WE CAUGHT ONE!!! - Valheim

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest Valheim video yet? The boys are back at it again, and this time they've got a ...
WE CAUGHT ONE!!! - Valheim
WE CAUGHT ONE!!! - Valheim

WE CAUGHT ONE!!! - Valheim

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen our latest Valheim video? We caught a serpent!

simon: Oh yeah, that was epic! I mean, I can't believe we actually caught one with a harpoon!

appsro: Guys, it's all thanks to my Isengard tactics. I'm basically a serpent hunting master now.

neebs: Oh please, Appsro. You just got lucky this time. But seriously, that video is definitely one of our best ones yet!

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest Valheim video yet? The boys are back at it again, and this time they've got a harpoon in hand - you know what that means, it's SERPENT HUNTING SEASON! Buckle up, because this is going to be one epic adventure!

As the video kicks off, you can sense the excitement in the air. The intro sets the stage for what's to come, and before you know it, the boys are on the hunt. But wait, that's no ordinary serpent they encounter - things take a surprising turn, and they find themselves regrouping to tackle the unexpected challenge ahead.

One of the highlights of the video is when they stumble upon Appsro's Isengard - a sight to behold! And just when you think things couldn't get any more intense, a SERPENT appears out of nowhere! The adrenaline is pumping as they face off against the mighty creature, making for some heart-pounding moments. And of course, what's a hunting trip without some serpent cooking time? You'll be on the edge of your seat as they navigate through the dangers and triumph in the face of adversity.

From the epic battles to the hilarious moments and everything in between, this video is a must-watch for any Valheim fan. So grab a snack, get comfy, and join the boys on their thrilling adventure.

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Neebs Gaming has done it again with their latest Valheim video! I don't know about you, but I live for that feeling of excitement and adventure when the Neebs crew embarks on a new journey in-game. This time, they've set their sights on hunting the elusive sea serpent with an epic harpoon weapon.

From the hilarious opening scene of Appsro accidentally harpooning a neck instead of a serpent, to the chaos that ensues when they finally encounter their aquatic prey, Neebs Gaming delivers their signature blend of comedy and camaraderie. As a viewer, I feel like I'm right there with them, sharing in the triumphs and frustrations of the hunt.

And that cinematic camera work! The way they capture all the action makes you feel immersed in their Viking world. When that first serpent emerges from the depths, ominous music swelling, I got actual chills. The editing is top-notch, ramping up the suspense and drama perfectly.

Of course, no Neebs video would be complete without the friendly banter and distinct personalities of the crew. Thick's unwavering optimism, Appsro's sarcasm, and Simon's terrified screams transport me right into the action with them. I love the natural chemistry between these guys.

At the end of the day, Neebs Gaming's blend of comedy, camaraderie, and cinematic flair is the next best thing to playing Valheim yourself. Their videos make me laugh out loud while also drawing me into the world in a way that feels totally authentic. If you're looking for entertaining, high-quality gaming content, Neebs is the way to go. Their Valheim series captures the magic of exploration and adventure that makes these kinds of games so special.

Neebs Gaming
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good morning gentlemen good morning4.44.08
all right so check it out you remember7.2792.641
that giant turtle you guys found you got8.482.96
those barnacles off of oh that was a9.923.28
turtle how can i forget that all right11.444.239
with the barnacles you got i've made13.25.76
this thick take it oh oh i think i did15.6794.801
he give it to me18.962.8
i didn't mean to give it to you yeah20.482.879
give it to me throw it out give it a21.762.96
thing give it a thing don't even start23.3593.361
with me okay hold on hold on see if i24.723.84
can it's like a game it's like maybe26.723.68
i'll get it okay hold on maybe you will28.563.039
get it go30.43.28
right now hey hey31.5995.12
get it abysmal harpoon yep that's a33.685.199
harpoon and neebs isn't here today so36.7194.0
food's gonna be an issue so i thought38.8794.321
you guys might go out find a sea serpent40.7194.561
harpoon that [ __ ] drag him on43.24.32
the shore and then and then kill it and45.287.119
then we'll cook its meat oh yeah yeah47.524.879
i'm gonna make everybody good armor for53.63.439
this boss fight and i'm gonna make55.63.36
arrows and i'm gonna stick everything in57.0393.761
these boxes here in this house and then58.963.52
when we fight the boss we'll lay down in60.83.999
this bed we'll get some good rest and62.484.16
we're gonna kick this thing's butt hell64.7996.521
yeah let's get us a serpent66.644.68
yeah it looks like we're pretty close to96.724.719
land to the right there uh-huh how far98.7995.36
out do we need to be it's hard to see i101.4394.401
think we just kind of circle around you104.1593.441
know is that another turtle thing off to105.843.599
the left there this little thing i think107.62.559
i think straight ahead is another turtle110.1596.24
thing no it's like a big rock rock like112.845.559
things sticking out like water it's just116.3994.0
an island there's a tiny town with a118.3994.0
tree okay could have been the top of the120.3994.641
turtle shell no no i could see that you122.3995.441
know okay it's an interesting uh unless125.044.32
it's just not rendered in is that127.843.119
straight ahead it looks like an erect129.364.72
penis coming out of the island it do oh130.9596.081
yes it does yes that is an erect penis134.084.879
but we should probably swing back around137.043.36
because we are getting138.9592.801
we're not in the ocean right now we need140.43.12
to go back to the ocean all right so141.763.68
just turn around we'll we'll just what143.523.52
about that thing that's on the island145.443.92
right there147.042.32
hey hey paula yes i'm turning around150.44.32
that's what you said to do yep yep all152.644.879
right i am concerned just because of uh154.724.72
bugs and stuff you know can i just hit157.5194.561
this guy maybe no it's nope let's159.444.56
do anything to any of us can't swim162.084.239
though right golden rule you heard it i164.05.12
don't know can it yeah yeah we're uh i'm166.3194.801
going very slow here because of that in169.123.199
my way171.123.199
with no wind it's like we're not really172.3194.0
moving to see him on fire would be fun174.3193.761
oh that oh that was a horrible shot176.3193.441
that'd be fun to see him on fire right178.082.64
that's fun he's gonna be fine180.723.68
can i hit this thing with the harpoon i200.724.72
don't know oh i got it i got him you got202.644.48
that with the harpoon205.444.159
yeah how do i let go i don't want that207.124.479
there we go i want it either209.5994.161
all right that was dumb of me i i211.5994.961
apologize for that yeah uh here let me213.764.32
let me steer because you're we're going216.563.84
into the planes here218.083.92
okay i'm going to come up220.43.68
i'm out i'm out calm down i can't calm222.04.48
down you just got one of us killed yeah224.083.84
i didn't mean to do any of that you know226.483.2
what i mean well i know but i i even227.923.2
said i was like hey229.683.44
don't do it don't do it yeah i remember231.124.8
that part yep and you did defiant little233.126.8
child yeah well next time just don't do235.926.16
it yeah we're yeah we're better than239.924.48
that i know242.083.439
you're still hitting it though aren't244.42.479
already yeah listen man dora was253.4395.681
shooting this like big buffalo looking256.165.359
thing on an island and then it swam and259.124.799
freaking killed me261.5193.841
oh god okay263.9193.201
he shot a lock so you said big buffalo265.363.2
looking thing yeah the only thing i can267.123.44
think of in this game that's a lux yeah268.564.88
that wasn't fun cause i got killed and i270.565.12
am now back and my [ __ ] is in the middle273.445.44
of the water somewhere okay well275.686.16
is the boat okay i mean i think so i it278.884.64
seemed to get me281.844.48
and the boat seemed fine at least then283.524.8
okay well all right if they pull up do286.323.599
we have a crafting thing out here288.322.879
hopefully they're going to come back for289.9193.041
you then we yeah we can repair the boat291.1994.161
yeah yeah and i can get my stuff because292.964.16
believe me i got some [ __ ] in this game295.363.44
i don't want to be sticking over like297.123.2
yeah that bronze sword that bronze sword298.83.92
is going to be uh great yeah that and300.324.56
killing that serpent i care about that302.724.4
god berries yeah man i need more berries304.883.759
yeah neebs actually made some healing307.122.799
brew so we're gonna have healing brew308.6392.881
for the fight oh that's good that'd be309.9193.681
nice i'm looking forward to that311.523.519
look at these birds just sitting out313.62.96
here you're lucky i don't have my bow315.0393.921
birds or you'd have one in the poop316.563.52
damn i didn't realize there's so many320.083.28
birds around here yeah this place is321.523.679
bird paradise yeah323.363.679
all right i'm still working on doing my325.1993.761
thing i guess are they gonna come i327.0393.761
don't know come get you that's they are328.965.04
they are right there there they are330.83.2
hey what's up334.082.959
all right yep338.42.27
all right so no more shooting that [ __ ]342.244.959
that we don't need to shoot no yeah344.324.64
except oh look at that yeah look at that347.1993.521
look at that simon this it's like her348.963.84
husband's coming home oh350.724.08
oh and this is like the widow's peak352.84.08
yeah yeah like we're waiting we're354.83.6
waiting for you to come home and give us356.884.0
a good spanking we've been bad358.43.44
man i miss direct penis oh361.844.079
all right simon get on the boat go get364.243.44
his uh yeah guys you got to get simon's365.9194.241
stuff it's important yep exactly moy367.685.519
importante all right waste a ton of time370.166.319
so i don't feel a ton bad okay okay good373.1995.921
i'm back on baby yeah you are all right376.4795.361
all right goodbye i'll miss you oh you379.124.799
won't we were right next to you when you381.844.0
was really just want to make sure you383.9194.161
heard it i know but that hurt my ear why385.844.32
would you we were very sharp got some388.087.64
problems with the proximity yeah390.165.56
gonna be good429.367.279
ah god we're gonna lose this all447.124.44
[ __ ]451.9195.081
oh god453.283.72
turning around oh it's right on your ass477.0393.921
you turn it around there we go yep yep479.124.079
here we go okay all right you drive all480.964.56
right trying to all right driving get it483.1994.961
get it come on got him got him485.525.6
that was okay488.165.599
what we got to go towards shore i know491.124.639
there's the nearest land right here493.7593.361
right yes495.7593.041
yeah i know don't take us toward the497.123.84
shitty trees take us towards take us to498.83.119
the right500.964.239
okay like better trees better trees501.9196.0
ominous okay they're good ominous to me505.1995.28
but okay what the heck just happened oh507.9195.12
oh my stamina is running out oh boy yeah510.4794.721
because we're excited515.23.519
yeah all right how's it how do these517.0394.0
trees look oh he got away get away518.7195.44
oh oh he got he got away here comes come521.0396.721
on he's coming he's coming let's524.1593.601
come to me528.83.12
all right let me get out your way you530.243.12
got him thick531.923.52
got him all right now the shore's right533.364.64
here what do i do slow down535.445.6
i'm slowing down no no no what what yeah538.05.519
that's it no oh god there's a ton of no541.044.08
we got a bad yeah543.5195.801
bad place very bad place545.124.2
okay hold on i'm trying to move but it549.63.359
doesn't seem to want to move551.24.0
[ __ ] uh not in a good position i don't552.9595.681
think oh boy no don't bite me oh i got555.24.4
him again558.644.24
all right harpoons559.63.28
hold on come on baby come on move569.445.92
i'm not exactly sure how to make it move572.646.56
but i'm trying oh that was a good shot575.365.039
come on580.3993.761
it's hurting a little bit now all right581.63.919
right a little bit584.162.88
all right585.5194.32
all right all right again did it run587.044.799
away oh it's fighting fighting all the589.8395.521
madness like all those trolls and [ __ ]591.8395.12
right now right595.363.12
he's not probable598.482.72
but if we kill it599.684.0
listen if he dies if he dies like it601.24.0
then we'll still get to make the meat603.683.36
yeah but we got but we want it on land605.24.0
it'll be easier i suppose yeah607.044.0
it's almost dead and it's pretty close609.25.04
to land come on baby like it is almost611.048.6
dead uh-huh i got a harpoon oh serpents614.245.4
doesn't matter it does when i do624.3996.601
something good it makes me happy626.884.12
oh hey guys hey hey633.66.479
you ready for some sweet serpent meat oh636.724.559
am i640.0794.241
yes yes actually i am i've got six six641.2795.68
okay that's not terrible we could use644.325.44
more of course i expected more to be646.9594.481
honest i didn't know what to yeah here649.764.4
you go i'll give you these651.444.399
certainly get some more um we probably654.164.0
need to repair the boat a bit sam oh655.8394.321
yeah repair that boat yeah that needs to658.164.48
fix it yeah hey come over here let's um660.164.08
actually i don't think we have a cooking662.642.96
station here follow me follow me let's664.243.039
cook this yeah okay all right yeah yeah665.63.84
yeah i'd like to see what serpent tastes667.2796.841
like slurping syrup and669.444.68
all right yeah we'll use this uh this674.483.52
one right here let's check it out676.3993.841
straight by the way678.04.079
look at that680.243.039
holy [ __ ]682.0793.361
all right so that's why there's six of683.2795.041
those big massive good how did i carry685.445.2
that how was i carrying that i don't688.323.04
you weren't it's a it's a game well691.365.039
that's bigger than me it is yeah693.444.48
and there's six of them that you were696.3993.44
carrying apparently697.923.44
man you know what reminds me it reminds699.8393.68
me of like the flintstones yes you know701.364.56
what i mean703.5192.401
big-ass pizza meat yeah it's like in the706.164.32
drive through in the drive-through they708.722.88
dropped it on there and it tipped the710.483.039
whole car over remember that it was ribs711.62.64
yes ribs you're right like dino ribs714.243.68
now these obviously these take a little717.923.44
bit longer to cook than your standard719.683.279
meat you got to be safe we don't want to721.364.479
get sick yeah exactly oh yeah we also we722.9594.401
also don't want to let this stuff burn725.8392.481
keep an eye on it all right it should728.324.16
change at some point it will think so730.164.0
yeah yeah cooking works make a little732.483.039
that's how you know735.5194.401
yeah come on come on736.83.12
oh my god oh my god740.04.959
keep them coming keep them coming cook743.2793.441
serpent meat yeah tell you what yeah744.9593.601
i'll uh you guys go get more serpent746.724.4
meat i'm gonna cook these all right748.564.0
i'm gonna put them in the box with the751.122.8
uh with the other stuff so we can be752.563.279
well prepared for this box fight753.923.76
serpent maybe eat his ass757.685.68
guys right here oh okay okay oh no okay768.326.4
okay all right we're gonna go right back772.884.0
to our base all right am i gonna am i774.723.84
gonna jump you tell me when to drive is776.883.92
that still the situation or no yeah that778.563.36
that was good780.82.96
so there it is good call simon you're781.925.56
remembered trying783.763.72
all right so which direction am i going791.044.479
now oh [ __ ] i had us in the right793.5193.681
direction well i don't want it like i795.5193.76
didn't really i didn't really move797.24.879
okay we're staying straight this mask799.2793.921
gets in the way when you're shooting802.0793.44
i'll tell you what ah803.25.199
i got it there you go good job yup no805.5194.0
we're going the wrong way now now we're808.3992.321
going the wrong way we got to go the809.5194.0
left left left okay all right i'm making810.725.919
a left now okay i see see the lambs with813.5195.76
the lights i do i see the lights down i816.6394.161
see them and i'm going towards the819.2792.641
yep come on come on baby we got this i821.926.479
don't care if you run this ashore okay825.765.12
stamina is running out running it ashore828.3994.56
that's what i'm doing baby but not full830.884.8
speed go ahead slow down okay i had to832.9595.12
slow down again is it s there it is a835.684.08
little bit come on838.0796.0
there we go look at that839.764.319
and then846.9592.56
i got him848.563.04
come on849.5193.12
look at that come on you little [ __ ]852.6393.361
wait wait take him out i gotta get up853.8393.841
back on the land here on the wrong side856.03.76
of this i'm running out of stamina he's857.684.64
like escaped that was what escaped859.766.8
escape oh my god the serpent is no862.327.199
no no no no no866.564.959
and the no gone869.5194.241
what yeah because it was broken even871.5194.241
though i barely wrote it up there coming873.764.72
back come on back back [ __ ] we're not875.764.96
oh no we didn't got it no no we didn't883.045.2
get it no no no no no885.123.839
it's still there it's still there still888.9593.361
there come on890.243.12
[ __ ]892.323.84
why is this thing shooting oh is it dead893.365.36
now it's dead it's dead all right let's896.164.32
go harvest898.724.32
the [ __ ] over there go get it i'm900.484.56
shooting at nothing now just for fun can903.043.919
i make it across this probably not well905.043.52
you can just go around let's just go906.9593.201
right i know but908.563.44
don't tell me what to do i feel like i910.163.44
have to because you've gotten us a lot912.03.839
of trouble recently oh have i913.64.32
that was one locks thing uh i pretty915.8394.161
much uh oh boy there's a shaman guy917.924.719
right here yeah all right let me uh i'll920.04.8
shoot i'll try to shoot the shaman guy922.6394.88
come on you [ __ ] uh oh this might924.84.24
stand a chance927.5193.12
might have been done all right might929.043.28
have been done you're gonna drown oh930.6393.281
don't drown buddy it might have been932.323.68
done might have been done come on get on933.926.479
that lad get on it stand stand yes oh936.07.68
yes oh i just mess everything up though940.3994.721
that's what i do943.684.56
is mess it up did you get the scales945.124.959
oh i don't know about that even get the948.244.56
scales scales are important i think are950.0794.161
they on the bottom well i was going to952.83.279
drown okay i've got the meat not the954.244.48
scales all right956.0792.641
i'm on the other side attempting to958.84.0
shoot these things and doing a very bad960.9595.281
job of it okay with my arrows962.85.44
you guys doing good yeah i just rested966.244.159
yeah i'm doing fine by myself yeah i968.243.92
just killed everything thank you drive970.3993.68
through oh well then i didn't even need972.163.119
to come over what are you wasting my974.0792.961
time for my god975.2794.0
thick we don't need to be like this no977.044.239
no listen if you're gonna you're doing979.2793.201
it all yourself981.2793.041
you said where are you communicate you982.484.64
need to communicate earlier can you dive984.324.48
is there a diving thing987.123.68
yeah you know what hey listen i'm not988.83.839
i'm not liking your negative attitude so990.83.36
you can go to hell yeah where'd that992.6393.841
come from oh i don't know no no here's a994.164.239
negative edges yeah i don't i don't know996.483.52
i don't know i could look at the map you998.3993.521
know what you could look at my dick i1000.03.199
see them down there thick i just don't1001.922.719
know how to get them you mean simon's1003.1993.281
dick no1004.6393.76
scales yeah yeah1006.484.88
the scales yeah well you can't dive can1008.3995.761
you no it's an x no why would why would1011.364.719
they make you not be able to get hmm you1014.164.239
see them i do yeah that's another one1016.0794.401
there's got to be a dive button yeah1018.3994.081
something button okay well we have more1020.484.0
meat i think that's that's all we need1022.484.0
but the scales would be great oh okay oh1024.483.839
now it's okay why would we just ask1026.485.92
aydah if maybe she knows1028.3194.081
a scaled dive do you1035.8393.681
you could probably just ask in your1038.43.279
normal voice ada do can you dive to get1039.524.96
scales no you can't but i could do it1041.6795.52
for you oh1044.482.719
maybe goddess ada will dive and get the1048.5594.48
scales for us if we're sweet little1051.0395.121
dumplings but that yeah that'd be cool1053.0397.041
we have given you mediocre content aydah1056.165.84
please bestow us1060.084.16
some sweet sweet scales1062.04.64
reward us with what we do not deserve1064.244.55
oh is that more serpent meat oatmeal yep1098.645.52
we got six more okay hand them to you1101.124.32
oh yeah did you cook them already yes1105.446.0
sweet awesome yes and hey guess what i i1108.365.16
took a look at our recipes and i1111.444.08
actually went out into the woods last1113.524.08
night and i got a bunch of mushrooms so1115.524.64
we can make serpent stew1117.64.079
stew you say1120.163.2
yeah i do say that's gonna that's gonna1121.6794.161
give us one hell of a health boost1123.364.72
let's do it maybe if neeves gets off his1125.843.839
fat ass1128.083.92
make some of his uh carrot soup we could1129.6795.601
have like a stack of like meat carrots1132.05.6
serpent stew to kick the [ __ ] out of a1135.283.44
boss nice1137.63.68
and then all we need is mashed potatoes1138.723.839
man god i would love some mashed1142.5592.641
potatoes i don't even think they have1144.164.759
potatoes in this game1145.23.719
if we had mashed potatoes sour cream1152.244.799
mixed in oh and some cheddar damn it1154.246.36
some butter on top yeah1157.0396.721
oh sorry sorry1160.65.0
this potato talk has gotten you guys a1163.764.799
little out of control i apologize yeah1165.64.24
it's actually we could probably level1168.5592.561
ourselves up you know what we should do1169.842.48
we should level ourselves up a little1171.122.32
bit more so everybody hit each other for1172.323.359
a minute okay uh hold on let me how do i1173.444.239
get rid of my sword1175.6794.321
now you used a sword used a sword no1177.6794.561
just yeah just don't so yeah look at1180.04.08
that yeah we're gonna level ourselves up1182.243.52
we're gonna be able to kick the [ __ ] out1184.084.0
of the box1185.762.32
we're super good friends and we're1189.124.08
getting tougher we're fighting each1190.884.88
other and punching into faces and [ __ ]1193.27.719
you [ __ ] you too [ __ ] you [ __ ] your1195.765.159

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