Oh man, this Valheim episode is like a warm hug from the Neebs Gaming crew! I always love watching Simon and Dora's misadventures in the dee...


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Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey Simon, did you see the latest Valheim video? We finally got our stuff back!

simon: Oh yeah, that was a wild ride! I can't believe we actually managed to retrieve everything.

neebs: Yeah, and your misadventures in the deep forest were hilarious. Dora really had your back, huh?

simon: Definitely! Dora is a real MVP. And let's not forget about the epic return of the boats by Thick, Appsro, and you. It was like a heroic homecoming!

Oh man, this Valheim episode is like a warm hug from the Neebs Gaming crew! I always love watching Simon and Dora's misadventures in the deep forest - it's always a riot with those two. And then we've got Neebs, Thick, and Appsro heading back to the plains to retrieve some lost loot, mine for copper, and finally bring those boats back home. It's like a rollercoaster of fun and chaos, and I am here for it!

I can't get enough of the Valheim playlist on Neebs Gaming's YouTube channel. The adventures they have in this game are always so entertaining and hilarious. And don't even get me started on the coffee they promote - Neebs Gaming Coffee sounds like a dream come true for a caffeine addict like me. Plus, their partnership with Xidax PCs means their gameplay is always top-notch and smooth.

I've been a fan of Neebs Gaming for so long, and I love all the little details they include in their videos, like the timestamps, music credits, and even their Folding@Home team. It just shows how much they care about their community and their content. And let's not forget about their Patreon, Twitch, Discord, and all the other ways they interact with their fans - they truly go above and beyond to make us feel like part of the Neebs Gaming family.

So, grab a cup of Neebs Gaming Coffee, sit back, and enjoy the ride with this Valheim episode. It's full of laughs, epic moments, and maybe even a few surprises. I can't wait to see what the Neebs crew gets up to next in their gaming adventures.

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Valheim is a survival sandbox game that transports players to a procedurally generated world inspired by Norse mythology. Through masterful storytelling and cinematic editing, Neebs Gaming makes this fantastical world come alive in their let's play series. Their chemistry as a group combined with high production values results in an entertaining and immersive viewing experience.

Neebs, Thick, Appsro, Simon, and Dora each bring unique personalities to the table that complement each other perfectly. Their humorous banter and authentic reactions to the game's challenges infuse a sense of joy and camaraderie into the series. Even mundane activities like gathering resources and crafting items feel exciting when seen through their eyes.

The cinematic editing adds a layer of narrative cohesion that allows viewers to become invested in the characters and their adventures. Cutting between different player perspectives provides a multidimensional view of the world and its lore. Dramatic camera movements, music cues, and sound effects heighten the tension during battles and exploration. It feels like watching a fantasy movie unfold.

For those interested in Valheim but unsure about playing, Neebs Gaming's series is the perfect way to experience the game without actually picking up the controller. Through their entertaining escapades, you get a comprehensive tour of the game's world and systems. And you'll likely find yourself laughing out loud at their hilarious misfortunes along the way.

Neebs Gaming's Valheim series stays true to the spirit of the game while enhancing it for viewers. Their cinematic approach transforms a sandbox survival game into an engrossing story. For the ultimate tour of Valheim's Norse-inspired realm, look no further than Neebs and the gang.

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boys oh hey hey what's up what's3.9195.201
up you guys just uh relaxing by the fire6.963.12
yeah yeah9.122.88
yeah cause it's not it's not the planes10.083.92
you know right uh hey anyone want to see12.04.0
the new digs oh yeah yeah of course yep14.02.48
yeah yeah16.02.0
all right yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah16.483.2
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah follow me18.03.76
is that closed what's gigs it didn't19.683.2
sound like clothes21.763.279
digs or clothes and i was admiring just22.883.52
how you looked in general25.0393.841
follow thor yeah all right so check it26.43.76
out i know you guys were hanging around28.883.359
about around that campfire that's cool30.164.079
at all but i've made this nice little32.2393.201
nook over here34.2393.681
yeah we got this campfire it's got a35.443.76
good amount of shelter37.924.56
we can put like a workbench over here39.26.879
okay the blacksmith bench so42.485.599
discuss this diggs thing right yeah yeah46.0793.681
yeah so or digs48.0794.32
digs or uh like what we think right oh49.764.24
yeah i don't think it comes down to like52.3992.081
a building structure or anything right54.483.28
it's not like uh living space digs it's57.763.76
always nice60.82.559
that's right okay well i was wrong with61.523.84
it my bad look at my new digs63.3595.12
okay so we cleared that up65.365.2
this is great okay good could also be an68.4793.201
well i mean like a dig these are my new71.684.56
you're ugly but that's not how you'd77.523.76
ever do it though you wouldn't say79.364.0
that that would that wasn't a berm what81.283.28
a dumb shield83.363.119
yeah ooh nice dig to raleigh check out84.564.08
my new digs yeah that's a86.4794.0
no you got your new digs that doesn't88.643.28
work like that all right well listen i90.4793.521
left my digs back at that island91.924.0
uh where i got killed by mosquito can94.03.52
somebody come with me i want to get i95.922.879
want to get my97.524.559
my pickaxe back my antler acts okay i'll98.7995.841
i'll join you on that oh god two planes102.0793.121
okay yeah you know what i should go i105.23.52
should go you should you're the107.1194.401
yeah the knowed one the learned the the108.724.0
knowledge you're the111.524.0
wise one mm-hmm all right you want to112.723.52
join us on that115.523.36
might as well i've been there simon okay116.243.44
simon and i will what no no go go into119.684.479
dungeons uh fight skeletons122.323.92
we need gold we need gold okay there is124.1593.921
this one uh we can clear out this one126.243.6
dungeon by the trader simon if you're128.082.72
down for that129.845.28
i'm down with dungeon clearing yeah130.88.56
you dig i dig it eggs135.124.24
that was very nice i dig it good for you140.4828.36
there's the mosquitoes right there oh170.9594.0
boy get out of speedos173.045.44
uh yeah i see him okay get away get away174.9594.56
all right i'm doing it i'm doing it178.482.8
we're gonna avoid those suckers179.5193.841
okay thick you uh i i didn't come out181.283.52
here with you guys but i'm driving the183.361.84
you're gonna have to kind of point me in185.22.64
the direction i need to go yeah just186.42.8
follow the coast187.843.92
and i will tell you exactly where my189.23.6
skull and bones are191.764.559
oh boy did y'all bring your good stuff192.85.12
huh you guys you guys are wearing your196.3193.2
good stuff well i'm not planning on197.922.88
getting out199.5192.8
this is going to be a drive-by this is200.83.2
going to be a drop-off for you202.3193.601
you come you come back to the boat i204.03.599
plan on it either but it happened205.924.64
i got pretty much everything that i need207.5994.64
i've almost got everything that210.564.56
i had so it's just like golden rubies212.2393.521
that i don't215.123.92
okay if if they get after me i'll run215.766.559
and you grab my antler pick and my219.047.199
copper hat okay pick copperheads222.3196.56
right a little bit yep swing right right226.2394.401
so there we go there you go yeah228.8794.321
we're fine is it on uh yeah directly230.643.12
ahead of us233.23.52
yep on the peninsula ahead of us okay233.764.8
cool cool cool keep an eye out for those236.723.28
mosquitoes because sometimes they'll238.562.16
just float240.01.84
and you can hit them from a good240.723.12
distance with a bow and arrow okay so if241.843.759
we see any mosquitoes we can try to kill243.842.72
them before we even245.5992.881
like even attempt to go on land you know246.563.28
what i mean i didn't bring one of those248.482.56
okay i have one of those249.842.8
i didn't want to lose it i understand251.044.16
this peninsula up here yep252.644.879
oh there's the other boat oh god yeah255.23.039
the other boat257.5193.521
would take two boats back yeah okay all258.2394.4
right i'm slowing down we're gonna take261.042.08
nice and easy yeah i do see mosquitoes263.124.56
out there by those big uh woolly things265.63.68
all right all right tell you what oh267.683.6
it's all wavy okay269.285.199
oh yeah i see you guys stuff yeah271.285.04
and the mosquitoes let's see all right274.4793.121
where are these mosquitoes at276.324.4
uh sorry i didn't277.64.72
it was science i didn't know if i could280.724.8
fight mosquitoes from right here282.326.159
i'm looking i see mosquitoes here yeah285.523.76
he's got those288.4793.681
things yeah he's i hate to take a shot289.284.0
only because i don't want to hit one of292.162.72
those woolly things we pissed those guys293.282.16
off that's294.881.84
going to be bad you want to get when we295.443.36
go straight for the tombstones i'll jump296.724.24
out first i'll get everybody's attention298.84.239
and i'll just run and you guys clean up300.964.0
everything tell you what yeah i think303.0393.6
you guys can make it to shore from here304.963.36
really we'll be out of stone when we get306.6393.28
there we'll check it out have a little308.322.64
stamina baby309.9193.921
yeah yeah all right all right all right310.963.519
doing it313.842.56
yeah do it just don't don't hold shift314.4793.841
and swim just swim normal316.45.84
okay here we go uh bam regular swim318.326.08
should i go get my stuff pepsiro in the322.244.16
water and then get on the other boat is324.43.12
that a bad idea yeah326.42.639
oh yeah you absolutely should thought we327.523.36
were going together yeah my stuff's in329.0392.801
the water neebs330.883.759
oh really okay uh almost to my my stuff331.843.919
unless that's floating334.6393.921
oh man i see i see squido's i got it i335.7593.841
got it you get your338.563.359
all right get back come on get get get339.64.24
back into the boat come on stamina341.9193.681
all right you guys are clear right now i343.843.28
don't see any mosquitoes345.63.28
okay can you swim back to the boat neebs347.123.76
i just want to rest up and348.884.64
here we go i'm coming all right come to350.884.08
my boat got a ladder right here353.522.88
right here yeah yeah dick do you get354.963.28
your stuff i did yeah356.43.44
okay did you leave some stuff in there i358.243.28
still see your gravestone but i don't359.844.96
i don't need it all right okay let's get361.525.28
the out of here364.85.519
there it is my copperhead366.83.519
how do i how do i go oh god dick uh370.724.24
all right thick let me teach you how to373.842.799
drive this thing you see the wheel right374.962.16
if you hit up you'll see like three377.123.519
arrows here we go that's like378.963.359
that's like full speed then if you tap380.6393.041
down the arrows go away382.3193.361
to practically nothing then you can also383.683.44
tap uh s again385.682.88
you'll see one arrow pointing down387.123.28
that's you know paddle backwards388.565.199
so chest just tap w just tap w tap w390.43.919
there you go now you yeah you're gonna394.3193.361
open your sails yeah and oh we're395.62.879
against the wind397.682.239
tell you what let's take ourselves out398.4793.681
into the god we're surrounded by planes399.9195.601
this sucks come on402.164.879
yeah you can turn you should be able to405.523.28
turn out to see because let's just go407.0392.961
ahead and try408.83.44
come on think follow me baby i'm trying410.03.12
oh my god412.243.2
wow what the hell why can't i move i413.124.32
don't i don't know415.443.599
this this can't be easy for him417.442.72
absolutely there's no one in the boat419.0392.401
for him to blame420.164.479
oh god damn you neebs421.443.199
just tap w you get those three arrows425.0393.361
that's full speed427.123.12
once you get full speed uh you see a428.43.44
little icon on the right that's your430.242.799
boat and you want to like431.844.0
put your icon into the wind look i'm i'm433.0393.841
finally moving435.843.52
all right now tap www open those sails436.883.12
open them sails yeah there you go yeah440.04.4
open them sails up441.9195.28
catching the wind all right there you go444.44.96
there you go now you move447.1995.44
okay oh wow i got my gold i got circling449.364.16
yeah the other stuff is just general453.523.04
all right you with me yes sir456.565.359
okay okay now all right we're gonna go459.683.44
back to base we're gonna stay461.9193.12
far offshore from the planes of course463.124.079
we're going into the wind so465.0393.84
you know what it's actually easier thick467.1993.44
if you uh just get rid of all your468.8792.72
arrows and just470.6392.801
have the one arrow with your paddle471.5993.681
moving yeah yeah you're paddle moving473.444.879
all right i got one arrow pointing up475.285.759
adventure no mosquitoes oh and hey we478.3194.16
got the wind on her side open her up481.0391.921
yep open her up482.965.35
simon yeah so i got some of those uh490.6394.321
servicer cores493.7594.401
uh and a few other oh hey hey how you494.964.799
doing aydah hey what's up chillin498.163.039
ben's added just chills right there499.7593.201
anyway wow uh one time501.1993.44
but you've been in these and i just know502.963.12
that i didn't clear out everything504.6393.041
so we could probably make sure that it's506.083.6
cleared okay you know some skeletons507.683.76
lurking around corners and such509.685.2
yep and then reset now i don't know but511.445.519
we might find some gold though because514.883.279
that's what we're supposed to be doing516.9593.121
yeah all those kind of things so518.1593.68
i don't know i think i went down this520.083.6
way i think i went mostly this way i521.8392.641
don't even remember523.683.76
but well you got the sword okay so i'll524.483.76
lead the way527.442.72
yeah why not and then we'll just fall528.243.36
back and deal with it as a530.163.359
i do know this every time i was getting531.63.679
attacked and was overwhelmed i just ran533.5192.801
back to the535.2792.401
entrance and they weren't coming all the536.323.519
way up the entrance look mushrooms by537.682.8
the way539.8393.601
yeah that's cool all right and let's see540.485.12
we seem pretty clear let's go ahead and543.443.92
open the chest picking up the damn545.63.76
mushrooms i mean all right we got some547.362.56
arrows see i don't have i've got some549.923.039
got some gold oh good i'd like a bow and552.9593.921
arrow i don't i've never have enough to555.2793.601
make it even as simple as it is556.883.84
we'll take care of that um but in the558.883.28
meantime you've got560.724.0
a sweet sword i do no you're right about562.163.52
here's a564.723.92
certain core that's cool okay some bones565.683.92
are probably good568.642.72
skeleton remains that's oh yeah those569.63.12
are really nice things sure571.363.84
yeah man this is cakewalk so far look at572.723.92
this what is this amber yeah i'll get575.23.04
the amber yeah why wouldn't you get the576.643.28
amber it's so pretty578.243.279
you got room for amber you put the amber579.923.44
in your pocket get it you put it in your581.5192.801
pocket and you583.364.24
thank the lord that you have it584.327.519
thank you for the ambulance587.64.239
there's going to be an attack guaranteed592.243.76
behind one of these two doors594.244.0
okay well if there is hold on let me let596.03.76
me let me food up here598.243.12
silly me i didn't even do that it's a599.763.519
good good time to food up oh look at601.362.719
this there's some603.2793.841
amber oh my goodness you could make a604.0795.121
necklace with that and sell it at a flea607.123.6
market for a good609.25.44
good price sold all right you ready sam610.726.64
my health is horizon but i'm willing to614.644.879
go oh do you have the option to hit the617.364.56
button that makes you extra powerful i619.5193.201
could oh621.924.0
do we do that now and yeah yeah i think622.725.52
i think just one of us has to is it f625.923.12
well done f628.243.44
all right you did it629.042.64
absolutely nothing going on here yeah644.643.92
there's there's a yellow mushroom646.484.479
and this is a yep there's nothing can648.563.04
you jump650.9593.44
it doesn't look like all right and hey651.63.679
by the power654.3996.641
equals this door now655.2795.761
got all your stuff back on neebs how you669.5193.201
doing i'm good i was looking for671.2792.721
somewhere to store or something but672.723.679
whatever okay make a storage box yeah674.03.68
you can make a storage box right you got676.3991.841
any wood677.681.76
the man i don't want to hold anybody up678.243.039
or what what's the plan well i'm not679.443.2
going out here in the middle of the681.2793.041
night oh you've been in the dark forest682.643.52
at night you know how stupid that is684.323.28
so what is this just us sitting around686.163.44
the camp talking yeah but we planned how687.63.359
about we plan for tomorrow689.63.44
ah sounds like talking to me it does690.9593.44
sound like talking but hey it's kind of693.042.64
what you have to do in a game like this694.3992.641
yeah what you want to do tomorrow695.683.279
well here's my proposal we got these two697.044.64
boats we got a whole black forest in698.9593.601
front of us701.684.32
probably full of tin and copper i say we702.564.08
go out706.02.16
get as much tin and copper as we706.643.28
possibly can we throw it all in the708.163.04
boats and we sail at home709.923.359
that's a good plan yeah all right and711.23.92
then we all get copper uh stuff713.2794.721
copper chest plate yeah exactly copper i715.125.12
think it's pronounced queerest queer ass718.04.639
um never heard that it's like what's so720.245.279
it's like spelt c-u-r-i-a-s722.6395.2
something looks like it's spelt curious725.5193.681
i think it's actually pronounced queer727.8391.761
okay oh okay we should see if it's like729.64.56
i think it's curious732.483.68
for that yeah let's just call it curious734.164.0
to avoid curious yeah we'll get our736.163.679
curious armor on but we'll do that in738.162.32
the morning739.8393.12
sounds good all right right now i'm on740.484.56
guard duty comes to your garden742.9595.201
sit down duty big day tomorrow lots of745.044.479
copper harvested748.165.04
and queer ass i mean curious749.5193.681
simon yeah you want to just kind of like754.243.839
i don't know check your inventory756.82.64
make sure you can run in like a certain758.0792.801
direction we just kind of like explore759.442.88
one direction just a little ways760.883.759
just a little ways just check my762.323.68
inventory like i've got764.6394.161
one two three four five six seven spots766.03.6
yeah but maybe like don't maybe maybe769.63.919
don't have your sword772.242.64
i don't know we don't want to lose the773.5194.0
sword out there how close how close is774.885.68
it oh like like like it's like a quick777.5193.521
picture like this whole do you think781.043.359
this whole uh783.443.519
all right so you think we'll get there784.3994.161
uh like let's see very quickly786.9593.921
let's try i've gotta look over this hill788.564.16
look at looking for the oh my god790.884.72
look at that yeah oh swamps don't look792.723.6
good huh795.62.88
no they don't that does not look like a796.323.759
happy place for for798.484.64
me to go yeah so that's not the answer800.0795.361
no this way bring us though maybe a803.123.36
little like805.445.28
we haven't been passed up where we were806.486.08
kind of just were in that one place or810.723.44
at least we haven't we can kind of go in812.562.56
that direction or follow814.163.76
that swamp edge uh yeah that that one815.124.399
place i remember that817.924.24
distinctly yeah right the one we were819.5193.76
just in822.164.16
moments ago yeah the last time we were823.2794.8
together in a a826.323.36
little dungeony cave thing you know what828.0794.0
i mean you know what i'm sorry but829.684.24
what i want to have is just i want to832.0793.601
live in the woods like this this is833.924.08
where i want to live835.684.48
i can smell that can you you can almost838.04.32
smell it i can smell what can i smell840.162.799
can you smell this mossy mossiness like842.9593.68
the whole yeah i love it845.125.12
smell it i love it i want to be here846.6395.041
and the fact that you're running away850.242.88
and trying to make me live in a place851.683.12
that looks like hell like that over853.122.48
is not good i was trying to explore i855.63.12
don't want to live there857.683.04
nothing like that it's been an unusually858.723.359
quiet hasn't it860.725.04
oh my god so quiet and this is beautiful862.0796.241
holy it hasn't been quiet though865.764.48
because you won't shut up that's a good868.322.48
it's a good point simon how about we870.84.0
both look at this it's like a ruin thing872.564.399
it's like a ruin thing is it really874.83.2
let's enjoy it876.9593.201
with that without exactly did we just do878.04.16
a circle and this is where we just were880.164.88
yep simon let's go home yep yep yep see882.164.239
you see885.044.72
yes mother it's nice to get out886.3994.161
every now and then889.763.759
it's great exercise isn't it did you get890.563.44
power up boostie sure did894.07.04
oh god thick i see that guy that is a903.1994.0
and yeah you know what up the hill club907.1994.961
yeah get away get away get away908.726.16
yeah i think yeah um they can hear the912.164.799
sound of us picking this copper914.883.68
okay all right you know what i'm going916.9593.12
to kill that blob918.563.68
oops kill it yep kill the blob kill the920.0793.601
blob i think we can i think we can take922.241.92
the flop923.683.36
okay oh yeah we can he's got a buddy924.163.919
he jumped all right yeah928.0795.12
all right he's down he's down he's down931.443.199
oh does that drop933.1992.64
another block right under the block934.6393.041
coming in yep i just dropped935.8393.92
i picked up his zoos oh yeah yellow blah937.683.36
blues yeah we can make939.7593.921
ooze bombs it's not like a bath bomb oh941.043.76
yeah watch out watch out943.683.839
okay yeah one more good shot two more944.84.08
good shots947.5193.521
bam okay he's yeah he's gone he's gone948.883.36
ooze huh yeah951.043.599
what can you make out of that bombs ooze952.244.159
bomb yeah it's almost like a gas bomb954.6392.88
something like that neebs yeah956.3992.88
all right those are boozers are made out957.5193.521
of can we keep harvesting959.2794.0
i think so we can't fight that other guy961.043.039
we sure can963.2793.281
tell we might be able to the three of us964.0793.12
probably could but he hits hard so i967.1994.401
mean you get hit once or twice you're970.0792.161
maybe i should just stay i'll keep eye972.243.599
out you guys973.925.12
he's coming all right i'll stay quiet975.8394.881
i don't think he likes his biome i feel979.043.12
like he peeks into it then he's like i980.722.32
gotta run back982.163.28
yeah his mom probably when he was little983.044.0
is like hey don't go over there985.443.44
that's where those neebs gaming guys are987.043.52
that's right nothing but trouble988.883.12
where is he names i don't see him he's990.563.279
by the big tree992.04.24
you guys want to play ball nobody likes993.8393.841
you draugr996.244.959
i got a ball that's his voice yeah997.686.719
hey uh oh oh i see him he's open1001.1994.08
faster now1004.3994.641
he kind of yeah what if i do oh jeez1005.2796.081
what if i do this oh boy this is one of1009.043.599
those yolo plays in it1011.363.039
dick's shooting at him are we shooting1012.6393.44
at him no what oh he's got it there's1014.3993.041
two of them oh no no1016.0793.2
no no no no he's got a boat he's got a1017.443.12
out of here get the out of here1020.562.48
they don't want to play ball no follow1021.682.639
me follow me we're going we're going1023.042.72
back we're going back to the base going1024.3192.321
back to the ship1025.763.12
they're coming they're coming just keep1026.643.439
running just keep running1028.885.52
i'm behind you you need a elixir thingy1030.0796.76
no an elixir i don't know what it starts1034.45.439
has anyone been into the skeleton castle1043.0393.441
yet um i think i1044.7997.521
may have that sounds about right1046.489.04
there's a simon down this way1052.324.479
it looks like we have it you see those1055.523.44
guys uh there's the sons of up1056.7992.88
yeah yeah yeah i was just eating sorry1059.6795.041
so that's okay i see them well there we1062.7993.201
go they're it's like1064.722.8
clear we have to maybe deal with them1066.03.36
but like i mean we should1067.524.24
deal with them here they are here hey1069.363.6
don't even start with me1071.764.159
yeah they started yeah totally started1072.963.36
i'm trying to learn how to fight now you1076.324.16
coming around the mountain yeah all1093.6793.281
right simon1095.9193.12
around the mountain when he comes1096.964.16
finishing when he comes they'll be1099.0395.601
coming around the mountain1101.123.52
there we're coming around1105.444.4
good job simon that was good let's eat1115.365.48
up mmm eat yummy yummy1117.126.799
yeah it's getting darker1120.844.76
yeah well that was the end of the scene1123.9194.401
so you know1125.62.72
okay perfect yeah we can go in here at1131.443.2
that's a good way to spend the evening1134.643.039
that's a perspective oh1136.083.44
okay they're just stopping by oh yeah1137.6793.12
yeah well they're saying hey we got1139.522.64
these torches out these things these1140.7992.0
guys hate1142.162.8
fire yeah all right look at that what's1142.7993.76
a good weapon for in there or should i1144.962.959
hold torch while y'all1146.5592.881
fight yeah you know what your torture1147.9193.841
boy okay let's do it do it1149.444.16
guys if we can lead them right over to1151.763.6
this step they can't actually hit us1153.63.28
when we're on this1155.363.76
step yeah that's right yeah and you got1156.883.84
that hammer thick yep that's good for1159.122.88
crowds all right we're gonna do this1160.723.68
kind of methodically let's go left1162.04.88
okay hello i'm gonna go straight i got a1164.43.04
and a torch i'm the light man man1167.444.96
all right these mushrooms for a little1171.124.0
while at least until we clear the area1172.44.639
nothing in here nothing in here let's uh1175.123.2
all right take a look here taking the1177.0392.961
mushrooms these mushrooms are good food1178.322.32
oh yeah1180.02.24
these behind they glow though you should1180.642.88
probably shouldn't eat things that glow1182.243.28
oh no listen we can mix these guys in we1183.523.519
can make some good shoes good wrestling1185.522.64
you think of any food1187.0392.64
that you eat that glows dude it's a1188.164.0
video game shut your ass well oh here we1189.6792.88
coming in with light yeah hit him think1192.5593.441
that thing yeah clears careful careful1196.03.28
he's running yeah he's running he's a1199.282.879
coward alright he's coming back he's got1200.722.88
he's got a bow and arrow1202.1594.0
yep i just saw one hit the wall oh god1203.64.079
you need more light he's down he's down1206.1592.88
i got him yeah i would love more light1207.6792.48
where'd you go well1209.0392.481
it's crowded in here in there i know1210.1593.441
it's crowded here it's a dungeon1211.523.12
it's like a changing room1213.65.52
scouting deck watch out oh get him boom1214.647.84
boom yeah yeah that's how it's done1219.126.48
nice work light man okay we're going1222.483.6
yep anything down there fixed no that's1226.084.0
just remains all right just remains hey1227.6793.841
that's bones we can use that1230.083.12
i picked them up yep i feel like i feel1231.522.88
like the light guy is not going to get1233.22.88
as much credit as the guy's swinging1234.43.759
you love what you're doing yeah yeah hey1236.083.68
you feel an important role shut the1238.1593.041
up i just want to make sure i'm1239.763.2
just as appreciated great you're doing1241.22.08
oh sterling cores baby yes this is good1243.284.16
stuff amber1246.322.88
oh we can trade that stuff for gold at1247.443.68
the traders i got a ruby1249.25.2
some amber aeros fellas1251.124.48
sweet yeah we can sell all that1254.42.96
stephanie that's good that's good1255.64.16
yeah that's good that's good1257.364.48
yeah let's keep going all three got it1259.763.44
take some mushrooms no need to just hold1261.842.079
the torch1263.22.0
yeah you're gonna benefit you're gonna1263.9194.081
benefit yeah1265.22.8
big guy kill it back get back right back1268.243.919
get back get it back1270.7994.641
oh that's a two star holy yep holy1272.1595.52
oh god where do i go where do i go1275.445.52
help me out guys i'm lost i'm lost1277.6795.761
help me out the light man get the hell1280.963.28
out of there1283.442.4
all right get him dick i'm i'm brit i'm1284.243.04
leading him back to this1285.844.719
at this wall here that's right here1287.285.279
take a torch to the face all right guys1290.5593.441
get back to this stuff1292.5593.201
no we're doing it we're doing it my1294.03.52
torch is prepped oh me1295.763.36
oh wait maybe it's not you're the1297.523.36
lighting guy hold on maybe it's not1299.123.919
me i thought it was i can't see a1300.883.919
goddamn thing1303.0393.921
there's more light over here back up oh1304.7993.521
my god oh god he hit me1306.962.88
all right i'm backing up all right i got1308.323.44
some light here yep1309.845.12
just like that oh god if i get hit one1311.764.96
more time i'm done and you go1314.963.92
someone's got a torch right okay i'm1320.485.199
like guy i'm like guy1322.323.359
man i am low man our other light guy was1325.763.76
really good who's the greatest1327.843.28
neebs neebs get up here i don't i don't1329.523.12
think he can get up here okay he can1331.123.28
oh yeah hit him with arrows hit him with1332.643.2
arrows nope1334.43.6
not in the face okay where'd he go there1335.844.56
he is there he is light his ass1338.05.12
oh he's squirrely oh yeah you dumb body1340.43.6
come on that's right oh you think you're1344.03.28
gonna run down the hallways1345.6793.12
oh wait we should probably eat right i1347.283.279
mean yeah make sure your health gets1348.7992.801
back up before you go1350.5594.081
oh yeah he's coming he's coming mushroom1351.65.439
strawberry there we go yeah get him1354.643.68
fixed yeah1357.0394.081
yes got him all right let's go see what1358.324.4
he was guarding oh he had to be guarding1361.122.64
something good1362.723.92
i bet it was a pair of socks where was1363.764.24
it where was it hope it's not another1366.642.399
skeleton this way1368.02.4
i think it was just this bunch of1369.0394.0
mushrooms oh you kidding me yeah it's a1370.43.6
bunch of goddamn1373.0393.841
mushrooms hey but that was an adventure1374.04.0
that was and we1376.883.44
we all survived look at us yes we are1378.04.08
prettier this is better we're getting1380.322.56
i think okay okay that's what having a1382.886.96
good light guy does1385.524.32
all right simon nice little napski1393.9195.201
and here we go again there was that1397.444.479
troll we got rid of the other1399.123.28
um i figured we'd take down the troll1402.43.68
yeah i mean we1404.723.12
if and what is this are we going to take1406.083.04
down the troll1407.843.36
just because you want to take down the1409.123.2
troll no no1411.22.8
because then beyond it we'll we'll see1412.323.52
if there's anything that might have loot1414.03.84
any other caves or something like that1415.844.0
okay but could we avoid control is what1417.844.0
i'm asking you oh well you see him up in1419.842.4
the hill1421.842.64
you see him up there oh now i do yep1422.243.76
just so his shoulder oh1424.484.24
maybe we can i mean i mean if you want1426.04.559
but you kind of want don't lie1428.723.28
you kind of want to around i1430.5593.201
haven't dealt with one i haven't i1432.03.279
haven't dealt with one right so she's1433.762.32
like patrol1435.2792.321
i feel like these trees do they knock1436.083.36
trees over simon you're like a okay here1437.62.24
we go1439.442.32
yes they do shoot the tree this is it1439.846.0
game on1441.764.08
does he break he does break trees you1454.04.4
said uh yes um i said yes cause1455.525.92
that's the best answer for me sure sure1458.44.72
maybe i'll get trying to get close to1461.443.28
him should i try to get close and do a1463.123.6
little oh boy oh that's up to you simon1464.725.68
oh you got the no i'm1466.725.68
wow that was bad that was so bad i1470.43.279
didn't get that close that was1472.43.519
really close that was stupid that was1473.6794.0
just stupid clothes you're a1475.9194.801
human enema close don't do that oh no1477.6794.081
that's bad1480.723.439
yeah i mean look it i don't feel so bad1481.763.039
about this1484.1593.361
you shouldn't feel bad guess what he's a1484.7993.681
dirty dick1487.524.159
i hate you troll you ugly honestly1488.486.079
god that is one probably son of a1491.6794.48
but i wish we could i wish we could like1494.5592.24
talk it out1496.1592.081
it's uh i hate that it just1496.7993.441
automatically goes to this like well1498.244.0
and then you know what i'm glad it does1500.244.24
because something that ugly needs to die1502.244.0
i don't know man that's a weird that's a1504.483.28
weird subjective fit oops1506.243.84
it is but that ugly one look at those1507.764.399
eyes look at those soulless eyes1510.084.32
that this little troll has this giant1512.1593.681
disgusting troll1514.43.519
it's probably a family troll simon you1515.844.48
know what give me some expression1517.9195.521
in your eyes troll and maybe i can be1520.324.88
convinced that you have a soul1523.444.08
there we go all right we're close we're1525.23.76
close sorry buddy are you are you1527.524.72
oh you are close get him get him1528.965.44
get a little you little i'm1532.244.88
gonna get you1534.42.72
did you really are you simon1538.088.079
what the simon come on simon1541.447.599
you don't even have to get1546.1592.88
all right he's down1550.247.28
all right thick remember how to drive1556.323.599
that thing and i'll try1557.524.639
all right this is easy you just do back1559.9194.081
up see the one arrow down there1562.1594.561
the one arrow yeah just the one arrow if1564.03.919
you tap it again it gives you a two1566.723.12
arrow no uh for backing up you only ever1567.9192.88
you only ever get one1569.842.24
if you're going forward you hit twice1570.7993.36
you got two arrows you get three arrows1572.083.52
for two for two times if you hit it1574.1593.441
twice yeah you get two okay1575.65.04
all right so now i'm gonna turn us here1577.64.4
and then boom1580.644.159
open her up three arrows should catch1582.03.12
oh yeah winds at our back this is great1585.123.76
we're going home1587.762.96
oh yeah it's gonna be a long journey1588.883.6
this was a yeah this was a hell of a1590.723.04
journey out here but uh1592.483.12
we need to go home oh boy i'm turnt1593.763.039
sorry i was looking at the map i'm1595.62.8
looking at the map right behind you baby1596.7993.281
let's go let's go1598.43.6
i want a brunch chest plate for the1600.083.28
day's over okay1602.03.44
okay yeah we might have enough materials1603.363.6
to make it we didn't get as much copper1605.442.16
as we had ten1606.962.56
tin was everywhere okay but hey here's a1607.63.76
nice thing now that we're away from this1609.523.36
island we have you know we have a portal1611.362.96
set up to get us back to this island to1612.882.32
get to the trader1614.322.959
that was the goal accomplished goal now1615.23.28
we can go to the1617.2793.041
black forest near our home we can get1618.483.52
copper and tin there1620.324.16
so i think we can really work towards1622.03.279
building up1624.484.24
everybody having um some nice armor1625.2796.161
nice and then after that we'll be able1628.724.559
to take on that next boss1631.444.16
the elder the elder thick i actually1633.2793.841
think you know where the elder is1635.64.64
i do i read something and then it showed1637.125.52
up and whatever1640.243.84
you used to mow his yard when you were1642.644.8
younger get off my lawn1644.086.719
what you're paying me to bullet1647.443.359
simon yeah i think it's a troll cave you1653.6793.681
think we can1656.722.64
take down another well you died but you1657.363.439
think we can take down another one1659.364.96
uh i think so what's1660.7996.161
okay hold on a second i'm about to run1664.323.92
out of i don't even know what1666.963.199
weapon to use1668.247.039
simon okay oh it's so dark in here1670.1595.12
oh boy it's really dark okay1675.9195.441
i'm getting out getting out get out get1679.63.439
the out dude1681.364.72
okay oh i have to hit e i forgot yep it1683.0394.081
said right there1686.084.959
that was awful that was awful i think1687.126.72
that was the right thing1691.0392.801
that was in for like a fraction of a1694.483.28
second listen to me1696.483.199
i was in for a fraction of a second but1697.763.6
it was a nightmare as soon as i1699.6792.561
went in there1701.364.08
the went down i know i'm fine1702.244.799
it's the worst thing that you ever could1705.443.52
have done want to do it again maybe so1707.0393.281
go ahead you want to do it again let's1708.961.92
but maybe it's like all about rolling1710.884.48
huh yeah hey oh my god it got his crotch1712.5595.6
look at him okay1715.362.799
oh god oh god no nope1719.366.799
i made it out sorry seven wow you were1723.443.359
so close1726.1594.88
i'm i was so close1726.7994.24
oh sea serpent coming right at1737.844.24
zigzag guy names i see it i see it1742.085.76
oh yeah oh yeah take him over here take1745.843.839
him over there oh yeah he's on you thick1747.843.52
yep steering around steering around1749.6793.281
names we gotta help vic oh you're doing1751.362.48
steering around no1752.962.16
i thought we were gonna sacrifice no1753.843.28
names no we're not gonna sacrifice stick1755.122.32
okay six angles on the same page here1757.444.4
zig zagging what do you make sacrifices1759.6794.561
that's the weird dudes boy steering is1761.845.12
like oh1764.242.72
it is it is it's a boat i didn't1767.364.08
get this in my class did i1769.444.56
okay nick i see our island dead ahead1771.444.08
we're still running towards it yep1774.04.0
i'm zig zagging though zig zag all you1775.524.56
want yeah our base is straight ahead oh1778.02.96
he's gonna1780.083.44
try to stab me run him ashore run him1780.964.079
ashore and we'll kill him with1783.524.72
land can you go towards thick1785.0395.52
okay jesus christ i was talking about1788.244.24
the plan why are you getting so1790.5594.161
far away from friday the first time1792.483.04
driving back1794.723.76
clearly clearly point the boat in the1795.525.2
direction of our friend1798.484.4
turn around or slow up we want to catch1800.723.92
up to you so we can help you1802.883.2
fight this thing and i ain't fighting1804.643.68
i'm running i'm going to go to land1806.084.8
and i'll be fine i see him i see him i1808.324.4
see him how much we do jumping is he a1810.882.56
ramp now1812.723.839
that would be sweet okay um rocks rock1813.445.28
straight ahead yep i see you i see him1816.5593.281
it's all a part of the plan1818.723.439
okay cool don't you just fighting this1819.844.719
thing aren't you1822.1595.201
now he's on us now we don't wait we have1824.5594.48
our buddy he's safe1827.365.52
okay all right he's backing off yeah1829.0395.76
did you scare him uh we might have1832.883.36
scared him okay1834.7994.641
well done amsterdam okay1836.244.4
like we're on the same page you got to1839.442.8
communicate you got to communicate with1840.642.159
me all right1842.242.72
except for the sacrifice part of dick1842.7993.281
well that means sometimes you got to1846.083.28
leave every option on the table but also1847.842.959
like you know hey let's help thick out1849.363.12
let's stay near him1850.7993.441
like sailing away from him like a nut1852.483.28
yeah but if we all die1854.243.6
what's better uh we all die that's1855.764.0
said to know that now you do1859.768.96
oh oh i see it yeah take it right take1865.365.12
it right neebs yup i'm turning1868.726.319
yeah home sweet home baby1870.484.559
damn that was like a 30-minute boat ride1876.243.2
it's insane1878.243.279
yeah i'm probably done with the boat1879.444.4
rides okay yeah for now now we we can1881.5193.601
you we can use them every now and then1883.842.559
but hey we got a hole1885.123.679
full of good stuff oh yeah yep let's1886.3993.841
take it let's smelt it1888.7993.76
oh it's gonna be good watch out don't1890.244.0
run into that1892.5593.761
all right there we go bring it right on1894.245.2
here good job boys we did it great job1896.329.66
successful day vikings baby1899.4410.95

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