The Finale of Generation Zero!!!

Hey there, Neebs Gaming fans! Can you believe it's the end of this series already? Time sure does fly when you're having fun watching these ...
The Finale of Generation Zero!!!
The Finale of Generation Zero!!!

The Finale of Generation Zero!!!

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another epic Neebs Gaming video! Today we're talking about why the Finale of Generation Zero is our favorite video!

simon: Oh yeah, this video was a rollercoaster of emotions! I mean, we laughed, we cried, we screamed at the screen - it had it all!

appsro: And don't forget the epic battle scenes! I mean, who knew fighting robots could be so intense and hilarious at the same time?

neebs: Exactly! And let's not forget the dramatic ending that left us all on the edge of our seats, wondering what's next for our fearless heroes!

simon: Oh, I can't wait to see what crazy adventures await us in Grounded! It's gonna be a wild ride, that's for sure!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, Neebs Gaming fans! Can you believe it's the end of this series already? Time sure does fly when you're having fun watching these guys in action. I don't know about you, but I had a blast following along with this series. And the best part? They're already teasing the next one - Grounded! I can't wait to see what they have in store for us next.

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anybody looking for some socks yeah well1.3197.681
here you go oh yeah socks4.564.44
all right good job guys everybody here16.644.78
yeah all right everyone just follow me19.025.099
we are heading down to a beach to pick21.425.4
up a device that will help us destroy24.1195.461
the robots Okay like all of them like oh26.824.32
okay so like all together because29.583.3
they're all connected yeah I think the31.143.419
Russians are sending us something oh32.885.04
yeah those damn Russians well I mean if34.5595.82
it's helpful then then it's helpful yeah37.924.799
when they make good like vodka40.3796.141
stereotypically and porridge42.7193.801
it's like something went down here yeah73.76.4
is that a car in a tree yeah it is for76.886.7
sure okay that's fun there it is I80.15.82
hadn't seen that yet in the game no no83.585.039
and these boys we've seen usually when85.924.76
there's a car in a tree it means flood88.6194.201
and then this time it doesn't like a90.684.54
flood does it nah no I would say I would92.824.439
say no this time it looks like a robot95.224.32
picked up a car and threw it into a tree97.2594.261
where are we picking up this uh weapon99.544.74
uh it's supposedly down here oh boy well101.525.639
we got a big guy in between us and our104.285.04
objective should we send uh send a team107.1596.5
up into the cliffs oh yeah109.324.339
you guys uh you guys clip it neebs and I115.824.36
are on the ground we're going cliff118.384.62
all right on your six absor yeah God is120.184.2
there anywhere we could get cover out123.04.38
here this other dead robot unless we can124.384.32
get all the way to that silent or127.382.82
whatever that is uh it looks like a128.74.14
castle castle I mean there's a tent up130.26.56
here a little camp area132.846.78
behind the castle oh they got a shovel136.764.66
if we take a ship we can bury our [ __ ]139.623.66
damn right we could141.425.0
all right are we ready143.283.14
I don't think it worked okay149.8797.08
boom on the tank yeah baby152.666.88
all right careful with my football156.9595.341
that's coming at me yeah yeah it really159.544.26
it really launched some [ __ ] up there at162.32.76
you guys163.84.68
all right light him up up incoming oh165.066.2
that's a chew okay168.486.86
damn it I was trying to look171.264.08
Nice Shot Dora this is great we'll go177.865.92
back and forth he's at 72 percent keep181.84.019
hammering him well yeah cnb's doing183.783.3
great yep I'm gonna give him one of185.8194.861
these rockets and don't move stay still187.086.14
oh we missed that one198.83.48
man you're like a hero right now neebs205.0194.5
yep you guys hold him off on the cliff206.8195.84
he's at 38 get it209.5198.121
oh [ __ ] [ __ ] oh God212.6597.621
he's at 26217.646.36
I knew that was coming220.288.739
up oh no coming at me [ __ ]224.05.019
nice hit thank you he's got to be low229.585.439
now right he's gonna be low oh he's232.625.1
getting it come here baby oh look at235.0195.961
that gun yeah237.723.26
yeah there he goes nice242.484.38
coming down all right yeah you guys can247.084.14
come down249.543.119
let's push forward we'll uh we'll meet251.224.46
at the doorway of the castle252.6593.021
the sniper oh God yeah one of those256.7993.72
hunches out there take cover yeah yeah258.843.54
I'm running take covering this Castle260.5195.46
anybody got visual not yet really yeah262.388.3
is that one yeah C1 packet265.9794.701
but I got it all right pushing in oh270.783.66
yeah he's to the West he's like behind273.065.0
those uh those shrubberries274.443.62
yeah there's two there's two here got a278.4194.921
yep I see you so this is where we gotta288.685.079
go yeah everybody on me I don't know291.4794.081
where you are yet but I'll spawn you293.7593.301
hopefully let's see retrieve the device295.563.78
from the Russian Intel from the boat oh297.065.16
there's a boat here with Russian Intel299.344.799
is it clear to grab it for this dog well302.223.24
yeah maybe but this dog's over here304.1393.721
fighting a roly-poly okay so hold on we305.463.959
should kill the dog in the roly-poly307.865.54
first right unless they kill each other309.4193.981
killing the dog okay calm down313.57.259
another dog care from that water Simon317.4798.521
why can you swim oh yeah I guess not320.7595.241
should I check the boat let's take care326.344.56
of this Hunter first yeah okay uh oh we328.54.5
got a hunter yeah he's dead there you go330.93.299
so this is supposed to be a bunch of334.1993.421
blood here where is it I just took336.244.56
something uh holy to take Soviet device337.625.4
and Intel and there's a gun here yeah340.84.26
anything else what's this business card343.025.76
means a means to stop the machines all345.065.82
right keep me covered neat okay well I348.783.359
wanted to look at my gun can I look at350.883.12
my gun yeah I was trying to read the352.1393.541
information we just picked up oh gotcha354.03.72
go for it I'll look at the gun later355.683.959
okay we got a key card and a device357.723.84
provided by the Russians we should be359.6395.821
able to enter the foa bunker and reach361.566.479
the thing fnix that seems to be behind365.464.56
all of this okay the key card we picked368.0394.5
up uh will grant us access to the lab370.025.28
it's time to try to put an end to all of372.5395.88
this yes it is my goodness all right375.34.98
where is that on the map where is this378.4193.541
lab hmm380.284.56
oh it's right there okay I think our381.965.16
best bet is to uh fast travel to our the384.844.32
uh Herman aluminum Hobby Lobby command387.126.079
bunker I'm a lemonade here we come389.164.039
foa facility yep there's a bunker we've437.4795.44
been to it before grounds of America the440.6393.301
what what442.9192.241
yeah I don't even know what that stands445.165.86
for anybody prep away Phoenix in The447.5395.401
Phoenix Program is it related to that oh451.024.26
of America no not of America or Phoenix452.945.12
in that the robot program455.286.78
uh no I yes we're in Sweden it's also458.066.52
the 80s let's see hopefully the robots462.064.74
are still cleared out464.585.64
man I love snow in a street light it's466.84.5
one of my favorite things in the world470.223.319
yeah it's really nice471.35.04
what is this place we know it's F away473.5394.901
but what do they do476.343.72
for the the source of the robots maybe478.443.659
I'm not entirely sure they built this480.064.859
for just robots to make robots sure was482.0994.861
this place the origin of the robots I484.9193.06
feel like we've been to 10 different486.962.639
places that are the origin of the robots487.9792.881
let's see all right yeah we're pretty490.865.779
clear up here yes this is the bunker492.843.799
in a way I created you506.6395.481
wait are we robots no509.523.06
how cool would that be though let's get514.585.079
in here before it closes so we're the517.9795.101
advanced robots yeah that'd be a twist519.6595.641
let's see523.085.58
anything in here looks clear so I meant525.35.58
to destroy you of course528.665.58
I already had all the power I needed530.887.56
but you survived and you changed534.247.14
you emerge from the water someone you538.444.68
we've actually had a hard time with541.384.079
water in this game yeah yeah that543.124.14
explains it we can't get in the water we545.4593.621
hate water we're robots547.265.16
should have seen that coming549.086.04
it's like no you would like a lot movie552.425.34
but good is this where our weapon is555.124.44
this is where we were born we're like559.563.42
going back into the womb are we making561.243.84
this up or is this for real uh I'm562.984.5
making it up yeah I have no idea I'm565.084.14
liking that yeah but I like the idea567.484.02
that I'm a robot now yeah me too the569.223.9
most advanced robots killing all the571.53.12
other robots you know what I'm trying to573.124.32
figure out is why am I peeing blood yeah574.625.1
that's brake fluid yeah they've come a577.444.14
long way oh579.724.5
all right shotgun Squad right here I'm581.584.8
clear I too have changed584.225.46
I have matured I'm gonna take a little586.385.94
dude real quick different things shut589.684.86
the door if you're going I first emerged592.326.06
I wanted all the things closest to me I594.546.18
grabbed them like squeezed them I guess598.384.82
with them600.722.48
okay turn the fan on what are we pooping604.324.8
like what are these poops607.564.08
they look real609.125.279
continue downstairs let's do it611.644.5
this is a reunion huh we know this614.3993.361
person uh yeah I think it's our daddy616.144.56
daddy robots yeah617.765.88
this way maybe Big Daddy AIDS620.75.52
um this is an office with lots of books623.645.28
anyone need a bathroom no I just did it626.224.619
all right I'll just be a second628.923.84
oh yeah Blue Door this looks important630.8394.201
this is probably where daddy is all632.765.759
right hey Daddy Daddy shotgun Squad yeah635.044.919
yeah yeah even though I don't have one638.5193.071
make this uh oh excuse me [ __ ] sorry my652.3397.861
bad there you go God656.5793.621
what is it661.446.74
recording I'm sorry what have you done663.444.74
about to start the surgery and I hope669.33.9
that someday you won't understand why671.5194.44
this was the only course of action673.26.12
and I have always put ethics first ever675.9595.161
since our first research project679.325.16
together ages ago and even in this job681.125.58
where we had to accept certain external684.483.979
decisions at times686.73.72
I was688.4594.541
I wish I told the truth690.426.419
oh there you are okay we don't give a693.07.8
[ __ ] my names696.8396.541
all right shotgun Squad do it no shotgun700.88.4
oh there we go okay unlocked703.385.82
here honey709.627.7
and what do we say oh yeah712.444.88
what baby you are one of those things721.24.92
daddy dad724.0193.661
all the screens are going away daddy726.123.3
daddy we want to know what's happening727.683.839
daddy oh there's our bodies that might729.425.52
be us what I don't know all right which731.5195.101
way now uh this door looks important734.943.6
it's got a red light736.624.8
wow so maybe okay that one shotgun Squad738.545.4
lead the way uh-huh okay oh we got741.424.919
gauges we need power that's the thing we743.943.66
need power what do you think they were746.3394.261
keeping in cages parrots monkeys us747.64.14
might have been when we were babies750.63.6
whoever it was at P probably that's why751.744.56
we got the hair754.24.8
power all right well what is so this756.34.08
says no power do you want to hit the759.05.459
computer uh yeah sure hit the computer760.387.079
okay oh light turned green oh the door's764.4596.261
open shotgun Squad oh767.4593.261
but he's not as bad huh I am not here776.2796.0
and now you should leave780.185.82
well I know right as you came here782.2796.781
I know what it is you carry we don't786.05.76
know why we came here no yeah what do we789.065.459
carry uh I'll wait the device right is791.764.139
there a place to put the device yeah794.5193.421
yeah we have the device yeah when do we795.8993.361
get the device yeah we got the device at797.943.32
the beach799.264.8
yeah do you want to use this yeah use it801.264.84
see what happens they told you it was a804.065.16
weapon it is and a weapon it is but not806.14.859
like you think809.226.359
they are used to because they fear me810.9598.281
they fear coming near me as if I was a815.5795.341
so they sent you instead okay they sent820.928.28
you to your death and not mine825.066.719
you should not be killed by them829.23.9
did I go man I don't I'm not threatened835.865.88
by this damn hard drive [ __ ] is this838.566.18
what we're talking to I don't maybe it841.744.62
looks is this a hard drive I understand844.743.24
what I'm looking at here so it might846.363.74
just be a lamp okay847.985.4
it looks like I have a new angle on this850.16.16
I think there was a robot right that853.385.34
they had here and it was giving birth to856.266.3
us and we are the children of robots858.726.96
obviously I don't I'm just saying the862.564.74
table made me think that there was865.683.36
something gave birth here no I like that867.33.96
theory it's a possibility you never put869.044.919
his head down to give birth yeah robots871.264.199
are weird when they got to push stuff873.9593.781
out of their robot hoonies or maybe his875.4594.201
butt was here and that holds his butt877.743.779
down and then the doctor catches it879.664.28
right here881.5192.421
all right time to leave what happened884.945.959
the end really what890.8995.221
that was the end what the [ __ ] just898.15.32
happened he told you to leave we didn't900.65.06
I thought he was joking906.543.2
if if he would have watched the series909.9594.56
we don't listen clearly911.824.44
what happens if we skip914.5194.981
I'm doing it okay skip skip he's still916.264.139
Against All Odds you wake up oh we find920.3994.761
yourself a safe oh we got blown away923.164.5
from the base you don't know how you got925.165.2
here the war has only just begun really927.666.06
just begun what hey hey are you guys930.366.24
right how do we get here oh we got uh we933.724.38
have a resignation letter we can read936.63.419
okay and I'm not gonna938.14.62
so oh my god oh boy it's rough out here940.0195.041
is the battle happening oh there is a942.725.04
battle happening against I guess the bad945.064.86
robots and the good robots still unclear947.764.319
still completely unclear on what's going949.925.039
on with that well better come yeah oh952.0795.401
we're bad robots that's the that's the954.9594.081
thing I like the fact that we're robots957.483.659
now hey I know come get us we're the959.044.4
real robots961.1395.64
you ain't got nothing about me963.446.04
all right neat yeah one more robot fight966.7794.261
I mean I don't really understand what's969.483.539
happening but whatever yeah971.044.32
kick some robot ass okay moving in973.0195.101
yeah yeah978.127.399
oh I'm gonna miss I'm getting trees981.427.32
okay you guys really good look at this985.5195.38
battle going on out here oh my well988.745.539
let's go get it yeah990.8993.38
nice look at this996.8993.021
let's focus on spider boy first spider1000.324.86
boy yeah one right in front of us oh1002.8395.521
gotcha yep I'm on it oh I'm gonna hacked1005.184.339
this Hunter1008.363.8
you work for us now [ __ ]1009.5195.221
oh yeah he just blew up beautiful1012.166.4
military class and fnix the bad guy are1014.745.019
they fighting each other we don't know1018.563.079
we don't listen it's true1019.7594.741
listening yeah1021.6396.601
right in your little robot Bud1024.53.74
all right he's at 47 I'll confuse him1029.9196.4
with magic come on1033.625.42
here we go1036.3192.721
down baby generation zero [ __ ]1041.05.12
thank you1052.843.18
celebration Heroes1134.265.799

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Man, I just gotta say that watching Neebs Gaming play through this game has been an absolute blast! Their cinematic approach to capturing gameplay is really the best way to experience this title besides playing it yourself.

The way they edit together all the footage and add in fun sketches makes it feel like you're watching a movie or TV show rather than just another standard Let's Play. It really draws you into the world and story in a way that most gaming channels just can't pull off.

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I also love how they aren't afraid to roleplay and get into character. It adds a whole extra layer of immersion and their acting chops are seriously impressive. Some of the emotional moments they've been able to capture have been incredibly powerful.

Overall, if you're looking for a truly cinematic gaming experience that feels as close to actually playing as possible, Neebs Gaming is hands down the best channel out there right now. Their love and passion for what they do really shines through. I'd highly recommend giving them a watch if you haven't already!

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