Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest Subnautica Log video? Oh man, it's a rollercoaster of emotions. The tea...


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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen this video? 'AS IF THINGS WEREN'T BAD ENOUGH! THIS HAPPENS!' It's like our life story in a nutshell!

simon: Oh yeah, that's the one where I almost peed my pants from laughing so hard! 'Son of A B%$#&!!!' is my new catchphrase!

neebs: Haha, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I mean, who wouldn't want to be fed to Sea Monkeys if they don't subscribe to our channel, right?

simon: Exactly! And let's not forget the best part - supporting us on Patreon so we can finally put you in that 'nice mental institution' you've always wanted!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest Subnautica Log video? Oh man, it's a rollercoaster of emotions. The team is facing some serious challenges in the game and their reactions are just priceless. You'll be laughing one minute and holding your breath the next.

If you missed the original series, no worries! You can catch up by clicking the link provided. Trust me, you don't want to miss out on the hilarious moments and epic gameplay that Neebs Gaming always delivers.

And hey, if you enjoy the content as much as I do, consider supporting them on Patreon. It's a great way to show your appreciation and help them create even more awesome videos. Plus, who wouldn't want to see Simon in a nice mental institution, right?

I don't know about you, but I always wonder what kind of setup they're using to play these games. Well, wonder no more! Neebs Gaming is powered by Xidax PCs, and you can check them out for yourself by clicking the link provided. It's always cool to see the behind-the-scenes stuff.

And don't forget to follow Neebs Gaming on all their social media channels for updates and more fun content. They're always up to something exciting, whether it's playing Minecraft, GTA V, or any other game on their playlist.

So grab some snacks, sit back, and enjoy the latest Subnautica Log video. It's guaranteed to make your day a whole lot better.

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did you find it i found the source19.1997.521
yep this is it oh please let me in23.0395.801
oxygen please26.725.12
yeah you hear that they say run out of38.487.36
time yeah40.7195.121
okay well then how the [ __ ] am i52.0793.041
supposed to help are you like a like a53.446.4
computer or something55.124.72
uh maybe you could store yourself on my65.048.0
pda you are lovely67.27.279
yeah it's because i stole it look you73.043.759
can put yourself on this pda but74.4795.601
there's a lot of porn on it76.7993.281
names you catch all that i think there's82.03.68
an architect here this is big man83.845.279
this is huge um okay listen85.685.92
we're gonna be famous you and me right89.1193.841
no i'm not gonna be famous no one can91.62.08
know we're here92.962.96
oh this is big this is a breakthrough93.683.439
but i gotta help this guy95.925.92
this poor bastard97.1194.721
i told my assistant uh tina yeah that104.4793.6
you were107.362.96
you were back oh tell her i said hey108.0794.641
tell her you said hey nate okay i found113.23.68
an architect's115.4398.72
storage device hello116.8810.72
our data can be downloaded124.1595.44
we may speak more once the transfer is127.63.68
this guy's about to go i gotta i gotta131.283.039
get him to the pda now132.84.079
about oh he's about to die yeah he's134.3194.881
like situation's terminal136.8795.281
okay all right hey hey pal you got a139.23.6
yes okay hey yeah just get in here buddy142.84.81
come on146.2394.43
why does it sound like you're in my head175.924.16
the facility identified hospitable178.04.8
capacity within your cerebral cortex180.085.439
what you stored yourself in my brain i182.84.56
told you to get in my pda get that [ __ ]185.5192.64
out of my brain187.364.08
oh no does your kind perceive a boundary188.1595.041
between cybernetic and organic191.443.92
components my brain is not a [ __ ]193.23.64
component you sound195.364.56
angry we will allow you a moment to196.843.96
oh don't you dare go quiet on me200.87.2
hello hello204.563.44
oh [ __ ] this [ __ ] yeah this is exactly209.844.16
what i wanted i wanted212.564.64
a daily in my brain214.03.2
this is unbelievable219.28.64
hey there you are all right yeah um227.845.36
i think an alien just started selling my231.283.519
brain they were supposed to be in the233.22.72
pdf yeah they're supposed to be in the234.7991.761
they're in my brain now i have an alien236.563.599
in my brain you got a virus238.484.08
oh not again god this is something i240.1593.681
just wanted to get down here and find my242.562.08
damn sister243.842.399
now i got an alien in my brain maybe244.643.36
it's not a bad thing huh it's an alien246.2392.401
in your brain248.04.159
do you ever see uh stargate248.645.36
a long time ago did aliens getting in252.1593.601
the brain today that's that damn movie254.03.04
they had like worms that live in their255.762.56
okay if you don't have a worm in your258.323.039
belly i would say259.844.0
that's a bonus maybe maybe i have an261.3593.681
alien in my brain i263.844.24
i think that's just as bad doesn't look265.045.439
hey hey you in there hello274.164.319
yeah i was trying to talk to the alien279.363.6
he's gone quiet on me280.883.599
let's see do i have my knife where's my282.964.08
knife can i see monkey take my knife284.4794.481
i mean could you just dropped it or did287.043.36
you leave it somewhere yeah it doesn't288.962.88
make sense that i would drop it early290.43.44
did i accidentally drop it at some point291.843.84
where's my knife i got a buddy that293.843.52
loses stuff all the time295.683.04
that's ridiculous there's some seat297.363.2
there's some coral down here table coral298.723.52
i remember this stuff300.564.8
used to make some good [ __ ]302.243.12
there we go scanned it you forgot what305.443.52
it was307.443.759
okay all right what am i doing now all308.963.84
right what is this have i have i scoured311.1992.481
maybe ask the aliens some riddles maybe313.683.92
that would get them talking315.7593.761
look at this uh you know any good317.63.76
riddles i don't know if it's a riddle319.523.2
it's a pun but uh321.363.52
what time do you go to the dentist okay322.723.68
hey alien what time do you go to the324.883.84
he didn't answer uh maybe he's thinking328.723.039
about it330.962.72
do you know no what time you go to the331.7594.16
dentist tooth hurty333.685.2
jesus christ tooth hurting i get it all335.9193.28
dealing with a lot dealing with a lot339.1993.201
what am i gonna do what am i gonna do340.724.64
what's the next step uh build a truck342.43.28
build a truck build a truck is that a345.683.44
good goal uh baby347.284.639
go to base make a truck speaking of base349.124.32
facing your face i need to make a base351.9193.28
i'm a base then a truck yeah there you353.443.36
go yeah maybe an actual like355.1993.44
at least kind of a starter base all356.83.119
right i think yeah358.6392.801
yeah well let's get back let's get back359.9193.201
just kind of take inventory i have an361.445.84
alien in my brain363.1212.77
hello we understand this arrangement is384.963.84
undesirable to you387.63.2
yeah no [ __ ] you mind getting out of my388.83.2
head to go390.83.839
we require a suitable body for transfer392.03.919
okay what do you mean by we394.6393.12
how how how many people am i talking to395.9194.4
right now one of us and all of us397.7594.241
we do not think of ourselves as400.3194.0
individual okay well then what's your402.02.96
you may append your seed code to my404.964.48
species designation406.886.8
please call me al and alan409.446.0
your name's [ __ ] alan is it413.683.2
insufficient no415.444.879
that's fine i'm super happy about it416.885.52
where are you from your kind calls us420.3193.921
architects yeah okay well we've been422.44.0
digging up a bunch of old [ __ ] so uh we424.244.16
thought all you guys died from the virus426.44.96
how'd you survive alan that is a long428.43.519
perhaps you would prefer to focus on the431.9193.921
construction of a new storage medium to433.684.0
which i made transfer435.843.68
you mean like a hard drive alien hard437.683.919
drive so we can get you out of my head439.523.679
you will need to find the necessary441.5994.081
components okay okay443.1994.081
any clue where i can find them this is445.683.359
i have been disconnected from my network449.0393.521
for so long i cannot locate the450.882.48
oh yeah that's that's great okay did you453.363.2
get all that names455.682.639
i heard you talking okay you weren't456.563.44
talking to me so yeah458.3194.88
we need to build an alien body to store460.03.759
this guy463.1992.081
in he we got to build him something to463.7593.041
store himself in okay465.283.68
this could be fun yeah this could be fun466.83.519
i'm going to go beat my head against the468.962.079
why sounds great471.0398.801
found a knife by the way where was it i481.1993.761
threw it in the storage container483.284.88
dummy yeah real dumb do i have a battery484.964.88
i have spare batteries all right i'm488.163.599
going out to find cable coral samples489.844.32
table coral samples would have had if i491.7593.361
had had my damn494.163.2
knife let's see i'm gonna eat a bit of495.123.68
food drink a little bit of water all497.362.959
right i'm good and i know where table498.83.36
coral is here we go baby what'd you say500.3192.32
alien's name was you said his name's502.6393.041
ellen allen not ellen you know like the505.684.56
wasn't that gopher allen was that a508.563.52
gopher or a beaver or something allen i510.242.96
think that was ellen512.083.6
ellen no allen ellen allen like it looks513.24.079
like they go for us calling his wife515.683.12
ellen was he calling a wife i don't i517.2792.88
don't think he was doing that was he i518.82.64
thought it was a boy520.1594.0
i don't know okay calling a female name521.445.12
oh my god i have just found tons of532.9593.44
table coral samples535.043.359
holy [ __ ] jackpot you know what we need536.3993.201
we need to do today too we need to make538.3992.401
a base because we are running out of539.61.679
are we doing the habitat builder first541.2793.761
habitat builder then we can kind of make543.5192.641
a habitat545.043.52
then we need to find a location for this546.163.119
okay and her marvin kits computer chips549.2795.761
batteries you know what this is just553.443.519
basically going to be a storage facility555.043.2
kind of don't want to make it the main556.9593.121
base you know what i mean558.244.719
temporary base yeah unless uh her unless560.083.759
i can find a good562.9593.361
place let me scout around a bit maybe i563.8395.521
can find a decent spot566.323.04
oh boy are you no you're not friendly570.83.44
holy [ __ ]573.2793.281
holy [ __ ] holy [ __ ] come on get off574.243.52
tonight get off576.563.2
get your knife that'll make me swim577.764.0
slower oh579.763.519
you don't want to fight you're a flight581.7610.079
you're a flight guy well here yeah583.2798.56
oh wow neebs found some thermal vents594.326.48
what are those good for energy yeah598.483.2
make like an energy place601.684.32
whoa what are you what are you607.127.2
big guy names big fish in the water610.3996.56
oh i don't like you you do not sound614.324.32
okay hold on here let me take a breath618.646.639
let me get a closer view622.322.959
how's your batteries on your uh battery626.03.6
yeah oh actually good call power's at628.03.04
nine percent let's fill that up in case629.64.239
we need to run631.042.799
saves the day hey are you coming after634.883.92
what are you what are you so twitchy638.83.44
about are you after that paper640.3995.601
oh okay whoa642.247.92
this guy looks crazy doesn't seem to be646.07.76
interested in me though oh there650.165.919
you're not coming for me now are you oh653.763.12
god daddy656.0793.44
oh god run after me he's not he's not656.883.68
friendly he's not cool659.5194.641
[ __ ] that [ __ ] come on dive660.566.16
get in here664.162.56
all right yeah i think i'm okay all668.83.2
noted those guys not friendly672.04.56
oh that's a nice flat677.366.719
spot out here oh680.86.24
see monkeys no no no look i got nothing684.0794.0
i got nothing687.046.16
what you want me to take this688.0796.561
what's happening my inventory's full i693.23.6
think he's offering me copper694.645.04
run sea monkey696.82.88
the sea monkey was trying to give you700.0792.721
something it looked like he might have701.62.88
been trying to give me copper but my702.82.64
inventory was full704.482.24
that's that's probably going to seem705.443.6
rude to the sea monster yeah well i mean706.722.64
i didn't have anywhere to store it709.363.2
that's why i need to make a base yep 30710.482.64
30 seconds damn it's a nice nice flat713.124.159
spot but it's monsters everywhere i715.5193.201
don't like that717.2794.721
all right the search continues718.723.28
all right got gold copper wire computer728.0794.721
oh you can't make computer chip well i732.84.08
can but i it fabricates it the computer734.6393.361
makes it right736.884.24
and if i go to tools one habitat builder738.03.92
already yep adding emergency shelter741.925.599
blueprints to your database745.64.239
got my blueprints all right it's gonna747.5193.841
be all day to make this thing749.8393.921
with the builder tool you can construct751.364.96
sea bases from raw materials753.764.72
advising against exploring a frozen756.324.639
water continent without a base758.485.76
no bed no storage no place to put a760.9595.601
fabricator module764.245.36
no fun no fun yeah she gets it do you766.564.56
think that's her real accent769.62.96
probably not i think that's a computer771.122.719
but not the computer living in my head772.563.92
alan you there773.8392.641
alan doesn't like to talk well that's777.123.6
probably good you just be hearing voices778.562.88
all the time780.726.4
yeah i feel like i already am781.447.12
are we getting ready to build this787.123.519
habitat lubricant788.564.32
i have i was waiting till morning and790.6393.841
then i got to looking at some of the792.883.44
stuff i have794.484.88
and i actually think796.325.12
i can make a mobile vehicle bait i'm799.363.599
gonna go and do it801.442.8
i thought we were doing habitats we're802.9592.961
we're gonna do a habitat that's coming804.243.12
okay i wanted to do it in the morning so805.922.719
was it you know was in here at night i807.362.719
was like okay i'll eat808.6393.041
and then i start i started making stuff810.0793.121
because i was looking at what i had811.684.8
all right oh hold on now813.27.28
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah let's see816.487.28
look at you pretty thing820.483.28
put you a little deep cause i know if we824.564.399
make a vehicle it's going to drop826.486.24
and boom828.9593.761
all right got a mobile vehicle bait in833.2793.601
in place yeah let's see836.888.0
okay prawn suit we still don't know all840.8395.641
the ingredients but844.883.199
once we get enough [ __ ] we can846.483.2
absolutely make a sea truck848.0793.681
okay that's the first thing that's the849.683.76
first thing still it's gonna be a while851.763.04
we need advanced wiring kit853.444.24
glass lead so yeah a lot of resource854.84.88
gathering uh still needed but damn once857.683.2
we have that we should be able to zip859.681.92
all over the place860.882.24
that's right dangerous weather861.63.359
approaching seek shelter863.127.35
seek shelter [ __ ] i'm gonna build it864.9598.991
i think long term this is where you're874.883.36
going to live from now on i'm not no876.3993.761
temporary base temporary storage878.243.279
facility i can see you getting880.162.239
nope and just forget about your whole882.3993.68
plan to investigate your sister's884.242.48
temporary storage facility you grow a886.724.4
big beard you plant a bunch of888.85.36
sea plants eat people every day and you891.123.92
become a hermit894.165.679
nope right here on the edge895.044.799
that's your tomb900.0792.88
bang yeah right here903.8396.8
right here right here and then all right907.685.36
i'm gonna need a power supply910.6394.56
oh i gotta go out and get some copper913.043.28
what kind of power we do915.1992.721
we're gonna do i'm gonna do solar panel916.323.28
solar yeah right this has you know we917.923.84
have access to a919.65.2
to a ton a ton of sun a lot of sun921.764.72
so yeah solar power makes the most sense924.83.839
right here okay however i am out of926.485.68
copper so now i'm going copper hunting928.6395.12
so yeah resource gathering maybe there's932.163.44
some copper right here933.7594.561
look at that look at that what about935.63.52
oh would you look would you look i939.123.76
looked what about941.123.92
oh titanium i could use that too942.884.16
titanium macabre so wait i just got945.044.799
enough i think i can947.042.799
yeah boom look at this got a little950.05.839
solar power on top952.6393.2
and boop take this breath957.925.279
you feeling the promised land didn't you961.683.76
no kidding power restored963.1996.801
all primary systems online all right965.447.44
welcome aboard captain hey we got some970.03.92
base leaves or972.883.28
storage facility welcome home that's973.923.44
true that's what this is976.163.039
this is for lots of storage and977.364.24
buildings where you stay this is your979.1994.0
retirement no this is not my retirement981.63.2
this is not where we stay this is a983.1992.961
temporary facility984.82.719
still need copper still need quartz986.162.72
because i need to make a fabricator in987.5191.921
the rocket wall lockers yep this place989.443.519
is gonna be full991.364.96
of wall lockers oh992.9595.281
what do i need i need more titanium all996.323.759
right so i think i got a little bit back998.244.0
i have a little bit of that back at the1002.243.2
other base so i can get that coming here1003.63.599
make a lot of lockers so we got tons of1005.442.88
[ __ ] storage1007.1994.0
hell yeah proud of you buddy thank you1008.324.0
thank you1011.19914.24
coming along1012.3217.2
names what is this gold gold gold gold1025.4397.201
silver holy [ __ ] names1029.528.64
silver several silver gold yeah oh1032.648.399
oh that's awesome holy [ __ ] that is a1038.164.879
lot that is a lot of silver and gold1041.0393.361
that's going to make some good [ __ ]1043.0393.681
neebs all right1044.44.24
okay we are rocking and rolling we are1046.723.28
rocking and rolling i actually just need1048.642.72
more titanium now1050.04.4
so i can make more storage lockers1051.364.559
you're gonna be set up man [ __ ] yeah1054.43.519
baby oh is my inventory full1055.9194.321
full of a full i'm full of [ __ ] when1057.9193.201
this is all done1060.242.0
said and done you're done with this1061.123.12
stuff bring me some of that gold nope1062.243.84
i'm gonna leave it here but i'll tell1064.243.04
you about it and then you can1066.083.12
you can come down here there you go get1067.283.84
it you come get it because nobody knows1069.22.96
i'm here1071.124.08
well remember that some tina knows1072.165.44
i told him god damn it don't tell tina1075.23.599
okay yeah i know you told him but don't1077.62.72
tell anybody else well1078.7993.841
you trust tina right well my sandwich1080.323.599
girl knows1082.642.96
give me your damn sandwich don't tell1083.9193.921
anybody else that's the only two people1085.64.24
kevin the only two people yep that's1087.843.44
i have to tell them not tell anybody but1091.284.16
yes please that's the only people1093.63.12
nobody needs to know i'm here all right1095.442.88
i'll put you away i'm gonna take what1096.723.52
little titanium i have i might need some1098.323.28
all right heading back over here busy1101.64.64
busy busy busy busy1104.5594.401
oh yeah right over here right over here1106.244.48
i love the welcome aboard captain let me1108.962.8
hear it baby1110.724.16
welcome aboard captain i didn't say it1111.764.72
i said it i like to hear it from the1114.883.76
lady oh well you know what maybe i like1116.483.6
talking to her better too1118.645.2
you know what you just said1120.083.76
you live in the ocean for a couple weeks1125.126.0
by yourself you lose all social skills1127.0394.081
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah1132.087.2
you got room to expand yeah oh man this1135.65.84
is uh yeah again this is just storage1139.285.36
we're not expanding we'll see all right1141.444.64
i can see you living here forever no i'm1144.643.84
not living here forever this is just1146.085.2
temporary storage like look what are we1148.485.84
like titanium right1151.283.04
bam this is where the titanium goes i1154.44.0
come in here put the titanium1156.324.239
what else we got we got sport stuff yeah1158.43.6
how we gonna work my name in there we're1160.5592.561
quartz oh look we got boom boom boom1163.124.0
this is where we get or quartz1165.25.04
neebs gold uh gold1167.125.6
neebs gold let's see yeah popping the1170.243.36
gold in there1172.723.36
it's just five other letters isn't it1173.64.56
all right this is great babes this is1176.083.28
great this is good1178.163.04
you're doing fantastic all right other1179.363.52
than the alien living in my head1181.24.08
not not a not a bad day and that's not1182.883.84
bad either i don't think1185.283.44
alan seems like a good guy yeah he's1186.723.36
quiet alan you there1188.723.68
oh wait was it ellen it's no it's allen1190.084.32
ellen allen ellen allen1192.46.44
elliott elliott1194.411.45
alex allen ellen dammit1198.8426.36

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