I'M NOT ALONE HERE! | Subnautica: Below Zero

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest Subnautica log yet? It's always a wild ride when our favorite crazy wom...
I'M NOT ALONE HERE!  |  Subnautica: Below Zero
I'M NOT ALONE HERE! | Subnautica: Below Zero

I'M NOT ALONE HERE! | Subnautica: Below Zero

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Neebs Gaming! Today, we're diving into Subnautica: Below Zero, and let me tell you, I'm not alone here!

simon: Oh, you mean besides your imaginary friend, Steve?

neebs: Hey, Steve is real to me, okay? And besides, I've got this crazy woman living down here with me, so at least I have some company.

appsro: Wait, so you're telling me you're not just talking to yourself in these videos? That explains a lot.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

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Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest Subnautica log yet? It's always a wild ride when our favorite crazy woman is living down there in the depths. I mean, who knows what kind of shenanigans she's getting up to this time, am I right?

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incoming call from name's14.164.16
office uh okay yeah what's up neebs yeah16.164.24
you know what i was thinking18.324.24
sam used to talk about delta station a20.43.52
lot where's that at cause right now i'm22.562.479
just kind of man i'm i'm23.923.92
exploring south man it's a big old25.0393.921
loopty loop here27.843.12
oh yeah like a coral loop-de-loop yeah28.963.439
kind of fun30.963.04
like a roller coaster yeah a little bit32.3993.041
i wish it i wish this were a roller34.01.92
it's not it's a hell hole yeah i like35.924.0
roller coasters do you like the38.325.28
loops was that the question do i like39.924.56
the loops on the43.62.88
all right okay all right well the way44.483.04
you said that sounded like you were46.481.52
gonna keep47.522.08
talking but yes i like the loops yeah48.02.96
like i get an answer and then move49.61.84
okay do you like the corkscrew yes yeah51.443.759
i'm fine i'm fine with both53.843.68
the drops yeah the drops are fine where55.1994.401
the hell's delta station oh that's why57.524.16
that's right okay um oh you've been59.63.2
paying it i can ping it61.6810.32
i can't tell you how to get there62.812.24
station 250 meters away okay we're close72.04.56
that's pretty close you can swim yeah75.043.2
but i got the sea truck why would i76.564.32
exercise how's your body right now my78.243.68
body's fine80.883.2
it's actually banging i look good baby81.925.12
healthy though yeah i'm healthy okay84.085.6
are you getting a vitamin d no not87.044.64
really being inside this uh89.685.759
you know in the water okay91.6810.16
all right popping out95.4396.401
yeah looks like delta stations dock102.564.8
okay i guess yeah delta station looks108.4796.881
like a big radio tower111.927.12
radio tower yeah maybe a satellite115.365.68
there's something up there looks like a119.044.0
looks like a satellite radio tower yeah121.043.2
okay well123.044.399
okay anything here worth this [ __ ] uh124.244.719
water i'll always take a little extra127.4393.841
this is a recorded message if you can133.844.08
hear this136.9594.0
you're trespassing if you know it's good137.925.44
for you you'll get the hell out of here140.9594.881
wow they sound like they're from from my143.364.32
woods yeah no [ __ ] you got relatives145.844.0
living here neebs i don't think so147.685.68
hello what the hell are rednecks doing149.845.039
oh yeah okay okay warm me up baby154.8797.201
thermo lilies i believe they're called160.084.64
lily yeah162.085.84
that's a good day for that the sun's164.724.08
going down167.923.679
damn it woke up too late got my168.84.24
flashlight though171.5994.961
okay making my way up173.043.52
what are you sulfur oh yeah this is177.763.52
yeah it's sulfur crystalline sulfur i181.284.48
figure while i'm here maybe we'll gather184.082.799
resources right185.763.6
uh yeah you ever smell sulfur um i'm186.8793.44
sure i have189.362.48
i feel like as a kid i was always190.3193.2
smelling sulfur but now that i think of191.842.88
it why would i be smelling193.5192.8
sulfur as a kid i don't know it explains194.723.68
a lot though i haven't seen sulfur since196.3193.28
i was a kid198.42.88
what was going on back then i don't know199.5994.0
did you live in like a volcanic region201.284.08
god i can't see a damn thing out here203.5994.481
it's snowy i gotta call dad205.364.159
was there so much sulfur around all the208.083.28
time i don't know man i haven't seen209.5192.481
sulfur in like211.365.12
20 years okay [ __ ] it where am i going212.04.48
what are you looking for exactly the221.843.28
base right delta station223.363.12
yeah i'll tell you what though when you225.123.52
get in there let's look around for some226.482.8
maybe some of my stuff i feel like you229.284.879
know if sam and i broke up now232.083.92
don't usually get a box back of your234.1594.08
stuff that's how breakups work right man236.02.56
yeah it's been a minute to broke up with238.563.92
somebody and i i don't remember leaving240.3192.801
there you go here's your shirt a couple243.123.199
right your watch something jesus christ246.3195.2
names place the maze249.5193.761
okay at least it's warming the caves251.5193.92
though there you go there's some sulfur253.283.28
i can sniff later255.4392.401
can you have you freeze it before you256.564.72
find my box of stuff no257.845.359
oh hold on i might have found your box261.283.68
of stuff okay263.1993.601
let's see we got anything worth a [ __ ]264.964.88
here well what are you266.83.04
uh oh it's a mineral detector we already270.083.36
got that272.04.16
pda sulfur more salt i don't know why273.444.8
i'm picking up all this sulfur276.163.599
yeah might just be good to have later278.243.2
you know279.7593.521
i've gotten by the last 20 years without281.443.52
using it yeah but you know283.284.479
down here who knows copper titanium come284.963.679
here y'all287.7595.041
you look at this come here faster288.6394.161
okay damn close got to be near the top293.364.88
of the damn thing295.522.72
stop right there altera you're out of304.084.399
i'm not with altera then your position308.4794.961
is doubly precarious311.844.0
do i hear redneck let me talk to her if313.443.68
you're telling the truth315.844.56
you're out of your mind if you're lying317.126.4
there'll be hell to pay hey hey wait320.46.32
where the [ __ ] are you stay off my323.527.36
land hey326.728.0
hey who the hell was that neebs she was330.884.96
the woman in the exosuit has been traced335.844.72
as far as my technology will allow338.164.319
in the future i hope you will avoid340.564.24
contact with the woman in the exosuit342.4794.16
yeah okay i'll try to do that in the344.88.48
future thanks alan346.6398.961
there yeah i'm here okay like you've353.283.359
been ignoring me for a minute355.62.8
yeah listen allen was talking to me i356.6393.761
got assaulted by a lady358.44.32
in a damn prawn suit this was the360.44.72
southern lady right there southern362.724.64
talk to lady yeah my pda actually marked365.124.0
her last known position367.365.119
so i guess she swam out there okay cool369.125.76
jesus all right where's that thermal372.4793.121
lily i'm374.883.439
freezing listen next time you see her375.63.92
all you gotta do is bring up378.3193.521
hey i found delta station just bring up379.523.6
fried chicken381.843.6
collard greens okay something like that383.124.16
yeah try to get on our good side385.444.96
whoo okay387.283.12
all right i made it at delta station391.523.119
neves and it is boy393.443.12
it's wrecked like it needs to be just394.6393.361
swept up a little bit or396.565.5
no it's like yeah it snows all in it398.08.639
all right rooting around in here i found406.6395.041
something that says sam worked at409.9194.72
five robotics wherever the hell that is411.683.519
wait oh [ __ ] is this a map oh god i415.1994.4
don't i don't know418.564.24
greek symbols do you uh i can look them419.5994.641
up for you422.83.04
it looks like a ghostbuster symbol and424.243.359
then there's another one that looks like425.842.4
i don't know427.5992.801
just a circle with a line through it and428.243.44
the other one looks like a horseshoe do430.42.4
i need to look this up431.683.76
really yeah standby cause i don't know i432.83.76
don't know what the [ __ ] these mean435.441.92
what's five436.562.479
okay is it gonna help you though if you437.363.279
know well yeah i don't know what the439.0392.16
[ __ ] like440.6392.241
five robotics have we been there was441.1993.28
that the place we were before so442.884.719
phi is like a o with a with a pole right444.4793.44
up and up and down gotcha that's fire447.9193.361
and it's with a p like that's fat yo451.289.12
neebs i'm gonna head up towards this uh460.43.76
looks like a463.363.36
satellite a radio dish you think maybe464.163.599
it's like a466.723.68
a radio station i don't know hold on let467.7593.611
me look at this470.43.6
it's probably country music it's a474.03.759
satellite surveillance475.445.36
wait are you using this status report477.7595.521
what the hell's it say two active human480.84.64
life forms detected483.285.52
what recommendation observe oh485.446.319
[ __ ] damn company knows i'm here well i488.83.92
haven't heard anything491.7592.88
have you told anybody goddamn it well i492.723.44
mean they probably i probably look494.6392.881
suspicious in here talking to you all496.162.08
yeah you told me you weren't going to498.243.44
tell anybody i didn't tell anybody499.363.6
people are smart they put things501.682.959
together well they might know i'm here502.963.28
but they don't know where i'm at so504.6395.68
[ __ ] them okay well that's good506.244.079
well sadly oh wait i can't scan this514.323.76
desk that's a nice desk516.563.359
i could make a desk i don't know why i'm518.083.839
obsessed with desks and name plates519.9193.6
you work at a desk and uh you're there521.9193.92
to work aren't you uh yeah well i'm here523.5193.201
to find sam525.8393.761
sadly i don't see anything here kind of526.724.799
points me in that direction529.64.4
did you find my stuff no i did not find531.5193.681
your stuff it honestly doesn't534.04.0
even look like sam was here but we did535.24.0
find out she works at538.04.16
phi robotics so maybe we head towards539.24.56
phi robotics542.164.08
how about that yeah that's a start okay543.763.92
hold on tell you what right now let me546.242.719
work my way back down to the sea547.684.0
truck and uh store all the [ __ ] i got548.9594.161
you should get a bag551.684.48
or something a bag to carry stuff in or553.124.32
a hand truck what do you think i'm556.162.239
carrying [ __ ] in now557.443.28
well you need a bigger bag you're always558.3994.0
full then i'll just be weighted down560.723.28
eat a wagon no i'm not going to carry a562.3993.041
damn wagon around with me564.04.24
oh i think i found the sulfur pits you568.9593.361
used to smell yep yeah you got to tell570.482.88
me more about that572.322.88
yeah i'd like to know i'm not sure why573.363.2
that was always sulfur around575.22.88
yeah well you grew up in a mountainous576.563.36
region right yeah but it wasn't like578.082.16
in the ground it was just like laying580.243.36
around just sulfur laying around582.03.76
all the counters and stuff just a bunch583.68.239
of yellow powder boy this is a mystery585.766.079
the [ __ ] was that noise sound like600.06.8
maybe a elephant603.5193.281
all right i'm heading towards the west607.683.2
robotics is okay do i see anything610.885.199
whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa616.8396.761
neeps crazy looking jellyfish619.767.04
holy [ __ ] what makes them crazy uh just623.66.72
they're big and bright oh man hold on626.84.88
let me see if i can scan with these guys630.323.6
for you631.682.24
god is that an eyeball oh god they got637.124.8
an eyeball640.724.4
yeah that's kind of nasty641.925.039
here we go i'm going to scan this tell645.123.36
me what you tell me646.9595.12
an eye jelly648.483.599
yeah it's really really gross so it is652.244.159
an eyeball655.2793.441
i mean it looks like an eyeball oh wow656.3994.56
it's a bunch of them658.725.44
hold on let me peek at the top660.9593.201
uh okay i think i see something over664.3994.161
there to the northwest666.485.2
and behind me oh hold on668.567.279
there's a spot i can get up here okay671.684.159
hey don't get too close to those jelly676.83.279
eye jellies why is that678.882.88
they'll shock you i think if you get too680.0793.601
close that makes sense of course it's681.764.72
snowing i can't see a damn thing683.684.96
okay hold on where is my flashlight let686.483.12
me change my688.643.36
battery there we go all right these have689.64.69
some light out here692.05.38
i found something just looks like a697.446.72
radio tower maybe that seems to be your701.364.08
description for everything you find704.161.679
yeah oh god thing okay a nutrient block705.8394.401
all terra facility beacon detected711.8393.041
unique identifier fire robotics center714.883.84
okay i think i've found fire robotics718.723.84
neebs now she sounded like she was720.6392.721
thigh fi yeah sorry fi no723.367.36
five she she has a speech problem726.725.76
didn't she say he said five five730.723.52
robotics okay732.484.479
oh my goodness734.242.719
like i'm under a glacier or something737.63.359
it's pretty in here739.045.84
okay what are you marbled740.9593.921
really found some hey i found a fevered751.446.0
gives me body heat oh [ __ ] i wouldn't757.443.92
need that i'm gonna load up on these759.8392.24
just in case761.362.4
you're getting something called fever762.0793.361
fever pepper tree763.764.639
fever fevered pepper yeah yeah that765.444.079
doesn't sound bad to you768.3994.641
no what's this so you like getting769.5194.32
no i don't like getting a damn fever773.8393.361
just ate a fever pepper775.63.52
i i know i mean i'm looking i'm looking777.23.439
at the statistics on it779.123.44
it says it gives me body heat food and780.6394.801
water doesn't give me any782.566.24
for damn fever yeah pathfinder785.445.6
neebs yeah just found the tech for a792.83.52
pathfinder tool794.723.679
ah should be good for like caves and796.324.88
[ __ ] yeah new blueprints do you not have798.3994.56
something like that already801.25.28
what a pathfinder no pipes oh [ __ ]802.9594.32
that's a good806.483.2
chunk of silver and copper found a good807.2793.841
ore vein in here too neebs809.683.12
there we go geez even if i don't find811.123.519
sam i'm finding some good materials812.83.599
imagine you got a wagon yeah no i'm not814.6395.041
gonna build a damn wagon816.3993.281
all right neebs i think i see the base827.5193.44
what does it look like uh it looks like829.2792.321
a base830.9592.721
like a radio tower no it doesn't look831.63.679
like a damn radio tower you were gonna833.683.12
say radio tower until i835.2793.041
called you out on it all right here we836.83.76
go fire robotics center838.324.4
you say phone you got to answer the844.164.32
phone neebs845.8392.641
of course and the place is [ __ ]854.165.359
i found a fragment for a snow fox hover863.924.24
oh wow snow fox that'd be cool you know868.163.039
what those are870.244.08
uh maybe no technology acquired i mean871.1994.481
it's your damn company you should know874.322.079
this tech875.6810.159
man i just work here for a paycheck876.3999.44
oh yeah snow fox looks pretty cool yeah887.044.0
these are cool we have some cool stuff889.63.44
here oh [ __ ] yeah and hey i just uh891.042.56
well we can now build a laser cutter893.63.28
that should come in handy895.684.08
hey it's this uh pingling thing sam was896.885.04
working on899.766.8
huh look at this guy a spy pingling901.926.719
oh like like a little robot penguin or906.564.0
something yeah908.6394.64
what counter910.562.719
i don't know all right there's a map918.0793.76
new blueprint synthesized yeah i know921.8393.281
good guy923.8394.641
do it every time okay glacial basin925.124.8
i'm gonna scan this map might come in928.483.52
handy later929.924.719
yeah now this snow fox is a land vehicle932.04.24
yeah i know it's like a motorcycle isn't934.6392.0
i i mean is it yeah i guess so yeah936.6395.521
okay this map looking at this map it940.244.0
looks like okay i think942.165.52
are we right here by robotics okay we944.244.0
came in947.682.719
via the water i didn't see a damn bridge948.244.959
but i think i came in under here950.3994.56
and i think we're here at the robotics953.1993.041
and it looks like there's more stuff956.243.279
further in okay957.684.159
what kind of stuff i don't know man959.5193.68
radio tower961.8395.0
honest to god it does look like a radio963.1996.64
neebs i think i found sam's room all970.9594.0
right there should be a box973.044.88
maybe um i just have a brown belt i mean974.9593.361
this is977.922.479
this was her room at work still she has978.324.079
my stuff okay980.3993.601
well there's a picture here of a hand982.3995.12
holding a light bulb there's a pda984.06.48
there's her bed man she see if i could987.5194.32
scan her bed990.484.159
better not find any [ __ ] neebs you991.8395.201
should not be scanning your sister's bed994.6394.961
new blueprint who does that all right997.043.039
sorry to report i'm not finding a box1000.07910.32
man all right1001.9211.599
oh [ __ ] snow fox fragment now we're1010.3994.401
how many of those you need uh let's see1014.84.24
that's one out of three i just scanned1017.1994.0
okay let's make that priority number one1019.043.599
no i'm not gonna make that priority my1021.1992.64
priority right now is trying to figure1022.6392.881
out what to happen to my [ __ ] sister1023.8394.641
over driving around that's part of it1025.524.319
yeah on a motorcycle1028.482.4
yeah what the hell am i going to do with1029.8393.12
a motorcycle you've been running around1030.883.439
looking at radio towers all day you1032.9591.921
be there half the time1034.884.959
whoa hello hello1041.9196.801
okay neebs i just found a oh i remember1045.4396.801
you radio tower no one of those uh1048.724.88
architect teleporters1052.244.16
oh really yeah don't know where the [ __ ]1053.64.64
it goes damn i should have brought a uh1056.44.48
ion cube but i don't [ __ ] this must be1058.244.08
the other side of one because i remember1060.883.919
i needed ion cubes to power these things1062.326.4
you don't see a place to put one i don't1064.7993.921
anything worth the [ __ ] over here okay1068.7995.12
maybe i can find the other side of that1071.844.4
somewhere somewhere later i don't know1073.9195.041
okay well remember where this is okay1076.245.679
yeah it's at five robotics1078.966.079
pete yes of course jesus it's not hard1081.9193.841
to understand1085.0393.681
you all talk weird1085.762.96
all right according to this map this1090.7993.441
other radio tower is looks like to the1092.43.84
west so i'm just gonna keep heading west1094.244.64
on foot yes on foot you know it would be1096.243.36
yeah a snow fox but god damn it i don't1099.63.439
have enough pieces to make one well you1101.62.56
don't even try it1103.0394.161
hey listen if i find it i'll [ __ ]1104.165.04
i'll make one maybe okay i just feel1107.23.28
like in the long run1109.22.64
things would be faster if we had a snow1110.483.199
fox yeah probably1111.844.4
oh jesus1113.6792.561
it got really cold it got really damn1117.63.84
cold somebody's getting windy out there1119.6795.681
yeah okay it's there any okay1121.447.359
okay man it's bad when it's cold and1125.363.84
yeah okay i'll steam steam simpson come1129.24.8
on probably less cold if you're in a1132.644.32
snow fox1134.04.88
wait are they open there's what open1136.964.48
snow fox i'm not sure oh god there's1138.883.2
like a1141.442.72
crack here i don't want to fall into you1142.083.44
nice to have like a bubble around you to1144.162.399
keep it warm1145.524.32
yeah it would be oh snow fox fragment1146.5594.881
neebs that's two that's two1149.843.839
one more um wait where are we gonna go1151.443.359
to building gonna go back to your base1153.6792.24
yeah we have to go but yeah we gotta1154.7992.721
build it somewhere1155.9192.961
but we would probably have to build the1157.523.2
uh the pad maybe we can build it at the1158.882.799
pad i don't know1160.723.04
hover pad yeah we probably have to build1161.6793.441
a hover pad then build the fox and1163.762.799
probably take a [ __ ] ton of resources1165.122.559
that i don't have right now1166.5593.521
do you hear the scans of the pad yes i1167.6793.521
have the scans of the pad1170.083.36
okay there's hope looks like there's1174.243.84
hope now1177.0394.081
okay man i'm getting far this is1178.084.959
this is stupid it's not far if you had a1181.123.04
snow fox okay1183.0394.401
okay cave i can hide in what are you1184.164.639
hiding from1187.443.84
the weather man it's warming up a little1188.7993.281
oh some more uh sweet some more peppers1192.084.08
oh jesus christ okay what1198.167.92
an animal okay1202.726.72
oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ]1206.086.8
okay oh [ __ ] oh i'm running back1209.447.28
oh [ __ ] monty1212.886.08
is he bigger than you [ __ ] yeah he's1216.723.6
bigger than me it's like a big1218.965.12
[ __ ] polar bear alligator okay jesus1220.328.0
are you safe i think so1224.084.24
you sure it was dangerous yeah it was1231.122.96
dangerous it was running at me and1232.722.4
and you managed to lose it on foot yeah1235.124.24
i ran from it you ran for like1237.443.599
10 seconds and you were fine yeah it1239.362.72
didn't chase me i don't know what to1241.0392.081
tell you man just wondering if you're1242.082.16
overreacting a little bit1243.122.799
well how would you react you see a giant1244.243.84
monster running at you it was really1245.9194.161
giant really running yeah but going by1248.083.76
his cave oh what are you are you what i1250.082.959
think you are1251.844.64
snow fox fragment you get acquired1253.0396.481
all right we can build a snow fox let's1256.483.52
do it1259.522.56
let's do it let's do it right now geez1260.03.28
no we're not gonna do it right now right1262.081.52
right now you were just whining about1263.63.52
something chasing you1265.844.16
and if you had a snow fox okay hold it1267.123.2
all right well then i got to go back i1270.322.8
got to find the materials to do all that1271.522.56
[ __ ]1273.122.4
all right hold on let me see if i can1274.084.64
take a peek at this monster again1275.524.82
what are you buddy1278.724.0
don't see me you seen me from that far1282.723.92
away really1285.442.64
you can't see me from that far away can1286.643.519
you he might smell you he's an animal1288.085.2
animal smell thing sometimes you're1290.1593.921
you're friendly you're friendly no no1294.084.0
i'm going to scan it oh god1296.083.28
are you stuck in the cave he's stuck in1298.082.56
a cave he's stuck in the cave i'm scared1299.362.48
in her knees yeah1300.644.32
boom that's where1301.843.12
i think he just wants me to stay out of1308.483.76
his cave because he's not pursuing me1309.844.48
outside of the cave1312.243.679
looks pretty dangerous doesn't it yeah1314.322.96
it looks [ __ ] dangerous it's a1315.9192.081
no [ __ ] look at the teeth it would have1318.03.919
eaten you no [ __ ] it would have eaten me1319.9195.521
it's aggressive uh-huh okay yep that's1321.9194.161
all right i'm not pushing forward i am1326.083.36
gonna go back maybe making the snow fox1327.6792.721
is a good idea1329.444.08
of course it is [ __ ] oh [ __ ] all right1330.44.72
gotta get warm gotta get more1333.524.8
[ __ ] this cold weather man1335.123.2
what were you saying about that spy1340.484.079
penguin it's what sam was working on1342.04.88
did she finish it can you build one yeah1344.5593.841
i can build one1346.884.96
looks like if you had a spy piggling1348.45.92
you can get snow stalker fur off that1351.843.839
snow stalker1354.323.52
what what the [ __ ] am i gonna do with1355.6793.12
snow stalker first1357.842.24
you're always cold maybe make a jacket1358.7992.88
or something not a bad idea but i don't1360.083.28
know how to make a damn jacket1361.6792.801
so getting the fur right now would be1363.362.48
pointless i'm just saying if you got a1364.481.92
ow and some fur you just have it1366.44.0
whenever you learn how to make a coat1368.724.079
yeah okay making my way back to the sea1370.44.24
truck what do you have against wagons1372.7992.561
out out here1374.642.8
carrying a wagon out here two wheels on1375.364.16
this mountainous snowy tundra1377.443.599
that's a stupid idea that's a stupid1379.523.279
name here's what's gonna happen1381.0393.52
i'm gonna head back to base we're gonna1382.7992.961
look at what we need to make a [ __ ]1384.5592.881
snow fox1385.763.15
okay names like a little bit of bad news1396.03.44
okay this uh1398.483.12
snow fox requires magnetite i don't even1399.443.92
i haven't even seen magnetite1401.64.079
never not while i've been here so my1403.363.84
guess is it's deep1405.6794.24
okay here's a plan of action alan gave1407.23.76
me that um1409.9193.12
coordinate for the next artifact okay1410.963.599
maybe we head there1413.0392.88
and maybe we go deep enough to find1414.5593.281
magnetite let's try it all right but1415.9193.281
first should we make that pinkling1417.843.04
take the penguin with us yes yes let's1419.23.28
make a penguin and a wagon1420.885.279
no we're not making a [ __ ] wagon1422.483.679
okay so now yeah1429.125.36
you found penguins oh put the penguin1432.1593.52
down okay1434.483.12
then well i just saw penguins but let's1435.6793.041
bam then do i hit the button1438.727.04
oh yeah undercover going on the cover1442.06.0
are you like controlling it yeah got a1448.04.72
little grabby thing1450.02.72
that's pretty cool oh i can look at1452.7994.041
myself oh yeah look at me spying on1454.245.28
boom just took a photo for some reason1459.523.92
yeah that's cool yeah1461.6793.6
what else can you do i don't know can i1463.443.2
grab these guys1465.2793.121
what you got can i grab your butt give1466.644.159
me that butt give me that butt1468.44.0
can annoy penguins with it what about1470.7993.201
this guy1472.43.6
oh god what did you do i just picked up1474.03.919
the little one1476.04.08
okay are they gonna attack me they're1477.9194.24
curious aren't they oh god how do i1480.083.68
how do i get rid of it how do i get rid1482.1593.52
of it is it in my inventory1483.763.279
i can't take pictures i mean this1485.6793.761
thing's being surrounded okay1487.0394.561
oh god how do i look at its inventory oh1489.443.44
geez i'm going to freeze the depth out1491.62.64
here okay1492.884.96
hey the little penguin inside this1494.247.2
open the storage oh yes jesus christ1497.845.6
what ow okay yeah i know i know i'm1501.443.599
dropping him there he's fine1503.444.64
[ __ ] off yeah this was a worthwhile1505.0394.64
do you like it love it absolutely love1509.6794.401
it you sound sarcastic yeah no i'm gonna1512.1593.76
put this in the truck never use it again1514.082.4
you need fur there's gotta be situations1516.484.4
where it's good right okay yeah oh geez1519.24.479
i'm gonna freeze to death1520.882.799
all right yeah maybe i'll use a spy1523.763.44
penguin and maybe we'll get some monster1525.524.32

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