Don't Open The Door!!! - RUST PVP

Oh my gosh, you guys! Have you seen the latest video from Neebs and Appsro on their YouTube channel? It looks like things are really heating...
Don't Open The Door!!! - RUST PVP
Don't Open The Door!!! - RUST PVP

Don't Open The Door!!! - RUST PVP

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey Appsro, have you seen that Rust PVP video titled 'Don't Open The Door!!!'? It's seriously the best video on our channel!

appsro: Oh yeah, Neebs! That video where we were hoping for a comeback? Classic! I mean, who wouldn't want to see us struggle and almost fail, right?

neebs: Exactly, Appsro! It's all about the drama and suspense. Plus, the tables turning? That's entertainment gold!

appsro: Totally! And let's not forget the hilarious moments in that video. I still can't stop laughing every time I watch it!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Oh my gosh, you guys! Have you seen the latest video from Neebs and Appsro on their YouTube channel? It looks like things are really heating up in their Rust gameplay, and they might just be making an epic comeback! I am on the edge of my seat watching them navigate through Survival Servers and taking on all kinds of challenges. If you haven't checked it out yet, you definitely need to give it a watch!

I love how Neebs and Appsro always bring their A-game to their videos. They are so entertaining to watch and you can tell they put a lot of effort into creating quality content for their fans. Plus, they always have the best banter and it's so fun to see them work together to overcome obstacles in the game. It's like watching two best friends on an epic adventure, and I am here for it!

And can we talk about how awesome it is that they are supported by their fans through Patreon? It's so cool to see the community come together to support content creators like Neebs Gaming. Plus, I love that they are powered by Xidax PCs - those machines are no joke! If you're looking for a Rust server of your own, definitely check out Survival Servers because if it's good enough for Neebs and Appsro, it's good enough for me! So excited to see what other adventures they get into in future videos. Neebs Gaming for the win!

Neebs Gaming
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this is sweet names i got all of2.484.56
doraleous junk i love it yeah this is a4.085.36
sweet rifle she had a scope on it that's7.043.76
crazy that's how he was pecking at me9.443.84
from a distance i bet good job man10.84.879
tables of turn kind of but not really13.283.6
yeah it's like we got some catching up15.6793.6
to do still yeah we never get the drops16.883.68
that's our problem we never get the19.2792.641
drops because we sit in the middle of a20.563.04
field on a horse we should yep i don't21.923.359
see any let's see we gotta i'm gonna go23.63.04
outside actually take a good look you25.2793.76
have a horse26.644.24
do i i don't even know anymore okay i29.0393.281
feel like we've stolen horses from each30.883.679
other so much yeah we need a garage or32.324.56
something don't we yeah yeah maybe a34.5594.16
little stable now be careful they're36.884.48
over there i know they're over there38.7195.84
i also got four land mines oh yeah yeah41.365.039
okay they try to like raid their base or44.5593.201
something we put a bunch of mines right46.3992.881
outside their door and then when they47.763.76
come out boom we go in i can get rid of49.283.68
all my good stuff and just go over there51.524.719
and stink out oh stake out why don't you52.965.84
take a land mine we got four take one56.2394.32
why don't you get rid of all your stuff58.84.399
and go lay a trap okay wait i think the60.5594.32
sun's going down too yeah you can do63.1993.521
this in the dark yeah i got oh we got64.8793.201
some night vision goggles too you want66.723.2
those no i don't want to lose them okay68.083.84
okay i understand okay i'm going okay69.924.66
good luck i'm gonna change71.9238.64
it's a great day stolen horse because i110.563.839
feel like we stole you you know what i112.564.48
love doing more than anything114.3995.441
that's right burning people so today i'm117.045.6
gonna make a flamethrower and i just119.845.599
need the materials to do it now122.644.96
let's see i lost a bunch of stuff i know125.4394.32
doraleous lost some stuff too so i'm127.64.08
gonna try to try to get some stuff for129.7592.881
and me132.642.959
and him133.923.6
and me but yeah i'm looking forward to135.5994.481
burning people and hopefully dora is137.525.6
working on some ammo because we are140.086.0
out of most ammo all right stolen horse143.125.28
oh god i feel naked i feel naked and148.724.48
oh i messed up big and i can't get over153.23.759
it i got to get over it i can't get over155.125.119
it god wish we had ammo all i've got is156.9595.041
like the same bag of tricks made some160.2393.521
more mines put those down and tell you162.04.319
what karma catching up to me163.765.119
bullying is [ __ ]166.3196.321
and oh oh what's that all about168.8796.241
what is that going on172.644.56
keep it down please175.123.759
you're having regret178.8792.881
oh what's that [ __ ] i hear shooting182.84.719
maybe you make it ah there's not enough185.5194.241
boxes to put stuff in make a new box187.5194.481
just put it up here okay189.764.24
somebody's up in the woods i think192.04.959
oh yeah maybe194.04.56
oh yeah there's there's a horse one of196.9594.081
them's coming back don't you have nvgs i198.565.599
do but they suck201.043.119
yeah yeah now that hey yeah206.06.08
being shot at by a scientist okay okay i208.9595.2
i see one of those oh drop212.084.32
no i just was i see them214.1594.481
back when i had my good weapon i could216.44.399
take a shot from here and hit him and218.644.319
now i can't okay all right where are you220.7994.16
at i can't hear you by the workbench222.9594.0
yeah yeah i'm hiding i'm staying out of224.9593.681
the light because if they've got a long226.9593.2
distance weapon they could pepper you228.643.36
but they're not good shots i think no no230.1593.201
i think that might have been scientists232.03.12
hey uh in the light here i'm just going233.363.36
to put down one of these235.122.72
i think that make yep we're gonna win237.845.039
yeah oh241.282.64
where's that plane gonna drop something243.926.879
drops peeps drops really yeah247.765.119
you got a horse uh no250.7993.601
i thought you had a horse252.8794.001
no i don't i don't think i do you found254.44.799
one by that scrap thingy where we were256.883.919
okay these night fishing goggles are260.7993.84
awful absolutely awful262.243.36
i can't264.6392.321
this is what they consider night vision265.63.039
you want my candle hat no i don't want266.962.88
your damn candle hat that's just gonna268.6392.721
give me away okay269.843.52
oh god this is stupid i'm gonna lose all271.364.08
this [ __ ] good luck273.364.48
yeah i see the drops okay they're closer275.444.16
to them i bet yeah they're gonna get to277.843.2
it before we do this might be a perfect279.62.72
time to attack their base if we want to281.042.719
try well you want to come back inside282.324.08
and make a plan uh283.7594.561
okay do we have time should we just go i286.42.64
mean what are you going to attack the288.322.24
base with we might need some of these i289.043.28
have a gun oh i thought you wanted to go290.563.28
naked and i go with a gun you'd be like292.322.879
you go in first and i'll be in behind293.842.88
you i can you you know i can spot the295.1994.641
threats okay okay all right like we need296.725.039
some explosives though okay well then299.843.6
god get what you need it's been five301.7593.44
minutes you're not naked yet303.443.36
yep because we didn't have a box this is305.1993.681
why we lose you were so [ __ ] slow306.86.0
well i don't like you either308.886.0
are you doing it i went last time thick312.84.88
uh how do i put my my lights on my my314.883.92
night vision317.684.32
do you remember yeah yeah you should uh318.85.119
no but that's that's the reason why you322.03.759
should go this time for the drops323.9195.441
okay let's see i gotta get fun325.7594.961
stop falling you have night vision on329.363.6
you can see i know where to how do i how330.725.68
do i turn the light as night vision332.963.44
look across from us uh north 10 north336.725.199
10. i mean this is the you get it get it339.683.12
i get i get killed a lot in the uh342.85.04
in the dark nbg's345.7593.121
you're right347.843.6
wish i could wish i could fire or wish i348.884.879
could put put them on and turn them on351.443.36
you can353.7592.961
all right i'm going anyways354.84.0
i'll figure it out356.723.12
you all right i see you i can't see all364.844.84
right i'll close the door all right you368.562.96
got the door yeah369.684.239
okay all right right behind you371.524.0
no you need to you need to go first i373.9194.161
need to look at your name375.524.399
follow your name no you know where that378.083.44
base is it's lit up over there i can't379.9193.441
see the ground okay i can see the ground381.524.08
i'm in front of you go okay what you're383.364.32
saying makes no sense there's a pig in385.63.039
front of you387.683.2
see i can't see kill it388.6394.0
did you kill it oh we're taking fire390.883.759
from the woods is that a scientist or a392.6392.721
back to bay back to base okay hold on395.365.279
yeah that's definitely a scientist398.43.76
this game hates us like every time we400.6393.28
try to go out and do something it's pigs402.164.479
scientists jesus christ all right get403.9194.321
naked and do a hail mary or something go406.6394.241
for it okay408.242.64
got baddies everywhere412.883.68
this night vision sucks417.366.16
oh it's the worst oh god there yeah420.05.28
this isn't gonna be good423.523.92
i'll have to sneak425.286.08
man this could this could go really427.445.199
come on431.363.6
come at me bro432.6395.041
oh no437.683.68
two of them438.882.48
going apes445.0392.72
yeah all right good luck446.243.359
i got my eye on you from a distance why447.7595.601
are there pigs eggs pigs pigs no i449.5995.921
don't see any pigs just hey if you're453.364.8
naked just run for it okay make it make455.524.32
at least noises possible what should i458.163.2
do when i get there459.843.6
did you grab a land mine yeah put a461.363.76
landmine in front of their door okay463.443.92
then wait okay465.123.68
you're doing great you're doing great i467.363.519
can't say anything i just run towards468.83.519
the base you're fine470.8792.401
there's a scientist i think473.283.84
chasing you i'm getting shot at i know475.284.65
that's a scientist he's chasing you okay477.124.479
oh what is this what is going on here482.46.32
what is going on here485.5994.401
watch out for spikes490.03.479
oh i see you up there too502.724.64
it's not letting me lay it down505.363.92
what why i don't know507.364.239
oh really it's [ __ ] might be too509.284.639
close no that's [ __ ]511.5995.961
whoa what's that513.9193.641
the hell was that521.122.96
too dark way too dark oh yeah no [ __ ]524.323.519
it's way too dark can't see anything526.3993.281
nice try though not really527.8393.761
yeah so you couldn't put down the mine529.683.52
it was like red like it wouldn't place531.63.52
so yeah i don't know533.23.199
that's yeah i feel like they've been535.122.48
putting mines all over the front of our536.3992.641
house yeah how come we can't do it to537.62.64
them it could have been the ground539.042.88
wasn't even or i don't know it was so540.243.2
dark anyway541.924.7
did the best i could543.445.77
this could get hairy560.83.52
risk and reward562.722.88
here we go564.322.959
oh yeah565.63.2
get rid of that there we go572.3995.041
i might be able to get the next drop574.644.72
there's another horse577.444.32
this horse island oh i see579.364.08
see a bluey581.763.92
but does he see me583.444.95
and i hear a chicken585.685.9
where him at592.04.08
oh i think he's walking away from it593.923.68
here we go596.082.96
okay good597.62.88
getting out of here599.044.56
man i knew thicker 44 could do it600.485.039
all right603.65.919
hi-ho other stolen horse605.5194.0
i think was looting the airdrop neebs oh610.483.599
yeah that's what it said okay so they're612.323.44
over there now oh you think doraleous is614.0793.44
by himself i could try to hail mary i615.763.6
put the good gum gun up i got a shotgun617.5194.32
can we go with you uh if you want to if619.364.4
we go together he's he's over there okay621.8393.281
what we're gonna do we're gonna swing a623.762.72
different way than what we usually do625.124.36
how do you get up this way651.042.96
can we get up this way maybe not maybe654.884.399
not maybe not [ __ ]656.723.679
no jesus659.2792.961
right here absolutely found the spot660.3994.161
yeah can you get up i think so come to662.242.98
yeah okay all right here you668.03.519
watching go mines673.442.959
oh there's a turret here682.484.56
does it work it doesn't seem to open i684.565.839
see it doraleous inside687.043.359
yeah i can't put mine's here692.243.44
maybe he'll come outside maybe so696.244.0
stand right here on him soon as he opens701.124.8
the door okay703.042.88
should i knock711.922.24
would be funny714.162.799
hold on i'm coming i'm coming725.63.359
i'm in728.0794.88
okay i can't close the door um hold on728.9596.0
all right got all the doors [ __ ]732.9593.201
he's gonna spawn on his bed where's his734.9594.241
bed i don't know up here736.166.56
come on oh no he's down destroy his bed739.25.12
there we go sorry742.722.799
i love you744.322.639
how do we destroy these beds can you can745.5192.88
you build a wall build a wall around the746.9593.68
door uh no i can't i can't even interact748.3993.601
with the door i can't close it i know750.6393.601
but uh author authorize yourself right752.03.76
here on the cupboard authorize myself in754.243.039
the covered house just go up to it click755.763.28
it click it and then authorize clear757.2794.0
authorized list authorized open oh yeah759.043.68
i'm sticking i'm taking this [ __ ] if761.2792.881
they're wood their base is gonna start762.723.679
falling apart okay um764.164.08
keep an eye outside the door we gotta766.3993.761
watch the door watch the windows can you768.243.599
build walls around doors i'm working i'm770.164.239
going as fast as i can man okay nope and771.8394.8
build it on the inside too there we go774.3994.0
we need shutters on these windows776.6393.76
reinforce them yeah but i took the wood778.3992.721
gotcha is this part of our base now781.123.92
it's part of their base it'll crumble783.23.28
but if they can't get back inside that785.043.52
could be good786.483.68
hey maybe all right788.562.8
let's loot their [ __ ] and then let's get790.163.04
out okay okay watch the windows oh yeah791.363.12
look at all this ammo look at all this793.22.879
[ __ ] all these [ __ ] guns the windows794.483.12
are wide open i know that let's get796.0793.76
their [ __ ] and go okay oh have they got797.63.919
a level two workbench how'd they get a799.8392.881
level two workbench i don't know they801.5192.721
must have got some scrap in the drops or802.723.52
something it's yeah the these weapons804.242.96
are the most important you get all the806.242.719
weapons i got some weapons all right807.23.36
take this stone throw this stone out808.9593.68
okay yeah the base is just gonna start810.564.959
falling apart812.6394.32
all right we got to get back to our base815.5194.961
as soon as possible816.9593.521
this is good this is really good this is821.043.84
good what else can we take just let's822.723.6
suck it let's not get greedy let's go824.883.12
okay right behind you we gotta jump and826.324.319
run yep okay these guys they got solar828.03.76
up here yeah god they're way more830.6392.401
advanced than we are we got some great831.764.0
stuff let's go let's go okay oh my god833.044.96
oh we're on top now baby uh we're doing839.924.24
better we got all this [ __ ] oh i'm gonna842.483.12
go home and just watch their face844.163.119
crumble from a distance watch for845.64.679
oh god862.162.88
there's someone right865.042.98
the [ __ ] is going on here866.722.479
who are you869.1994.241
who is that871.1994.161
thought i saw someone873.443.92
how is this place not875.364.64
completely blown up now877.364.96
what the hell882.323.04
they must have everything885.365.52
i don't want that [ __ ]888.244.88
oh my god890.884.079
oh no whoops893.124.159
wrong wrong button894.9595.841
huh god i [ __ ] up again897.2795.441
why didn't they take everything900.84.56
what's going on here902.724.88
get that on905.363.52
this god910.8396.281
where's thick what the [ __ ]914.0795.44
[ __ ] like there's did they leave us917.125.519
ammo what919.5194.56
hey come on come on922.6393.041
yeah ready yeah we're gonna go in the924.0795.44
woods this time uh yeah okay okay925.683.839
i can't believe how well we're doing931.123.76
today we're done really finally finally932.484.479
the rust gods have shined upon us i know934.883.68
it took forever i feel like we had a936.9593.761
good run even if we lose this thing hey938.564.0
listen yeah hey we went out fighting940.723.359
that's right like we were the underdogs942.562.8
we were at the bottom now yeah we're944.0793.2
back on top yep maybe i don't see that945.362.8
today i don't know what they have they947.2792.56
have a level two workbench they should948.163.039
have so much more than us and thick949.8392.481
probably does so we got to be like951.1992.56
that's that's the guy we really gotta952.323.04
work uh worry about we gotta worry about953.7593.52
dick yep he's got a ton of stuff on him955.364.399
sure we didn't loot doraleous his body957.2794.24
either [ __ ] yeah i did i got everything959.7594.64
okay i got all of it kid961.5194.081
did they grab964.3992.56
they didn't even grab965.64.0
just half my i'm so confused966.9595.361
are they being friendly969.65.039
oh wow972.323.68
i'm gonna have a [ __ ] heart attack974.6392.961
with this976.04.079
there's my shotgun what977.63.44
how'd they get so dumb in this981.043.359
oh boy what a986.564.0
what a hoot988.884.0
yeah that's993.364.479
that's adorable that's really funny995.043.919
i guess i'm stuck here forever998.9594.56
jesus christ1001.925.32
they're the biggest idiots1003.5193.721
the wall still holding neebs perfect1022.327.04
anybody inside1029.365.199
yeah let's see there's one inside1031.0393.52
freeze [ __ ]1037.0394.321
whoa whoa whoa whoa what the [ __ ]1038.885.679
whoa freeze i think i see you at freeze1041.366.319
i'm not gonna i will breathe damn it1044.5595.761
freeze outside so i'm not gonna freeze1047.6795.441
why wouldn't1050.322.8
do you see him neebs yeah he's on top oh1055.843.76
shoot him i can't shoot him i don't have1058.03.12
a good one he's also1059.64.88
can't aim like he's not good1061.124.32
okay oh wait he just fell down1065.443.599
he's on his name1068.085.04
no no no no no i'm uh i'm i'm fine1069.0396.081
you look hurt i feel great i've never1073.123.6
felt better you look like you had a1075.124.16
rough night breaking no1076.723.6
you kind of look like you're bleeding1079.285.519
out up there okay dude i'm so good1080.324.479
i'm good mind your own business you1086.483.68
little peeping tom1088.164.72
okay anything in that uh smell today uh1090.166.399
neebs oh yeah hold up um medals and1092.886.72
stuff uh how's your guys day uh it's1096.5595.521
been pretty good so far i feel like1099.63.68
oh no1102.081.96
neebs this is going swimmingly all right1107.0393.041
let's get back to our base it can turn1108.482.8
all it takes is thick to be at our base1111.284.63
yeah and then like yeah really messed up1113.524.08
he's safe out here then1117.63.36
this little thing they made that was all1119.523.519
safe i'll just hide here1120.964.079
[ __ ]1123.0393.601
i should put these land mines around1125.0393.841
their base shouldn't i um sure you know1126.643.84
kind of a why not they did it to us1128.883.52
let's do it to them kind of thing yep1130.483.36
all right give me a second1132.44.32
what's that what's that i don't know1133.844.32
oh it's a turret1136.723.28
oh they got a turret1138.163.2
shooting the wall1140.02.4
now we're going home yes go home okay1145.844.32
we're back1150.162.8
poor doraleous1151.63.36
kind of feeling for him right now i know1152.963.92
i like drivers he didn't kill me with a1154.964.4
land mine though so sweet revenge yeah1156.883.679
and that might have been him that killed1159.366.16
me earlier but i was attacking his place1160.5597.761
[ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ]1165.525.12
oh boy1168.325.28
oh boy i'm gonna die1170.645.039
oh my god get1173.64.48
back and forth back and forth to and fro1178.964.88
to and fro what the hell these guys are1180.965.599
not the back1183.842.719
[ __ ]1188.02.32
we got attacked be careful watch out1194.484.0
they were just here well you know what i1196.724.0
gotta run if they're oh did you just1198.484.0
close the door can you open that door1200.724.24
yeah but but good luck1202.484.559

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