bear i i heard bear1194.885.36
bear yeah i i don't like the uh the the1197.363.28
so i like to just stay up high because1200.643.519
they like to kill me uh1202.1595.361
75 scrap i have 47 neebs1204.1595.201
yup how much scrap you got i got a good1207.523.84
bit oh wait i put some1209.363.84
yeah i put some in this chest for this1211.363.439
particular moment look at1213.24.24
me begin research bam all right i'm1214.7994.401
researching how to make grenades1217.444.88
okay watch this watch this neebs1219.24.24
see i'm walking over here i'm just1222.323.04
trying to walk over to you oh no1223.444.239
this starts to bring me up it's so cause1225.363.28
you're near the ladder1227.6793.521
look at that yeah that's so weird that's1228.643.2
great man1231.24.64
it's the little things you know yeah1231.844.0
okay i've made some sort of blueprint1236.03.6
take this blueprint by dragging it into1237.9192.64
your inventory1239.64.0
bam okay and then do you read it1240.5594.721
or how does that work i don't know drag1243.63.76
it into my inventory yeah do i click it1245.284.8
learn blueprint okay now we go into the1247.364.559
crafting table i guess so but1250.084.0
god i think it said i needed a level two1251.9193.041
crafting table1254.082.959
don't tell me that we only have a level1254.964.079
but maybe we can make a level two hold1259.0393.601
on no not the tech tree1260.884.32
give me a second give me a second okay1262.644.48
uh yeah we're gonna need a level two1265.23.04
but it's only gun powder and metal1268.243.2
fragments we can make a ton of that1269.764.56
yeah but uh now we need to do what is it1271.443.68
level two1274.322.719
[ __ ] hey guys there's a bear up there1275.123.2
i'm gonna go get my i'm gonna go get1277.03914.801
that stuff1278.3213.52

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