Killed by a LIVING ISLAND?! - Valheim

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! If you're a fan of the Valheim series, you're in for a treat because in the latest video, the wh...
Killed by a LIVING ISLAND?! - Valheim
Killed by a LIVING ISLAND?! - Valheim

Killed by a LIVING ISLAND?! - Valheim

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another Valheim adventure! Today, we're gonna sail to battle The Elder and maybe get killed by a living island, who knows!

simon: Oh man, Thick's back! It's gonna be chaos from start to finish, I can feel it. And hey, who wouldn't want to get killed by a living island? Sounds like a blast!

appsro: Toys for Tits, Cultivator Grinding, and a Living Island? Count me in! This is gonna be one epic voyage, guys. Can't wait to see how we handle this madness!

neebs: I'm just hoping we finally get a shield at long last! And of course, gotta plug that Neebs Gaming Coffee. It's the fuel that keeps us going on these crazy adventures!

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! If you're a fan of the Valheim series, you're in for a treat because in the latest video, the whole gang is back together and ready to take on The Elder. It's time to gear up, set sail, and embark on an epic adventure filled with laughs, challenges, and maybe even a little chaos along the way.

As the team prepares to face The Elder, you can expect some hilarious banter, strategic planning, and of course, plenty of shenanigans. From Thick's triumphant return to the group dynamic that we all know and love, this video is sure to keep you entertained from start to finish.

And if you're itching to catch up on all the Valheim action, don't forget to check out the full playlist on the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel. Whether you're a seasoned Valheim player or just a casual viewer looking for some entertainment, this series has something for everyone.

So grab a cup of Neebs Gaming Coffee, sit back, and enjoy the ride as the gang sets sail, battles The Elder, and embarks on a journey that is bound to be filled with excitement, laughter, and maybe even a few surprises along the way. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button, join the Patreon community, and connect with other fans on Discord. It's time to dive into the world of Valheim with Neebs Gaming - let the adventure begin!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Man, the latest Valheim video from Neebs Gaming is an absolute blast! It's so great to see the whole crew back together again - Thick44 returns! His energy and humor add so much to the dynamic.

The banter between the guys as they gear up and prepare to take on The Elder boss is comedy gold. Their chemistry is just the best. You can tell they're all having a total ball playing together.

And the voyage they go on to reach The Elder is an epic adventure in itself. Running into that crazy living island was a trip! The way Neebs Gaming weaves cinematic storytelling into their gameplay is fantastic. It makes you feel like you're right there with them.

By the end when they finally make landfall and it descends into chaos, I was on the edge of my seat. Their reactions are priceless. It's just nonstop entertainment from start to finish.

Seriously, watching Neebs Gaming play Valheim is the next best thing to playing it yourself. The production quality is insane - it's like you're watching a movie! And their personalities shine through so much. I always look forward to their new Valheim videos.

Neebs Gaming is hands down my favorite gaming channel. Their cinematic approach brings games to life in such a fun and immersive way. If you're looking for entertaining gameplay with great chemistry between friends, look no further! I can't recommend their Valheim series enough. It's an absolute must-watch.

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boy i don't know what the hell3.287.279
i'm doing in this game here we go anyone6.485.44
back here hello10.5595.04
hello hey how are you where are you11.926.0
i can't see you oh you can't okay i15.5994.481
could see you17.925.76
well well well if it isn't me and you20.087.439
yes how are you i'm not doing well23.687.04
how are you great feel fantastic i have27.5193.76
a bow30.722.24
i gotta i gotta go to the other porthole31.2793.28
that's around here right32.963.84
like outside the other one i've been34.5593.121
away so36.83.759
i i'm gonna follow you to a follow me37.684.64
follow me you show me the way40.5593.281
you haven't been here all right that's42.323.2
right you have you are here43.844.96
all right okay here we go hey what's up45.528.0
daddy run through you know hey hey hey48.84.72
i'm on fire what y'all got oh my god you53.923.52
guys look great56.483.44
yeah i know we look good we got a cart57.443.919
full of copper that we're gonna take59.923.2
back to the uh the old base and start61.3592.88
cooking the copper63.123.2
okay all right i want a copper shield do64.2393.281
they make shields66.322.72
i don't know if they make shields but if67.523.44
we all you know had some copper weapons69.042.96
or at least copper armor70.962.479
that'd be great because we got to work72.03.119
towards fighting the elder boss73.4394.641
i think okay just wait just wait till75.1194.721
they die of natural causes right78.084.399
we could do that no i i think he's a god79.843.279
elder to me sounds like he's an old83.1193.841
yeah all right but we're uh neebs i86.963.6
think we're ready are you going to pick89.522.88
this up or you want me to pick this up90.564.32
i'll do it sure why not you got to get92.43.6
in the middle remember94.884.72
that's right yeah get in the middle pick96.05.439
do it up know where oh that looks cool99.63.6
do you guys know where my stuff might be101.4393.601
all right i gotta look at my map don't i103.23.919
[ __ ] there you go yeah you died in the105.043.92
woods like behind me i think107.1194.801
okay well i see where dora is so yeah108.963.519
let's head the door how about that uh112.4793.521
yeah all right but i'm i'm i'm running114.0793.201
the door i'm leading the way116.03.68
thick i'm leading the way you're trying117.283.36
damn it yep119.682.64
it should work right no no you ran right120.643.759
into a log now i'm stuck122.323.92
okay going around yeah push it back put124.3994.0
your back really126.244.239
right right yep okay i should have128.3993.281
driven the damn thing yep130.4793.681
you gave me the option yeah take a break131.684.4
yeah i need you134.169.68
we're doing it136.087.76
door should be up here so somewhere else163.5993.601
yep yep there's a purple thing over165.5992.961
there though you saw that right it's a167.22.399
spawner yeah168.562.56
we'll have to we'll have to take care of169.5993.681
that all right simon171.124.24
i should be yep i should be very close173.283.28
right uh-huh175.364.799
of course i am right there yes176.567.039
ah and take all180.1595.601
hahaha that's very nice oh wow i183.5993.36
actually got everything185.764.64
is dora in here probably burial chambers186.9597.681
yeah let's enter hey190.47.119
hey dora how's it going dora ah man i'm194.644.0
glad you guys made it back197.5193.44
simon here hey yeah yeah i'm right here198.643.36
i put my clothes on200.9592.801
i got your sword bud i just want to make202.03.68
sure that you i disappear203.763.36
i appreciate that you know what i'm205.682.8
going to give you for the sword i'm207.122.24
going to give you something i'm going to208.481.92
give you a nice present209.363.599
no i don't want210.42.559
you don't get the wood that's fun all214.1594.241
right hey uh is this place cleared out215.766.64
nope huh okay but can i uh my sword back218.47.52
you want it okay yeah but you said222.45.199
there's a level two skeleton right225.923.12
around this left corner227.5993.041
you want to light it up for me please i229.043.36
will i'm just gonna give this sword back230.642.879
to mr needy people232.44.0
look yeah yeah that's me oh thank you233.5193.92
that did it236.44.72
there oh237.4393.681
level two level two right down here i242.563.92
already killed the spawner down the way244.9592.161
okay all right let's take a looky look247.126.88
yeah you will oh hey you see him250.1596.161
oh yeah you do oh yeah let's see ah254.04.239
smack pal smack pals256.325.12
oh that was hitch okay nice258.2396.481
coins i'm getting that coinage261.448.4
rubbish what's in there264.725.12
let's head back that other way actually270.43.92
there's a door right here272.245.92
ready yeah oh oh god oh god it's a ghost274.325.36
oh no i don't i don't want to deal with278.163.84
a ghost can you deal with those279.684.48
oh i might be able to oh there's two of282.03.52
them oh [ __ ]284.163.2
i don't know how to do that move careful285.523.52
one pull back pull back yeah that's a287.362.48
lot that's pull out289.042.56
pull out always pull out yeah that's289.843.04
yeah expensive stuff291.66.24
oh guys guys292.884.96
all right that was harry yeah let's304.04.479
let's just regroup right here306.04.479
but then harry met the hendersons didn't308.4793.44
he ah310.4794.481
he also met sally yep that was a weird311.9194.56
relationship okay hey i'm314.964.48
uh is this place cleared out fully now316.4793.601
no no no not at all all right i'm gonna320.083.36
heal up a little bit and322.02.56
then we gotta go to the right move323.442.64
forward yeah but you got this all clear324.562.639
that that one room was it326.083.44
simon's checking no i'm not oh that's327.1994.401
right you're not all right329.525.119
this wasn't clear thick okay now331.64.8
i just got shot in the face down there334.6393.441
didn't we just run from ghosts down here338.083.119
i mean how the hell do340.164.0
we know it's clear oh yeah that oh yeah341.1993.921
i do see a guy344.162.56
hold up let me take care of this why is345.123.76
this red oh no wrong button346.724.96
yeah all right he's burning oh tit for348.883.84
cop toots dude for scoot toys for tits352.727.12
nice more gold oh my gosh356.03.84
toys for tits drive that sounds great360.883.599
yeah toys for tits who's not going to362.723.599
want to give some toys to see some tits364.4792.72
yeah that should be a stripper thing367.1995.44
that should be damn right368.963.679 that's that's taken you373.04.28
know it is375.66.24
by you377.284.56
yeah do you have any core wood yeah oh382.723.52
hook me up okay385.1992.56
i'm over here yeah yeah yeah just throw386.243.76
it down there i'm sweaty because i'm387.7593.601
overweight i got a lot of bronze in my390.03.039
you got it i do oh neebs yeah i'm making393.0395.121
something good for you396.84.56
oh yeah absolutely all right398.165.92
is it a bronze shield no i am putting401.365.92
you in charge of what you do best neebs404.085.6
you are now the proud owner of a407.283.44
a cultivator that's right okay410.726.4
hold on a second here oh hey guys hey414.243.76
what's up thick417.123.84
not much man you guys just look so good418.04.24
neems look at that yeah how does this422.243.6
oh well poseidon yeah he's a farmer now425.843.44
you can go out you can428.42.48
you can actually cultivate land we can429.283.199
plant crops okay i can make430.883.84
good damn food neebs you're the town432.4793.201
cook now wow434.723.36
okay so i love that yeah out here in the435.684.48
field uh yeah if you want to go out438.082.959
there in the field440.162.96
walk me through this i'm i'm watching441.0393.521
you through this can i put a garden443.122.88
right here right in front of the power444.562.32
little one huh446.02.88
in front of the door yeah neebs maybe446.883.12
not in front of the door448.882.96
uh yeah you know what neebs if we well450.03.44
if we establish a farm be good to have451.842.56
it behind walls453.442.24
right here like a little strip right454.42.72
here yeah we can do a little step right455.682.959
there all right first things first you457.123.04
know turn your damn hood on so you can458.6392.881
actually see what the [ __ ] you're doing460.162.479
i can see what i'm doing461.523.04
okay so now the cultivator if you're462.6392.96
holding it in your hand you should be464.561.84
able to right-click465.5992.081
uh-huh kind of works kind of the same466.42.799
way as a building tool and you have467.682.079
cultivate grass carrots all right so469.7594.16
yeah oh there you go all right473.9195.921
does anybody have any carrot seeds or uh477.1994.641
not usually what is it beet seeds479.843.28
i think carrot seeds are found in the481.844.24
dark forest nobody has seeds not only483.124.72
i don't have seeds i don't know i don't486.084.16
know god we're the worst farmers no well487.843.44
we didn't know we were farming490.242.88
just neebs he's the farmer yeah it's491.284.08
true jump don't put this on i'm farming493.122.96
i didn't know495.363.519
hey listen i i actually have a fur cone496.084.08
but all that's going to do is grow a498.8791.76
so yeah no we don't want to do a fur500.6393.84
cone i think you can plant trees502.4794.0
actually neebs so oh yeah you know what504.4793.12
actually that'd be good to have here506.4792.081
take this tree farm507.5993.04
this is a pine cone okay all right now508.563.839
let's plant a nice pine this will be i510.6392.721
need oh man i need to512.3993.681
flip that door around maybe maybe like513.363.28
out here516.082.079
out here somewhere see if you can plant516.643.44
a nice pine nice pine518.1594.24
right here yeah sure why not who gives a520.083.839
[ __ ] there we go you don't have to522.3992.88
cultivate the land before you plant a523.9192.48
pineapple oh you don't525.2793.921
okay so then uh right click yeah and if526.3993.281
you have529.22.88
uh pine tree and option there you go529.685.599
there we go hey look at that532.085.36
what a cultivator you are yeah that's535.2793.601
gonna grow into a nice537.444.64
big healthy pine this will be our family538.883.76
i got seeds oh see542.647.199
you got seeds545.764.079
here we go okay three carrot seeds oh554.166.56
carrot seeds oh got it some carrots557.444.0
uh-huh you guys i just learned to really561.443.44
like carrots recently563.362.88
by the way oh really it's pretty564.883.36
delicious it's good for you yeah i like566.242.88
cooking carrots568.243.36
see i like cooked carrots not not the569.123.279
other kind571.63.52
of gotcha interesting i love them both572.3994.321
all right we're growing some carrots yes575.123.12
three of them but hey it's a start576.724.32
yeah they're looking good oh neebs you578.244.8
can make a cooking pot you can make all581.042.799
kinds of good583.042.96
stew i'm gonna that's everybody gonna583.8393.281
work up an appetite586.03.68
okay cookie with a cultivator all right587.124.48
next plan of action does anybody know589.684.48
where the elder boss is located i do591.63.76
i thought we were gonna wait till594.163.04
they're dead tell who's no you595.364.159
jackass someone needs to take the boat597.24.079
go to the island where the elder boss is599.5193.921
located and establish an outpost601.2793.921
with a portal you know the drill we've603.444.0
done this before oh that's a long ride605.25.6
oh that's easy that's an easy long ride607.444.32
i'll take a nap610.89.039
i'll go611.768.079
oh man this is another one of those625.2793.281
moments where i'm like i'm not going to627.2793.521
see you guys for weeks628.564.24
oh is it going to be that long you think630.84.4
yeah yeah i'm like a sad widow watching632.84.32
you guys sail off to wherever the hell635.22.639
is you're going637.123.839
just take off your shirt yeah go oh yeah637.8394.481
if you're doing that yeah if you're640.9592.721
going to be the woman we've got642.323.36
spotlights on you the second yep yep yep643.683.68
you want to see the nipples come on645.684.08
oh oh oh oh there you go oh thank647.363.919
goodness sweetheart oh thick649.764.56
thick that is thick shake them honey651.2795.361
shake them yes there we go are they654.324.639
jiggling yeah they're jiggling good656.645.04
yeah that's a look yep fine nice thank658.9593.361
all right bye guys i find that662.324.32
comforting thank you663.684.08
dick did you figure out how to sell that666.643.84
thing by now yep i don't think he does i667.763.12
i'm pretty sure he doesn't have clue no670.883.84
that's fine672.643.68
yeah there you go open it up there you674.724.0
go all right good luck guys676.325.759
thank you thank you i miss you678.725.6
i'm vagina probably not bring back682.0793.44
something good684.322.72
i don't think you know how to know how685.5193.601
to sell that damn boat you just asked me687.043.44
that and i said yeah689.123.279
but he does it though it's obvious i'm690.483.44
just going against the wind i've got to692.3992.241
go around693.923.44
i see where i need to go right if you're694.644.56
going against the wind take the sails697.363.36
all the way up and just use that first699.23.199
little arrow it's just a little rower700.723.76
yeah go quicker absolutely when people702.3993.68
leave your house do you talk to them all704.482.88
the way down the road706.0795.041
yeah it's weird i like it though707.367.44
i miss your boobies goodbye711.126.159
i'm not going to answer that one i'll714.83.76
miss you717.2792.961
don't have i'm talking down don't don't718.564.079
know he just keeps going with it it's720.243.54
wow sad idiot sad725.046.799
in pain740.6395.2
yeah we'll have to747.22.72
can you go any quicker thick uh trying750.9594.961
now i'm gonna miss them756.246.5
nope what is this what is this thing771.044.32
does it have barnacles774.243.92
well it's a barnacle yeah okay yeah it's775.364.4
kind of barnacleish778.164.64
it's not a turtle is it i don't know um779.764.48
i don't see what you're talking about782.83.599
but okay him no no don't shoot784.244.48
don't just oh he already did oh yeah i786.3994.321
did and i i was way high way high788.723.359
uh oh wait wait wait wait wait wait wait790.721.679
wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait792.0792.481
wait wait wait though well don't792.3994.401
where we hit them we got contacts right794.563.36
should we just check it out796.82.88
and see the nipples they look like797.923.12
nipples little uh799.684.399
little uh uh tootsie rolls little um you801.043.84
know what i mean804.0794.0
i like this anus is this a giant turtle804.883.6
what is808.0792.481
what is happening you guys can check it808.483.52
out right check it out check it out810.562.8
check it out doing it be ready812.03.2
be ready for a quick escape it's an813.363.76
abyssal barnacle yeah you're right about815.23.439
the barnacle part817.126.399
they seem fine nicole okay818.6394.88
let me see let me see you know um let me824.83.92
just see about that827.684.48
whoops i can't punch him oh there's a828.725.359
that's a zero on that let me switch to832.164.799
my i don't have a uh yeah i have a834.0794.241
no that's a hoe [ __ ] i don't know836.9593.44
pickaxe yeah i don't have a pickaxe838.324.0
either i don't think now all right840.3993.761
watch the boat hold on well i'm sitting842.323.519
i do have uh844.165.359
some stuff here let's see oh wait845.8397.041
oh wait wait guys hold on849.5197.44
that's happening have we angered852.884.079
okay all right all right yeah that's879.2795.12
probably time to boogie huh881.1993.2
that doesn't sound good [ __ ]894.485.359
you're the captain you got to pull back901.123.36
pull back hold on902.883.759
i'm stirring i'm stirring i meant904.483.2
i'm steering what the hell just happened907.686.56
i don't know but i'm happy that i'm on911.683.599
the boat914.244.32
me too i'll get his stuff yeah his stuff915.2795.92
is right there i'm turning around sure918.563.12
i think that'd be important let me get921.683.599
rid of what's not for me923.5193.041
all right here look at this now i'm925.2793.36
straightening it out again going forward926.565.279
look at that i think yeah928.6395.601
so shouldn't we take his stuff and like931.8394.56
uh we could either build a portal right934.243.839
simon you're a smart man how did you936.3993.44
even think of that well i didn't hear938.0793.521
aydah just suggest it939.8394.8
oh i did oh okay941.66.32
go ahead grab it as [ __ ] i mean i think944.6395.44
i've got stuff i've got stuff to make a947.923.839
portal on me all right well what about950.0792.801
thick stuff that's right there that951.7592.161
might be952.882.56
he can come get it then he can come get953.923.279
it once he comes through the portal okay955.443.6
well i guess that sounds wonderful all957.1992.401
right so959.042.88
the closest coast the closest coasters959.65.44
closest coasters961.925.76
all right so this is this is the closest965.043.919
this happens967.682.719
pull back like slow down a little bit968.9593.201
let's see okay slowing down970.3993.521
pulling up the actually it's going972.163.599
faster now don't know why yeah973.923.76
and that's okay this is yeah let's just975.7594.08
crash it right here crash it right here977.682.64
okay okay all right all right um work980.324.16
badge i'm gonna stay in the water just982.483.84
in case we need to get away we're okay984.485.12
we have good [ __ ] calls yeah yeah986.326.56
bam bam we got a portal989.65.52
now i gotta name it right oh name it992.883.12
name it995.122.56
what was the what was the thing no996.03.12
what's the one to the other portal997.684.56
oh oh it's called uh elder999.126.399
elder elder it's the elderfight i think1002.244.24
it's held or something1005.5194.081
zelda something elder elder [ __ ] elder1006.483.919
oh boy yeah one i don't know1010.3994.721
i don't think there's any space i think1013.5193.44
it's all one word there was this1015.125.36
no there was a space simon word1016.9595.201
pretty sure there was a space i remember1020.483.68
here in space you don't listen i'm1022.163.2
pretty sure it was1024.163.759
i'm pretty sure i said all one word this1025.365.199
would be a good time for aydah to talk1027.9196.561
yeah else oh watch out oh support elder1030.5594.64
one all one word [ __ ] simon you're1035.1994.0
like nowhere near me1038.02.72
i know i don't know what the [ __ ]1039.1993.921
going on this boat's doing its own thing1040.724.319
i'm trying to control it now i feel like1043.124.079
now i know what thick was bitching about1045.0394.961
oh god all right coming to you bubba i1047.1993.6
elder port elder fort is it all one word1050.7994.161
or was there space1053.444.4
space [ __ ]1054.962.88
that's it baby all right listen now he1059.524.32
can he should be able to come in right1061.525.039
i think good salmon dory you're on the1063.843.44
other side1066.5594.641
[ __ ] yeah yeah yeah1067.283.92
okay pick come on through did you guys1071.764.32
make it to the elder boss1074.643.52
wait where's thing i don't know i'm just1076.083.36
hanging out by the portal waiting for it1078.162.24
to be activated1079.443.359
where are you guys at uh we uh had a1080.43.36
little mishap1082.7993.201
uh there was this island that sank and1083.763.52
then thick couldn't get on the boat and1086.03.6
he died so we just made a portal as1087.284.72
as close as we could to his stuff oh god1089.64.88
okay so if you see this tell him to come1092.03.2
through here1094.483.84
uh i haven't seen anything yeah where1095.24.479
the hell would he have1098.324.8
hmm well yeah you looked at the map1099.6796.321
ah no not yet i just built the portal oh1103.124.64
[ __ ] he's down there1106.04.16
he's making his okay i'm looking at him1107.764.08
on the map he's making his way to the1110.162.639
and there should be a portal there i1112.7993.201
hope he's okay1114.722.64
okay and then he'll come here and then1116.03.039
you can send him through the okay1117.363.52
he'll figure it out i'm gonna go make1119.0393.441
sure simon's okay1120.883.679
okay gotcha yeah i'll wait here for1122.483.36
thing he'll pop through this wood and1124.5592.24
then i'll send it1125.843.68
through this one this is a good day oh1126.7993.441
hey aydah1129.522.399
oh look at me i got the best armor in1130.244.0
the game1131.9192.321
i fly around i'm a god hey1134.326.239
thick hey i drowned i'm gonna go get it1137.524.8
yeah they got a portal gotcha yeah that1140.5593.281
yeah that's the portal they built for1142.323.28
you you pop right in there hey1143.844.4
remember just you know if you're in the1145.64.56
water just just stay still1148.245.52
okay hey aydah hey hey back hey guys1150.166.96
hey hey jumping hi bubby jump bad1153.765.76
what's up peter hi aydah hey duh you1157.123.76
know where my stuff is1159.523.76
or do i need to steer to my stuff yeah1160.883.84
why don't you steer to your stuff1163.284.56
yeah that's a good way to do it kate1164.727.92
yay we're all back together again1167.844.8
all right neebs uh-huh we got a good1176.883.44
chunk of bronze1179.23.44
oh yeah what are you making i don't know1180.323.84
let me see what i can make1182.643.12
i mean if we're gonna fight this uh this1184.163.2
elder boss uh-huh1185.764.159
everybody's gonna need decent armor oh1187.363.52
you know what1189.9193.201
this is for you you already gave me1190.884.24
something i know but you've been talking1193.123.6
about this for so long i want to give1195.122.72
this to you where'd you go1196.722.48
the shield i'm looking at what i can1197.844.24
cook can i cook this mead base1199.25.68
healing oh yeah mead mead would be great1202.083.92
i can't though1204.883.2
yeah you need more stuff yep more stuff1206.03.12
all right gotcha but hey1208.082.56
look you've been talking about this for1209.123.919
so long uh-huh this is for you1210.645.76
is it a shield it's a shield1213.0396.401
i was thought it was gonna be like nope1216.45.84
here's another farming tool nope you got1219.444.16
a shield baby1222.243.76
which i like whip it out baby you have1223.64.079
me believing there wasn't such a thing1226.04.159
no you got a bronze shield look at this1227.6793.281
oh man1230.1592.64
you're dead you're a damn warrior right1230.963.28
now i bet i could block1232.7994.561
uh freaking elderly people's1234.246.4
blows exactly we fight the elder elderly1237.366.72
bam right right1240.643.44
okay we're not too far away guys1249.443.76
hopefully there's1251.65.04
a way in through here i don't know it's1253.26.16
very rough is that a way right there1256.643.12
is that to the left1259.767.32
what what i kind of bet i bet we can go1267.24.0
it's like um this is like where you can1271.26.56
really show oh yeah yeah yeah oh this is1273.286.879
like the mississippi river of1277.763.6
actually that that doesn't look good1280.1593.041
that doesn't look good looks like a dead1281.362.96
end i'm swinging around1283.23.04
around okay i don't do that oh my god1284.323.12
what yeah doing1286.243.2
yeah those guys no they're like waiting1287.443.92
ready for any idiot who would go through1289.442.479
there right1291.362.4
look at this hell we gotta find an1291.9193.921
opening in here okay hey those guys are1293.763.12
we got snakes snakes behind the snakes1296.884.799
in the snakes in the water behind us in1299.9194.401
the water okay in the water1301.6794.161
what are we doing legion all right1304.323.12
that's the features all right yeah1305.842.719
that's different so you go1307.444.4
fast while i uh look at door1308.5595.281
shoot go ahead you get you're looking at1311.843.04
dora's shoot1313.843.44
what's that mean door door shot it oh i1314.883.679
thought i thought you said you were1317.282.16
looking at his1318.5594.081
shoot like no i'm looking1319.446.4
at i'm looking at dora shoot good1322.646.8
job good job what color is it1325.845.92
blood red now yep i think it was red1329.443.68
before but you know1331.763.76
look at all these guys just waiting it's1333.123.2
they are do you think they specifically1336.323.359
were like1338.7992.961
yep there's gonna be some some guys1339.6793.12
coming around1341.763.44
yeah kinda and you know that they're1342.7994.721
lonely and they're looking for a new wet1345.23.12
yeah right door doors shoot yeah right1348.323.839
up in my chute1351.0393.281
yep and you know what guys sorry guys1352.1593.281
these holes1354.324.4
they're already filled yeah ah1355.446.719
yeah sorry yep plug life yo1358.727.68
that's right live1362.1597.281
slap it on a shirt1366.43.04
look live1369.529.44
i wonder if this is a decent area1374.646.48
it doesn't look bad okay i'm turning god1378.963.76
you just completely turned around yeah1381.123.76
this is very very rough water1382.724.24
yeah odds are no it's not a decent area1384.883.279
i don't know how we're going to find1386.962.24
like this1388.1593.441
happy place to land but we'll see let's1389.23.28
cross our fingers1391.63.68
possibly that oh i see a spawner oh in1392.483.76
the distance there1395.282.96
maybe this maybe this is a bit of a1396.243.6
peninsula here that we can1398.244.4
host up at yeah that looks like a good1399.844.16
spot right there1402.644.159
i don't see anything threatening right1404.04.159
yet but over the lip there's probably1406.7992.801
about 50 guys waiting1408.1594.321
all right okay let's see let's see it's1409.63.76
a movie1412.483.199
oh losing the boat you're losing the1413.364.16
boat don't drive it simon bring it back1415.6792.161
i i i fell out right so now i'm gonna1417.843.839
try to get it1420.722.88
oh my stamina you know what happens with1421.6794.081
that [ __ ]1423.64.72
yeah there you go simon how do i get the1425.764.08
sail down again i forget yeah1428.323.28
all right you're doing fighting well1429.843.439
right now i wasn't fighting well1431.64.16
you getting hit out here oh no there you1433.2794.481
go yep yep they're coming at you i'm1435.763.279
trying to cut them off with the boat1437.762.159
come on [ __ ]1439.0393.041
i like that all right let's get myself1439.9194.481
better okay now i'm stuck again1442.084.479
that's not good easy just get off the1444.43.92
boat just get off the boat okay i'm1446.5592.081
get off the boat help out all right1448.649.6
helping out with the sword1450.649.919
oh no wait [ __ ] you know what i have1458.243.679
like practically no health1460.5594.0
because i forgot to eat oh [ __ ] take1461.9193.041
them out1464.5593.281
i got them take them out take them out1464.963.68
there we go all right good i got there's1468.644.8
a ton of them over there1472.06.559
okay so guys holy [ __ ] ton of guys1473.445.119
let's get the hell out of here i don't1478.722.64
want to drive in the boat come on get in1480.082.56
the boat get in the boat get in the boat1481.363.12
everyone in the boat run to the boat run1482.644.32
run run1484.482.48
no no no get away from me don't hit me1487.763.36
hit him get him1489.522.8
hold on give him marriage all right1491.124.48
sorry i'm hitting i'm gonna fire myself1492.325.92
oh my god now he's a captain i'm hitting1495.63.199
captain ray door i swear to god1498.7995.441
it's time to follow me coming out all1502.723.12
right oh thick yes okay1504.243.6
following you all right adventure come1505.843.68
back to land i am1507.845.0
holy [ __ ] here we go let's get on the1509.526.32
oh god get back get out of here1516.323.92
come on first time oh god the boat's1524.324.64
that's a problem come on run1528.966.8
we're fine oh bro why's that deer so big1532.5596.561
running running almost seems pleasant1535.767.039
here doesn't it yeah guys i i am very1539.126.08
nervous that our boat is broken1542.7993.921
don't go that way don't go that way1545.23.92
things are bad there's a spawner1546.723.839
oh god they're rigging our butts guys1549.122.64
they're on our butts they're on our1550.5591.761
oh i see i see where the elder thing is1552.324.0
all right yeah just make a portal1554.5592.961
because we know we're close no matter1556.322.479
what so why would we1557.523.6
yeah yeah okay well wow there's like six1558.7993.841
great that that's not good1561.123.679
six to eight on me i'm not fighting1562.643.76
these guys i'm gonna die1564.7997.041
yeah real quick let's [ __ ] run out1566.45.44
can you just run and make a portal1573.0394.321
somewhere okay1574.965.199
i am not i need to run away oh my god1577.364.88
they're everywhere1580.1595.52
guys i'm running like a [ __ ]1582.246.559
oh oh my god portal1585.6795.12
make that portal yeah like i can because1588.7993.681
i'm being chased by all of them1590.7993.681
but you're not being chased by all of1592.484.72
them because i'm getting chased1594.484.319
oh right here this is a good spot this1597.22.88
is good i gotta i'm making them work i'm1598.7993.281
making a work bench right here1600.084.64
oh they're right no [ __ ] they're on my1602.084.079
oh my god this is the craziest [ __ ] i1606.1595.441
don't know what's happening1608.882.72
what is happening why are you so far1618.43.2
away from them1620.04.799
get close this is a bad place no i can't1621.64.959
do the portal i'm missing portals1624.7994.801
no requirement pull this down all right1626.5594.961
what does it come to it oh i gotta we1629.63.92
just gotta name it we just gotta name it1631.524.88
elder space port i know i'm getting away1633.524.32
we gotta lure these away1636.44.32
i'm luring two they're all following me1637.843.52
guys i almost ran in the air blue dwarf1641.366.24
shot is that a slime i've never seen a1644.485.04
oh my god oh dude1649.525.12
there's things spawning all over the1652.7993.681
place i just need to name this [ __ ]1654.642.56
what is it elder what horton elders face1657.24.079
capital rt bam no i didn't1661.767.039
no no door staying still simon's going1665.2794.481
thick's moving away uh-oh door just1669.765.6
does that mean he's dead probably yeah1675.63.36
this is not1678.1593.841
good uh is so there's1678.964.88
no portal and things need to be named1682.03.52
can you all just please leave me alone1683.843.839
because i'm like a little flea over here1685.522.879
i'm like1687.6794.081
oh blob the [ __ ] loves1688.3996.561
what the [ __ ] are blobs okay1691.766.24
okay okay okay oh jesus screw you screw1694.963.76
all right i'm i'm i am a little enough1698.723.439
oh come on1701.522.56
come on i love it i've got i've got all1702.1594.321
my food eaten1704.084.8
okay i gotta get high ground gotta get1706.484.16
high ground oh if i can1708.884.56
if i can find a cave only fix left neebs1710.643.519
just one1713.443.119
yeah just one two down one to go yeah1714.1593.681
this is pretty resourceful though i mean1716.5592.321
yeah maybe1717.844.48
maybe you can pull this one off1718.885.44
come on gotta be able to lose them1722.323.28
they're idiots1724.324.239
oh that's another one1725.62.959
they're still behind me i can hear them1729.363.199
i can smell them i can taste them1730.7995.521
oh god this isn't gonna end well1732.5594.471
disappear he disappeared dick's dead1750.884.96
i should probably go with him next time1754.083.04
why do you say that1755.8412.0
because i know what i'm doing okay1757.1210.72
put it1770.4813.199

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