Neebs vs The Bear. (Also Simon is Here) The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on the channel yet? Appsro may be out, but don't worry because Si...
Neebs vs The Bear. (Also Simon is Here) The Long Dark: PERMADEATH
Neebs vs The Bear. (Also Simon is Here) The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

Neebs vs The Bear. (Also Simon is Here) The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

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neebs: Hey Simon, remember that time we took on that bear in The Long Dark? That was epic!

simon: Oh yeah, that was intense! I can't believe we actually survived that encounter.

neebs: And let's not forget the moment when you stepped in for Appsro. You really saved the day!

simon: Haha, well, I couldn't let you face that bear alone. Teamwork makes the dream work, right?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on the channel yet? Appsro may be out, but don't worry because Simon is in, and things are about to get wild. In this episode, Neebs is on a mission to hunt down a bear and avenge his good friend. You definitely don't want to miss out on all the action and excitement!

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man woke up freezing let's hope this is5.186.52
the first time starter man I just want9.124.32
to get out of here it's been snowing11.73.78
there we go getting warm15.484.74
you know what else is wrong18.243.36
it's only at 16 I didn't bring my21.65.64
freaking Stone thing23.766.599
jeez come on snow lighten up27.245.999
all right at least I got the fire going30.3595.841
30 minutes33.2392.961
hello hey babes Simon yeah how'd you get36.448.5
dragged into this mess oh I said yes and41.765.88
I I regret it already44.944.82
um I was trying to be a team player okay47.645.099
uh it's49.765.439
it's pretty cold here52.7394.621
there's no nice places here55.1994.741
right what should I what do what what do57.364.56
I do man what do you suggest I the first59.943.54
thing I do because I just walked out of61.922.96
a cave63.484.56
eat my peaches yeah where where are64.884.3
inventory oh I just hit I69.185.88
all right what do you have uh looks like72.1194.981
I have a flare75.064.08
matches some shoes77.14.019
are these stuff that I need to79.143.9
box or am I wearing this stuff oh man81.1193.36
are you relying on me to keep you alive83.044.82
decent thermal underwear okay84.4796.18
all right okay it looks like I'm wearing87.863.82
my stuff90.6593.361
wearing it huh yeah like I'll go to my91.684.38
person in the menus and I've got a scarf94.023.72
on and I'm wearing like shoes and stuff96.063.66
so it looks I'm chilled yeah97.743.9
you click the T-shirt massage a person99.723.96
you can kind of see how you're layered101.643.54
up there103.684.92
oh okay so you said oh I'm sorry you105.185.52
said eat my peaches you don't have any108.65.159
peaches yeah you don't have peaches oh110.75.099
it's so cold out here man113.7594.32
when is it gonna let up I just gotta go115.7994.68
kill a bear118.0794.141
I heard that it's120.4794.701
me turning around next122.222.96
weather reports a week out are always126.6593.841
dead on yep128.4594.14
um should I just continue to wander and130.55.099
hope I find some shelter yeah do you see132.5994.741
I do not135.5994.14
um I'm guessing running isn't a good137.345.66
thing so I should just walk139.7393.261
um let's see how it looks like to run143.164.26
yeah more calories running all right I'm145.263.18
oh I heard it uh I was gonna say an owl148.446.92
but that wasn't an owl that's a woof151.683.68
well they're where the wolves are go the156.184.08
other way I I don't see them I just hear158.224.019
them oh Jesus160.264.44
oh God162.2394.741
oh no I'm not are you being attacked by164.74.5
Wolves yes I am166.983.119
I don't I just walked down I'm being170.0994.261
circled by wolves do I run yeah if you171.94.08
can yes right all right I'm trying to174.364.019
run do I run on top of a boulder do you175.985.42
have a torch uh178.3793.021
there's no punch185.186.16
no hold on oh wait wait they ran away187.985.52
I've been back I'm on the top of a191.344.86
bulldog I might be confusing them193.54.92
no don't come up here is there Crouch196.23.899
yes it's Crouch198.425.039
crouching there you go that will too hey200.0995.581
hey hey all right they seem to be a203.4594.261
little bit confused on on going on top205.683.96
of this big rock there's no way they're207.723.42
gonna forget about you they're not209.643.06
they're gonna stay there until you come211.143.84
down I bet oh well I mean oh my health212.74.2
is already like do you have a torch or a214.983.979
flare or anything in your inventory216.95.1
I have a flare okay hold on I remember218.9595.92
seeing a flat wait do this get out of222.05.04
your menus hit space bar go out of my224.8795.22
menus in space bar yes yeah227.044.8
there oh my God it might look like a230.0993.841
ladder like a light source yeah light231.844.28
I don't yeah there is236.126.88
the trigger yep240.144.239
it might should be a way to light it243.03.36
there is I'm lighting it do they not do244.3794.86
they not ready oh good so then do I do I246.365.299
scare them249.2392.42
okay I'm crouching right now hey you252.186.32
little shits whoa you just bit me oh God253.987.62
just run away you gave me really bad258.55.02
advice thieves players should keep them261.64.44
up here go find safe it didn't though it263.524.02
didn't get and why can't I go that way266.045.879
why can't I run running267.544.379
good God one day278.7595.361
not even281.282.84
the storm gonna end285.364.82
okay not as cold anymore okay so I came303.9196.461
in from that way I climbed the cliff I307.2595.041
found this house310.383.72
that doesn't look like it goes anywhere312.33.959
maybe I'll just take a look314.17.28
I can see if I can see Milton316.2595.121
um nope sure can't321.4196.681
over here325.1392.961
came on can I climb this328.1394.081
okay yep there's a house out there332.227.63
man I don't recognize anything though336.4197.021
here's something343.442.94
is that a sign it's just a walkway to go346.384.099
okay oh350.4794.421
I will not name that one354.93.56
just in case357.245.48
ah this is that gas station isn't it358.464.26
is this the gas station363.34.02
if it is this is the road that goes to365.7592.641
I bet it is368.44.56
probably search this place already370.085.94
is that Milton over there man I think it372.966.299
is okay uh bye-bye you know what I376.024.739
should go back and check this truck and379.2593.601
this other stuff I saw over here380.7594.801
I didn't notice this the first time oh382.864.619
boy if I don't starve to death that bear385.564.82
is gonna get it387.4792.901
that's food392.8195.301
two things of food395.13.02
if I take it closer to that bear though398.7593.621
next to the fair402.5393.481
kill the bear win the game406.026.42
all right here's my old house yes man I408.965.4
can't believe I'm back here it's like a412.443.84
dream come true414.364.5
all right did I leave any food what's416.286.539
this oh yeah soda that counts I'll have418.865.22
one right now422.8194.38
soda a little bit of food a little bit424.085.58
of nutrients yes427.1995.581
all right now this is back when I was a429.665.759
noob and now I'm a seasoned Survivor432.784.56
opening an empty fridge that obviously435.4194.261
says empty you empty yep look at me437.344.5
store any more food what is that can't441.845.46
eat that445.023.66
really no food all this Wood's good448.683.66
all right what do I do452.343.6
do I454.2593.901
I keep moving that's what I do455.944.44
gotta find more food those sodas were a458.163.24
good find460.382.28
all right461.43.239
good seeing you old house I gotta go to462.664.259
my other Street house on the corner a464.6394.021
corner house on the street that's what I466.9193.301
should have said either that makes sense468.664.34
okay good to be back Milton470.226.13
we're all leaving here478.1395.06
if there's a pizza480.123.079
chicken wings483.5392.66
some salad487.1994.921
all right okay the kitchen what we got488.886.9
oh look it's cured that's great492.126.12
um coffee coffee495.784.199
search did I put anything in it what's499.9793.601
sure is a lot I don't even like coffee503.583.42
can I eat that stump remover probably507.03.12
good food to burn what is this cash514.9795.821
by not really paid any attention to cash518.882.76
I don't think there's anything to eat in523.446.42
here that's empty great oh wait fridge525.485.82
that's what I keep in the fridge huh531.34.5
what is that revolver ammunition yeah533.2793.821
I'll do that535.82.82
crap nothing okay you know what let's540.365.52
keep moving I'm pretty sure there's no543.7794.021
food in here either all right next place545.884.139
I'll hit up the road by the church547.85.84
church that's where I'll go550.0193.621
chances of there being food in there are555.9593.421
super slim too557.763.24
because you know what I wasn't walking559.384.62
around with just a surplus was I561.04.56
at least I don't remember that way I564.03.24
remember being pretty horrible565.565.459
all right let's take a look okay567.245.34
sure if I did have something it would be572.583.18
right here574.323.9
yep all this is pretty worthless and I575.765.82
could use campfire oh wait hatch it578.226.48
yes this is actually a good find okay581.584.98
because my other Hatchet let's take a584.72.639
other Hatchet was super low we're gonna587.3393.981
drop that one589.684.5
yeah okay591.325.38
this has been pretty good actually594.185.339
all right all right596.76.48
good fun neebs oh water you know what599.5196.541
um no more full of water603.184.86
almost two liters all right might be606.064.08
back for you water bottle608.043.6
let's push forward610.143.3
I got like a little construction uh611.644.819
container house to go to613.443.019
oh man I passed it621.546.54
there it is jeez I think I look back624.364.979
man I would have went to the bridge and628.084.5
realized it but there it is so I go629.3395.821
around the little log thing632.584.5
run around that way and then right up635.162.94
is a little cabin638.14.26
container thing640.144.86
all right I'm worried about wood I think642.366.539
I got enough got that ax though so645.05.7
should be good648.8994.981
man if I get a wolf or a deer right here650.75.22
that would give me the food I need to653.884.019
get that bear oh there's some wood down655.923.84
there perfect657.8994.68
what am I doing already freezing659.765.519
all right let's get inside662.5794.681
start a fight oh wait you know what I665.2793.661
can't cook fires in here667.264.699
there's no fire inside668.943.019
go outside672.05.399
um flashlight nope what is this oh man673.56.06
more revolver look at it look how nice I677.3995.701
like these charcoal that's great okay I679.564.74
do have a bed683.14.08
I'm warming up684.35.7
food food food687.185.88
all right I got this cat tail690.05.279
I got693.065.339
this piece of meat and these nuts oh my695.2794.381
okay what should I do699.664.56
I really gotta get a Kill701.762.57
let's have some nuts and a soda706.983.84
gotta warm up too though709.23.24
all right let me take a look outside and712.443.38
see how color it is again714.33.18
uh two two arrows down yep that's cold717.488.7
all right man I could use a wolf or a722.3396.861
rabbit or something726.183.02
yeah I can't go out like this what time731.2795.641
is it and it's noon this is like the733.85.52
hottest part of the day probably736.923.96
jeez I need more food740.883.26
oh what is that749.14.62
man I feel like I should use the rifle751.983.979
I don't want to miss the shot I really756.244.94
need this food758.4592.721
move in tight768.8393.021
it's gonna get774.722.6
I'm so shaky why am I so shaky781.265.879
is it because I'm freezing785.2795.18
oh it's because I'm freezing787.1393.32
there had to be a hit had to be right790.685.339
yep there's blood794.223.84
uh if I could just see where he falls I796.0194.701
can come back for him798.062.66
oh I don't run too far don't run too far801.05.1
I'm cold804.664.44
okay you know what oh boy806.14.62
I heard a wolf809.13.6
boy when it rains it pours doesn't it810.724.14
there's no animals I'm gonna go812.74.199
let's go up that hill814.866.8
man don't run away whoa okay816.8994.761
yeah okay wolves right here821.826.3
um can I do the thing I'm gonna do this825.05.24
right here833.044.859
this shape does not okay confirm834.8396.781
um this is a wolf837.8996.24
all right well I gotta run841.623.899
um I'm pretty sure yeah I'm freezing844.1395.121
I'll be back be back when it's warmer845.5193.741
we're gonna fire it by it maybe I would849.362.94
do it851.2793.62
a little fire852.32.599
fire nope855.24.3
I think I know by now857.5793.421
so I'm gonna be alive right now if I859.53.06
knew I was doing861.03.779
nope I don't have the stuff862.564.26
do I not have the stuff crap I gotta go864.7795.781
I gotta go I'll be back866.823.74
here we go had a good nap Gathering some880.1994.021
this world's probably gonna be frozen884.225.34
I bet oh the birds that's where they are886.684.74
the paint did I because the birds will891.422.64
tell me892.923.859
my birds I got it894.062.719
I got it from here we go damn I'm kind899.3994.62
of glad you came along because you know902.5794.56
what that deer I would like to find it904.0197.081
but what if I don't 26 Frozen okay907.1396.841
we'll just wait a second oh yeah fuel911.15.34
sometimes I forget and then they just913.984.68
burn out and I'm an idiot916.446.48
had fuel right here that's an hour there918.667.64
we go I'll keep this warm922.923.38
see what you see here for a second929.4593.421
because you got930.8393.601
still frozen a bit I'm just going to932.883.48
take a look over this hill see if I see934.444.459
that deer936.362.539
I hit him even though I was freezing uh938.944.98
cause I was shaking942.245.36
but it's all the blood943.923.68
oh this steep okay maybe he didn't go947.766.0
that far951.8394.381
I could have a deer and a wolf953.764.439
this oh there's a graveyard over there956.224.2
did I know that I don't think I knew958.1993.901
as long as this Blood stick around I962.14.739
think the snow would cover it964.324.86
yeah I'm not oh Birds I gotta look for966.8393.601
that's the wolf970.446.42
that's obvious don't see any other birds972.8396.24
there's my Camp up there976.863.779
I'm gonna tell them where that deer went979.0794.38
all right grab some sticks and head back980.6395.181
to the wolf983.4592.361
okay here we go986.824.62
we are back and this guy should be988.924.5
thought yep all right we're gonna do the991.444.56
old quarter technique with the knife993.424.62
it's gonna take an hour how only is fire996.04.5
fire it's got an hour and a few sticks998.045.359
just to be safe1000.52.899
there we go that'll get us through maybe1004.164.739
Keep the Wolves Away and keep us warm1005.7796.24
quartering it takes an hour and calories1008.8995.88
I think I'm good1012.0194.38
here we go now we got some food1016.3995.221
we're coming from you bear1019.5195.541
from you for you1021.623.44
oh boy look at I can see my breath1036.644.72
does that mean it's crazy cold right now1041.367.579
two arrows down1045.223.719
ah boy1049.822.72
if I drink this tea that I cooked1052.583.839
several days ago will that warm me up1054.263.72
um thank you1056.4194.281
let's try that1057.982.72
um yeah oh wait1061.944.26
that treatment didn't I missed it didn't1064.343.42
do anything you know what that said now1066.24.32
I'm colder it made me colder1067.767.64
what see if I can start this fire1070.524.88
warm up oh yeah that worked great okay1078.56.84
um so away from the fire away from fire1082.345.579
way cold okay here we go add some fuel1085.346.18
add a couple sticks Brewing torch sure1087.9195.701
burn it I don't need that1091.525.22
okay 25 minutes I want to cook1093.625.52
this tea1096.744.62
there we go1099.144.56
maybe get a cup of tea and go kill a1101.364.52
pretty morning1107.364.26
I like mornings I like I like afternoons1109.163.54
looks the same to me colors wise1112.75.76
if I get up early if you don't have to1116.07.52
okay here we go two minutes still ready1118.465.06
I think the best thing to do is to sit1123.5593.961
around here and prepare1125.1794.561
maybe gather some wood1127.523.659
that way I can just jump in the house1129.744.16
when I'm freezing1131.1792.721
coffee's ready let's just go ahead and1147.765.1
drink it1150.322.54
good old nasty dirt water1153.264.799
all right1155.664.68
how's that doing warming up now we're1158.0593.48
tuck up1160.343.54
still two down1161.5394.201
you know what screw it I'm going for it1163.884.08
keep you waiting all day to go fight a1165.743.179
if I can get one of those cars I'll get1168.9192.521
all right sit tight container house I1171.444.859
might be back1174.6794.701
hopefully in good shape1176.2993.081
this is that car and1184.965.56
I think I recognize this car1188.364.5
I painted the side of the door I forget1190.524.019
why but that's when I realized I was1192.863.72
going the wrong way1194.5394.02
that it yep1196.584.979
okay I don't want to go that way1198.5594.98
grab the stick that one like a fire in a1201.5594.261
minute probably I need to carry all this1203.5393.481
like I left some stuff behind1207.026.92
never learned1210.463.48
there's the bridge1220.0394.981
all right1222.384.44
her eyes open1226.825.239
bear up here1229.12.959
uh-huh I'll see you over the bear1239.55.919
I'm here to avenge my brother1242.665.78
come face me1245.4193.021
all right let's see should I just get a1249.625.4
shot in am I worried about being cold1252.23.599
I'm talking a little worried about1255.022.1
getting me in cold1255.7993.12
tell you what let's be on fire real1257.123.98
these and matches not that start fire1263.147.84
all right1268.943.359
we need to be freezing while I'm1270.983.74
fighting a bear1272.2992.421
come on burn baby burn1275.4194.981
there you go that's the ticket and Bam1280.47.08
all right we got an hour 12. that's good1285.263.48
okay I'm heating up1288.745.179
where'd he go1291.22.719
I'm gonna get a shot1294.6792.661
let's reload why not1297.446.92
living bullets in that one1300.5593.801
I got the revolver1304.464.74
there we go all the way baby1306.444.92
she's full1309.23.959
I can get a shot and get back in this1313.1594.64
car that'd be great1315.022.779
man I want to go in the first car I get1322.524.639
to he's probably fast1324.262.899
tell you what1330.142.6
should have built that fire up here by1337.14.92
the first car you big dummy all right1338.66.5
this is one of the second1342.023.08
I think there was a way you know what I1350.6593.721
was thinking about passing time but what1353.122.64
if that bear walked up on me while I was1354.382.82
passing time1355.765.18
you get in this car good night1357.23.74
look at me oh look at that candy bar1363.084.8
perfect okay candy bar soda yes thank1367.888.46
you mm-hmm all right1373.44.86
how do you pass time again is it this1376.344.14
one and then nope1378.263.84
how many days I got in this1380.484.199
is it the fire there it is there's gonna1382.14.559
be an hour isn't it I want to wait a1384.6794.281
whole hour1386.6592.301
cook water1389.4194.201
that's a thing all right let's see1391.345.66
I'm scared death my gun's gonna go off1393.623.38
here we go cook one of these oh coffee1398.4195.64
another coffee1401.4196.421
do I have a can yeah there we go water1404.0598.1
cook whoa whoa there he is okay you know1407.846.44
holy crap1421.523.12
is he dead1423.146.96
oh my God whoa what the world1424.647.62
he better not be playing1430.15.22
oh my God are you playing1432.268.88
I killed him back a bigger brother yeah1435.325.82
beat the game1442.124.2
I'd like to thank uh apps row who taught1446.325.62
me everything I know about surviving in1450.024.5
The Long Dark I'd like to thank Simon1451.945.16
who made me understand I shouldn't teach1454.525.039
people how to survive oh I get to put my1457.16.6
initials in yes please uh let's see ah1459.5597.801
ass is taken hmm all right I'll do like1463.76.44
nib in EB1467.364.24
all right1470.1412.24
thank you1482.383.36
thank you thank you1492.643.3

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And their commentary is hilarious as always - I was crying laughing at some of Simon's screams and one-liners. These guys just have a way of bringing out the fun in any game they play.

So if you're looking for a good laugh while also getting to experience an incredible hunting simulation, I can't recommend this Neebs Gaming video enough. Their cinematic approach makes you feel like you're playing it yourself. It's the next best thing to actually being there!

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