The Final Bunker!!! - Generation Zero

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! I am beyond excited to share with you that it's time to capture the final bunker in their latest...
The Final Bunker!!! - Generation Zero
The Final Bunker!!! - Generation Zero

The Final Bunker!!! - Generation Zero

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Neebs Gaming! Today we're tackling the final bunker in Generation Zero, and let me tell you, it's gonna be epic!

simon: Oh yeah, I've been looking forward to this moment for so long. Capturing that final bunker is gonna be the highlight of my day!

appsro: You guys are just too excited about this bunker. But hey, I'm ready to show off my skills and make sure we come out victorious in the end!

neebs: Come on Appsro, don't act like you're not pumped for this. This is the ultimate challenge, and we're gonna crush it!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! I am beyond excited to share with you that it's time to capture the final bunker in their latest video. If you're like me and can't get enough of their hilarious gameplay and epic adventures, then you'll definitely want to check this one out.

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And of course, no Neebs Gaming video is complete without some awesome music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio. Get ready to join the Neebs crew as they embark on their final bunker mission - it's going to be a wild ride filled with laughter, excitement, and maybe even a few surprises along the way. Let's do this, Neebs Nation!

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all right boys it's a nice evening we6.8993.78
have to travel North according to the8.584.26
map there is a bridge we need to go to10.6793.481
all right that's where our next mission12.844.14
is on the bridge yeah do you guys want14.164.02
to see did you see if there's anything16.984.2
in this gas station what do you I didn't18.186.78
Jack no shut up yeah hold on a second21.186.66
shut up24.9610.18
guys this bridge might be our ticket out56.964.9
of here but there's robots yep I see59.343.32
they look like little guys yeah I don't62.665.2
see any big guys there were a couple big65.764.98
ones behind us but these guys hopefully67.866.119
are nothing little pansy boys it's hard70.745.28
to really tell though because they're so73.9793.96
far away should we just shoot a rocket76.023.24
in there if they're surrounded by cars77.9393.121
or all those cars will just blow up oh79.263.96
yeah like that yeah who's got a rocket81.064.08
uh I just have a smoke one would that83.223.66
set it off I got a rocket I'm gonna get85.142.88
a little closer just to be ready you86.882.879
know what I mean sounds good make sure88.023.419
to see this is a really far distance I89.7593.18
would think it's going to be hard to get91.4393.421
it there yeah you're gonna probably mess92.9394.561
I bet you could do it overshoot it I94.863.719
like you know because it's gonna97.52.46
otherwise it's gonna fall short a little98.5793.961
high you ready to Dallas I'm ready here99.964.94
it goes102.542.36
you killed at least a couple of them109.3993.641
yeah there's still a car over there not111.4793.301
blown up fire enough one fire another113.043.84
one okay yeah do these uh here we go114.784.019
rocket number two going for the flashing116.885.0
lights man there118.7993.081
that's it baby high explosives I don't128.0394.441
see any you might have done it yeah that130.54.2
just caused a chain reaction didn't it132.484.32
let's see what's on this bridge can we134.73.42
get out can we get the hell out of here136.83.12
uh-oh this guy wasn't in his car just138.123.18
hanging out was he139.922.459
yeah uh-oh what do we got well well guys144.365.58
there was a snug up on me I didn't do147.9592.721
robots big ones small ones three dogs150.687.059
and a hunter yep oh [ __ ] you went back153.5997.261
there yep okay okay well we're not157.7395.541
getting it160.862.42
hell yeah I think we're clear awesome oh182.2396.64
[ __ ] level five handgun in him you can186.184.559
use a handgun188.8794.58
it looks like something's down here on194.763.36
the coast okay196.53.84
what do you mean by something oh198.124.259
the the little red marker you know I200.344.679
mean I I see uh it looks to be maybe a202.3794.14
building like there's a light over there205.0193.421
I think I could go to the left don't we206.5193.661
yeah you gotta go to the left it comes208.444.86
out there's some truck here I think210.185.04
we're looking for uh for some military213.34.38
equipment what is down here oh yeah hold215.225.579
on now look over here robots robots any217.687.52
humans oh yeah yeah yeah yeah220.7994.401
complete it there's a rocket launcher225.55.5
here what level oh that is a level five227.8196.321
rocket launcher yeah231.03.14
oh wait it's right on the ground isn't236.064.959
it yeah get it get it get it boom Oh238.3795.821
yeah oh these robots are gonna be mad at241.0196.0
us I had a three now I got a five heck244.25.28
yeah hold on equipping that one oh man247.0195.341
it even looks prettier it does yeah it's249.484.74
platinum or something it's got like a252.365.46
green Halo scope oh yeah oh yeah that's254.225.16
good you've picked it up off the ground257.824.5
huh yeah on this guy yeah can you see259.385.34
one no I thought I picked it up then262.323.96
your inventory you ever heard of this264.722.94
thing called inventory266.284.46
that's where you keep your weapons267.665.759
yep so on the slide no I did find it270.743.82
there you go273.4192.22
all right so we want to do we want to274.562.46
play with these or do we want to keep275.6392.941
pushing on because I think we have one277.023.179
more command bunker to find let's push278.584.82
on we'll get a chance to play with them280.1993.201
oh a couple of roly-polies out here huh286.865.16
one run up to our right directly up to290.164.2
right on front oh yeah should I try to292.025.28
hack him yeah why not oh let's see and294.364.68
mine doesn't have a silencer but I'll be305.124.9
happy to watch mine doesn't have308.343.24
silencer but I'd still be happy to shoot310.023.239
can I drink like how cool would it be to311.583.42
hack those and then ride them would be313.2594.581
super cool I see his tank315.06.3
got a good shot is he down no no no no317.846.579
no there you go okay well I went left321.35.22
here we go all right yep his buddies are324.4194.081
gonna come let's see should we uh let's326.523.66
open for these buildings it might be the328.53.0
bunker I think yeah I don't know man330.183.239
just listen just because I shot once331.53.0
doesn't mean it says that we escape333.4192.701
combat yeah oh yeah no here he comes334.53.9
more he's running or fighting let's run336.124.76
towards the bunker okay bunker run338.45.1
here's over here gotcha did you say this340.884.18
is the last bunker this is the last343.53.78
bunker we have to get to very last345.064.68
bunker that's what it says holy crap all347.284.199
right going in I bet it's gonna be349.744.519
completely unique351.4792.78
what a dumb [ __ ] oh look an airplane357.085.399
let's see over here the door no power of365.245.98
course exactly of course of course we369.4794.5
know this nice plane Simon it is nice371.224.199
did you know that they're in this game373.9794.44
not until now crazy can you plug planes375.4194.681
up nope378.4194.921
no all right just checking kind of a380.15.64
waste huh totally oh there's two of383.346.139
these uh guys right out to the left385.743.739
yeah but at least drop and then what you404.64.659
had hit again and then burn on the407.6993.301
ground so we're gonna run around run409.2593.841
around you drop at least drop yeah you411.05.78
can't roll so what's the point413.13.68
what's going on guys it's Uncle thick I419.945.28
bet you like t-shirts you also want a422.6395.221
back rub from Uncle thick right no need425.224.319
to get a restraining order I'm just427.864.88
kidding yeah sure we got other things429.5395.961
tastes delicious next time I'm returning432.747.32
my jail this time I was in Japan435.57.84
I'll go dead I'll go dick I'm sick of440.065.8
this always spreading their schlocker443.345.579
stove lock spreadshirt we've got a bunch445.866.44
of [ __ ] like throw pillows buttons hats448.9196.081
we have our own University it's455.03.88
different from other universities457.384.259
because we don't have books come on458.885.879
cigarette website461.6396.06
needs gaming has entered the business of464.7595.701
the World Wide Web what a rebel trying467.6995.601
to do something original470.462.84
it might make my feet tap but that just476.8194.681
just means the devils are working there479.584.32
man player one copy a terrific blend of481.54.319
a bunch of coffee I don't want to see483.94.32
you selling some stupid coffee cup cover485.8194.801
goes your Dome our spreadshirt shop has488.224.68
a Simon box coffee cup even though I do490.624.5
like to drink coffee and my coffee cup492.94.62
is broken and it leaks all of your495.125.1
favorite neebs gaming Supercuts and I am497.524.739
looking for entertainment I do like the500.224.74
force lead to those Supercuts Simon's502.2595.84
voice sounds sexy504.963.139
Oh I thought maybe I could pick it up508.54.74
whatever I'm still cigarette catfish was510.4195.24
at you513.242.419
Uncle big big that's the [ __ ] you need520.024.699
and more522.122.599
yeah that was fun534.386.06
is it wow oh yeah look at that536.726.28
I'm gonna jump this whole bunker run540.445.62
interesting oh yeah I'm gonna jump over543.04.22
y'all see a light switch547.225.26
not yet550.264.8
it's usually a sign about hey Power552.484.62
Station this way yeah we got it555.065.339
downstairs another plane summon yeah I557.17.28
know I saw that hold the E to unlock560.3997.021
unlocking oh there we go all right this564.386.16
is a way into the bunker all right567.424.32
uh yeah we gotta find an alternative571.744.32
path yeah this uh this thing's busted574.0196.721
yeah it is great okay oh another door576.066.18
wait okay it's crazy right yeah it's582.246.719
crazy okay so oh there's a thing here584.5196.231
this is different right588.9593.681
so I'm here to read on the door it says592.644.36
barcode system compromise we have595.324.32
disabled it entry on verbal affirmation597.06.0
at the East entrance East entrance huh599.645.18
all right well we've got one more round603.04.56
uh yeah I guess we just keep going east604.824.6
maybe let's see a building down the road607.566.0
so maybe over there yeah follow me Sean609.427.44
a lot of doors for this place613.566.54
it is the last bunker a big roll up to a616.865.22
left oh everyone down oh crap I've been620.14.5
spotted oh yeah yeah yeah all right time622.085.84
for rocket launchers maybe yeah624.63.32
brand new rocket launchers628.863.38
all right he's at uh 54 right now I'm638.883.899
gonna try to hack him but I'm sure it's641.2793.541
not gonna work he's at 42 percent you642.7793.721
sure he's not dead he looks dead oh wait644.825.1
okay oh [ __ ] oh was hurt that was a lot646.57.079
of pain he's at 28 keep hamburger649.925.96
oh I got some blue spots over here653.5795.541
oh he stood up655.886.54
Hammer his ass659.123.3
right around me676.945.16
all right is that it did679.2795.081
nice job fellas682.14.84
all right well done let's keep moving684.364.2
East to that uh that door yeah clear686.945.06
this out let's find that entrance688.563.44
is this a door hey yep right here there697.684.44
we go701.043.859
little guys little guys three two one go704.8997.481
very nice man look at us we're good yeah709.685.52
we are yeah we took down that big robot712.384.26
like no problem because that was when we715.23.36
all have rocket launchers with uh716.645.22
Rockets five star okay I think we're718.566.2
clear okay721.862.9
to possible power stations probably up725.05.44
here right here uh yes all right let's727.985.039
get that power on well there's gas I had730.446.18
no yeah I think so oh yeah oh boy I'm733.0195.82
already smelling it yep yep oh that's a736.623.959
stinky okay so yeah someone's got to738.8393.421
equip the gas mask and go in and get the740.5794.26
power back on I can do that give me a742.264.639
all right got the mask on uh how do I751.5195.081
look um you look like an idiot with a755.043.66
man yeah really dumb okay I'll be right756.65.4
back okay here we go758.75.1
um I don't see it it's somewhere in762.03.18
there drop the feedback left quarter763.84.26
back left usually well in this case yep765.185.04
I see a switch there you go all right768.066.0
are we on we're on yeah baby rock and770.226.239
roll let's find the command center yep774.064.26
yep there's a crazy little spider in776.4593.901
here you don't know what to do778.324.88
I'll help them out780.362.84
anything up here Simon uh blue sun right785.045.84
here oh787.922.96
oh there's a little guy right there791.882.699
didn't even see him you didn't see him793.263.06
no I wore out there's another one right794.5792.94
there you go all right this one right797.5194.56
here on that shotgun sounds awesome yep799.684.86
I bet this is maybe the command yep guys802.0795.221
we found the command [ __ ] yeah we'll804.545.34
be with you in a second yeah this is the807.35.159
final command bunker I believe it is I809.884.199
bet we can get some good mentions here812.4594.461
let me see814.0792.841
something locked down our Subterranean821.8394.601
lab facilities we can no longer enter824.14.26
and none of our key cards or overrides826.443.839
work we only notice that today because828.363.3
the police is here to investigate the830.2793.24
premises after the murders831.664.2
command is holding them off for now833.5193.901
there's a risk that the team has been835.863.18
targeted by Foreign operators and we837.423.599
need answers of our own especially about839.043.419
the two members of the team that are841.0193.12
still missing and we need to get into842.4594.081
the lab to get those answers844.1394.26
all right you're the man let's go find846.545.58
some answers answer finding yeah848.39913.581
Mr Alex with us861.983.72
trying to866.3394.62
shine your life back there door my light867.865.5
light is shining I don't see your light870.9594.801
it's coming you guys buy this giant873.364.82
I am878.63.239
I'm crawling backwards watching you882.34.98
crawl I like it oh boy inches884.16.5
you just ran right across the road from890.64.479
close to us893.14.679
yeah you ran like a banshee no you being895.0793.801
just because you have entered combat898.883.34
doesn't mean you should just run right901.0193.901
away sometimes it just does that902.225.1
I've been playing as long as you where'd904.925.279
you run to we spotted like that coming907.324.36
don't you dare run Simon you stay right913.764.54
there yeah oh yeah that ain't good he's916.265.46
looking at us yeah nothing nothing see918.36.14
if you ran into something921.724.679
why are you looking at me there's three924.443.82
of us here why you can look at me look926.3994.141
at him he's not shooting right I escape928.264.86
combat because I didn't run yeah guess930.544.859
what I didn't get hurt at all good is he933.123.899
crazy no one thinks this is weird he's935.3993.361
not shooting it is weird937.0194.62
hey I don't even see who you're saying938.764.379
it's weird I mean they're they're that941.6393.721
close yeah so Simon doesn't see it you943.1394.081
don't see that Simon no I don't see945.363.979
hey dude well Nate yeah hey can I do get951.064.86
over there I'll get your picture with954.8392.821
him oh yeah yeah yeah yeah you ready955.924.32
hold on okay these are kind of don't be957.663.539
very cool I'd like a picture so you961.1995.161
could jump big big robot right there oh964.0194.62
yeah that's a biggie okay is he cool966.364.64
because he's the same color as this guy968.6395.64
take a picture of me too okay yeah let's971.05.92
give everybody a look towards me yep all974.2796.42
right yeah say generation zero976.924.919
thank you980.6994.44
got it great thank you you're standing981.8394.021
yeah I'm dancing too oh god oh985.865.3
something's not cool988.744.68
yeah they're everywhere I mean this is991.164.06
yeah this is not this guy though he's993.423.18
our friend our great guys are our995.222.82
friends can we get into this shed yeah996.64.44
getting in the shed all right998.045.96
this is our new base1001.042.96
there's a church over here is that the1008.864.12
one we already went to no let's go for1011.03.779
that church church wait Simon you're1012.983.419
running I thought you know what because1014.7794.92
we're just getting shot at you monkey ah1016.3995.961
look at this jump are you still up buddy1019.6995.401
I guess so I'm in the church what are1022.365.62
you doing what is this Ram what is that1025.15.88
a bike ramp guys there's a bike ramp at1027.985.339
the church dude oh yeah I see it I can't1030.985.579
even wait oh God I got it yeah me too oh1033.3196.74
absolutely absolutely1036.5593.5
Hey listen they're not our friends I1041.0793.88
don't think okay are you still in that1043.6993.441

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