Well this is embarrassing.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Ark: Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe? If not, you're in for a treat! I ...
Well this is embarrassing.
Well this is embarrassing.

Well this is embarrassing.

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen that 'Well this is embarrassing' video on Neebs Magic Dumpster? It's a riot!

simon: Oh yeah, that one where the noobs take on the Alpha Tribe in Ark? Hilarious! I love how they try to take down the big guys.

neebs: Definitely! The best part is when they realize they're totally outmatched and just start running around like headless chickens. Classic!

simon: And the commentary from Neebs Gaming is just the cherry on top. Their reactions are priceless. I can't get enough of it!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Ark: Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe? If not, you're in for a treat! I mean, who doesn't love watching the Neebs crew take on epic challenges and hilarious mishaps in the world of Ark: Survival Evolved?

In this episode, the gang dives headfirst into another crazy adventure filled with laughs, teamwork, and of course, plenty of epic battles. From taming dinosaurs to building their base, there's never a dull moment when Neebs, Simon, Doraleous, and the rest of the crew are in action.

And let's not forget about all the awesome content you can find on their YouTube channel, Neebs Magic Dumpster. With a playlist dedicated to Ark: Survival Evolved, you can binge-watch all the crazy moments and epic victories from past episodes. Trust me, it's a rabbit hole you won't want to climb out of!

So grab your favorite Neebs Gaming coffee blend, settle in for a wild ride, and don't forget to hit that subscribe button to stay up to date on all the latest adventures. Whether you're a seasoned Ark player or just love watching the Neebs crew tackle new challenges, this episode is sure to keep you entertained from start to finish. So what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Ark with Neebs Gaming and get ready for some epic fun!

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all right neebs in boom boom here we go7.046.219
yeah oh God can we get out yeah I think10.864.14
so okay get out get in yeah it's a13.2592.88
little tight in here but uh it'll get15.02.699
the job done open the door that way16.1393.361
it'll be good okay oh crap we need to17.6993.361
make gasoline hold on we do have a19.53.0
little bit of oil so yeah I'll make a21.063.299
little bit of gasoline also expand it up22.53.539
to a second level did y'all see that24.3594.26
nope to your left there ladder yeah it's26.0394.261
not closed in yet I gotta hold the bed28.6193.361
you gotta hit e yeah it seems dangerous30.33.24
what if somebody's sleeping no it's31.983.3
actually good oh you can bounce in the33.543.24
bed and then get up to the hoop that's35.283.959
why and hook e it's the city there you36.784.799
go yes ladders in this game never work39.2394.201
never have never always worked but never41.5793.961
happened when I fell and I landed on the43.443.48
bed very soon I got one more thing guys45.543.96
come over here to Victory on new46.925.1
delicious T-Rex oh I like the V I went49.54.86
back to base and I grabbed our ascendant52.028.6
T-Rex saddle boom oh she's a monster now54.366.26
today what's today oh well I actually62.3994.861
have a plan I actually want to go test64.865.28
this sniper rifle and see if we can hit67.264.74
their plants with it also we're getting70.143.479
close to their base yeah names you want72.03.24
to come with me you got a spyglass yeah73.6193.481
I doubt that's gonna work but yeah I'm75.243.12
gonna come too because I want to scout77.13.12
out an area I have a plan as well you78.365.54
guys want to know my plan nope80.223.68
I'm gonna build a tower okay super tall86.225.219
tower rivaling their Tower across from88.744.14
them yep cool you're speaking too loud91.4392.641
I'm sure they can hear you in the other92.882.58
room it's gonna be made of thatch but94.083.06
it's going to be a symbol all right it's95.463.839
gonna say we are here we are strong we97.143.6
are proud99.2994.101
you dumb dick I'm the [ __ ] King129.6194.98
just saw one of them take off with a154.083.54
griffin oh that's a griffin yeah okay so155.643.84
we know they still have a griffin all157.623.42
right but what I want to know yeah those159.483.24
damn plants161.044.32
let's hit him from here maybe which one162.724.379
you going for let's go for the one on165.363.84
the far far right you see that one neebs167.0994.321
yep very far right very far right I'm169.24.319
looking at it so can you can you see its171.424.679
details from here no okay damn it so we173.5194.021
do need to get closer don't we I don't176.0993.181
think you can see like health and stuff177.543.72
we need to be a magnifying glass pretty179.284.02
sure oh really yeah you could see health181.264.02
of these things ah damn it okay so this183.33.78
might be all for busting anyway we see185.283.84
blood like little green blood coming out187.083.96
like if I shot it would something happen189.124.14
okay I'm looking at it all right let's191.044.919
see oh boy wow it's shaky hold on can I193.265.04
crouch oh idea what what if we turn on195.9594.101
damage numbers198.33.96
I know it looks gross but we'll know200.064.78
it's cheesy I hate it I hate it all202.263.66
right all right all right I'm gonna204.842.94
shoot it205.924.679
yep do anything I mean you you hit it I207.784.62
don't I can't visibly tell it to keep210.5993.06
going I guess it's just sitting there212.43.059
Anthony you watch our backs for213.6593.3
attackers okay I'm looking I'm looking215.4593.42
around hmm I can't tell the difference216.9594.621
yeah I can't either damn it he just says218.8794.681
wait it's 1500 his health oh wait yeah221.584.079
oh you can't yeah look you can see it oh223.564.679
it's 1500 or 1500 yep which means you've225.6594.921
done nothing yes all right well if I228.2393.601
actually hit it and you guys think I hit230.582.78
it try it again231.843.84
came a little higher oh there's a233.364.78
Griffin's back look at him oh where are235.685.1
you going oh you're Landing there oh who238.146.239
is that is that shoot the Griffin240.785.4
um that's Simon yeah that's Simon what244.3794.561
if I could hit him please try oh I want246.185.4
him to hop off okay I'm watching him I'm248.945.4
gonna shoot him oh [ __ ] oh yeah but he's251.584.68
running he's running here he goes254.344.739
something goes wrong what happened I256.264.979
lost him I lost him too yeah he uh he's259.0794.021
so far away too far yeah I definitely261.2393.661
got a hit marker though what I didn't263.13.12
see a hit marker on was those damn264.92.519
plants so I don't think we're gonna be266.222.58
able to snipe these things I don't think267.4193.241
so either it's all right this is a good268.83.179
spot this is kind of where I'm thinking270.663.18
of putting the tower right here I want271.9793.901
to do it by night neebs but I think it273.843.96
would be funny if they go to bed no275.885.22
Tower wake up Tower yeah Tower claws277.84.8
showed up last night yeah it's a present281.13.599
death which is weird this morning I saw282.64.26
a raptor claws oh yeah he flew right by284.6993.361
me it's Christmas remember Christmas286.862.76
that was like a month ago he didn't give288.063.12
me one thing oh what did you want289.623.06
probably a rocket launcher that'd be291.183.12
nice or extra Rockets because we only292.683.12
have don't be greedy needs some people294.35.839
don't even have guns true tis the season295.84.339
how's it coming up there it's it's300.545.46
coming the gate thing as long as one301.9196.481
yeah we gotta have another place to yeah306.03.96
it was a brilliant idea of yours308.44.019
brilliant I think it was quite brilliant309.965.04
two two things yeah and you can keep an312.4194.5
eye on the base and we'll just uh we'll315.05.699
be busy boys yeah provide the flying316.9195.28
uh threats that's it flying threats I323.05.5
see I'm trying to be chilled this this326.944.02
app I smoked a big fat Bowl before328.55.34
recording oh boy what no I mean no330.965.04
that's good not oh boy to that or which333.844.62
would you oh boy [ __ ] [ __ ] hate the336.04.56
fact that I can't go up to this go ahead338.464.38
and [ __ ] just try to pick it up pick340.563.78
it up you want me to pick it up you want342.844.22
me to pack your bowl344.342.72
you know what it's funny you say that347.163.78
well I'm not even gonna get into it okay349.53.96
nope I'm good I'm good I'll do a couple350.946.02
of more of these things and just353.463.5
oh boy okay all right I'll see you in a357.025.98
bit just breathe breathe that's it360.65.52
breathe thanks I forgot I got to breathe363.05.84
oh shut up366.122.72
the [ __ ] is that oh my God [ __ ]374.47.28
[ __ ]379.682.0
episode of neebs app sort of neebs uh384.84.48
come in good buddy there's noobs uh we387.5393.541
are in the location of that bird you389.283.18
figure out what it was called it's like391.084.52
a tropio ganapus392.467.019
okay we all say oh nice one Victory just395.65.98
laid a big turd oh good use it I don't399.4793.901
know make some plants you know what I'm401.582.76
thinking about putting plants around403.382.46
them plants around here be great why404.344.199
won't we do that yeah okay we're405.844.799
in the region we are searching for the408.5395.461
topicantha and we will take him down410.6395.221
and bring him back to you414.03.36
look into making a saddle why don't you415.863.119
yep I'll make a coming down the status417.366.02
and we'll uh yeah good luck thank you418.9794.401
like you were in its mouth oh I got a424.623.18
really close-up view of it yep but426.34.44
Castle's pretty cool oh there's an alpha427.84.92
Carno sitting in it though oh wow look430.743.6
at this like broken house you know what432.723.419
this looks like Elden ring oh yeah it434.343.96
does got a little ring Bob can we just436.1394.221
put one little campfire in here438.35.16
one little bonfire or sorry a sight of440.364.839
Grace okay443.463.359
oh we can take this car now let's do it445.1993.0
let's take the car now and then build a446.8193.841
fun fire yeah yeah kill the Ring Stop448.1994.681
boom yeah all right we do have an alpha450.663.72
Carno sitting out there yeah we'll be452.883.0
fine just be careful keep it on your454.384.08
Hill just dodge and roll no traffic yet455.884.2
oh no we hadn't found any traffic458.463.6
tickets okay460.083.54
okay we're fighting an avocado though462.063.479
because badass he's the boss put the463.623.0
health bar at the bottom of the screen465.5393.6
there's some good stuff all right yeah466.624.5
maybe so oh boy he's tough you hit him469.1393.12
everything I'm hitting him I'm hitting471.122.72
oh well oh that's impressive yeah we did473.846.52
it we beat the boss yeah let's see what478.743.6
we got we got a bunch of souls so we480.363.48
want to put a side of Grace in here yeah482.343.84
campfire idea what do we get from him oh483.845.96
a stupid helmet skin486.183.62
how goes it up there my friend oh it's492.9795.141
all right all right yeah we can try it496.3193.681
whenever you want well498.124.62
yeah it's fun we got the second one here500.05.259
might as well uh wait for because you502.743.33
know I don't want to leave505.2592.28
yeah I could just leave this yeah why507.5394.44
not I'm coming up yeah well I don't know510.123.659
if it's I don't know if it's good enough511.9793.48
but we could try yeah we gotta give it513.7793.781
one more shot all right let me grab some515.4594.02
of these trunks out of here I didn't see517.564.08
the first shot nah but and we can tell519.4794.221
them we can can't wait521.644.68
first one didn't523.74.42
oh but no526.324.019
no all right so all right you staying528.124.32
there I'll be back for you don't be530.3393.721
scared when you wake up okay because532.443.48
I'll be back for you I still gotta try534.063.959
to find something yeah I still gotta get535.924.85
up to you okay I'm on my way538.0194.681
ah man that is really544.24.52
really cool okay545.882.84
okay I do have one all right and I am553.4595.081
waiting oh wait yeah I thought I did556.684.86
waiting see if this will work558.545.7
see if I can get out yep see if this is561.544.26
what I I'm really pissed off because564.243.84
it's like I could barely get out I know565.84.74
I could barely get out and then that one568.085.699
[ __ ] thing gets out sure yep that's570.545.46
[ __ ] great that makes a lot of573.7794.68
[ __ ] sense it might have been oiled576.06.959
Jim yeah well hey here we go let's see578.4596.421
if I can [ __ ] make it out okay did582.9594.201
you see the new Avatar yet nope okay I584.884.74
could give a [ __ ] ass okay we're just587.165.04
making conversation yep great ain't589.624.8
going nowhere there we go now if that592.25.52
went out sweet yay sweet all right and594.424.919
the angel of death is just flying around597.723.54
why I don't know should I have it599.3394.801
following me no maybe did I time to go601.265.4
oh and I just jumped off holy [ __ ] I604.143.84
can't believe I just [ __ ] jumped off606.663.66
and didn't fall off the roof607.984.979
you coming to me now come to me Angela610.325.4
follow me Angela death all right I'm612.9595.101
gonna get on this guy God all right I'm615.727.02
gonna [ __ ] take a nap take a nap618.066.54
Anthony back at the castle I'm at the622.743.24
castle we're on the fire it's very cold624.63.66
I'm at the castle too oh yeah we know625.984.02
you're at that castle he's at the New628.263.06
Castle I did find one of these things630.03.779
we're after oh let's get it um get it or631.324.26
do you need me to come get you know what633.7794.381
I might try to lure it to you or at635.584.319
least to a warmer region yeah please638.163.54
okay for some reason I just cannot get639.8993.781
out of ice cube all right I'm gonna hit641.73.54
oh maybe I didn't hit it because it is645.245.099
aggressive right well if you647.5195.041
attack all right if you are a dick to it650.3394.861
it'll be a dick to you and652.564.86
God how did that not hit it like it hit655.26.3
it this damn game what's going on don't657.425.4
let him pull you off your thing you know661.52.519
oh yeah that's what I'm gonna try to do662.823.66
I'm trying to hit him and run Boop664.0194.921
yeah not hit him [ __ ] me so I got the666.484.74
whale going I Ransom pipe okay and then668.943.959
I've got a thing up top here I'm gonna671.223.96
try to put hmm can I just put this like672.8994.5
dispenser here is that close enough oh675.184.38
it says irrigated yep my seeds are back677.3993.421
at the base cool I really don't give a679.563.06
damn right now all right okay all right680.825.18
guys we gotta go here we go here we go682.623.38
no I would like campfire I'm gonna make693.324.959
a second campfire there you go he is695.885.1
following me sweet right behind my ass698.2795.281
sweet come on come on Demi I'm gonna700.983.9
lead him over the mountain and down the703.562.64
mountain over to the warmer side to704.883.62
Grandmother's house706.22.3
outside your grandmother's house we go709.385.519
oh [ __ ] oh my stamina is not good it's711.386.88
okay okay no it isn't it all right come714.8996.661
on rest rest who's got a harpoon I got I718.265.519
got the net oh you do okay hold on he721.563.719
turned he turned back I'm gonna have to723.7792.641
go hit him again which is perfect725.2793.12
because get my stamina up that sounds726.424.68
action-packed but I am about to create a728.3995.221
second campfire I know action-packed my731.14.739
greatest sleeping bag if you're that low733.624.68
on health no you know oh yeah two fires735.8393.901
that's where it's at738.35.36
okay dummy okay dummy yes yes and739.746.06
reloading everything looks clear over743.663.76
here I mean there's a red drop but it's745.83.24
close to them so I'm like I don't know747.423.18
man wouldn't it be great though thanks749.043.419
for the update Noobs750.63.299
I thought we would discuss if I should752.4593.181
get the drop or not uh go for it if you753.8992.961
want to yeah755.643.12
here we go here we go this scene doesn't756.864.36
have enough going on two campfires you758.764.319
get a drop we got a bird coming in it's761.223.239
gonna be amazing Birds coming to the763.0793.961
castle right now Anthony all right I got764.4594.62
my gun out I'm looking around but you767.043.0
may not want to hit him because he'll769.0792.581
just get down and like grab you that's770.043.84
I mean I can fly a bit and get his773.883.24
attention all right you see me yes I see775.442.88
you okay777.123.6
he is he is he is right on your butt all778.324.68
right so oh wow it is cold up here holy780.724.559
yeah you should not be up here buddy783.03.6
well you told me to go back to the fire785.2793.24
well yeah yeah all right let's lead him786.64.62
down too oh I just lost it crap should I788.5194.26
shoot him oh no no because then he's791.222.88
just gonna turn around and get you okay792.7793.541
oh [ __ ] now I'm freezing794.13.479
uh two fires over here if you want to796.322.459
come sit there no I want to get this797.5792.82
little [ __ ] where'd he go oh and he798.7794.321
land he did land yep there it is come on800.3994.321
dummy come on dummy I'm eating him803.14.02
berries this is exciting so many berries804.724.619
oh wait is it oh God he's in there with807.124.74
you now he is oh Jesus he's very close809.3395.461
yes why is he oh is he running he may be811.865.219
running oh oh dude you can't do it up814.84.02
here Anthony can you make some torches817.0794.801
uh oh I I have torch [ __ ] he is running818.825.4
it's a sparkler but what's the torch for821.885.399
just to keep warm yep all right now he824.224.5
is running or I'm gonna have to take him827.2793.36
down over here now I have two fires oh828.725.48
wait he's going down he's going down830.6393.561
oh where are you going down there right834.63.539
in the middle of a [ __ ] Bunch okay836.044.38
what's around you snow owl where'd you838.1393.961
go where'd you go down buddy I really840.423.479
need to see you oh snow owl you eating842.13.23
no we do have a bunch of other stuff849.423.359
around oh wait nope oh wait did I just850.683.779
kill I may have just killed it no that's852.7793.12
all right854.4593.661
traffic mission to get rock and stone855.8994.281
there we go over here858.124.86
snow owl's dead damn it I think I may860.184.24
have eaten this damn thing while I was862.984.159
fighting the snow out864.422.719
I got it868.444.26
it's [ __ ] game all right I'm going871.23.0
back to warmer climate Okay I'm gonna872.73.84
build a third fire hate this game today874.24.759
yeah it's too cold and no your bat ate879.9594.921
it because that's what you wanted to do882.545.78
third fire boom884.883.44
ah this is nice up here dude I'm sure it889.326.6
is I'm just gonna stay up here all893.046.239
and I'm going to fly around very very895.926.719
close Okay like right on the perimeter899.2796.841
of our Castle itself yeah all night I902.6395.341
might fall asleep on my bird so you hear906.124.74
me snoring my bad no it's not bad catch907.985.18
those Z's don't worry I'll scream and910.865.159
enrage if anything happens don't worry913.164.66
I'll wake you right up I'm a deep916.0197.081
sleeper I'm a deep screamer perfect917.825.28
boy all right yep937.16.179
wanna do this940.682.599
all right I'm coming back up they're946.3994.921
fine what is this948.542.78
all right that'll ruin my day all right953.425.099
so I'm gonna go back they're here though955.926.32
I think I lost him958.5193.721
I feel less nervous let's get this one962.725.1
they went running like a little [ __ ]967.824.24
well they're gonna be planning on short969.9593.901
coming back but we got another one here972.063.899
all right all right all right maybe I'll973.863.36
take a look real quick we're gonna try975.9592.721
this stuff977.223.78
okay probably coming over here different978.684.18
angles I'm gonna go back to my party cow981.05.04
all right good call Good eyes Dora yeah982.864.8
they thought they were being sneaky986.043.72
pants they were not nope that's okay987.664.32
well they were they were they were just989.764.379
not doing a good job nope glad I didn't991.984.08
fall asleep yeah994.1394.021
oh yeah that's definitely one of them's996.062.88
um tell you what I kind of want to clear998.945.94
the ground okay oh this might be1001.5195.281
I'm gonna try to net him all right and1004.883.84
he just Falls I think he just Falls but1006.83.839
I need you to clear the ground going to1008.724.16
the ground1010.6392.241
all right I'm moving in net like clear1012.925.06
everything even not hostiles I maybe1015.0795.521
he's been knitted he's going down good1017.985.26
job oh yeah he's right here1020.64.5
should I try to all right let's drink it1023.243.179
drink him yes1025.13.12
hit him with a few drinks it's working1026.4193.601
and then make sure you clear the area I1028.223.66
do see a look at the lava store over1030.023.36
there I don't want to lose this guy no1031.882.66
gotcha I don't want to lose him either1033.383.24
galapasaur why are we whispering by the1034.543.1
way I don't know yeah we don't have to1036.621.92
whisper I don't know it just feels like1037.642.4
it's night time yeah it seems1038.543.0
appropriate appropriate all right let's1040.043.96
keep doing it oh he's down he's down1041.544.259
hell yeah all right keep me covered oh1044.03.48
God as soon as I got off it's dark what1045.7993.901
are they eat I don't know oh my God we1047.484.079
know anything why don't we know things1049.75.4
um let's see he sees me again he sees me1051.5597.381
again are you invincible yeah on both oh1055.15.52
I wonder if he says night vision are you1058.943.42
getting spotted by somebody yeah I went1060.624.38
on I went uninvisible yeah he's having a1062.364.38
hard time spotting me this is pretty1065.03.24
awesome are you fighting the bad guys1066.743.36
right now no I'm just keeping eye on1068.243.66
them do they want to fight you probably1070.14.5
not have they seen me yeah they might1071.95.399
they need when you use the net can you1074.64.86
not get in in the thing that you've1077.2994.081
knocked out you can't drink it no I've1079.463.719
tranked it it says it's unconscious but1081.384.14
I can't get into it can you remove the1083.1794.86
net by holding e or something hold E I1085.523.899
can't I can't even tell if the Net's on1088.0392.581
Anthony can you make a torch or1089.4193.601
something uh sparkler go no he's1090.623.84
oh God is this one of those stupid teams1094.463.839
well it might be something we didn't do1096.623.96
our research on you know oh God damn it1098.2993.781
I hate this [ __ ] game it's always the1100.583.0
game's fault isn't it yes it is because1102.083.66
it shot to be simple is knock it out and1103.583.959
[ __ ] tame it oh that'd be great let's1105.744.08
just have every animal be the same let's1107.5395.401
have consistent rules getting skilled at1109.824.859
something oh God yeah this is what I1112.943.84
want to get skilled at okay this is your1114.6793.721
attitude don't pretend this is not your1116.783.96
attitude okay well what do we what do we1118.45.06
do with this thing now1120.742.72
I need to go build the tower hold on can1130.844.66
you take this shut up I'm trying to do1133.643.659
[ __ ] listen you are mad at ARC you are1135.54.02
not mad at me no but you are bugging me1137.2993.661
when I'm trying to do research shouldn't1139.523.42
be Madame Arc either I see Raptor claws1140.963.3
in distance1142.944.4
you didn't bring me nothing1144.263.08
yes it did it was delusion tame a1148.524.14
topicanthus you need to hit it with a1150.983.42
chimbola all right well I'm Gonna Leave1152.663.6
memes what [ __ ] sense does that make1154.44.38
it's fine you have to hit it with a1156.264.2
chain bowler come on upro let's leave1158.783.42
that's the only way to tame it to chain1160.463.98
a whole lot more sense than having to1164.443.64
hit it with a chain Buller I'm leaving1166.524.44
he's not gonna help let's leave oh my1168.086.14
God yeah I want to leave1170.963.26
I made a well and I got some things1179.55.76
planted and I haven't1182.665.22
okay wrapped her claws all I want for1185.264.84
Christmas is a game that works the game1187.884.56
works fine leave you something yeah I1190.14.92
got something an ascendant megaloras's1192.445.22
saddle coal yep that's that's typical1195.024.44
with this game oh some mistletoe I'm1197.663.6
coming to kiss you neebs because you've1199.463.959
been a bad boy chibi all right I got a1201.263.72
chibi thing all right yellow Batman1203.4193.721
let's get the hell out of here let's go1204.984.14
take our coal and mistletoe and we'll1207.144.68
kiss neebs and shove it in his ass1209.124.559
not gonna fit my1211.823.71
butt I'll make it fit1213.67919.711

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