Wipe Day Comeback??? - RUST PVP

Hey guys, it's the final day of our Rust versus season and I am beyond excited to see who comes out on top! If you're a fan of intense gamep...
Wipe Day Comeback??? - RUST PVP
Wipe Day Comeback??? - RUST PVP

Wipe Day Comeback??? - RUST PVP

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neebs: Oh man, that Rust PVP video was epic! Did you see my amazing comeback at the end?

simon: Ha! Your comeback was nothing compared to my sneaky tactics throughout the whole game. I had everyone fooled!

appsro: Guys, guys, let's be real here. My skills were unmatched in that video. I was the true MVP of that Wipe Day.

neebs: Oh please, Appsro. We all know I carried the team to victory with my strategic plays and quick reflexes.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, it's the final day of our Rust versus season and I am beyond excited to see who comes out on top! If you're a fan of intense gameplay and hilarious commentary, you're definitely going to want to check out this video.

We're playing on Survival Servers, and let me tell you, things are getting heated. The competition is fierce and the stakes are high. Who will emerge victorious? You'll have to watch the video to find out!

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well neebs yeah somebody died out here1.043.44
is this why the server shut down yeah4.484.24
it's like some sort of halloween update6.7993.041
why they do that in the middle i don't8.724.4
know drop coming in see that oh no oh do9.844.959
we do it no hell no look at us we're13.123.12
sitting on we're sitting on top okay14.7993.121
unless it drops right on top like if16.243.52
we're to go right now drop it come on17.923.439
right now drop it drop it drop it it's19.763.359
gonna drop it right on them they need it21.3592.961
they can't even get into their damn23.1193.681
house look at that it goes yeah right on24.324.52
top of them26.84.559
yeah i mean if you want to get naked and28.844.12
go for it go for it31.3593.441
should we just get naked and go yeah32.965.02
let's do it let's do it make it go34.837.539
this drop is dropping right on me73.365.759
oh my god76.966.0
i am coming thick yeah man i can see oh79.1195.521
my god i'm gonna hide in a bush in case82.964.08
those guys come then i'll flank them84.645.76
flank stallone oh there's a bear okay87.045.119
all right i'm going for it go for it get90.45.52
it get it all fig i need stuff92.1595.841
oh god is it near that it's near that uh95.924.72
outpost are they gonna shoot me98.05.28
yeah son of a [ __ ] it sucks it to tell100.643.36
cause like now i know he's there which104.03.6
is completely unfair can i get down this105.65.199
way oh clearly not107.63.199
good stuff good stuff112.964.32
get all the good stuff and uh yeah114.963.519
all right you're gonna have to break117.282.56
down a wall so we can get back in our118.4794.0
place all right i'll see you up there119.846.239
hold on i i feel like i hear footsteps122.4796.801
it's probably a bluebee126.0795.041
maybe it's not a bluebee oh129.284.0
oh boy where'd they flank from where131.123.6
they flanked from all right no they133.282.88
didn't flank134.722.8
i killed the bluebee136.165.84
oh god scared the [ __ ] out of me137.526.16
where are you son of a [ __ ] i got an142.03.92
arrow coming right to your [ __ ] head143.683.279
oh god145.922.399
all right i'm there i don't see him with146.9593.761
this one148.3192.401
oh boy yep i got he seen me153.364.48
who's that157.924.24
no it's me159.5192.641
hey how you doing pretty good i'm my164.43.89
heel up166.84.719
oh i got a compound bow for doraleous171.5194.08
doraleous thank you173.764.16
count pound bow175.5994.64
where's the other idiot oh i don't know177.923.679
it's a pseudo-railing that's okay hey180.2393.121
yeah he's got he's got some clothes we181.5993.601
have to be careful we might not be alone183.363.12
what's the automatic rifle186.484.32
was that those guys what is that188.45.04
is that those guys190.85.68
oh neebs yeah i wonder if the explosion193.444.24
we heard was them trying to get back196.483.679
into the house oh you think yeah maybe197.684.8
hmm kind of want to go over and peek but200.1594.481
that's ridiculous right are they in can202.484.479
you how have we not found binoculars yet204.643.84
that's crazy i don't know well we got206.9593.28
some good loot now we got all these guns208.483.839
and ammo nothing in this box that's your210.2394.321
box that's it well yeah that's just my212.3194.161
box okay i'll make that just your box214.563.759
okay i'm trying to see if i see them216.484.8
inside right and i don't see a pig what218.3194.721
if we just made a ton of grenades that's221.283.519
one of the one things we can make223.044.16
one okay we only with a level one yeah224.7994.08
okay make a ton of grenades okay you227.23.119
know we got the gunpowder yep because228.8792.401
yeah i don't think there's any way we're230.3192.48
gonna get uh enough scrap by the end of231.283.039
this to make the damn uh workbench232.7992.72
they're shooting at me go inside go234.3192.721
inside okay235.5193.44
yeah you kept talking i said i was like237.043.52
goodbye and you kept talking well you238.9593.041
could you can hear me from down here240.563.44
just quit talking sometimes when i when242.03.92
i say goodbye like when you say goodbye244.03.439
and you walk to your car together yeah245.922.72
but i was saying you're gonna go247.4392.8
downstairs and start making stuff you're248.643.92
just standing there looking at me start250.2395.601
making stuff252.563.28
what do you think of this this old thing257.7594.88
oh my god that's that's certain death260.2394.641
isn't it well can't because that well262.6394.401
maybe you can have you gone can you get264.884.319
in here yeah you can get in there okay267.044.4
oh yeah god this is269.1993.521
there's one right up the road that's271.443.52
weaker that's got like better windows272.724.32
yeah but this seems to provide more more274.963.2
yeah well try it out look we just need278.165.2
some pistons oh and the these windows go281.045.04
down do you see that yeah yeah just yeah283.364.16
all right yep and i'm in the back seat286.084.16
too all right well we need pistons we287.525.119
can't break anything open290.244.0
okay we'll find a piston i'm gonna hit292.6393.361
the stuff on the road i want to go back294.243.36
and not leave our place unattended and i296.03.44
want to make like that rocket i have297.63.36
faith you will find a piston and i'm299.443.199
going to look as well down the road all300.963.84
the way all right i'll see you in a bit302.6394.56
man meet you at the base304.85.8
babe bye-bye307.1993.401
hey neebs you here yeah buddy what's312.085.2
happening hey uh can you let me in just314.4795.041
cause i got nothing else going on and317.284.56
you're about to wrap this thing up and i319.524.399
just figured i'd be here just to hang321.843.199
out today323.9192.961
okay i mean unless there's something325.0394.641
that i can help with specifically that's326.885.2
very easy to gather that might help you329.685.12
because i can gather basic things yeah i332.084.48
don't know i've just you being here i334.83.6
don't want you to like help us you know336.563.84
it's kind of a versus thing i know it's338.44.239
a versus thing but you you've completely340.44.4
got your asses handed to you so far342.6393.601
haven't you or not i mean you want to344.83.119
fill me in we've had some good stuff346.243.12
happen here i'll just come out and talk347.9193.28
to you okay so you're not even gonna let349.364.32
me in i don't i you can't trust anybody351.1993.921
here you know that's part of the game353.684.239
well i mean the part you know that i'm355.125.12
not for them because we've agreed upon357.9195.201
that that would be like weird okay well360.244.56
you so you don't want me to help you so363.123.44
i'm just coming here to say hey that's364.83.44
fine i just don't want you know if we366.563.52
happen to like really give it to them i368.243.679
don't be like well it's because simon370.083.28
gave you that thing371.9193.201
okay well that's fine how about this373.364.24
though i am neutral so if i'm over there375.124.56
while you're attacking just leave me be377.63.599
yeah i won't shoot you maybe you can379.683.28
just tag along like the and cops you381.1993.361
know the ride-alongs i'd love to be a382.964.079
ride-along guy yeah okay all right so384.564.4
listen when there's a time to ride you387.0393.841
let me know otherwise i'll just be388.964.48
standing here staring okay i'll see you390.885.28
in a little bit okay bye see ya393.444.56
this is gonna be fun396.165.36
oh oh [ __ ] neebs we got an intruder398.04.88
oh neebs people i'm sorry that sucks402.884.08
i'm sorry i am back i got a bunch of405.284.56
good scrap holy [ __ ] jesus406.965.519
whoo holy moly man409.844.799
what he about killed me but that's okay412.4793.361
it looked like i don't even see the414.6393.441
health on my thing yeah i'm fine okay415.843.759
good you're dressed like doraleous418.083.04
doraleous is what was wearing that exact419.5992.961
same get up you freaked the [ __ ] out of421.123.76
me oh i'm sorry i just this is the only422.564.88
get up i have i found it hey you got to424.884.0
bring that scrap man we got to get the427.445.36
building yeah i got 120 of it whoa nice428.886.159
hey oh and neebs by the way technically432.84.72
i've given you some scrap already so435.0394.961
you know if if you do win they could437.524.16
they could say that i helped okay we're440.04.46
gonna throw some of that out okay good441.684.239
and what is that poop sneaker looking at445.9194.0
just sitting there on your horse i don't448.4793.28
know who you are that's simon i don't449.9192.72
and simon seems pretty chummy with those452.6394.161
guys lately455.364.559
pretty damn chubby what are you doing oh456.85.119
you wanna you wanna okay you wanna do459.9192.801
let's let's check this out let's check462.724.159
this you want to play this465.1993.761
how's the drop on that466.8794.561
uh huh is that gonna how's that high468.964.079
is that huh a little bit a little low473.0394.72
is that person even playing right oh i476.163.759
got a hit did i get a hit477.7593.761
oh i got a little hit i don't think that479.9193.201
person knows481.523.519
i'm shooting at him483.124.479
come on i could do this all day oh he485.0394.241
has another hit487.5993.6
oh yeah489.284.639
who who is this person491.1996.881
and who's here no mitch me come on oh no493.9195.921
okay come on gotta get to that perfect498.083.679
spot right there499.844.16
oh the hell shooting501.7594.401
come on oh oh you're moving now oh you504.04.16
want to move what is happening who the506.164.24
hell is shooting at my [ __ ] horse508.163.68
simon you're still out here510.43.519
yeah i'm still out here i'm sitting out511.845.199
here just on my phone and then i look up513.9195.04
oh and somebody shoot my freaking horse517.0393.68
in the neck with arrows oh yeah it's518.9593.76
coming from uh dora's base run over520.7193.361
there and check it out522.7193.12
what the hell man524.083.36
what are you doing525.8393.841
geez louise do i got a freaking i don't527.443.68
i don't want to mess around with these529.683.52
guys but this is not right leave this531.125.279
poor force out of it533.24.0
did they kill that horse yes they did537.25.68
what the hell are you doing what are you540.83.92
doing i didn't know it was you what am i542.883.6
doing yeah well right now i just kind of544.723.679
want to finish the job you know oh do546.484.799
you yeah that kind of do kind of dude548.3994.241
i don't know well because what i'm551.2793.281
hanging out over here you seem awful552.644.4
chummy super jump jumps554.563.92
what i didn't realize that i wasn't557.042.96
allowed to be chubby well i didn't558.484.24
realize it was you until now well well560.04.56
maybe you should now then change your562.723.92
tone of voice and realize that just i564.563.92
could be chubbs with you and them i566.642.879
don't know why you're bringing all the568.483.52
attitude right now mr chum chummy pants569.5196.801
excuse excuse me trump'll still skin572.06.08
don't even start with me i'm shooting576.324.4
back at you yeah i felt it and it hurt578.084.8
it hurt me a lot i don't like that580.724.72
at dorellis is it just you uh right now582.884.88
it is yes thank you hello585.446.399
oh hello oh hello587.764.079
himself all right598.3993.281
i'm gonna follow him hello i'm just599.923.76
coming hello thick i don't know why but601.684.32
uh but uh for some reason dora killed my603.684.48
horse just because and he seemed to606.04.24
think it was okay okay i mean i didn't608.163.2
know it was him610.243.36
so what do you say so if you didn't know611.364.32
it was meat or shouldn't you apologize613.64.16
yeah sorry about that okay all right615.683.279
well hey617.762.4
what what what are you doing what are618.9593.201
you doing dora i need another horse if620.163.52
if you could to replace the one that you622.163.44
killed dude they're like everywhere623.684.48
they're like everywhere don't worry dora625.65.919
open the door all right okay simon simon628.165.04
whose side are you on right now simon631.5195.281
well uh right now i feel like i i should633.25.44
i'm not on any side but i should be on636.83.039
the side of the people who aren't638.642.96
killing my horses and just saying go get639.8393.521
another one oh but641.64.32
i'm i'm scared to tell you that that i'm643.364.159
on another side because then you're645.923.359
probably just going to kill me oh so647.5194.241
you're on their side no all right yeah649.2794.56
no no no no no no no no no no don't do651.763.92
it well i'm not on the other side i'm653.8394.081
not on any side i will i didn't i will655.684.81
do it i was on657.926.08
[ __ ]664.05.049
look at this night look at that moon673.24.8
holy moly all right i made it back675.63.76
yeah i i forgot to recycle the guitar oh679.364.8
well that's okay we'll keep the guitar682.484.4
check this out okay oh yeah684.164.64
that's the plan uh i've already made688.84.24
like a bunch of grenades okay so uh but690.643.6
i don't know what else we want to make693.043.68
is there anything in particular um i694.243.76
don't know what's our best chance of696.723.359
winning this thing uh best chance do we698.03.92
want to try to like take their base like700.0793.281
make their base hours i mean we already701.923.2
[ __ ] them up pretty good last time703.363.52
yeah i think we win by we win by705.124.48
building we go over there we make doors706.885.28
for ourselves and we lock them out okay709.64.32
i'll be in charge i'll be the gun guy712.163.679
and you be the builder okay oh yeah and713.923.68
guess what else i found what check this715.8394.721
out bam binoculars beautiful so in the717.64.479
morning we can go up there and we can720.563.76
see we can see if they're there if not722.0793.601
we know what we need to do is wait for a724.323.36
drop because we know they're like fix a725.683.52
loot goblin he can't help himself and727.683.44
doraleous is kind of the same way so we729.23.68
wait for a drop they're going to go to731.123.2
the drop we're going to go to the base732.882.72
we're going to take that [ __ ] base734.325.68
for ourselves it'll be their downfall735.64.4
see them doraleous no where are they i743.2795.201
don't know i was just oh oh oh what what745.764.96
what i see a plane where where where oh748.485.12
i do two 210 oh750.724.72
oh just drop it go ahead drop drop them753.65.44
right drop just right let it go755.443.6
oh my god they're gonna that's their761.2793.12
is it it's a little bit beyond there oh764.3994.081
it's a pretty close that's pretty much766.83.44
there i might be able to get to that car768.485.039
and repair it and we get there [ __ ] okay770.244.88
let me out let me out we still need to773.5194.241
make a key okay775.124.159
meet me at the maybe at the drop it's777.763.199
gonna be i don't wanna i don't wanna die779.2793.521
okay you're not gonna die they can't hit780.9593.201
anything they don't even know you're782.83.039
there when you're shooting them oh my784.164.0
someone's leaving yeah it's gotta be788.6393.76
just don't leave they're going towards790.82.64
the woods792.3992.801
yeah can you you see those binoculars793.443.199
who's that there's anything there's a795.23.439
naked person out in the front yard front796.6393.041
just standing there yeah see that naked799.684.0
person that's that's gotta be silent801.64.0
it's gotta be simon just stay in there803.684.959
okay whatever okay yeah yeah so someone805.65.84
left uh pretty sure okay you know what808.6394.481
should we go for it just go over there811.443.92
uh well yeah you have are you prepped813.123.55
yeah let's do it815.363.44
hello all right818.84.88
repair this thing820.82.88
oh my god824.02.959
[ __ ]826.03.13
you can't repair it with what i have826.9593.44
start lobbing huh if you start stop830.3995.041
doing your thing okay okay832.9595.201
jump for mine okay see anybody in there835.444.32
oh yeah one of them's in there oh yeah838.165.679
should i shoot him yeah go for it839.764.079
again he's down he's down844.05.839
yeah you okay no sorry we're coming850.566.8
we'll help you okay thanks ah853.8395.521
oh that hurts yep sorry are you guys857.365.039
doing nothing859.363.039
can i lock these inside864.165.039
uh oh wow866.563.839
maybe through the window through the869.1993.521
right here okay watch out babes back up873.63.599
back up yep875.923.68
okay oh yeah a couple in there not very877.1997.521
nice of you guys sorry guys879.65.12
oh they've made a new door and893.8392.321
everything huh do you have a lot of894.9593.361
grenades uh no yeah i know i've threw896.163.6
all the grenades what kind of damage can898.324.319
we do to that door899.762.879
that's that's gonna take forever isn't903.043.76
it yep sure is all right so what's our904.484.0
play i was trying to build i won't let906.82.96
me anymore they must have changed god908.482.719
damn it they changed it all right clever909.763.36
bastards can we piggyback up in there911.1994.0
somehow hey come here yeah can you get913.123.279
on my back what about can you just jump915.1992.08
that way916.3992.8
no it ain't gonna work917.2793.68
destroy this foundation this foundation919.1995.64
right here this looks weak920.9593.88
doesn't tell me the strength of it so it926.3994.081
doesn't say the strength i don't see the928.723.679
strength that's [ __ ] it's just tell930.483.359
you the strength932.3993.041
[ __ ] my hatchet all right [ __ ] it all933.8393.201
right let's get out of here right uh935.444.079
yeah i guess so937.044.32
now we know which side they can get in939.5193.841
so hey we got that going for us all941.363.68
right let's go to the road let's go back943.364.56
this way go back this way945.042.88
yes fit i couldn't repair that vehicle i950.0794.0
think i need like sheet metal or952.6393.681
something they just they killed me twice954.0795.12
man yeah get in really all right coming956.324.959
in yeah did they take stuff did they959.1994.32
take stuff well i'll bet they would they961.2794.0
did they break down they probably just963.5193.361
took everything out of that thing and965.2793.601
they took nothing they do what were they966.883.759
trying to break your spirit at968.884.24
everything it did break my spirit that970.6395.041
is a fact973.122.56
all right neebs ready uh yep all right975.7594.871
same way out we went before sure977.6816.24
oh god yeah i think is this the time are993.924.08
we yeah yeah um because995.922.8
which around the back like we always do998.724.64
yeah just follow me follow me yeah1000.883.6
you want to wrap around to the other1003.362.96
side this time uh yeah man wherever you1004.484.74
go i'm behind you right here yep1006.324.72
i thought you said where did you go i'm1011.043.919
behind you nope wherever you go i can1012.485.2
see how you would think that yeah1014.9594.32
i don't see anybody looking at us from1017.682.49
the base1019.2792.24
wrap around to the other side we won't1021.5194.241
run into them i imagine our long1024.43.919
distance game isn't as good as theirs1025.764.64
oh [ __ ]1028.3194.48
there they are who was that [ __ ]1030.44.32
here's the rockets gorillas i'm going1032.7993.921
off what'd you get oh god i'm down i'm1034.724.16
okay uh1045.124.32
shoot i gotta get out of the house1047.0394.561
dude watch your step watch your step you1049.443.84
can go up from the top1051.64.0
that's what i'm gonna do dude i put uh1053.283.92
right behind me you'll see me on the1055.62.48
there's uh there's a little thing okay1058.084.16
i'm coming1060.643.68
oh yeah mine1062.244.64
gotcha let me find my stuff1064.324.16
going to it1066.884.4
cover me cover me1068.482.8
down get careful1071.444.32
no i'm wounded you gotta shout rallies1073.364.24
use the rockets [ __ ] i see you peeking1075.765.36
[ __ ] oh where am i1077.63.52
he's getting the stuff he's loading he's1083.363.75
loading the bodies wherever i died1085.123.2
hey thick how you doing you shut up i'm1088.324.85
i'm moving oh1090.5599.281
uh was it it was though right yeah1101.285.519
okay sorry it's part of the game hey1104.164.72
let's got a rocket launcher1106.7993.281
no i don't what are you talking about1108.883.6
that's cheating wait how are you up sit1110.084.29
down [ __ ]1112.487.6
that's me i found a rocket at their1120.084.0
goddamn base1121.6794.481
oh sorry girls part of the game1124.084.959
okay okay coming up coming up coming up1126.164.32
all right i'm i'm with you i'm with you1129.0392.88
needs i'm with you now real quick see if1130.483.12
you can hit see if you can hit this uh1131.9193.441
right here at the bottom okay all right1133.63.52
stand back stand back1135.364.16
yep yep1137.122.4
hit it1139.62.319
you're working1142.643.919
is that doing anything i can't tell man1146.5594.801
i'm gonna try chopping this1149.123.679
sorry i just fired a rocket at one of1151.362.8
those like the one i was alive and1152.7994.561
inside but i think i just murdered him1154.164.72
oh wait no there's another one inside1157.363.439
he's climbing the stairs oh he's going1158.883.28
upstairs yeah let me get some cover let1160.7992.961
me get some cover all right i'm going to1162.163.519
toss some nades in there oh watch out1163.764.88
neither watch out back too short1165.6795.201
you got to throw higher man1168.643.6
why can't i throw higher than that1170.883.679
that's some old [ __ ] man it's a wood1172.244.64
window and how does a rocket non1174.5593.921
launcher not destroy a goddamn wood1176.884.24
window the wood window1178.483.92
no spawning no spawning in the bed um i1182.43.51
let's see but i see you there wasn't it1187.123.76
that mean1189.23.52
this is awkward alice is in there behind1190.884.24
the stairs oh yeah right there1192.726.64
no i'm not guys behind the stairs huh1195.125.36
it's not me1199.362.24
not you1200.483.199
i wouldn't think of it1201.65.64
did that go in1203.6793.561
sorry dora sorry1208.45.709
all right i don't give up so easy1214.645.279
drops that they have not looted unless1217.6794.24
they put garbage in them like i usually1219.9192.961
nope not garbage1222.883.919
we're getting ooh1224.643.68
we got this1226.7992.801
i think1228.323.04
i can do this1229.64.8
all right radiation poisoning oh no1231.366.48
those guys [ __ ] and radiation poisoning1234.47.12
all right i can get one drop1237.843.68
no no no oh no you don't1242.245.6
i just killed one of you with a rock1245.444.88
imagine what i could do with a gun that1247.844.0
shoots like [ __ ]1250.323.08
zigzag zigzag1251.844.649
uh neebs yeah leaves i got an idea move1258.43.759
all right now oh god when i'm just1260.5594.161
responding somebody hey i see you back1262.1593.841
yeah all right he's down all right neebs1266.02.96
move hey1267.62.559
okay get him get away from the front1268.962.4
oh okay gotcha uh oh wow you were able1271.366.199
to place it1274.243.319
and one sleeping bag down uh clear1288.5595.921
authorized list1292.1593.76
start building deep start building oh i1294.482.72
can't break this other sleeping bag my1295.9192.88
shit's broke do you have a hammer to1297.23.92
hold on hold on all right upgrading the1301.843.68
wood okay i'll make a door hold on we1303.843.28
got to protect this1305.525.2
yeah sleeping bag down1307.125.52
i want to make sure this works okay can1310.724.0
you open this door right here go outside1312.643.519
all right i'm out1314.724.16
can you get in no hey hey1316.1595.441
it's our face baby1318.884.48
oh let's block off whatever other way1321.63.439
they can get in uh god i hate these1323.363.92
windows i really hate these windows yep1325.0395.361
i know but what are you going to do1327.283.12
i kind of feel like we just won this1330.883.76
names it's gonna be hard to top this uh1332.323.68
yeah i don't know how they're gonna do1334.643.6
it we got both the bases you don't see1336.03.919
any sleeping bags uh laying around do1338.243.28
you no nope1339.9193.681
i don't1341.525.9
mean i think victory is ours1343.66.949
hey nate1357.282.16
how's your base over there my base is1359.444.88
great how's your face my face is fine we1361.845.28
got two bases now all right1364.325.359
if i can if i can just get1367.124.08
one last kill1369.6792.721
for the day1371.23.52
where'd the other guys go oh i have no1372.44.0
idea they i mean they had to have1374.722.959
respawned out in the world they're out1376.43.519
there and they're naked uh i did see two1377.6794.24
drops come down though over there1379.9193.441
so there's a good chance they're going1381.9192.961
for them but god the things are gonna be1383.365.04
surrounded by blueberries1384.885.919
they're [ __ ] they're so [ __ ] i kind1388.44.24
of want to start a charity for them yeah1390.7993.441
i know i'm getting to the point where i1392.643.2
kind of feel bad i feel like we're1394.244.4
bullying them yeah i know it feels bad1395.845.52
now yeah what would you name the charity1398.644.88
we could mix their names together maybe1401.364.64
the d from doraleous and then add that1403.526.639
to thick like bragelina yeah the thick d1406.07.44
foundation yeah thick d foundation yeah1410.1595.841
donate the fixed d foundation for just1413.444.96
the price of a cup of coffee you could1416.04.48
help the thick d foundation you could1418.44.56
help us starving dora all right hey if1420.484.24
you if you come visit bring wood oh you1422.963.12
need what yeah you know what i was1424.722.64
dropping some [ __ ] off i'll bring wood1426.083.36
right now donate wood to the thick d1427.364.48
foundation i'm just donating to you1429.444.479
did he just1433.9193.36
did he just jump out1435.0394.561
where did he go1437.2795.121
where did he go1439.62.8
i'm getting out of here1443.63.64
some berries1450.03.76
i hear eerie noises1453.763.68
[ __ ]1456.083.04
where could he be1457.445.479
where could anyone be1459.123.799
what was that that was a boom boom take1473.2794.4
cover get upstairs you're you're not1475.63.52
safe down there yeah you're not wrong1477.6792.88
all right going up going up they can1479.122.64
definitely see us gotta hate these1480.5592.641
windows what were they thinking i mean1481.762.88
that's how i killed1483.23.2
these stairs go nowhere you gotta go to1484.643.279
one there's three sets of stairs in this1486.43.6
goddamn house i know who designed this1487.9194.561
damn thing1490.02.48
[ __ ]1494.885.88
oh oh dick oh no1495.765.0
buddy here i'll pick up where you left1501.0394.561
off i'm gonna grab this from thick i got1503.443.119
you bud1505.63.12
i got you i'll do what you were1506.5594.161
intending on doing1508.723.76
uh sorry about that i was intended to1510.723.36
get simon and it would have been1512.483.439
hilarious but it was less hilarious1514.083.28
because it was you1515.9193.36
sorry okay1517.362.96
and i i bet i know what you were trying1520.322.8
you were just trying to go in for a1521.843.68
final yeah i got it all right i can do1523.125.6
this let's see what we can do with this1525.526.08
got a grenade in the hand gonna make a1528.727.04
mess or gonna blow up myself1531.64.16
i heard a boom i heard a boom too1537.124.64
don't know where it's coming from is it1539.9193.281
our other base1541.763.68
we have so many bases i know1543.24.079
taking over the world man1545.444.719
two booms two random ass booms1547.2795.921
our base looks fine of course i can tell1550.1595.52
oh yep i see one at our base look at him1553.23.68
oh yeah look at him just trying to1555.6793.201
figure out a way in hmm1556.884.24
oh oh now he sees me okay i see all1558.884.159
right who goes there1561.123.28
it is i1563.0392.64
who goes there1564.42.72
yeah hey buddy1565.6793.921
what's up buddy i think you probably got1567.123.679
us no1569.64.0
i mean i'm okay with winning if you are1570.7995.36
yeah i should ask thick of course but i1573.64.8
mean he's not gonna want to give up yeah1576.1594.481
but we kind of know right i mean it1578.43.68
feels pretty yeah it feels pretty bad1580.644.48
for you guys at this point yeah1582.084.32
[ __ ]1585.123.76
um all right yeah you1586.44.72
i give up if dick does1588.883.919
all right you got to convince thick so i1591.123.84
guess you got to go find him and uh yeah1592.7994.081
you got to have that talk he's not going1594.964.88
to want to do it yeah it's true1596.886.159
well he is his own person1599.843.199
oh hey buddy how are you doing1603.365.679
what just happened was that a trap1606.723.6
abstract without a trap one more for the1610.327.04
gipper might have been a trap yep1612.964.4
where is he where is he where is he1617.6793.12
neebs you see him1619.363.679
uh where you at i'm at the base oh1620.7994.801
you're at the base yeah who did you die1623.0393.601
well i was here with a gun he had a gun1626.644.24
was it doraleous a thing i think it was1629.443.119
uh fixed looting an airdrop right now i1630.883.279
see it in the bottom left corner1632.5593.681
okay yeah um1634.1594.4
i got him nope i don't see him sorry1636.244.159
part of the game1638.5593.36
okay well1640.3994.321
sorry dora that's okay bud i'm gonna1641.9194.401
pass you over the head with the rock1644.725.4
part of the game nice crotch1646.323.8
watch out there think watch out thick1658.723.92
yeah see the mine yeah that yeah that1660.484.079
one really stuck out him that's why it1662.644.2
didn't work hey1664.5593.36
guys i i1666.843.319
probably you got us right1667.9195.521
you had to say so our luck has shifted1670.1595.601
yeah that was fun yeah i enjoyed every1673.444.239
bit of it what a what a pleasure that1675.763.44
was yeah1677.6795.12
awesome hey you know well played1679.23.599
i'm cool i don't even have anything all1694.084.0
right all right dora you chick1696.482.88
[ __ ]1698.083.92
i'm sorry1699.364.4
just hey run guys1703.764.12
hey i'll take you down with me this is1714.04.399
gonna be a good time1716.883.679
all right hang on hang on here we go1718.3995.721
right to the mine1720.5593.561
yeah hey we should go raid their1729.6794.351
platform huh1731.365.83
all right have a good day sir1744.1593.681
all right one down1748.884.55
pick what you're doing oh god1750.644.8
let me check my [ __ ]1755.443.119
someone's here1758.5596.84
oh i got one yeah i'm ready1760.3995.0
oh god where oh [ __ ] you bastards1767.0395.52
whoa the box went away1770.5594.24
i need1775.7610.269
oh no1806.1592.721
okay now1807.2792.64
who's that1808.883.679
help it's me1809.9192.64
not very nice of you guys sorry girls1813.767.32
it's the name of the game1817.443.64
part of the game1834.962.88
when i'm just responding somebody hey i1838.324.26
see you back there1840.3995.311
i got him all right part of the game i'm1846.243.28
gonna bash you over the head with the1848.484.079
rock part of the game nice crotch1849.526.99
just hey great run guys1852.55911.881

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