They DESTROYED Our Portal! - Valheim

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest Valheim video yet? If not, you're in for a treat because it's a rollerc...
They DESTROYED Our Portal! - Valheim
They DESTROYED Our Portal! - Valheim

They DESTROYED Our Portal! - Valheim

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Neebs Gaming! Today, we're talking about why this video where they DESTROYED our portal in Valheim is our favorite. Oh boy, what a mess!

simon: Oh yeah, that was a disaster! I mean, all that hard work gone in an instant. But hey, at least it made for some hilarious content, right?

appsro: I still can't believe they did that! But hey, it's all part of the fun in Valheim. We'll just have to rebuild and make an even better portal next time!

neebs: Exactly! And hey, maybe we'll finally get it right this time. Or maybe we'll just end up destroying it again for more entertainment. Who knows!

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest Valheim video yet? If not, you're in for a treat because it's a rollercoaster of emotions from start to finish. Remember all that effort from last week? Well, let's just say things didn't quite go according to plan this time around.

The gang is back at it again in Valheim, facing new challenges and obstacles that will keep you on the edge of your seat. From epic battles to hilarious mishaps, this video has it all. And let's not forget about the amazing music that sets the perfect tone for their adventures.

If you're a fan of the Valheim series, you definitely don't want to miss out on this one. So grab your favorite snack, sit back, and enjoy the ride as Neebs Gaming takes you on another wild journey through the world of Valheim. Who knows what surprises await them this time?

And don't forget to show your support by checking out their Patreon, Twitch channel, and website for even more Neebs Gaming content. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. So go ahead and hit that subscribe button, grab your Neebs Gaming coffee, and get ready for some epic Valheim action. Let's do this!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Valheim is more than just a survival game - it is a fantastical Norse epic brought to life. Neebs Gaming's playthrough captures all the magic and adventure of exploring the procedurally generated world and facing mighty foes. Their trademark humor and camaraderie shines as they overcome challenge after challenge, from frigid mountains to dank swamps.

Each episode is masterfully edited into a cinematic experience, with stirring music and clever camera work that makes you feel like part of the crew. The banter between the guys as they gather resources, build elaborate bases, and take on terrifying bosses like The Elder will have you laughing out loud. Their awe at the vast, beautiful vistas is palpable.

Neebs Gaming has a gift for storytelling that comes through in their series. Even in a sandbox game like Valheim, they create an engaging narrative threaded through each episode, full of surprise twists and hilarious shenanigans. From Thick's tragic backstory to Appsro's daring portal quest, their playthrough is the stuff of legend.

While you could play Valheim yourself, watching Neebs Gaming is the definitive way to experience this Norse saga. Their cinematic editing and narrative flair brings the world of Valheim to life like nothing else. So join Neebs, Thick, Appsro, Simon, Doraleous and the rest of the crew as they conquer new lands and build the saga of a lifetime. Skål!

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guys we're going to need some help you1.122.079
agree i agree your stuff's back so3.1996.881
uh neebs and what you6.486.4
jokers want hey we need some help yeah10.083.599
help help12.882.24
oh god all right so you guys are back13.6792.881
from the boating mission what happened15.122.239
death doom yeah we need to get stuff17.3594.641
back but what's important is i put down19.764.0
the portal i just named it wrong22.03.92
so if we name this one we switch it over23.764.0
oh sweet would you name it remember25.923.679
what wasn't it like shoulder port i27.763.599
think i just didn't29.5993.841
know all right we'll try it see if it31.3593.761
fires up if it fires up then uh you33.442.959
might be okay i can't remember35.123.2
like a retirement community you do like36.3993.441
oh i don't report38.324.399
all caps yes so this does sound like a39.844.64
retirement community here we go well we42.7193.36
call it like autumn living44.483.36
we can't change it now we can't change46.0794.64
it final destination okay47.845.68
yeah yeah okay all right yeah hold on50.7193.68
all right so you guys53.522.96
stuff is through there it's bad news54.3993.281
it's bad news56.483.52
through there oh okay tell you what57.683.519
should i go through first make sure60.02.32
everything's safe61.1992.641
if you want to go yeah just let me get62.323.199
this bronze out of my pocket i'll stick63.843.84
it in this chest for now all right now65.5193.681
i'll let you know all right i'm right67.683.68
behind your knees69.23.76
do you guys i don't even know where i71.363.439
was okay what's the rest of the plan72.963.04
here we're getting an update74.7992.801
yeah we're no we're here i'm gonna go76.04.159
through it's here all right absolutely77.64.96
all right it seems pretty clear come80.1594.0
through coming through82.563.52
all right hey listen i need everybody to84.1593.121
grab blueberries86.083.6
got it no i'm grabbing my got it oh87.283.76
got it you guys yeah you guys are right89.682.64
on the edge of a swamp91.043.759
yeah yeah i know okay we're here to help92.323.92
you all you got to do is grab94.7992.801
blueberries that's all i'm asking96.243.12
dory your stuff's right there right here97.63.28
up guys guys guys99.364.48
what do i hit that's a dragger that100.884.879
is a draugr what does that mean103.843.919
it's not good it's what that means where105.7593.36
did my stuff go107.7592.961
i don't know right there oh i got it i109.1193.201
got it i got it all right you might have110.722.399
just picked it up112.323.119
i got it all right i see another there's113.1194.081
another thing over here115.4394.0
okay i got my stuff get out of117.23.12
there there's more119.4393.201
stronger your thing's still here simon i120.323.6
know i didn't get everything122.642.64
why did you guys park on the edge of a123.923.12
swamp shut up125.283.839
everybody look for blueberry god there's127.045.16
draugr i'm getting the hell out of here129.1194.321
all right i'm leaving i'm i just watched133.443.2
him die135.923.12
i'm going past his body and i'm getting136.643.04
wow i just saw a blob of something okay139.683.84
where's that portal142.06.08
portal oh no oh no i'm lost143.526.719
i'll see you neebs after i see your okay148.083.28
i'm going through gotta go150.2394.601
going through as well come on get151.366.08
oh awesome oh i'm glad you guys made it157.444.24
all right yeah baby161.845.679
where's apps from here he comes oh he's165.363.2
dead hey167.5193.841
no i'm here hey buddy good lord why did168.564.08
you guys put everything171.362.48
on the edge of a swamp because we're172.643.599
going to stay listen we're closer now we173.843.759
can move it from there176.2392.72
it's better than nothing it's better177.5993.36
than doing that trip in the boat again178.9594.481
i promise you very much so all right and180.9594.161
your stuff is right there in front of it183.442.0
let me see if i can run through and grab185.443.04
my and come back okay why186.564.24
why is this shut down who shut it down188.484.0
what are you do you have something in190.82.0
i never shot i didn't shut it down it's192.83.2
not working why is it not working194.3194.801
what happened they didn't196.03.12
it happened on the other end clearly but208.723.439
neebs you just came through it i just210.562.399
came through it212.1594.241
you were enemies no no what212.9597.121
all my all my stuff oh no oh no216.46.16
oh god did you have blueberries no i220.085.28
didn't have no blood222.562.8
oh god oh look at my map oh way out225.444.4
there way out there is where my stuff is227.5194.64
hey it's a pleasant journey229.8412.0
boat trip232.1599.681
what'd you just give me something you're265.1994.961
going to love267.522.64
i don't want that274.722.8
it's yours come on neebs coming give me277.9193.84
a ladder280.882.319
uh yeah it's on the other side watch281.7594.641
your stamina watch your stamina283.1994.961
i don't take that we have a freaking286.43.44
dock or something no we don't have a288.162.479
damn dock289.843.359
okay dora thick build a dock yeah okay290.6393.201
here we go293.1993.761
got it let's do it okay here we go okay293.844.88
we'll be back in a little bit hopefully296.963.36
you portal you're going to love this298.724.96
yay bon voyage thank you enjoy yourself300.324.719
it's pronounced bomb303.684.4
voyage hey and you might see a turtle oh305.0393.801
yeah turtle308.084.08
yeah yeah get his barnacles i will not308.845.16
okay we gotta tickle it's little312.163.92
it's gonna be a big trip neebs uh we316.084.32
should do a shanty318.164.96
shanty right shanty yeah you want to320.43.92
come up with a shady while we're on this323.121.68
we're off on a voyage on the sea324.88.56
diamond even oh dear me329.448.64
we're on the river it's not a river333.368.88
ocean you dork verse two338.087.44
take it simon we're on the non342.246.56
river but it's a river if we wanna say345.524.72
it's a river348.84.959
right biebs we can call it a river cause350.244.399
there's no353.7594.241
police to tell us what to call the354.6397.361
sea i'm sorry i didn't help with that358.08.96
gonna be a long trip362.08.08
hey hal you mind if i call you hal this366.964.32
is hal thick370.084.64
hell go to hal is what they say371.286.479
they do yeah all right i'm gonna get you374.723.84
one of these377.7593.601
i'm gonna get you this uh this hat light378.564.56
because you deserve it thick after that381.363.6
journey we had together okay yes and383.123.6
hell indeed anyway i could sell this384.962.959
yule hat back386.723.919
it was a dumb purchase and it was like a387.9193.84
i didn't mean to390.6392.641
i thought it'd be silly and it wasn't it391.7593.201
was just stupid i was wondering if you393.282.96
could take that back394.963.04
didn't look like you could though just396.242.799
buy it back from him you know what398.02.319
whatever you can probably sell it399.0394.321
how about you go to hell400.3193.041
yeah it every time you say it it's a403.63.28
little bit better here you go thick405.284.56
hold that on your dumb head be part of406.883.92
this crew409.844.24
simon yourself myself yep look at this410.85.28
yeah thank you hal was hoping he'd be414.083.119
more helpful but that was all right for416.081.6
more helpful helpful417.686.72
all right let's go back to a safe place422.084.92
yeah he certainly had some halitosis424.45.97
jeez knees looking at the map what is431.684.72
that what are we looking at over here434.962.88
i don't know is that like a house436.43.28
there's a structure it looks like a blue437.843.6
fog coming out of it yeah well speaking439.684.0
of fog that's i can't see any damn thing441.442.879
right now443.683.2
okay what should we be looking for444.3193.761
there's something flying446.883.12
you see that it's like a witch that was448.083.519
probably ada nope450.03.599
it looks like a ghoul like a goblin it451.5993.44
does look like you're talking about over453.5993.281
there by the building that's on the side455.0394.081
oh yeah yeah yeah that's a ghost we're456.884.159
not gonna mess with that yeah459.123.44
so like i said what are we looking for461.0393.121
now there's something on the ground look462.562.0
at him464.163.12
he's walking around yeah that's a draugr464.563.28
can can you guys not hear me yeah yeah467.843.12
sorry i was just470.083.519
the ghost got me spooked okay i was i470.964.0
was trying to see if there was a cut473.5993.28
through but it's so damn dark and foggy474.963.76
right now because we got to get around476.8793.361
either go around this island or cut478.722.64
through this island480.242.399
i didn't know if there was like a river481.363.04
maybe because sometimes this game has482.6393.441
rivers where you can cut through uh484.43.359
cut through biomes we were just sailing486.083.44
on a river according to the song well no487.7592.801
i mean like an actual489.524.079
like a very narrow river so right now490.564.4
we're looking for a very493.5994.561
narrow river yes on our left494.966.239
yes without ghost swamp498.164.879
look i can't believe you guys put that501.1994.161
damn portal next to a swamp503.0395.201
you guys oh yeah you were getting darker505.364.64
too so you're looking for that break are508.243.84
you using that map as a way to to see if510.03.68
there's a break in there512.084.24
uh yeah oh this actually looks a little513.684.4
promising right up ahead516.324.0
maybe i could push through cut through518.083.759
push through cut through520.322.88
do you have a pickaxe or anything worst521.8393.44
case scenario you might have to dig us523.23.36
out of here yeah i got525.2794.56
like a deer antler axe oh yeah526.565.52
okay okay we might be able to squeeze529.8393.601
right through here i'm gonna take it532.082.24
and easy all right see a blob over there534.323.92
on the left537.62.72
this is proper creepy right here oh yeah538.243.52
oh yeah i don't like this at all540.324.079
trust me this sucks so oh i don't know541.764.0
how shallow it is544.3993.361
yeah but it's looking good though isn't545.763.759
it oh god is that i think we might have547.762.639
an eel behind us549.5192.801
okay this is looking uh oh god how550.3993.601
shallow is it come on please get through552.322.959
come on please get it got this554.03.6
please come on we got it please get him555.2793.361
get on the left557.62.72
turn to the left a little bit yeah yeah558.644.0
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah560.325.44
oh a little bit a little bit562.644.879
oh we might have done it we might have565.763.28
done it open up open up open up the567.5191.921
when i said i want to do this with you i569.443.44
thought we were just like571.5194.481
oh yep you got it we got it we got572.884.399
it we got a link576.02.959
here we go here we go yes we got through577.2793.041
oh wow that was578.9594.241
okay never mind i was gonna complain but580.323.84
now i'm all good583.22.8
all right so let me take a peek at the584.163.92
map all right gotta turn left a little586.02.48
and we are heading towards my stuff588.4810.08
oh yeah that was dumb we're off on the593.2795.281
dora i've been in the snow area now i've631.123.52
been gone634.02.8
i haven't gone into it because it's634.643.199
chilly look what i built636.82.96
i'm all by myself what'd you build637.8393.12
bronze sword oh639.764.24
nice yeah all about the club now640.9594.88
part of the club part of the sword let's644.03.36
check this place out i want to see if645.8392.321
there's like different647.363.599
uh animals maybe or you know maybe i648.164.56
think they'd throw one or two in there650.9592.801
you would think652.723.92
oh i'm freezing okay yep that's a big653.763.44
uh and it goes down quick that's why we657.24.0
haven't gone there thick ah658.885.36
we need to make um foot warmer661.24.879
like we need a bunch of stuff booties664.243.279
mini booties good i'm still666.0793.44
i'm freaking still freezing there that's667.5194.0
crazy that's insane669.5194.241
i feel like you're 40 that's horrible671.5193.681
what what do you need673.764.4
well i would imagine like a scarf would675.24.879
be a bronze scarf678.164.96
brown scarf yes that'll that'll be680.0795.44
nice and insulated man these swords are683.124.24
great you can see what all the hubbub is685.5192.481
the hubbub yes yeah man688.05.92
i just want to run out and and kill691.043.919
that are easy to kill right now because694.9593.601
i don't yeah i don't want to be on a696.722.4
no where we i mean look what we dealt699.123.52
with last year again yeah i know right701.043.12
yeah yeah we don't have to be on a boat702.643.36
again you got mushrooms704.163.919
killing mushrooms i love it i would love706.03.519
some of those708.0793.361
all right this is a structure over here709.5193.44
let's see yeah711.444.48
yeah see simon and i we did we did a712.9594.481
good bit of exploring715.924.88
i will say yeah oh might have it717.445.519
might have been here even yep looks like720.83.76
it you guys leave it yeah it's good722.9593.841
like we went let's see we went we went724.564.24
far kind of this way to be honest726.84.0
okay yeah it's that snowy region we got728.83.12
to figure that out don't we730.84.64
oh yeah what do you think those guys731.925.599
what do you think those guys made it735.443.28
where are they at let's737.5193.601
take a look at the map oh fun that738.723.04
sounds fun741.122.24
oh they're they're over there man we741.763.519
should head back holy crap743.363.2
yeah yeah yeah let's have you okay let's745.2793.041
head back matter of time746.564.399
no time right oh and this is a hey you748.323.44
want to take down750.9592.801
an ogre real quick or a troll thing751.763.36
troglor trogler753.763.6
yeah let's do it there's one in here we755.123.44
never we didn't757.364.64
get it okay well let's yeah troll cave758.565.68
troll cape can we do this are we good at762.03.2
this i don't know764.243.039
are you oh i got to get my uh weight765.23.84
stamina stamina767.2794.081
get ready god his butt crack goes all769.043.359
the way up his back771.362.88
oh i need is this yeah i need this772.3994.0
mushroom i need the mushroom oh easy774.243.12
easy easy776.3993.361
easy easy i need it i need it he threw777.363.279
it yeah he did779.764.0
he did that mm-hmm oh god okay780.6395.041
i don't know if i was ready sorry783.763.199
oop i end it i785.683.839
if i'm out of the cave okay all right go786.9593.601
meet the guys789.5193.12
yeah let's go meet the guys all right790.563.2
yeah cool792.6394.88
yeah we got him we killed him yeah793.763.759
oh forest is moving yep see that830.566.639
oh god fall back fall back a fight fight834.166.72
okay okay come on we need to take this837.1994.64
brood out okay840.883.519
converge on the brute i don't see the841.8393.36
i am the brute now he's a big guy all845.1994.88
right there we go847.64.4
damn it well we're doing good yeah we850.0794.241
are i'm gonna ah852.04.959
wow i should have it i almost died there854.324.24
yeah i blocked it856.9594.24
yeah nice good job with the broom okay858.563.36
one more861.1994.401
yeah now there's probably gonna be more861.925.279
wow these walls are not working at all865.63.12
are they no they're not867.1993.361
is there a spawner or something uh yeah868.723.52
no yeah there is a spawner over there870.563.44
in the woods i see it that purple thing872.243.92
yeah we need to go take that out after874.03.519
we uh after we fight876.163.76
all these guys off got it you get on the877.5193.12
so yeah look there yeah they're climbing880.6393.601
around the wall right over there882.723.2
yep we had to build the wall all the way884.244.08
to the boat yeah i guess so885.924.4
all right take a swing bubba there you888.323.12
go got him890.323.04
all right another one coming neebs yep891.443.04
i'm eating oh893.362.88
simon you are low on health man i would894.483.76
recommend falling back eating896.244.88
all right but i just i'm i'm a i'm a898.246.0
beast i just keep on wanting to fight901.125.12
you all right we survived the attack904.243.599
good job good job906.243.76
okay it's getting dark fight the spawner907.8393.921
tomorrow fight the spawner tomorrow we910.03.36
do not need to try to approach that in911.763.36
the dark neebs let's work on making this913.362.479
and simon and simon915.8396.56
oh boy hey thick918.885.84
hello okay you know what hey this922.3993.68
actually might be perfect are you guys924.723.44
geared up because we have a uh spawner926.0793.601
not too far from us you guys want to go928.163.2
knock that out i do want to knock that929.682.64
out so bad931.362.399
oh man yeah look at you thick you're932.323.199
geared up go uh go take that spawner out933.7592.64
you see it over there in the woods935.5192.161
purple i do936.3994.721
i'm a man i'm937.683.44
before the sun goes down i'm gonna bang941.7594.161
all of them coming thick943.444.88
i'm coming too because i feel like dying945.923.52
i feel like living we're gonna hit it948.322.639
from here we can eat it from here949.445.28
can we let's see yes look at this950.9596.56
oh you just shoot it got it dude let's954.724.479
make it smaller lasers957.5193.201
okay that's not that wasn't a laser959.1993.681
really i'm shooting i got all the lasers960.722.72
my mind962.883.6
that wasn't gone let's go let's go clean963.443.519
let's go clean up clean up time we're966.9593.281
gonna prove something969.043.039
oh we got big boy over there big970.243.279
he's a brute okay what's he gonna do973.5194.0
what's he think he's doing976.164.4
yeah come on guys oh oh977.5194.801
that one didn't work okay oh that hurt a980.563.839
lot excuse me excuse me okay982.324.639
that hurt a whole bunch a lot oh okay984.3993.12
silent careful careful with fire fight987.5194.0
from afar990.6392.64
oh he's on fire look at this i'm gonna991.5195.361
get his hands come on993.2793.601
there it is sucka oh what's this1001.5196.401
what did i just get did i get a potato1005.445.519
an ancient get a bead1007.923.039
that's a level two yeah about to be1056.05.36
level zero1058.722.64
good kill first thing in the morning uh1063.444.8
i'm gonna make a run for my stuff who1066.244.0
wants to be my bodyguard1068.246.16
i'll be wrong you be my bodyguard1070.244.16
it's a good song you know if i'm looking1074.643.84
at it it's right down the beach i'm just1076.483.52
gonna run for it grab it and1078.483.6
go because it's close to that swamp and1080.03.52
we don't want to mess with those uh1082.082.56
grade wolves1083.524.88
or not gregor jarraga1084.643.76
they are sluggish joggers suck like1089.364.72
zombies or some1092.165.28
you're great absolutely no this is easy1094.084.56
this is easy1097.443.28
got a full belly this time should have1098.643.36
had a full belly last time that's where1100.721.92
i messed up1102.03.039
i need it neat i need a full belly i1102.643.2
need some1105.0392.961
fruit i need your protests you need my1105.844.48
protest protest oh no1108.05.76
oh oh i see a troll uh-huh1110.326.16
that is indeed oh yeah left side you1113.764.08
know what1116.483.84
my stuff where's my stuff okay uh yep i1117.844.16
see my stuff i'm making a run for1120.325.28
it okay good good good it makes sense1122.07.36
patrol on me around here all right1125.65.439
looking good looking good and hey here's1129.363.04
all the pieces of the portal that was1131.0392.081
beside it1132.43.92
oh nice all right getting my can i1133.124.32
take all1136.323.84
right boom back in action give me that1137.444.0
kind of hugging the coast back what do1141.443.52
you think uh sure yeah1142.883.6
i'm looking across the way it looks like1144.963.36
there's some pregnant ladies1146.483.92
oh those are probably yeah yep avoid the1148.323.68
draggers all right stay on the coast and1150.42.88
head back to base1152.04.32
mission accomplished oh troll hey oh1153.284.399
does he see us1156.323.12
i don't no he was just looking in our1157.6793.281
i'm gonna shoot him in the head yeah you1160.964.0
are peel1162.845.64
idiot yeah getting picked okay here he1164.963.92
sure got him oh okay1168.884.96
you're doing this oh yeah all right yeah1171.9193.361
let's take him down let's take him down1173.842.719
everybody work together1175.283.279
got this all right you're coming too who1176.5593.441
are you coming to who are you even1178.5592.721
hey hey hey oh don't hit me1181.285.84
don't hit me please don't get it oh wow1184.7993.841
sorry he took a big hit get out of there1187.123.12
i know but i hit him so i feel good1188.643.84
about myself get my stamina up1190.245.84
oh you are ugly you are ugly as1192.486.559
look at me now whoa oh god i took a hit1196.084.8
i take a hit i'm backing off i'm backing1199.0392.961
the hell off1200.886.08
all right oh there's another troll1202.08.08
really and that's a one star troll oh1206.965.12
all right back to base no take care of1212.085.52
the first one kill him first make sense1215.126.72
makes sense1217.64.24
south best babes yeah coming into base1233.124.24
you got arrows1236.45.44
uh yes i do gotta need him okay1237.367.679
oh no troll two first oh god this first1241.847.52
one two trunks1245.0396.481
all right first one's down focus fire1249.363.36
and troll number two1251.524.24
beautiful beautiful okay1252.724.48
he's going he's running away this might1255.763.279
be a good thing1257.24.8
give me some of that1259.0392.961
all right he's running he's running he's1265.363.12
running okay i'll stop it1266.963.52
all right cool we've had enough all1268.483.52
right good work1270.484.48
gentlemen yeah all right oh god simon1272.04.4
you and thick guy we got to get you guys1274.962.88
back to your side i know my stuff's1276.43.92
right there i can see it it's by him1277.845.36
kinda oh god that's the problem all1280.324.239
right no but it's okay i'm gonna sneak1283.23.04
i'm gonna sneak a little sneaky sneak1284.5592.24
yeah he seems to be going up into the1286.7993.601
woods yeah you're gonna be fine1288.483.84
huh there's a trailhead right there in1290.43.6
the water see it yeah get it1292.323.839
hang it on your wall i don't really like1294.04.08
that detour it takes up a lot of space1296.1593.361
i don't know it does it does it's a1298.083.12
giant troll head what is this though is1299.522.399
this food1301.21.76
yeah i think there's some meat in the1301.9192.481
water there's meat in the water1302.962.16
everyone kept their blueberries right i1305.123.36
just threw away a whole bunch of1307.0392.88
i'm gonna be joking you better be joking1309.9194.561
simon of course i'm joking i don't throw1312.323.839
away berries i'm not crazy1314.484.24
dick's body's over here is he coming uh1316.1594.0
let me look at the map oh1318.723.76
god oh geez he must have spawned at the1320.1594.481
beach near the trail oh he hadn't slept1322.484.96
in a bed in a while1324.642.8
he's working his way back1328.3219.52
he should be able to get back1331.4416.4

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