We Made New Little Friends!!! - Grounded

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest video featuring our adorable new friends? They're just too cute to handle! If y...
We Made New Little Friends!!! - Grounded
We Made New Little Friends!!! - Grounded

We Made New Little Friends!!! - Grounded

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, Neebs here! So, I gotta say, that video where we made new little friends? Classic! Those little guys were so cute.

simon: Oh definitely, Neebs! I mean, who wouldn't love hanging out with adorable little friends? It's like having our own little fan club.

appsro: Ha! You guys are hilarious. But seriously, those little friends were the best. They really brought out our softer side, didn't they?

neebs: Oh for sure, Appsro! I mean, who needs big, scary enemies when you can have cute little buddies following you around? It's a nice change of pace.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

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oh geez oh geez oh geez5.664.38
hey little guy he's stuck22.524.96
stuck there26.0394.041
how about one idea27.484.919
what you think of that what you throwing30.085.38
down slurries slurry yeah a little plant32.3995.541
slurry what you think35.465.96
how about one of them37.943.48
so this is a new thing we weren't able46.165.2
to do this before uh no we have not made48.65.279
slurries yet huh man what you think51.364.94
little guy53.8792.421
well if I want him as a pet Simon he's57.125.579
dumb uh yeah I mean it's right there man59.165.579
is he supposed to pick the bowl up and62.6993.361
eat it yeah he's supposed to go up to64.7393.301
the bowl and start sucking I'll shut the66.064.5
gate that we can't get out68.044.32
what are you doing you fool70.563.48
we catch you that's what I'm naming you72.364.86
fool oh are we going baby he's looking74.045.759
baby oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah77.225.48
is he your friend now oh look at him86.187.799
what have I got oh hey beautiful89.227.82
what you think93.9795.441
you have a little fool is on board I'm97.044.899
gonna pet him let's see oh hey girl99.423.86
Little Fool101.9394.741
oh that's cute is that the name Little103.286.519
Fool yeah Little Fool a little full all106.686.299
right nice speaking of uh slurries I109.7994.561
actually want to run out of that Science112.9793.78
Center out there in the pond okay let's114.364.74
see little fool you um can I just tell116.7593.961
you to stay here are you gonna follow me119.13.42
in the pond because I don't want that120.723.96
you'll get eaten oh look it up it's122.523.959
coming up to me now yeah he likes all of124.685.999
us okay he doesn't care maybe uh maybe I126.4797.76
should babysit oh you want a baby130.6793.56
when you go outside160.0994.72
come on Little Fool it's okay Uncle apps162.124.8
will be back soon or is that your dad164.8194.801
and I'm Uncle Simon whatever it is we're166.925.22
related and at some point I'm gonna169.626.24
disappoint you guaranteed172.143.72
did I eat it177.5993.021
Little Fool what are you doing out here181.74.6
this is gonna be a problem man he's just183.783.9
gonna follow me around everywhere in he186.33.12
you think he can go into water no I187.682.82
ain't got no more damn food you little189.423.539
idiot I don't care hopefully hopefully190.53.9
he'll be all right I gotta get over to192.9593.801
this stick194.42.36
I'm excited about this one neebs are you201.7397.061
yeah what's this one this one is please204.786.599
tell me I brought it yes if I research208.85.159
these mushroom slurries211.3796.36
we can make mushroom bricks oh yeah that213.9595.101
sounds weak217.7393.661
weak mushroom brick it sounds better219.064.2
than grass doesn't it I don't know man221.44.339
you ever felt a mushroom223.265.399
squishy yeah your ass is all flims that225.7394.541
you could weave grass together well you228.6594.321
could stack mushroom together too hey if230.284.739
you say so we'll try it oh yeah we are232.983.839
gonna try it then we can make some235.0194.561
sponge cake walls next236.8194.92
all right Little Fool you with us239.583.96
is he I don't know241.7394.801
I I give up on him he's an idiot we're243.543.9
not ready for that kind of246.544.4
responsibility no clearly247.443.5
yay look at you I got my own little255.1396.16
aphid that's what you are okay so now258.265.499
you'll follow me the other one followed261.2995.881
up so it's probably dead and you are263.7596.301
gonna be my little buddy uh wait hold on267.184.799
don't go anywhere I don't even know how270.064.44
to I'm gonna pet you first271.9794.921
how do I name274.54.62
my name yeah okay I know you're excited276.94.14
that's fine I'll figure out how to name279.124.34
you and then at some point today281.044.5
hopefully you'll live but at some point283.465.44
today you'll probably die we'll see285.546.439
shake that butt288.93.079
Nieves I think I made a mistake we can't292.9193.121
make those bricks yet until we have294.662.94
something hotter like a furnace oh296.042.82
really yeah but I don't know what we297.63.96
needed um I know uh Simon and I picked298.864.02
up a chip I'm gonna try to give this301.562.699
chip to burgle maybe we can learn302.884.2
something from that let's see uh how can304.2595.281
I help you I found auxiliary chips307.085.1
yeah yeah it took that from you right309.544.82
okay check the science shop for more314.366.22
stuff we'll do okay so let's take a peek317.17.5
at the science shop hmm man we got a lot320.585.399
of science yeah we should spend some324.64.2
stuff let's spend some science yeah oh a325.9794.921
mint mace figure out how to make a mint328.84.86
mace yeah fiber bandage efficiency330.94.92
refines the fiber bandage recipe so it333.663.96
uses much less ingredients per bandage335.823.599
yes that sounds good yeah yeah let's get337.624.26
that canteen upgrade upgrades of canteen339.4194.5
so I can hold more liquid right on341.883.72
ladies yeah yeah let's get some of that343.9194.261
good God why don't we let so much let's345.64.56
see oh there's a sign set that's pretty348.184.799
curved vases uh cookbook for the pond350.166.24
yep oh man cookbook for the edge352.9795.101
this thing over here is this something356.44.62
oh yeah that's that's a replicator I358.084.86
think that's something not super sure361.024.5
super duper okay super duper disc we362.945.819
can't use this yet uh 5 000 science but365.525.459
it'll allows uh to detect milk molars368.7594.681
yeah really oh yeah upgrade stuff that's370.9795.16
good 4 000 signs for a bunch of signs373.445.039
you're out of your mind all right maze376.1393.541
so you're trying to figure out when378.4792.821
they're bricks uh yeah I don't see379.682.94
anything in here that's going to allow381.33.54
us to make bricks is that the strongest382.624.079
thing I mean it's mushroom I don't know384.844.26
man you felt mushrooms they're so386.6997.741
squishy let's see okay uh oh man okay we389.16.84
just spend a lot of Science and now394.443.84
we're out of science we need more395.944.28
science let's go get science398.286.0
oh I got an idea okay we might need400.228.14
Simon for this one little fool come on404.284.49
come on408.363.55
oh yeah there it is boys oh man I've422.4196.461
never done one of these I feel like I've426.04.199
hit it but it didn't work or something428.883.48
uh yeah we don't want to hit it just yet430.1994.381
oh Well we got ants Watch Out Simon all432.364.92
right let's take care of these red ants434.584.26
first all right they got nothing they437.282.479
got nothing438.844.259
yeah surround surrounded yeah that's how439.7595.141
it's done see we'll be able to do this443.0993.54
no problem and we're gonna get some444.94.079
science for this uh yeah I hope so see446.6393.96
that big old ball of science right in448.9793.78
there we just gotta hit that button and450.5994.741
uh wait till it spins and breaks okay452.7596.0
are we ready uh no I think we should455.345.34
probably build a wall around this thing458.7593.541
you know a little layer of protection460.684.019
okay do the bugs come out of there or462.34.14
they come to from around they come from464.6994.741
around because science uh science Simon466.444.74
activated one one time and they were469.443.659
coming at us from all angles so chop471.183.48
down grass let's chop down some grass473.0995.181
let's build some walls let's do it474.663.62
thank you505.6393.0
stay back oh no Stigma get it good nope514.78.759
it ain't oh geez oh geez oh geez518.584.879
okay I was just right on the back of one523.645.16
look at the right one baby526.025.42
we don't want to deal with him right now531.446.04
okay oh nice thing back look at me533.3997.141
look at me stink bug all right I got one537.487.26
on me all right this guy's on my foot540.547.5
all right oh God can we rescue salmon544.744.98
um I'm lower this thing by the way right548.044.38
now come here stink bug you think he's549.724.32
so tough552.423.9
well there you are Simon no there we go554.044.799
come on come on there we go do it run556.324.5
run it558.8394.921
oh boy okay my stink bug is engaged in560.825.16
ants I think we should be good all right563.764.139
try to be back in the thing heading back565.984.919
your way oh man I hope this was a little567.8994.201
Little Fool572.14.14
well I don't know where my guy is uh573.545.28
well I got bad news Simon576.244.62
oh no really578.825.28
there's two little dead aphids here damn580.866.72
it oh stink bugs how good you all right584.16.12
I'm back all right well oh no yeah this587.585.28
is that a tombstone it's absolutely a590.225.48
tombstone oh no oh my592.865.039
should we harvest the remains of these595.74.72
aphids I mean why not right yeah I kind597.8994.261
of feel bad about it you know I mean I600.422.4
oh it gave me a pet Memorial perfect602.824.5
solemn reminder of your beloved605.3394.381
companion just what I always wanted607.326.079
may as well take this one too609.723.679
all right guys you ready to try this618.065.999
there we go624.63.9
so there's gonna come from all around627.122.88
okay I'm ready630.03.5
this thing sounds cool they don't send634.444.2
more stink bugs we can't really handle636.424.56
those without a horde wait are there638.644.46
ants on this side oh yeah we got ants640.986.599
where ants we're on fight oh wait yep I643.16.82
see him all right uh would it be best to647.5794.741
can you just shoot him yeah there we go649.923.78
yeah if you want to shoot some and you652.324.32
shoot okay don't see anything oh is it653.74.68
getting good yeah the sun's going down656.643.9
yeah man we wish we'd have made some658.384.079
lights out there oh I see some grass660.543.6
moving yeah what do we got what do we662.4593.06
got more hands664.143.78
all right yep yep yep yeah the bigger665.5194.94
ants this time667.922.539
oh god oh boy oh God oh God oh wow okay670.686.74
all right there we go673.887.199
come on come at me come at me677.426.099
come on come on down681.0794.861
okay he down all right cool what is that688.0195.82
what is that someone have a gasket oh691.23.9
you know what it might have been me I693.8392.761
why why am I mule cause you shot a gas696.66.479
station right at me yeah and and I would699.125.58
appreciate if you didn't I know but did703.0795.301
you get hurt by it yeah it's gas704.73.68
well I I I I I thought okay all right we708.445.88
got something else711.7792.541
is going to come down here collect my715.0794.741
hair why not no no716.75.42
no let's see oh yeah719.825.4
Simon no I'm not listening uh enough out722.124.6
of you what are you are you getting725.222.52
I just don't enjoy getting yelled that's727.743.779
not me Beauty that's me just saying that729.543.539
don't yell at me that's all is it okay731.5193.721
for me to to not like getting yelled out733.0793.901
you know not to shoot gas there your735.243.779
friends yell at you if you didn't do736.984.74
dumb things is it Moody if I don't like739.0194.981
it when you do something all right is it741.724.38
Moody if I get moody when someone hits744.04.5
me with a gas Arrow oh God that's a746.15.52
mosquito I hope that mosquito eats your748.54.8
ass okay hey if you got another gas751.623.12
Arrow Now's the Time to use it against753.34.94
that mosquito no I only had ones754.747.2
hit the top hit the top or yeah we got758.245.44
to protect that mixer oh it's already in761.943.72
there man we'll fight it I'm fighting763.683.779
I'm shooting bow and arrow at it oh crap765.664.26
now I'm messing up and I'm just watching767.4595.82
because I I just don't like the tones769.926.0
what is that what is the thing just uh773.2795.341
what do they do chopping or stabbing I775.925.479
have no idea yeah I'm afraid to look778.624.98
after it sounds like you're a little781.3994.661
Moody yeah I want to do this only once783.64.38
Simon you want to do this twice oh but786.063.54
geez you got it quite a mood on you yeah787.983.299
dude I'm ready to kick ass take names789.64.2
here's another mosquito yeah I'm ready791.2796.721
for it oh boy here we go oh boy where's793.86.8
he go right there I'm blocking798.05.519
come on it's like a Horror Night Boys800.65.679
yep he's looking at me I'll take the hit803.5194.32
oh boy I fell off807.8395.281
all right come on you leave this thing a810.565.1
lot yeah there you go yeah813.125.58
oh she's still open now baby that's what815.665.14
we want huh he said oh God we got a mic818.75.04
here chewing at it take that mic down ah820.86.0
no anybody have a repair no should not823.745.399
we got to be Mighty close though huh I826.84.38
hope so you can sound like it's getting829.1394.521
Mighty close831.182.48
I'll take some minutes834.0793.481
oh yeah846.425.099
all right we're almost there we're at 90849.242.91
all right here we go yeah861.564.839
oh my God this is insane875.484.68
yeah we did it we got it oh yeah look at880.2796.221
that beautiful beautiful hold on let me884.4594.5
look at it Ah that's our science huh I886.54.459
think so888.9596.0
yeah yeah science890.9594.0
all right897.724.739
let's pick up these bug parts and uh900.484.74
head home yeah we built a stronger base902.4595.161
next time yeah next time we know out of905.224.5
squishy mushrooms907.624.62
yeah more bug parts is great we can use909.725.22
these to make Simon tampons I just like912.245.839
to bleed on my underwear914.943.139
yeah little Fool's gonna be delicious924.385.98
what'd you name your salmon I didn't get927.564.36
a chance to I think you could actually930.364.26
do it I probably would have named it931.925.4
Mike Frank I'd keep it simple it smells934.624.68
like a Frank I'm gonna miss Frank yeah937.324.199
we can get more we can make slurries for939.34.5
days you know they didn't seem very941.5194.56
useful no they're not they just follow943.84.039
you around and go946.0795.581
like how useful are dogs very useful947.8396.881
yeah you well I mean I love do you use951.664.799
it to like do you use your dogs to like954.723.6
do things they'll do work I got a956.4593.721
neighbor the dog picks up anything she958.323.78
drops see that's a useful pick it up and960.183.599
take it to her that's some you I guess962.14.32
maybe some aphids are useful but like my963.7794.92
dog isn't very useful but I love it okay966.424.02
I mean some dogs will help people like968.6994.44
know if they're gonna have a seizure I970.444.079
mean rescue animals are of course973.1393.481
wonderful they're very useful but like974.5194.741
most my question was is that aphid976.624.74
useful no the answer was no one I think979.264.079
it would probably be useful981.364.74
whoa oh okay983.3395.421
see this guy yeah986.16.0
why why am I getting it do you want me988.764.05
to kill it992.14.83
now this is a handy net okay what998.244.68
happens when you hit it I just did1001.2796.06
nothing he's Invincible okay no we1002.925.919
should we all have one of these look at1007.3393.261
that he's got a little wrench yeah look1008.8394.981
great you can use this thing and then it1010.64.9
actually helped you build so if you1013.823.48
wanted to build things I guess for1015.53.66
example if I were to go out the can I'd1017.34.2
say build and I wanted to put maybe I1019.164.26
don't know a scaffolding somewhere you1021.53.12
could do it with this thing instead of1023.423.539
having to do it yourself that's usable1024.623.959
right there yeah that's what I'm talking1026.9593.72
about yeah this is a useful pet that is1028.5794.141
that is a useful pet well yeah you guys1030.6793.481
pull yours out1032.725.359
yeah see there we go1034.165.899
now we're talking1038.0794.181
yeah I mean I could live through this1040.0594.481
bed I can go around and do whatever I1042.263.96
want with this thing not whatever you1044.543.96
want can't really interact okay I can go1046.224.74
around and see whatever I want with this1048.54.44
thing oh scene for sure yeah he's like a1050.963.839
little seeing eye dog how far away can I1052.944.859
go I'm really like far away right now1054.7996.12
hey is that timing yeah it's me oh nice1057.7995.221
yeah but I mean how far how far can we1060.9195.241
go I want to go see the bird1063.023.14
oh yeah I'm gonna get all this Bird's1066.284.72
face hey me too this is pretty awesome1068.724.8
I've got a bunch of lightning bugs guys1071.05.16
oh God hello I'm right at the the eye1073.524.74
yeah yeah me too hey you want to handle1076.164.62
it bird huh get in your face do you want1078.265.4
to handle it oh wow it's crazy yeah are1080.784.2
you gonna you're not gonna try to eat me1083.663.72
I'm very glad yeah this is great man we1084.986.12
got like Recon bugs now very great for1087.385.58
cheating yeah I should have told you all1091.13.959
about it right I'm cheating it's like a1092.964.68
drone exactly all right going back to my1095.0594.761
nice all right once you guys eat your1102.823.88
friends and uh we'll take a nap we'll1105.262.82
get started tomorrow do you want to make1106.72.88
sure I want to make sure I'm eating mine1108.083.839
you don't care do you no they probably1109.584.38
both taste the same I bet you mine1111.9193.901
tastes better1113.964.34
maybe Frank always did smell nice1115.8211.16
will stack 25 pieces of grass it's1164.985.559
amazing wow hey can you hug them that1168.025.82
Simon oh please yeah come on baby let's1170.5395.281
see that's a light yeah he has a light1173.844.199
you turn the light on and off wow that1175.825.84
is awesome construction radio1178.0393.621
go drop all those on the trampoline over1184.964.86
now we gotta clean it up yeah that's the1201.5593.48
best uh the net can do it well that's1203.5393.181
why yeah the net that's what the Nat's1205.0394.5
here for yeah I love that nap hey your1206.725.04
suit's probably ready oh thank you yep1209.5394.271
soup huh1211.763.86
oh yeah come on little guy come on come1215.626.34
on Little Fool too come on baby come on1219.54.38
Frank too this one's Frank too you1221.963.36
wanted to be frank too maybe I mean I1223.883.78
know you laid it down but you know camo1225.324.02
come on1227.663.66
it seems crazy they don't they may don't1229.344.02
make you work for the net you know1231.323.359
you got to work for this thing that's1233.363.179
useless but the net they just give you1234.6794.921
yeah here you go one on each side when I1236.5394.441
dropped when I dropped the one down1239.64.079
earlier like I was really far away and1240.984.62
it just ran right over to it yeah like1243.6793.061
sometimes they're just addicted to them1245.62.34
they gotta have them now you know what1246.742.939
it is I think I think it's because it1247.943.119
wants to go to the wall and it doesn't1249.6792.581
want to turn around maybe that has1251.0594.141
something to do with it maybe come on1252.265.46
Simon try to use your net push it okay1255.25.4
hold on so gotta do this gotta do that1257.725.52
oh there he is wow okay here he comes1260.65.6
there you go hey hey1263.245.28
come on hey I'm trying to win his trust1266.24.719
there's some food right here pal look1268.525.82
over here oh just bouncing off come on1270.9197.161
come on oh there he goes1274.343.74
come on baby pretend show him what it's1282.645.08
like to eat them okay hey look at this1286.163.48
oh wow look at this delicious stuff1287.724.5
we've you and I are alike except for I'm1289.644.74
far superior it's like fly and carry a1292.225.339
lot of grass no no good taste1294.385.52
dishes this tastes very little like1297.5593.101
oh wow this is like so good it's not1302.6797.891
working why is it safe it's so dumb1306.986.66
let's see I think so the bowl is gone1318.345.44
you did look at this one1321.144.44
did you try going around here yeah why1323.783.24
don't you come over here and get you get1325.585.52
this this is your buddy oh oh yeah here1327.026.12
you come he comes there you go there you1331.14.079
go come on in here come on in here join1333.145.539
the crew no what have I got1335.1796.36
oh welcome to the tribe hold on real1338.6794.24
quick I gotta put a few things down1341.5394.14
though yeah you know1342.9195.721
oh Frank two you're gonna love it here1349.5395.461

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