Day One - Green Hell - HARDEST difficulty

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you thought playing Green Hell was already a challenge, just wait until you see the gang take on the...
Day One - Green Hell - HARDEST difficulty
Day One - Green Hell - HARDEST difficulty

Day One - Green Hell - HARDEST difficulty

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Neebs Gaming! Today, we're diving into Green Hell on the HARDEST difficulty. Because, you know, we love a challenge.

simon: Oh yeah, the HARDEST difficulty is where the real fun begins. I mean, who needs an easy stroll through the jungle when you can be constantly on the brink of death, am I right?

appsro: Guys, guys, guys, let's not forget the best part - when one of us inevitably gets eaten by a jaguar or bitten by a snake. It's all in good fun, right?

neebs: Absolutely, Appsro! It's all part of the adventure. So buckle up, folks, and get ready for some serious survival struggles in Green Hell!

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

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Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you thought playing Green Hell was already a challenge, just wait until you see the gang take on the HARDEST difficulty in their latest video. Get ready to witness some epic struggles and maybe a few hilarious moments along the way. Trust me, it's gonna be a wild ride!

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all right here we are green hell king of0.965.58
the jungle5.043.42
it's the hardest mode and we're actually6.543.36
gonna do it8.464.099
here we are all right hardest difficulty25.1995.4
right we got to establish what a base we27.5994.68
should find water Simon you want to lead30.5994.501
the way I have no idea where to go I'll32.2795.041
lead the way so yeah please do I would35.14.08
say water's probably down here downhill37.324.68
right makes sense yeah all right going39.184.44
downhill we should probably picking42.03.0
things up as well yeah no I'm gonna grab43.623.48
some uh some of this stuff I know I I've45.03.539
played a little bit of this game so I47.12.88
know I can make like ropes and [ __ ] I've48.5393.54
already found water man I'm a guide I'm49.986.36
a natural good for you okay I need rocks52.0796.48
they're more importante56.343.899
we can get down right over here oh I58.5594.32
found a rock Simon good two Harvest that60.2395.161
baby yes usually rocks are by rocks all62.8794.021
right harvest the Rocks keep them in65.43.539
your backpack we are gonna need them I66.94.92
got two more over here as well68.9395.161
I'm excited about this oh oh is that71.823.6
what the hell is that74.13.18
what do you see is that a jungle cat I75.424.019
see something you see a cat already oh77.284.26
it's a pig well that's a pig but there79.4393.18
was something beyond the pig all right81.542.579
maybe not I'm sorry maybe it wasn't a82.6194.921
cat oh God bees oh wait oh crap you're84.1195.221
right you're right yeah watch out I was87.543.78
just standing in them listen honey is89.344.2
good and I forget how you get it but you91.324.259
can get it like maybe crouching and93.543.539
going up to it but I don't know I don't95.5792.761
know you crouching go up to it we'll97.0794.021
watch it nah I'm good all right I'm98.345.819
gonna pick mystery mushrooms oh that not101.14.82
that button104.1594.441
if we're close to water right now this105.924.479
is pretty flat over here I don't think108.63.42
anything stops you from like building110.3993.54
where these flowers are but I mean we112.023.84
want to pick some place pretty close113.9392.82
um yeah we should stick to the shore got116.7593.601
the bees everywhere I don't yeah what118.383.419
about a cross120.363.18
we go across here121.7993.96
across the river yeah maybe oh is this a123.544.999
banana tree yeah I'm eating that banana125.7595.22
there's a banana here when you guys eat128.5394.601
it all right we gotta keep our130.9794.201
carbohydrates up it's in use see because133.143.42
you're looking oh yeah yeah that's such135.183.6
a weird thing it is so it's very136.563.42
important we need to find a place138.783.599
because before you know it it's gonna be139.984.5
night time yeah let's commit to142.3793.181
something but do we want to just follow144.483.02
the river a minute or145.564.08
we could be right next to the river147.53.879
right here yeah what about like right149.643.54
here yeah exactly right here right here151.3794.201
just don't run into the bees okay153.185.4
um let me look at my notebook let's see155.584.68
so for building158.584.439
I'm gonna start Gathering wood do it man160.265.52
let's see I guess uh we should make a163.0195.461
small shelter honeybeebs fire shelter165.785.34
yeah something like that so oh boy what168.484.56
is this going on OSU that's me and171.123.5
there's nothing small about this shelter173.045.1
Hey listen uh you know I honestly I'm a174.626.1
big much bigger fan of the178.144.679
that of like just a regular four posts180.724.32
yeah grab that shelter if you don't mind182.8194.14
okay we'll grab that shelter all right185.045.18
I'm gonna run grab some stuff186.9593.261
see Simon the only downside with those190.3193.78
other uh things we need something that192.423.42
allow us to save the game I don't think194.0993.0
the ones you're talking about will allow195.843.899
you to save right they do okay talking197.0995.041
about just like that this little guy no199.7394.201
I'm talking about four here oh my God202.143.36
I'll do it he's talking about a square203.943.54
one like just a square roof I could do205.53.36
it hold on all right I'm gonna build207.483.179
this I wanna I want a little guy look at208.863.48
that that's cute wait but you're doing210.6593.901
you're taking the spot okay just go back212.343.84
a little bit okay right there you're214.563.06
that's your house just mop would be my216.183.36
damn house well it's not houses that217.623.24
we're doing we're just look we're gonna219.542.58
need them both you know what this is220.862.519
gonna be good anyway because if we build222.122.699
a fire this will cover the damn fire223.3793.901
that's exactly what we're doing now I'm224.8193.78
building a place we can save our damn227.283.42
game I've done it you can save the game228.5994.86
and you sure I'm positive we're gonna230.75.039
save the game in there all right I want233.4594.381
to see you save the game with that fine235.7395.181
I'm doing it237.843.08
what's you up to out here neebs uh let's243.2994.321
see I think I got enough to build an ax246.03.18
now that's good oh that's some good247.623.479
looking fruit here oh yeah I was getting249.183.54
distracted you got you're standing on251.0993.42
fruit oh am I stepping on it that's252.723.12
yours all right I'm gonna go into my254.5192.761
stick and two rope257.284.5
right two rope no no Hey listen just259.444.14
sticking it sticking a rock I think the261.784.5
good X is two rocks oh all right well263.584.92
two rocks one rope okay that's a better266.283.72
ax than what I got so you got a higher268.53.96
quality ax yeah you're a Survivor hey270.05.04
neebs yeah we need to do the science on272.464.2
that and see because I don't know how275.043.48
much stronger your ax is I used to be276.665.039
your ax kite now I do the simple one all278.528.459
right ax off and go did eraser like see281.6997.831
what breaks first count them286.9795.761
mine's eight I just did eight as well294.745.92
okay all right so let's go to another298.045.14
puppy and let's see if uh we could do it300.665.96
again we'll pick this up in a minute303.183.44
wow hey let's go for the 20 huh oh 21.312.729.8
still small ax is pretty good 21. yeah317.947.92
just uh you know 23 track of your hits322.527.06
okay I just this sounds boring now oh325.865.339
yeah oh I'm already bored I was okay329.583.72
when you started well 26. why are we331.1993.181
still doing it I don't know I don't know333.35.76
what you're doing okay 28. I'm done 29.334.385.94
how many more hits you want to do with339.063.78
the X Simon I think my point is one340.324.56
stone and one stick it's a good freaking342.845.48
ax not a bad option344.883.44
names you're okay just laid a snail man355.384.379
I do it all the time you ate a raw snail357.786.06
yeah that doesn't get you sick no that's359.7596.061
how we eat them growing up I'm not gonna363.843.6
eat a raw snail that just sounds like365.823.18
you're asking for it367.443.18
neebs why don't you work on Building A369.03.18
to end his notebook right correct I go372.185.76
to Fire and then I click on the fire and375.184.4
I'm gonna put it right here underneath377.944.02
where the shelter is going to be oh and379.584.78
check this out neebs what's that yeah so381.965.1
I think if I go boop boop bam all the384.366.24
Palm leaves are done okay then uh yeah387.065.88
this is a little Hut where we can save390.64.74
the game I was looking at this oh I'm392.945.699
sorry yep that's what you made yeah you395.345.04
could save it there that was what y'all398.6393.421
were just arguing about yeah yeah I know400.383.0
but I wanted to be able to save it over402.063.24
here too okay do y'all have anything to403.384.2
add to my fire here uh yeah I got some405.34.22
small sticks okay407.585.339
yep yep all right boom fire so you can409.525.26
save it where do you save it here I have412.9193.78
saved it before maybe I gotta pick the414.783.539
one that has the Three cross braces in416.6993.0
the top I don't know well what if you418.3192.641
add a roof because we're gonna need a419.6992.94
roof we can't start a fire it's damn420.963.239
raining out I know I'm gonna get the422.6394.381
roofies fella all right I'll gather you424.1995.401
some Palm leaves yeah you will427.024.03
you little [ __ ]429.615.12
this might do it right here444.724.86
oh yeah here we go we got it all right447.064.74
so can you save under this uh yes save449.584.32
game oh there you go I told you I was451.83.899
right you're right we got two places to453.94.56
save so look at us we got shelter uh we455.6994.741
don't have a fire yet that needs to be458.464.62
our next task and then also food did460.444.62
anyone get any dry leaf for any sort of463.085.58
remember for the fire I don't I'll look465.066.24
for dry Leaf now oh [ __ ] actually we468.664.379
need beds ASAP because I'm gonna be471.34.14
exhausted we can sleep in this Hut can473.0394.44
we yeah we can sleep here it says hold475.444.56
to sleep oh it's a bed and a shelter477.4794.5
that's good all right so we need to take480.03.599
turns sleeping like who's the most tired481.9793.421
I'm about halfway right now you guys483.5993.361
were swinging axes all day so yeah485.43.06
you're probably more tired than I am486.964.079
I'll sleep all right yeah you sleep now488.464.2
neebs I'm gonna get the food good night491.0393.541
God it's getting dark quick it isn't492.665.9
good all right come on snails494.583.98
God damn it501.3793.54
oh I just found a bird's nest oh really505.525.679
yes right here in the water oh and a508.684.5
feather yeah right okay this is good511.1994.921
that's good kindling right right okay so513.185.279
I think I know how to do this so stick516.124.14
and then what small stick518.4594.14
boom hand drill so I'm crafting the hand520.263.24
all right now use all right I'm using523.56.18
the hand drip527.884.44
all right and then now I pull the Embers529.684.98
onto there there we go there we go there532.323.48
we go534.664.44
making the fire [ __ ] oh God I'm too535.85.7
tired to start a fire you know what I am539.14.679
too but I do have some of those blue541.54.98
mushrooms that give you energy okay no I543.7794.5
still got that ember you still got the546.483.0
Amber you said blue mushrooms give you548.2792.761
energy I picked up a few of those take549.483.66
like two blue mushrooms okay see how551.043.66
much that brings you up that might give553.143.48
you enough energy a little bit of energy554.75.34
boom boom okay good call Simon look at556.625.219
you yeah yeah I just picked up some560.043.18
all right making the Ember come on come563.225.4
on come on come on566.225.4
got the Ember putting the Ember on the568.624.38
fire oh571.624.38
we got a fire baby yeah baby wow all573.05.7
right okay okay and now I gotta take the576.05.24
snails yeah we are cooking some snails578.74.56
all right that's gonna handle a little581.244.599
bit oh boy water we need water has583.267.56
anyone found coconuts no no [ __ ]585.8394.981
he needs I built this for us okay boom592.55.04
one more rope all right so we can take596.223.42
our little sticks and this is where we597.544.08
can store the sticks okay I've got some599.643.36
little sticks that way we can have just601.624.86
a big old stick pile yeah so I can just603.06.3
yeah there we go okay how do you throw606.487.44
your ax let's see G is throw Stone Amos609.36.3
it's the center wheel middle Mouse613.926.12
button oh please through that I'm gonna615.66.9
throw it at this beehive hold on I was620.043.96
just looking that up to see how to622.54.26
harvest it yeah okay what is it oh wait624.05.82
you got a late on you a dude I got it626.766.3
okay thank you oh boys look what Daddy629.826.78
found a coconut Simon you said you knew633.064.86
how to make water I'm gonna drop it here636.63.48
by the fire and let you tend to it tend637.925.099
to it all right so we crack open the640.085.46
coconut and then right now I'm gonna643.0194.081
expand on that I'm gonna drink it just645.542.76
because I'm stealing the drink I'm sorry647.13.299
okay and then from there we're gonna648.34.74
take it I'm gonna craft that coconut650.3996.601
with uh some rope and I made a coconut653.045.039
bam now and what do I do I go up to the658.0796.0
fill it up pull boom now we need one664.0796.061
more coconut so that we can have half667.624.98
coconut shells fill them with water and670.144.56
make soup couldn't we have just taken672.63.96
that coconut and cut it in half and left674.73.96
it to catch the rain no because then you676.563.48
can't pick it up and put it down you678.663.359
could just drink from it you wouldn't be680.043.72
able to put meat in it and then place it682.0193.181
on the fire yeah but right now we'd be683.762.519
drinking and685.24.379
I'm thirsty are you thirsty yep all686.2795.461
right whoopsie wolves I'll just go die689.5794.081
in the woods yeah691.745.7
I'll see you later been nice been nice693.665.82
knowing you yeah697.444.139
where was the coconut found699.484.74
oh I'll show you over here buy these701.5794.741
coconut trees yeah because if you look704.223.359
might be more coconut you're right yes707.5794.2
so watch this I'm gonna do this it's710.4593.181
gonna be fun we got this two coconuts up711.7792.581
and oh yeah you got one got one and I714.367.38
got my ax back no problem neebs did you718.324.92
do it yeah oh and there's another721.743.0
coconut here on the ground oh my God723.243.48
drink this water right over here right724.744.74
from the coconut nibs I'm coming726.725.04
man I I was already ready to die in the729.484.5
woods yeah look at this seat right here731.764.44
coconut right click on it yeah and then733.986.68
it'll say drink okay here we go drink736.26.9
all right they helped a bit now look at740.664.359
that needs yeah hold on I'm gonna about743.13.9
to do this again okay boom Another745.0194.5
coconut wow drink that water you're a747.04.74
Survivor I am I got a crack at first749.5195.161
right crack it then drink the water then751.745.159
there we go you could place those half754.683.839
coconuts over here on the fire and we'll756.8993.901
make some soup okay got the half758.5197.741
coconuts on a fire whoop these every760.87.14
all right so now we got this I got my767.945.88
coconut Biden I filled it with water770.4595.041
and then either you could have one of773.823.0
those snails look at how slow that775.53.3
snail's cooking this nail right here776.824.44
yeah watch this snail soup778.84.56
okay this snail's cooked though it's781.264.079
already cooked oh is it yeah oh that's783.363.539
the fire I'm looking at but anyway the785.3393.601
snail soup is already ready boom yeah786.8993.961
that wow that cooks quick it does and go788.944.459
ahead drink it needs if you want790.866.12
mm-hmm what'd that give you uh 10793.3997.261
hydration for protein and energy796.983.68
like me said before we just drop it on804.423.18
the ground we got water to catch water806.2793.421
for us oh good okay well that's a good807.63.179
thing because I already got a bunch of809.72.46
coconut in here put these on the ground810.7793.36
oh yeah I just heard it thunder yep yep812.163.78
yep I got one on the ground here and814.1393.901
it's already got water in it yeah drink815.943.78
from it while you can while it's raining818.044.5
look at this my drink's almost full that819.724.26
one could be more full I got more822.543.359
coconuts where are they I'm gonna quit823.983.419
cooking snails if you guys are just825.8993.481
gonna let them burn did it burn it did827.3994.5
destroying it damn it well listen I'm a829.384.92
soup guy just saying all right we need a831.8996.0
thousand more coconut shells I'm on it834.35.779
I saw you waving your arms through the847.14.72
bees I think I got stung you're gonna849.424.26
need some medicine for that hold on let851.824.8
me look at my body853.683.599
what am I looking for uh I don't know857.2794.921
man oh yep look at this left leg what859.625.459
you got it's got a little stings I guess862.26.0
okay allergic reaction uh it's naturally865.0795.461
falled off of the body over time so you868.24.319
could just wait but you could also use a870.544.58
bandage in combination with a plant with872.5195.221
antihistamatic properties uh it'll speed875.124.42
up the healing process does it say which877.743.959
plant I'm looking for it doesn't we got879.543.359
to find a plant with it's an881.6992.94
antihistamine you got to start off882.8993.361
everything with a bandage and that's the884.6394.38
marinara plant yellow flowers should we886.264.68
split up look for yellow flower yeah889.0194.021
little yellow flowers at the bottom of890.944.62
like a small little palm type plant I'll893.046.919
go this way you go that way all right895.564.399
oh I found a dead parrot I'm harvesting900.326.94
him damn right oh we got oh got lots of903.727.08
feathers oh I'm cooking some bird meat I907.265.34
found a bird too910.83.779
all right I got it912.64.44
it's a toucan did you get two cans oh I914.5795.76
had a parrot oh parrot okay Simon want a917.048.46
cracker damn right I do found molinera920.3397.68
all right I'm looking at a purple flower925.55.639
and a pink one purple flower is good I928.0194.5
think that's like good for a lily931.1393.241
bandage the pink flower I believe is932.5194.021
good for a tobacco bandage what's good934.384.44
for bee stings one of them's definitely936.546.359
good for it okay and we'll get both yep938.827.079
think of the devil crap948.183.8
all right Simon I got the purple flower952.0794.081
and the pink flower tobacco flowers pink953.5795.041
unknown flowers purple how do you learn956.164.08
what things are like how did you learn958.623.6
that was tobacco because I keep picking960.243.24
up mushrooms in this like unknown962.222.76
mushroom so you gotta figure out like963.483.479
how to learn things I gotta pull the964.983.719
trigger on this man I got stung by bees966.9593.18
so all right well you know what then put968.6992.82
the bandage on because I don't know how970.1394.56
well tobacco nope forget the tobaccos971.5194.56
forget all that because it's not working974.6993.0
you still have the injury names because976.0793.12
remember oh you know you just had to977.6993.481
wait you think it's over it might be979.1993.781
this whole thing you might be good you981.183.12
always get stung by a couple of [ __ ]982.983.359
bees all right hold on let me look at it984.34.62
was it my this leg did that heel up986.3395.041
already yep you did you already healed988.923.779
up yeah I think it'll also tell you like991.383.3
in the bottom left on your uh you know992.6993.541
where you're helping stamina are if994.682.219
there's something wrong with you996.242.76
there'll be like a little hourglass okay996.8994.921
look at me well this was a good drill we999.03.839
know that we don't know how to make1001.823.78
medicine no we don't give me your1002.8395.221
tobacco I'll see what I can do yeah make1005.65.419
me a damn cigarette1008.062.959
hey neebs yeah I haven't tried to throw1012.445.339
this blade yet at this honey you got a1015.1396.661
little knife huh yeah let's see boom yep1017.7797.201
you hit it yeah and then oh you're still1021.84.159
getting better1024.983.42
look good that doesn't look good but the1025.9593.761
Honey's right there1028.45.46
yeah [ __ ] do you still see bees I do1029.726.44
look at you look at crazy man oh my God1036.885.38
look at your legs my legs look bad oh1040.13.479
yeah yeah you're loaded up with bee1042.263.84
stings your left leg for sure where the1043.5794.081
hell is my honey1046.14.5
I see a bird look at this I thought I1047.664.74
got honey thought you did too I got I1050.64.079
got a pair it this time nice1052.44.019
guys can you see if there's honey over1054.6793.061
there and I just didn't pick it up I'll1056.4193.481
take a look yeah I don't see any bees1057.745.939
you see bees knees nope wait I see I see1059.96.24
a stone blade pick up my stone blade I1063.6793.781
think that's what's splashing down here1066.144.2
okay I got that ah man there's a bunch1067.464.98
of sticks in here what the hell man1070.344.74
should I try to do it did it just drop1072.444.2
on the ground there's another thing1075.083.36
please try to do it all right so I'm1076.647.22
gonna throw my ax at the honey good boy1078.445.42
and yeah1083.962.82
yeah all right yep all right back up1085.523.3
back up back up back up oh yeah they're1086.784.68
after me they're after you okay maybe1088.824.62
they ran off okay but I don't see bees1091.463.78
at all yeah oh and there it is there's a1093.443.599
honeycomb Simon you want this honeycomb1095.243.84
I don't see it I see the ax I don't see1097.0393.421
any honeycomb don't see the honeycomb1099.082.76
right there beside the ax I think1100.463.06
because you've knocked it down you get1101.843.42
it oh well then I get to take it you can1103.523.6
make a honey bandage if you want I can1105.264.02
give you a bandage okay can you do that1107.124.02
for me yeah hook daddy up all right here1109.283.779
Daddy go ahead there's a bandage for you1111.144.46
all right and then so what I go to craft1113.0594.98
now do you have honey because he said he1115.64.12
didn't have honey that's right crafty1118.0393.241
destroy so I'm gonna craft with it I'll1119.724.199
do the honey he has his honey I know and1121.284.98
then the bandage and yeah honey dressing1123.9194.201
I'm crafting it1126.263.6
boom got a honey Bandit you want it1128.124.559
Simon all right so let's apply this1129.865.58
honey bandage put it on then see if it1132.6794.261
works on this1135.444.16
there we go oh yeah look at that all1142.464.62
right so at least on the one leg well I1145.0393.481
guarantee your honey dropped over there1147.082.64
it's just on the ground you don't see it1148.523.779
somehow but the problem with me I can't1149.724.5
go over here and get stung again man how1152.2994.38
can you oh wait I see it the Honey1154.224.98
honeycomb is still there oh go get it no1156.6794.801
because I keep on getting stung the bees1159.24.14
are gone they're not gone they're there1161.483.84
for me I see them really because because1163.344.02
I'm right here look am I standing in a1165.324.44
pile of bees yes are you sure it's just1167.364.08
not damn butterflies that you're seeing1169.763.779
I'm positive actually when I go over1171.444.5
here watch this1173.5395.341
eat it drink the water eat a take1175.944.859
it's not allowing me to take the honey1178.883.659
just drop now I see the honeycomb you1180.7993.601
know what is your inventory full maybe1182.5395.721
it is your inventory is full isn't it1184.43.86
where would it go it might be I'll even1188.2994.981
drop some Stone here did you pick it up1191.124.679
I did all right just make me a damn1193.284.259
thing please1195.7994.681
taking that stone got it thanks buddy1197.5397.221
it's teamwork teamwork DreamWork1200.484.28
what's up I heard voices yeah you did1211.965.56
did you hear him yeah I did y'all see1214.945.04
him no and I don't see you oh there you1217.526.42
are it was this way like like uh we call1219.987.14
it natives oh damn you got a spear I1223.944.32
didn't even think to make one of those1227.122.46
yet you just take a stick and you make1228.263.36
it a spear yeah I'm gonna make it a real1229.584.08
spear like a man spear okay if we're1231.623.6
dealing with damn natives we all need to1233.663.48
make Spears yeah like you could use like1235.224.56
a sharp Stone rope and then you have a1237.144.86
good spear that doesn't suck balls1239.783.96
neebs don't pass through the native1242.03.299
please they sound like they're right1243.742.02
back off1249.225.62
I think they like me1255.982.939
how do you know1257.5393.961
because we sing the same songs1258.9194.981
did we build our camp right next to a1261.54.02
travel camp1263.94.62
next time on green hell1268.883.98
yeah right should we wake him up here1273.623.84
yeah I'm gonna help him up Simon get up1275.664.32
you can do that yeah okay why are you1277.464.2
getting me up oh so you can go to sleep1279.985.3
in like a normal [ __ ] bed okay1281.663.62
oh God Diamond across the river coming1285.445.38
right after Savage Oh God1288.744.38

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