Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Ark: Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe? Episode 15 is a wild ride as the A...


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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Ark! Today, we're talking about the BEST. ACCIDENTAL. TAME. EVER! Can you believe it, Simon?

simon: Oh yeah, Neebs, this video is a real gem! That Alpha Tribe sure knows how to recruit powerful allies. And those beta boys with their bats, what a sight to see!

appsro: Haha, you guys crack me up! I can't get enough of this video. The drama, the action, the accidental taming - it's all top-notch entertainment. Keep it coming, Neebs and Simon!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Ark: Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe? Episode 15 is a wild ride as the Alpha Tribe brings in a powerful new ally, while the beta boys are out there getting some bats. It's all about survival in this intense battle for dominance in the Ark world.

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Steve's gaming socks Wowzer I never knew0.7198.001
such a thing could exist uh-huh they do4.24.52
I like to sing neeb's pretty great isn't10.383.96
it yeah pretty good I love yeah being up12.483.659
here man we could get real sneaky with14.343.6
this thing I know and you know what they16.1394.381
go invisible somehow I'm not sure what17.944.499
so that was a thing hold on I think it's20.523.3
just a night though I don't know what22.4393.781
time it is so let's see okay got a23.824.86
little nibble or a little okay that yep26.224.62
I know this hold R I'll run over here28.684.559
and you got some options30.844.739
see me kind of I mean it just makes33.2394.621
everything red anyway I think since we35.5793.901
only have one of these right now we go37.863.539
get another one to get another one what39.484.38
bat bat Squad man do you know where you41.3994.021
know where to get more of these yep all43.863.06
right then I'll follow your lead to the45.421.98
I got two oh good so let's see if maybe80.6595.261
I'll even they're kind of close to each84.243.3
other so do I you think I'm gonna have85.924.08
to nip maybe maybe I'll just go buy her87.545.52
hey you coming after me huh you no not90.06.0
yet here I'll give you a little nip just93.064.919
to make it oh what did I just do that96.04.38
for what did the nerve in me oh no did97.9797.201
you oh no oh nose can I go okay on me100.387.44
okay there we go all right take it easy105.184.68
take it nice and easy nice and easy107.825.4
cheesy peasies yeah so you got the uh I109.864.92
think we need at least three of these113.224.14
guys oh yeah I think you're right I114.784.019
might have a I might have a friend117.364.02
coming and following no oh wait a second118.7995.341
what are you turning around for Adobe on121.386.12
ding dong hey look at me biting your124.145.899
that's me yeah you gotta stick with me131.0396.721
look at it smell my vagina this is Punky134.0996.021
I mean I mean smell bunkies137.765.52
yes oh I could see or beak you're right140.126.58
on my ass here you go yeah143.286.06
hopefully this one is a toughie come on146.75.28
come on Tuffy we'll call you Tuffy if149.344.5
you cooperate yeah but how you gonna151.983.18
spell it you're gonna spell it with two153.843.08
F's two apps155.166.659
oh like a huffy oh a pizza looking good156.927.0
you looking real good coming in nice and161.8194.861
smooth nice yeah like butter looking163.925.819
good oh yeah shutting the door now I'm166.684.919
gonna Escape through the ceiling are you169.7393.901
gonna follow me yes she followed me oh171.5993.841
that worked oh all right it came right173.644.14
out through I know that's not good these175.444.14
gaps are that's a large gap I was177.783.959
worried about that Gap all right do you179.584.26
have a dinosaur gate just in my pocket181.7394.441
yeah all right they are the safest is186.183.48
down here maybe I could do this quick188.223.599
well okay yeah yeah oh yeah it's just189.664.14
relaxing yeah yeah hold up hold on just191.8193.84
relax chill out there as if nothing193.85.34
happened so let's see I got a I got two195.6597.681
still so let's do that and then zero go199.147.58
and uh okay where what's yours over here203.346.84
and yeah boom not sure how you didn't206.725.68
see that Gap but all right no I saw that210.184.08
that was the one I was going through I212.43.24
didn't think it was going to be bad for214.264.619
all right so you do you see it yeah is215.644.92
that good now being very patient very218.8793.901
nice all right I'm gonna go back over220.564.98
here okay oh there it is there it is222.785.34
take it off take it off wait over here225.544.74
no no right behind no oh yeah yeah hey228.124.32
hey hey hey hey you still you still230.285.239
taste me yeah you do232.443.079
I do now now what's gonna happen I'm236.484.0
gonna be trapped in here that's a239.042.759
problem yeah there's a problem all right240.482.759
maybe you can come back this one right241.7992.94
here she can't go through can you go243.2393.72
through that one you can't oh God it244.7395.78
came right back up oh no oh no hold on246.9596.541
all right you know we'll get it right250.5195.68
we'll get it right okay253.55.419
it's close256.1992.72
so that's the cave we want to go in259.9193.301
right there apps are going to the right261.2993.481
or the left to the right to the right263.223.539
now I can't go in there right because I264.783.84
have this bird it won't fly yeah okay266.7593.901
yeah but you can because you've got268.624.26
special magic Bird right oh I can tell270.664.979
thick spin here Birds yeah Birds Fjord272.885.46
Hawks I would like to clear out all275.6395.521
these Raptors and karnas though oh God's278.344.68
an alpha Raptor yeah but man if he281.163.42
sneaks up on us in the cave oh yeah no283.023.06
listen that's a bad idea I wonder if I284.582.46
could just286.083.179
just lure the alpha Raptor off yeah try287.043.24
that hey289.2592.101
let's clear this out first then we'll go291.363.96
in case it's dummy over here you get rid292.9794.321
of him and I'll get rid of these guys295.325.58
hey dummy over here dummy this way yeah297.37.02
hey bashful behind me now yeah there's a300.95.7
good dumb Raptor come on keep coming up304.325.52
can I pick up a raptor yep I can okay306.64.92
okay you picking up that Alpha uh no309.843.66
regular ones I was about to say picking311.523.06
up that Alpha would have been dangerous313.53.3
I don't I hope it's not I think they can314.584.679
bite you oh he's yeah he's fighting316.83.839
right so you don't pick you don't want319.2592.461
to pick up the alpha Raptor because320.6392.161
he'll probably fight the out I321.723.06
don't think you can pick up you got the322.83.839
alpha Raptor yeah I know is he following324.783.96
me not really damn it you gotta entice326.6394.861
that thing I am I look delicious yeah328.744.799
but you know it's a little shitty or331.54.5
something hey just wait idiot you know333.5394.921
what I mean yeah don't go too fast or336.04.139
you lose him I know he's swimming338.464.14
they're not strong swimmers I know here340.1395.34
we go Alpha Raptor over Waterfall oh is342.64.26
that what's happening heck yeah that's345.4792.761
what's happening take that dumb red346.862.82
to get him over this waterfall348.244.459
here we come baby349.683.019
there it goes there you go353.185.92
not what I was picturing now he's shark356.286.8
food okay all right back to it359.13.98
oh no no this is uh I thought it was a370.285.199
griffin I got I got one on me okay this372.93.78
one's more aggressive than the other375.4792.241
I'll tell you376.683.359
I was so excited I almost fell off the377.724.3
cliff oh okay yeah be careful this380.0394.621
one here is going balls to the wall okay382.025.239
okay good all right384.662.599
yeah I definitely need to be careful and387.722.94
my stem is getting a little low but389.343.96
that's okay oh I'm I'm going past you're390.665.34
not gonna miss uh all this393.35.1
okay yeah no I almost did because I'm I396.04.5
was just going I was distracted still on398.44.2
your butt yep stole my butt Perfect come400.55.16
on baby come on just do it yeah oh402.65.76
that's a uh that's a griffin is it a405.664.56
griffin yeah man I still can't freaking408.363.119
tell that's all right get in there good410.223.479
get in there all right oh yeah you're in411.4795.041
yeah now get me out of here get on out413.6995.581
of there oh God I got out yeah okay yeah416.525.519
we gotta grab that dude do that all419.285.46
right okay yeah oh yeah yeah come on422.0394.5
it's hard to see him here it's kind of424.744.38
hard to just shooting up into a oh it's426.5395.821
already no no I thought where are you429.124.5
where are you432.363.24
I don't even see it I don't even okay433.623.66
boy looking right at me you are437.284.859
beautiful beautiful438.967.139
there we go it's about time ah jeez okay442.1396.241
Kevin's the bets what kind of what kind446.0995.701
of 135 right now okay that's okay that's448.386.12
pretty sweet yeah just saying grab some451.86.36
meat yeah look at this beauty454.55.58
oh what could you even though I can't458.164.62
see your face you had a beautiful butt460.086.5
a beautiful night yeah462.783.8
these bats have special powers at night467.43.9
right maybe and we're going into a bat469.1995.881
cave at night right yeah crazy yeah I'm471.35.399
Ice Cube oh my God we're going to wait475.084.14
till morning man probably yes can we476.6994.021
build a fire in a cave or how far how479.222.699
far in do we gotta go I don't know I480.722.28
don't know they're gonna be attacking481.9192.161
you and stuff you don't want to be483.03.12
dealing with code as well okay we lure484.083.72
them out oh I think I see one right now486.123.6
can I just shoot it and lure it out I487.84.32
might just fly away I don't know I need489.724.68
a shot hey go for it492.124.019
all right must be some bullet drop here494.43.96
are they all coming now uh I hope not496.1393.84
make sure they're not Onyx you want the498.363.6
best they hang it from the roof oh okay499.9794.44
yeah I almost shot an onyx them okay you501.963.959
have a spy glass504.4193.481
hang in the roof uh I don't think I do505.9194.081
oh wait I should use my uh what you call507.94.199
it oh your night vision on the bat here510.04.02
we go I think that'll work oh yeah turn512.0993.901
on night vision hold on let me see if I514.023.42
can pull out a torch will that do better516.03.3
no I'm still ice cube with me oh yeah517.445.039
yeah okay let me just give a little fly519.36.06
up here yeah they not from this careful522.4795.881
don't trigger the Onyx okay wow yeah525.365.039
where are they I don't know I've never528.363.78
done this before this was your idea yep530.3994.321
I think I see some okay you want to like532.143.74
trigger them534.724.26
maybe do it I'm worried about the your535.884.36
health how's your health right now oh538.983.18
it's going down540.243.539
you know the more Godly we do the lower542.164.98
it's going to go okay well or you just543.7795.101
end up dead and just doesn't go anywhere547.143.18
well here comes the one I'm coming back548.882.76
to you all right yeah go to the entrance550.322.88
of the cape okay I'm coming all right551.643.24
there he is as long as I got this this553.23.78
thing on me if the blood's in yet they554.884.68
should start taming okay here I am guys556.984.08
look at me look at me down here I'm559.563.839
coming okay yep yep yep yep let's see it561.064.68
okay all right and boom hey it's warm563.3994.56
here hey come get me are they up to you565.744.44
no yep they should pick you up hopefully567.9594.981
hey I got the blood on me guys you want570.185.279
this Blood hey oh yep yep yep okay is he572.947.38
taming yeah baby yes oh got him okay now575.4596.181
you have enough blood to get the other580.324.139
one uh yes I should oh then it only took581.644.86
a little bit good grab this other one584.4595.0
again uh well if he'll come to me okay586.55.22
hey I'm gonna get that guy to follow me589.4594.781
whoa boy oh crap what I do I just landed591.724.92
you good oh yep okay he's got me oh he594.244.52
dipped me in the water596.645.1
boom got him well that was easy okay we598.765.139
got two of them that's good right uh601.743.86
that's great603.8994.981
wait okay so now what get tubby and get605.65.08
out of here yeah let's uh where's tubby608.883.06
oh you draw I left him over there on610.683.599
those rocks uh go drop me off yep sounds611.943.89
I like taking this break now do you623.762.82
think those guys are like just625.442.7
completely holed up on that other Island626.584.02
I don't I just saw so many structures628.144.44
out there that one time yeah see well630.63.48
did I I don't remember seeing them no632.583.36
because you weren't with me well there634.084.259
you go so many structures they had yeah635.944.2
they had like a taming thing kind of638.3393.301
like this not as good of course but640.143.84
right but then I wouldn't have seen one641.645.04
of the bases had abstro not yelled my643.985.28
name so you obviously know exactly where646.685.159
this is yeah but I I you know I649.264.56
destroyed it you destroyed everything no651.8394.081
no what I saw well then that would be653.823.38
kind of everything655.923.78
so but everything there was probably657.24.66
more out there but I'm just saying um659.74.199
yeah I feel bad for them I do too that's661.863.419
why we'll just start doing this for a663.8993.12
little bit give it a little break yeah665.2793.661
we'll start taming a bunch of stuff did667.0193.361
I ever tell you what Operation Smile668.943.72
stood for yeah you did but of course you670.384.139
know I don't remember yeah672.664.739
um suck my insecure little penis oh674.5195.76
maybe I didn't hear that oh and I named677.3996.241
the argentavis uh argentavis Staples680.2795.581
do you know no you don't know no I've683.643.96
never heard of Staples ever heard of685.863.12
Mavis Staples687.63.6
nope one of the Staples Singers688.985.28
I'll take you there no no Bob Dylan691.25.1
wanted to marry her anyway oh good yeah694.265.04
that's an old reference that's our live696.36.539
it's great come on come on come on I699.35.52
just want to see the face I forget what702.8393.841
they look like I was too scared to be704.824.8
able to see it some fall colors yeah706.685.94
this is blood is this Blood we're on it709.624.98
shiny red right here that's the Fall712.626.86
colors really sure she's a beaut or714.68.7
non-available gender it's a beaut yep719.485.76
they are beaut723.35.12
hey hey725.243.18
what do you want oh look at that cutie729.0794.961
look at that cutie oh my goodness731.5195.161
gracious look at that and and it's word734.045.64
play I was gonna call her Lucy with oos736.684.92
yeah but it's going to be loosey-goosey739.685.099
oh I like Lucy Lucy Goose gorgeous yeah741.68.06
yeah those colors are gorgeous boys744.7794.881
all right Lucy let's show you your new753.84.659
place oh756.64.26
welcome to the family758.4595.82
I'm gonna cry follow me you wanna do one760.865.12
more we're gonna do it no don't cry764.2794.86
it feels fake it feels really fake it's765.985.26
very fake okay769.1394.32
if so I'm back to the uh Beaver Pond771.243.24
okay which773.4593.241
I figure we need cement and paste oh774.484.58
oh man you know what I can I'm gonna779.884.44
fall if I do this I just tried clinging781.983.96
to it is that gonna be bad that's gonna784.323.84
be bad hmm what can I do is our trap785.944.8
still over there all right should be I788.164.56
haven't moved it did you move it790.743.96
um nope Yep looks like it's here it's792.723.54
taking so up there's a wall missing794.73.24
gotcha I was gonna say I could I could796.263.48
grab them all and just stack them up in797.943.42
there you know yeah799.742.539
boy I hate that this is in the water I802.2793.821
wish there's somewhere I can like touch805.0192.76
the ground I mean if you go fast you're806.13.919
good just make807.7792.24
it okay it's pretty shallow right here810.8993.841
here we go this is the spot doing good812.4594.38
yeah I'm still on a I'm on a hunt for814.744.62
scorpions yep here we go I'm just gonna816.8394.081
grab a few of these819.363.12
are they coming they're probably coming820.924.039
oh yeah822.482.479
oh yeah oh yeah they're coming okay oh825.484.5
watch out there's cono down there oh828.123.48
crap I feel bad now I took their cement829.983.659
and pace and they got a bad day hold up831.63.84
well it's their own fault for not833.6394.26
sharing really oh crap I got kicked off835.445.04
oh boy I'm underwater I'm being attacked837.8995.461
by a coroner okay do you need help all840.484.5
right yeah but you know what I got a843.363.479
brand new weapon where is he oh he's844.983.659
he's focusing on the Beavers should I846.8393.18
come to you oh I just hit him with my848.6394.44
new net gun heck yeah where's Michael850.0195.581
Michael you don't lose Michael hold on I853.0794.2
gotta get down to the water I've only855.64.64
got a few Nets left857.2792.961
beavers the bait of his existence863.3396.901
see there's the Beaver Dam so where is866.5796.121
that damn neebs and that damn Michael870.245.82
leaves is dead and Michael let's see872.76.92
Michael Michael Mr Keegan876.066.98
down here Michael oh there you are hey879.627.2
buddy time to go883.043.78
oh okay I'm coming to you888.0794.32
you sure we haven't done Sammy Davis Jr900.55.26
I'm not you're asking the worst person903.184.56
I've got a backup name well what's the905.765.16
backup name beaky blinders like peaky907.745.459
blinders we'll name their son peaky910.924.38
blinders okay well just saying there's913.1994.2
no chance that you ever did that one and915.33.3
all right I guess you don't really care917.3992.94
if you don't I really don't I don't okay918.63.66
all right double dip you do that with920.3393.781
chips you know that they've didn't they922.263.96
like test that on like that show that924.124.38
tests things I'll bet they did and they926.225.28
were like nah double dipping's fun thing928.54.8
with drop it on the floor I think for931.53.06
the five second rule that doesn't mean933.33.12
anything I'm not overthinking that934.564.68
yeah just eat gum off the floor all936.425.219
right hey buddy let's go get you some939.248.039
sex yeah lucky ducky but not a ducky all941.6397.56
right Michael oh see the stuff so there947.2794.321
was a Carno a bunch of Angry Beavers uh949.1993.781
good thing the Beavers might not be mad951.64.08
now because uh they had their Revenge952.984.799
all right let's just take a quick look955.683.899
you know these trees they're really957.7795.221
getting away oh bugs Michael come on we959.5796.241
did not ex here we go all right963.04.079
Wing move965.823.6
yeah you're my wingman Michael967.0794.26
isn't that great come on bugs is969.424.14
supposed to be a simple bag recovery971.3395.761
there we go one more yep and we're clear973.565.88
all right Michael stay here I'm just977.14.2
gonna go in the water yeah how you doing979.444.32
I'm good I won't hugging oh you're981.34.219
looking fine yeah983.764.139
let's hide the evidence there can only985.5194.781
be one all right all right did you get987.8994.861
that did you get that paste uh yeah I've990.34.76
got um992.765.04
yeah I've got 300 right now but hey995.064.18
we're both here we should probably get997.83.8
the rest oh yeah I will absolutely999.245.88
stopping me dumbass Peters watch how a1001.66.52
pro does it okay all right tubby yep1005.124.139
you're going for that one that's the one1008.122.3
I went for1009.2594.621
some left I mean I heard you're supposed1010.426.96
to throw everything out of it I got it1013.883.5
and uh ten nine eight seven six five1028.17912.981
four three two one1035.1799.14
hello oh it's not peaky blinders1046.07.72
oh beaky blinders Simon it's very nice I1049.845.74
have a torch for no reason I can't get1053.723.68
out of my hands that's all right1055.584.2
why aren't you finding some big fat1057.45.08
penis to Sock Simon1059.786.24
oh because they don't quite enjoy that1062.485.34
all right that makes sense to me I1066.023.24
didn't bring any meat there young bird1067.823.12
oh God the young Bird's gonna die in a1069.263.48
second no no no no no no no we're gonna1070.943.96
be fine we're gonna be fine let me grab1072.744.799
some right here okay okay there we go1074.95.1
there's a bit of meat for you okay deal1077.5395.041
with this in your little belly pardon me1080.05.28
here we go get that meat in there all1082.586.18
right oh look how big oh that's so nice1085.287.44
oh my goodness my sweet oh yeah I'll get1088.766.6
it yeah yeah you got some yellow in the1092.725.579
back that's nice I don't know if it is1095.364.8
yellow no I think that's from your arm1098.2995.281
or the the sun the Sun reflect yeah yeah1100.165.22
it's just as ugly as the others right1103.585.099
we're gonna paint you pink because we1105.385.039
don't like how you were made naturally1108.6794.681
yeah God was wrong with you1110.4195.941
oh you're just lucky we don't kill you1117.224.48
because you look different oh God done1119.725.06
goofed oh1121.73.08
we think oh man they are so maneuverable1125.725.28
aren't they great yeah backwards forward1128.664.44
side to side I love it yeah look at Val1131.04.679
Kilmer's got this nice Red Wing oh look1133.14.62
at this wingspan oh yeah yeah those1135.6793.421
colors are great yeah if I'll kill him1137.723.36
looks awesome okay I want to try one1139.14.74
more thing so check this out boom look1141.085.099
at this you can uh equip a gun from his1143.846.079
back what so I could oh1146.1796.12
that's dangerous isn't that great that's1149.9195.26
dangerous hey what is argentavis uh1152.2994.861
let's see oh I see one yeah look at this1155.1794.081
one when I'm flying towards maybe I'm1157.163.66
looking at what he's on the ground oh1159.263.06
yeah but you want to try to hit one in1160.823.9
the air let's try it man let's see come1162.325.04
at me come at me do you want me oh yeah1164.724.44
he's on you okay I'm gonna swoop around1167.363.42
oh I had to spin around can I yeah1169.164.58
exactly backwards yep1170.787.92
oh snap I am deadly baby oh boy well we1173.747.54
know how to get them exactly let's get a1178.74.68
good one yeah very good colors look at1181.283.66
this one this one looks like it's been1183.383.06
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The Game

You definitely should check it out

Ark: Survival Evolved is a dinosaur lover's dream come true. Who hasn't fantasized about living alongside these majestic beasts and using them to explore a vast primordial world? Neebs Gaming's Ark series brings this fantasy to life in an entertaining and cinematic way.

In Episode 15 of their Noobs vs Alpha Tribe series, we see the scrappy Noobs trying to gain an edge against the ruthless Alpha tribe. When the Alphas recruit a powerful new ally, things look grim for our heroes. But the Noobs have a plan involving some newly tamed bats that just might level the playing field. The cinematic camera work makes you feel like you're on an adventure in a Jurassic Park movie.

While playing Ark yourself provides an immersive survival experience, watching Neebs Gaming is the next best thing. Their cinematic approach to gameplay makes the world feel alive. You get invested in the quirky characters and their struggle to survive against increasingly long odds. The Noobs are the underdogs you can't help but root for.

Neebs Gaming has mastered the formula of taking a great game like Ark and transforming it into an enjoyable cinematic journey. Their dynamic group brings out the humor and drama inherent in the game. You don't just watch, you become part of the experience. It's the perfect way to get a taste of Ark's world without investing dozens of hours into taming dinosaurs yourself.

So if you love dinosaurs, survival games, and cinematic storytelling, do yourself a favor and check out Neebs Gaming's Ark series. You'll quickly get hooked on the Noobs' quest to rule the island. Just don't be surprised if you find yourself itching to join them on their prehistoric adventures!

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