The Uncle Thick Supercut - Generation Zero

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you had a chance to check out the latest video featuring Thick44 as Uncle Thick in Generation Zero...
The Uncle Thick Supercut - Generation Zero
The Uncle Thick Supercut - Generation Zero

The Uncle Thick Supercut - Generation Zero

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey there, Appsro! Have you seen the Uncle Thick Supercut video? It's by far my favorite video on our channel.

appsro: Oh, hey Neebs! Yeah, that video is hilarious. Uncle Thick is a legend. I can't get enough of his antics.

neebs: I know, right? That Space Mammoth T-shirt ad had me rolling on the floor. Uncle Thick really knows how to sell a product.

appsro: And don't even get me started on the Hot Dog Song ad. Pure gold! Uncle Thick is a marketing genius.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you had a chance to check out the latest video featuring Thick44 as Uncle Thick in Generation Zero? If not, you're definitely missing out on some hilarious content. The ads in this video are absolutely top-notch, showcasing Thick44's humor and charm in a way that only he can pull off.

And if you're a die-hard fan like me, you'll definitely want to grab some of the cool merch that's featured in the video. From the Space Mammoth T-shirt to the Doraleous YooTooz Figure, there's something for every Neebs Gaming enthusiast. Plus, who wouldn't want to rock some awesome Neebs Gaming stickers on their laptop or water bottle?

If you're looking for even more Neebs Gaming content, be sure to subscribe to their channel and hit that notification bell. You won't want to miss out on any of the new series like Ranch Sim or the hilarious Neebs Gaming Supercuts. And don't forget to check out their Patreon for some exclusive behind-the-scenes content and perks.

And of course, let's not forget to show some love to the Dumpster channel for even more Neebs magic. The team at Neebs Gaming is always working hard to bring us entertaining and engaging content, so let's show them our support by liking, commenting, and sharing their videos. After all, we're all part of the Neebs Gaming family!

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check check check hello what's going on1.585.259
guys it's Uncle Fink I bet you like4.7995.22
t-shirts you also want a back rub from6.8395.76
Uncle thick right we just released a10.0194.801
great space Mammoth t-shirt but did you12.5994.081
know we have others here's one right now14.825.1
the thick 44 in black big 44 white big16.686.84
44 purple are you 18 no need to get a19.925.4
restraining order I'm just kidding yeah23.523.9
sure we got other t-shirts but you know25.325.459
you want the thick 44 shirts wink wink I27.425.22
was stranded here when the robots took30.7794.62
over anyways buy my shirts Uncle big32.644.079
shirts and35.3994.221
come by and consume36.7195.971
hey guys it's me Uncle fig again quick45.265.44
question does yogurt go bad guess what48.5395.941
we have an updated spreadshirt shop yep50.76.42
we've got a bunch of [ __ ] like throw54.486.36
pillows buttons hats aprons shovel bags57.126.54
with random body parts another hat fanny60.845.22
packs who doesn't want that bandana for63.664.499
your dog or something to choke your cap66.066.14
well anyways I'm on sleepy pills68.1594.041
today where am I Uncle big that's the76.344.44
[ __ ] you need79.745.19
hey guys it's Uncle think again there's87.4394.601
nothing like starting off your day with90.244.019
a tall cup of cocaine coffee that's92.044.619
right player one copy a terrific blend94.2594.68
of a bunch of coffee makes me jittery as96.6593.661
[ __ ] but I love it can't stop drinking98.9393.301
it hey you need some to put your cooking100.324.32
coffee in how about a coffee cup our102.244.26
spreadshirt shop has a Simon bucks104.644.019
coffee cup if you didn't know Simon106.55.24
smells like meatballs and108.6595.881
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then go to our spreadshirt shop get114.543.96
everything you need okay bye-bye we116.1593.541
already do not encourage the use of118.52.159
cooking cocaine is classified as a119.72.879
schedule two drug and illegal Sweden a120.6592.881
bunch of other places unless you're in122.5791.981
Bolivia wait a minute does it say that123.542.1
cocaine is legal in Canada medical124.562.28
cocaine those Canadians are [ __ ]125.644.52
crazy I'm going to Canada uncle126.843.32
hey guys what's going on inside the143.04.48
thick I'm back from Canada hey did you145.563.72
know that geese taste delicious next147.483.86
time I'm gonna try to cook it149.284.5
anyways Simon did a song something about151.345.56
a hot dog and a sandwich create hot dog153.785.97
Perfection with the greatest156.94.32
I don't know I think it's all innuendo161.224.35
for wieners and butts163.863.8
take out your dictionary so you can167.664.78
understand [ __ ] you know what just buy170.343.96
it you can get a cassette tape or an172.444.379
album or go into the future and get174.35.579
Spotify or apple play or whatever you're176.8195.28
probably gonna rip it off anyway so I'ma179.8794.921
tell you're a crook that sounds like a182.0997.14
hot dog unless you're a [ __ ] [ __ ]184.87.439
what's going on with the price of200.363.76
cashews it's through the roof tonight202.3794.801
two hetero life mates inherit a farm and204.124.92
then the pervy mare shows up that's207.183.779
right I'm talking about Ranch simulator209.045.66
our new show I'll race you to the town210.9597.441
join Astro doralius and Simon for a214.75.259
night of laughs what you doing with that218.43.66
log boy I was trying to install it but219.9594.621
it won't install the log222.065.28
it says install I thought maybe I could224.585.04
pick it up watching feed chickens tear227.346.14
down an old house and flip a car229.626.24
let's wait till the morning classic233.485.38
doralius oh yeah that is an F2 eggs you235.865.159
got two eggs already okay you don't want238.864.799
to break those be careful well Simon's241.0194.22
stepping on it sorry243.6596.981
hilarious but [ __ ] cashews right oh245.2395.401
simulator tonight on ngt253.086.18
I mean whatever the [ __ ] you want the256.7995.361
future is great259.262.9
hey guys it's me Uncle thick I can't267.64.02
stay long cause I'm on an adventure I'm269.6993.601
going to buy a fried pickle in the shape271.623.72
of Jesus Christ I found on Marketplace273.34.26
anyways I found this incredible song and275.344.32
I've been listening to it all day step277.565.76
that I take gets me closer to death the279.666.84
waste of a life such a wreckage old Rich283.325.64
it's been written by a semi oh it's me286.55.04
[ __ ] I wrote this song I don't even play288.965.88
this game am I dying to live or am I291.547.08
living to die anyways go to Spotify and294.845.579
any other streaming service you can buy298.623.84
listen or steal this song I don't know I300.4193.421
don't care I'm just excited about the302.463.799
damn pickle Fireball303.846.38
ah I hate cinnamon306.2593.961
no bye now315.362.96
hey guys it's me Uncle Fick listen are321.1996.101
you poor I am too that's why I bought324.184.44
some stickers I got them from our327.33.42
spreadshirt site poor people love328.625.24
stickers because they're cheap330.725.4
so follow the link in the description333.864.48
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put one right here and right here and338.345.1
maybe over here maybe I'll put a camera341.0394.561
on the toilet343.445.64
that's not a sticker sorry anyways go to345.65.34
our spreadshirt shop get some stickers349.086.26
stick these things all over the world350.944.4
there lie big fly move run stickers355.946.3
thank you405.32.6
location unknown436.625.1
hey guys what's going on it's Uncle441.724.74
thick I'm back hey I wasn't in Myrtle444.06.02
Beach jail this time I was in Japan446.468.359
yep we got new t-shirts from Japan450.024.799
so head over to the link in the455.0394.56
description and get one of these shirts457.2593.921
from Japan459.5995.22
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heads together or separate Different464.8195.82
Strokes for different folks we want the467.945.539
ones from Japan470.6392.84
hey guys it's Uncle thick I'm in trouble479.584.559
with the login never mind Hey needs481.565.1
University that's us yep we have our own484.1394.321
University it's different from other486.664.439
universities because we don't have books488.465.88
pencils paper teachers we have a janitor491.0995.82
oh and I almost forgot we have merch put494.344.259
a link in the description and get your496.9194.081
needs University shirt our shirts are498.5994.681
way cheaper than a college education and501.04.319
you can't put a price on that neebs503.284.139
University we can't read but you're not505.3194.761
perfect either507.4192.661
hey guys what's going on it's Uncle512.2795.481
thick hey we put doralius in a box514.385.82
but he didn't like it because he started517.764.659
suffocating so we partnered up with520.25.1
YouTube's to create this dorelius vinyl522.4194.201
August 30th 2022 the day of Our Lord530.366.64
crackle ding dong amen533.646.48
your very own doralis I wish I had more537.05.58
make in the description and hey if you540.124.08
happen to capture the rallies and put542.584.14
them in a box oh make sure you poke544.24.94
holes in it oh my God546.726.179
so we can breathe thank you thank you549.145.29
thank you thank you552.8992.781
oh nice555.683.58
hey guys what's going on it's Uncle560.725.88
thick and my butt itches562.923.68
but not anymore because I have a566.644.98
battlefield friends 2042 t-shirt that's568.625.52
right baby what was it Battlefield571.624.279
Friends has been killing it574.145.34
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shirt a woman's shirt even one for a582.124.339
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this looks good this is looking good600.65.1
right and hey if you see catfish Jenkins603.065.04
you let him know that he's a liar and a605.73.62
catfish Jenkins I gotta go609.324.74
hey guys it's Uncle thick has this ever615.324.48
happened to you in the comments you've617.946.54
won Dean Amos prizes and such and sorts619.87.58
these are scams you know that right624.485.34
congrats you've been picked amongst my627.384.54
leaders for the love of God please tell629.825.24
me that you know these are scans by now631.925.82
telegram to claim your prize what the635.065.02
[ __ ] is a telegram anyways listen we637.744.2
have pagers and they don't work so we're640.083.66
not giving anything away we're not641.944.8
selling any snake oils well maybe but643.744.74
it's not free it's gonna cost you double646.743.96
triple now especially if you're falling648.483.979
for scams650.74.199
that's the short word humans are so652.4595.081
gullible I blame the robots and catfish654.8993.721
catfish was a you stay safe and enjoy658.624.35
the show662.164.339
well well if it is a catfish Jenkins on668.245.5
my property where you don't mind it's my671.73.72
[ __ ] it is your property why don't you675.424.74
leave me alone Uncle dick you usually677.823.959
keep on harassing me I don't need this680.163.84
for Dragon well you're spreading lies681.7795.761
about me my sister and my fish tank that684.06.26
I had well your sisters687.545.4
but what about my fish tank that I had690.264.24
what are you talking about that was my692.943.959
fish tank to my cousin friend gave to me694.54.56
on my last birthday696.8995.341
[ __ ] right it's your sister too hey Yoda699.065.82
wanna Adore Me That catfish Jenkins you702.245.3
got me this time but I'll be back again704.885.04
by the way you're gonna buy one of those707.544.6
surrealist YouTubes I would have my709.925.28
digital ones I just even doing712.145.66
thank you750.5610.57
didn't see you there did you know that777.564.959
needs gaming has entered the business of779.824.92
the World Wide Web how does that work782.5194.861
well we'll show you step one get online784.745.599
very slowly787.382.959
You've Got Mail step two access all of808.4598.161
your favorite neebs gaming Super Cuts812.18.78
step three look at porn816.624.26
okay back to the website don't have821.2794.56
merchandise I do if you're in the market823.625.159
you can find merch there oh wow look at825.8395.901
that fish get out of my house828.7795.521
Live show tickets well we don't have831.744.18
them right now right but we will834.34.26
whenever we have a live show835.925.599
back to porn838.562.959
no baby853.3397.68
oh yes baby that's the stuff856.384.639
hey Uncle thick here you guys want one873.126.6
of these things oh look at this thing go876.08.1
this thing is great wow and look over879.727.32
there it's that and you can get that884.15.299
you know what these do890.763.079
is wow896.3393.841
catfish that sounds expensive but it's931.5195.801
not you wouldn't believe it it's free I934.564.32
can't believe it was free I'm still937.323.0
waiting for something to show up with a938.883.3
bill and smack me in the in the head940.323.36
with a shovel and tell them I owe them942.183.48
money but it hasn't happened yet well943.684.44
all I have is a bat don't do just fine945.665.22
my knuckles in your back will protect us948.126.26
from what the [ __ ] am I talking about950.886.48
oh that's good a bad is more dangerous954.385.019
than a shovel that's perfect thank you957.364.62
Uncle dick and think you need gaming for959.3994.321
these Super Cuts I'm gonna go watch961.984.28
right now963.722.54
yeah that's what it is967.4593.661
watch them978.385.99
what's going on guys it's Uncle thick I986.365.44
bet you like t-shirts you also want a989.3395.221
back rub from Uncle thick right no need991.84.38
to get a restraining order I'm just994.564.62
kidding yeah sure we got other teams hey996.184.68
did you know that geese taste delicious999.183.54
next time I'm gonna try to come about1000.865.96
cutting my jail this time I was in Japan1002.727.38
I'll go take a little dick I'll sick of1006.825.74
this always spreading their schlocker1010.15.52
stove lock spreadshirt we've got a bunch1012.566.44
of [ __ ] like throw pillows buttons hats1015.626.139
we have our own University it's1021.7593.881
different from other universities1024.0794.321
because we don't have books come on1025.646.6
cigarette website needs flicks1028.46.059
has entered the business of the1032.245.52
worldwide original1034.4593.301
wreck I want to hear this new1041.724.56
it might make my feet tap but that just1043.5794.201
doesn't mean the devils are working1046.283.66
there man player one coffee a terrific1047.784.62
blend of a bunch of coffee I want to see1049.944.979
you selling some stupid coffee cup cover1052.44.92
goes your Dome our spreadshirt shop has1054.9194.681
a Simon box coffee cup even though I do1057.324.14
not have to drink coffee and my coffee1059.65.28
cup is broken and it leaks1061.466.0
gaming Super Cuts and I am looking for1064.884.5
entertainment I do like to fall asleep1067.464.68
to those Supercuts Simon's voice sounds1069.384.4
it says install I thought maybe I1073.784.6
couldn't pick it up whatever I'm still1076.525.84
cigarette catfish was at you1078.383.98
stop by Uncle picks today where am I1084.025.159
Uncle big that's the [ __ ] you need and1086.5393.621
thank you1094.642.72
hey guys it's me at the big those robots1100.0396.781
ruin my teacher business plan hey get1102.6797.261
off keep my face you'll never take me1106.824.68
this is for freedom in my t-shirt1111.53.6
they're gonna pay1115.14.86
what's better to keep up [ __ ] you cat1117.56.679
[ __ ] and [ __ ] a robot1119.964.219
Uncle thick must be exterminated1130.3411.34
I'm looking through again1144.225.819
hit it hurting hurting1146.866.0
Dirty Bird1150.0396.941
Bloody Mary flutes1152.864.12
the end is near1171.6793.74
against a lot you wake up oh we find1176.7995.341
yourself a safe oh we got blown away1180.144.44
from the base you don't know how you got1182.145.14
here the war has only just begun really1184.586.06
just begun what hey hey are you guys1187.286.42
right we get here oh we got uh we have a1190.645.039
resignation letter we can read okay and1193.73.24
I'm not gonna1195.6793.961
so oh my god oh boy it's rough out here1196.945.04
is the battle happening oh there is a1199.645.039
battle happening against I guess the bad1201.984.86
robots and the good robots still unclear1204.6794.321
still completely unclear on what's going1206.845.04
on with that well better come yeah oh1209.05.4
we're bad robots that's the that's the1211.884.08
thing I like the fact that we're robots1214.45.96
now hey I know we're the real robots1215.967.74
you ain't got nothing about me1220.366.04
all right neat yeah one more robot fight1223.74.26
I mean I don't really understand what's1226.45.18
happening but whatever yeah [ __ ]1227.963.62
oh I'm gonna miss I'm getting trees1238.527.2
okay you guys really good look at this1242.55.38
battle going on out here oh my well1245.725.78
let's go get it yeah1247.883.62
focus on spider boy first spider boy1257.2995.401
yeah one right in front of us oh gotcha1260.245.22
yep I'm on it the woman I hack this1262.73.8
you work for us now [ __ ]1266.55.74
oh yeah he just blew up beautiful sweet1269.146.399
military class and fnix the bad guy are1272.244.439
they fighting each other we don't know1275.5392.961
we don't listen it's true1276.6794.74
listening yeah1278.56.72
right in your little robot Bud1281.4193.801
all right he's at 47 I'll confuse him1286.846.4
with magic come on1290.5394.821
here we go1293.246.26
yeah you're going down1295.364.14
come on1338.6793.24

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