Valheim - Caves, Crypts, and CONSTANT Death

Hey guys, buckle up because today's Valheim video from Neebs Gaming is an absolute rollercoaster of emotions. The crew is on a mission to fi...
Valheim - Caves, Crypts, and CONSTANT Death
Valheim - Caves, Crypts, and CONSTANT Death

Valheim - Caves, Crypts, and CONSTANT Death

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Oh man, this video is pure gold! I mean, who doesn't love watching us die over and over again in Valheim?

simon: Haha, yeah, it's hilarious! Constant death is our specialty, especially when we can't even find that 'schmemecor' thingy!

appsro: I still can't believe we thought a 'sampernickle' was a red cube! But hey, it's all part of the fun in Valheim, right?

neebs: Absolutely! It's all about the journey, even if that journey involves getting wrecked in caves and crypts. Good times, good times.

Hey guys, buckle up because today's Valheim video from Neebs Gaming is an absolute rollercoaster of emotions. The crew is on a mission to find something... a schmemecor? A spurtling bore? A sampernickle? Honestly, I have no idea what they're looking for, but it's bound to be hilarious watching them try to figure it out.

If you're a fan of Valheim, you definitely need to check out their playlist for more epic adventures in the game. The link is right there in the description, so go ahead and hit play for some quality entertainment.

And can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that Neebs Gaming has their own coffee now? How cool is that? I can only imagine the kind of energy boost you'd get from sipping on some Neebs Gaming Coffee while watching their videos. It's like a match made in heaven.

I love how they always make sure to give credit to the music they use in their videos. It really shows their attention to detail and respect for other artists. Plus, the music they choose is always on point and really adds to the overall vibe of the video. So, shoutout to all the talented musicians featured in this Valheim video.

Overall, this Valheim video is a wild ride from start to finish. The Neebs Gaming crew never fails to entertain, and I can't wait to see what other shenanigans they get into next. If you're a fan of their content, make sure to hit that subscribe button and join the Neebs Gaming community. Trust me, you won't regret it.

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Man, have you seen Neebs Gaming's Valheim series? It's honestly the most entertaining way to experience that game outside of playing it yourself. Their cinematic style really pulls you into the Viking survival world in a way that makes you feel like you're right there with the crew.

In the latest episode, they're searching for these mysterious red cubes that are apparently super valuable. But of course, they run into all sorts of hilarious mishaps and deaths along the way. The banter between the guys as they get killed by trolls or freeze to death is comedy gold. And the way they edit the footage with closeups and dramatic music makes mundane stuff like chopping trees or building a base camp so epic and cinematic.

Overall, Neebs Gaming just has a mastery of turning games into enjoyable stories. Even though I love playing Valheim myself, I find myself looking forward to their new episodes each week just to see what crazy adventures they'll get up to next. And they clearly have as much fun playing together as we do watching.

So if you're looking for an entertaining way to experience Valheim that will make you laugh out loud, look no further than Neebs Gaming. Their mix of humor, camaraderie and cinematic flair is the perfect complement to such an immersive survival game. It really feels like you're embarking on an epic Viking saga with your best buddies. I'd highly recommend giving their Valheim playlist a watch, especially if you want to see how much joy and fun can come out of this great game.

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um do we go2.3992.561
into the other door or no which other3.1993.521
door where was it right here4.964.559
oh right here up i've got yeah we're6.723.28
gonna go9.5192.481
sorry about that sorry about that whoa10.03.519
all right back up simon12.04.559
oh boy okay13.5193.04
all right guys we got some things to do27.1193.761
first and foremost29.5994.161
we are going to go get bees bees bees30.884.32
bees are important and that was for33.763.2
things that yeah that allows us to yeah35.23.519
okay we'll be able to upgrade our36.963.68
crafting bench with that make new things38.7195.601
also we need to find a cave right so40.645.599
because and there are some things within44.323.84
that cave that will allow us to46.2394.721
again advance right so it's like we're48.163.6
looking for50.964.079
for any cave or just uh cable51.765.6
particular cave oh in those caves most55.0393.281
caves have57.363.92
well whoa whoa well i need some stamina58.323.36
what are you doing okay hey if you need61.683.519
some stamina gather around me real quick63.1993.121
we've got a threat65.1993.841
an immediate threat really gather round66.323.76
wow look at you69.044.16
oh i was about to say a dramatic thick70.086.8
my wood and i are by your side oh yes73.26.8
we've got a troll in front of us oh76.885.36
so what are we planning on doing uh we80.04.4
gotta i i would say we surround it82.245.6
yeah i've never84.43.44
so i'm gonna flank right huh okay91.925.44
should i be doing the arrows arrows94.963.199
okay blanking right and then i have98.1593.6
simon in the middle100.7992.081
right in the middle right at the butt101.7593.601
crack yeah careful oh i got another uh102.883.36
threat to deal with105.363.84
who would i oh [ __ ] bees are attacking106.243.76
okay good good good oh this [ __ ] is110.03.52
coming at me with112.3994.72
this big old oh boy maybe am i am i113.524.239
supposed to be117.1191.921
shooting this thing he's going to be117.7593.281
easy yeah yeah go ahead and shoot119.044.96
okay all right yeah he's going to take121.043.359
down some trees for us too oh man don't124.3994.401
get hit by the trees right127.24.24
i got really low guys sorry yeah oh boy128.83.439
that's okay131.442.4
um i gotta read i got it this is gonna132.2393.041
be this is gonna be easy133.844.56
simon is coming towards me yeah yeah135.284.959
yeah when we have him surrounded like138.43.919
this and he doesn't know who to go to140.2394.481
plus we've got trees in the way yeah142.3193.92
he's he's gonna144.723.12
he's gonna burn in hell i'm shooting146.2393.761
around oh no147.845.2
wrong way and another one boom and150.04.0
another one153.044.0
oh i took him out nice simon all right154.05.04
he's gonna drop some of his skin157.045.76
which is disgusting oh159.048.24
doraleous dora australia's killed by162.87.519
probably a nick all right well let's167.284.16
just wait for him170.3193.2
yeah i got no problem with that great171.443.28
job by the way son173.5193.281
oh thank you i'm a little bit more of a174.7210.9
man today than i was yesterday176.812.67
yeah hey neebs hey what's going on i201.843.84
uh there's a boar you following me i'm205.683.36
thinking uh207.763.199
nope doesn't look like it okay check209.043.36
this out i was sick of seeing you210.9593.28
struggle with this little bait212.44.88
man this is exactly what i wanted214.2395.761
there you go this is perfect so crazy217.284.4
gonna have those benches everywhere220.03.28
oh what the workbenches yeah yeah we'll221.682.72
just take them up when i'm done with the223.282.8
project though oh if you i thought it224.42.479
had to stay226.082.799
no oh no no yeah you can absolutely once226.8793.041
you're done once i'm done building the228.8792.161
bridge i'll just tear out i229.923.12
tear it down didn't know that that's231.043.68
good to know yeah what you want to get233.042.559
into today234.723.36
i don't know i still feel like i don't235.5993.601
know enough about this game to know what238.082.48
to do so239.23.36
you're you're more uh you want me to240.563.12
decide because i don't know242.562.64
well if you want to i mean obviously i243.683.199
got this bridge project going on it245.22.88
looks like you're about to go catch up246.8792.08
with the other guys248.083.439
catch oh catch up i get up with them248.9594.321
yeah go get up with them i'm sure yeah251.5192.881
they're over there in the dark forest253.282.319
you'll love the dark forest254.44.079
yeah so if i just uh hold on if i just255.5993.681
go map258.4792.72
boy just go there by myself yeah i mean259.283.68
i could go with you but you know261.1993.601
you have to hire a mercenary yeah what262.963.12
do i use this uh elk264.83.2
pickaxe for oh that's yeah in the dark266.083.6
forest you can get copper and tin268.02.8
that's the stuff we're gonna need matter269.682.32
of fact bring me back some copper and270.83.04
tin yeah i'll just go get some copper272.02.8
and ten come back273.843.68
okay you know what actually a copper tin274.84.399
and a certainly cool277.524.88
a lot a serling core279.1997.921
a circle jim sterling282.46.22
a certain core287.123.2
yep i know where to get that i'll get290.323.599
that go get it292.564.24
this way yep that way baby okay i'll be293.9195.28
back with this296.85.679
certain cool299.1993.28
all right this brace is gonna look good302.884.4
guys yeah yeah bees are in here309.445.44
oh i know i i i walked in accidentally312.4793.681
and got are they done314.884.08
are they big bees no not really um i316.164.72
just have to knock it down with the318.964.48
okay ah damn it hold on hold on hold on320.884.08
i got and guys no do your thing323.444.72
for the rec um that death i just had324.964.72
yeah that did that didn't count i forgot328.163.28
how to roll so that didn't count right329.683.359
like i was okay331.443.599
i just didn't remember it's been how333.0394.16
does that not count though of course335.0393.361
because i was like just trying to337.1993.601
refresh you know i got the b i got the b338.44.48
all right let's get the b okay get the b340.83.119
all right you go342.883.12
all right we got the b okay why is that343.9193.601
it'll be fine no no it's not that bad346.02.639
it's not that bad okay347.522.8
you're carrying a b all right in your348.6393.761
hand or in your pocket and you're gonna350.323.92
bring it i've got a queen bee352.44.96
in my pocket who's ready to launch and354.245.04
we are gonna upgrade our base and looks357.363.679
like there's some honey already up here359.283.6
oh look at the height that we can get361.0393.041
look at that honey honey362.883.36
let's go ahead and cross everybody get364.083.839
your stamina up we're going to cross366.244.16
this river really all right hold on yeah367.9193.441
why wouldn't we370.43.919
yeah okay no i'm going to jump on the371.363.52
look save myself a little bit of stamina374.883.2
can you do that it worked out didn't it376.563.12
can you walk down from here no378.084.08
it didn't can you walk from here yeah379.683.12
yeah all right382.162.319
swim you can swim yeah i know but i just382.83.519
want to see not too bad well i got a384.4792.16
fear of the water i had this spear386.6392.721
situation and guys there's some387.9193.041
blueberries over here also some389.362.559
oh i love blueberries and mushrooms391.9195.28
we're gonna venture in the direction395.283.359
that i'm heading right now397.1992.961
uh-huh and we're gonna look for that398.6393.84
this is the same it's the same forest404.885.92
think i think it turns into pine trees408.164.159
wait that looks different down there410.86.08
the bottom of the hill pine trees okay412.3197.841
here we go got a river to cross black416.886.48
forest okay now could i420.166.08
jump on this and do like they do in the423.364.0
or i run and it takes me across that'd427.363.839
be great430.4793.521
i'll run this way and it goes backwards431.1995.44
come on nope434.06.24
okay we're gonna have to walk it436.6393.601
don't want to fall in there hold on here440.965.04
we go we got to go into the river strong442.86.959
rest up over here this log here we go446.05.199
jump on this log449.7595.201
oh it's going it's going now go that way451.1996.56
go that way okay we're just going for it454.964.72
there's a pig there to greet me457.7595.28
pig i come in peace pay no mind459.684.959
i won't bother you if you don't bother463.0394.401
me now what am i looking for464.6395.601
oh there's the thing there's the thing i467.443.599
see you470.244.239
you're what come on shield471.0393.44
huh where you going yep oh474.965.359
that's a tough one okay shielding478.163.2
oh shoot neebs yeah neebs hey what are481.364.64
you doing here i'm being attacked484.43.919
yeah i was trying to get that just do486.04.8
the cure488.3192.481
oh here we go here we go over here all501.0393.84
right nope gotta go502.724.24
all right where are we at here we are504.8793.841
tag team jump in there i gotta i gotta508.723.999
recover come on baby510.8795.121
oh come on got the arrows coming in512.7198.161
oh boy suck on that chunky man516.04.88
it's pretty noble oh all right here we528.03.519
go spear530.563.12
the old spear in the shield yeah yeah531.5193.121
yeah yeah533.683.279
all right trying to help out here yep534.643.52
burning them536.9594.401
stir it let's go stand up oh boy one's538.165.2
down names541.365.2
don't leave me again coming in neebs543.366.56
all right beautiful oh nice it is not546.565.68
friendly here no no no that's why they549.924.64
called the black forest552.245.2
you know black nightmarish yeah neebs554.563.92
good to see you though557.443.44
thanks i'm here for a summer core for558.483.2
what some560.882.56
i'm sorry so i'm trying to get some561.684.0
sneaker bacons yep i know what you're565.683.92
talking about we have to go to a cave to567.8393.211
get that569.63.2
maybe yeah oh yeah i'm gonna do that on572.85.36
the other side576.643.28
and then you know what i'm gonna call it578.164.08
that looks uh that looks pretty damn579.923.84
good if you ask me582.244.56
boom boom oh yeah now i don't have to583.764.8
hear any [ __ ] about getting caught in586.82.719
the crick588.562.8
i'm dudes i don't know how to swim i'm589.5193.521
counting the crick look at me591.364.88
how do i get out of the creek593.043.2
baby that's him all right597.126.32
you tearing you down your nut and600.246.719
okay hmm so what now all by myself oh603.447.36
i know exactly what now work on the pad606.9595.921
we need some roads around here oh yeah610.83.44
this path needs cleaning this is612.882.32
make a road over here that goes to615.23.6
dick's house then maybe goes to the616.643.759
center of town this place is going to618.82.56
look good620.3993.841
hey ada say your name you hiding out in621.363.76
thick's house624.249.599
you've got all the trees down625.128.719
all right guys we're about to upgrade634.726.0
everybody say hello to our new beehive638.243.52
hello newbie640.726.48
hello inside the house we have a beehive641.768.0
we need more openings the business okay647.23.12
okay that's649.763.6
fine hold on650.325.92
whoa okay yeah right yeah outside knees653.363.2
i mean i'm allergic what's up this is656.563.6
your bad neebs659.042.799
uh well i thought it was just for the660.162.799
night because it said i had to be near661.8391.841
the fire662.9592.32
okay all right we're doing fine with663.683.04
that tonight then we're gonna665.2794.721
see i'm putting the beehive outside good666.726.48
idea yeah that's670.06.88
new yeah these are see they're sleeping673.26.319
all right perfect okay all right now we676.884.8
are upgraded on the workbench679.5194.32
okay and do we get honey uh we will get681.683.2
honey yeah683.8393.281
okay good i like honey i like to good684.883.36
the beehive upgrades the workbench uh688.243.12
actually along with this little hide691.363.52
thing and sketch it and why is that hold692.722.96
up hold up hold up694.883.92
real quick okay okay guys uh looks like695.683.44
the the it doesn't upgrade the workbench699.123.68
but but we have honey702.86.719
that's coming to us yeah yeah okay706.0795.121
okay well i'm pretty sure i just said709.5195.041
does the b we have upgraded711.23.36
are yep he was wrong but we could still715.123.36
make baklava717.5192.961
now now we can make as much baklava as718.484.0
we want with the honey exactly720.483.76
or honey croissants it takes a lot of722.483.68
time man you see how many layers that724.244.88
so many layers it is so good you've726.164.32
never once made it in your life i729.123.279
guarantee it i guarantee it no730.484.159
of course i never ate it i've never made732.3994.721
it but i ate it that's all that matters734.6394.241
like forest black forest like forest737.123.279
yeah i got things to get all right738.884.399
okay neves neebs yeah pick this booger740.3994.24
out of my nose i heard you743.2795.601
a car will appear oh really yeah744.6398.32
sounds legit i love you thick748.8810.959
no you don't nope he doesn't752.9596.88
oh oh you see us you see cave763.926.479
see a spawner what yeah i see767.2795.12
that okay so all right let's back up a770.3993.201
little bit let's772.3994.081
hey neebs hi hey see that spawner you773.63.44
i like how you say back up and you move777.043.28
forward what the hell is that yeah778.882.48
that's weird nice780.323.36
oh that's all right oh nope i've moved781.363.76
back i didn't know there were spawners783.682.159
in this game785.122.64
all right so listen okay so spawners785.8393.201
that purple thing we787.762.96
we can destroy those things i don't want789.043.039
to do it now or790.723.679
i've seen i've seen listen listen listen792.0793.281
listen shut it794.3993.12
shut it shut it because i have seen no795.363.279
one said anything797.5193.521
not one798.6392.401
just tell us to shut up for another806.6394.88
minute before you [ __ ] talk808.0793.44
you're gonna talk now yeah i don't know812.163.6
am i when do you see i don't know814.03.44
i'm killing deer right guys go ahead815.763.199
there's a way to turn those spawners817.442.48
into things that818.9593.68
actually will be an unlimited source for819.924.88
wood and stone like minecraft oh i know822.6392.801
what it is824.82.8
yeah bees you got to bring bees to it825.443.519
yeah yeah yeah connected to your827.63.44
oh my god just leave you guys here to831.043.84
no but you can't you can't not834.883.36
understand that that's funny836.6393.44
but it's fine it was a misunderstanding838.242.88
you know you know that's funny thing840.0792.32
you're misunderstanding i know but it's841.122.159
still funny thank you842.3992.961
ladies and gentlemen still funny we have843.2793.601
all right all right so what are we going846.883.36
to do thick to do what you think is848.6392.721
going to happen850.243.279
or can happen we're not going to do that851.363.76
right now we can't do that right now853.5193.12
okay we just know where it is we need to855.123.44
keep we need to keep searching for856.6395.381
okay it's cave time focus focus858.566.94
yeah coming right out oh is this a866.724.4
mystical force in this area stops me is868.6393.44
it you871.123.12
is it you you headless schmuck yeah872.0795.601
you're all head now ain't you bubba874.245.12
got your power oh actually i need to877.683.279
hang that guy in my wall879.363.919
uh okay i can make a little like gate880.9593.44
right here883.2792.8
kind of clear this area out yeah this884.3993.201
will lead right back to town886.0792.801
that's what i love about this game is887.62.72
like what are you gonna do today i'm888.883.44
gonna work on a path890.325.6
you try to [ __ ] stop me892.323.6
neebs yeah another spawner yeah i feel896.484.719
like i'm getting off track here899.764.0
i was supposed to get some uh samper901.1993.041
yeah something well part of navigating904.243.279
this forest is906.322.8
like exploring it and taking care of907.5193.201
like so what do we do909.123.68
what do we do with the spawner shoot it910.723.84
out i'm gonna fight it you fight it912.83.52
like you know i'm getting in there you914.563.279
guys cover me wow916.323.92
oh i mean well i just shot it and it917.8393.921
went down and won920.245.039
it got it already yes like wow921.765.68
the second my arrow hit it win all right925.2795.12
so i'm going to try to shoot927.442.959
him got my guy a little arrow we930.565.12
designated i didn't know we designated933.687.599
damn it i'm not like there's a shaman935.685.599
he heals those guys we got to kill the942.883.04
shaman the red one944.483.919
green one green one you got green eyes i945.925.12
just shot them948.3992.641
oh yeah setting952.242.8
on brownies fall back fall back i'm966.9594.0
trying thank you968.9597.201
[ __ ] oh my god are you okay970.9597.761
meeps is dead and these damn things the976.164.0
shaman is almost978.724.08
it's almost dead you're almost dead oh980.164.239
no that's stupid come on that was really982.82.479
fun grayling984.3994.401
come on oh boy okay names down985.2796.961
me and simon did it go down988.83.44
oh yeah come on [ __ ] all right no992.326.72
got one down no simon what do you mean995.683.92
i got uh i don't want you to die no okay999.63.76
but i'm kicking ass1002.242.959
uh he keeps healing those grey dwarfs1003.363.599
yep this is a problem1005.1995.361
oh [ __ ] there we go so this shield that1006.9595.921
can in fact hurt them when they're1010.563.44
swinging yeah1012.882.72
if you time it out right it'll knock1014.011.839
them back okay1015.610.239
i love it1026.3195.041
i'll take care of these guys until my1031.368.319
little brothers come back1032.9599.041
oh yeah this is nice it's my favorite1039.6793.921
part about this game it's just so1042.03.76
peaceful and relaxing i'm just cooking1043.64.16
some meat from my shop1045.764.159
i'm doing it in neebs house or neebs is1047.763.6
barn i think1049.9192.961
i don't even have a [ __ ] chimney in1051.363.84
here for the [ __ ] hole1052.884.48
ah yeah here we go get some meat put1055.23.599
some more meat on1057.364.64
ah that's a nice night1058.7995.601
got a good day somebody to pass i'm a1062.03.44
look at me i'm the i'm the trailblazer1065.444.08
i bet those guys are yeah i bet they're1069.9195.201
having fun1073.68.24
oh fire went out1075.126.72
guys follow me all right i saw a cave on1083.124.08
the way back1086.03.2
here right here if we go in those guys1087.24.64
can't follow us oh perfect1089.25.68
oh wow okay cave cave cave oh geez1091.845.6
all right i'm going in the cave okay1094.883.679
okay go in1097.444.32
all right going in going in enter1098.5596.801
it's a troll cave what1101.765.36
this is a troll cave i thought you said1105.363.439
we didn't want a troll cave1107.124.559
is it a troll cave okay hold on hold on1108.7994.401
let's get everybody in here1111.6794.321
into the troll cave i heard that yeah1113.24.96
yellow mushrooms in here1116.06.24
oh i'm coming mushrooms oh god1118.164.08
that doesn't sound good at all what just1125.763.36
happened simon died1127.845.199
simon died in there it's very very close1129.123.919
he went in for safety he went in for1136.086.24
safety and he could have come out like1139.124.799
do you understand how caves worked1142.323.04
you've got an entrance do you1143.9193.201
that also works as a why aren't we1145.364.08
hiding in the cave1147.124.0
okay you're gonna get thicked is that1149.443.44
you're gonna blame it on that because i1151.124.559
find out i don't knock oh there's a1152.883.52
there's there's1155.6793.921
simon there he is yeah i got my back1156.46.159
no i've got uh i guess sure sure you1159.63.36
know what1162.5592.641
i'll light i'll light and i'll kill it1162.963.76
hold on we got we need some light1165.24.0
here oh there's that [ __ ] that's what1166.725.04
you're running about1169.22.56
i'm getting out of here1176.083.76
see doroth the uh cave work says the1182.643.279
works as an exit and he can't get out1185.9193.921
yeah that's so i don't1189.845.52
what do you what world do you live in1193.0394.0
what do you mean oh he got 50. he went1195.363.76
in there he cut her ran right back out1197.0399.201
okay okay buddy all right1199.1210.08
oh my god dude look at this a black1206.243.76
forest just1209.23.359
went right down from the base these guys1210.04.32
are way up there this one's so much1212.5593.041
it's like right here let's see1215.65.28
i actually want some skeleton fragments1218.644.96
any skeletons oh my god look how lucky i1220.883.84
look at you guys hey i need your bones1224.723.52
i'm gonna take a swipe boom take a swipe1228.244.16
watch me fat come on try to get1230.05.52
whoop gotta bow boom come on take a1232.44.56
swing take a swing bubba1235.525.039
[ __ ] defeat your ass oh you got buddies1236.965.52
oh you got buddies hey i need your bone1240.5594.321
fragments baby you're already like weak1242.485.6
there we go oh more okay1244.884.799
i didn't know you wanted some but damn1248.083.599
come get some baby quack1249.6795.281
quack come on come on boom boom after1251.6794.88
versus the skeleton after wins every1254.962.24
but you want hugging delves and dungeons1257.26.0
can be found oh is this a skeleton cave1260.7997.461
this is a skeleton cave i'm going in1263.26.479
oh boy that's a one star skeleton this1269.6794.161
might be a bad idea1272.1593.361
i can't use much of a shield in here i1273.843.04
don't have a light1275.524.96
hey boys what y'all uh what y'all doing1276.885.279
over there oh you're hitting ada1280.483.12
there in the corner that i can clearly1282.1594.081
see hey ada1283.65.439
okay let's see can i sneak behind you1286.243.36
just whack you whack it yeah1289.65.36
oh god whoa all right yep you're a one1292.963.44
star okay1294.962.64
yep you're a little tougher than the1296.43.44
coming in here alone might be stupid1300.1594.4
might be real out okay yep i'm getting1302.644.64
the [ __ ] out of here1304.5592.721
all right i needed how many skeleton1308.03.28
fraggers i got three i got some back of1309.762.32
the house but1311.282.0
i might be able to make that thing i1312.084.76
wanted yes yes i can make the thing i1313.286.56
all right all right who else is here1324.884.4
there you go okay we're all here we're1327.62.72
all all right so1329.284.56
uh ever did ever who died besides me1330.325.839
i did all right hey wait don't we have1333.843.36
like powers1336.1593.76
yeah for stamina like come together and1337.23.76
i'll uh is it help1339.9194.561
oh yeah smell my pants1340.965.76
sure we just want to go in go go get1344.483.679
them simon stuff and get out1346.724.72
yeah get it okay you ready yes help just1348.1595.281
just just that's a grab-and-run thing i1351.443.52
did it grab it run1353.445.4
don't wake him up all right i see all1354.966.5
i'm out of here i'm out i got my stuff1363.367.84
neebs oh sweet good job guys1368.07.039
well oh crap oh neebs1371.27.2
well hey grab a seat oh guys1375.0395.681
let's i think i see a cave straight1378.43.44
ahead let's1380.723.439
go into that cave you see it see if it's1381.843.199
any better1384.1592.961
you go in that cave instead of sending1385.0394.0
me into the death trap1387.124.24
i know i could have left i'm okay it's1389.0394.081
right here neebs will see this1391.363.84
hey hug and shut up i'm gonna talk to1393.124.32
you get you off my screen i'm busy i'm1395.23.2
on youtube1397.443.92
[ __ ] off oh okay did you talk did you1398.43.6
talk to the bird1401.363.52
simon i did i've been doing it all day1402.04.159
you're the best1404.882.64
all right you're entering in this one1406.1594.161
too okay drill cave burial chambers1407.524.72
that's nice got some skeletons right1410.323.28
here oh you're okay1412.244.559
oh i don't even okay okay1413.64.959
just right on that okay i should1416.7993.921
probably get clothes on1418.5596.561
let me get some food hit me good there1420.727.12
ha ha he missed me good there i need1425.124.08
like we all need fruit you know yep here1429.23.599
we go1432.02.799
what what what lies ahead of us yeah1432.7993.041
let's go this way1434.7994.041
all right gonna go to the door to the1435.846.15
okay i'm not a skeleton guy what no what1444.03.84
do you what do you mean1446.7994.0
i just left oh i'm coming back in now1447.844.0
there we go1450.7994.88
burning skeletons1451.843.839
burning them yeah i just1457.0396.64
ate ones oh1460.086.719
kind of dry tastes like bones all right1463.6794.401
let's see if we can find these [ __ ]1466.7991.681
oh here it is1468.482.96
we can build a fireplace or actually1474.5593.281
make better [ __ ]1476.963.04
oh yeah all right do we go into the1477.843.12
other door or no1480.03.12
which other door where was it right here1480.963.599
oh right here1483.123.439
up i've got yeah we're going to go sorry1484.5593.36
about that sorry about that1486.5594.801
whoa sorry back up simon oh boy1487.9196.721
okay all right1491.364.799
sorry it's tight quarters that was a bad1494.642.02
all right i'm bringing them back to the1497.763.039
main chamber at least one of them1498.886.08
oh boy that was a fire fire1500.7997.841
oh i'm screwed i am screwed so bad1504.967.28
unless i get around these guys here we1508.643.6
hey names dick the other guy's died1525.6796.561
hey go get my stuff yeah1528.7995.441
i don't know i've got it i'm busy i mean1532.243.039
the first time i went in there he was1534.242.64
like crouched in the corner1535.2792.961
that's what i need to happen this time1536.882.96
let me see if i can distract him a1538.242.48
little bit come on1539.842.88
come with me if he's if he's snoozing1540.723.36
don't don't like get his attention we1542.721.92
got to sneak1544.083.04
maybe we should sneak sneak in sneak in1544.643.36
oh neebs1547.123.439
there's two dead nibs bodies over here i1548.04.0
know i don't know which one it is it's1550.5592.72
probably the deeper one1552.04.799
yeah just i sneak recovered1553.2796.241
okay come on items are recovered take it1556.7993.12
take it take it what's happening wait do1559.9194.321
i have i think i have all the good stuff1562.244.4
right yeah that's good let's just get1564.243.6
out of here okay1566.643.039
just get out of here okay don't ever1567.843.28
don't ever come here again okay1569.6794.081
well now we will all right it's a good1571.123.2
uh black forest uh i guess i'm sitting1574.323.52
down now1577.2793.76
good news neebs got we got certain core1577.846.24
certainly core yep1581.0394.321
i don't think that's what i was coming1584.083.199
here for i think it is1585.364.799
um can i have one i only have one i1587.2793.76
gotta go get more1590.1592.88
but it might be okay you know what i1591.0393.201
feel bad for you1593.0395.281
there you go ah perfect i don't have1594.246.88
room for it do i1598.322.8
you're great you're the best1601.3626.48
oh it's good1612.0815.76
oh yeah1637.9196.721
i got a cape check out my sexy cape fool1644.644.399
my god okay1647.9193.521
what am i get out of deer hide i also1649.0394.481
made it out of skeleton parts i got a1651.443.2
sweet-ass cake1653.524.879
now i look good walking around1654.643.759
what else i got what else i got oh1660.06.32
[ __ ] boom i made a beehive yeah i gotta1663.2793.361
high and a sweet ass cake got a sweet1666.644.88
ass cape and a beehive1668.884.64
my bees is gonna be happy they're out1671.523.519
here and they're happy1673.524.8
yeah i gotta get a hobby oh [ __ ]1675.0398.071
i'm going crazy here by myself1678.3228.32
sneaker beacons sampernickel circling1706.645.2
i don't think that's what i was coming1711.9193.921
here for1713.2792.561

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