Ark Survival : CRABTASTROPHE!!!

Hey guys, have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming? They just uploaded a new episode of Ark Survival Aberration and it's called "Alp...
Ark Survival  : CRABTASTROPHE!!!
Ark Survival : CRABTASTROPHE!!!

Ark Survival : CRABTASTROPHE!!!

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Ark Survival! Today, we have a CRABTASTROPHE on our hands!

simon: Oh man, not the crabs again! I swear, those things just keep multiplying!

appsro: Haha, well at least we know we'll never run out of crab legs for a seafood feast!

neebs: That's the spirit, Appsro! Embrace the crabtastrophe and turn it into a delicious meal!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming? They just uploaded a new episode of Ark Survival Aberration and it's called "Alpha Crabtastrophe!" Can you believe it? I've been a huge fan of their channel for so long, and I always look forward to their Ark Survival series.

In this episode, the Neebs crew faces off against some alpha crabs in Aberration. It's always hilarious to see how they handle the challenges in the game, and this one is no exception. I won't give away any spoilers, but let's just say that there are plenty of laughs and unexpected moments.

If you haven't already, you should definitely subscribe to their channel and hit the bell icon so you never miss a video. They also have a Patreon page where you can support them and get some cool perks in return. And have you checked out their new channel, Neebs Magic Dumpster? It's filled with even more awesome content.

Plus, they have some sweet merch available on their Spreadshop and Design By Humans stores. I've already got my eye on a few items that I want to add to my collection. Trust me, you don't want to miss out on all the fun and entertainment that Neebs Gaming brings to the table. So go ahead, watch the latest Ark Survival video and join in on the adventure!

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how big these things are what how big15.1995.681
what is fabricator oh I was like oh just17.944.679
put one over here in this corner it's20.883.78
just massive but uh yeah you know what22.6195.341
it's fine boom we got a fabricator24.665.64
let me ask you a question go shoot why27.963.84
the hell wouldn't you just put it right30.33.24
here because I wanted to be next to the31.83.599
Smithy in the Forge that's why it's it's33.543.539
easy to transfer stuff from one thing to35.3993.961
another Simon okay I'm sorry that's fine37.0794.5
I guess but it is nuts because you have39.364.019
the room obviously where'd you put it41.5792.881
to our beds yeah I'm sure you won't44.464.14
want the problem with46.984.14
true does no wrong okay is there another48.64.74
way up zip line we only have one animal51.124.38
that can get up here no I'm thinking53.343.84
about just abandoning that whole thing55.53.96
oh really yeah because of the whole zip57.183.539
line thing not unless you guys can find59.464.68
me smart blue jails jails Jim's what60.7195.72
blue jails64.144.979
who's climbing up there is that you need66.4394.781
yeah it's not convenient at all is it69.1193.781
it's not it's not easy to get to it's71.223.78
inconvenient I say screw it let's not do72.93.78
that I'm in the screw it category now I75.02.82
was excited about it but now I'm in76.683.54
screw it category oh wow you guys really77.824.5
go into the screw category pretty easily80.224.259
don't worry I got a better idea I got a82.325.04
bolder idea a new idea all right I'm84.4795.221
screwing it there you go screw it Fly87.366.0
Away you look good thank you you do wow89.75.84
let's hit it smiley93.365.96
hey Dora yes sir95.543.78
yes sir let's see I'm really on a101.844.3
mission to make aberration great again104.284.26
really so I'm thinking the first thing106.145.1
we need is a nice house and a nice house108.545.7
might need a nice like porch and or like111.246.0
beer right and you know you're like why114.245.46
would we need a pier how about for that117.245.339
oh oh for you yeah yeah that's why we119.75.4
need a pair what so I'm thinking I'm122.5793.781
working in the house you think you can125.13.78
help me build a pier yes yeah and then126.364.319
we could go canoeing and put our canoes128.883.719
at the pier we could canoe right now I130.6793.661
mean yeah but if we need a pier we need132.5993.72
a yacht club we need a yacht club let's134.344.08
start the aberration Yacht Club oh hell136.3192.901
we're in dude that's a that's a t-shirt139.225.379
already too aberration Yacht Club yeah141.844.56
the yacht club is probably gonna get144.5994.201
destroyed by spinos or crabs for sure146.45.16
along with us and the canoes yep all148.85.22
right I'm on it sweet151.565.0
all right I see a crab up ahead I want156.564.6
to get some polymer right is this guy159.064.259
gonna attack he's gonna attack these161.165.04
sarcos man come on they got no I guess163.3195.521
idea of what they're up against nope166.24.38
because this is ridiculous they should168.843.84
understand and back off we got a little170.585.04
bit more danger here okay yeah but I172.684.26
thought you didn't give a [ __ ] like the175.623.06
spinal should leave his b that other one176.943.84
did all right we want that crab ah this178.684.199
might work out they fight each other I180.783.42
don't know you let them wear each other182.8793.36
down and swoop in and we get the polymer184.23.84
oh look he's gonna take care of the186.2393.421
ravager we don't have to do any work188.043.779
Simon yeah see if this is the kind of189.666.6
thing I like no work oh my God all right191.8196.121
we're going to want to uh get ready to196.263.18
harvest we're gonna try to kill this197.943.24
crab when he's dead I want you to jump199.443.12
down there and harvest some problems201.183.419
okay uh Harvest Food what what thing do202.564.38
I need to harvest uh it's either X or a204.5994.441
pickaxe all right good good thing I have206.943.96
both because I'm prepared you can help209.043.54
the suit if you want I'm shooting right210.93.259
now okay cool212.585.04
all right we're almost there oh yeah I214.1596.041
think you're doing huh getting all blue217.625.699
all blue in the Shell why so blue well220.25.7
come on now you know why because because223.3194.321
he was about to die all right swoop in225.95.18
Simon flip it in swoop227.643.44
oh yeah that's nice okay that's nice oh239.2998.561
that's nice oh that's nice what's so244.446.78
nice walls walls are nice walls are nice247.864.739
now I'm gonna try to make this place251.223.9
nice you always do kind of a kind of a252.5994.26
holy place you know that's what you255.124.079
always do that's right okay let's see if256.8594.141
I can so I'm wondering if you should you259.1993.78
know maybe make some wood foundation261.05.1
that's what I mean that's what I made we262.9794.621
also got pillars pillars you know you266.13.3
can use sure267.62.96
um let's see269.43.359
like kinda270.563.88
one second272.7595.341
oh that's a good start uh-huh yeah274.444.8
that's not bad278.14.44
oh this one okay that one does it yeah279.246.239
you might have to make a ceiling oh yes282.545.52
ceiling son of a [ __ ] we only want to285.4794.561
go one more yeah I would say one more288.063.6
and maybe only we could make two of290.042.76
these things you know so where the291.662.52
canoes could go right in between like in292.83.48
between yeah oh you know what you know294.184.86
what what I can do that I'll do I'll do296.286.0
that oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah and299.046.0
then off to that I just need to make a302.284.5
couple more yeah that'll be good oh yeah305.043.719
now this is looking nice yeah the Yacht306.784.32
Club's coming along oh yeah I just need308.7594.621
more wood but um okay we're gonna Park311.14.2
him right in here and splash like I just313.383.66
did hell yeah you splashed your little315.33.36
heart out you got a big old Splash look317.044.879
at this oh you're so Splash flash yeah318.666.84
yeah okay I'll get more stuff this is uh321.9195.261
this is great coming along looking good325.54.56
door our exclusive Yacht Club oh god oh327.186.299
no things have gone nothing nothing why330.065.88
do I have to kill nothing oh you get off333.4794.321
of that please making us look like fools335.944.099
out here337.82.239
oh no344.524.2
you're supposed to die in this situation346.444.28
[ __ ] smiling damn it I can't get you352.0396.481
killed let me turn around356.345.34
hey hey everybody you need help Riley358.526.22
needs help big times okay I got361.684.92
something on my ass and now I'm in the364.743.959
water and I'm stuck oh this is the worst366.63.96
thing I come down door follow me I'm368.6993.481
following I'm going this way we're370.564.68
coming oh God372.186.18
come on you [ __ ] come on uh what's375.245.28
happening uh Simon are you fighting I'm378.364.94
trying to but it's on my ass380.526.239
no no that's not good come on eat that383.37.72
eat that with [ __ ] sugar386.7598.241
all right hey I'm here391.023.98
uh you're there and the threats are gone396.445.08
well this crab's a threat well I know399.243.78
but the crab is fighting something else401.523.239
and the crowd never had a problem with403.023.84
me oh my God look at that brother it404.7593.72
looks like a tie-dye shop threw up all406.863.36
over it that's good yeah I'm gonna go408.4792.821
get this crap410.223.66
yeah crap do that I'm gonna level up the411.35.459
hell are you guys okay you guys like413.884.74
left the basement no more three minutes416.7594.021
they're already inhaled listen we are we418.623.9
killed the crab and we were on our way420.783.78
to do other things when his final got422.525.16
Harry and killed thieves and oh yeah so424.566.3
yeah it's okay thank you I appreciate427.684.859
the help you're still fighting yeah430.862.7
you're welcome you need help with that432.5392.94
thing Dora I mean I just I didn't want433.563.419
to hit him but435.4793.301
I learned a lesson I'm going to be more436.9796.381
careful neebs come on we got stuff to do438.784.58
and here and451.685.94
a here I think that'll work I hate455.284.08
there's that little lip up you know yeah457.623.12
but at least it's uniform it's459.363.0
symmetrical oh yeah it's uniform it'll460.743.42
work it'll work yeah better than nothing462.363.6
okay so here's what I'm thinking I464.163.3
started laying a few more foundations465.964.799
but check this out put this over here467.466.239
I'm thinking this is gonna be like our470.7595.821
rest house our rest house over here is473.6994.681
our workhouse this is where we do all476.584.08
the origins and then over here is our478.384.86
respawn slash rest House rest house yeah480.666.24
and I even got a bigger idea over here483.246.679
are standing I'm486.93.019
sorry about this Care Bear what does490.1393.361
this one want to be in the center of492.03.5
hall wow Town Hall that's where Town495.54.72
Hall's gonna be498.724.259
okay yeah so we'll have workouts sleep500.226.3
house Town Hall canoes Town Hall yeah502.9795.28
it's all part of making aberration great506.523.959
again which reminds me we need to build508.2595.761
a wall yeah reminds me to wonder if it510.4794.92
was ever great514.024.439
that was bad Simon yes it was listen we515.3995.401
got to get stronger I'm I mean I'm dying518.4594.44
in like two bites yeah you need to be520.83.0
we go we got no shoes I guess okay523.86.479
there's weapons oh really attach it527.365.44
again Simon jump on the big fight oh530.2795.401
really okay I'll shoot all right532.85.76
let me back up listen we don't need your535.684.56
start stopping don't back up just don't538.564.279
all right I'm stomping we got this540.244.34
he's running away you little [ __ ] you're544.586.58
a piece of [ __ ] my friend come on baby548.945.94
let's do it again we got him baby you're551.165.04
running you're not stopping though I'm554.883.66
not you got him he's not there yeah I556.24.68
was trying to turn around okay so I558.543.54
thought he's a real [ __ ] to turn around560.884.019
oh right Department that was amazing the562.084.56
hell did somebody just flew in on you564.8992.94
that was me566.643.42
damn I didn't even know you were out and567.8393.961
about man I'm a ninja570.064.32
be more careful or they got to be more571.84.14
careful right that's what I'm talking574.384.079
about how's the spirit that's right575.944.74
let's go find us a drop so we can make578.4594.671
cryopods let's do it580.685.599
cooking pot cooking pot nice oh and hey587.665.92
I noticed when you killed that crab yeah591.544.14
you got a lot of organic polymer a lot593.583.9
of it do you know what you can make with595.685.099
Organic polymer I do not you're gonna597.488.54
love this here this is for you my friend600.7798.421
yeah thank you who went shopping I oh I609.426.0
didn't oh you didn't go shopping now you612.7794.141
want to put it on now or later I mean615.422.82
I'll put it on now I made a bunch of616.923.0
walls too where are you gonna do that oh618.243.0
man I haven't laid the fencing down so619.922.22
tell you what if you want to take the621.242.219
walls you stick it into these storage622.143.6
things go for it okay I will do that623.4594.56
thank you for the the clothes yeah625.744.02
you're welcome I mean I didn't just give628.0193.301
them to you you didn't like my sugar map629.763.84
me I might have uh I might have made631.325.16
some for myself oh I'll bet you did I633.65.4
did I got them on they look good oh yeah636.484.02
man I actually look pretty damn awesome639.04.019
in this stuff I bet we all do oh God640.55.399
look at your legs I look like a643.0195.341
Christmas tree yeah you pretty much I645.8995.341
kind of want to hang ornaments on you648.364.68
I love it thank you so much you're651.243.9
's right in front of me yeah okay you be660.0794.781
careful though right oh yeah I'm just663.363.12
gonna hang out here and hopefully664.863.539
nothing will mess with me Carno don't do666.484.32
it good luck well good luck oh good you668.3993.961
know what's nice you already got the670.83.9
coroner running for you oh yeah oh boy672.365.46
he's on my butt huh yeah no I mean okay674.75.699
look at that oh look at you going up677.824.68
you're looking good I wish I had a spy680.3994.021
glass I'd be checking you out right now682.54.2
man I look hot just trust me I'm gonna684.423.96
have to trust your butt looks as tight686.73.9
as that ticket does okay it's clenching688.384.26
together up there you know like are you690.65.04
sweaty uh yep yep so your butt sweaty692.645.639
too nice tight and sweaty and sweaty695.646.18
rubbing again is it making a noise like698.2795.641
here because of all the yelling okay701.824.699
hold on703.922.599
yeah I read you good buddy feel like if707.245.68
I could just kind of you know Glide down710.884.199
this Canyon surely I'm gonna find a loop712.923.72
drop hold on I'm gonna make another jump715.0795.461
for it and boom there we go okay now716.646.36
this is what I'm talking about720.545.4
is uh Smiley again comparison I think I723.05.18
see a drop725.944.98
feeling good about it oh yeah here we go728.186.159
man Simon always knew I was good but730.928.159
Jesus was great yeah here we go right in734.3396.781
here with that flying thing all right I739.0793.421
met the crate741.124.5
um structures742.53.12
just it was looking at me getting a747.24.66
little closer so far so good but he's749.3994.921
looking at me funny man I'm getting a751.864.62
little side eye right now I'm like what754.323.48
are you looking at about listen though756.484.5
come on here we go Thomas yeah two757.84.36
cryopods on the way oh760.982.82
did it I'm proud of you buddy thank you763.84.68
now we can uh we can take dinos with us766.1394.621
in our pockets I know our tripods work768.484.26
but I appreciate you clarifying you770.763.84
never know with me right yep all right772.744.38
I'm heading back774.65.46
yeah hey Dora hi what's me probably more777.125.7
wood and stone to uh refill our reserves780.064.019
because that just made two very782.823.959
expensive items did you I did if you'll784.0794.56
do me a favor and move from that spot786.7795.701
yes yes oh it's a big game oh it's a big788.6397.14
damn big old fat fat can't see oh my God792.485.46
it's a big game God it's always bigger795.7794.261
to remember it yeah everything is right797.946.12
yep that's what she said yeah800.047.14
and bam oh my God yeah that's what I'm804.064.98
talking about I'm like if we're gonna807.184.02
have a gate it's gonna be a gate yeah809.044.2
that is a gate and then uh yeah you know811.23.54
what I'll tear this off fencing out I'll813.243.12
put different fencing up but uh yeah814.744.44
also made one for the other side oh [ __ ]816.367.08
let's see yeah maybe one right it's our819.187.32
realm yeah it moves now I gotta build823.444.92
the damn like the doors and then the826.53.959
walls around it oh there's something828.363.659
there's always something there's always830.4593.361
something let's go Lagoon it's done I'll832.0194.801
go get more wood do it that's what she833.825.12
all right here we go two cryopods once838.945.56
you uh slide over I'll drive us home you842.5793.961
got it I love it when you drive that's844.54.62
smiley yeah all right now if we get back846.544.56
to base with all this looking good now849.124.68
listen new climbing and you [ __ ] yep851.15.88
right there you got the old swamp ass oh853.85.219
is that what it is yep I could see it856.984.08
you're sweating through your leather859.0193.901
pants that's that's what it is man861.064.86
leather doesn't bring no it does not but862.924.56
it looks good when it gets wet I don't865.923.12
know what it is about it it gets me867.483.359
going you know I'll make some new pants869.043.96
as soon as I can no just keep them on I870.8394.461
love it873.02.3
get out of here they go not part of the875.4596.12
club can't wait till the Wall's done no879.34.62
me neither yeah we're getting there huh881.5795.101
yeah so speaking of883.924.76
you got a door I see it at least one one890.044.099
oh it's an effective door yeah that'd894.1396.76
get the job done it does I like it okay897.428.52
well I'll just keep getting crap yeah900.8995.041
I don't know907.825.8
okay we can go join you Dora on the way910.984.44
all right I'll grab Care Bear Care Bear913.623.48
where you at there you are oh let me915.423.18
give you a little gun917.13.479
bring everything you got there's Alpha918.65.72
crabs there's spiders there's ravagers920.5793.741
uh we're fine though we should be good924.363.539
okay as soon as I see you we'll attack925.626.56
together okay I'll follow you up927.8994.281
all right we're in front of the alpha938.164.02
crab here we are uh we're ready to join939.725.82
you let's move in okay hey at least it's942.186.62
distracting here we go945.543.26
everywhere here953.543.299
I don't know we got we got two circles958.225.34
there's blood everywhere I can't see963.85.14
anything hang on Simon we only want to966.184.38
fight in this thing watch out there's a968.943.6
final one around okay we gotta kill970.563.66
these ravages first okay one of the972.544.58
alligators is down974.222.9
we should definitely take this saddle1057.167.06
see so they upgrade melee or establish1060.326.84
um ooh do uh do melee1064.225.94
all right1076.8414.8

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Man, I just love watching Neebs Gaming's Ark series. Their cinematic approach to gameplay commentary is so entertaining and really gives you a vivid sense of their adventures on the Ark. In this latest Aberration episode, the gang encounters the formidable Alpha Crabs, and hilarity ensues as they try to take down these crustacean beasts.

The production value Neebs puts into these videos is just top-notch. The custom camera angles make you feel like you're right there with them, and the guys' hilarious reactions and banter never fail to crack me up. Their chemistry as a group shines through in every episode. You can tell they're just having a blast playing together.

And the cinematics add so much atmosphere and storytelling to the gameplay. Like when Simon gets pinched by the Alpha Crab early on and they cut to a dramatic shot of him yelling in pain - I was dying laughing. Or how they intersperse cuts of the giant crabs advancing menacingly towards the players. It's like you're watching a movie unfold.

These kinds of cinematic touches are what make the Neebs Gaming channel such a unique way to experience Ark. It's so much more immersive and entertaining than just watching standard gameplay footage. They take you on an adventure, and leave you wanting more after each episode.

I seriously can't recommend their Ark series enough if you're looking for gameplay commentary that is equal parts hilarious, thrilling and creatively produced. Neebs has some of the best gaming content out there, period. Their videos are the next best thing to playing these games yourself. So if you're an Ark fan, do yourself a favor and dive into their cinematic Aberration misadventures. You'll love every minute of it!

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