Bomber Ambush! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 46

Today in Darkness Falls, Appsro and Neebs get settled in their new home while Doraleous and Simon go off looting. ► SUBSCRIBE -------
Bomber Ambush! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 46
Bomber Ambush! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 46

Bomber Ambush! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 46

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

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Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't already checked out the latest video from the channel, you're missing out on some hilarious antics from the crew. In this episode of Darkness Falls, Appsro and Neebs are settling into their new home while Doraleous and Simon are out looting for supplies.

As always, the chemistry between the guys is just pure entertainment gold. From their witty banter to their crazy adventures, you never know what's going to happen next. And let's not forget about their amazing soundtracks that set the perfect mood for each scene.

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So, grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy watching your favorite gaming crew embark on another wild journey in Darkness Falls. And if you're looking for more content to binge-watch, be sure to explore their various playlists covering everything from cartoons to GTA V. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

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ERS Astro what do you say that for if I11.7195.021
say that for look around this is stuff15.03.9
we use yeah supporters have stuff they16.744.14
don't use we use this stuff all of it18.93.66
yeah all of it when's the last time you20.884.739
used this uh this table I used that not22.564.32
too long ago to make a book so you can25.6192.701
be a scientist oh you did what about26.883.719
this see my mixer here we use a cement28.323.539
mixer all the time to make cement that's30.5993.181
why we have so many cement mix this one31.8593.901
yeah all of them okay I want to make33.783.119
sure they have nothing in them all right35.762.76
this one has nothing in it it's gonna36.8993.301
take me a second it takes me 15 seconds38.524.02
to pick up a cement mixer lift with your40.25.4
legs I am lifting with my legs [ __ ] it42.545.1
takes a minute but yeah since um I had45.63.42
the claim blocked down I'm the only one47.643.18
that gets to pick up all this stuff and49.023.24
if you remove it we can't pick it up50.823.719
remove what you didn't use your legs I52.264.139
didn't use my leg it's fine just squat54.5393.84
it some squat it first and then once I56.3994.14
start I can't it doesn't mean yeah and I58.3793.601
see let's see what you're doing then60.5393.48
lift yeah all right I'll do that next61.984.579
time okay64.0192.54
all right well this is as good as it66.6194.781
should be so far I got all the boxes69.243.48
those guys are bringing the other stuff71.43.84
Simon yeah I have a hankering to do a72.725.46
POI hey and I have a hankering to do my75.244.559
first treasure map with you I've already78.184.079
activated it oh so and check this out by79.7993.781
the way this is going to be my fallback82.2594.741
uh base here when [ __ ] goes down I know83.585.16
we're going to be there but if if I I'm87.03.54
gonna have my all my back up here and88.743.96
then if I die over there and I don't90.543.719
think it's too scary I'm just gonna stay92.73.599
here and hide come back and lure them to94.2594.981
the our base no I'll be by myself one96.2994.981
person here though one person though99.243.9
yeah they're not gonna attack me they're101.284.26
gonna just hide I can't wait to be by103.144.74
you so it's two persons okay well anyway105.547.02
yes so let's do a POI and I I saw a107.888.099
curious place down in the just down the112.564.71
street here oh115.9794.64
see this on the right on the right oh120.6196.64
wow right yeah that's a very tall that's123.845.339
usually you'd see fences like that in127.2594.081
Ireland but they're short or like many129.1793.961
different places but like that's that's131.344.14
like massive it's look it looks like133.145.22
it's made of um oh wait Stone that's not135.485.46
a fence that's just like Stone yeah but138.364.8
that's what the house is on too okay oh140.943.84
that's what the house is on there isn't143.164.32
a fence it's it's just a raised land144.785.039
mass it's weird as [ __ ] it's very weird147.484.2
and now we need to check it out to even149.8194.441
more God do we yes I'm out I'm out151.684.98
already I'm out too dude I'm out too oh154.265.46
we're out and about all right I need to156.665.939
load my shotguns how would Simon159.725.82
approach this I think Simon would go and162.5995.161
start from the top down is that a Simon165.544.38
would do it why not I don't know yeah167.763.72
that's how I do it right now should we169.924.2
do it am I following my lead yeah yeah171.485.399
yeah or at least a couple oh you're laid174.125.479
let's do this [ __ ]176.8792.72
we could drop right in but we don't know179.725.22
what's going on I'm going181.863.08
all right185.165.219
super nice this is a what a great room187.626.199
I love this Simon190.3793.44
okay we'll loot after hello a lot of194.6596.821
Bernie's in here hello Bernie would you197.766.059
go to burning man I don't I've been201.485.58
invited to it uh I I was too like 30203.8195.041
years ago but like when I was younger207.065.64
yeah now as an older person yeah like208.865.879
let's check this [ __ ] out the crowd the212.75.1
crap I mean the crowd a lot but they214.7394.5
could also be wonderful I'm sure there's217.82.82
a lot of wonderful people that go219.2393.181
that'll also look at a lot of the people220.625.759
and go wow during uh covert they did a222.427.26
virtual Burning Man and I did it in VR I226.3796.42
went there oh and it was pretty lame oh229.685.16
really yeah okay you're just tripping232.7993.541
balls at your own place oh one second234.843.84
son okay well we got that and this guy236.344.44
so I'll keep my eye on this one got that238.685.52
damage shoot hell oh wow okay I didn't240.786.239
get to even I get I got that one dude244.25.459
well I did I shot one so we're not going247.0194.5
to bring man this coming here uh249.6594.201
probably not okay what a weird house all251.5195.22
right yeah very weird oh one second a253.865.939
lot of sneaks to do okay uh one sneak256.7396.121
for you Mr Football face one sneak for259.7994.501
you Lumber pants262.863.779
uh Gloria sneak right in the head excuse264.36.119
me and is this really the loot room whoa266.6397.381
what this is it this can't be it well I270.4195.581
mean it could be pretty nice it does274.024.739
it's a large ammo pile Oh My Oh yeah a276.05.699
lot of stuff in here oh yeah oh wow wow278.7596.0
okay energy cells and uh some shotguns281.6996.241
yeah good amount oh a compound bow that284.7596.661
I don't think I have get it287.947.299
all right I think that's everything297.384.42
you're not getting this fireplace nah299.164.74
it's busted okay it wants me to repair I301.83.6
mean I guess I could could I hit it I303.93.42
could build another one yeah these are305.44.079
easy okay okay yeah you know what yeah307.324.379
screw it I'm Gonna Miss This Place309.4794.621
um do you like the gas station I haven't311.6993.661
spent much time there I never wanted to314.12.52
live in this creepy church if you315.363.3
remember right but I mean look at it I316.625.48
made this nice right like318.663.44
this roommates are great gotcha who went324.02.82
up at the gas station I haven't even325.683.42
really seen it yet yeah I'm I'm digging326.824.08
the gas station okay yeah all right well329.13.12
we're gonna make that gas station look330.92.76
real nice but uh you know goodbye church332.223.6
bye Church you were a lot of fun333.667.08
is this an Amazon woman I don't know but340.745.459
I shot her from far away because I for a343.9193.421
second I thought maybe it might have346.1993.301
been a zombie she's a foot taller than347.344.62
you she is when I'm Byers she looked349.54.5
like a foot taller than me oh yeah she351.965.4
does that is you are she's giant you354.04.979
were so so357.364.8
big and beautiful but yeah yeah but I sh358.9794.861
so I shot I'm gonna shot her shoot in362.163.84
the face right now all right because I363.843.84
shot it from far away and normally when366.02.88
you're sneaking this thing kills367.682.76
anything in one shot yeah I see the368.883.72
health 120 out of 200 okay370.444.8
yeah I'd say that worked okay yeah that372.65.879
did work Amazon woman dead you feel no I375.244.799
don't feel good I thought I didn't think378.4793.241
it was gonna kill him that was Extreme380.0393.551
as hell that was that was381.724.919
here we go pillar up Miller hey you made386.6395.041
it yeah is this full service uh yeah you389.524.08
full service yourself oh that's not391.683.48
that's not what full service is it's393.63.12
full service for yourself you got395.163.36
everything put up uh no I actually396.723.18
wanted to talk to you about that come in398.524.08
okay uh doors donate them yeah yeah399.94.859
exactly jump right over okay so I know402.63.719
you want that to be your kitchen area404.7593.06
right that's right so I'll tell you what406.3193.481
I'm gonna give you here I'll give you407.8194.621
your mortar and pestle okay there's your409.84.32
oven thank you so yeah I'll let you412.444.44
place those where you want but what do414.124.5
you think about this follow me416.883.18
um I was singing about tearing418.624.139
everything down in this back room okay420.065.16
and uh putting all the um putting all422.7594.321
the forges back here Forge room throw425.223.419
these shells down tear the shelves down427.083.0
yeah tear all this stuff down just make428.6393.421
this the forge room yeah I like that all430.083.179
right cool all right well I'm gonna get432.063.12
to work on that then and then uh yeah433.2593.361
I'll figure out places for the other435.184.38
stuff but uh all right I gotta I gotta436.624.979
go I gotta go so okay I gotta go too so439.563.419
yeah you work on your thing I'll work on441.5994.32
my thing neeb's Cafe442.9794.44
all right Dora yeah it's right up here I447.4194.5
got you covered right up there why'd you450.243.299
park over here then well you know you451.9193.72
know running test it453.5394.081
yeah do you want to drive up here well455.6394.141
I'm gonna I'm sorry I just this is it's457.623.66
okay it's not that far it was just it's459.783.3
weird all right hey461.284.02
um I'm here get it around the circle get463.084.739
it but it's just showing me the circle I465.34.32
don't remember doing a treasure map467.8193.301
before I know I've what do you think469.622.94
um I think I got a hit it should be472.564.32
telling me like to hit just dig in the474.5394.94
circle oh I didn't understand476.884.5
necessarily where do you think the479.4794.481
treasure is if you see a circle I think481.384.68
it's in the circle what's the great483.963.66
mystery here what's going on in your486.064.919
brain the very obvious thing that you487.626.359
would associate with a treasure map I490.9795.101
didn't and I was and I was completely493.9793.84
forgetting that I needed to dig and I'm496.084.08
really glad I have a shovel I've got an497.8194.44
idea for right after you get this you500.164.56
see this green what color is this is502.2595.041
that green this house I would call yeah504.726.12
it's got a like yeah oh yeah and then uh507.35.4
this house straight across the way the510.844.439
brick one uh-huh you get to pick first512.75.339
but at the same time when you're done515.2795.161
getting this yeah who gets to the main518.0395.041
loot fastest oh wow we both go into a520.444.2
different house you get to pick which523.084.5
one you want to do okay have fun that I524.644.86
mean yeah that is fun yeah and then we527.584.319
go home hurry up please don't rush me529.53.91
it's my first531.8998.58
what the hell dude man listen the hole's544.5195.561
getting smaller yeah pickaxe and you547.444.38
know treasure map and you think would be550.084.14
a it's the pickaxe that yeah that takes551.825.16
time I get it yeah oh it does under the554.225.28
road huh right that probably took some556.984.08
work or they just put it down there and559.54.5
then made the road probably the561.064.68
challenge I I think we should stick to564.03.72
it no no of course we should stick to it565.745.039
the the stakes are higher now well yeah567.725.58
oh yeah because it's night right damn it570.7794.441
and let's hope that I I shouldn't be573.33.9
able to see it because there's a chance575.223.9
like could you like come over here and577.23.3
help me oh no you cannot gonna be able579.122.64
to see it well I'm not gonna be able to580.52.94
see I could be digging with you but I581.763.42
just I'm covering yeah it's night time583.444.26
now and we're in a city it's true so585.185.099
yeah cover me cover me is good how is he587.75.28
gonna pick uh want to go at it green or590.2795.581
brick green you got green all right592.984.74
homie whenever you're done we're595.863.96
that's it now it says it's locked so I603.34.2
gotta hit it oh yeah there you go unless605.583.84
you have block picks there you go all607.54.22
right look at that609.425.58
it better be crowbar would do it right611.725.4
away wouldn't it uh yeah615.06.42
unlock boom totally worth it there we go617.127.18
success throw it in the car and we will621.426.96
start the mission foreign624.34.08
would you mind if I put a chemistry629.723.88
station right here that seems like a631.684.44
horrible place it doesn't because we633.64.5
need one near the medical box this is me636.123.48
right here all day I know it doesn't638.13.72
block the door oh man I hate what you're639.63.84
saying right now I know see I don't641.823.3
wanna I I know you're picky about the643.443.36
Aesthetics of the kitchen but okay well645.123.0
then we gotta move medical somewhere646.82.88
look at this do something useful like648.122.88
this look649.684.92
boom Oh upside down lantern now that is651.05.519
that is nice I like that a lot yeah it654.63.179
really lights out the place have a good656.5194.38
idea like I did my idea is we need a657.7794.921
damn chemistry station next to our660.8993.601
Mackle box uh-huh I see what you're662.73.18
saying so let's just okay we'll move the664.53.24
medical box you mind if I put a work665.884.139
table right here in front of this door667.743.96
no not in front of the door but if you670.0193.121
wanted to put one right here on the side671.73.12
I'd be fine with it well that makes673.143.36
sense there's a spot right there what674.823.3
are you talking about Place hey can you676.53.12
pick it up if you place it if I place it678.122.88
I can't pick it up I'm talking about so679.622.52
here's the door I'm not blocking the681.03.06
door but it's these these blocks right682.143.96
here this is where my customers are I'm684.065.12
doing it damn it right here686.16.0
see it's fine it's great it's not in the689.186.04
way I love it there goes my writing no692.15.76
that's okay it's right there and you see695.223.96
you still got access to your kitchen697.863.18
it's fine but we need we need it next to699.183.779
the medical box damn it I don't feel701.043.479
like moving all this [ __ ] I've been702.9593.361
moving too much [ __ ] today this room we704.5193.781
need it next to the medical box can't706.324.199
move it you damn mule welcome the names708.34.92
cluttering a hoarder Cafe line up there710.5194.681
behind the junk ooh the Clutter Cafe I713.224.26
actually like that orders up ooh the715.24.44
Clutter Cafe can I clutter it more fine717.485.72
I already hate it here719.643.56
oh are you right by the house yeah yeah724.924.5
yeah I've got my plan of attack already727.385.519
I've I've got uh at least an idea ready729.428.72
yeah three two one ago732.8995.241
get into that main hoop quicker than him738.566.64
what do your turn uh yeah it's my turn742.17.56
and I'm making noise just like Dora did745.27.4
I had no words749.666.239
hello everybody752.63.299
up there758.34.719
excuse me oops I already messed up it759.9595.281
wasn't a good start oh [ __ ] are you763.0194.38
still alive dude oh my God yeah I woke765.244.38
everyone up oh yeah yeah but that was767.3994.38
the point oh my God this is the toughest769.624.08
football player in the music oh God771.7793.8
there's a bottom guy773.74.379
bomb guys not good775.5794.841
fall down778.0794.861
oh I found him in the main Lube room I'm780.426.56
in here but there's a bomb guy right782.944.04
oh [ __ ] okay787.825.38
should I be shooting this guy in the791.065.76
head in the head793.26.42
give me that give me that oh my God yeah796.824.259
come on out everybody799.626.62
oh my God I got a [ __ ] dog and [ __ ]801.0795.161
that's hilarious813.685.339
I got it I'm the winner815.886.32
I won819.0193.181
all right Simon they I yeah died and now827.2798.221
I'm annoyed but I should be all gonna go833.163.78
back tomorrow and get the stuff it835.53.12
should be easy to get it oh you only get836.944.199
it tonight during the day no a bomb guy838.624.8
took me out like like he was one of841.1394.44
those big guys oh yeah the big guy with843.424.8
the bomb on the yeah my chest oh I love845.5794.801
those guys yeah I dropped in a room and848.223.66
I couldn't get myself out of there I850.383.18
panicked yeah what do you think of the851.883.6
oh I like that neebs thank you the853.564.5
Clutter Cafe oh that's a good name855.484.74
that's what I thought all right well858.064.26
yeah clutter Cafe yeah so Sam let me860.223.239
show you the layout real quick we got862.322.639
the metal workstations but hey if you're863.4593.12
still helping me make Ford steel you864.9593.0
need to know about this room back here866.5793.421
okay so yeah this room we've turned into867.9594.5
the forge room oh perfect so yeah and870.04.38
this is uh kind of the same box I'll put872.4594.741
uh I'll put all the clay and um iron in874.384.86
this box all right and then yeah if you877.24.02
just uh keep the forges burning you know879.243.42
what I mean hey you know what I need to881.225.7
do actually is go into my learning then882.667.02
go to you know the ship where you can886.925.58
upgrade because I should be able to do889.684.92
the I can do the advanced Forge now but892.54.139
I never we've never built one we should894.64.32
try to do like the final like the Mack896.6394.2
Daddy oh you get there's another one oh898.923.96
there's one better than this oh make it900.8393.901
all right well that'll be something I902.883.6
work on maybe you can put it here in904.743.839
front of the cafe yeah put it like right906.484.38
in the middle of neeb's Cafe oh that'll908.5793.791
be great that'll be my plan910.866.18
hey hey I think I I think I won no you917.046.239
didn't win welcome to clutter's Cafe oh920.6995.58
yeah get you some eggs and bacon this is923.2795.521
fantastic yeah no we need to paint up926.2793.781
the place but it's starting to look good928.82.7
yeah I think it's really going to take930.063.899
off there you go whoa what is that what931.54.5
is that hey um hold on a second don't933.9594.68
even order that but yeah Dora what were936.05.76
the what was the who gets to the uh the938.6395.041
the loot or the you know the big the941.763.72
best loot the best who gets to the best943.684.86
loot first yep and you heard me get to945.485.64
the best Loop oh I didn't I was busy uh948.545.22
almost dying did you get it oh yeah I951.125.1
got to it okay where's the loot then no953.765.16
no it was who gets to it first I didn't956.225.16
get to I got to the room I looked at it958.924.14
I was just being chased by a bomb guy961.383.18
and then he ended up blowing up and963.063.899
killing me but I technically got there964.566.24
before you so that means I won you did966.9595.88
win yes thank you very much but I lost970.84.62
in the in the grand scheme now we gotta972.8394.44
just make our rules more specific next975.423.479
time yeah exactly yeah I feel like if977.2793.841
you died you lost why you would think978.8993.541
during the challenge right that makes981.123.719
the most sense but the rule was who gets982.444.079
there first like if he has a good lawyer984.8394.021
app sure like I'm screwed yeah in this986.5193.541
way I mean yeah you're gonna have to pay988.863.599
just to argue in court yeah yeah and990.066.62
lose because yeah no no you know yeah992.4597.141
no no no Dora even knows that he's gonna996.684.36
lose you know that's why you don't even999.63.96
understand how basic things work yeah I1001.044.62
know how lawyers work well you give them1003.563.779
money and they argue for you and you1005.663.359
just everyone loses I could represent1007.3393.601
myself in this so that's a smart move1009.0193.541
that's the way you need to go what I'm1010.943.54
going to use though against you well I1012.565.1
saw you murder a woman a living uh I did1014.485.82
a human woman I did murder a woman but1017.664.14
she was that's gonna hurt you in this1020.33.18
it's true Jerry's not gonna like that at1021.83.3
all they're not gonna like that it's not1023.484.319
relevant I object all right well if we1025.16.53
find Courthouse will hold a trial okay1027.79911.221
all right son of a [ __ ]1039.025.1
look at that1042.384.559
all right so if the bomb guy blew up1044.125.7
he's not just blowing up a bomb he's1046.9394.62
he's blowing up himself like he should1049.825.52
be dead so I should be good to go get my1051.5597.86
[ __ ] right please I just want to get my1055.346.78
stuff back and then go home that's all I1059.4196.0
want all right so just why can't [ __ ]1062.127.02
I walk forward and jump thank you all1065.4195.821
right oh1069.145.12
oh God look at you1071.245.46
sleeping there isn't good there's1074.263.94
there's stuffy I'm just gonna take my1076.74.62
[ __ ] and get the hell out can I do that1078.27.859
oh God no I can't yes I can1081.328.4
I am running like a scared [ __ ] thank1086.0597.081
you uh into a dead end but you know it1089.726.05
worked it's all that matters1093.1413.729
welcome to clutter's Cafe hey I know you1112.124.24
don't have to welcome me every time I1115.162.399
come here we were getting one of these1116.363.9
though no I didn't and I'm happy what'd1117.5594.441
you got what was the loot in the house I1120.263.06
didn't I didn't get the loot there was1122.02.82
stuff going on there so I just get my1123.323.96
stuff back but you're do you mean the1124.825.58
stuff that was in the loot room no my my1127.286.18
bag are you Dim didn't you you know I1130.45.34
went back from my bag yeah yeah did we1133.464.62
were going for loot the loot room yeah1135.744.14
when we were in the contest we were1138.083.479
going for loot but then you went back1139.883.539
and and then I went back to get my stuff1141.5593.661
in the bag are you telling me that you1143.4193.301
think I should be playing the contest1145.224.02
that I already won no as soon as you1146.724.26
grabbed the loot that we were going for1149.244.26
well no I mean how about those days up1150.984.62
thank you oh what that was I thought1153.53.799
that was oh I didn't know1155.64.14
this is for winners I'll take a hobos1157.2995.201
too please those are for Achievers I1159.745.04
played your game I played along with you1162.54.26
my friend and now you're giving me [ __ ]1164.784.04
after I I won the game1166.764.799
thank you thank you very much1168.824.239
um that's not yours yeah see you know1171.5593.36
what I think that everyone in the in the1173.0594.201
chat's gonna have to side with me or1174.9194.38
Dora on this on whether or not they1177.264.44
think who's right who's right or what I1179.2993.961
guarantee they're going to side with you1181.73.66
considering you got to the main loot1183.263.539
room and didn't grab it I'll I'll bet1185.363.48
I'll bet that's the angle oh that's1186.7993.781
right are you gonna give them [ __ ] for1188.845.1
using their [ __ ] brains what hey I1190.584.92
noticed none of these forges are doing1193.944.32
anything I was getting my stuff back1195.54.919
okay did you get to learn much you got1198.264.159
the loot right no we didn't1200.4194.921
I was not in the contest anymore the1202.4195.5
contest was over and there was hairy1205.344.44
[ __ ] there all right go get the loot and1207.9195.241
you get the forges going1209.783.38
we're done yeah I'm done all right me1219.286.48
too it was really dumb Simon1222.023.74

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