Road Trip of Doom!!! - RUST

Hey guys, are you ready for a road trip? Because that's exactly what we're doing in this new video from Neebs Gaming! We're playing on some ...
Road Trip of Doom!!! - RUST
Road Trip of Doom!!! - RUST

Road Trip of Doom!!! - RUST

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Neebs Gaming! Today, we're talking about why 'Road Trip of Doom!!! - RUST' is our favorite video!

simon: Oh yeah, that video was a blast! I mean, who doesn't love a good road trip in the apocalypse, am I right?

appsro: Absolutely! And let's not forget the thrill of dodging zombies and bandits while searching for loot. It's like a vacation, but with more danger!

neebs: Exactly! And the best part is, we get to do it all from the comfort of our own Rust server. Thanks, Survival Servers!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, are you ready for a road trip? Because that's exactly what we're doing in this new video from Neebs Gaming! We're playing on some Survival Servers and having an absolute blast. If you want to get your own Rust server, be sure to check them out at

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So grab some snacks, settle in, and join us for an epic road trip adventure in Rust. You won't want to miss it!

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hey check out the new whip0.965.6
wow that is you keep getting these3.6794.801
left in 30 minutes maybe8.484.72
if we can get to a gas station or11.6793.12
something i think you can get put these13.22.88
on a lift and customize14.7993.041
them and fix them in case that is a16.083.76
thing should we bring the parts we have17.845.04
not a bad idea uh yeah all right well19.844.64
i'll go put some parts in my pocket and22.884.0
then road trip road trip24.484.48
i like this gate by the way yeah i found26.883.36
yeah yeah super super nice yeah it's30.245.04
really really protecting the place31.923.36
so the plan is to find a garage thick74.4793.201
and then you think you can repair this76.321.76
i believe so i i want to test it out78.085.2
i'm not certain but you know worst case81.1194.161
scenario we find a garage we loot it we83.282.96
get stuff85.282.56
we still have a tank to bring down86.243.36
though hey that's a long-term goal87.843.44
no that's it's not long-term though we89.63.28
only have like one more week to play91.283.28
this game before it gets wiped what's92.882.32
i don't know it looked like a place we95.22.879
could loot yeah we're not worried about96.322.24
but yeah i agree with you names i need i98.563.519
found a rocket launcher so if we can100.1593.28
find rocket launcher102.0794.241
ammunition okay then we're you know i103.4394.801
think we have a chance right106.324.079
that's the way to go look oh are we108.243.6
getting into some green here110.3994.481
they go neebs greenery love it111.845.279
you're the desert lover though i like114.884.0
both but just you know like variety like117.1192.081
switch it up sometimes hey if we if we119.23.199
uh east here there's a junkyard yeah122.3994.4
let's check out the junkyard maybe we125.4392.8
can find some rocket launcher ammo in126.7992.32
the junkyard128.2392.08
people are always throwing that stuff129.1193.441
away they know i don't want this130.3193.681
all right if i just go straight here we132.563.679
go oh yeah134.04.56
probably ease into it yeah they're gonna136.2394.241
be blue guys here should we all hop out138.562.72
move in slow140.483.119
yeah why not yeah yeah yeah leave the141.283.44
leave the truck here143.5992.481
feel like i should put down a sleeping144.723.28
let's we're moving in let's move in i'm148.03.599
right behind you neebs150.43.52
okay does this work with regular arrows151.5994.321
man i don't know probably you would hope153.923.2
looks like you're loading something in155.922.08
oh wait157.123.36
regular arrows yeah there you go ha ha158.04.8
wait i found a shotgun too but no uh160.484.72
no ammo looks good sitting on your back162.84.079
though oh yeah that thing's huge though165.23.119
it looks like something like elmer fudd166.8793.841
would use it's so ridiculous i'm hunting168.3194.401
lots of barrels oh lots of barrels lots172.723.76
of barrels i don't see175.24.8
any guys not yet wait is this a lift176.486.08
a lift this right here you're on vehicle180.04.32
are you kidding me182.563.599
seriously all right man oh man okay186.1595.841
oh oh blue guy neebs blue where east189.684.72
where east east oh yep i see him should192.03.28
we move in194.43.04
uh yeah yeah yeah yeah i'm sliding in195.283.92
i don't know how many there are yeah199.23.6
hopefully just one200.8793.36
i see nope i see another one i don't202.83.519
know southeast there's two204.2394.321
i think i oh i think i gotta hit it he's206.3193.121
running in on you208.562.48
oh no don't let him do that don't let209.442.96
him do that i'm trying i'm trying okay211.041.68
i got him running back up he's teared up212.723.599
he hit me215.5193.44
dad take cover baby i am taking cover i216.3193.761
need to put these in my218.9594.401
head where is he where is he220.085.2
i think i just i think i shot you i'm223.363.2
sorry i thought you were bad i was a225.282.4
good shot though226.563.84
what i'm sorry i got five percent help227.683.919
i'm sober230.43.28
i didn't i'm sorry about that heal up231.5994.081
heal up you guys do you guys need help233.684.559
you want me to roadkill this guy yeah235.685.199
his name's doraleous238.2394.321
hey guys he's pushing me he's pushing me240.8793.36
i need help i see i'm healing up almost242.562.879
you know oh this is awesome i know245.4393.281
there's two of them i see them247.124.319
oh careful248.722.719
oh come on show yourself you little252.564.08
sorry not much help i'm almost dead i'm257.7593.121
yep i was just saying just stay back oh260.886.4
yep yep yep here it comes comes264.244.8
oh [ __ ] he's coming out you're pushing267.283.6
me he's pushing me he's pushing well269.043.28
okay god damn270.883.44
oh i got one down yeah ready to go oh272.323.52
what a shot274.324.56
hit that hill up i need to heal up okay275.847.17
there he is278.887.35
hold up can i drive this thing i'm in290.43.92
i'm in like this big292.964.08
magnet crane oh yeah yeah but i think294.323.68
it's me297.043.999
because yeah uh yeah you put fuel298.03.6
oh yeah hold on hold on there's some301.63.36
low-grade fuel right here303.1994.0
oh you're moving oh cool all right i'm304.963.519
moving the crane307.1993.761
can you grab like this thing of cars308.4793.841
over here or something310.964.239
oh wait a minute i see what hey we got312.323.68
to bring stuff315.1994.081
over here and then put it inside316.07.12
this grinder okay oh319.287.68
so thick bring the bus well no no we're323.126.0
we're trying to fix that is there326.964.0
anything else we can oh329.124.48
well okay i can move this thing after go330.963.679
backwards is that333.62.879
this truck right here can you pick this334.6394.0
truck up oh let me try it let me try it336.4792.641
let me try338.6392.961
probably not i mean it's made of [ __ ]339.123.28
here we go camo come up i mean342.46.4
right it's a magnet in a big metal maybe345.846.4
it's a fiberglass348.86.48
oh is it getting it it kind of moved it352.244.32
didn't stick to it though a little355.281.759
is there is there like a magnet button357.0393.921
like a hit e or something man i don't359.1992.401
maybe it's an electric magnet you gotta361.63.24
turn it on i'm never doing one of these362.882.879
things of gas364.843.16
i think i'm out of fuel yeah god that365.7594.241
ate a ton of fuel really quickly368.03.84
i mean there's gas in the other vehicle370.03.68
yeah this thing this thing drank all my371.842.32
i put like 20 something in there oh bad374.163.52
guy that guy376.3195.921
that guy bad bad guy oh i see him377.688.4
man what a shitty shot he is here peak382.246.959
oh [ __ ] he got me there healing up there386.084.399
i'm hitting him389.1993.641
he's running at you he's going at you oh390.4795.361
[ __ ]392.843.0
oh [ __ ] what i got weapons406.967.88
what holy crap what'd you get410.247.44
mp5a4 mp5414.845.72
i got 30 [ __ ] ammo pistol bullets but417.684.56
i can use that with my pistol perfect420.565.359
what did you get need floor flares422.245.44
yeah oh you're gonna hang on to that425.9193.28
there's all this stuff i got427.685.72
wow flowers are well wow429.1997.041
oh my god look at that stuff i got i got433.45.4
30 votes436.242.56
you guys coming up here hold on i just442.43.199
found a bunch of just444.722.64
hey names put it in there put it in445.5995.44
there let's put it in here huh447.367.119
okay just uh like that can i just uh hit451.0394.16
h don't need that don't need that don't455.1993.601
need that don't need that457.363.92
can that be recycled too and a little458.83.2
light things461.283.68
there we go oh turn it on so we can fix462.04.0
the truck with this stuff464.963.76
i believe so yeah okay that and uh i466.03.68
believe some wood468.723.44
as well for some reason i would yeah469.683.6
that makes sense472.164.08
who wants a flashlight helmet i've got473.283.759
one thank you476.244.72
babes did you say fleshlight helmet477.0393.921
hey guys all right yep481.9195.201
hey i found some more fuel i'm gonna try485.0393.28
this thing again487.124.24
a little research here and i think if i488.3195.761
come down on this truck and hit r okay491.363.92
oh didn't grab it hold down the arm495.284.319
maybe more497.526.72
no come on oh there we go499.5994.641
i think it seems like it goes too fast526.643.12
all right man now this thing's nuts okay528.083.6
uh who's up there can you guide me in529.763.84
you could you could probably drop it oh531.683.04
i did i did drop it533.63.76
that's great wow this is a video game534.723.119
isn't it537.361.919
i didn't think it would work that way537.8393.44
fix it nice okay539.2795.12
oh wow that's really something oh541.2794.881
[ __ ] okay i got it all right bring it544.3993.201
down bring it down bring it down it's546.162.64
going to go down just going to go down547.62.799
with it yep bring it down548.85.44
bring it there we go okay550.3996.801
and then the stuff oh my goodness554.242.96
crap oh you can't metal brackets557.66.4
how much we get holy crap that's a lot564.03.92
of scrap holy [ __ ] that's good566.083.759
that's awesome hey let's go let's go567.928.64
repair the truck569.83911.68
taking up fuel all right here we go576.564.959
do you need the repair there we go oh582.163.2
you're doing it oh584.324.0
okay you added a repair some metal to585.365.28
this one588.322.32
now we're talking you're a natural595.043.76
mechanic vic thank you596.646.199
oh neebs you wanna see something fun598.87.039
all right everybody in let's do it okay615.124.8
we got enough light uh yeah keep your618.163.359
torches out right okay yeah here hold on619.923.68
oh i'm not in yet or put your hats on oh621.5193.361
[ __ ] i just wanted to light that can i623.63.2
just light that and hold it624.883.76
guess not just can't hold a flare that's626.83.279
so dumb can't hold a flare628.643.439
so stupid all right go can i hide it in630.0793.521
here can you do it632.0793.681
put a flare in the car maybe perfect all633.65.359
right sounds good let's go635.765.63
damn it didn't stay with us i hate the638.9595.88
well hey guys before we get to the655.923.359
bandit camp you want to go to some657.2794.081
spooky abandoned cabins659.2796.56
yeah maybe maybe okay661.364.479
don't you laugh like that all right665.924.0
we're we're uh we're coming up here keep667.683.52
going straight on this road for a little669.921.84
and we're gonna come up on a dirt road671.763.28
that's going to be on our left673.763.84
according to the map probably going to675.045.039
encounter some [ __ ] in here677.64.72
just blow past it but as soon as we pass680.0793.841
the gas station there's going to be a682.322.8
dirt road on our left683.923.44
oh [ __ ] yeah don't worry about it just685.124.24
go let's go i'm going687.364.08
jesus and take a left dirt road there's689.363.36
a dirt road here691.442.88
take that left all right all right stay692.722.88
on this dirt road this is going to lead694.323.28
us straight up to these abandoned cabins695.65.84
okay uh what's going to be here697.67.76
abandoned cabins i hope you comfortable701.446.399
me yeah yeah i'm looking at the map okay705.364.24
he just don't look comfortable oh no i'm707.8392.24
all right all right it should be right710.0795.76
right here you want to stop stop all715.8393.361
right stop dick stop stop717.8395.921
okay uh what oh here it is oh it's kind719.25.439
of swampy here and723.763.84
yeah all right i'm moving in i'm moving724.6393.361
i mean look at me crazy you're not gonna728.03.76
mess with me730.82.479
one box right here i just gotta check731.763.04
the box it's right here733.2793.12
okay we're moving in we'll meet you734.83.44
inside nothing worth the [ __ ]736.3995.68
well i got the gun take cover by the car738.247.599
take care of the car742.0793.76
we got no cover except for the car all747.043.2
right the car will be our cover748.883.04
it's a bad idea that's our that's our750.243.2
ride is there just one751.923.599
uh there might be there might be two753.444.0
yeah i'm seeing gunfire for more755.5193.601
who ran to the cabin was that you thick757.443.199
that's me okay759.123.04
take cover in the cabin take cover in760.6393.121
the cabinet well i can't i don't see a762.162.08
how we doing can i throw these flares or764.243.36
no uh yeah766.322.56
that's all you can do you can't hold767.62.88
them in your damn hand i found that out768.882.56
do i hit770.484.159
oh i just okay just one one movement771.443.6
isn't it774.6392.081
is it on oh it's right there right there775.043.44
oh [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ]776.723.6
didn't drill this all right i'm out of778.484.159
ammo oh we got one to the north one of780.323.92
the north he's trying to flank us782.6394.88
yep there's another cabin uh784.245.279
southeast oh wait one of them's down are787.5194.161
you inside nibs you're outside yeah okay789.5193.521
that guy i remember shooting him i791.683.279
didn't know if he went down so good793.044.0
okay did we get all that sweet uh sweet794.9593.521
loot we got all the stuff out of this797.042.479
one but i do see798.483.599
a cabin to the southeast push forward799.5193.201
follow me follow me802.722.88
keep out oh nope busy806.886.56
you don't see anything so far right oh810.3993.841
there's a box here813.443.28
there's like a bunch of scrappy daps and814.243.36
stuff boo816.723.44
green key card yep take it perfect a lot817.64.16
of good stuff to recycle820.164.0
all right sweet grab it can you recycle821.763.439
like switches824.163.039
and i think so yeah yeah you can throw825.1993.361
them at a recycler or get some good827.1991.921
cool let's just say uh naked829.127.44
naked welcome naked's not welcome that's832.3996.56
yeah what's he think of this yeah it's836.566.079
not very naked838.95918.88
rub my butt in the sun842.63915.2
now wait we got to be disarmed here i860.3993.361
mean i would be862.3993.281
all right we parking here or are we uh863.763.759
yeah working here yeah park here865.684.64
oh here we are abandoned camp oh this867.5193.44
place is a870.323.28
dump i love it yeah yeah that's cool870.9593.12
okay hey there's a trader up here okay874.0796.961
scrap exchange no body dumping877.767.199
ah oh hi oh881.046.64
yeah you can exchange i like that nice884.9593.601
hi hi888.565.36
how are you hi you gonna wave again891.63.44
those cards893.923.919
what do we need to buy i don't know i895.045.039
think we should look around and see what897.8394.401
what's for sale this is a scrap exchange900.0793.681
so like do you want to what about this902.242.719
guy here903.765.36
hello oh okay the stuff for some904.9596.081
stuff i mean a little said stuff yeah hi909.123.839
hi what's he selling911.044.479
wind turbine i believe it's a she any912.9593.12
like uh915.5192.56
we need stuff for a tank right y'all916.0793.2
know what we're looking for yeah918.0793.841
ammunition yeah oh there's a oh wait919.2794.0
these are these vending machines921.924.479
oh yeah oh wait no these are if we're923.2794.481
selling stuff isn't it926.3993.761
no you can buy stuff from all over town927.763.12
or the930.163.84
really at least yeah there's930.886.319
salt rifle oh i want it let's see934.04.72
i'm looking for hey assault rifle's good937.1993.2
is there any rocket launcher ammunition938.724.64
i'm looking uh we've got grenades we can940.3994.0
learn it right in the tree943.362.719
like uh we got a ton of scrap now944.3993.521
because of the the junkyard946.0793.601
do we don't have that much scrap well at947.923.359
least we know how to do the junkyard now949.682.56
so we can951.2792.881
go down the tech tree i mean yeah we can952.243.36
look at it yeah we learned to make the954.163.2
rocket launchers and the rocket uh955.63.12
missiles we're gonna need a whole lot957.363.279
more scrap is that the plan that's the958.722.799
yeah yeah i kind of wanted to look961.5192.721
around here more but all right i'll963.041.919
follow you guys964.242.159
yeah well look around a little bit i'm964.9592.481
gonna see if i can buy some shotgun966.3992.481
shells yeah you know what yeah five967.443.01
minutes back of the truck968.883.28
you guys want to head in here uh yeah972.164.56
there's anything in there worth of [ __ ]974.723.52
oh it's like a little boat976.725.6
okay nice nice oh good god right978.247.279
okay could you use that there's nothing982.324.56
you could actually use is it it's just985.5192.0
yeah it looks like a decoration okay987.5194.0
going up going up990.166.4
anything upstairs just a bandana man991.5195.041
have a seat it's like a game show1006.566.959
all right one where three oh okay one of1010.323.6
the other1013.5192.88
winning so you can place bets place1013.923.2
into the bedding area oh no no no i'm1017.123.92
not getting into gambling1019.684.079
triple your scrap i am not going to get1021.044.399
into gambling wait a minute is this what1023.7592.721
is is this poker1025.4393.441
there's a recycler here uh cool hold up1026.483.52
hold up stick1028.883.12
over here poker oh we're never gonna1030.04.079
we're never gonna beat this tank now1032.04.16
more players needed to start a game add1034.0793.6
more scrap to your table storage you1036.162.879
don't have enough for the minimum oh god1037.6792.88
see it's poker but it's not fun because1039.0392.561
it's asking me to do about1040.5594.48
[ __ ] i'm out fold all right let's get1041.65.04
out of here before we lose all our scrap1045.0394.321
all right one scratch okay yeah where1046.643.84
are you at you ready to go1049.364.08
um yep uh i bought some stuff let's hit1050.483.28
all right this way right yep1053.766.0
where are we going now back home or what1057.124.72
well do we want to uh1059.767.68
go up this hill nah anybody else1061.847.52
should i get should i get out and push1067.443.44
okay yeah we're good we're going1069.364.72
to all right we're good right here all1070.883.2
i've seen that you had the shotgun1089.122.559
before again it looks like something1090.42.159
elmer fudd would use1091.6794.641
okay yeah okay go wide just so let's go1092.5597.201
yep yep yeah right here good spot yeah1096.324.4
let me take a peek1099.764.08
okay see1100.726.0
one two three guys out there oh three1103.843.6
four but yeah four off oh oh my god1107.446.8
five five of them [ __ ]1111.0395.76
this is not the place didn't want five1114.243.12
didn't we1116.7993.521
with a close range weapon yeah that's1117.363.679
not good1120.322.56
maybe we can lure him out here hold on1121.0393.841
hey what are you doing come on1122.884.4
just just one don't bring your friends1124.885.28
right hey1127.286.399
hey got it1130.165.759
[ __ ] oh he's shooting he is i'm1133.6793.201
should we rush him well there's russia1136.883.12
all five or six of them1138.643.039
well yeah but rush stay in cover all1140.03.36
right it looks like they're all towards1141.6793.041
like kind of the east side so1143.364.8
if we push sort of the west side yeah1144.724.56
all right follow me names we're going to1148.162.48
push we're going to push we're going to1149.282.399
push cover us1150.644.56
well we're all kind of pushing them oh1151.6795.661
my god okay1155.26.77
there he is see him see him see if i can1163.123.919
lure his ass out here1165.284.96
oh that was a bad shot1167.0395.921
careful careful oh yep yep yep he's seen1170.244.0
come in close i got a shotgun i want to1174.244.64
shoot you with it come1176.162.72
oh wait that way to your left your up1188.887.679
okay excuse me take care take cover1192.086.8
that's a hit yeah yeah there you go1196.5593.041
that works good job good job i'm happy1199.63.12
let's go home let's go1201.6792.48
home now look at this place this place1202.723.439
has got to have good [ __ ] well i'm going1204.1592.88
back to the car1206.1592.721
i'm seven hours oh no no get out of here1207.0393.52
yeah okay all right fine we're getting1208.882.159
out of here1210.5592.321
let's go let's go let's go it's crazy oh1211.0393.441
hitting the road and uh off we go we're1214.484.4
going home we're going home1216.484.16
this is a fun road trip this was the1218.8816.93
road trip episode had a good time1220.6415.31

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Neebs Gaming has such great chemistry as a group. You can tell they're real life friends having a blast playing together. Their videos are so cinematic too - the camera work makes it feel like you're right there with them. It's the next best thing to playing Rust yourself!

I love how they roleplay their characters and give them unique personalities too. It adds a whole extra layer of immersion and entertainment. You really feel invested in their survival.

Overall, Neebs Gaming's Rust series is just top notch entertainment. Their cinematic style and storytelling brings Rust to life in such a fun and engaging way. Watching their adventures is the perfect way to experience Rust without having to endure the grind yourself. It's just good wholesome gaming fun!

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