Valheim - Sneaker Beacon JACKPOT

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you're like me, you can't get enough of watching the gang tackle Valheim. In this latest video, the ...
Valheim - Sneaker Beacon JACKPOT
Valheim - Sneaker Beacon JACKPOT

Valheim - Sneaker Beacon JACKPOT

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey Appsro, have you seen this Valheim - Sneaker Beacon JACKPOT video? It's hilarious!

appsro: Oh yeah, that video is pure gold! I mean, who knew sneaker beacons could be so entertaining?

neebs: Right? And did you see how Thick and the boys were acting like total chads in it?

appsro: Oh yeah, they were definitely flexing their Valheim skills in that one. But hey, we're not too bad ourselves, right?

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you're like me, you can't get enough of watching the gang tackle Valheim. In this latest video, the boys are on a mission to gather snert keberbs and put them to good use. And let me tell you, Appsro and Thick are absolute chads in this game, while the rest of the crew is just trying to survive the chaos.

I love how the Neebs Gaming crew always brings their A-game when playing Valheim. It's so entertaining to see their teamwork (or lack thereof) as they navigate through the game's challenges and build epic structures. And let's not forget the hilarious banter and inside jokes that make each episode so enjoyable to watch.

If you haven't already, make sure to check out the Valheim playlist on their channel for more epic adventures. And don't forget to hit that subscribe button to stay up to date on all their latest videos. Plus, if you're a coffee lover like me, be sure to try out their Neebs Gaming Coffee - it's the perfect companion for a gaming session.

I can't wait to see what crazy shenanigans the gang gets into next in Valheim. So grab your favorite snack, sit back, and enjoy the ride with the Neebs Gaming crew. And remember, keep on gaming and supporting these awesome creators!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Man, have you been watching Neebs Gaming play Valheim? That gameplay series is just fantastic - easily some of their best content yet. I'm totally hooked.

The cinematic style they use makes you feel like you're right there with the gang, exploring the huge procedurally-generated world and taking on enemies like The Elder together. Getting to tag along on their hilarious misadventures in survival and building is such a blast.

Appsro is a complete beast at this game. The way he charges into battle fearlessly with his huge two-handed club always cracks me up. And Thick44's calm precision with the bow provides the perfect counterbalance. Meanwhile, watching Simon and Dora struggle hilariously to keep up really resonates, you know? It's so relatable trying to get your footing in a new game.

And oh man, the bases these guys build are just incredible. That main castle compound is shaping up to be super impressive, with the stone walls and fancy great hall. I love their creative little touches too, like that moat and drawbridge. The episodes where they gather materials and construct stuff are weirdly relaxing to watch. It's fun seeing their ideas come to life.

Overall, Neebs Gaming's Valheim series is easily some of the most enjoyable gaming content I've seen in ages. Their commentary and camaraderie really makes the game shine. I'd highly recommend watching their Valheim videos to anyone looking for entertainment that feels like you're hanging with a fun group of friends. It's the next best thing to playing Valheim yourself!

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okay guys2.1594.001
daddy's back uh this time i don't have4.03.919
my baby sisters with me for you guys to6.163.439
chop up let me just do a little this7.9192.8
right here9.5994.16
yeah baby i need these sertaling cores10.7194.241
you can hand them over13.7594.321
i'm just going to come take them ah14.966.56
another simon grave all right certainly18.085.199
coors not over here all right we're good21.522.48
we're good23.2793.361
let's take a look back over here i won't24.04.48
even you know what i won't even use my26.644.799
shield yeah yep i can kill anything in28.484.56
this game31.4394.241
come on back take a swing see and then i33.044.4
take a swing and two swings and three35.682.399
and you still haven't hit me god38.0795.361
not gonna get rid of these uh mushrooms41.64.0
just yet want some good lighting oh is43.443.04
this a spotter45.64.0
it's a ghost it's a ghost oh46.486.16
i'm scared of ghosts come on ghosts49.65.279
come and give me ghosts ghosts you're52.643.36
already dead54.8794.241
you want me to kill you twice goals56.06.559
idiots cirling core59.126.399
got it need a few of these oh yeah read62.5593.761
some [ __ ]65.5193.361
elder blah blah blah reading reading66.324.0
anyways get some more of these circling70.323.2
be out of here we'll make some new [ __ ]73.5214.32
hey come here help me get my blocking up87.923.36
come on89.925.199
take a swing swing boom91.287.12
all right try another swing bang oh yeah95.1195.04
there goes my block level getting up98.44.32
do it again do it again bubba come on100.1593.92
prepare the feast102.724.64
memes has returned hey hey what is up104.0796.801
hey i got some goodies oh man hold on107.364.079
let me110.883.599
in this guy's poor life give it to him111.4396.0
there you go right hey man how was the114.4794.0
uh black forest117.4392.881
super good check this out you're gonna118.4793.121
lose your mind120.324.96
oh man okay ba-bam121.66.56
oh yeah that's good that's good that's125.283.679
good that's good128.163.28
copper ore yes sir oh hold on i gotta128.9594.0
talk to hugging131.444.4
okay shut the [ __ ] up huggies you heard132.9593.471
me man135.843.74
all right that's enough out of hugging139.683.6
okay is that all you got just the one141.524.88
uh well there's two technically well two143.284.48
okay the one and the one all right146.42.8
that's not gonna do us any good let's147.762.16
build something149.22.96
okay well listen we have um they have a149.924.56
couple of i've discovered a black forest152.165.76
to the east there's a skeletal cave154.484.8
do you want to go to the black forest157.923.44
and get into a skeletal cave and get159.283.679
more circling cores i mean i just got161.363.599
back from uh black forest you want to162.9592.801
rest a minute164.9593.601
okay well i mean not right there also i165.763.839
was thinking about building another168.561.44
over to that that island yep but that's170.04.16
that's gonna be a big old works project172.721.92
that's something for us to do yeah you174.643.28
want to do that nah176.82.4
i'll go to the black forest you want to177.923.039
go to the black forest okay we'll do179.22.56
that then180.9593.121
okay all right we'll rest up we'll leave181.763.28
uh soon184.084.0
okay well leave that bridge alone185.045.76
what are you doing188.082.72
all right simon you see it you see it on196.43.28
the see it on the map197.923.76
yeah well i see that i see it on the map199.683.52
but i don't see201.684.559
it yet you know like my body203.25.92
right right okay uh there's a bird oh206.2394.401
okay there was just a bird over there209.122.32
like flying in mid air look at these211.443.84
sons of [ __ ]214.2393.36
look at them just sons of bitching right215.283.36
just sitting there just all sons of218.643.519
bitching are we looking the wrong way220.9592.56
yeah we're going the wrong way but look222.1592.401
at them back there223.5192.561
i think over here is where we need to go224.563.679
oh there i am there i am right in front226.085.2
of my face here we go228.2393.041
perfect but still those sons of [ __ ]231.443.76
but where do you want to go233.683.199
oh wait i don't know that was like a235.23.76
torch i got another body somewhere236.8794.241
that was a torch in there yeah yeah oh241.123.199
damn it243.843.2
okay was it uh no that's uh yeah that's244.3193.601
the thing it's like247.043.199
once i lose it well no is it in the cave247.923.76
you want to just do a peek in just go250.2392.401
ahead and put251.683.52
oh yeah i did have i did have something252.643.12
some of us255.22.559
right yeah just take a little thing yeah255.763.36
i'll hear you if you got some issues257.7592.48
i'll come and save you here you know259.121.92
what hold on260.2392.24
i don't need to go do me a favor what's261.043.12
up give me a favor new torch262.4794.16
take my torch take that torch and take264.165.44
this thistle i'll have one torch worth266.6395.521
that's all i got who should i give it to269.63.28
give it pass give it to uh give it to272.884.64
poppy and bob275.285.44
all right let's go come on277.525.04
they're gonna argue over that stick my280.724.479
stuff is still here hopefully282.566.0
i don't see it though [ __ ] shouldn't my285.1995.681
stuff be right here288.564.88
i gotta pick up a yellow mushroom i290.883.44
[ __ ] what are you doing here [ __ ] yeah294.325.76
you scared the crap out of me hey do you297.523.519
know where my stuff300.084.08
is yeah follow me thank you okay because301.0393.761
i already found304.163.2
like one of my bodies it might be over304.83.44
it might be the other way actually308.243.28
probably the other way i i locked a309.843.6
skeleton inside a pla yeah that's the311.522.56
other way313.442.319
come on come on come on all right all314.083.839
right so you also might have seen the315.7594.481
bag that just had one torch in it so317.9193.761
because i said sometimes through that320.244.48
door if you go321.683.04
don't worry about it i gotcha328.6396.241
i tell you that was a good trick331.845.76
i liked it yeah especially on this trick334.883.759
i didn't get hit337.63.36
all right so there was a body out here338.6393.84
and i was able to get that340.964.239
so maybe i'm pretty sure yeah it's over342.4793.041
there and there's nothing over here345.523.119
promise come over here come over here347.0393.201
baby all right baby come on348.6393.84
it's right here it says sun that's your350.244.0
name my name is simon352.4794.401
i've already cleared out all this [ __ ]354.244.399
is that all your stuff oh that's so356.885.2
busted all right goodbye358.6395.921
baby all right thank you sir you're good362.083.2
all right364.562.479
all right you'll be good i love you all365.284.16
right i love you too now give me kisses367.0395.28
okay goodbye yummy yummy you got yummy369.443.92
kisses thick372.3194.241
i do i taste like cinnamon373.367.119
hey dora hey simon you got your stuff376.566.24
yes and i got a kiss from thick oh good380.4794.241
do you want me to give back that torch382.83.44
no i'm uh you want to you want me to384.723.039
give you a tour no no you're good give386.242.0
it give387.7591.761
that you can you can give that to388.243.92
somebody again who was that again389.524.48
okay great let's uh let's we'll deal392.163.2
with these sons of [ __ ] on the way394.01.84
sons of [ __ ] that'd be a cut oh395.846.479
did you see that thing yeah that was ada399.287.56
okay that scared me402.3197.28
[ __ ]406.845.4
oh my god409.5992.641
all right neebs you want to take a418.164.72
gamble um421.443.28
maybe well i was going to build us a422.883.52
little place we could put beds down but424.723.12
it's daytime and i hate to waste426.42.72
daylight in this game this is the best427.843.04
time to go into the black forest okay429.123.04
so we're going to take a gamble without430.882.64
a [ __ ] we're out of bed that means if432.162.56
we die you were433.522.64
it's going gonna put us all the way back434.723.44
yeah all right eat up436.165.599
i just ate all right here we go okay438.165.439
oh are we getting into a fight already441.7593.28
we might i'm just gonna go ahead and443.5992.72
give us uh the power445.0394.56
okay just in case right all right446.3195.841
what are we after susan sarandon squares449.5993.361
all right452.162.4
yeah see when you were in the black452.963.12
forest with the other chumps did you run454.562.479
across this456.083.519
uh it's like a just a it's just rocks457.0394.16
it's all this ah it's a burial chamber459.5994.641
oh is it yeah probably i don't remember461.1994.801
we're going in yeah we're going in all464.243.44
right tell you what your torch466.04.16
yep i'm front man okay let's do it right467.684.959
behind you470.162.479
no i don't think i did do this i went to473.364.0
a cave with a troll this is a one-star475.5993.04
skeleton watch out yep477.363.36
i can take him okay just light me up i'm478.6393.441
keeping the light up got it480.722.8
okay there's a skeleton over here behind482.083.36
this rock yep all right come at me come483.522.32
at me485.442.96
try to swing boom swinging a miss oh485.843.28
back sorry488.42.32
i didn't see that one oh i'm gonna needs489.122.479
that you gotta give me a little490.722.56
breathing room here baby okay neebs491.5993.04
god damn it i don't know where you're493.283.28
going no yelling me you're walking into494.6392.721
me jesus gets496.563.44
more out of my way there's more oh god497.363.6
took a hit took a hit500.02.4
took a hit there's a bunch there's a500.963.76
bunch after oh [ __ ] get out of here get502.44.16
out of here get out of here okay504.724.479
go on out wait what's this all right506.565.52
good place for you aydah potato509.1996.4
you guys aren't gonna pop up512.083.519
i'm out wait did you go back in no i'm515.763.44
still in517.9193.441
they're still in yeah they're firing at519.24.639
me coming back hold on521.364.479
lord what a place to sit do you have a523.8393.761
bow and arrow uh yep525.8394.241
perfect okay you need light no i need527.63.919
you to shoot a bow and arrow and the530.082.0
[ __ ]531.5193.121
shooting arrows at me got it here goes532.083.199
there you go there you go this is what i535.2793.441
like to see yeah537.044.08
well uh get some popcorn because the538.723.52
show's begun541.124.0
oh they're down there yeah all right i542.244.0
think they're gonna have a hard time545.122.48
getting up here that's right this is546.242.48
gonna work to our advantage547.62.4
they don't know how to climb steps like548.723.6
we do idiots go for this one of those on550.03.6
the left this is a one star552.323.76
you got it oh yeah come on down take553.63.679
them down right556.083.84
you can't okay you can run in high i got557.2794.081
you i got you blocked i got you blocked559.922.08
one to the right561.363.44
here we go oh boy am i out are you out562.03.2
all right you need to switch to uh being565.23.28
the shield guy oh567.363.2
or that that's fine okay i just these568.484.32
guys look weak come on sir570.564.08
i forgot he had those this guy coming's572.83.84
not weak here we go here we go watch out574.642.4
oh god yup you want light i would love577.043.04
okay hold on all right there we go580.085.28
took the gamble587.2794.56
well hello neebs hey hey hey good592.83.84
morning what you doing595.25.68
we took a chance okay596.644.24
with what ah beds no beds no beds600.9596.32
okay so yeah we got you we're actually604.723.84
heading back to607.2793.361
the main base so if you want us to608.563.2
escort you sir610.644.0
we could do so ah we're okay very good611.764.079
at that sort of thing614.643.28
i'm pretty quick okay well it's just615.8393.44
about sticking together617.923.84
yeah yeah let's see if we can keep up619.2793.921
with you i mean neebs if you want to go621.762.88
by yourself by all means623.23.199
a race that's pretty fun though too624.643.04
you're saying don't slow me down all626.3991.521
let's let's do a race then race your ass627.923.28
not racing you guys i'm just watching631.24.48
down here hello643.125.44
nope that's just mushrooms which i will646.563.519
gladly take yellow mushrooms that can648.562.719
come in handy650.0794.961
let's see hmm well we might have lured a651.2795.441
lot of these idiots out of here which is655.043.76
good news for me656.725.359
oh what's this here a little treasure658.85.599
yeah i want all that take all that662.0794.081
anything beyond this door664.3994.481
hello all right skeletal remains take666.164.4
those bone fragments i can use that to668.883.12
upgrade good [ __ ]670.562.959
it's not so bad in here after we cleared672.05.2
everything out hello673.5193.681
cheese okay anything in here677.688.24
more mushrooms wow that's it this is682.645.199
really kind of a bogus hallway isn't it685.922.24
i want to get lost in here all right688.163.6
here's a door690.723.76
here's a door anything in here oh god691.763.759
it's so dark694.484.24
oh man it's so dark it's so dark what695.5194.241
does this lead to698.723.2
nothing it's just oh it's filled in it's699.764.319
a rock it's a basement that goes nowhere701.924.159
get out of here all right head back to704.0794.481
the master706.0792.481
hey aydah you're looking real good713.048.0
anything down here mushrooms716.86.56
huh this one's pretty well pretty721.044.16
peaceful all right one more hallway723.366.24
this neat stuff get back to his [ __ ]725.26.72
is that a skeleton that's a skull i'll729.63.28
take that731.924.24
all right hey there we go all right732.884.959
two skeletons in there all right bring736.163.6
it all ding dongs take a swing737.8395.521
boom bam oh three huh okay739.765.04
ooh they were to fight oh they're743.363.2
they're hit they're hitting data sorry744.83.599
aydah they're going after you two746.564.959
actually made the advantages to me748.3996.321
yeah one day hey leave our camera person751.5193.921
what sets our channel apart you jackass755.446.639
you want some now okay yeah nice shot758.885.519
boom good god i'm awesome766.244.55
all right770.168.149
all right you brought a friend bam784.164.799
oh baby baby baby baby790.486.72
one oh look at all these794.165.919
streisand cores oh man i gotta get rid797.25.199
of something again let's see800.0794.161
how i wanted this neck tail who wants a802.3993.281
neck tail i need804.249.85
certain balls man this was a hall805.6813.839
all right man i feel like we should put819.5193.201
this towards the center of821.683.279
no no no no put her over here no no no822.723.44
no no no no824.9593.361
protected by a wall don't come here come829.443.839
here it's pretty you don't want them to831.922.64
be protected come on833.2794.161
maybe like come on thick come on let's834.563.44
let it get837.442.48
oh are you scared over here are you838.03.68
scared in our village do they destroy839.922.08
can we protect them can we protect it842.04.24
while we put it in a different place and844.322.4
build vents around thick thick then oh846.723.359
this looks like849.443.12
a wall this looks like a stage let's put850.0796.32
it in your place it makes sense852.566.88
wow wow wow i know856.3994.721
best wall it's okay i'm sorry i'm gonna859.443.04
be a good boy okay okay861.125.279
you go there we go whoa oh yeah oh862.489.359
i can get out of here866.3995.44
it looks like half of a giant turd881.363.279
sticking in the ground883.5192.801
is somebody is somebody going to talk to884.6393.2
him because he keep he's just still886.322.079
i talked to him i was just taking it all888.3993.521
okay we need coal all right yeah891.926.32
and i need to get you know a facial895.045.359
that's the next station yeah that's what898.243.2
i'm hoping for900.39912.401
i need to exfoliate901.4415.28
where's she going there we go oh god912.86.8
so dangerous in this game i know man so916.724.239
we're going to build another uh919.63.52
little thing here yeah just a place to920.9593.601
you know just a place to sleep because923.122.64
there might be a lot of good stuff in924.562.639
that black forest and i925.764.319
ain't leaving without it okay hey bird927.1994.56
not hugging birds a sea bird930.0794.961
like a what you call it seagull yeah931.7596.32
yeah that one that one hit me935.044.88
i'm okay though all right keeping my938.0793.44
belly full hey hello oh939.924.88
hello all right hey buddy oh all right941.5194.961
that's a couple of green dwarfs yep944.83.599
uh here yeah keep the torch out they946.483.52
hate the fire boom948.3993.841
do you know that i think i did know that950.03.04
are you fighting them952.242.32
no they hate the fire i'm just staying953.043.44
near you oh they won't eat what was that954.562.719
that was a big956.483.279
green guest oh god one of those what do957.2794.48
we do oh that's that that's a lot959.7594.0
that's a lot all right hold on let's get961.7593.601
back up right now uh no don't back up963.7591.921
for me965.362.0
i want to eat real quick here we go he's965.684.0
spraying green stuff okay i am poisoned967.362.64
all right all right what do you mean970.03.839
don't back up okay cause you're eating971.63.76
yeah because i was eating i was trying973.8393.201
to stay not poisoned for a second975.363.279
okay should we be running faster than977.044.0
this right uh no running drains are978.6394.56
stamina this is super slow and they're981.043.599
throwing rocks and i'm gassing it983.1992.88
i get it i get it this is not a good984.6393.521
situation this is a lot this is a lot of986.0792.401
okay yep we were caught out here at988.483.76
night that was stupid i feel like our990.03.36
i feel like we're not doing the right992.243.44
thing okay here all right get your bow993.362.96
and arrow out995.683.839
start wailing on the green guy yeah yep996.325.84
okay come on take the korean guy out999.5193.44
just the green1002.164.88
other one's down okay oh idiot1002.9597.12
okay another green guy two green guys1007.044.96
yeah why yeah not doing the right thing1010.0793.281
of course he's not doing the right thing1012.03.44
because he never listens to me1013.365.599
here we go here we go okay come on1015.445.92
come on shaman it's not looking good for1018.9594.081
a lapse roll but i think i can do this1021.363.28
miss me bam all right shaman's down now1024.643.54
it's easy1027.1991.201
let's do it here we go let's do this1032.3195.36
bring it all ding dawg boom all right1035.763.039
you're down1037.6792.481
all right yeah your brother's coming at1038.7993.841
me what the [ __ ] is world in the ass1040.167.279
bam come at me got you one more come on1042.648.2
gone bam [ __ ] you1047.4398.081
whoa oh i cannot believe i survived that1050.847.719
jesus that was an onslaught1055.525.68
come back to me neebs what are you1058.5595.441
looking at nick you got some [ __ ] to say1061.26.8
i got some [ __ ] to say [ __ ] you1064.08.64
completely missed you're lucky1068.04.64
all right guys come here yeah okay all1076.883.12
this is what we need right here let's1080.03.84
and we now have a forge1083.846.16
we have entered this this one's right in1088.03.84
your house thick that's that's kind of1090.02.799
that's a big deal1091.842.719
this one is out here that's a big deal1092.7993.441
well it's also this is also the1094.5593.36
community place where1096.244.64
anybody can come in and use it oh yes so1097.9194.081
right here1100.883.12
uh like you can make a copper knife if1102.03.679
you wanted to yeah1104.04.48
copper knife is a really odd choice for1105.6793.681
a knife1108.484.079
look man i'm just trying to upgrade1109.365.52
i know i'm just saying that copper is a1112.5593.921
very soft metal1114.884.4
it expands and it contracts quite a bit1116.483.12
i like the knowledge that you're1119.64.0
dropping right now and i love that1121.9194.161
and i like it listen that doesn't care1123.63.439
to hear it listen1126.083.68
that's why that's why copper pipes are1127.0393.441
you know for hot water and cold water it1130.483.92
has that it has that expansion and1132.642.64
but it breaks at a certain point so when1135.283.44
it's very cold we need to be careful1137.122.48
around the knives1138.723.28
just saying i am so erect i'm afraid i'm1139.63.52
going to run out of skin1142.02.799
i'm just banging away at nothing look at1143.123.2
me bang away bang1144.7993.281
i'm not making a damn thing not one1146.323.359
thing am i making oh but i'm just1148.081.92
away and you guys got some tin did any1150.03.28
of you guys bring that1152.243.92
yeah i got some suck a tin oh sorry do1153.284.96
you want to tell us about tin simon1156.164.72
uh tin's also very soft very [ __ ]1158.243.52
and uh not worth a damn if you want to1161.763.919
make a weapon with it but1164.43.36
go ahead give it to him okay give it to1165.6793.761
me door give me the 10.1167.764.88
just the 10. that that doesn't1169.444.72
thank you just give him the tin like1172.644.159
perfect tip but just the 10.1174.165.28
it worked [ __ ] man no no i thought it1176.7993.201
was good1179.442.4
all right we're good it's one syllable1180.04.16
well yeah because because it also began1181.842.88
t ti thank you two out of three letters1184.726.48
that's a big deal1189.0397.201
yeah you're right jamaican piece1191.25.04
for dicko i don't know i don't know man1199.768.08
he's taking a sip1203.444.4
guys yeah looks like the team's getting1215.284.08
back together1217.9193.281
okay come on let's go uh let's go see1219.363.52
the others let's see what they want i'm1221.23.04
finna see what they've done1222.883.6
oh that's right yeah well let's simon1224.243.919
come on yeah i'm saying1226.484.079
uh i'm happy to go with you and this is1228.1593.841
the first time i'm seeing the beautiful1230.5592.401
what's up boys hey1232.963.839
hey hi dick is that a got a blue shirt1237.764.24
on is that a troll shirt that's a troll1240.482.0
that's sweet i'm jealous yeah hey what'd1242.483.84
you guys do1245.363.199
oh we got more copper uh you got a uh1246.324.16
you got a furnace going come on right1248.5593.281
over here to1250.484.559
the community center aka fix house yep1251.844.719
uh we're gonna have to expand that if1255.0392.801
that's gonna be a community center1256.5593.681
that's a very small community center1257.844.8
first one yeah you know what it's the1260.244.08
it's the uh what do you call that like1262.643.44
the weight room in the hotel1264.324.4
it's small but it does its job okay hey1266.083.36
shut the [ __ ] up get out of here oh you1269.445.04
got your kill yes ma'am1271.366.4
oh yeah that's the kiln baby1274.485.12
yep just need some tin and i can make a1277.764.24
cauldron oh 10 we didn't get any of that1279.63.84
we got plenty of copper though1282.03.76
okay well put the copper in the uh1283.443.44
community i am1285.764.399
centered where where's the1286.885.2
there's the kiln here we go so we'll1290.1593.601
come up here we'll add some1292.084.88
wood oh getting it nice and hot1293.764.88
yeah get that choco kit we're making1296.964.64
some charcoal baby oh yeah1298.644.399
all right oh neebs you put some coal in1301.63.439
there i don't think i have coal uh you1303.0393.361
must have had coal because you put some1305.0392.961
coal in the coal slot i think someone1306.42.96
else did because it said you don't have1308.02.4
any coal then it1309.363.439
kind of oh it gave me some attitude now1310.43.92
i got some i got a piece of coal1312.7993.521
here we go i'm waiting to coal in heat1314.323.44
what's this again this is for the copper1316.323.04
that's no that's that's the kiln that's1317.762.799
where the wood goes1319.363.439
ah you get you put the wood in there and1320.5593.36
you make coal1322.7992.721
and then you take the coal and you put1323.9193.281
it over here and kill1325.523.92
bloop with the copper and ore and then1327.24.16
you're making all the metals dig1329.444.719
it's like valheim 101. and how do you1331.364.319
put the copper in it's on the other side1334.1592.801
i believe yeah right over here you're1335.6792.961
putting a little hole in the other side1336.963.36
this is good position you got to squeeze1338.643.2
it here1340.322.719
we're really going to break down that1341.842.719
wall we're going to expand that wall1343.0393.441
it's hard to position basically on1344.5593.761
everything else around here so1346.483.92
the wall will be taken up we're good1348.323.2
yeah that's fine1350.43.279
we'll reconfigure for sure but yeah just1351.523.12
doing that right now1353.6793.041
i'm doing [ __ ] this wall all right guys1354.643.919
all right all right1356.723.199
this place has got this place has got to1358.5593.041
be extended out this is crazy all right1359.9193.601
all right all right it's not that crazy1361.63.6
you're welcome abso1363.524.88
yeah okay i'm grateful [ __ ] yeah [ __ ]1365.24.08
my son's a [ __ ] that brings that back i1369.284.08
like that1372.1593.441
yeah that's why i set it up my mouth1373.3616.48
yeah that was good1375.614.24

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