Wasting Boats in Rust!!!

Hey everyone, can you believe the crew is back at it again in Rust? They're really getting settled into their new home and the adventures ar...
Wasting Boats in Rust!!!
Wasting Boats in Rust!!!

Wasting Boats in Rust!!!

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another exciting episode of Wasting Boats in Rust! I gotta say, this is definitely one of my favorite videos we've done.

simon: Oh, absolutely! I mean, who doesn't love watching us hilariously fail at sinking boats in Rust? It's a masterpiece, really.

appsro: I have to agree with you guys, this video is pure gold. The way we navigate those boats like pros is just too good to miss.

neebs: And let's not forget the epic commentary we provide as we struggle to survive in our new home. It's a rollercoaster of emotions, that's for sure!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey everyone, can you believe the crew is back at it again in Rust? They're really getting settled into their new home and the adventures are just getting started! If you're a fan of the game or just love watching hilarious gameplay, this video is a must-watch.

The gang is playing on Survival Servers, and let me tell you, the action is intense. If you've ever wanted to have your own Rust server, definitely check out the link in the description to see how you can get in on the fun. And don't forget to hit that subscribe button while you're at it to make sure you never miss an episode.

I can't get enough of Neebs Gaming, and I love that they're supported by Xidax PCs. It's clear they're serious about their gaming setup, and it really shows in the quality of their content. Plus, if you want even more exclusive perks and behind-the-scenes access, consider supporting them on Patreon.

Make sure to follow Neebs Gaming on all their social media channels to stay up to date on all their latest videos and announcements. And if you're looking for more awesome content, be sure to check out their playlists for cartoons, 7Days to Die, Scrap Mechanic, Minecraft, GTA V, and Subnautica. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. Enjoy the video!

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ow ow1.044.64
damn it dory okay well i backed up into3.524.64
this stupid thing i played5.683.68
i didn't want to put this right here but8.163.04
i did and it's just so be careful right9.363.12
there especially if you're doing target11.22.72
right yeah so if you're doing target12.482.96
practice don't back up into the big13.923.279
barbed wire fans gotcha15.443.2
gotcha yeah that's good to know that17.1993.121
nobody would have thought yeah you don't18.643.12
think about stuff like that20.323.119
no not usually like i was like i'm gonna21.763.599
make this tougher and then i sure did23.4393.121
because i was bleeding25.3594.16
okay all right maybe you see our mixer26.563.6
yeah dora found a mixer okay we can make30.164.96
low-grade fuel in this this is pretty32.83.04
okay what are what are the ingredients35.845.039
so like for low-grade fuel that's just a39.123.68
little bit of animal fat and some40.8794.161
is this one going to keep running though53.363.6
no but we should take it out and look54.963.68
for horses56.966.239
yeah okay four seater oh heck yes58.648.4
now we gotta get around baby last63.1997.201
yeah there we go it's like a safari if67.045.6
you've got binoculars oh look70.44.56
oh that's true except it's very thick72.643.839
please don't drive us into anything74.962.4
crazy though76.4792.401
you have a bad habit of that i do77.362.799
there's actually a counter here on the78.882.559
dashboard how many times you've done80.1591.921
this month82.085.76
all right keep them eyes open oh wait a123.23.84
what look at this i can't i can't see as127.044.559
good as you can130.83.519
yeah it's a hot air balloon oh we're131.5994.321
gonna get sick to feel like134.3193.92
scientists to the left oh oh all right135.923.76
i'm pulling out138.2394.64
yeah we got a pig too139.683.199
oh yeah hog where's this oh there's the143.763.199
hot air balloon145.5994.561
now we need what uh low-grade fuel oh146.9595.761
i've been making some and cloth oh my150.164.719
god i might have all that hold up i know152.724.0
how do you uh how do you repair this154.8792.801
i think you know i think there's a156.723.44
little box we got a head we got a head157.685.04
oh fuel storage so i put the low-grade160.163.76
fuel in there162.722.159
uh-huh then what do you do with the163.923.36
cloth does it go in this little box164.8795.201
a little box clock that just says loot167.283.52
but with the fuel in there can i oh it's170.83.12
just a fuel173.24.0
i hit bird get in get in173.926.16
wait the scientist is this going up did177.23.84
you hit the button180.084.0
i hit the button we're burning i don't181.044.4
know where's doraleous184.083.6
uh dealing with the scientists okay185.443.28
don't get left behind187.682.479
i don't know what i mean i'm right here188.723.92
you if you left you left me behind190.1593.841
well we haven't left yet are we too192.643.44
heavy uh how are we from now194.05.84
here we go196.083.76
you hit this button right uh yeah i hit201.364.0
the button it says on so it's on now203.5193.601
yeah no it's burning look i mean it's205.362.879
both of you guys step out everybody step208.2393.121
it is it just a one-person ride yeah211.363.36
that's the dumbest213.363.04
is it is it connected at the bottom214.723.599
somehow that's what i was looking at oh216.42.479
you were let's218.3192.801
see i don't see anything connecting it218.8794.0
this that doesn't make sense221.123.52
it just says press the button oh i hit222.8794.0
balloon fully repaired before takeoff224.643.76
there's a blue guy right over here blue226.8793.681
guys yeah we can take him out i got one228.42.479
everyone's sinking he was getting their230.8793.44
balloons falling oh no okay now232.43.759
use it as copper i burned all the fuel i234.3193.521
burned down the damn fuel damn it does236.1592.481
nothing work237.842.64
i think we have to fully repair it right238.643.679
now i mean this thing's sitting at 84240.482.319
out of242.3193.681
1 500. okay we have to make a wrench or242.7993.761
[ __ ] are we fighting as a scientist uh246.563.44
well we can248.563.2
where is he oh i might have hit him250.04.319
again oh right to the left of the truck251.763.44
the vehicle254.3192.48
oh all right i'm going in i'm going in255.23.039
oh and i hit him again yeah he's down i258.2394.24
got him he's down he's down260.6393.84
stupid [ __ ] thank you yeah yeah good262.4793.601
stuff good what we got264.4795.121
you got a gun266.085.679
that's all this guy's got scrappy sword269.63.44
he had a gun huh271.7593.841
i just found a flame turret oh and i273.043.599
found a fuse275.64.0
yes oh okay i have that piece can i have276.6396.321
that few stick or do you want to go279.63.36
all right we got to get back in that289.7593.041
building yeah i'm making a run for the291.042.719
building running292.81.76
for the building running for the293.7593.201
building uh294.563.68
inside the building we're going for the296.963.6
hole the oh [ __ ] can we just get shot at298.245.04
i just got shot at yes he god where is300.563.199
where oh i think i got him southeast303.7593.361
140. yep yep i see him yep307.125.04
oh god i'm getting radiation poison oh310.43.2
[ __ ] we didn't think about it312.164.16
oh we don't have hold on all right i i'm313.64.159
gonna put the fuse in here yeah do that316.322.319
do this quick317.7593.28
electric fuse open and then drag it put318.6393.201
it here321.0392.321
all right fuse is in so we gotta go321.843.199
turning this thing on turn on go into323.362.32
the hole325.0392.241
uh go to the hole go to the hole oh god325.682.799
i'm still getting radiation poisoning327.282.56
all right come on now we gotta make this328.4793.201
quick or we're gonna die in that hole329.844.0
we're gonna die in the hole okay my331.683.84
health the radiation poisoning is going333.843.44
down it's at 22 i think it's okay all335.523.119
right get in the hole get in the hole go337.282.479
in the hole i'm gonna i feel like i'm338.6392.241
gonna fall down the ladder i feel like339.7592.401
i'm gonna do that all right no you're340.882.56
good you're good come on down come on342.163.92
i want to just go in the hole yeah there343.444.72
he is346.087.76
okay here we go here we go okay348.165.68
all right you have the key card oh354.323.52
please let this work356.964.4
come on work um just uh357.846.32
work there's something else we gotta do361.364.959
oh yes364.165.36
oh my god oh boy oh is this loot366.3196.481
please be all types of stuffs oh my god369.524.64
oh what's in this butt look there's372.83.119
boxes here where'd you do sweet sweet374.163.84
boxes oh that's a sweet sweet box375.9195.921
pants batteries378.03.84
that's true that's true anything else in385.7593.201
here that's good387.9193.28
ah right you'd hope so this goes on i388.965.04
mean look at this391.1995.28
how you feeling neebs pretty good you394.04.319
ever see terminal396.4793.84
nope tom hanks oh maybe i did a long398.3193.041
time ago right400.3194.081
is crozier a real flick crozier croatia401.364.32
i'm from crozier404.44.0
croatia is a real place yeah i know that405.683.359
i figured you'd say it wrong yeah i409.0393.201
think people let tom411.1992.241
i don't i don't think the accent was412.242.64
that good i think people just let him413.442.72
get away with it because he's tom hanks414.881.599
because yeah out of wood here we go hold416.4793.041
oh just there we go stakes heard a hog419.523.92
close by but422.3193.44
did you possibly there had to really423.443.44
bend some rules for that425.7592.88
for that story you know yeah like he426.883.92
gets there no one speaks his language428.6393.761
just walk around the airport430.82.959
what are the chances of that happening432.43.76
for real you know i bet it's happened433.7592.88
well to an extent like someone's436.6393.68
probably got locked in an airport and438.882.319
it's like oh440.3192.801
we forgot about this guy and he's just i441.1993.041
mean he's renovating443.123.359
the airport he's like just going down444.243.28
certain terminals and446.4793.12
building water fountains and stuff oh no447.523.28
one cares i forget449.5993.361
okay that's vandalism technically it's450.83.92
only vandalism if it's ugly452.964.4
well i didn't i i don't remember the the454.723.039
so yeah it's in there good movie though457.7597.041
tom hanks gets a pass for everything yep461.286.24
even covered464.82.72
all right dora my torch my torch broke467.9193.201
so you're light guy yeah light guy you469.682.0
want to be471.123.919
up front you'll be front okay okay471.686.639
what a fine man no this is sweet i got a475.0394.801
with the oh oh boy now what479.846.0
as a button oh the button oh okay that482.8793.44
not as hard as the other one not even486.3193.761
close no487.844.16
oh my god oh we can't go that way all490.083.28
right sweet uh-uh492.04.639
uh-uh uh-uh sweet huh oh oh oh493.366.48
oh okay back to the surface496.6395.12
hold on yeah yeah hold on let me repeat499.844.0
hold on peak501.7593.521
oh i know where we're at we're at the503.843.12
bottom yep is it good505.284.08
is it safe nope nope i see a scientist506.963.2
back down back509.361.92
down all right we're going out the other510.163.04
way right safer because it's right we're511.283.52
gonna go back the way we came but i know513.22.639
where this leads now514.83.2
okay sweet we could do an ambush at some515.8394.241
point oh [ __ ] are we lucky518.04.88
oh oh no are you caught get the oh get520.083.439
the balls522.882.96
out get the balls out of here523.5193.841
what an evil trick that is an evil trick527.364.8
oh [ __ ] so we're trapped down here all530.322.88
right we need to wait till532.162.799
morning remember i got that grenade in533.216.079
the morning534.95917.681
ah abstra yeah yeah yeah yeah do me a549.2794.641
favor will you do a quick552.644.24
peek and you tell me really it's hard553.924.24
with that light in the face556.882.959
yeah we don't need that anymore do a558.163.2
quick p you know what i'll do the quick559.8393.44
peek yeah you got the grenade well that561.363.919
makes perfect sense i like your shorts563.2793.281
thank you565.2794.481
oh okay what do you see ah566.567.04
not up uh oh coming back569.765.68
up and now he's walking that way okay573.63.76
hold on are you going for it and then575.445.2
grenade grenade yeah577.363.28
oh boy i don't ah what did i do oh wow581.684.08
you get585.2793.361
what did i do where is it585.762.88
i blew myself up and abstra is in a600.04.8
pickle we could uh we could use us602.244.8
he could use a saving uh that's right604.83.76
times of the essence uh do i have607.042.16
i gotta grab something come on something609.23.44
just uh any type of weapon610.9594.161
yeah thick we got a rescue mission okay612.644.199
come back in the place615.124.719
got a shotgun okay okay okay you got a622.3993.521
yeah i've only got uh two shells left625.923.039
come on follow me we're gonna go into627.762.8
the hole we're gonna come from the back628.9592.161
there's a630.562.719
scientist right come here he's a little631.123.52
bit further okay633.2794.401
so unless he's the guy we gotta take634.646.24
out if there's just one oh637.685.12
down here all right you going down yeah640.883.12
i can put my hat on642.83.12
okay cool with the light let's go all644.03.12
the way to the end i think i remember645.922.8
the way how do i turn the light on647.124.56
uh hit uh yeah all right take a point648.723.76
take a point651.683.2
follow me we'll i'll oh here we go um652.483.2
hello he's at work again hello wait i655.683.04
have my oh my god i don't have it [ __ ]658.723.359
that was the worst plan660.9593.361
ever pull back we're going around the662.0793.521
other way okay664.323.759
my cue card's on my corpse everybody up665.63.84
the ladder668.0792.721
so we have to take this guy out we're669.442.8
gonna have to take this guy out the670.82.8
scientist huh gotta take them out672.244.48
yeah um okay oh boy673.66.0
these guys are tough so all i got is bow676.723.679
and arrow679.62.479
now you don't know where where where is680.3992.88
appstore can we understand this682.0791.681
you can yeah but that's what we're doing683.763.28
we just we can yeah685.123.76
uh straight this way i think it was down687.043.44
here well688.883.519
i don't remember where i was let's see690.483.039
where's my body692.3994.721
hold on dead body abs rope693.5195.521
uh uh yeah there's the hole there's the697.123.68
hole where apps was in down here guys699.044.64
hey okay oh there is a there is a guy700.83.68
down there703.683.839
okay 16. uh will that hole down there704.485.52
yes geez i'm in the hall yeah yeah yeah707.5195.361
we're coming up sir we're gonna save you710.04.72
i should probably take out this guy huh712.883.84
yeah do it do it714.727.44
[ __ ] oh are you guys okay716.727.04
i'm trying to find my way out of a722.163.52
tunnel using uh723.764.96
the placing down what is that is this725.684.32
counter oh that's right i'm gonna get730.03.2
you i found some more stuff and oh god731.123.6
that's a gun733.23.68
oh thank god i fell okay jesus i found734.723.44
the ladder okay736.883.68
okay oh yeah that took long enough can738.163.2
you come out of it740.563.04
i think so is there a guy up here i741.363.76
don't hey there you go hey what's up743.63.84
wait did you just take fire no i just745.123.12
that was me747.442.959
that was me oh i found a gun uh with i748.244.08
think i have three shots left now750.3994.161
found some decent stuff names really i752.323.84
think so a battery754.564.24
okay and um with that a large planter756.163.119
oh and the uh solar panels now that we759.2794.321
we don't have any electric stuff762.244.32
i know but when we do we got solar763.63.6
it's a pretty lame rescue oh get shot at767.26.24
oh no you don't i'm too nimble too hot771.043.12
to handle773.443.519
too cold to hold oh whoa he's shooting774.163.119
up here where is he where is he where is777.2794.481
he he's underneath that red pipe780.04.56
oh yeah i see him [ __ ] i think i got a781.764.72
met i got a hit784.565.12
huh oh he's running he's a coward786.485.84
oh i'm about to robin hood his ass come789.683.68
here sucker792.323.44
oh i got him i hit him he's not dead but793.364.0
i hit him i'm moving in i'm getting some795.762.48
cover okay797.362.56
i'll keep coming back coming right798.243.53
behind after you hit him again799.926.05
yes that was a rescue mission that was a806.04.959
rescue mission809.922.88
yeah look how oh i'm taking a [ __ ] is810.9593.281
there a machine gun on him there is not812.83.92
a machine gun814.242.48
holder but hey that was fun yes817.2794.721
thanks for the rescue boys yeah back to822.164.679
facebook we gotta get a bunch of [ __ ]824.325.16
hey neems i got something for you okay837.123.2
look at that shirt what color is that840.324.24
let me try this it's green baby842.244.399
check it out yeah we think you look844.563.519
great man no this is846.6394.721
oh god man you look like a green [ __ ]848.0795.361
i love it yeah all right turn your light851.363.52
off day time oh you know853.444.16
yep what is that f yup all right we're854.884.399
going to go to a fishing village857.63.44
you know i hate this car right yeah i859.2793.441
know this thing only drives for like861.043.68
five minutes then it just quits on you862.723.84
hold it yeah it864.724.16
let me put some maybe some gas in it866.563.44
that might work868.884.8
there we go now we're cooking horses man870.05.839
yeah lights on check engine lights on873.683.279
look at it hey875.8393.761
is it always on that's like your car876.9593.601
yeah but my car879.64.4
runs what's going on buddy880.565.68
oh man i just made like a ton of uh884.05.12
low-grade fuel 161 oh very cool886.245.599
and i've also crafted oh man we're kind889.124.48
of running out of space here but891.8394.8
oh oh yeah yeah right in front of the893.64.799
two modern ones mm-hmm896.6393.601
right yeah but uh we take some of our898.3993.601
ore stick it in there yeah we can start900.242.959
cooking some good [ __ ] now902.04.16
listen like i feel like um like at least903.1994.32
i have to go and just906.164.479
grab all the stuff we left there oh yeah907.5194.481
if you want to do that go for it910.6393.041
we need it there's just so many things912.03.04
and like we didn't even look at that913.682.64
last area very well915.042.799
you know because we were getting shot at916.323.199
yeah go up there grab the [ __ ] put it in917.8393.761
a box or something yeah our storage is919.5194.241
already full storage in this game yeah921.64.0
yeah yeah i wish uh923.763.84
okay i'll see you in a bit yeah see ya925.63.52
you can bring it here and put it in our927.63.28
damn yard man this looks like the yard929.123.12
of someone that lives at a [ __ ]930.882.95
trailer park932.244.779
hey neebs yeah man i think those guys938.0793.68
are like940.9593.361
they protect that place i'm laying a941.7593.44
sleeping bag down944.322.24
all right you put that down you wait945.1993.681
here fishing bag946.564.56
yeah i think it's like an outpost you948.883.44
know uh-huh951.122.56
where they're just walking around i952.323.12
don't have my weapon out and i'm like953.682.719
i'm think 44. unarmed jay956.3996.0
you're lucky oh god one's coming towards959.64.08
they're not they're not attacking not963.685.279
attacking okay wait wait wait just966.485.52
just maybe he hasn't seen me the periph968.9593.761
is probably972.03.6
pretty bad because of their suits ah972.724.64
looks good neebs975.65.2
so all right hello sirs as you were977.364.96
guess what maybe no weapons in your980.84.159
hands no weapons in your hands for sure982.325.12
all right hello sir just here to get984.9594.081
some fishing oil987.446.48
omega 3 do you get you said fishing oil989.047.76
yeah okay you know for your skin i don't993.923.2
what's fish oil for is it for your997.123.12
i don't know there's a turret okay1000.243.76
there's a traitor here oh he's waving1002.0795.041
hello trout when he's scrapped1004.05.279
i'm looking to buy a boat how much is1007.123.839
this boat how about a nice1009.2794.961
big rhi a rip boat should i buy a rib1010.9593.841
i mean maybe how much how much scrap you1014.83.44
got i've got i've got enough for a rib1016.562.399
i only got 21. i've got 300 i've got1018.9595.6
more than 300 yeah let's get a rib boat1022.04.559
red boat1024.5594.561
i just saw it back there we just go get1026.5594.48
it all right man find your boat just1029.122.88
behind me1031.0392.4
be sure to leave in the next five1032.03.199
minutes or i'll have to repossess you1033.4392.24
let's do it let's do it now1035.6796.24
awkward pipe1039.1992.72
this isn't the what isn't this where we1043.8395.041
this is like a one one-time enter thing1050.323.04
what's going on here1051.844.8
well [ __ ] is the power off the power1053.365.439
probably the power i'll bet that's off1056.643.6
i'll bet the fuse is1058.7996.321
[ __ ] okay1060.248.559
all right make a call1065.127.28
oh naming phones oh1068.7996.801
um two five one1072.46.44
nine three five five1075.66.319
one huh wrong number but it's1078.845.8
right up there okay it was a waste of1081.9193.921
did this what we this was the door we1085.843.68
what like we were already in here1089.527.44
no fuse okay oh we'll get this [ __ ]1093.26.08
neems northeast 60 we got something i1100.43.44
see it man1103.0392.801
it's right in front of us i'm gonna i'm1103.843.12
gonna drive by1105.844.719
wide no no people on it right ah1106.965.52
don't doesn't look like it to me what is1110.5593.601
this yeah1112.482.96
i don't know just get in there is that1114.164.0
some sort of a turret um1115.445.04
is it i'm not getting shot at you want1118.163.84
to get out and take a look1120.485.36
yeah hold up here we go1122.05.6
here we go can you get me a little1125.844.8
closer a little closer a little closer1127.65.68
here we go oh yeah oh it's just like1130.643.44
over here1133.283.519
okay yeah there's uh is it just as much1134.083.92
trash in the water1136.7993.281
and then this is a thing just a just a1138.04.32
little loop area isn't it okay1140.084.719
water barrel okay on the red one there1142.323.76
might be some fuel1144.7993.12
right put it in the boat here we go1146.083.599
low-grade fuel yeah there it is nice1147.9193.361
uh i guess this is just somebody's raft1149.6793.281
huh it was1151.283.6
someone's dock okay just floated over1152.963.04
yeah hey1154.883.919
all right hey real quick uh-huh let's1156.03.76
take a look at it1158.7995.12
you see it out there oh the oil rig yeah1159.765.44
yeah floor it1163.9194.161
here we go baby1165.22.88
what you got going on what you got hey1168.5593.201
we got a boom1170.724.64
we got a workbench now we can make some1171.764.24
good [ __ ] hey uh that uh1176.04.96
that uh place up there kind of reset1179.124.0
with the fuse is gone all that stuff so1180.962.8
oh that's such [ __ ] isn't it yeah1183.763.36
well to look into that1185.764.32
but it's okay we got stuff things are1187.124.08
yeah we got stuff yeah we're going to1190.082.8
need some more storage solutions i hate1191.22.719
this we don't have anything1192.883.28
labeled everything's in here this is a1193.9194.081
myth that seems like an absolute damn1196.162.32
can put nibs on that uh or we could do1198.485.199
it why why can't we do it1201.764.64
i really don't want to do it okay you1203.6794.321
really are the new simon aren't you1206.44.24
yes because if he's not here who's going1208.03.2
to be done1210.642.08
he's got to be yeah that's true1211.23.599
somebody's got to be lazy okay1212.726.12
lazy i i was not lazy this entire uh1214.7995.901
i see it man look at that yeah there's1222.643.519
probably enemies there right1224.964.0
i guess is that a helicopter pad yeah no1226.1594.64
helicopter though1228.965.04
okay after i wants one it's true1230.7996.321
i'm looking you didn't tight baby okay1234.06.24
a lot of containers uh crane what's this1237.123.84
some kind of1240.244.08
poop chute oh i see blue guys over there1240.965.36
oh yeah yeah see them on the ground1244.324.08
level yeah i see him1246.323.76
hey get in get in tight we'll do a1248.44.32
drive-by oh yeah1250.084.32
just real quick oh boy don't run into1252.723.76
anything though1254.43.6
you're there well of course i'm gonna1256.483.12
hit you you're on this side ah there's1258.02.159
too many1259.62.64
names there's some up top too there's no1260.1593.681
way here we go1262.245.04
good bye we're doing it drive by oh1263.847.04
boy hey hey oh [ __ ] i jumped1267.286.24
oh nick you jumped off the boat you just1270.886.96
dropped the boat1273.524.32
this is a horrible idea oh i said let's1287.123.439
not do this1289.283.279
i know but gas i thought i didn't think1290.5593.201
you were out of gas1292.5594.401
[ __ ] in the water okay1293.765.68
i'm gonna blow our boat up it has no gas1296.963.92
in it are you serious1299.444.32
there's no gas [ __ ] neebs i didn't want1300.884.159
to do this1303.764.799
do what drive by we're past that we've1305.0394.561
done it1308.5593.041
i didn't think i fell in the water all1309.64.48
right hold on let's see if we can1311.66.319
never try to get on this thing okay i'm1314.085.12
yeah me too not very well oh1319.27.2
god it's coming from all names i hate1323.0394.0
yeah i hate me too1327.0399.681
are you hurt can i help you1333.526.88
do you have a time machine yes1336.723.68
oh god1340.487.36

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