Valheim - Blueberries and BLUE SCREEN

Hey there, Valheim fans! If you're like me and can't get enough of Neebs Gaming's adventures in this epic Viking survival game, then you're ...
Valheim - Blueberries and BLUE SCREEN
Valheim - Blueberries and BLUE SCREEN

Valheim - Blueberries and BLUE SCREEN

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Neebs Gaming! Today's video is all about those juicy blueberries and, of course, the dreaded blue screen. What a combo, am I right?

simon: Oh yeah, blueberries and blue screen, the perfect recipe for disaster! But hey, at least we're having fun while we crash our game, right?

appsro: Absolutely, nothing like a good old blue screen to keep us humble. And those blueberries? Pure gold in Valheim. Can't wait to see how this Elder fight goes down!

neebs: Well, hopefully our blue screen curse doesn't follow us into battle. But hey, at least we'll have plenty of blueberries to snack on while we rage quit, right?

Hey there, Valheim fans! If you're like me and can't get enough of Neebs Gaming's adventures in this epic Viking survival game, then you're in for a treat with their latest video. In this episode, the gang is gearing up to take on the Elder boss, and they've got a game plan in place. It's all about collecting berries, feathers, resin, and seeds to make sure they're fully prepared for the fight ahead.

As the team splits up to gather the necessary resources, you can feel the excitement building. Each member has a specific task to complete, and it's all hands on deck to make sure they have everything they need to take on the Elder. It's always fun to see how they strategize and work together to overcome challenges in the game.

If you're looking for some tips and tricks on how to tackle the Elder boss yourself, this video is definitely worth a watch. Plus, the Neebs Gaming crew always brings their unique sense of humor and camaraderie to their gameplay, making it a joy to watch. So grab a cup of Neebs Gaming Coffee (yes, that's a thing!) and settle in for another epic Valheim adventure with your favorite YouTube channel.

Don't forget to check out the Valheim playlist for more epic gameplay, and if you're a die-hard fan like me, consider supporting Neebs Gaming on Patreon. They also have some awesome merch available, so you can show off your love for the channel in style. And let's not forget about their Folding@Home team - they're not just gaming, they're also making a difference. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride as Neebs Gaming takes on the Elder in Valheim. It's going to be epic!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Man, have you seen Neebs Gaming's Valheim series? It's honestly the most entertaining way to experience this incredible survival/crafting game without actually playing it yourself.

The cinematic shots and hilarious banter between the crew creates an experience that feels like you're right there with them, struggling to stay alive against brutal viking monsters and the elements. But it's not just chaotic fun, their masterful editing manages to tell an immersive story too.

In the latest episode, the stakes feel higher than ever as the crew prepares to take on the intimidating Elder boss. Splitting up to gather valuable resources like berries, feathers, resin and seeds builds a tense anticipation, as if in a movie leading up to the epic final battle.

And the environments they explore are just breathtaking. The procedural world generation creates forests, plains and misty wetlands that feel so alive and full of mystery. Neebs Gaming's cinematic pans capture the atmosphere perfectly. No matter how many times I've watched this series, it pulls me right back into the brutal yet beautiful world of Valheim.

Honestly, it's just brilliant entertainment that reminds me why I fell in love with games in the first place. If you haven't checked out Neebs Gaming's Valheim series, do yourself a favor and dive in. And if you love their content as much as I do, consider supporting them on Patreon. These guys deserve it for the passion they put into their videos. Anyway, I can't wait to see them take down the Elder boss! It's gonna be epic!

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all right we're all here4.724.56
here yeah yes yes i believe so yes yes5.686.56
thick lead us over to uh this elder9.284.16
spawning place please12.243.359
okay all right everybody follow think he13.443.04
has the blue cape15.5993.121
yep you you're two blue capes they smell16.484.16
very bad follow the blue capes18.724.16
okay yeah blue cape are the leaders20.643.44
natural born leaders22.885.04
that's right hello dear24.086.48
hello flowers is this going to take long27.925.76
i got carrots back home hey listen30.565.12
yeah we're super close to this thing i33.684.08
had to pick my first carrot today35.685.44
oh go on that's exciting tell us37.765.84
that's it oh okay you like that41.123.599
cultivator neebs43.63.439
oh yeah yeah the thing i'm planting yeah44.7193.601
the thing you have in your hand that i'm47.0392.161
looking at right now48.322.559
yeah it's like a rake isn't it49.23.76
cultivator's a bit much for a rake50.8794.561
roll a rake a rake cult it's not a rake52.963.68
it's a cultivator what do you call a55.441.84
a digger oh i see it there it is it57.284.88
looks like a uh nice place for summoning59.842.96
sacrifice this is it boys okay let's see62.85.12
if i can figure out what we're fighting66.4794.361
here oh lovely place for sacrifice67.926.08
yeah we're not fighting anything big70.844.12
right now are we74.03.119
no not right now not right now this says74.963.199
burn their young77.1193.281
all right so this is the ancient bowl we78.1593.6
gotta burn items all right80.43.6
thick yeah you're our greatest warrior81.7593.441
that's right we84.03.439
we need the seeds that you gr that you85.24.72
gather from gray dwarf brutes87.4394.961
oh so that's your job thick i need you89.923.519
to go hunting92.43.2
for brutes i'm gonna go get their seed93.4394.32
so gather as much seeds as you can95.64.0
simon dora yeah i'm going to give you97.7593.841
guys pretty easiest tasks we need bird99.63.04
feathers we're going to have to make a101.62.0
[ __ ] ton of fire102.643.759
oh my god i'm ready right now oh me too103.63.36
so uh and it also wouldn't be bad to106.963.28
kill gray dwarfs109.1193.201
to harvest the resin because we want to110.243.12
make fire arrows112.323.36
resin we don't need copper no yeah well113.363.28
yeah you know115.681.84
don't worry about it don't worry about116.642.159
getting copper all right feathers and117.522.32
that's right you can call me the119.842.72
resident queen does the burning bowl120.7992.561
want carrots122.562.159
because i got carrots no the burning123.364.0
wool doesn't want any goddamn carrots124.7195.6
so neebs not a wok neebs all right looks127.363.44
like one130.3191.681
needs you and i yeah we're gonna130.83.04
continue working on those carrots132.03.68
food we need to make some nice meads so133.843.759
that we have curatives for this boss135.682.32
tell you what neebs i'm on your side138.02.64
though when we're done with this boss139.361.76
we should make a nice satay or maybe141.123.44
some chow mein or something up in this143.042.0
[ __ ]144.563.92
that's like cherry yeah that's true true145.044.8
it's good you can agree on chow mein148.483.6
after this yeah yeah whatever we're149.843.44
going to do152.083.439
yes we want we're grown-ups okay all153.284.0
right all right who has a fine bow155.5193.041
i don't know what you do i do i see it157.282.72
in your hand all right so two fine bows158.562.8
we need a couple more fine bows and i160.02.48
want to make sure we have the stuff to161.362.32
upgrade it all right everybody knows162.482.08
what they're supposed to do163.683.919
yeah all right break ready break164.567.28
all right which way do we go167.5994.241
okay spawner here let me let me just do197.844.64
this let me get the201.364.239
the whatever that name is let's see how202.484.56
it looks over here205.5993.841
blueberries neebs would lose his mind207.043.6
right now209.442.879
i'm gonna have to go hard in the paint210.643.92
here if you know what i mean212.3195.84
you don't okay so hey214.566.959
i need your seeds you guys are nobodies218.1595.44
i say it all the time it's it's it's221.5193.921
even getting old223.5994.56
yeah you're trying to oh you got me you225.445.76
got me with your magic and witchcraft228.1596.561
there's a lot of us so i'm gonna dance231.24.88
around this rock a little bit234.724.079
get a little bit of staminas get you we236.083.439
got you238.7992.241
we're looking good we're looking great239.5193.121
we're feeling good feeling great241.044.64
bam smack oh all right242.646.239
oh brute that's the guy i want245.686.24
oh [ __ ] there's a lot of skeletons248.8795.28
uh let's see let's let's go back to the251.924.159
guys because i want to show them254.1595.521
just how stupid you guys are you know256.0793.601
okay simon you got something for me i do263.66.48
one fine boat whoa already huh267.045.68
oh yeah don't lose that that's important270.083.679
okay now does it272.723.12
is it still the same amount of drop as273.7593.281
the other bow275.842.96
it might fly a little easier you'll have277.043.12
to test it out it's not like278.83.679
uh an obvious i don't know i don't even280.163.759
remember it didn't make me go282.4793.761
oh my god this is but it's better it's283.9193.041
that's what we know right okay and i'm286.963.679
gonna gather the materials that we need289.1991.681
upgrade all of our fine bows because we290.883.759
need to go in there to this boss battle292.883.12
with the best fighting bows possible294.6393.601
yeah yeah yeah yeah and we're gonna get296.03.04
copper if we're come upon it so we're299.043.84
just gonna have our little mission and301.682.56
this is the first time i'm i'm doing302.882.64
this sucker so i guess304.244.239
yeah that's fun hey don't know this way305.525.04
this way308.4793.921
well yeah could i get in i don't know310.563.52
about that yeah yep my cabinet there we312.42.88
go get in bring it bring it right314.082.399
through here door i've uh315.283.28
designed i've designed this uh for a316.4793.841
reason impressive318.564.32
oh yeah there's the bridge right there320.323.04
hey names hey sorry i didn't wipe off my323.363.44
wheels before i came in325.63.2
hey names yeah hey when you get uh when326.83.839
you get to the outpost over there by the328.83.92
black forest remember to sleep in a bed330.6394.0
so you when you respawn you'll respond332.723.28
there yeah yeah yeah334.6392.641
we'll probably won't start until the336.02.72
morning but we'll get a little closer337.281.84
all right338.721.84
no yeah don't go into the black forest339.123.2
at night340.564.56
just dumb yeah what are you remembering342.325.12
to do345.122.32
what are you remembering to do are you348.164.08
talking to us350.964.32
yeah uh don't go to the black forest at352.243.84
are you really nope what we're getting356.085.36
what are you remembering to do358.84.239
we're gonna what are the things we're361.445.44
feathers feathers363.0397.121
i'm getting berries don't forget they're366.883.84
the best370.163.28
sleeping the [ __ ] bed we just we just370.723.68
covered that i thought373.442.96
we were going back further to like374.43.2
better okay376.44.239
yeah we had that down377.63.039
the last thing we talked about yeah but383.843.76
i wasn't listening385.64.96
bed they're gonna forget the bed maybe387.64.08
they won't forget the bed but yeah390.562.56
they're probably gonna forget the bed391.683.28
we're right here yeah we didn't leave393.123.68
the we didn't leave you're still talking394.962.48
we're right here396.82.239
don't forget the bed we're gonna do397.443.039
something we're gonna bring a bed399.0393.44
it's annoying we're gonna go we're gonna400.4793.84
go just stay stay along the coast yeah402.4793.201
you'll run right into the outpost404.3193.681
yeah we're waiting till yeah wait until405.683.04
what time are we waiting till what time408.726.4
morning what time are we waiting we're412.4795.921
gonna wait till morning415.123.28
go away aliens420.966.639
go away i'm busy with424.246.88
with work things i work here427.5996.801
i work here and i'm oh [ __ ] okay where's431.124.479
the portal434.45.44
oh [ __ ] where's the port-a-poor435.5997.521
uh okay hey go away i work here439.847.199
i'm an employee hey guys443.127.12
uh hey what's up someone someone's447.0395.041
asking for you on the other side of this450.243.04
portal is452.084.0
probably some sort of solicitor oh god453.284.319
is that base getting raided again yeah456.083.04
all right yeah kind of where you at457.5993.44
i'm coming all right yeah we need uh we459.123.68
need all the defense we can uh461.0393.44
muster bringing into the base oh my god462.83.119
is that a four you're trying you trying464.4792.16
to come at me465.9192.56
are we jumping in yeah jump in jump in466.6393.441
there's a boar in there i know i was468.4795.44
born there you think of our world470.088.42
piggy [ __ ]473.9197.67
uh he just did his like troll thing oh489.5993.6
[ __ ]492.564.479
oh [ __ ] okay ow oh man we got a one star493.1995.361
gray dwarf we got a troll497.0394.801
oh boy oh boy this is this oh it's498.565.28
coming at me this has gone to [ __ ] quick501.844.639
yeah oh that's a one one-star troll okay503.843.759
here we go506.4794.241
bring it out oh throwing rocks okay507.5995.041
man is that his health is down right510.723.28
keep an eye on your health keep an eye512.642.48
on your stamina boys514.03.12
yes sir oh don't let that troll destroy515.123.279
i just built this house517.122.96
miss me not let that troll destroy this518.3993.681
house you got it oh520.084.4
come at me come at me yeah take care of522.084.879
this great door oh [ __ ]524.485.52
your house get out now i look at his526.9594.0
health and it looks like it's all the530.02.56
way down is that just me530.9593.921
must be just you he's about halfway okay532.563.76
i'll stay on him534.884.0
oh that's a good hit oh yeah oh that's536.323.199
good stunt538.883.84
oh [ __ ] oh he's almost dead539.5194.32
yeah yeah yeah we're doing good we're542.723.679
doing good543.8392.56
yeah there we go yeah that's how it's546.563.279
good money for this oh yeah oh yeah you549.8393.44
might might get a little bit of gold do551.62.48
we have enough553.2793.281
to buy uh i don't know more headlamps554.083.68
i've never bought oh look at all this556.563.6
money look at all that ghosts557.764.88
help all right can't get arrows but we560.163.119
got money562.643.04
yeah that's good all right that was563.2793.041
man i tell you we built this wall as566.323.199
well don't do [ __ ] nope567.683.76
gives us time buys us a little bit of569.5193.361
time but571.444.399
uh yeah i saw another spawner so once572.884.079
daylight comes575.8392.721
i'm gonna go get it beautiful you know576.9593.201
what to do i'm heading back i'm gonna578.563.12
keep working on making sure we got the580.163.28
materials to upgrade or find boats581.689.04
all right then i'm harvesting my carrot583.449.28
simon you see what i see and smell what590.723.119
i smell592.723.28
oh there's a bird right there well593.8393.841
there's a bird but no the resin behind596.02.8
us too i was just like597.684.48
oh you're gonna take my bird okay well598.83.84
i'm gonna go pick up some stuff yeah get602.643.68
the i want to get this resin604.562.719
you can get the feathers i don't know606.322.4
how to get this off me how do i make it607.2793.601
okay well i'm getting resin that's your608.722.799
so it's like just part of me now what do611.5193.44
i do i don't know i'm not picking up the613.2792.24
so where the hell are those feathers at615.5193.841
no help me here with these guys617.8393.201
let's get this one second you say get619.363.84
the feathers i did i'm sorry i'm sorry i621.043.6
was trying to get this off all right my623.21.84
my bad i picked up the feathers i got625.043.2
some resin627.24.4
and my heart boy now is this permanent628.244.159
potentially uh i got my sword out632.3994.961
let me see what i could do here any any635.5193.121
more of these little [ __ ]637.362.719
i don't hate it but like i don't know638.643.04
how to get out of it let's see640.0794.561
double space what do we got f no that641.685.2
turned in my what was the power what are644.643.04
we going to do646.882.32
oh you don't know how to get off of647.683.2
there um i would hit649.23.36
uh well you don't remember what you hit650.883.28
to get on obviously not double652.563.04
e well i thought it would have been one654.164.0
of the double e is that everything655.65.2
i don't know a tripoli you want to do a658.164.32
tripoli and then a double b660.83.84
i'm kind of like uh what's that what's662.483.12
the horse664.643.84
uh man person what is that again uh oh665.64.72
uh the horseman person is a668.484.4
oh [ __ ] man manator is that a [ __ ]670.325.519
we need food we need all that stuff but679.762.96
that was a good start to this we're681.2793.12
getting to that black forest pretty soon682.723.359
just around the end i guess684.3993.44
we i don't know do we just follow i feel686.0793.041
like we haven't reached687.8394.801
anything on the coast we also got two of689.125.04
the things we're looking for and look at692.643.28
that resin right down there simon694.165.2
open your eyeballs oh oh oh oh attached695.924.56
to my body i know699.363.919
your eyeballs700.482.799
or your eyeballs can be the better of704.243.44
the eyeballs and706.643.36
my leg since you're tethered to that707.684.719
thing could be the legs710.04.88
this is forever this is this is just me712.3994.641
now simon this and i'm looking at resin714.883.12
jesus what do you717.043.919
hello resin flint that's not that was718.04.48
that's what i meant to say720.9593.44
all right they were wild come on sucker722.483.12
come on sucker724.3994.24
watch me dora watch me be be my voir725.66.72
all right good job ah you like that728.6395.76
thank you all right we're close oh there732.323.519
looks like the outpost is that the734.3992.961
outpost is that an outpost we make that735.8392.641
i don't know we'll see737.364.159
there looks like the outpost that's what738.483.599
you said741.5191.921
sounds official when you say it like742.0793.281
that and743.444.639
it's an outpost i didn't mean to ping745.365.039
the map748.0794.56
outpost is much further away oh so this750.3993.281
is not it752.6393.681
no okay so how do you what is the753.684.159
outpost this is it okay i just never756.322.16
parked it757.8392.321
all right all right sweet we're at the758.483.599
outpost simon yay760.166.479
home sweet home [ __ ] off me762.0796.081
are we not taking that through the766.6393.521
portal no we're getting stuff down here768.163.2
we're not going through the portal770.162.88
okay we're going to the black forest oh771.363.599
yeah that's right how do you get this773.042.799
off you774.9593.601
hey hey hey you guys gonna sleep in the775.8393.12
you're on fire um oh yeah yeah we're778.9593.201
gonna sleep781.123.68
we're gonna sleep in the bed hey how do782.163.84
i get this off me oh784.82.56
you gotta look at the handles and you786.03.839
should be able to hit e oh my god787.365.2
really yeah really there you go yeah789.8393.761
we're gonna go792.562.24
going to the bed thank you for your793.68.08
concern no i slept in the bed thank you794.89.52
let's see yeah what are you two doing801.684.399
you're just in time astro804.324.319
what for we are all gathered here to806.0793.281
the miracle of nature809.366.32
these carrots were once a seed and now812.9594.241
they have matured815.686.159
to three carrots go817.24.639
all right and now we pick do i just pick824.9594.081
it says healthy827.923.039
oh i can pick this one make that two829.043.359
two carrots all right you gotta make832.3993.281
something delicious with that834.562.639
well i've never gotten past this part835.683.519
that was the first time i don't think837.1993.601
any of the ingredients that we really839.1993.521
need to make required carrots840.84.08
why'd i grow these carrots the [ __ ] if i842.723.919
know you gave me carrot seeds you gave844.882.56
me the the846.6393.281
claw that's the thing i think carrots847.443.759
kind of come into play later849.922.88
i mean it can't hurt to have but i mean851.1993.921
uh hold on let me take a peek over here852.85.12
at your uh your cooking station right855.124.64
let's see oh god damn it i'm gonna fire857.923.52
yeah well listen i was saving my861.443.6
blueberries and strawberries for the863.62.16
queen's jam865.042.08
yeah queen's jam blueberries and865.762.72
strawberries we need what we really also867.123.76
need to make is uh minor healing868.484.0
which is honey blueberry strawberries870.882.88
and dandelions gotta [ __ ] down the872.482.479
dandelions mm-hmm873.762.879
some [ __ ] needs you and i need to go out874.9593.041
and like pick blueberries and876.6393.841
strawberries i've been blueberries are878.04.16
more rare than diamonds around here880.483.44
do you have any here yeah you gotta you882.163.119
gotta go to the black forest yeah883.923.279
i have no that's where i look i've been885.2793.68
picking blueberries for a week straight887.1992.561
i've got 25. that's not a bad start make889.763.92
some queens jam892.722.96
oh we need we honestly need more honey893.683.12
okay those bees895.683.12
are lazy yeah we also need strawberries896.83.36
so we need to go strawberry picking i898.83.039
think how those seeds coming along900.164.72
well i have one and i was waiting till901.8395.841
daylight until i go get the other it's904.884.48
daylight it's a stormy day but it's907.682.32
okay well gonna go yeah keep keep910.03.6
working man912.562.639
i gotta go out and chop some birch trees913.63.679
tell you what i'm going to be915.1994.64
in the uh meadows i'll look for917.2793.92
strawberries you head to the black919.8392.961
forest and you look for blueberries okay921.1993.521
doing it for a week i was excited about922.83.68
the carrots now they're worthless924.724.4
do it for another week god damn it okay926.484.0
you want to you want i want to get out929.121.839
of here930.482.08
yeah i can't get out of here you don't930.9593.921
go fine quit subtracting me [ __ ]932.563.199
you son of a935.7592.88
me [ __ ] so we can eat the cats okay939.2793.92
i'll eat a [ __ ]941.924.4
carrot all right get out of here pizza943.1993.601
[ __ ]946.322.4
i'm going to get birch i don't even know946.84.399
why i got this fermenting thing948.725.039
so when we make the mead we can ferment951.1994.08
it okay953.7594.721
i hope it's cooler than the carrots955.2796.24
oh wait i can make carrot soup yeah but958.486.0
i need three of them961.5192.961
i got about i got about 50 blueberries966.0793.68
don't tell neves i'm eating them just968.164.08
just for fun they've had them the whole969.7593.601
time haven't you972.243.76
oh [ __ ] time every time every time973.364.14
both just holding a hundred each976.04.8
all right all right oh and the980.83.92
i got so many blueberries i didn't even984.723.52
tell neebs how many blueberries i had986.483.919
like a [ __ ] blueberry millionaire988.244.32
sounds like a sexual position990.3993.12
gave her the old blueberry door but992.563.12
missed that i missed you yes come on995.684.719
come on i missed come on i suck on you i998.323.92
suck on your toes1000.3994.88
come on whoa neebs1002.244.399
hey you wanna how long did it take you1005.2793.201
to know i was here good lord that scared1006.6392.481
me why1008.482.4
okay hi where how long have you been1009.123.04
behind us ah1010.884.8
like an hour an hour that's just crazy i1012.164.4
really doubt that1015.683.279
what do you do uh blueberries um1016.563.12
you got blueberries let me check the uh1019.684.639
i'm fresh out of blueberries hey listen1022.3992.721
it's just me1024.3192.48
you know what i'll give you a blueberry1025.123.04
for six strawberries1026.7992.801
never mind i'm gonna look for my own1028.163.679
blueberries fine but i'm making food for1029.63.599
the whole group just so you know1031.8393.681
all right fine we haven't found any1033.1994.561
blueberries yet we're looking for them1035.524.24
oh hey yeah these were my blueberries1037.764.67
that i need to eat still1039.765.939
all right got dark on me out here but1046.5593.601
let's see1049.123.2
i got a good amount of fine wood all1050.164.16
right now i need some core wood1052.324.32
but i am camping in the woods tonight1054.324.0
man i love camping in the woods it is1056.642.08
like some of the best nobody tell me1058.725.04
what to do i'm out here all by myself1061.65.6
can masturbate all i want1063.767.52
although it is lonely very lonely1067.29.44
hello echo1071.285.36
can be as crude as i want i love it1089.6796.161
camping's great1092.43.44
big floppy donkey dick1096.163.92
all right i need some fine wood uh we1105.526.48
have some fine homes here of my friends1108.326.96
and uh i also need one more seed1112.05.6
just a one a more seed let's see if1115.284.56
doraleous has any fine wood1117.65.76
dry sit doraleous has five seeds1119.845.44
i didn't even i just needed to go to1123.363.199
doraleous place and1125.284.48
just oh my god all right all right1126.5596.321
well we have enough seeds [ __ ] all right1129.765.919
well neebs memes what do you have do you1132.884.88
have any seeds because everybody seems1135.6794.0
to have [ __ ] seeds1137.763.44
neems has some feathers i'm going to1139.6793.12
take those and i'm going to replace it1141.22.32
a deer uh head and then1143.526.0
yep neeps has a lot of nice stuff i'm1147.124.08
gonna i'm gonna leave neeb stuff i don't1149.522.0
any fine wood but hey we're ready to1151.523.6
fight the boss1153.844.64
i killed like five brutes seven brutes1155.125.84
something like that abstro dick that's1158.484.64
true yeah killed a bunch of brutes1160.964.959
five seven oh good five seven how many1163.123.52
seeds you got1165.9193.281
uh i got seven i got seven seeds seven1166.644.159
seven seeds you know what yeah follow me1169.23.44
under the house i i think i saw a chest1170.7993.601
in here with some seeds uh-huh1172.644.0
yeah let's see am i mistaken i could1174.43.36
have sworn there might have been let me1176.643.36
check these chests not that one1177.764.88
not that one yeah there's two seeds in1180.03.28
the chest uh the over there on the right1183.283.68
we we didn't really need1185.764.24
to kill brutes but okay we have nine1186.964.88
seeds now i don't know how many seeds we1190.03.76
need i don't know if we need damn 10 i1191.843.28
don't know if we need 15. i don't know1193.762.32
if we need two1195.124.64
all right whatever uh okay well i guess1196.086.719
we we try it we need lots of errors1199.765.36
right oh yeah no yeah well now another1202.7993.76
thing is feathers and resin that's what1205.122.0
and dora are on1207.123.12
uh-oh what happened1214.7997.041
hey hey you guys at the big base1225.26.08
yup yeah right in the big base all right1228.724.4
i got lots of berries1231.284.32
sweet make some of that sweet sweet mead1233.123.36
oh mead making meat now i guess yeah why1236.485.36
not talking about it we're gonna meet it1239.763.919
we're gonna have a good one dick so are1241.843.36
blueberries and made1243.6794.24
no all right so let's see come over here1245.23.68
to the cooking pot1247.9192.721
okay can't wait to smell this i can't1248.883.44
wait to smell it so tell you what like1250.642.0
healing meat that's honey blueberries uh1252.643.519
raspberries and dandelion you should1254.482.559
have all that right1256.1592.4
well my honey's over here hold on oh1257.0393.041
yeah get the honey out of the thing1258.5594.401
okay sorry i don't need resin do i i1260.083.839
don't think so1262.963.44
uh blueberries uh-huh strawberries1263.9194.081
blueberries strawberries honey1266.44.48
and dandelion and dandelion got it see1268.04.0
dandelion dandelion oh well i mean1272.05.84
don't even don't even all right main1282.04.64
thing because i got the blue cake1284.324.52
look at you oh stop stirring the pot1286.644.48
uh made would you base minor healing oh1291.124.559
healing would be great if we have1294.1592.721
healing brews1295.6792.961
during that fight that's wonderful that1296.883.2
means we can heal ourselves if we get1298.641.84
liking the smell already so need base1300.483.199
minor healing1302.644.72
sure click craft nothing oh1303.6796.961
wow kitty got all the stuff 17 honey1307.366.799
yeah like 54 blueberries okay1310.647.48
65 strawberries wait yeah yep and1314.1596.961
got them all and it won't let you craft1321.23.68
it there's a one here does that mean1323.24.0
something required one station level1324.883.679
we have that right oh we might have to1327.23.04
upgrade the station uh1328.5593.921
is going to do it no problem watch it1334.963.76
watch this1336.723.52
i don't know what the hell does he have1338.723.839
what does a one mean one there is a one1340.244.16
we should be able to make this1342.5594.24
i don't know oh see you i honestly don't1344.43.519
know i thought you had the [ __ ] in your1346.7992.321
pocket you were able to make it is it1347.9193.201
too far away from all the other stuff1349.124.559
to upgrade or does it make any damn1351.123.6
sense i don't know1353.6793.201
it's just a damn cooking pot well do you1354.724.12
got all this stuff in your inventory1356.883.44
right you're making a little inventory1358.842.04
try to make some queens jam try to make1360.883.279
something else well i've made a soup1362.482.72
it's not like i don't know how to make1364.1593.441
stuff yeah i know i get it queen's jam1365.24.16
oh wait maybe it's because mandatory is1367.68.24
full would that be it dumb [ __ ]1369.366.48
dump some [ __ ] off so that when you make1378.083.44
it it casts somewhere to go1380.1593.121
here we go mead based miner here1381.523.92
impressed don't you melt back to the1383.284.399
blue capers yeah it sounds like it's1385.443.52
going on1387.6793.441
and that escalated quickly you guys are1388.963.76
very angry people1391.123.76
he's just got a sauce thank you all1392.723.04
right you made the mead1394.882.4
yep all right now stick it over here in1395.764.48
the meadery uh and this yeah1397.286.56
what the [ __ ]1400.243.6
all right yep that's gonna take a minute1406.43.2
so we just what it's a waiting game well1409.63.28
if we're gonna wait1411.443.84
dora now has a blue cape now i was going1412.883.84
to see if you guys wanted to have like a1415.282.56
leaders meeting or1416.724.4
thick too yeah sure sure yeah1417.845.76
yeah yeah okay in the episode no yeah we1421.123.36
need to do more of1423.63.199
what we did today we just got to do more1424.484.16
of it and then1426.7995.441
we're gonna fight a boss yeah okay1428.645.76
okay and then i'm gonna get a blue cape1432.243.919
after that1434.43.44
no you ain't getting up damn no i won't1436.1593.681
i'm not i'm not gonna get a blue cape1437.844.64
is that is that a wrap could be for for1439.845.04
god damn it just sit down and chill just1446.963.52
relax for a minute now i won't be able1448.723.68
to sleep tonight thanks a lot i know1450.483.36
thanks for the caffeine wow1452.43.92
a red bull and i'm not i know i'm wide1453.844.4
[ __ ] away did anyone else just get a1456.322.64
no oh you're the only one you [ __ ]1458.963.12
wow i mean i got my nubs my nubs happy1462.0811.76
yeah see1465.2798.561

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