The King of the Ants!!! - Grounded

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! If you haven't checked out the latest video on Neebs Magic Dumpster, you're seriously missing ou...
The King of the Ants!!! - Grounded
The King of the Ants!!! - Grounded

The King of the Ants!!! - Grounded

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neebs: Hey there, Appsro! Have you seen that video, 'The King of the Ants'? It's my absolute favorite on our channel!

appsro: Oh, you mean the one where we become one with the ants and they treat us like their own? Yeah, that's a classic! Definitely top tier content.

neebs: I love how we really got into character for that one. It was like we were the ant royalty, ruling over our tiny subjects with grace and dignity.

appsro: Haha, yeah, and remember when Simon tried to sneak in and steal our ant crown? Good times, good times. That video always puts a smile on my face.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! If you haven't checked out the latest video on Neebs Magic Dumpster, you're seriously missing out. The gang over at Neebs Gaming has done it again with another hilarious and entertaining episode that will have you laughing out loud and wanting more.

In this video, the Neebs crew dives deep into the world of ants and discovers that if you become one with them, they'll treat you like their own. Trust me, it's as bizarre and awesome as it sounds. Watching the guys interact with these tiny creatures is both fascinating and side-splittingly funny. You won't be able to tear your eyes away from the screen as they embark on their ant-filled adventure.

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man these guys are really really active0.244.14
even at night oh no okay they're they're2.6394.441
talking talking to me yeah okay I'm just4.384.98
going in I'm catching up to you Simon oh7.084.559
my God you are you insane there's like9.365.359
100 ants down here11.6393.08
a cutie26.7795.201
cutie hey cutie28.86.08
cutie yeah31.985.46
hey hey I didn't even know you were34.884.12
talking to me I was hey come over here37.443.9
and look in this uh armor basket all39.06.3
right three pieces of art I see all41.345.46
right I want you to put those on because45.33.3
after you do we're gonna go do a little46.84.68
experiment you and me okay hold on so in48.65.52
order to put these on there we go I can51.486.84
do I drag it away sure boom all right54.126.9
there you go so what you have on is ant58.325.1
armor yes oh good so this is the stuff61.024.08
that should make me carry better I think63.424.26
so so we are running out of weed stems65.14.62
we got plenty of grass so why don't you67.683.36
and I go out and find some dandelion69.724.32
Simon dandelions they're this away yeah71.044.68
I like dandelions like the blow on them74.043.72
yeah me too it's not the only thing you75.726.259
like the blue yeah yeah yeah77.767.499
oh I hope uh I hope I didn't say that81.9795.621
too early yeah it's been 15 seconds85.2594.051
you're good okay good87.64.8
oh oh he knocked on his knees some of92.46.06
those things can we just run away do we95.75.58
need to chop it uh we're on a fight boy98.465.339
you jump oh there's two let's run uh run101.285.4
yeah run yep right uh maybe let me see103.7994.561
well what do you mean I'm doing really106.684.74
good that's not how War Works uh let's108.364.82
fight all right111.423.72
I mean there's three of them I think113.185.799
three yeah I got this one oh boy what's115.147.14
happening oh I got one yeah118.9795.46
oh that was a good block122.285.42
come on yeah124.4393.261
we might have been only two but nice I128.785.56
was exaggerating a bit okay we got some131.8196.481
carts now oh hell yeah I just didn't134.345.34
know if we're running you can't say138.33.06
maybe you know what I mean like in139.683.12
general it would never say are we gonna141.363.84
fight sir maybe we'll make you think I'm142.84.38
a general I'm just nades I didn't know145.23.3
where we were going I was following you147.183.059
yeah okay148.53.5
check this out150.2394.14
oh how's that152.06.819
uh like oh like that's does that look154.3796.781
good I like it okay how do you how's158.8194.081
your vision does it change at all uh161.163.54
yeah a little bit blurry on the sides162.94.26
and um yeah164.75.94
so we're going to the gas Zone oh your167.165.28
mouth is creepy as [ __ ] you look like a170.644.2
like a cleaning device like you're a172.444.439
scrubber like on some sort of a vacuum174.843.479
cleaner you ready176.8793.231
what are we doing178.3195.27
yeah there we go there we go184.4597.181
here let me uh let me Pat the ground Pat188.04.959
the ground a little bit scoop the ground191.644.5
up there we go thank you all right try192.9594.981
to stay out of trouble would you okay uh196.143.42
all right so dandelions they're right197.944.32
here me trying to stay out of trouble199.564.14
yeah try to stay out of trouble it202.263.96
wasn't me and being in trouble if you203.74.5
look two big data lines right here I206.224.08
know I'm I'm chopping right now in a208.24.92
damn dandelion this is the dandelion we210.34.14
don't have the ability to chop down that213.123.06
dandelion's too big Simon it's a214.443.42
dandelion Annie that one actually came216.184.32
down dumbass okay yeah you're right yeah217.864.56
what about these get these two over here220.53.599
I want to see how much you can carry222.423.599
with that armor okay wait where I don't224.0995.06
I don't see the oh these two right here226.0195.761
oh wow so that already seems like a lot229.1594.901
so this is six before it was five maybe231.783.78
I could pick up more come on maybe234.063.12
another choppy chops oh yeah tell you235.566.14
what let me uh this one there you go237.187.26
if that's not a dandelion so this is241.75.259
this is clearly a dandelion that was my244.445.04
impression of you except for you sounded246.9594.2
Dumber okay all right yeah see if you249.482.94
can grab those see how many you can get251.1592.521
all right I'm gonna start with the one252.424.92
over here oh is that seven is it seven253.686.6
hold on nope it's seven wow but still257.345.1
that's better than five dude it's two260.284.56
better is to me much better yeah all262.443.6
right tell you what let me get this one264.842.579
and then uh yeah we'll haul these back266.045.52
to base damn right look at me I'm strong267.4197.161
I'm like an amp you strong boy271.564.89
what is the gas I think it's like an282.566.22
insecticide ah well that's a shitty285.125.639
um like exterminator no look at this288.785.76
trench it's just full of it yeah oh290.7595.761
what was that sound what what does that294.545.06
sound is it this ladybug right here296.525.88
this little ladybug yeah we'll just make299.65.74
bugs have sounds now you can't do that302.44.32
you can't just create that you know305.343.12
they've always added bug sounds like306.724.5
scary sounds and like to spiders in308.465.88
movies like like it's a spider you know311.224.68
they have sounds there right well I I314.343.6
assume but it's probably like a315.94.68
got it okay you win this one I mean I I317.944.02
don't know what they sound like yeah but320.585.399
it's not a okay so now listen this is321.966.0
the gas Zone I assume oh that I can go325.9794.861
in here and yeah you can't right I327.964.679
forgot it was just I was getting to that330.845.04
okay so um all right I'm gonna go in see332.6395.161
what's going in there hey good luck335.882.97
something big come before you go left oh343.383.9
I just see that the stuff moving you347.285.54
know what I mean gotcha349.53.32
oh you were a little bit further to the371.163.78
oh that little son of a where's ladybug372.965.28
uh it was uh off to the left more there374.944.92
we go there we go arrows worked pretty378.243.84
good on it yeah okay you Arrow I'll do379.865.04
this uh really that one that one didn't382.083.92
work there384.94.2
okay here we go I was trying to get away386.05.34
get up here buddy410.943.36
yeah yeah you're up here all by yourself414.35.76
yeah what's uh what's up there it's a417.05.699
little ant just one single aunt who's420.064.74
really really confused and kind of422.6995.041
Twitchy I'm gonna name him Twitchy yeah424.85.519
yeah you know so we can keep him up here427.744.5
you know yeah exactly like yeah we don't430.3193.841
need to get rid of him I like him yeah432.243.84
his name is Twitchy kind of want to434.163.84
maybe give him give him a sedative436.085.28
though calm438.04.08
probably not I have raw evil meat yeah442.085.22
drop some Weeble beat see if he likes it445.744.019
okay what do you think Buddy there you447.34.519
go Twitchy449.7596.0
how about that come on something tasty451.8196.88
yeah I've seen it eat a weevil Raw455.7595.34
they do eat it here oh yeah I got a an458.6995.101
aphid roast I'll drop that461.0994.5
what you think about that little apron463.84.98
huh oh yeah he's dancing yeah either465.5994.681
that or he's twitching468.784.4
yeah I think he has a disease probably470.286.3
maybe it has the disease of like you473.185.68
know the the brain's been taken over by476.585.82
a parasite yeah quarter steps that's478.864.8
what you were talking about earlier482.43.299
right probably483.665.22
oh nope nope now I'm starting to feel485.6995.22
bad for the ant maybe we should put it488.884.259
up it's miserable oh no keep him he's490.9195.06
fine okay493.1392.84
what should we do should we try fighting500.94.239
it again uh yeah I'll stay back I'd like502.865.6
to stay back approach okay505.1393.321
yep okay I hit one508.563.74
wait that wasn't it okay right back here512.7195.021
we got it Apes right here jumping over515.2795.041
the ladybug okay here it goes okay517.743.739
here we go ladybug wake up521.4794.261
come on baby535.442.78
all right hell yeah infected larva yeah542.046.66
look at some of this stuff oh fungal545.945.399
growth oh we got fungal growth oh thank548.75.24
you ladybug friend551.3394.68
he just peed on that tree do you see his553.943.88
leg I'm just getting all my arrows back556.0194.921
sorry okay let's go uh let's go research557.826.81
this stuff yeah I'm so down foreign560.947.68
what are you doing I am having fun I'm568.625.1
getting a little dizzy though okay all571.864.26
right I'm at this analyzer this mosquito573.725.96
we killed I can analyze this Blood sack576.128.159
mosquito needles and healed Masa sounds579.686.88
like a kielbasa sausage but it's healed584.2794.441
Masa exactly I was about to say oh586.563.899
you're making me hungry all right and588.725.9
then let me Analyze This mosquito beak590.4594.161
what do we get594.744.599
mosquito mountains stuffed mosquito okay596.944.2
so not that not that interesting here599.3394.321
awesome and nice hey looks fun Simon601.144.92
that's awesome it is what's up boys hey603.663.9
what's up how goes the gas mask606.064.38
adventure oh [ __ ] we gotta we killed a607.565.219
um what's that thing a larva yeah all610.443.959
the little larva things yeah it's612.7794.141
infected yeah fungus all over it okay614.3994.201
gotcha it was pretty mean and it was616.924.859
chatting all over the place yeah so oh618.65.22
here it is it's called Uh fungal growth621.7794.56
look at us we're science Majors I love623.824.32
it except for except for assignment626.3394.141
right infected ladybug man oh there's a628.144.8
bunch of mounting stuff Stinger spear B630.484.5
shoulder pads wait that's old that's old632.944.26
stuff right by the way we have a pet now634.984.26
at the base it's Dave's Twitchy he died637.23.87
all right whatever we'll Harvest his647.124.659
Parts Simon follow me we got stuff to do649.54.38
resting peace all right well I feel like653.885.579
we learned something hey Simon yeah I657.363.659
want to go do one more experiment with659.4593.841
this uh ant Army you got okay hold on661.0194.081
one second I'm gonna jump and see if I663.33.24
can stand this is the trick of the day665.13.979
ready yep oh666.545.96
it didn't work669.0793.421
Straight Ahead Simon Straight Ahead675.984.9
straight ahead is an ant hill I wonder678.8993.781
if does it matter if I have a weapon680.883.36
yeah maybe put the weapons away just682.684.08
pull pull the torch out okay hold on and684.243.96
you like walk in there and see like686.762.759
pretend you're one of them like you're688.23.36
back you know I am back boys I got some689.5195.161
food hey guys I got some water yeah hold691.566.0
on go inside the ant hole okay out of694.684.74
the inside the animals yeah pretend697.564.14
you're one of them okay hey oh man what699.425.159
a hard day out there in the yeah on the701.76.36
Mounds exactly right wow man I got I704.5795.581
sure did lift up a lot of stuff that was708.064.98
a lot heavier than me they seem cool710.166.0
yeah you guys all seem cool because713.045.16
we're related right where's Mama Queen716.163.9
yeah you'll see Marco say hi to mama718.25.4
Queen yeah hey Queenie hey hey Frank720.065.94
that's what your name probably is723.66.979
that's hey how you doing little Tony726.04.579
oh Jesus I'm seeing I'm seeing ants that733.3394.781
don't seem to care736.743.48
I've got something hanging and glowing738.124.62
from the ceiling in here but I was right740.224.739
you you I mean yeah they're obviously742.743.779
not attacking me but they don't have744.9593.12
like the glowy eyes they don't maybe746.5193.601
they don't care maybe these guys would748.0794.26
always think that I'm okay it's a big750.123.839
soldier ants they always get pissed off752.3394.141
ass okay well the fact that they're not753.9594.081
getting pissed off at you they're like756.483.72
all right so to complete the experiment758.044.32
I'm gonna walk in there760.24.5
I'm just coming in I'm just a regular762.364.62
old Aunt too heading over here to see my764.75.28
buddy Simon oh God yeah yeah they hate766.986.18
me okay yep their eyes started to Glow I769.987.08
saw them hey wow an enemy kill him773.166.54
this is nice maybe I should go say hi to777.064.68
the queen show her my uh779.74.02
my insect Parts if you know what I mean781.743.659
I know exactly what you mean yeah783.725.48
talking about my privates785.3993.801
I'm right here yeah oh boy all right see789.626.82
come back to Ladybug I think that's a794.3994.74
stink bug ah stink bug okay I'm just796.445.22
gonna go deep go deep dude oh boy he's799.1394.76
I need you okay I'm running the stink815.9595.401
bug now all right819.124.44
oh boy821.363.7
this is what it was like to listen to823.563.32
like AM radio825.065.579
are you down this is bad oh in my826.886.82
instinct territory my instincts tell me830.6395.101
so good one833.76.02
good one trailers thank you835.743.98
this is uh840.363.599
it's getting seems to be a little bit841.565.76
scarier but I'm not sure why man these843.9594.861
guys are really really active even at847.323.48
night oh no okay they're they're talking848.824.62
talking to me oh [ __ ] okay I'm just850.84.979
going in I'm catching up to you Simon oh853.444.98
my God are you insane there's like 100855.7797.041
ants down here oh god there are no boys858.424.4
they're ants everywhere oh God okay862.944.72
let's have it yeah pretend you don't866.13.78
know me I I don't know how I'm going867.665.1
after you look it's an enemy I'm gonna869.886.0
chase after the enemy ant Queen Where872.764.68
Are You Queen okay all right I'm gonna875.883.18
follow you oh my God this is amazing877.443.3
this was a mistake one day oh look this879.063.899
is the square over here is this oh that880.743.899
looked like it was gonna be a chest of882.9593.12
salt oh wait this is actually good stuff884.6393.721
it is yeah we can't break it yet because886.0793.721
we don't have the right materials I888.363.479
picked up pieces of it I picked up small889.83.839
pieces of that oh really this brittle891.8393.3
quartzite we use this stuff to upgrade893.6394.14
our armor oh no I'm sorry not our armor895.1393.961
but I think our weapons all right well897.7793.721
then I I probably passed a lot of it899.14.2
actually made it in here with you I know901.53.24
it's weird so all these little guys903.32.82
right here they're just like what904.743.24
dormant I guess they're just sleeping906.124.079
yeah interesting oh is this one I think907.983.12
it is910.1993.061
uh science oh yeah you do the honors if911.14.799
I take it they might kill me okay913.264.639
oh there you are great I did die yep it921.926.94
was bad I think bags over here yeah925.625.459
okay I gotta go straight through there928.865.219
get my bag okay and then hopefully like931.0794.741
but then what yeah that what what's the934.0793.541
End menu I would like to see something I935.823.6
know but something new you know other937.624.32
than death uh yeah I've seen that plenty939.425.279
if it's Danger new danger bring it back941.946.259
to ladybugs new danger back944.6993.5
you didn't see me okay good all right953.065.019
running towards the bag956.4595.461
hey keep your uh I see movement yep big958.0797.26
spider uh-huh who knew ladybugs Purge961.926.359
like like cats yeah they're the cats of965.3395.521
the of the bug world apparently968.2795.041
okay I need to get this bag970.865.339
and for that spider not to see me973.324.259
I don't even think I'm in stink world976.1992.281
can the spider live in the in the poison978.484.979
that's something to test out right of980.884.56
course of course oh no I see one of983.4593.18
those things985.442.94
there's that spider bring it to the986.6393.781
poison I'm trying988.384.139
oh here we go I'm in the poison I think990.426.68
okay oh there's spiders everywhere992.5194.581
okay oh come on come on whoa how are you998.426.039
doing so good oh poor guy all right um1001.945.459
nope are there fights going on there are1004.4595.661
fights going on1007.3992.721
babe I don't know what happened to me1017.7795.401
death what happened1020.665.119
still sleeping ants1030.044.96
okay hey guys oh this guy's got some of1032.64.26
the Rock in his mouth don't want to take1035.03.9
it bro this is a tooth so I guess if we1036.863.24
ever get to the point where we need1038.93.659
teeth we know where to go ant hill good1040.14.739
God this place is an absolute maze right1042.5594.02
like I don't know how the hell we're1044.8393.48
gonna get the hell out of here I don't1046.5793.421
think these guys like me oh no I'm1048.3196.48
running Simon all right oh good job good1050.08.28
job my friend what a tool that this1054.7995.581
person is1058.284.44
really appreciate it Hey listen this is1060.383.9
what I'm here for just don't let them1062.725.48
know that I helped you oh no1064.283.92
big guy but but they just they all seem1071.245.819
big sometimes when they're close crap1074.93.779
you still have a torch my torch went out1077.0593.181
and it's dark down here1078.6794.021
um no my torch died oh crap I don't know1080.244.319
that we can make another torch uh yeah I1082.73.839
need dry grass chunks in order to do1084.5593.24
that all right we just gotta find our1086.5393.121
way out this is a freaking this is a1087.7993.721
crazy this is the best we're stuck out1089.663.98
oh God oh God I just gotta go hey guys1095.325.62
oh please oh please oh please God let me1098.364.86
out somewhere well yeah I think that one1100.944.88
yeah oh okay all right I've made myself1106.64.79
I'm out I gotta go I gotta go seven1109.223.92
hey what a what a night guys huh1113.147.539
man it's fun being an aunt1117.325.77
all right see you later1120.67925.75

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