In This Episode One of Us Dies. The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Are you ready for a wild ride in the latest video from our favorite YouTube channel? Well, buckle up bec...
In This Episode One of Us Dies.  The Long Dark: PERMADEATH
In This Episode One of Us Dies. The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

In This Episode One of Us Dies. The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Neebs Gaming! Today, we're playing The Long Dark with permadeath. Spoiler alert: one of us dies!

simon: Oh man, I remember that episode! It was so intense when the Grim Reaper finally showed up. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!

appsro: Haha, yeah, it was definitely a nail-biter. But hey, at least we got some great content out of it, right? And don't forget to check out our new channel, Neebs Magic Dumpster!

neebs: That's right, and if you want to support us, make sure to check out our Patreon. And of course, don't forget to stalk us on social media. We love hearing from you guys!

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

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Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Are you ready for a wild ride in the latest video from our favorite YouTube channel? Well, buckle up because the Grim Reaper has finally made an appearance! I know, I can hardly contain my excitement either.

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of course neebs what's wrong buddy Heidi7.286.04
came to a roadblock again10.54.32
I think I'm getting close though because13.323.36
I'm starting to see these uh I think the14.823.78
name of the penitentiary is Blackrock16.683.9
Penitentiary okay and I'm starting to18.64.08
see a lot of vehicles that say BlackRock20.584.38
on them22.684.439
yeah that's a good sign yeah anything in24.966.2
here or ketchup chips no just those27.1196.181
yeah all right31.164.899
man I'm cold in this car can if I if I33.35.3
were to sleep36.0592.541
no okay I can't sleep in here39.867.08
crap I'm getting really cold man43.23.74
wood I need wood49.26.66
wood bad trees everywhere52.2196.281
come on gotta be some wood got to be55.864.019
some wood right58.55.42
trees all over the place sticks59.8794.041
hypothermia risk Yep this is getting uh65.185.439
this is getting hairy68.1594.201
here we go some more sticks oh yeah here70.6193.481
we go big wood big wood big wood so what72.362.64
I'll do74.14.199
to make a fire beside big wood do I have75.06.02
any more accelerate78.2992.721
I got some lamp oil too81.365.46
let's let's do it let's do it83.9395.22
celery all right that gives me 2486.826.06
minutes on the fire [ __ ] sticks hey I'm89.1595.401
surveying like I haven't surveyed in92.883.66
forever oh yeah94.563.44
there we go96.545.96
look at this this cave is right here98.04.5
sir K behind me102.964.26
the cave is right here105.063.599
you bounced right here across from where107.222.82
I found the dead deer in the Trapper108.6592.46
house oh awesome110.043.6
so that's the cave back to Milton yeah I111.1194.561
45 minutes on this fire how long to115.684.74
break this down 45 minutes oh please118.564.14
don't go out well at least it's not even120.424.92
wore me up oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] that is good122.75.64
are you freezing uh yeah come on125.345.16
that ought to get it hot right128.344.44
there we go 19. come on temperature I130.53.72
need you to climb I really need you to132.783.0
climb there we go okay warm it up134.224.2
finally it's working uh yeah I am I135.785.959
don't even know where I'm at good God138.426.48
leave mystery Lake do it I'm walking141.7395.681
into it go for it I'm gonna hang out by144.97.16
this campfire eat some ketchup chips ah147.424.64
see some light up ahead153.663.26
sun's coming up for me which is nice but157.54.2
man it's snowing hard159.664.62
and the wind just picked up161.75.179
come on man I really need you to the167.643.86
weather you got to be good to me right169.445.04
so I came from over there I can't lose171.55.5
my way back174.485.66
I'm getting close though right177.03.14
I'm gonna drink this water182.225.94
taking a torch would be pointless185.347.16
yeah the fire's going out I gotta move188.164.34
shelter man I know I was hoping to find193.444.82
a prison195.842.42
oh come on weather203.642.64
start down this sucks206.285.7
come on now209.044.979
be good to me211.984.259
you know where you are no214.0194.14
know where you are I'm trying to get to216.2393.181
the prison if I can get to the prison218.1593.36
maybe I can find my way back219.424.2
oh power lines221.5194.021
that's a good sign223.624.08
what can I see over here225.543.54
any buildings I see an opening to my229.084.4
a second233.942.299
good news I did circle around back to236.284.099
the road238.262.119
yeah you know where you are now I'm on240.5993.441
our road242.226.12
man okay weather is I just left the cave244.047.18
whoa whoa whoa whoa oh my God oh my God248.345.72
whoa hey now251.225.4
neebs yeah this is a bigger wolf than I254.066.78
usually see really yeah what the hell256.624.22
holy [ __ ] holy [ __ ] that ain't good what263.6995.161
you got um one two three four five266.883.36
player maybe or what oh god that was270.248.959
good [ __ ] [ __ ] Flair flare wow God273.066.139
stop it stop it oh [ __ ] stay back stay279.686.1
back holy [ __ ] what is this you're right283.448.6
no it's like a pack of ravenous holes285.786.26
flare is working oh no oh no this292.285.8
this is like an organized pack this298.083.36
isn't like one of the little ones we300.33.3
usually see right oh my God enough301.445.34
freezing oh is that a building oh I need303.66.26
a building I need a building306.785.6
what the hell309.866.279
I got cocky needs I hope your players in312.385.98
the last bit uh I hope so too building316.1395.06
come on321.9795.261
dude wolf packs are so [ __ ] scary I324.35.839
hope I never see one327.242.899
what's that say oh damn it333.867.72
federal prison the way I'm coming from337.47.78
who's this okay damn it okay the the341.586.0
prison's back that way somehow you know345.184.2
I I should have gone the other way on347.582.82
the road349.383.12
too late too late yeah too late but350.45.04
there is something up here352.55.22
oh my God oh my God I need some sort of355.444.74
shelter what's up here why can't I get357.727.319
up come on shelter what's up here oh my360.186.68
what is this old substation366.868.1
get in where do I get in it371.283.68
you make it I made it uh382.385.879
I made it into a building an old386.14.26
substation they're just gonna sit out388.2593.78
there and like keep you trapped oh my390.362.88
God I don't know392.0395.6
oh my God are there any flares in here393.244.399
I don't recognize this place399.4794.5
like in a canyon402.184.4
getting players any flares this is my408.05.46
only flare [ __ ] all right I gotta make a410.884.92
crazy decision here413.464.14
are they still out here415.84.76
oh God417.62.96
I might be able to fight him from here421.9195.941
wow there's so many all right throw my424.6395.261
flare down if I can stand on the flare427.864.86
maybe they're scared of it429.95.54
where they at432.722.72
trying to get around me good God439.2593.801
damn it God they're so squirrely444.4193.921
oh God450.782.96
they run it yeah they're running [ __ ]453.966.54
they're coming right back coming right458.124.62
you got a backup Slayer463.586.16
no that's what I'm saying it's my only467.35.76
flare I don't have a flare469.743.32
yeah okay I got one yeah yeah all right476.587.5
yeah okay I hit another one480.9195.441
come on484.085.76
yeah okay I got two yeah boy [ __ ] oh486.366.119
there's one right here ah489.846.259
oh God I already I hit him492.4793.62
what's going on they leave you alone did502.0395.621
you kill him killed two of them I505.56.5
injured two more there were five total507.664.34
all right I need to get this I get warm512.2196.361
starting to find uh coming out of the515.885.659
Canyon I think518.582.959
now I don't want to go where you just522.4194.201
went so where was that the prison don't523.9195.48
go to prison okay526.622.779
got it529.862.659
yourself right I'm exhausted thankfully534.184.2
not bleeding or anything sprained risk538.384.2
hypothermia risk540.64.38
no injuries though oh what do my clothes542.584.4
look like544.986.419
okay things are bad oh God 19 on my546.985.799
I'm gonna work on like repairing my552.7793.421
I think I got enough food on me I just556.24.74
gotta survive this storm and559.083.6
get out tomorrow and see if I can run560.943.3
back to The Farmhouse562.684.56
[ __ ]564.243.0
over here609.984.919
look at the sun says612.185.94
hmm climbing area614.8996.781
yep kind of figured618.123.56
what do I do what do I do what do I do621.9594.521
came in this way dead wolves right here627.188.36
okay I should reload my gun631.3994.141
so I know this way is not the644.3394.021
penitentiary but I'm what is that a646.144.439
bridge over there648.364.94
still got that one Crazy Wolf out here655.386.3
I hope so I shot the other two658.924.979
killed two shot two I'm hoping they ran661.684.26
off and died somewhere but there is663.8994.081
still the one665.943.78
we're here I'm whining667.983.06
hopefully he's whining because he's669.723.72
scared of me671.044.38
towered that way I don't need to go to a673.444.139
tower all right I'm gonna double back675.424.02
head back the way I came677.5794.32
yeah Black Rock yeah the prison's back679.443.899
this way so I'm gonna keep going this681.8993.241
way all right683.3394.141
and I'm trying to find a way685.144.259
down I feel like I'm just on the side of687.483.419
a cliff689.3993.531
you know the sign up I had though690.8993.901
what does this say694.85.099
this says oh climbing area that way okay696.65.52
well at least they helps me know my way699.8994.341
all right still on the right track713.74.379
Penitentiary this way prison area uh do715.146.08
not pick up hitchhikers718.0793.141
like that721.885.04
yeah you're near prison723.63.32
yeah that's a thing as long as you've732.8992.88
got a sunny day yeah I didn't even think734.3992.761
to look735.7792.941
all right I'm gonna put all my sticks in737.164.26
here I got a fire738.725.64
uh yep I'm gonna I'm gonna sleep for a741.427.08
bit gotcha Penitentiary mine okay it's744.365.52
good God748.53.72
how much further do I have to go to find749.884.56
this damn prison752.224.619
oh boy I'm waking up to a storm feels754.444.32
like oh that ain't good756.8394.921
nope Storm's over fires out it's dark758.765.579
can you climb let's see761.764.8
the Rope764.3394.74
yep oh there you go start climbing I'm766.563.54
ah the stars are out look at that770.13.62
oh come on baby775.863.02
I wish my eyeball was a little better779.824.34
than it is781.622.54
well I just fall off this rope785.04.139
eyeball turned red789.9594.56
very good can I drink while I'm on the791.764.879
oh boy Hampshire802.24.52
a few more804.685.11
just a little more806.728.42
okay nope816.35.88
nope I don't think I can make it818.3997.081
I gotta sleep some more and uh822.185.58
what does that hand symbol mean825.482.96
oh man828.446.66
okay that's not good oh holy830.5794.521
oh yes835.445.04
oh prison life for me837.485.78
you sure you want to go there no840.484.979
I thought it was like I saw a sign843.263.34
earlier I was like oh that's got to be845.4593.0
close by I didn't think I'd have to walk846.64.08
six miles to get to it I wish they would848.4594.141
have you know I wish the sign would have850.683.24
given me a distance852.63.96
I hope it's worth it oh it's not gonna853.924.32
be well I don't know actually I don't856.565.48
know this place is huge holy crap858.243.8
God where did I come from though866.7794.261
I think I could survive here a few days872.245.68
by the time I get back to my black bear875.764.439
hide that'll be cured877.924.76
anymore I should have been mapping883.323.92
you know if I can get back887.5794.62
it's my bullet situation that's all I889.84.14
got didn't bring any more with me would892.1992.82
have brought him off I'd known I was893.942.699
gonna be stupid895.0193.06
have to fight896.6394.131
insane amount of wolves898.0795.861
so what are you gonna do904.5793.721
a drink and then uh climb that rope as911.6394.801
soon as I got the energy914.2794.92
sounds like a plan oh my God this is916.443.8
restricted area920.243.94
oh wow922.043.58
let's go924.184.339
open this door925.622.899
oh yeah knees yeah has lots of929.666.94
potentially good stuff here like what934.325.699
well let's revolver shell casings936.66.32
like a book I can burn940.0197.461
soda yeah I'm gonna drink this soda942.924.56
there's a book on practical Gunsmithing948.185.219
I'll rate it no not right now hey953.3994.081
accelerant's good peanut butter can I955.623.48
eat you you're a ton of calories yeah957.483.96
I'll save you for later959.14.7
a little stove in here961.445.519
oh clock my clock in963.85.92
oh yeah966.9594.74
this is cool969.723.72
paid off huh well yeah I mean it's just971.6994.44
a giant building Central Prison973.444.74
Administration infirmary maintenance976.1395.361
staff quarters978.183.32
look at this981.7794.381
it's like a castle I live in a castle984.05.22
now Neves you're a king986.165.88
look at that I know a king yeah anything989.226.38
in here anything in the prison bus992.043.56
cars I can get in maybe they'll have996.184.079
food I gotta check this place out though998.14.7
maximum security oh no it's I can't get1004.6395.401
in you got break a break of you know a1007.6394.62
bit of crime this is like a check-in1010.043.06
now what a weird check-in area1013.14.099
concierge too like processing probably1019.3392.881
not check-in1021.384.029
oh yeah the infirmary come on gotta be1027.765.079
able to get here no my side door yeah1030.54.14
side door1032.8393.62
come on good stuff give me some good1036.4595.74
stuff game been mean to me today1039.0796.24
how about you not be mean up all right1042.1996.6
found the infirmary some meds in there I1045.3195.1
hope so1048.7994.26
I don't like to wear a Band-Aid too long1050.4194.981
anybody does it sounds gross but I like1053.0594.201
even just you know get the bleeding to1055.43.24
stop and get it off of there because1057.263.6
then it gets like all soft and gross1058.644.8
yeah the adhesive starts wearing off man1060.864.5
didn't wear it that long I hate finding1063.443.66
a Band-Aid in the pool1065.363.42
no one likes a Band-Aid in the pool dude1067.14.22
I mean that's just1068.782.54
take your Band-Aid off before you got in1071.844.14
the pool they just thought it was gonna1074.0594.5
stick damn1075.985.1
okay got me some sticks I'm back to my1078.5593.48
man thank God there's not a storm1082.0395.961
tonight I think I'd be screwed1083.964.04
yeah I gotta sleep right now I'm gonna1090.9193.241
start this fire1092.664.2
I'm gonna sleep by the fire in a few1094.164.019
trying to climb this rope okay hey let's1098.1794.201
just hear a wolf in here1100.165.36
got a wolf get into prison1102.383.14
where's the wolf1105.9192.661
let's see1110.2995.521
keypad oh wow it's a keypad here1113.0595.041
a locked door1115.823.719
his notes say1118.13.54
find me at the mine East and up the hill1119.5394.441
looking up at the mountain I got a lead1121.643.72
on this door1123.983.62
I'm hearing growling1130.342.78
do it1138.382.539
check my food then I'm sleeping1143.6793.961
let's see yeah Boiler Room I don't know1149.085.38
what I expect to find in a boiler room1152.05.039
let's check it out oh yeah wow he's dark1154.464.94
in here1157.0392.361
I'm at the top1183.522.86
made it yep nice here we go I see picnic1186.385.82
tables oh there's a cabin yes look at1189.265.82
man it's always so foggy okay yeah I got1192.25.16
picnic tables okay1195.083.78
um I'll check the picnic tables first1197.364.679
then I'm gonna check out that cabin1198.865.76
yeah what is this1204.623.84
soda all right1205.884.98
the Promised Land1208.464.26
see it and I'm like all right maybe the1217.164.94
next turn it'll be over1219.262.84
this place is a [ __ ] maze man1222.443.38
fuel that's actually perfect1228.946.28
see because my Lantern is almost out you1232.524.32
need to start making making marks with1235.223.839
your paint uh no I think I can find my1236.843.719
way out of here1239.0594.681
holy crap yeah this is wild what I think1240.5594.441
I've seen everything in this game it1243.743.66
throws packs of wolves at me in a giant1245.03.9
facility I was starting to think you1248.93.36
were going over there for a second with1251.123.439
that pack1252.262.299
all right this cabin is uh almost like a1254.784.44
visitor center oh there's a new bedroom1257.963.3
here there we go1259.225.52
a Drink Machine can I shake these out of1261.265.7
here dollar fifty how much are sodas now1264.744.86
out of a vending machine1266.964.51
um okay1269.64.959
there's got to be an end to this right1275.123.12
there's an end to this Tunnel right1276.6792.761
babes doesn't have to be1278.242.7
could be a dead end if that's what you1280.943.37
the rifle a second rifle1289.345.459
and rifle ammunition oh my God five1291.984.38
hey I came out uh I'm on like a dam1296.365.179
where the hell am I now good God what1301.584.32
have I done1304.13.36
just got to the prison and I went1305.93.36
through a damn series of steam tunnels1307.464.14
and now I'm somewhere else crazy1309.266.539
I'm gonna get here power plant1311.67.64
oh this looks nice1315.7993.441
power plant1322.943.78
it's nice in here oh wow the water's1324.983.84
running through yeah there's turbines1326.724.939
dude this is cool1328.822.839
really cool1332.4195.281
the game continues to surprise me coffee1335.0595.421
taking it1337.72.78
how do I get back to the prison I don't1347.1792.941
want to go through those steam tunnels1349.0392.821
again man that [ __ ] was scary I'm1350.123.299
looking at my rifle my rifle and my1351.864.319
rifle's in good shape it's 86 percent1353.4195.301
what's this one1356.1792.541
oh I don't know I'm hearing a lot of1359.124.22
yeah this rifle I found is 55 so we'll1366.745.34
probably leave that one oh crap I got a1369.864.62
pack coming in again oh Jeff oh God oh1372.085.459
God oh [ __ ] no no no no you little1374.485.6
no I think I'm out of flares you guys1382.245.52
want to run to see a car1385.45.1
oh my God I'm at a stamina I'm out of1387.765.86
stamina oh man stop it I should have1390.54.86
went back the other way no no no no no1393.625.7
no no come on come on come on get to the1395.368.46
car get to the damn car damn it you1399.326.18
scare him up with a shot or kill one of1403.823.739
okay that ran him off for a second1408.5595.161
into that car man we're getting the car1411.583.4
get in the car1413.724.38
ah you made it yeah1414.985.16
[ __ ]1418.14.319
that's gonna be a problem uh yeah you1420.144.34
where's my1429.6792.461
what's my guy look like oh God I'm1430.822.76
oh damn it damn it damn it damn it damn1440.64.079
oh I got bandages1444.6794.62
where do I go1449.363.12
I don't want to go back to those steam1451.1592.151
shouldn't have gone away from the prison1457.584.219
I just got to the prison1458.723.079
oh I wanted to check it out1463.644.8
greedy and cocky and I should have1466.223.78
stayed at The Farmhouse and killed deer1468.443.9
and eat deer all day1470.06.559
but I'm a Nut are they gone1472.344.219
no God you know oh God they're right on1476.6795.941
yeah is that good no that's not good1485.5597.021
this is bad sounds bad1488.783.8
oh these sodas are just sitting there I1493.943.359
thought there was glass and I like1495.743.84
couldn't get to them there's no glass1497.2994.981
just grab it1499.584.26
sounds good1502.285.12
gonna have a soda why not1503.843.56
do I have anything wait any sort of1508.524.519
oh I got some herbal tea tell you what1513.54.62
drinking The herbal tea1515.4194.26
and I'm gonna sleep in the car a little1518.123.679
rest here we go we're gonna sleep for1525.24.38
three hours and the wolves are gonna1527.844.02
forget about me yeah so probably take up1529.583.38
some sort of Hobby1531.863.6
and I'm gonna get out and I can keep1532.963.94
I've survived 65 days1536.93.92
wolves seem to be gone1546.383.32
side stay up here1552.6795.821
climbing area oh [ __ ] of course they're1555.024.62
not gone1558.53.539
why would I be so lucky why would I be1559.644.279
so lucky1562.0395.64
are you going come back out [ __ ] I1563.9196.901
don't know I'm just following the road1567.6796.98
damn it ah God1570.823.839
oh God there's got to be something up1580.767.58
here somewhere stop it stop it stop it1582.5595.781
I've lost bandage bandage bandage1589.94.379
leave me alone1595.462.42
I'm just running through the wilderness1604.966.48
[ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ]1608.1793.261
but once again damn it1612.5597.081
oh God what's up here what's up here oh1615.26.959
my God is this a dead end is this a dead1619.644.7
I ain't going out easy1627.323.62
okay can I climb here1634.0394.221
okay bandage bandage bandage bandage1641.086.24
bandage bandage1644.6596.741
maybe they won't follow me in here1647.324.08
where the hell am I1652.882.899
think I got away from them okay1657.7993.441
oh crap1679.2793.201
you got a bear oh you got a bear1684.384.7
where did you go man son of a [ __ ] I1689.864.54
I went too far and I1694.45.639
we got two bullets1700.0394.381
could shoot him1710.95.159
and he runs yeah1712.764.88
can he get up here1716.0594.141
oh God he's running he's running he1717.643.82
can't get up here though right how would1720.22.88
he get up1721.463.48
how would he get up here you can good1723.083.12
okay okay1726.22.78
oh my God1733.223.02
that's my play Help If he if he gets me1737.0595.041
I'm done1740.243.78
this might be it that's the only way you1742.12.88
can go1744.024.56
it's towards the bear or back to the1744.986.02
I did1751.943.239
and like I said I got two bullets I1753.53.12
could hinge men1755.1793.6
two bullets1756.625.33
I didn't bring them all oh1758.7796.32
all right do it1768.626.26
yeah yeah1772.1592.721
wait what else do I got do I have okay I1776.63.48
got an emergency stem so here's what I'm1778.525.0
gonna do oh and I gotta go energy drink1780.083.44
I'm gonna shoot shoot him see if I can1786.445.339
scare him and then try to run around him1789.744.5
oh god oh [ __ ] oh no no no no no no1794.246.98
no no no no no no1798.083.14
that's right1807.442.959
I can't hide him1822.944.14
are you okay what are you okay what how1834.0397.721
in the hell am I alive how in the hell1838.465.459
am I even still alive I thought you left1841.763.299
Bears going that way emergency stem1847.965.339
where is it1850.582.719
kick it up here I can't get up anywhere1864.1596.24
that way1870.463.18
I was stuck stuck here1874.764.399
this way can I oh yeah wait a minute go1879.326.739
this way get through1882.983.079
here anywhere1886.244.0
how close are you to Milton well um I1895.3994.801
just wanted to start mapping this place1898.3994.02
out maybe I can figure out where I am1900.24.859
uh charcoal yeah I got charcoal it's uh1902.4194.5
oh here we go survey1905.0594.62
see if anything pops up oh wait a minute1906.9194.86
wait a minute1909.6795.701
I think I kind of know where I'm at1911.7796.301
yeah I see Milton on the map1915.384.56
oh yeah yeah1918.083.12
do me a favor1921.23.719
kill a bear1922.944.56
I'm gonna kill a bear kill a bear why1924.9194.021
are you talking like that1927.54.919
I got no way out of here man1928.945.339
I'm bleeding1932.4193.321
oh no damn it1935.748.159
oh no kill a bear son of a [ __ ]1938.085.819
ah crap don't give up on me1955.7794.38
that's right1960.2793.301
that's true1964.524.62
kill a bear1974.724.8
all right1977.245.6
we're killing a bear1979.523.32
it's pretty cold here1987.91918.181

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