Night Vision Mission - RUST PVP

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you caught the latest video where Thick and Doraleous take on Rust in the darkness of night? If no...
Night Vision Mission - RUST PVP
Night Vision Mission - RUST PVP

Night Vision Mission - RUST PVP

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neebs: Hey guys, NEEBS here! Can I just say that Night Vision Mission - RUST PVP is hands down my favorite video on our channel. I mean, who doesn't love watching Thick and Doraleous dominate Rust in the darkness of night?

simon: Oh, come on NEEBS, you know that video is only your favorite because you got to sneak up on Doraleous and scare the living daylights out of him with your night vision goggles. Admit it, that was your favorite part!

neebs: Haha, okay, okay, you got me Simon. But can we talk about the mistakes they made along the way? It was like watching a comedy of errors, but in the best possible way. Rust PVP at its finest!

appsro: Guys, guys, let's not forget the real reason why Night Vision Mission - RUST PVP is the best video on our channel. It's because it showcases our incredible teamwork and strategic gameplay. Plus, who doesn't love a good Rust domination session?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you caught the latest video where Thick and Doraleous take on Rust in the darkness of night? If not, you're in for a treat because they continue their domination of the game, but not without a few mistakes along the way. It's always entertaining to see how they handle the challenges that come their way in Rust.

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all right got a little more wood6.563.12
oh yeah they put land mines up all47.923.2
around us haven't they yeah you know49.62.72
what maybe i should just run around out51.123.84
there huh uh yeah maybe yeah or just52.324.16
keep an eye on the ground can you see54.963.2
them yeah you can see them they look56.483.52
like little traps yeah keep chopping58.163.84
that door i hate this door system by the60.04.559
way yeah well that's what we got it is62.05.28
what we got yeah god we're out of wood64.5595.121
we need wood man we need so much wood67.284.24
yeah i got a little bit on me now all69.683.2
right i'm gonna i'm gonna run out and71.523.04
find wood that's that's priority right72.884.0
now because i mean yeah we it is bad74.564.48
this whole thing has just gone to hell76.882.96
it's not looking good for us no it's not79.843.279
looking good for us at all we are81.683.28
definitely the underdogs which you know83.1194.161
kind of expected it because you know we84.964.32
suck well i think it's87.283.76
we've had unlucky drops man we haven't89.284.24
got to the drops yep up yep trap right91.043.92
here see it93.523.599
where i'm looking at it right there in94.963.6
front of it i'm gonna shoot it it's97.1192.881
right it's right beside you okay oh98.562.559
beside me yeah100.02.399
yeah that's what it looked like101.1193.28
yeah you were right on it shoot it all102.3994.481
right and104.3992.481
yeah there it goes all right sweet107.23.599
look in the uh look in the weapons box112.644.0
far right upper corner wow114.563.839
this place looks nice116.644.24
oh hey simon how you been hey uh i was118.3994.32
wondering if maybe uh you guys might120.883.519
have picked up my stuff when i came back122.7192.801
i had nothing124.3994.08
the other guys have it oh they looted me125.525.359
yeah probably because we don't have it128.4794.001
but we didn't take your horse we took130.8794.161
your horse okay so is that my horse back132.485.6
here yeah maybe maybe so okay that's135.044.72
fine you can take my horse all day i138.083.519
don't mind do you want to go oh yeah we139.763.36
were just borrowing the horse you141.5993.441
weren't here you know okay i'm gonna143.123.52
take my horse and go see if the other145.042.96
guys have my stuff because i don't feel146.643.76
like working any harder than i have to148.04.56
no i hear you okay it's yeah we're gonna150.44.32
figure out this door and how to drop152.565.28
just two grenades okay be careful and be154.725.599
remember now i'm not your enemy157.843.759
trailers trailers i have the key to161.5992.881
their house163.362.239
i know164.482.16
but you think they'd probably have165.5992.72
changed the door by now no i don't know166.645.2
but i'd love to find out168.3193.521
who goes there oh what's up david hey174.9595.601
man uh listen i the guys threw you under177.5194.8
the bus and said you stole my stuff is180.563.759
that true oh yeah you were laying in182.3194.081
your house i needed mushrooms and wood i184.3194.881
just found found you in my is that you186.45.28
know what did you happen to find like an189.23.52
and maybe like a a pickaxe and then a192.724.56
regular axe no i didn't take any of that195.24.64
stuff oh geez so i got to make tools197.284.64
again ah maybe i mean your body was in199.843.28
your house have you been inside your201.922.879
house is your bag still there you know203.123.679
what i'll go check i was at my house but204.7993.601
i didn't see anything my house isn't206.7993.44
really much of a house how you guys208.43.44
doing you guys don't look very prepared210.2394.161
compared to those guys oh no no we are211.844.319
yeah we are well behind we keep getting214.43.36
uh screwed on the loot216.1593.681
oh and they just keep yeah they just217.763.92
keep getting the drops before we do219.844.24
there's a bunch of broken accents221.684.88
we keep getting my [ __ ] bears bears224.084.879
suck you know what if i run across a226.564.88
drop which i probably won't i will give228.9595.521
you anything that i get uh that would be231.444.56
wonderful we could use it yeah we could234.482.8
use it we are the underdogs in this236.03.04
situation if you want to be uh want to237.283.519
be an assistant around here we can we239.043.68
can do some help i don't mind doing that240.7993.601
i might go over there but whatever i242.723.599
collect i'll be sure to give you guys244.43.44
because they're they're probably246.3193.84
planning right now a way to stick their247.845.039
hands inside your anal cavities oh yeah250.1595.041
well i'm prepared for it yeah well it's252.8794.721
fun if you know it's going to happen255.24.8
yeah yeah sure i'm just hoping we get a257.63.84
drop today man i mean that's really the260.02.8
only thing261.443.84
yeah yeah that i think will save us and262.84.16
and that's the only thing is you're265.283.28
going to see a plane right it's very266.963.84
obvious where the drop comes yeah drop268.564.56
comes down drops oh hopefully because uh270.84.399
yeah our ammo situation's bad how many273.123.76
axes in real life do you think it would275.1993.841
take to tear down a wood door276.884.56
one two one maybe like 20. i know i see279.043.68
them all here on the ground and i'm not281.444.08
even halfway this is dumb no hold the282.724.96
hold the whole door situation is dumb285.523.92
and i can't figure out how to like make287.684.0
it go away there's no go away button289.443.759
yeah you should be able to just if it's291.682.64
your door you should be able to pick up293.1993.44
the door right can you like aim at this294.324.879
lock and hit e and get rid of it no i296.6395.441
can close it i can open it i can hold no299.1994.401
i can close it302.082.72
doing the door303.62.96
no i can't do anything with a lock is it304.84.0
because i have a gun in my hand uh oh i306.564.24
saw something man this thing's finicky308.83.92
and doesn't work well as much fun as310.83.44
this is to watch you guys struggle with312.724.64
this door i'm gonna go yeah goodbye now314.245.76
i can just unlock and close remove lock317.364.88
yeah boom all right locks off okay i320.04.479
wonder if you add a new lock now all322.244.56
right take this lock in me324.4794.081
gotta hit lock yeah all right then i'll326.83.52
make another one what do i alright i328.564.24
need stuff330.325.36
okay buddy here we go let's find some332.84.8
stuff for the guys huh335.684.64
there's nothing over here337.64.4
there's some little fun things in these340.323.84
things i already got some scrap oh look342.04.08
at this that looks like a thing344.163.36
what do we got here i haven't found346.083.839
anything oh what's that what do we got347.525.519
here a firing mechanism okay that's349.9194.961
something a battery353.0394.481
and some more scrap all right not too354.884.24
shabby honestly i thought it'd be better357.523.519
is this oh god i thought that there was359.124.24
more in other things around here okay361.0394.081
all right363.363.36
is there something else right around365.124.48
here come on give me something366.725.44
i thought wait a second what's this369.64.719
what do you do what is this just a372.163.599
freaking metal thing right in the middle374.3192.481
of nowhere375.7593.601
danger keep out keep out of what376.84.239
this is ridiculous this is like an379.362.959
like thing that you'd see with i mean382.3194.481
okay well there is electrical stuff385.1994.081
right here so all right i guess that all386.84.48
right you got lucky rust389.285.039
it maybe makes a little bit of sense but391.285.68
not really394.3192.641
hey listen i want to try out this key399.64.4
before they build another door okay okay401.284.56
i'm gonna do my wide right yep i'm gonna404.02.56
straight up the middle oh god yeah i406.563.199
hope you don't hit any of the mines i408.4793.12
put down thick are they in the middle409.7594.481
they're just around the place411.5996.16
yeah god not real i don't know good luck414.245.04
do you remember how to use the grenades417.7595.041
uh well you took it out yeah419.284.96
yeah i'll figure it out422.82.959
well i've got two i was trying to get424.244.239
help all right making sure i don't hit a425.7595.761
mine don't mind if i don't i i heard it428.4794.241
was coming431.523.2
and i knew that drip was coming i hear432.724.56
him building i hear him banging around434.727.12
too let me see if this damn thing works437.284.56
ah the key doesn't work i'm in my444.83.04
favorite spot they're right above446.562.8
they're looking down maybe kind of i447.843.44
don't know throw a grenade up top in449.363.6
there maybe huh451.282.4
well i don't know i don't remember how453.683.6
to do these455.124.32
oh they're looking for us so457.284.0
did you just blow yourself up nope what459.444.0
was that i heard a boom i heard a boom461.284.319
too set the door uh take a see if you463.444.159
can take a look [ __ ] it going down oh465.5993.921
god no damn it467.5993.841
that's why i hate these things wait did469.523.519
you get stuck in the thing of course i471.443.84
did hold on473.0393.761
ladies and gentlemen what you're about475.283.84
to witness is an amazing display of476.84.32
incompetence while attacking thick and479.123.759
doraleous somehow managed to kill481.124.24
themselves at the exact same moment with482.8794.081
their own grenades i didn't know a485.363.119
better way to explain what happened to486.964.48
you guys so i now present to you peak488.4796.4
neebs gaming content491.443.439
oh my god501.843.479
let me see509.282.4
we're doing great we're doing so good511.9195.04
yeah but i'm stuck neebs i know but i'll514.3994.88
get you out don't worry about it516.9595.281
good uh yeah i think i'm good thank you519.2793.76
very good okay523.0393.761
they're just being bullies at this point525.363.84
they are yeah let's see did this front526.84.24
door take any damage529.23.36
yeah it looks fine i wonder what they531.042.72
hit what they blew up they might have532.563.04
just been throwing a grenade for fun oh533.763.44
really yeah go around with the hammer535.63.12
though check uh the stability of537.23.6
everything okay but it didn't come i538.723.36
didn't see them540.84.159
sneaky little [ __ ]542.082.879
i need stuff i'm actually having fun546.644.56
looking for stuff and look this is more549.124.24
stuff how about this give me something551.25.04
that isn't [ __ ] how about that all right553.365.12
more scrap that's not bad this looks556.244.48
like a gun of some simple switch it's a558.485.359
switch thing okay and what is this uh560.725.44
electronic fuse all right it's something563.8394.481
something for the guys really wish they566.163.84
had more than one thing by each other568.323.84
what the hell and this what is this570.05.36
50-50 what gasoline oil572.164.4
oh [ __ ]575.364.0
that bear is right there and my phone is576.566.08
ringing get off of me you son of a [ __ ]579.366.479
no no no i'm off now582.643.199
i just need a little bit more metal ore587.685.04
and uh then we can have two sets of589.925.039
night vision we will have the advantage592.725.2
unless they have advantages yeah yeah594.9595.201
they might they might they're not idiots597.923.68
they've got to be doing something we600.164.0
can't just keep owning them yeah but we601.64.96
are feel like we yeah i feel feel like604.164.72
it's it's tradition now you know i agree606.563.6
yeah yeah and they're just kind of608.883.6
giving they know their their place610.164.64
there you are buddy615.5193.76
you are619.2794.24
wait there you are there you are i'm621.24.319
already running the wrong direction oh623.5193.281
[ __ ]625.5192.56
[ __ ] you626.84.88
you piece of [ __ ] you are dick628.0794.88
no no no631.684.32
no please don't do it632.9596.641
no no give me to the horse636.03.6
yeah scientist to the north i do we're643.8395.841
gonna tac team him uh maybe maybe not uh646.0795.2
yeah you know what let's tag team him649.683.12
does he see me i think he might see it651.2793.601
yeah he absolutely sees you652.83.12
can you shoot him while he's shooting at654.882.72
me oh yeah i'm trying i'll get his655.922.56
i got a shot on okay come on658.483.84
[ __ ]660.724.48
got another shot on stay on him baby662.324.56
might have been a miss on that one come665.23.52
on i gotta go higher666.883.92
got another ship god damn i made this668.723.44
this compound boat's supposed to be670.84.76
awesome yeah672.163.4
come on baby677.442.8
oh yeah all right there we go jesus all680.3994.161
right maybe he's got something good huh682.884.399
hope so god cause i just used a lot of684.564.719
ammo yeah i used a bunch of arrows which687.2793.521
i can get back oh wait you got high689.2793.361
velocity oh he's got some pickaxe you690.83.44
want a pickaxe uh yeah we'll turn the692.644.319
pickaxe down okay wooden arrows are mine694.244.48
i think the high velocity ones aren't as696.9594.241
uh powerful yeah guess not but yeah they698.724.88
they fly a little easier there you go701.24.24
there's one of yours okay what is that a703.63.6
semi-automatic body that might come in705.443.92
handy one day oh yeah keep that do you707.23.52
say you should throw a pickaxe out there709.363.2
no i threw a high velocity arrow out at710.723.2
you oh cool712.564.399
see what is this up here uh there's a713.924.719
quarry up here you want to check it out716.9594.56
yes accord let's hurry to the724.484.359
quarry now not only do i need to get you728.8394.521
but i need to get my [ __ ] like all the733.364.08
mushrooms i need to feed you735.2794.401
okay this is you maybe i'll get on you737.444.32
and now i'll look for my stuff how you739.685.12
doing baby boo huh you doing good i was741.764.72
right here wasn't i744.84.4
wasn't i looking at this box right here746.484.799
when i died open749.24.0
yeah scrap751.2794.56
tin roof and then753.23.92
i died755.8393.281
that's other stuff that looks like a757.123.68
rock yep that's759.125.36
[ __ ] all but i'll take an extra that now760.87.2
oh right next to it764.483.52
i forgot how to take all these things769.924.4
okay well i'm just happy please don't772.6392.88
kill me bear774.322.319
please don't775.5193.681
please no bear please nothing776.6394.401
please and779.25.759
thank you all right i'm out781.043.919
except for i jumped off my horse son of786.563.519
a [ __ ] all right run just run out of788.243.12
the scene790.0792.721
thank god792.82.88
i see there's a horse behind the quarry798.84.24
right over there yeah the horse oh get801.24.319
the horse yeah get the horse okay803.043.84
there are a lot of scientists around805.5193.681
here aren't there uh yes there are yes806.883.84
yes yes there are indeed all right i'm809.23.28
coming down810.724.559
god this outfit looks ridiculous finally812.486.0
horse again i hope this one's fast815.2795.521
baby oh thing's out of fuel already818.483.76
where does it dump it does it dump it820.82.719
back here822.242.8
wolves yep they don't do uh okay825.045.919
come into the quarry i can't get there829.443.6
in time they're all over me um where's830.9593.601
the horse why aren't you dying i'm833.044.72
shooting a boat come to my body834.564.719
i'm not going to your body just fast the837.762.48
i'm not going to your body there's840.242.959
wolves there841.5193.44
i'm grabbing the horse get the [ __ ] out843.1994.08
of here844.9592.32
ah what a good friend847.8393.12
look at you buddy you are the first852.885.92
horse i think i've ever properly fed in855.67.039
any game whatsoever and i hate this game858.86.64
man but i'm happy right now i'm happy862.6396.32
because you don't die by the bears i do865.445.839
you don't die by just random [ __ ] you868.9594.641
know you they keep you alive that makes871.2795.281
me happy and you're eating look at you873.64.64
what do you have i give you 20 mushrooms876.562.8
what do you got look at you your878.242.719
lightning is like three quarters you879.363.839
were practically nothing before880.9594.081
are you gonna back away no you can't you883.1993.2
know that's right you don't back away885.043.359
let's see if you can run now buddy can886.3993.361
you run free888.3993.201
let's see you run next to this elk over889.764.079
here let's run into the elk891.66.039
let's do it yay893.8393.8
check this out i'm going to take this898.6394.241
lock off and i am going to install a900.3994.8
keypad okay now i don't think we need902.883.92
electricity to do this i think we can905.1993.76
actually just do it change code lock oh906.83.839
what should our master code be uh tell908.9593.921
me whisper it too um910.6394.481
is it numbers yeah it's numbers okay912.883.92
what's one we're going to remember i got915.124.88
one the year i was born 1982.916.86.0
what about the year you were born hey hi920.05.199
simon hey how are you here back up we're922.83.92
doing we're talking secret stuff oh925.1993.921
sorry i didn't realize now we have to926.724.0
change it okay we'll change it to the929.122.8
year you report or something i don't930.722.64
know let's change it simon how's your931.923.2
day been our day's been terrible as933.364.0
usual my actually my day's been pretty935.124.959
good you son of a [ __ ] no no no i'm off937.363.76
no no no no please don't do it no no941.125.279
give me the horse944.244.0
and i hate this game946.3994.8
i got i got 38 scrap metal for you oh948.245.2
wow hey we'll take it that's great yeah951.1994.801
and i got a battery and i got battery953.445.44
like a road sign and some other random956.05.12
[ __ ] that i'll give you yeah all right958.883.68
son we just we need to whisper something961.123.04
real quick can you uh just walk over962.563.04
there and look at the woods for a second964.164.72
oh yeah you know what i'll do the thing965.63.28
uh yeah yeah i heard you say something981.1993.921
about the year you were born though i983.364.08
think you might need to shut it985.124.48
yeah yeah then you shut it back boom i992.484.4
don't know simon can you open that right995.2793.68
now uh hold on let me see if i can open996.883.199
the door998.9593.761
oh it's not telling not letting me can i1000.0795.841
put in the code can i try go for it1002.724.4
hey so where do i give you your stuff oh1020.564.879
okay i'll be there in a second all right1023.63.599
i'll just toss it out and you can grab1025.4394.321
it huh yeah thank you i'm a good guy1027.1994.24
trying to help go out and spread the1029.764.4
word that uh we need charity yep you're1031.4395.041
like the simons of this game1034.164.639
that's right if you see a1036.484.0
thompson gun1038.7994.721
tell them it's for the poor1040.485.199
all right and by the way this this horse1043.524.319
has been fed by me1045.6794.081
and a boy yeah1047.8393.601
ladies a real saint1049.763.76
saint simon that's me1051.446.52
go eat some pasta amen1053.524.44
got my trusty shotgun don't need my1067.364.24
torch because night vision oh [ __ ]1069.285.6
unless they're already okay okay1071.66.48
oh wow okay oh this is bright um1074.884.56
what the okay i'm putting my night1078.082.479
vision on1079.443.2
okay me too yeah1080.5594.721
dude this thing sucks wait hi dude how's1082.644.48
it oh my god well we're in the light you1085.283.84
know you got to get out of light1087.123.84
see it's better when you're away from1089.125.04
light yeah oh that's the reason oh [ __ ]1090.964.079
let me1094.163.92
sorry sorry sorry let me remove this1095.0395.281
flashlight from my gun because that's1098.084.0
okay it's [ __ ] hard of course oh1100.324.56
that'll blow it out yeah yeah yeah1102.084.959
oh this is so fun this is the best this1104.883.679
is like being kids1107.0393.361
except you have a rocket launcher and1108.5595.36
night vision which kids don't have nah1110.45.92
you just always wished for it i see1113.9194.161
their stupid house yeah it's a really1116.324.08
dumb house except it's super strong you1118.084.24
don't have any minds around here do you1120.44.72
not this far back okay good i want to1122.324.96
put down more but yeah that that'll be1125.124.0
uh for the next time1127.283.92
i got a shot on the house though1129.124.24
tell me when i say do it1131.25.76
do it let's do this1133.366.559
um where's the door is that the door1136.965.04
doors i can't tell from where i'm at1139.9193.601
is the door1142.05.919
is it okay i hear is this the door1143.524.399
hey guys1152.164.72
hi how's your night1153.443.44
i mean you basically yeah i mean you're1159.363.36
bullying us at this point we have1161.124.64
nothing we keep dying to [ __ ] ah man1162.725.12
that's the worst i'm so sorry1165.764.08
yeah man what a that's the worst all1169.845.28
right we wanna come say hi1173.122.88
where's neebs1177.445.52
i don't know oh oh1180.05.76
oh oh oh1182.964.32
oh [ __ ]1185.765.08
where are they at1187.283.56
let's see what did he have1197.9197.371
yeah high velocity rocket eh1200.48.0
what is that wrecking1210.885.44
what y'all doing out there1213.23.12
who is that what the hell1217.23.52
that was a blueberry that was a bluebee1220.965.28
[ __ ]1224.02.24
get em bluebees1227.443.76
you're doing great1228.964.16
what do i have here1231.24.0
five i kind of want to eat this guy's1233.122.51
that's where he had garbage oh really1238.083.52
sorry to hear that yeah that's been my1241.64.0
experience with these guys so far1243.24.719
junk yeah i thought that was neebs1245.64.72
thought who was all the bluebee yeah1247.9196.161
yeah no no it was not where you at1250.325.2
i'm back in the house1254.084.16
none of your business1255.522.72
that you fired out there no1260.723.76
those are other kids1262.884.32
okay yeah the bluebeats1264.483.679
yeah so you didn't you weren't anywhere1268.1594.0
near me when i was shooting those i1270.42.96
don't think so1272.1592.88
oh you should have been like covering me1273.363.54
and like so he couldn't get my stuff1275.0393.281
they know what yeah those rocket1278.323.12
launchers don't do a lot of damage do1279.843.28
not really1283.122.559
really that's me1285.6792.801
my bad1287.0395.201
can you get me back up yeah1288.483.76
it's really dark that's1293.442.96
it seems to be something you guys do a1295.0392.721
lot isn't it yeah1296.43.04
all right well it's good good to talk to1297.763.68
you guys uh have a good night i gotta go1299.444.56
home all right sounds good get off my1301.445.56

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