Captain... Simon?! - Valheim

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! So, you know that feeling when you're watching a Valheim video and things just don't go as planned? Wel...
Captain... Simon?! - Valheim
Captain... Simon?! - Valheim

Captain... Simon?! - Valheim

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey Simon, have you watched our latest Valheim video? It's called 'Captain... Simon?!' Can you believe it? You're the captain now!

simon: Haha, yeah, I saw that title! Who would've thought I'd be a captain in a Viking game? I guess my boat skills are just too good.

appsro: Wait, wait, wait. Simon, a captain? I've seen you crash boats more times than I can count! This video is definitely my favorite, just for the laughs!

neebs: Hey now, Simon may have some boat mishaps, but he's got that captain charisma! Plus, the chaos in this video is just too hilarious to not love.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! So, you know that feeling when you're watching a Valheim video and things just don't go as planned? Well, today's episode was definitely one of those days - a complete mess, but oh so entertaining!

It turns out that Simon, the boat master, really knows his way around those virtual waters. Despite the chaos and mishaps, he managed to navigate the seas like a pro. And let's be real, it wouldn't be a Neebs Gaming Valheim video without some unexpected twists and turns.

If you haven't checked out the Valheim playlist yet, you're seriously missing out on some epic gaming moments. The team always brings their A-game, even when things go haywire. And don't even get me started on the hilarious commentary - it's pure gold.

And hey, if you need a break from the chaos of Valheim, why not sit back, relax, and enjoy a cup of Neebs Gaming Coffee? It's the perfect companion for those intense gaming sessions. Plus, who doesn't love supporting their favorite YouTube channel in a caffeinated way?

So, grab your favorite gaming gear, settle in, and get ready for another wild ride with Neebs Gaming in Valheim. It's sure to be a disaster-filled, boat-tastic adventure that you won't want to miss. Valheim may be unpredictable, but one thing's for sure - Neebs Gaming always delivers top-notch entertainment. Let's dive in and enjoy the madness together!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Man, have you been watching Neebs Gaming play Valheim? That game looks so cool - I gotta say, the Neebs crew makes it look like the most fun and hilarious survival game out there.

They always crack me up with their banter and teamwork as they take on each new biome. Like when they built that sweet castle in the Black Forest, fought off trolls, and tried to make Simon into a lumberjack. Or when they went to the swamp and Apples kept getting poisoned by leeches. The Plains episode where they tried to take on Deathsquitos was a disaster, but so entertaining to watch.

And you can tell how much work Neebs and the guys put into editing these videos - the cinematics and storytelling they add really make you feel immersed in the world. It's the next best thing to playing Valheim yourself. I mean, just look at how cinematic that sea serpent battle was!

Honestly, Neebs Gaming is doing this game justice better than any other channel I've seen. Their Valheim series is funny, dramatic, and shows off all the best parts of the game. If you're on the fence about trying Valheim, just watch a few episodes first - the Neebs crew will make you want to jump in and start gathering resources right away. Their content is the most fun and engaging way to experience Valheim without playing it yourself.

I seriously can't wait to see what biome they take on next. However they top the Plains fiasco, I know it'll be hilarious. Neebs Gaming is hands down the best way to enjoy Valheim vicariously!

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what's the plan2.083.199
i don't know well right now i'm i'm3.363.28
building this little platform because we5.2792.801
need to go get that portal6.643.12
okay i need to put a portal here so we8.083.2
always have a portal that goes out to9.763.039
the trader11.283.279
makes sense there's a there's a troll12.7993.601
like right out over this way okay14.5593.281
oh wow we're in this little trader16.43.44
bubble we're fine yeah so that makes me17.843.359
want to mark it can i mark it19.844.48
mark what who just shot at him21.1996.0
nobody i was shooting oh shooting at a24.323.92
grayling back here27.1993.121
yeah oh speaking of graylings we also28.243.92
have a grayling spawner right up here we30.323.6
should probably take that out so32.163.44
you know they don't just keep that seems33.923.2
priority is that priority35.63.2
it could be priority tell you what we37.122.8
all want to work together and try to38.82.8
take this thing out right now39.923.92
remember i don't have any armor i lost41.63.76
everything and y'all drug me out here43.842.719
i don't i don't really think you're45.363.28
effective in doing this killing so let's46.5593.761
reach that we can hit it with our look48.643.04
at that i just hit it we're gonna take50.322.719
it out with this here they come51.683.6
oh okay so what do i like i don't have53.0393.52
arrows so55.284.0
i'm just watching i'll try to i'll try56.5594.401
to protect some of you guys oh that's a59.282.24
big boy60.963.68
oh god yeah he hits hard all right okay61.524.56
fall back back into the bubble back into64.642.72
the bubble this is a one66.084.0
star brew yeah he's gonna hit really67.363.759
super hard hitter70.082.399
damn it but yeah watch out yeah they71.1193.04
won't attack us in here it's all right i72.4792.64
can hit it from here74.1592.801
and i have been come on come on baby75.1193.201
come here come on76.963.04
it's a little little high a little high78.323.2
yeah he hits hard i was playing a81.525.36
different game earlier and now i'm83.283.6
okay so where are those guys gonna spawn102.245.68
back at i wonder105.042.88
how'd you die simon i think i ran into109.523.04
the fire111.923.12
i got hit first that i had 50 health and112.564.559
then i i don't know how the fire got me115.044.719
down to zero117.1195.68
yeah i got nailed by uh a brute yeah119.7595.04
okay so all right we got decisions to122.7994.081
make we need to get back to them124.7993.921
damn it it's getting dark which means126.883.439
yeah being in the black forest while128.722.56
it's dark is130.3192.401
not a good thing are there any branches131.283.36
down here if i can make a hammer132.724.08
i can go ahead and break our portal here134.643.679
down oh really136.84.48
wait why is our portal are you working138.3194.801
okay yeah so our portal is still working141.284.0
which is good so that leads back home143.123.44
all right tell you what i'm gonna go145.283.039
back home real quick and get146.564.0
something to break this portal down and148.3194.081
then we'll we're going to uh150.564.24
run back to those guys and we can get152.44.24
our stuff because it doesn't disappear154.83.12
yeah we can get our stuff we should be156.643.2
able to get our stuff no problem yeah157.923.52
cause i got strawberries and in159.843.44
there you know who's this who is this161.445.84
ames how did you die uh chopping a tree163.287.12
and a troll is helping me chop it and i167.283.52
oh all right you want to go home and get170.83.3
some stuff173.286.53
hey dora back knee i saw neebs200.1596.241
i saw neebs trying to fight a troll or203.843.52
something i'm like206.42.24
what are you doing he's like fighting207.363.36
him with a twig i thought we had like208.643.44
one common210.723.12
to take out the spawner thing i ran out212.083.36
of air yeah and then and then needs is213.843.52
over there dancing with the troll215.445.519
so uh we're down to man217.365.68
simon's the big mystery here huh look at220.9593.681
that what do you what do you think223.042.479
killed him224.643.44
uh fire okay right right yep so not a225.5193.36
mystery okay228.084.079
yeah yeah um228.8795.041
i don't know whether to like i've got232.1593.041
the stuff for a portal233.924.239
so i can build a portal yeah oh my235.23.599
is that it's dark and that these idiots238.7993.921
out here can241.683.04
come over and tear everything down if242.723.68
we're not careful yeah but we're244.725.04
oh yeah wait until morning wait till246.44.32
and find the others okay okay that250.725.68
sounds like a sound plan253.283.12
all right neebs i think i got everything257.5194.24
i think i might go through this portal259.7593.601
break the one down on the other side and261.7593.201
then try to get back to door and thick263.364.72
uh gut speed yeah you you guys will be264.965.04
okay here i mean i got yeah all right268.083.52
well i i tell you what why don't you270.02.88
gear back up271.63.599
food we need food uh i had food in my272.883.599
house it's been picked over275.1992.881
my place is picked over i can't even276.4793.121
build an axe i know yeah278.083.76
it it it's tough living with moochers279.63.12
wow all right so281.844.4
i'm going to head head back so uh282.726.56
yeah good luck good good luck to you hey286.243.76
yeah you really like they picked you290.04.0
clean like they took everything because292.42.72
i didn't do any of that294.04.56
nonsense okay i believe you no295.126.72
god who's attacking the boat hey get298.565.6
away from the boat301.844.72
that oh god oh god he hit me he hit304.163.12
me he hit me306.562.479
what is why is he dodging this game oh307.283.28
god get in here get in the house closed309.0392.16
what was oh yeah that stopped311.1994.081
gotta play too many of these games i313.9193.521
forget what the does what315.283.68
do i break down this portal that might317.443.599
be stupid it318.965.36
you only live once right okay see some321.0394.88
out there324.323.439
all right going for it going for it325.9192.871
going for it327.7595.18
all right let's see uh we've got this337.845.28
shitty little shack here341.524.56
yeah hopefully we can repair we can do343.123.76
we'll run if it's even if it's wrong i'm346.883.36
not complaining but why349.124.079
why'd you face it out away from i don't350.244.799
know i it was hastily made353.1994.881
ah obviously yes okay no i'm not guys355.0396.241
hey hey all right i got the portal stuff358.084.88
oh awesome well that's gonna be great361.283.56
all right where are you putting that you362.963.76
wanna face it away364.844.6
face one way nothing no no go ahead yeah366.724.08
we just wanted to be uh yeah we just369.442.64
wanted to be close to this guy oh370.82.88
there's my stuff hold on let me get my372.084.399
let me get my other stuff back boom okay373.684.799
one strawberry from here one stroke376.4793.921
oh thank you yeah somebody's been378.4793.041
picking over my food380.43.519
one strawberry it was one all right i'm381.523.519
just gonna put it right383.9194.481
right there perfect all right there look385.0394.88
at that388.43.76
that's right drippy sweaty look right389.9194.321
now i think if i name it home392.164.879
h-o-m-e you're a drippy sweaty394.243.36
right now397.0392.481
oh it says it's unconnected there it is397.63.599
okay all right399.524.16
nice okay oh all right i need to401.1993.681
organize my403.683.2
yeah all right well all right now we404.883.759
have easy access to the trader406.884.08
yeah awesome yeah beautiful well done408.6393.361
good to see you thank you410.964.0
thanks for the strawberry412.02.96
it's a nice fire you got going there can416.84.0
you spare a little bit of meat419.283.199
yeah you should sit down too that's how420.84.16
you rest come sit on this rug before you422.4794.401
go back over there am i did i make the424.963.92
rug uh did you make it426.883.92
no i mean i i i don't know if i was428.883.12
sitting on it yeah430.83.28
okay now i'm on it okay it should say432.04.16
resting like when you sit down it says434.082.959
oh well if i don't see that yet that's437.0393.121
advanced stuff439.1993.761
oh there they go they're ready oh nice440.163.759
pick them up442.963.2
come on grab them it's not grabbing them443.9193.041
let me grab them446.162.879
can you grab those oh there it goes yeah446.963.6
i always hit like e449.0394.401
i think did you did you get one uh i did450.563.6
get one453.444.24
thank you so look this thing just kind454.164.319
of lit up457.683.359
um maybe they got it switched okay try458.4793.521
yes definitely461.0392.56
because our stuff is on the other side462.03.52
right hopefully yeah i guess i should go463.5992.641
too yeah465.524.0
yeah come on big money466.246.959
big big big money money469.526.56
what are you doing oh okay that's473.1995.601
tough to come into wow476.084.559
oh damn it i just burnt myself three478.83.28
times in a row that's not good that's a480.6391.84
back get back okay we're summoning482.4796.241
let us regroup fire god damn why486.04.84
everyone oh i love it490.845.079
the first time you're here yes i'm here493.523.28
you got your stuff495.9192.641
no right here my stuff i don't have my496.83.519
stuff door where's my stuff that you498.563.6
said it's right here oh yeah500.3194.0
yeah right beside the fire of course it502.163.12
all right you gotta step into it yep505.284.479
jeez i'm gonna go see if the troll still507.7593.28
has my thing so i'll be back509.7592.801
all right you need protection neebs511.0393.44
looks pretty clear okay good luck512.563.68
don't really need this i had nothing to514.4794.0
lose trolls coming516.244.64
oh how do i grab it's been a while just518.4793.281
hit hey520.884.24
hey trolls leaving good bye521.764.48
if you put more stuff into your525.122.56
inventory it won't take it you have to526.242.64
take all or you have to organize your527.682.0
inventory names528.882.48
it's control right there should be a529.685.76
take all button yeah531.365.44
it probably says take off that's what535.443.68
gave it away yeah i know that did it536.85.92
hey you guys see any berries around here539.126.48
hey come on who do i gotta blow to get542.724.4
some berries huh545.64.08
any of us really oh wow that's you547.124.719
answer too quickly549.684.4
hey thick yeah you want to work on551.8393.281
making some uh554.082.96
some walls around this area cause yeah555.123.76
these damn gray doors just keep coming557.042.239
yeah i know hey you want me to go uh559.2794.321
back to our old home and grab some wood561.5193.681
yeah if you want to knit yeah don't563.62.88
thick with the wall because yeah we need565.22.639
to get a wall around this place like566.483.039
i can go with it okay getting wood569.5196.641
guys yeah i know it's probably a bad572.885.2
idea but i really want to go get my576.163.52
bronze axe578.085.28
oh over in that uh plains region yeah579.687.04
ah man i i'm pretty sure you do it but583.365.2
that's gonna have to be a grab-and-go586.723.04
yeah i don't588.563.04
i don't want anybody to help me doing it589.763.6
because you know the whole thick591.64.72
thing and i get blamed well it's true593.363.599
that's true596.323.519
but if you if they go yeah your stuff's596.9594.161
there too and that's right i mean you599.8393.0
had some good stuff too didn't you simon601.122.56
yeah you602.8393.801
vic i would go with you because my sword603.684.399
that you gave me is there right606.643.92
yeah well i don't of course know where608.0794.241
it is but i'll go with you just because610.563.12
what the hell let me just get rid of612.321.92
stuff i might want to keep just a couple614.244.0
things baby well yeah why don't you two616.561.92
uh go together on that come on why not618.483.599
me and you621.22.96
i'm you're practically alone if i come622.0793.361
well the only problem is624.163.76
is that do you do you see a skull and625.443.92
crossbones on the map627.923.2
oh no i'm gonna i'm gonna have to run629.363.039
across it probably631.123.36
okay yep that's gonna be well you can632.3993.44
just come for the ride634.482.96
yep let me just don't and i'll do635.8393.201
it no of course not637.443.839
you promised thank you you know what639.043.6
screw it i'm just going641.2793.921
uh i got nowhere to go i'm thick i'm642.644.0
right behind you buddy645.24.319
probably gonna die of course of course646.644.4
we're probably gonna die isn't that649.5193.201
that's like my middle name it's really651.042.96
long middle name we're probably gonna652.722.16
a lot of words three words there's654.886.959
apostrophe it's insane656.9594.88
this is a bad idea there's a lot of696.243.039
people right now being like697.684.48
man just forget it no why forget it699.2794.8
though why forget it when you know what702.164.56
because it's dangerous it's who cares if704.0794.161
it's dangerous look i'm gonna eat a706.722.16
i'm gonna have a little bit of meat and708.883.36
i'm gonna get ready to kick some ass and712.243.12
so are you buddy714.0793.2
that's what's gonna happen don't go into715.363.76
this with a negative attitude go into717.2794.0
it with a positive attitude buddy how719.124.399
about this is there a massage button721.2795.601
can i give you a little parlor no723.5195.841
yeah no i would give you a massage but726.884.32
if we wanted to go to a massage probably729.363.599
you know i recently got a massage it was731.22.8
very nice732.9594.801
yeah yes and he was quite handsome734.06.88
you know you know i bet i bet doraleous737.765.519
gives a mean massage oh wouldn't you740.883.199
love to have those743.2794.481
big slabs of meat on your back744.0796.641
those rib eyes just smacking away at my747.764.319
at my back750.723.28
having those chicken fingers all over752.0795.791
your back that would be so nice754.09.7
simon there's the peninsula right764.3993.44
peninsula is like uh766.0793.76
i think it's in my grave oh you're great767.8393.521
oh well that's good i was forgetting769.8392.961
what a peninsula was771.364.24
uh are you on the coast uh because i see772.83.52
the coast775.62.799
i know but i is your body on the coast776.323.519
because i could see a little thing at778.3991.68
at like right on the edge of the water780.0793.521
that looks like782.3993.521
it's uh you know a dead body so if783.64.4
that's not you maybe it's me785.924.88
maybe it'll have our names on it i know788.03.76
i like that790.83.44
that makes things easier but we are791.764.16
gonna have to do this794.245.36
fast dude i see three i see three bodies795.924.8
right in front of me799.62.96
of course we gotta do this fast all800.724.16
right so listen i could take my hand off802.562.88
raise this uh you're gonna get real805.443.04
close right with the boat it's close807.22.639
enough that we could jump on it808.483.919
turn okay it's okay you're doing809.8393.761
good look at this812.3993.601
you're gonna be able to see bodies right813.63.76
away like i could see816.03.44
uh i could see practically name right817.364.08
there that's neaves isn't it oh i see i819.444.0
see an out there821.445.6
yeah that's that's a neebs i see simon823.445.199
now i don't know if that's my827.043.2
did we go back and try to get turned828.6393.121
turn turn830.243.839
turn you know what forget this uh forget831.763.28
uh what do you call it the sale forget835.043.52
the sale we're done837.043.28
here we go here we go getting off838.563.12
getting off oh all right i'm840.322.319
getting off 44.841.683.76
come on baby come on baby take all842.6394.56
tickle where's take all i forget where845.442.32
it is847.1994.0
take all bam and sword you take the847.763.92
that's the most important thing851.687.04
oh god no no no no854.86.479
you did it858.722.559
don't die oh862.3996.081
god i'm so tired i can't even get on the865.8393.601
please please oh god869.446.8
thick thick are you are you are you dead872.725.679
i can't even use the rudder all right876.243.12
all right all right878.3992.88
all right you're carrying too much stuff879.363.36
all right carrying too much stuff let's881.2793.12
get rid of some882.724.0
mushrooms i haven't eaten you in a while884.3993.921
okay keep the bronze886.723.28
that's good we got some berries what888.323.92
else is this a gray dwarf eye screw that890.03.12
some bones that's probably good why the893.123.36
hell can i895.363.36
freaking uh let's take some rock forget896.483.12
the rock898.723.52
i got two hammers i got two of these899.63.679
let's combine that let's just drop903.2793.441
it come on905.924.8
there we go use rudder hey it's working906.725.84
okay come on can i back up let's see910.723.28
what thick was talking about it sounds912.562.88
like it was a nightmare to drive this914.02.639
thing let's see915.444.56
come on thick i'm just screaming at your916.6394.32
body but920.02.959
look man it wasn't that hard to figure920.9593.921
out how to drive this boat922.9594.32
unless oh now it won't now that now the924.884.8
thing won't go down now i feel you927.2795.281
give me oh929.682.88
come on baby come on i'm the master932.85.36
yes i am my name is simon938.168.0
and i'm the man i'm the man who's in the942.167.44
sailboat now that's the end of the rhyme946.164.239
because i949.65.2
don't know what else to say amen950.3997.481
damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it976.245.12
i'll show you there yeah i'm in this979.444.0
house man i've really bit off more than981.363.52
i can chew with this thing983.444.8
so what's wrong uh man984.884.879
one i built this thing at a such a988.243.92
stupid angle too like i'm having trouble989.7594.161
with the weight you know what992.163.679
it's it's okay to just start over993.923.359
sometimes didn't it i thought we were995.8392.641
like uh997.2792.24
why are you here i thought you were998.482.88
doing the thing out by the trader999.5192.32
what thing got by the trailer you were1001.8393.36
building a base what do you mean what1003.8392.481
thinking about the trader1005.1994.32
a trader no yeah thing i don't by things1006.324.959
we're building the by the trade that's1009.5193.201
yeah that's done yeah we got a little1011.2793.281
base out there with the portal in it1012.724.88
that's fine okay but yeah now i want to1014.564.719
do this whole thing like yeah again bit1017.62.72
off way more i can1019.2792.56
try i try to make this thing too damn1020.323.28
big yeah okay yeah i'm just1021.8393.521
you know i'm just gonna like rebuild1023.64.079
this thing and try to do it in a decent1025.362.8
yeah i'm just trying to make a boat oh1028.164.08
yeah how's that going well i made pants1030.03.76
okay well hey pants aren't bad that's1032.243.439
not a bad start yeah so now it's shirt1033.763.079
or bow i'm gonna pick1035.6793.841
bow yeah i'd pick bo because then you1036.8393.0
you could use your bow to kill more1039.8393.12
things and get more1041.764.159
you know fur all that good stuff yep to1042.9593.6
get a shirt1045.9192.561
yeah okay this thing should break apart1046.5593.441
pretty well okay1048.484.52
yeah it's going1050.04.96
okay gonna have a lot of wood around1054.963.04
here i'll tell you that i'm gonna have1056.42.48
plenty to1058.03.12
rebuild that's right things are looking1058.884.32
up i'm gonna go try to make a bow1061.124.08
all right sounds good sounds good i'm1063.23.28
going to like build a house that's not1065.22.4
so damn crazy1066.484.24
good luck with that thank you1067.63.12
yeah don't get too close to the poor are1071.444.4
those guys coming back or1074.163.28
someone's getting stops picking up stuff1075.843.52
around the you know just been here a1077.442.72
long time1079.362.16
i think i picked up almost everything1080.163.04
around you know what screw it1081.523.92
i saw this over here where was that1083.23.359
thing there you are1085.444.479
up here okay day 123 good job bus1086.5596.401
all right rest get that stamina1089.9196.961
oh crack the back there we go1092.966.56
all right not probably the best idea1096.883.2
no probably no i can't oh mushrooms is1100.085.44
always a good idea though1103.65.76
whoops ones love that1105.527.279
okay are you1109.366.24
what is that what is this nothing what1112.7994.321
is this over here1115.64.88
who are you even oh okay okay yeah1117.125.04
yeah we saw that coming right1120.483.439
okay we saw that okay would do i just1122.163.68
get out i probably just would go out1123.9194.801
because i wasn't ready1125.842.88
here we go back in i seize you1131.368.08
i seen you oh where are you going where1136.883.2
are you going1139.442.239
where are you going i got you come on1140.083.2
come on come on come on1141.6795.441
oh oh oh no no excuse me excuse me1143.287.12
pardon got me come on1147.125.2
come on you guys are a little widely1150.43.84
sons yeah i got you there okay1152.322.719
a lot of fire in here um coming back1155.0394.0
come on back1158.162.879
come on back let me time it perfect yeah1159.0393.52
that's how you time it perfect1161.0393.121
they don't get me up here huh that's1162.5594.24
kind of a a loophole i would imagine1164.167.04
i like that i like loopholes yeah1166.7996.011
suck it you sucker1171.23.2
okay little by little that doesn't look1174.43.68
and comply and goodbye1178.088.4
yeah that's how you game1182.5598.561
oh oh these are the thingy things1186.487.68
that's money and jewels man okay1191.125.36
i'm glad i came by i'm glad i came by1194.164.16
i'm just gonna i'm not gonna go1196.485.12
register register location okay register1198.325.359
i don't know okay great what does that1201.63.92
mean certainly core1203.6795.281
ruby certainly core don't mind if i do1205.525.84
coins thank you freaking expert1208.964.88
certainly core i'll take you1211.365.92
certainly certainly1213.843.44
okay my spirit is nearly broken1219.526.8
but i think i can do this1223.0393.281
i know what drug addicts feel like gotta1226.643.36
get my stuff1229.0393.841
gotta get my stuff1230.02.88
okay just watch out for mosquitoes1234.488.079
leave this thing running jump in jump1239.286.879
out i feel like i see1242.5596.881
mosquitoes right around my1246.1595.121
stupid dead body1249.444.32
but if i turn this way if i turn this1251.283.36
man i am a fast bastard1254.647.2
oh god it's just hovering over my1258.1596.961
this guy doesn't see me1261.847.76
okay okay i can't tell1265.128.16
oh god okay okay just i i have to be1269.64.72
just maybe did it go away1274.328.239
maybe it went away items recovered1277.528.159
okay okay okay1282.5593.12
i'm in the water i'm in the1286.04.559
use how can you get underwater you're1290.5596.561
go get okay get get in1297.127.28
nope oh my god just stay alive1300.726.8
stay alive pick 44. you have this man1304.46.639
versus mosquito down how are you1307.526.96
okay use use go go1311.0397.551
go go go1314.486.16
come on i know i have it i've got the1320.643.68
axe this guy cannot1324.324.88
later later loser yuck1329.9195.12
i just dropped my headset1340.885.56
oh god1343.9199.061
oh my god1353.23.2
that's pretty awesome that's pretty1356.964.88
awesome i'm done1358.962.88

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