Underwater Treasure Discovery!!! - Grounded

Hey there, Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on their YouTube channel yet? If not, you're in for a real treat. In thi...
Underwater Treasure Discovery!!! - Grounded
Underwater Treasure Discovery!!! - Grounded

Underwater Treasure Discovery!!! - Grounded

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another Neebs Gaming adventure! Today, we're talking about our favorite video, 'Underwater Treasure Discovery!!! - Grounded.'

simon: Oh man, that video was a blast! I mean, who doesn't love finding hidden treasure underwater?

appsro: I know, right? And the best part was trying to figure out how to get inside that chest. It was like a real-life puzzle!

neebs: Exactly! It was like we were in our own little adventure game. Plus, who doesn't love a good mystery?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on their YouTube channel yet? If not, you're in for a real treat. In this one, the Neebs crew explores the depths of the ocean and stumbles upon a mysterious chest filled with secrets and treasure. But here's the catch - they have to figure out how to open it!

As a huge fan of Neebs Gaming, I always look forward to their latest adventures and this video is no exception. The suspense of not knowing what's inside that chest is killing me, but I can't wait to see how they manage to unlock its secrets. And let's not forget the hilarious banter and antics that the Neebs crew always brings to the table - it's guaranteed to keep you entertained from start to finish.

If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications so you never miss a new video from Neebs Gaming. And for those of you who want to show your support, check out their merch and consider becoming a Patreon to help them continue creating awesome content. Trust me, you won't regret it.

So grab some popcorn, get comfy, and join me in watching Neebs Gaming tackle the mystery of the underwater chest. I have a feeling this video is going to be epic, and I can't wait to see what surprises are in store. Let's dive in and see what unfolds in this exciting new adventure!

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check this out boys0.54.02
and speaking of science we made a6.3195.501
science shirt yeah check that out it8.825.34
says science and it looks good and you'd11.824.559
look good in it get it today links in14.164.94
the description box16.3792.721
okay so if I hit eat a super build boom35.38.14
that's down all right if I hit e again39.427.26
yep that one I put way out there takes43.447.5
nine of them and bang none of them one46.687.199
two three four Webb yep okay okay so50.944.5
that's down now one two three four five53.8795.301
six seven eight nine silk rope55.443.74
all right oh yeah you just jump yeah60.266.88
just jump64.7395.761
ah gotta hit e on a game hey yep got it67.148.159
I I don't think I did hello yeah this is70.56.36
great where are you at dude I'm coming75.2994.401
oh give me a kiss76.865.759
that's awesome what took us so long to79.74.72
get to this point um82.6193.421
build it and I didn't really have a84.423.9
reason to but now I do I kept getting86.044.38
like sick of swimming out here to the88.324.74
pond base and now if I take the zip line90.424.199
from the house the pond base is right93.063.78
below us perfect so I can go down there94.6194.741
and get you know muscle Sprouts work96.844.62
smarter not harder but you still got to99.364.079
go back there's no way we can't use the101.465.22
zip line to get back oh so yeah yeah you103.4397.081
can only do I only goes one way yeah106.685.52
yeah wish you could go the other way how110.523.239
fun would that be yep there's a little112.24.02
Tower or figure out something yeah I113.7596.241
could do that all right I have found a116.225.82
hole down below and I want to explore120.04.2
that hole Simon you're all geared up for122.044.679
an underwater Adventure yes so you're124.25.399
coming with me damn right babes yeah we126.7195.401
need bombs okay so once you go kill a129.5994.621
bunch of ants and just get eggs we need132.125.04
as many bombs as we can possibly make uh134.224.92
yep remember murder the ants first137.164.68
murder the ants then then steal their139.143.72
babies because they got to make more141.844.56
babies got it okay I'm on my way142.866.48
yeah you know that ain't gonna work yeah146.46.08
yeah you can't even make it work149.343.14
if anyone order some bombs yes go get152.646.56
bombs okay156.542.66
all right okay Simon yeah it was yeah160.8796.161
this week this way this way all right I165.33.54
see you have a knife out should I have a167.044.5
weapon uh no I brought you to be the168.845.399
light okay oh that's right I gotta uh I171.544.74
gotta see which one oh yeah that's the174.2394.08
light I don't this is what I found down176.284.62
here all right found a hole and I was178.3194.021
like this hole looks cool but it's dark180.93.54
I need my buddy Simon with the light182.345.1
that's right here I am nice all right so184.445.04
I'll lead the way187.443.48
um for you yeah maybe I don't know if189.482.64
there's any threats down here why don't190.923.36
you let me stay in front all right okay192.125.339
oh boy this one goes down a bit oh yeah194.285.879
okay little spiders all right it's a197.4596.381
little baby little cutie patoo come on200.1593.681
oh wow that thing looks nasty blowing up224.545.74
on the water okay how's your air uh good227.644.98
85 seconds all right 85 seconds let's230.285.459
not let that mess up all right okay all232.624.399
right are you coming at me235.7394.401
it'd be nice if I had a weapon as well237.0197.061
can I do both yes I can can I stab while240.145.62
we're having light244.084.32
um maybe just don't stab me all right no245.764.5
oh yeah no you need like an underwater248.43.3
weapon that weapon's not built for250.263.78
underwater you guys here we go okay nice251.76.06
all right you need air no 58 56 yeah254.045.879
something like that okay what about you257.764.14
I mean is there a place I'm full when I259.9193.72
every time I kill a spider it refills261.94.38
mine oh oh okay263.6394.461
thank you266.285.04
all right answers uh man I sure hope you268.15.8
guys made babies because it's gonna get271.324.56
ugly if you didn't273.93.54
I mean it would be way easier if I just275.885.4
went in here and there was you know eggs277.446.259
what are you doing you laying eggs284.162.88
please tell me you're laying eggs for285.244.98
the safety of your whole village287.045.82
right no eggs yet hey guys290.224.8
no eggs we're happy with the population292.863.6
come on rocks I would have seen eggs by296.465.519
now wouldn't I300.33.36
all right301.9794.621
I hope they wouldn't come to this yeah303.666.8
all right I'll meet you out front306.63.86
oh yeah316.445.1
you got it all right definitely gonna be317.965.44
some babies coming now321.545.28
man should I help uh maybe I should hold323.44.56
get my shield out327.962.959
ah ladybug continue to get my shield on331.55.479
okay uh all right I'm going in333.846.62
boom boom yeah336.9797.72
wow we need eggs baby sorry340.467.66
yep come on come on come on I'm sorry344.6996.081
but this is for Science and for eggs348.124.74
bring it to me350.786.12
here we go come on yeah352.864.04
oh boy oh I'm hurt okay never mind363.746.28
I'll be back368.344.52
make babies370.022.84
oh I'm definitely getting low okay let's373.54.259
go back for air we can always come back376.322.939
we'll get this bubbles but moving377.7593.0
forward I just saw bubbles can I just379.2593.361
grab some air from the bubble uh I don't380.7594.801
Maybe maybe oh yeah okay that big bubble382.624.859
here yeah hold on we gotta get these385.563.6
guys first oh I know I think I need to387.4793.121
get the bubble okay you get the bubble389.162.759
oh God390.64.08
damn it Rubble got it all right all391.9195.101
right fall back all right back okay okay394.684.2
no not fall all the way back come back397.024.739
Simon all right coming back down oh boy398.885.28
oh there's three I know that's what I'm401.7593.72
saying you're right in there and you404.163.3
pissed everything oh I did oh I needed405.4794.021
air God forbid I guess that's right407.463.54
there we could go back get here come409.53.539
back yeah we're in this or you411.03.84
can run right now no I want to see413.0395.28
what's in here I don't know oh no you've414.845.88
gotten almost knocked out are you in my418.3193.72
weight what's happening I don't think420.723.0
I'm in your way probably um who knows422.0393.6
let's get the hell out of here423.724.56
yeah yeah right no no we've got a little425.6394.741
one at a time okay there's another428.283.539
following each other because they're all430.381.87
there we go441.063.259
there we go442.625.16
come on baby come on yeah yeah one more444.3195.021
one more447.784.319
yeah here we go now go for the bubble go449.344.44
for the ball all right well I'm I'm good452.0993.561
I'll go for the bubble453.784.319
it's just chewing gum down here or455.665.62
something gum what is that that this oh458.0995.281
that's clay oh okay yeah yeah we can get461.284.139
a bunch of that on the surface463.384.259
um let's see do I have a line I can pop465.4193.241
out and I don't think there's any467.6392.641
dangers down here this is where we came468.663.539
from we came from up here right where we470.284.56
came from they didn't put this big hole472.1996.361
here for nothing did they oh wait what474.847.09
I think I know what that goes to as well482.5997.0
oh baby I remember finding a treasure486.026.04
chest not too long ago all right I love489.5995.701
it let's let's do this hey thanks for492.066.06
your help hey my pleasure yeah I got495.34.92
hectic for a minute but we did okay not498.124.019
too shabby and now we're gonna go get500.226.02
some treasure oh oh502.1394.101
what are you doing man507.35.64
hmm are you friendly usually you guys509.585.759
are like buttholes512.943.779
I was gonna see if you wanted to help me516.7193.421
kill ants518.762.519
you seem very peaceful all right521.2796.541
interesting you can't judge a bug by its524.943.68
right okay well528.625.8
um I'm not gonna drag you into this mess532.84.7
so as you were534.423.08
now I I don't really remember getting540.05.04
treasure before like you've gotten542.74.139
treasure what kind of truck you and I545.043.78
opened uh opened a treasure chest546.8394.381
remember what was in it um there was a548.825.34
burger chip and some supplies oh yeah551.225.16
but Simon burgled chicken look at this554.164.38
this has got to be it right yes of556.386.12
course no no yeah yeah and there's gonna558.546.359
be cyan oh you want to grab it Simon and562.55.64
a chip yes I do want to grab the old564.8995.401
Mega milk molar oh that's a mega milk568.144.259
okay sweet and then yeah is that a570.34.5
purple chip that is a sunken Outpost572.3994.741
Pearl chip sweet grab it all right and574.84.86
then we got 35 seconds left we should577.143.84
know we should probably get back yeah579.663.799
right this thing riding it580.985.58
come on baby583.4595.681
and then come up right here oh I was at586.564.62
the wrong spot over here over here oh no589.145.72
over here stop okay hold on over here591.187.07
five oh yeah four three yeah594.866.46
that's fun601.923.14
hey huh I got earlier that caused all607.265.04
that mess what a jerk609.9595.041
here we go lights on612.34.56
man these guys are not good at face615.03.6
recognition at all616.863.419
surely there are some620.2794.801
is this somebody's bag622.984.38
less's backpack there we go I got that625.084.46
can I carry that though627.367.34
all right ah look at you guys so cozy629.549.419
oh there's one two now we're talking634.77.9
that's right making babies I'm just638.9596.461
gonna plan my route real quick you know642.64.26
what I'll start down here and I'll run645.424.32
this way everybody go to sleep646.865.28
and do not wake up your eggs are safe649.744.219
thank you652.145.1
all right everybody just relaxed you're653.9596.041
fine we can make more as our egg over657.245.33
here got the stone I don't need stones660.04.04
yep eggs I know what a monster I'm sorry664.048.739
but I need to make Mom nope pardon me669.147.5
your fake left he goes right okay yep672.7797.62
I'm free listen making babies is fun do676.645.96
it do it again you can do it all night680.3993.961
I'm coming I got the eggs684.363.91
hey Astros okay success on our mission698.065.98
we found a burger chip sweet do you want701.5794.621
those eggs yeah I'm gonna make as many704.044.44
as I can huh how many bombs can you make706.25.4
see I think I just made six oh sweet are708.485.34
you making bombs for again uh to blow711.64.919
holes in things oh okay I want to see713.823.959
this so we're gonna blow holes and716.5194.081
things now well we can I do know one717.7794.441
place it's night probably shouldn't go720.64.799
out at night oh we should or we722.225.04
shouldn't I'm gonna turn this fire on725.3994.261
yeah she's so dark in here yeah now it's727.265.16
super dark we have we have lights we can729.664.619
go out and blow up things at night it's732.423.3
going to be cooler to blow things at734.2793.361
night than during the day okay well we735.723.48
could travel at night but I think before737.643.18
we go I want to go turn this burgle chip739.24.259
in I'll be back oh I need to put my uh740.824.8
what am I doing still running around743.4596.12
with my pond armor on come on I'll be745.626.24
right back like a nut like that's crazy749.5794.5
right he was doing it he would have wore751.864.5
it all day yeah754.0794.701
I'm changing now756.368.36
yep there you go take it and then pop it765.54.3
in your hand768.483.479
Perfect all right what can you tell me769.83.24
with that771.9593.721
can you remember okay check the science773.045.7
stuff for more recipes775.685.19
all right I will778.743.24
okay the ASL terminal let's see uh we783.8996.481
got 5 000 science788.164.38
molars what can we buy with two molars790.384.86
man Max stamina Max healer God Max792.544.62
healing would be good wouldn't it God I795.244.26
think I'm gonna do that797.165.52
oh man that feels good okay and then now799.55.279
what can we learn to make here at the802.685.04
science center you know what that diving804.7795.221
Lantern I'll do that one be good to have807.723.419
a lantern that doesn't run out810.03.72
immediately okay burgle you've been811.1396.241
great just absolutely fantastic what are813.725.34
you making he's slapping Nintendo games817.383.84
and yourself still all right yeah have819.064.56
fun playing Donkey Kong Country I'm821.225.54
gonna go do something productive823.623.14
coming in hot baby827.766.0
damn it what's wrong I hit I hit a jump829.746.12
and there was something in my hand is it833.763.78
because there's something in my hand and835.866.84
it is it did you hit e e nope e t right837.549.44
E when you're aimed at the Rope842.77.74
we did this this morning I know I did it846.985.919
the other day like look at them look at850.444.44
the rope and hit me well now I'll do it852.8995.581
just like that it hit now it's e there854.886.68
you go come on in baby food yeah858.485.0
I got very lucky did you yeah because I863.486.46
didn't do what that just did yeah no867.124.62
that's uh it's really hard to do it869.943.72
isn't all right you guys uh ready to871.743.779
travel let's do it we gotta just yeah873.663.359
the easiest thing to do would be take875.5194.861
the pond and uh yeah just go across the877.0195.88
pond and then stick to the wall okay if880.384.44
I remember correctly I think there's a882.8994.62
cool place we can bomb right over there884.825.16
right over there huh yeah now we're887.5195.221
swimming all right we're swimming889.984.799
when I was a kid there was a place a892.744.2
swim pool called cool park cool Park894.7794.92
yeah did you guys call it cool park or896.944.8
was the actual name cool it was named899.6994.5
cool Park okay makes sense today they901.743.599
would probably call it Insurance904.1992.521
oh a lot of diving boards diving boards906.725.22
a platform like I don't know a 50-foot909.64.799
just giant Rusty platform God I miss911.943.54
swimming pools before insurance914.3993.24
companies ruin them trampolines with no915.483.96
Nets man I know kids growing up today917.6393.361
they don't they don't they can't919.443.54
appreciate it can't appreciate it if921.03.48
you're allowed to jump out of a plane922.983.359
and sign a waiver you should be able to924.483.359
everyone would sign a waiver to go play926.3393.841
in a playground right yeah and I mean927.8394.021
they still have like trampoline parks930.184.68
and stuff but they're not as fun well I931.865.339
don't know trampoline parks are fun they934.864.5
are I don't know there's no concrete to937.1993.661
jump on like we had when I was a kid939.364.279
yeah I do miss diving boards though940.865.58
great I said spider after me yeah is943.6395.26
anyone come on let's just move all right946.444.259
yeah yeah there's a spider after my ass948.8994.94
all right let's go950.6993.14
all right neebs you think you can throw961.5794.661
a bomb there yeah did you bring them963.666.14
what I'm joking966.243.56
all right you ready it was a little970.884.6
funny it was funny is it gonna blow an973.0193.781
impact or is it going to roll back down975.483.24
and kill us no it's976.83.24
you see there's like a little pocket978.722.4
over there to the left see if you can980.043.12
get it in the pocket oh I guess I'm uh981.124.14
Tiger Woods now yeah your Tiger Woods983.163.239
see if you can get it to the left985.264.319
because Tiger Woods throws things yes to986.3996.56
the left to the left here he goes989.5793.38
stay there993.184.76
that was Tiger Woods baby yeah you997.945.68
talking wood not about a swing make any1000.567.62
sense man okay let's move in yeah yeah I1003.626.12
guess right yeah so I guess we can climb1008.186.92
these roots yep oh because my roots1009.745.36
oh check this out boys1015.3396.3
and speaking of science we made a1022.05.5
science shirt yeah check that out it1024.4395.4
says science and it looks good and you'd1027.54.5
look good in it get it today links in1029.8396.561
the description box science science1032.04.4
yeah check this out you like this right1041.266.939
um what a grill yeah a grill yeah I mean1044.9597.741
you know it's all right don't suck can1048.1996.36
we get back up here you guys just jumped1052.72.94
down there like it was no problem1054.5593.541
probably there's uh yeah there's got to1055.643.42
be a way back up there1058.12.18
oh man this looks neat1060.285.8
also looks like it's dangerous like the1063.5595.101
grass here has been burnt up is that are1066.085.58
those coals still hot uh let's see you1068.665.22
okay coming out here I'm fine I'm fine1071.664.74
all right but there is some stuff that's1073.885.4
glowing so you think it'd be hot1076.45.58
It's gotta be hot look at that right oh1079.285.1
that looks awesome all right let's let's1081.984.559
do some science here and see if I get1084.384.26
all right1088.645.6
what do you feel Simon so far1090.447.82
up yep oh yeah yeah yeah yeah oh1094.247.84
get out of there gotta try it you ran1098.267.86
into the goals you ran into the car1102.084.04

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