THIS IS GOING TO HURT | Subnautica: Below Zero

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest Subnautica Log video yet? It's a wild ride, let me tell you. Everything ...
THIS IS GOING TO HURT  |  Subnautica: Below Zero
THIS IS GOING TO HURT | Subnautica: Below Zero

THIS IS GOING TO HURT | Subnautica: Below Zero

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Neebs Gaming! Today, we're diving into Subnautica: Below Zero, and let me tell you, this is going to hurt... a lot!

simon: Oh man, I can't wait to see you get eaten by all those sea creatures, Neebs! It's going to be hilarious.

appsro: Ha! Yeah, Neebs, I heard even the fish in this game are out to get you. Better watch your back!

neebs: Oh, come on guys, you know I'm a pro at dodging those sea monsters. Besides, it's all part of the fun! This is definitely my favorite video so far.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest Subnautica Log video yet? It's a wild ride, let me tell you. Everything in the ocean seems to be trying to eat our favorite gamers, and it's both hilarious and intense to watch.

If you missed the original series, don't worry, there's a link right there for you to catch up on all the underwater adventures. Trust me, you won't want to miss a single moment of the action-packed gameplay.

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all right neebs i'm about9.5194.321
uh maybe 800 meters away from this11.045.2
artifact allen's sending me to uh-huh13.845.279
okay hold on this is that damn region i16.244.48
know that big creature was hanging out19.1192.801
okay just be careful be careful are we21.924.32
building a hover thing in the snow fox24.324.4
yeah and we need the magnetite jackass26.244.0
i've explained this i'm gonna i'm gonna28.723.679
go see see about this ancient30.243.44
artifact maybe we can find some32.3992.801
magnetite on the way well i feel like33.684.8
you're not looking for magnetite35.23.28
oh god oh god oh god39.1216.929
yeah just got bit by a giant [ __ ]56.3993.201
how's the ship ship looking at 7359.66.8
power okay62.8794.881
come down here come down here how fast66.44.399
all right 100 meters67.764.56
oh yeah don't eat me don't eat me don't70.7994.241
eat me don't eat me72.322.72
okay can you see behind you76.44.8
all right i think i'm clear geez that82.04.24
came out of nowhere85.22.48
all right i'm gonna get out repair the86.244.239
ship yeah do those seat trucks not come87.684.56
with the rear view mirror90.4793.761
no they don't that'd be handy right that92.243.519
would be super94.244.72
handy whoa neebs95.7597.121
uh-huh hold on what are these guys98.967.36
are these cool wow102.887.76
neebs they're like mantle whales out106.324.32
boo glow whales114.887.599
yeah wow these guys are awesome you118.7997.201
called it mantle whale it's pretty close122.4796.881
big guy126.06.0
are you cool129.362.64
that is awesome looks like it's a133.043.279
herbivore okay134.84.799
good oh look at his136.3196.961
eye babes he's pretty he's gorgeous139.5995.201
you think he thinks you're pretty143.283.2
probably not he's probably what the [ __ ]144.83.2
is this creature in my face146.484.56
yeah quit touching my eyes148.06.4
that is awesome man i went from151.046.16
full-on panic to like peaceful in the154.44.479
span of a minute157.24.16
you should probably get a pet no i don't158.8793.201
need a pet161.362.48
sounds like it you seem like you're well162.083.04
pretty tight most of the time163.842.96
well you try to get eaten by a giant165.123.72
creature and see what it does to your166.85.04
[ __ ]168.843.0
didn't you have a fish tank in your last172.2393.601
uh submarine yeah i think so173.764.08
maybe something like that would calm you175.843.039
down a little bit i know they make an177.842.399
aquarium module i don't know if i've178.8792.961
found enough parts for it yet though180.2393.041
well that's for later yeah181.843.52
we got a snow fox to build right okay183.283.92
but right now we're gonna head to this185.364.959
ancient alien artifact 400 meters away187.25.679
kind of kind of what and mainly we're190.3193.761
looking for magnetite192.8794.08
magnetite artifact we got a lot going on194.083.439
a lot there's a lot to keep up with197.5199.591
an active volcano detected nearby210.3196.881
did she say volcano an active volcano oh214.3194.321
god neebs i see another one of those big217.23.92
things over there218.644.4
they just bit you think they just bit me221.124.08
[ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] don't see me225.24.24
don't see me227.684.16
[ __ ] go the other way go the other way229.444.32
don't go this way231.8410.0
all right233.768.08
all right but this artifacts in this250.565.28
damn hole neebs252.9592.881
that's what she said all right you know256.4793.681
what i'm going to do259.442.88
i'm going to take another health pack260.166.0
just in case something tries to eat me262.323.84
oh god266.523.32
you stay up there you're gonna stay up270.4793.44
all right here we go here we go you see273.9193.121
it again yeah it's uh275.65.68
it's above me it's really big okay okay277.046.8
all right inside an active inactive287.044.24
volcano i hope another site289.125.12
found perhaps its data will tell me291.285.12
something useful294.244.56
cool alan i have collected enough data296.44.32
to extrapolate the location of a298.82.64
necessary to assemble my body great301.444.64
signal location uploaded to pda cool308.244.799
names we got a location of one of311.1993.28
allen's body pieces313.0394.16
okay i own cubes any magnetite in here314.4793.521
god it's like a sting vent are we318.03.039
ellen's body now no not now later that's321.0394.401
the thing i have to do324.243.679
you tell ellen we're building a snow fox325.443.759
any magnetite in here327.9193.441
listen i was telling you deep lily pad329.1993.84
cave and you go to a volcano i don't331.363.679
know where the [ __ ] a deep lily pad cave333.0392.72
is need335.0393.121
you're practically a native here no i'm335.7594.241
not i have never been to a deep338.163.92
lily pad cave you were here for months340.03.36
hey what let me look at the map maybe we342.083.04
can figure out what the [ __ ] lily pad343.3610.32
caves are okay neebs345.1211.28
i'm looking at this map we found earlier353.684.88
some big green circles out here to the356.42.88
southeast lilly pad islands359.285.44
okay is that what that is it looks like362.563.44
it could be i've never been364.723.36
there before right so my base was here366.03.44
i've i got to be368.085.04
close maybe if i had what369.446.479
let me head south a little bit okay and373.123.519
uh apparently below the islands lily pad376.6393.68
that's where we find the magnetite huh380.3193.841
right yeah that's useful information381.91913.921
thank you neebs yep384.1611.68
oh boy well that's right my back ends a402.3195.761
little bit bigger than it used to be is404.84.72
this something you can get into408.083.44
i don't know but yeah it's a big piece409.523.28
of a ship411.522.88
look for an opening maybe there's some412.82.799
resource maybe they got magnetite in414.42.32
yeah i don't know okay well good thing i416.725.12
made a laser cutter is that an entrance419.125.04
okay hold on421.844.079
all right what have i got on me got my424.163.599
laser cutter flashlight needs a new425.9193.041
let me prepare a little bit scanner428.964.959
needs a new battery too432.3194.561
high bring [ __ ] i don't know if i433.9194.0
brought extra batteries436.882.4
yeah i always have batteries man you437.9192.641
know what i need to do i need to make a439.284.56
permanent base so i can make a440.563.28
battery charging station oh yeah okay443.9194.56
all right well this is good metal448.564.079
salvage for titanium all right keep an450.723.039
eye on my oxygen neebs452.6395.601
okay oh this brings me back453.7594.481
hey a battery what do you know perfect459.5997.921
it is power cell that's good too464.4796.801
okay uh sealed door cut open to access467.526.799
okay well what are you471.283.039
is it working working can you cut like475.683.359
shape you want no that'd be cool that479.0393.28
would be cool yeah now it just kind of480.963.28
does its thing482.3193.361
see some copper wire over there why am i484.242.56
getting cold oh i'm getting cold because485.682.4
i'm standing still486.85.2
okay come on oh what are you488.086.559
parallel processing unit fragment one492.03.36
out of three494.6394.721
okay i gotta warm up what's this a cd495.366.64
hey found a cd for the jukebox right on499.363.119
never listen to that the auction's at502.4795.361
half okay504.6393.201
doesn't seem to be much in here510.3195.681
well make sure you look everywhere okay513.363.679
oh i gotta516.03.599
do i have to use a laser cutter on this517.0394.24
[ __ ] yeah they there's some containers519.5993.201
in here you need to laser cut521.2795.12
okay with a reactor rod [ __ ] yeah522.85.2
that's what we're talking about i had a526.3993.601
nuclear uh528.05.76
nuclear power center that'd be all right530.05.04
you heading back to the ship533.764.72
yep back in the sea truck now535.043.44
all right i'm gonna keep heading east541.763.68
see if i can find these lily pads543.126.24
or south sorry south lily pads545.446.399
oh we're actually heading towards an549.364.32
architect body cache as well that allen551.8392.56
pointed out553.683.12
uh-huh [ __ ] we're only 600 meters from554.3993.921
we can maybe oh boy holy [ __ ]558.328.48
is this it neebs i may have found the563.64.32
lily pads566.83.76
oh really yeah really closer than you567.923.28
thought huh570.562.399
a lot closer than i thought here i'm571.23.639
gonna go up top and take a look572.9594.88
how do they make lily pads you think how583.123.92
do they make them585.763.92
like do they start on the on the sea587.043.12
or they start on the top uh590.165.28
i'm not sure do they connect to the593.63.04
i don't know i'll have to look i'm596.643.44
scanning it for you598.883.44
okay that'll give you some data on it a600.084.4
mature lily pad602.325.44
so this is mature okay is this an604.484.24
immature one607.764.16
hmm it's probably a bunch of fart jokes608.724.88
and stuff611.923.599
what makes you say that the immature613.63.04
lily man oh615.5193.261
god you gotcha yeah616.645.37
so these lily pads at least the root of622.0793.041
them are624.242.4
hooked to the ground and yeah it looks625.123.52
like they just ripped the ground up626.644.319
oh really yeah they just start floating628.643.68
yank the earth up yeah all right632.326.32
magnetite magnetite lily pad cave so635.764.48
yeah after ripping the ground up now638.649.199
it's probably a safe bet that down below640.247.599
are you getting excited no i'm actually654.83.039
kind of freaking out because i don't656.562.8
know what the hell's down here657.8394.081
okay and i'm going deep i'm excited659.363.2
about what661.923.919
just the whole snow fox snow fox sounds662.566.24
cool what are you what are you okay i'm665.8395.521
more excited about it668.84.64
there is a large anomalous mass of rock671.363.52
that has broken away673.444.079
and risen above the surrounding terrain674.883.199
cool all right gonna head down a little678.0794.641
oh yeah this is a cave this is682.724.64
definitely a cave685.124.56
what is this what is this hold on is687.365.28
that a sea monkey nest689.682.96
all right neebs i am in695.126.56
i guess you would call this lily pad698.486.479
all right so we're gonna look around the701.685.76
walls and the floor yeah it's a sea704.9595.281
monkey nest here707.446.0
[ __ ] sea truck after burner upgrade [ __ ]710.244.8
yeah one out of two713.443.199
oh i bet there's some good sea monkey715.043.12
nest with stuff in it hey you little716.6392.561
[ __ ]718.164.4
wear your nest now i said you could get719.25.04
magnetite from a sea monkey how does722.562.24
that work724.242.32
maybe a sea monkey brings it to me i724.85.44
mean last i saw they stole stuff726.566.88
he just brought me some magnetite hey730.244.8
man it's your lucky day thank you you733.444.48
little [ __ ] all right now bugger off735.044.56
get it what's up probably i don't have737.923.12
anything for you train739.66.239
no don't have anything741.044.799
i know you're just talking about it he746.323.12
just gave it to me talk about it again747.682.959
now i'm starting to like this place a749.4410.399
little more750.6399.2
oh is that another sea monkey nest yes763.683.76
it is yes it is765.364.159
anything good in here come on give me767.445.6
some sea truck horsepower upgrade769.5196.56
[ __ ] yeah go get some more speed no773.044.479
kidding all right776.0793.601
this is going great all right can i get777.5193.601
magnetite from these no these are779.685.2
limestone you get copper copper781.125.92
magnetite magnetite if it ain't784.883.759
magnetite it ain't right787.045.76
i think that's a phrase it'll catch on788.6394.161
what you see buddy monkey nest there794.9593.761
seems to be a theme of like797.24.48
boosters now this is a prawn suit798.724.48
grappling arm fragment801.685.44
okay that's off topic yeah803.25.68
can i scan it did it not scan i feel807.124.0
like i didn't scan808.884.16
and it's still telling me oh did my811.123.279
battery die on my skin yep that's813.044.08
exactly what happened814.3992.721
boom all right cool gel sacks817.27.84
you know you can eat these gel sacks no822.0794.241
i think you can eat them825.042.96
let's see yep they give you a little bit826.323.44
of food and water828.05.279
okay it tastes like absolute [ __ ]829.765.12
you haven't seen one piece of magnetite833.2793.36
laying around not yet oh [ __ ] that's834.885.28
another prawn suit grap alarm fragment836.6396.241
you need three of those nope two of them840.165.28
got it baby842.882.56
yes i can build a prawn suit oh really846.6393.361
yeah but uh god i got the sea848.565.44
truck right now i feel like i don't need850.04.0
all right so if i go that way it'll take858.243.44
oh okay what you got what you got is861.683.68
that magnetite copper okay thank you863.362.56
little [ __ ]865.361.68
i don't know why these guys are so865.923.76
friendly now they love giving me [ __ ]867.043.76
they got used to you869.684.159
i guess maybe870.83.039
yeah i'm in here [ __ ] off last time you874.84.399
getting a pet earlier878.167.679
i feel like you guys are bonding879.1996.64
i bet this leads to uh what's his name's891.684.64
thing all right i'm gonna take this894.164.88
this route oh i see a fragment of896.323.6
something hold on899.042.479
are you looking for magnetite i am899.923.599
looking for magnetite901.5194.801
yeah yes that's been established i feel903.5194.401
like you're forgetting sometimes i'm not906.322.8
forgetting that we're looking for what907.923.039
is this a docking module909.124.0
secret c truck docking module what the910.9593.041
[ __ ] is that913.122.8
i mean that sounds self-explanatory to914.04.079
like you would dock your c truck918.327.68
into a module yeah922.566.959
what is this the artifact you found926.04.8
contains traces of929.5193.521
information suggesting what has become930.84.56
of my people933.045.44
okay jeez935.367.039
holy crap maybe this is like a the938.486.56
skeleton of a giant trilobite942.3994.081
see this is why i think you keep945.043.039
forgetting about magnetite well i keep946.483.2
running into [ __ ] like okay948.0793.68
i'm look i i have the little tool i'm949.683.92
looking for magnetite it's not finding951.7593.52
any magnetite all right it's about953.63.359
trilobites and stuff yeah and i just955.2794.24
learned a blueprint for a recyclatron956.9594.721
now i can recycle things see we're959.5193.76
finding good [ __ ] and we're also looking961.682.64
for magnetite963.2792.401
okay [ __ ] different we have a funny964.322.8
magnet i know we had fairly [ __ ]965.683.279
magnetite i'm looking for [ __ ]967.122.959
found an ion cube970.0793.281
this seems uh promising and foreboding980.9594.161
was foreboding me983.924.4
uh just ominous985.123.2
all right i'm as deep as i can go in the989.683.2
sea truck992.163.84
how far away are you for boating sounds992.884.959
like forbidden996.05.839
it's not it might be look it up997.8397.281
still no magnetite man from that nickel1001.8394.401
hey i found nickel1005.124.8
okay uh all right i'm gonna head down1006.244.56
there's an architect god that's like 3001010.83.44
million oh my god i keep finding the1012.723.359
artifact could provide useful1014.242.56
geez alan how much [ __ ] you got laying1016.83.039
around here1018.6393.44
it sounds like a hoarder i can visualize1019.8394.321
the location where we may find an1022.0795.281
important component for my body the1024.164.639
image is hazy but1027.364.24
i am sure it is correct okay cool alan a1028.7993.441
surface landscape dangerously cold1032.247.599
okay okay good job alan [ __ ] me1039.8396.321
what are they talking about oh no alan i1043.1993.681
keep finding1046.163.04
pieces of alan's uh i guess ancient1046.884.08
civilization all over the place1049.23.52
every time i find a piece he's like oh1050.963.2
that'll help me get towards uh1052.724.88
finding parts of my body now there's one1054.165.36
piece of his body down there but it's1057.63.04
300 meters down1059.523.12
and i'm as deep as i can damn go right1060.643.68
now is there any magnetite here1062.644.48
there's no [ __ ] magnetite yeah but1064.326.32
i'm gonna find magnetite by god1067.123.52
hmm neebs yeah just a random light1076.326.0
i knew you weren't going to say1080.963.599
magnetite yeah listen magnetite1082.324.16
i don't know what information you got1084.5595.201
but it seems bogus it says right here1086.486.64
magnetite's raw material1089.763.36
okay really bad caves listen i am in1093.24.64
what can only be described as lily pad1096.02.96
caves i haven't seen1097.844.8
any bit of damn magnetite all right well1098.966.48
god i'm getting so damn deep here didn't1102.644.96
i tell you to stay away1105.444.479
oh oh hey hey lady look i don't even1107.63.6
know who you are okay1109.9194.961
marguerite made us the name you're on my1111.24.4
okay marguerite good to meet you uh any1115.63.439
chance you and i could1118.083.52
maybe talk what part of go away do you1119.0395.121
not understand altera look look i'm not1121.63.439
with altera1124.164.8
i'm hello marguerite1125.0395.841
neebs yeah i think this is where1128.963.2
marguerite lives1130.882.96
i guess is that her name marguerite that1132.165.68
sounds familiar1133.844.0
no it's not a margarita1138.7993.281
now remember when you talk to her what1143.363.28
you can talk about1145.522.159
i don't know i don't even know where1146.643.6
she's at fried chicken oh wait1147.6794.561
collard greens okay neebs i think i1150.243.439
found marguerite's base1152.244.319
sweet tea you shoved some sweet tea1153.6795.281
you're in1156.5592.401
you going in yeah i'm going in1166.487.92
hello hello1169.524.88
she's probably got a shotgun margaret1178.483.04
it's just me1180.884.72
i want to talk jesus christ1181.524.08
you okay i told you to stay1188.886.32
off my land oh god did1192.085.76
did you train that damn thing next time1195.24.4
i'll let him tear you to ribbons i'll1197.842.24
tear up1199.62.959
look i am not with altera i am here on a1200.084.56
secret mission i'm looking for my sister1202.5594.561
sam she used to work with altera but1204.644.08
she's apparently died i don't know what1207.122.799
happened to her1208.723.6
bull crap what i suggest you take the1209.9194.401
time you need to come to your senses1212.324.479
and then get off my seabase no look it's1214.323.599
not [ __ ] okay1216.7993.12
i'm looking for my sister if you're not1217.9193.76
altera why don't you disable that damn1219.9193.441
tracking satellite tower instead of1221.6793.36
barging into my sea base1223.364.08
okay maybe once altera's off my back1225.0394.241
i'll remember something about your1227.444.96
sister there's some junk on that table1229.285.44
that might help i couldn't get it to1232.43.279
okay uh tracking satellite at delta1235.6794.0
station right marguerite1237.766.0
okay i think i can shut that down1239.6797.681
you all right yeah yeah i think i'm fine1243.766.32
jesus okay well she let me into her base1247.364.08
she wants me to shut down you remember1250.083.04
that uh that radio tower we found the1251.442.64
big one1253.123.2
which one at delta station okay the one1254.083.76
that you're using to track me1256.323.52
i think yeah she wants me to shut it1257.844.0
down and then maybe she'll let me1259.844.24
know some information about my sister i1261.843.92
have been easier to bring sweet tea but1264.084.64
okay what is this sea truck perimeter1265.764.08
defense upgrade1268.724.56
i'm stealing that new blueprint1269.844.24
no fox right i know how to make a snow1274.084.64
fox and yes i know i need magnetite1275.6795.441
neebs i know you're going to bring it up1278.723.92
would it be too forward to ask her for1281.123.039
marguerite yeah okay hey bucker you're1284.1595.441
not a magnet type back there do you1287.124.48
at all okay i don't i don't think she1289.63.76
wants to talk to me names and uh1291.65.28
yeah that she has a pet uh snow thing1293.364.4
what were they called1296.883.12
stalker snow stalker yeah it's not gonna1297.763.44
let me through1300.05.2
okay cool ah that's the skull of a1301.24.64
this is a crazy [ __ ] this is a crazy1305.843.76
[ __ ] i don't know why i came in here1308.241.76
my skin hey1310.06.559
that's a nice dome fragment1313.0393.52
all right marguerite think i'm getting1316.883.12
out of here wait1318.883.52
test test override module fragment wait1320.04.0
a minute1322.42.88
test override module that's what i1324.02.72
needed to shut the thing down blueprint1325.282.48
okay okay one thing at a time all right1327.764.24
we gotta test test override1329.65.36
module fragment moon pool oh do i know1332.05.76
how to make a moon pool1334.962.8
[ __ ] [ __ ] now i know how to make a moon1337.843.839
suit i can't make that can i i'm getting1341.6794.721
wildly distracted here neebs1345.0393.041
it sounds like you're just stealing all1346.44.08
of our plans here yeah1348.084.8
hey we can make a moon pool though now1350.484.0
we just set up right next door1352.883.039
no i'm not setting them next door to1354.482.64
this beach wouldn't that be funny no it1355.9193.921
wouldn't be funny1357.124.19
it might be kind of funny1359.845.28
where you going back to the sea truck1365.123.84
looking for magmatite got a creature1368.966.4
called uh1374.5593.12
a hive mind like lights up when i get1375.364.319
near it1377.6794.321
oh wait is that oh thank you1379.6793.841
[ __ ] just brought me magnetite1382.02.64
oh i gotta drop something get rid of1383.522.399
snowballs why am i carrying around1384.642.159
snowballs hey1385.9193.841
sea monkey just brought me magnetite1386.7993.921
that's great that that is good that's1390.723.04
what we're going to do1392.882.24
we're just waiting around just wait for1393.762.96
[ __ ] sea monkeys to bring it to me1395.123.039
the only magnetite in this case1396.723.04
i'll call that a victory let's get the1398.1593.841
[ __ ] out of here let's go make a a1399.764.72
snow thing right yep i only needed two1402.03.36
we're good1404.483.439
we got it we got it all thanks sea1405.363.52
okay we got to shut down the radio we1408.883.84
got to make a box i got an alien living1410.7993.601
in my brain this is great this is great1412.723.839
i'm having a good time1414.47.22
[ __ ] me sideways oh how do i get out of1416.55912.281

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