Everything Is Blowing Up!!! - Generation Zero

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest video where they show us how to hack the robot menace? It's absolutely epic an...
Everything Is Blowing Up!!! - Generation Zero
Everything Is Blowing Up!!! - Generation Zero

Everything Is Blowing Up!!! - Generation Zero

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey there, Appsro! Have you seen our latest video, 'Everything Is Blowing Up!!! - Generation Zero'? It's a real blast!

appsro: Oh yeah, Neebs! That video is the bomb! We really showed those robots who's boss.

neebs: Absolutely, Appsro! I mean, who knew hacking robot menaces could be so much fun? It's definitely my favorite video on our channel.

appsro: Haha, same here, Neebs! I love watching everything blow up in style. It's like fireworks, but with a lot more metal and explosions!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest video where they show us how to hack the robot menace? It's absolutely epic and you won't want to miss it. The team at Neebs Gaming always knows how to keep us entertained and this video is no exception.

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Last but not least, a huge shoutout to Karl Casey at White Bat Audio for providing the awesome music in their videos. It really sets the mood and adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest Neebs Gaming adventure. Cheers to many more epic moments with our favorite gaming channel!

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the the puddle Splash they don't oh3.55.74
that's a shame okay that's the best7.562.88
thing to do with a bike isn't it right9.242.939
run right through a puddle that's why10.443.54
they made bikes yeah and then like it12.1793.12
gets all over your back and then your13.984.399
mom goes what were you doing15.2993.08
okay I know where we're going today is19.225.08
supposedly did I say that right22.325.1
supposedly supposedly I used to say with24.34.92
a B but it's wrong so I got a D up in27.424.74
there supposedly this is supposedly the29.224.94
origin place of the robots32.166.02
big uh big old robot to the left there34.167.36
stopper keep going oh God that seems38.185.26
like a yeah see you guys later oh I see41.525.6
can we take him no I'm leaving43.443.68
you don't even know where to go and95.184.54
maybe I do there might be a map thing to97.25.82
follow yeah we won combat I told you we99.725.34
could take it you know best103.025.13
oh hey episode oh hi babes was I going108.325.74
the right way uh yeah we got to go up112.023.9
here and turn right somewhere I'm114.063.919
getting spotted115.924.979
it goes flying on its own all right what117.9794.721
was spotting this I don't know but I was120.8993.781
you get spotted I'm spotted right now122.76.479
too no big whoa oh God it's a bacon uh124.686.6
are we gonna engage your uh sneak around129.1794.021
you know normally I'd engage but I was131.283.06
excited about getting to that place and133.22.22
doing the mission all right let's do134.342.759
that then yeah talk to me we're sneaking135.422.76
oh yeah big boy two big boys oh yeah138.185.4
good God is that three three big boys140.644.56
that's a that's a lot that's too many143.583.6
big boys yep nope thank God we didn't145.23.899
engage that147.184.639
for them149.0992.72
oh robot right here oh crap oh yeah oh152.46.54
God hold back oh two yeah go back155.225.76
oh yeah just like gonna pass I'm behind158.946.14
the tree how do you spot let him pass160.984.1
oh [ __ ] man right here like right in169.585.379
front of the damn tree oh yeah yeah172.085.6
it's gonna start shimming okay okay174.9595.521
stay everyone stay on your belly oh that177.684.8
wasn't on my belly okay180.485.72
go right past him182.483.72
that was fun188.33.36
you guys are funny okay there's a dance192.265.38
routine to learn yep yeah well third195.544.08
time didn't work is effective yeah197.644.08
joke's old sir we could probably Crouch199.624.92
again huh yeah yeah oh that's a full201.725.58
stand there we go do that facility Dead204.545.22
Ahead now once we get there we're doing207.33.9
blowing something up probably you know209.763.36
how this works I wonder where Dead Ahead211.24.259
came from yeah it is a strange idiom213.125.339
isn't it all right Dead Ahead he's dead215.4594.261
a lot when they really don't emphasize218.4593.181
something don't they yeah it's serious219.724.86
yeah you're right yeah oh that's dead on221.645.659
yeah comedy too like knocked them dead224.586.84
she's a dead lay dead giveaway it's a227.2996.761
dead leg just a shitty lay it's probably231.424.14
someone that doesn't know who's there234.065.66
you know yeah or he235.567.92
all right so this uh shed huh yeah this239.725.079
doesn't look like a place that would be243.483.66
the origins of the robots this might be244.7993.961
a lockpick situation I was really247.143.599
looking forward to that nothing uh248.764.38
nothing saying unlock oh and I'm getting250.7395.101
spotted uh yeah maybe from the woods253.144.14
those uh big guys might still be in the255.843.119
woods so be careful don't you think like257.283.299
this is where like Apple started right258.9593.96
didn't Apple start in a garage I don't260.5794.641
know Apple262.9192.301
let's go into this house see if there's267.384.539
anything I don't like these barn style269.44.859
roofs I mean I'd take one but I don't271.9194.5
like it barn style I mean that's that's274.2594.261
Spanish tile man yeah but it's I would276.4194.921
say that it's a barn style roof shaped278.524.679
like a barn in it yeah when you look at281.343.6
it from the side hey guys I think I283.1993.301
might have found his office oh yeah284.944.319
let's see286.56.3
Spanish Town on style office okay289.2595.101
here maybe292.84.14
oh oh yeah there's a computer what is294.363.3
key card I found some key cards they're297.664.56
important and then a key card memo300.244.739
locate and gain entrance to the302.227.02
Prototype lab in Ro okay how far away is304.9796.061
that it's to the Northeast well that's309.244.019
not far at all prototype lab see that's311.044.32
what I was expecting I was expecting a313.2593.781
lab it's gonna be the origin plays of315.363.72
the robots right it's got to be a lab317.044.92
holy crap you guys look over here no no319.085.179
oh well don't fall off of that yeah321.965.1
exactly that is beautiful it is it's324.2596.101
very pretty let's see big facility a327.065.04
mine shaft running in all right we gotta330.364.14
find an entrance to this place do we get332.13.96
to cross over that really cool like334.53.36
rickety-looking bridge that looks that336.063.78
looks like a lot of fun yeah this looks337.863.899
like a path yeah okay I got some path339.845.6
over here boys okay okay all right341.7593.681
oh yeah this is a nice Bridge yeah this345.684.299
is actually a lot more solid when you348.363.24
get on it it's a good Bridge yeah it's349.9795.16
very I feel very safe yeah351.66.0
so this is the origin of the robots huh355.1395.881
okay this is this makes more sense maybe357.66.78
military bound yeah this this looks like361.025.88
it could be through combat really yeah364.385.099
just entered combat the game is so damn366.94.68
finicky with this [ __ ] yep and it says369.4794.021
I'm being pretty heavily uh spotted oh371.584.1
Sam are you using like that really377.7594.321
really good sniper rifle for like close379.744.799
range combat uh no I had it out for the382.084.2
scope earlier and then the scope wasn't384.5393.181
there and it was still in my hand it's386.284.32
no big whoop hey okay he did it and I387.724.8
did it thank you are we going in here390.64.86
yep we gotta go in here now listen if392.525.0
you ever watch Shark Tank those guys395.463.959
sometimes are building all kinds of397.524.179
stuff in their house whole business from399.4194.62
the kitchen or the garage absolutely401.6994.921
what do you think we did yeah we did404.0394.081
this we were working out of a boat406.624.079
storage Lounge when we started the names408.125.04
gaming yeah well you know I mean yeah we410.6994.321
started making stuff yeah now wait are413.163.12
you talking about a show from the future415.024.32
noobs uh yeah one day this will be a416.285.699
channel called news gaming and it'll419.345.639
change the world yeah spoilers also421.9794.5
Shark Tank424.9793.301
we're going to those doors uh there's no426.4793.901
power to the door oh ah the power thing428.283.6
will follow the uh I'll look around hey430.383.84
y'all just sit back I'll find it okay431.886.02
um don't worry go with it I'm gonna434.223.68
go no need flexor oh look at that I441.57.9
gotcha catfish hey yo little dick what446.8194.44
do you think about all these Super Cuts449.43.96
that these gaming has it's a lot of fun451.2593.78
ain't it you still don't like you I know453.363.42
you don't but you can't help but smile455.0394.56
when you go to newslegs.com and you go456.786.0
you check out all these Super Cuts yeah459.5996.0
catfish that sounds expensive but it's462.785.58
not you wouldn't believe it it's free I465.5994.261
can't believe it's free I'm still468.363.0
waiting for something to show up with a469.863.3
bill and smack me in the in the head471.363.54
with a shovel and tell my all that money473.164.08
but it hasn't happened yet well all I474.94.799
have is a bat don't do just fine my477.244.679
knuckles in your back will protect us479.6995.72
from what the [ __ ] am I talking about481.9196.481
oh that's good a bad is more dangerous485.4194.961
than a shovel that's perfect thank you488.44.62
Uncle dick and take your new gaming 40490.386.92
Supercuts I'm gonna go watch right now493.024.28
's game with super Goods watch them507.667.71
all right let's see we were in there517.647.9
here's some uh train tracks and maybe uh520.266.3
you might not want to come over here525.544.07
there's a neighbors they're dangerous526.566.199
they're not alive537.485.52
oh you coming with me doralis I went out540.364.26
the door I hung a right I went up a ramp543.03.3
okay gotcha yep and then there's like a544.626.839
bunker oh wow yeah that wow ready to546.36.659
ship out I see551.4593.021
you closed Dallas552.9593.661
there you are am I being followed I554.484.299
think I'm being yellowed yep yep yep all556.625.279
right you see him not yet hoping to I558.7796.381
heard like a missile yeah561.8996.56
I see lights565.163.299
that almost killed me569.485.56
good pull him back I gotta heal yep me572.365.26
too okay how you guys holding up over575.043.419
just chilling yeah we're fine it's all578.4594.021
clear in the hangar wait for you guys to580.744.32
find power oh man582.484.919
there's not robots are they um585.064.62
Straight Ahead nope burning burning587.3994.5
tanks burning tanks okay you guys are589.683.839
close to the objective by the way we've591.8993.601
got to be close we found a door with a593.5193.961
red light yeah this is a good start you595.55.18
want to go can you get this open597.483.2
yeah let me know when you find the605.5193.361
generator room I'm still gonna keep606.8995.161
picking through these uh trailers608.886.0
I found yeah I mean the lights are on in612.065.18
here yeah614.882.36
I found a computer618.7792.601
there's a message am I supposed to read623.164.799
it off the computer it says jarr hard625.325.519
debt fans engine him Leggett no it627.9594.741
doesn't it says I am here there is no630.8393.541
secret you can keep for me I know what632.74.98
he did and I know why you allowed it634.385.519
break them control them but instead you637.685.279
got me fnix I am your enemy Frederick639.8995.581
Goldberg I suppose I am and you will642.9595.101
never control me oh so fnix is that the645.484.38
robot so the robots just became sentient648.065.04
is how we're dealing with oh maybe649.865.039
um there should be wherever you guys are653.13.239
there should be more information in that654.8994.161
facility somewhere656.3392.721
oh here's some uh Hey names hey Palace I659.645.16
just found like another way out up top663.363.06
but what do we got okay this has664.84.52
something in it oh666.422.9
cat should all of our deterrent or669.8993.961
defenses fail including this in program672.03.72
this facility and any Intelligence on673.863.3
the program must never be allowed to675.724.5
fall into enemy hands677.165.88
can be used on the machine680.225.58
to overload the system and activate the683.045.16
fail switch to destroy the facility oh685.83.599
that sounds688.24.319
the password is689.3997.141
easy that's gonna get hacked easy692.5195.461
yeah we should have gone with you I696.542.58
figured you'd be able to sneak around697.984.5
get power sit tight yeah says no power699.126.659
oh gee I can hear you guys now oh yeah702.486.299
yeah maybe maybe we're right outside huh705.7796.0
maybe all right the hand is uh getting708.7795.761
close okay I found it oh sweet yeah711.7795.341
using it who's the hell out of it714.545.6
details let me read717.123.02
what the hell was that is that the720.243.9
facility being destroyed I don't know oh722.164.34
wow thank you724.142.36
yeah do we have to go up whoa that's I734.224.739
know there's outs up down seems like736.983.66
you're okay let's go somewhere you guys738.9593.181
better get the hell out of there we're740.642.46
James wanted to go deeper in it743.14.739
we should leave that sir yeah you know746.163.66
what yeah let's do it back outside yeah747.8394.861
okay over the stairs all right and go749.825.82
left all right well yeah this is where752.74.319
we taught the robot you're almost to the755.642.759
there we go I can see lights get out of758.3994.94
there guys761.042.299
let's do it maybe oh yeah there you go766.3396.461
hey there's a container up here full of770.74.1
robots you think we should blow up772.83.92
what explosion was magical776.726.94
nice amazing that's got it so what did783.663.84
it do I didn't even see it an explosion785.6395.481
and then it was just Rubble787.53.62
oh wow there was no flames they really792.484.02
could work on their presentation on that795.03.18
one huh yeah maybe a little see we could796.54.94
make that better that's right798.183.26
wow what an explosion yeah that was808.385.59
crazy that was close810.7224.839
I'm right behind you I'm gonna take a837.425.039
peek ski with my peepers all right do839.3994.861
that I'm gonna I'm gonna be this is like842.4595.041
a military yeah like a bunch of uh uh844.265.519
little like Quonset hut setups yeah you847.53.54
think there'd be some good ammo in here849.7792.821
you would think851.043.299
or maybe a gun852.62.82
I'll just hear a Star Wars character855.424.8
yeah like the like the fat short little857.37.08
robot no you're thinking the grunk860.224.16
that was a fat short one it's the exact865.885.44
one you're talking about robot yeah the868.745.899
fat short robot isn't that C-3PO or R2D2871.325.18
oh my God874.6395.741
guys you can't get in these damn tents876.56.1
there's like that's a bust man these880.383.6
guys are decked out in some wild882.63.299
military gear though you see that yeah883.984.02
this is probably the elite forces yeah885.8994.321
no [ __ ] they did a real good job they888.04.56
didn't they're all dead I know just890.223.419
oh you can go in this one893.6394.2
he appeared a star war Simon there's one895.625.579
there's a gun in here oh really m46 now897.8394.981
this is a rocket launcher but it's a901.1993.241
weak one oh you got a rocket launcher902.827.16
yeah uh an hp5 three-star904.448.639
I'll scrap it for parts maybe okay what909.984.659
do you guys think this is sort of a bust913.0793.361
kinda kind of get out of here keep914.6393.661
heading towards our next objective yes916.444.32
we gotta go destroy a radio tower that918.34.8
the robots are using to communicate not920.764.819
on our watch923.12.479
so this is where the military apparently930.926.039
made their Last Stand oh that's a big933.486.539
one yeah thankfully just one though as936.9594.68
far as we know we got to get in that940.0193.901
building over there uh yeah maybe you941.6393.841
guys ready to take down a big boy it's943.923.3
been a minute it has been a minute I'm945.483.539
looking forward to it I'm ready I want947.223.359
to stay far away all right you're gonna949.0193.06
snipe from back here Simon I'm gonna950.5793.181
attempt to I'm gonna flank from the952.0793.241
right kind of use that building as cover953.763.9
hopefully copy that I'm gonna go left I955.323.78
wonder if I could hack this [ __ ] how957.663.96
cool would that be I would locate a tank959.15.099
yet but my scope kicks ass so Sam you961.623.54
can probably get a little closer if you964.1992.101
want to965.162.94
boy see the big ship out in the water966.35.219
they're all [ __ ] up oh wow yeah968.15.46
I see it are there any other threat oh971.5195.461
yeah there's some dogs out here okay I'm973.567.219
gonna try to hack this dog okay976.983.799
oh yeah the dog's attacking oh982.16.419
is he attacking the big boy985.53.019
he's just walking into a wall shooting991.443.36
the side of the truck I hacked him and993.124.019
made him real dumb994.86.3
oh and I just entered combat997.1395.961
what's going on with this robot does he1009.5794.0
know we're here yet1011.726.539
oh I think he knows I'm here buddy1013.5794.68
uh yeah let's do it1018.323.3
I can see his status he's at 85 percent1021.626.78
oh that's awesome yeah I didn't1024.4395.701
nice shot I'm gonna push him behind1028.45.24
these containers get a little closer1030.143.5
he's at 61 oh God that's super fast1046.727.42
right now1052.286.139
I think he's just trying to shoot me1054.144.279
that's you1063.43.18
all right guys we're coming in with the1068.245.24
EMP rocket yeah do it1069.743.74
wherever they are he's at 20 20 percent1074.084.62
seven percent naile him nail him five1082.284.46
that was the fastest one yet fastest yet1090.465.62
indeed and there I got a three-star1093.624.559
shotgun better than what I got got a boy1096.083.78
now this doesn't look like a place where1098.1794.74
the military made its Last Stand and it1099.865.1
just happened to be here yeah it's not1102.9193.781
like they decided what do you think1104.964.32
there would be like bodies and dead1106.74.68
robots yeah these are the guys this is1109.283.6
this is where the Last Stand happened1111.382.52
we've had many of these stands yeah I1113.96.06
know I expected bigger it was like a 3v41116.2995.821
yeah and I gave him the level guys guess1119.964.44
what what we're tougher than the [ __ ]1122.124.4
Swedish military right now1124.44.26
these robots ain't got nothing on our1126.524.659
asses the swedes are so polite just a1128.664.259
bunch of Meatballs oh man this calls for1131.1794.221
a celebration1132.9192.481
yeah baby yeah1140.023.6
all right quick goofing around let's get1145.64.0
out of here I thought we won we did okay1147.7995.521
cause I'm staying nope I win I stay no1149.66.0
let's go can't stop the party this is1153.323.479
our last stand1155.63.36
if I had a dollar I'd be sticking it in1156.7995.581
both your pants the same dollar yep yeah1158.965.64
we have to be really close1162.385.72
it's the old lady in the [ __ ] trick1164.63.5

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