The Evil Eye of Sauron!!! - Generation Zero

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video from our favorite YouTube channel? The robots are evolving and th...
The Evil Eye of Sauron!!! - Generation Zero
The Evil Eye of Sauron!!! - Generation Zero

The Evil Eye of Sauron!!! - Generation Zero

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another epic video! Today, we're diving into the world of Generation Zero and facing off against the Evil Eye of Sauron!

simon: Oh man, that Sauron guy is no match for us! We'll take him down with our epic gaming skills, right Neebs?

neebs: Absolutely, Simon! And did you see those evolving robots? They definitely put up a good fight, but nothing we can't handle!

appsro: Haha, you guys always make me laugh with your crazy antics in these games. The Evil Eye of Sauron doesn't stand a chance against the Neebs Gaming dream team!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video from our favorite YouTube channel? The robots are evolving and things are getting intense! You won't want to miss out on all the action and hilarious commentary from our favorite gamers.

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all right man at 10.0.5395.161
all right so here's what we got going on3.2594.241
uh you know we got to find more bunkers5.74.62
I'm thinking we split into two teams oh7.55.46
team a and Team B yeah that's that's10.324.62
fine but ten Hut means stand up and we12.964.02
were crouching well a 10 Hut means14.943.96
attention and yeah I just he's not my16.982.84
it's just a sound there's a lot of bark19.824.199
in there22.025.22
oh it's supposed to be attention right24.0196.52
but uh Pizza Hut you could do that sure27.244.88
they forgot how to talk it's all along32.123.599
the way yeah34.323.78
me and Simon we're teammate all right35.7194.301
teammate you guys head north door you38.13.36
and me we're heading south all right40.025.059
Pizza Hut pizza41.463.619
the exit Stitch white dummies46.77.179
what do you think miles or kilometers76.45.5
I don't know but I still keep I can't79.7994.441
keep my eyes off the like the the rubble81.95.28
over there the the ruins oh like that84.245.879
castle Yeah yeah it must be cool to live87.184.259
in a place where you just have ruins of90.1194.021
castles laying around man and yeah91.4394.801
that's pretty neat yeah we should have94.144.019
done that in the Americas just made a96.243.6
bunch of castle blown them up and then98.1593.361
made [ __ ] stories up about them oh99.843.779
that would have been good yeah there's a101.523.9
tail not too far from us Castle Hayne be103.6193.121
perfect for something like that oh my105.422.94
goodness maybe we could still do it and106.743.659
then like 50 years down the road they'd108.363.78
be like there was a what can we make up110.3993.661
a [ __ ] story exactly there used to112.143.54
be a castle here there was a king there114.064.22
was a monarchy started in this town115.685.399
yeah well this is Court Morgan this is118.284.299
one of those uh control points we don't121.0793.36
have access to yeah oh okay that's what122.5794.561
this is yeah okay shall we stay on point124.4395.52
and on path oh yeah no we will stay127.145.34
heading south is a vehicle anything in129.9593.261
oh yeah get in that get in that bag I'm133.226.04
gonna I'm gonna get in this too oh oh136.3794.741
it's a handgun scope because that makes139.264.08
sense oh yeah I'm gonna put a scalp on141.124.38
my handgun and I'm gonna shoot y'all the143.343.33
yeah orange like streaks in the sky like153.3194.541
missiles gonna go there156.2392.341
um sure I was I mean maybe no no I was158.584.56
joking that's a bad idea oh yeah yeah161.43.96
well you know me I mean I'm always up163.145.52
for a challenge right uh usually not no165.365.28
usually not but you know that one right168.664.38
there that's where the command bunker is170.643.9
one of their like looks like there's173.043.6
like steaks over there on front like big174.544.14
like telephone poles what's what the176.643.42
hell's with that we can go check that178.684.94
out that'd be fun you ready180.063.56
all right enough really that we should187.044.6
have known better190.084.64
doing it no191.643.08
okay you know what I'm gonna follow194.762.759
these power lines they look like they go196.142.64
somewhere important don't they probably197.5193.3
were somewhere with that oh my God these198.785.099
are some heavy duty power lines are they200.8195.581
robot built they look robot built this203.8794.701
doesn't look this is the 80s remember206.45.22
yeah this is not an 80s power line this208.585.92
is like something at a half-life ah well211.625.94
okay now I'm intrigued yeah let's see214.55.04
where they go look at that I'm gonna217.563.48
grab some wood and I like grabbing wood219.543.479
still some sloppy cable work I guess221.044.02
nobody ever learns that right now now223.0195.64
not even the robots oh225.064.92
what in the hell are we looking at here229.986.179
what is going on you just said that but232.7994.86
all right hold on let me grab my237.6594.561
binoculars and take a peek239.285.28
what is that a bunch of little ticks all242.225.12
over those walls244.562.78
crap I don't see249.783.08
if this is like a robot Outpost yeah253.984.74
they're advancing they got searchlights256.565.72
now we've never seen anything like this258.723.56
these are trees it's just trees they're262.684.079
not steaks the tops of them have been265.023.179
like I know well I was thinking like266.7593.361
telephone poles but yeah that's kind of268.1994.321
what they are that just pulls the cars270.123.78
upside down maybe there's some ammo or272.523.239
something here huh maybe is this door273.95.22
open nothing nothing but worth checking275.7594.561
I got the window open really yeah and no280.327.5
survivors right and and nothing to get I285.064.139
always wanted to be the guy that got to287.822.819
a wreck first you know and help people289.1993.841
out like hey I got you did you ever want290.6394.681
it so bad that you wanted to create a293.044.439
wreck yeah like put a like a fake deer295.324.74
in the road yeah just wait yep or like297.4794.861
put like some slippery bunch of banana300.065.1
peels just everywhere yeah yeah like 50302.346.54
banana peels wait to be a hero mm-hmm305.165.9
well no my gun's really loud do you have313.345.32
a gun with a silencer on it is the316.624.38
sniper rifle with a silencer on it no318.664.44
not a sniper rifle with one I wish I did321.04.919
it's just a handgun yeah all right tell323.14.92
you what you watch my back I'm gonna I'm325.9194.441
gonna get real sneaky and I'm gonna try328.025.16
to pop these ticks all right well I'm330.366.14
going alongside your back333.183.32
yeah two of them though both eyes344.0394.341
all right I'm gonna pop these ticks okay349.325.219
Blue Tick brought in a dog351.9194.301
keep an eye out for the dog yeah I'm354.5393.961
gonna do that with those ticks go no oh356.223.74
there he is oh boy358.54.86
okay dog down dog down359.965.26
all right crawling forward oh mink and363.364.08
bunker entry code oh sweet yeah that's365.223.6
right we usually need a few of those367.443.3
yeah that worked out really good thank368.824.379
you good talk all right come on Sam wise370.744.38
oh [ __ ] Sam wise we're getting shot at373.1994.801
please I know oh no375.124.919
that's not Sam wise but that's something378.04.919
yeah it wasn't really a good sandwich he380.0395.581
was like oh Mr Frodo we're never gonna382.9196.84
make it Frodo I'll carry you Mr Frodo oh385.626.88
[ __ ] photo389.7593.861
hey come on come on come on come on393.624.6
listen that doesn't really make sense396.04.02
with the two of us here that's about398.223.66
energy it's about uh you know we're400.023.84
marching and we gotta keep going and401.884.28
what is all this it's loud403.865.88
it's very loud is that a entry barcode406.167.24
oh we got a robotos in here yeah yep409.746.42
like whoa is it just hot I'm on fire was413.44.5
it on fire are you on fire oh I didn't416.164.319
bring a shotgun oh so oh wait I have a I417.94.2
have a grenade let me do some grenade420.4793.78
work stuff in here there's a schematic422.15.34
really tick prototype okay do I need to424.2596.121
get a two probably all right I got it427.444.379
all right now let me throw this in here430.383.06
because I'm not used to doing these your431.8193.961
grenade yeah there's a smoke grenade is433.445.22
it oops he went over it man yeah You435.784.979
Gotta Throw it inside oh I didn't maybe438.663.18
it didn't matter nope they're still440.7592.94
there it did okay so you got this one441.843.9
more I'm a little lower this time I443.6994.261
guess yeah it's perfect no no it's not445.745.42
right at the top447.963.2
okay I want to see what was in here452.0994.681
first oh well maybe a burnt up schematic453.725.099
oh you're a prototype456.784.919
um first aid kits uh more barcodes intro458.8195.761
barcode oh really yeah there you go461.6994.921
probably get two free drinks like464.584.679
Embassy Suites oh really Embassy Suites466.624.139
I heard they got some good waffles too469.2594.981
oh do they like pour your own yeah heck470.7596.06
yeah baby man one time I got Thomas's474.244.82
English muffins at one of those places476.8194.681
yeah that's the best English muffin479.064.78
there is out there who's Thomas I don't481.55.96
know but he makes that home a muffin483.843.62
oh yeah there's a door there is hey just488.345.699
one second I just want to look down here492.04.44
look at this all like down there yeah494.0395.041
what's going on so these cables go down496.444.199
there hold on let me get my binoculars499.083.0
out let me take a good look especially500.6393.721
now the sun's up like that's very very502.085.22
intriguing and curious yeah it's almost504.364.98
like a roadblock oh I do see some dogs507.33.78
down there and we do need one more uh509.345.48
barcode really yep although uh511.086.42
there's a big one down there oh514.825.139
Harvester Phoenix class as well as one517.54.979
two three Hunters man could we just519.9594.621
bring the dogs up here you think like522.4794.561
maybe the hunter would or that big fatty524.584.319
boom bats would take a while I don't527.043.18
know they're pretty fast too I don't528.8993.181
know if we could just get one code from530.224.44
the dog yeah hey you want to sneak down532.084.14
there kill one of those dogs get the534.663.299
code and then come back up yeah all536.223.78
right I got you back I'll give you Intel537.9593.361
from here up on the mountain I'm gonna540.04.38
use maybe my bat maybe I would say get541.327.5
in the field and then stay left yeah544.384.44
oh hey didn't see you there did you know552.684.839
that needs gaming has entered the555.424.74
business of the World Wide Web how does557.5195.161
that work well we'll show you step one560.166.02
get online very slowly562.683.5
You've Got Mail step two access all of584.3398.241
your favorite neebs gaming Super Cuts588.04.58
step three look at porn592.863.86
okay back to the website don't have597.184.5
merchandise I do if you're in the market599.4595.161
you can find merch there oh wow look at601.685.9
that Catfish get out of my house604.625.52
Live show tickets well we don't have607.584.24
them right now right but we will610.144.259
whenever we have a live show611.825.54
back to porn614.3992.961
oh yes baby that's the stuff632.064.86
you're there yeah did you notice that641.66.28
like hatch on the ground uh uh yeah well644.5195.161
first off you don't need to go that way647.884.079
the way you're going okay yeah you need649.685.159
to swing far to the left okay yeah yeah651.9595.041
yeah cause I got my uh I got my Predator654.8394.921
Vision yeah I see three dogs those are657.04.44
the dogs we're going for we're gonna try659.763.78
to not piss off that dog661.444.68
all right we're okay yeah I didn't see663.543.84
the dogs I was looking at that that's666.124.08
why I got you yeah you let me go that667.384.199
you know671.5792.581
yeah you know674.164.679
talk to me keep on traveling left675.665.28
you see the two dogs kind of two you're678.8393.901
sure don't okay well they're there I682.743.96
oh I see a dog686.74.56
okay well I see just one on the hill689.3394.401
straight ahead691.262.48
three two one694.25.759
oh man I got that dog oh he's running696.486.06
oh that pissed off699.9594.38
is that loud I thought I got a silencer702.544.4
on here no this has a silencer on here704.3395.881
all right hurry up start sit down I'll706.945.98
try to get this other dog oh God how do710.225.94
they see me what that's some [ __ ] I712.925.159
was hiding in the woods that is some716.165.06
[ __ ] I agree718.0793.141
ugh right Mondays all right fine we'll722.667.0
do it your way oh get back up here get726.35.84
back up here729.662.48
they're gonna try to get me but they732.9594.101
cannot get me734.4592.601
are you running right back up the power740.163.859
line no741.482.539
no you remember where the door is I747.664.44
don't know so that's a no yep well if749.164.14
you follow the paralyzer we're gonna let752.12.46
you straight to the door I'm right at753.33.18
the door oh you're at the door yeah yeah754.565.839
oh sweet isn't that funny hilarious756.483.919
awesome I found it you found it follow760.53.899
the fence I'm following you I see you762.243.719
you see me I can't believe I turned764.3994.081
around I can see you okay where's the765.9595.401
door here we go door you see enemies oh768.485.159
no I don't but come on let's just run we771.364.26
gotta go to the door okay how's your773.6394.741
health you healed up uh I got 72 so it775.624.32
doesn't suck all right we'll check this778.383.84
that we get when we get done left right779.945.28
Brad door yeah do that one uh blocked782.225.94
locked eat unlocked there you go there785.225.16
we go you know us we got the barcodes788.165.1
yeah two free drinks yes look at this790.386.06
can we escape combat all right we're in793.268.3
we just nailed it yep796.447.04
let's see hmm that right there is a SKR803.486.82
Class B oh is that what that is yeah807.65.359
it's a military class oh real really810.35.339
would you suggest we shoot it you know812.9594.721
what I kind of I got these sticky flares815.6393.421
I don't know what the [ __ ] they do oh817.683.18
hook it up yeah you know what let me let819.063.3
me do a little test here820.863.539
throw this822.365.3
oh damn well there's that oh oh gosh824.3995.94
okay well that was I didn't mean it was827.664.179
really cheap right there that was830.3393.321
clearly not what I meant yeah831.8395.601
okay we'll chalk up that up as a field833.668.1
oh yeah that was yeah that was a failure837.444.32
here we go we got him we got him fine843.55.74
military red Mobility players damn845.9594.961
worthless what you've got on you849.243.36
anything good give me that accelerant850.923.9
okay I would imagine we need to find the852.63.739
Power Station854.824.019
I'm just lit away856.3395.321
New Concept yeah these bunkers are so858.8394.74
unique and different fire up the damn861.663.54
generator firing863.5794.681
hamster names we have achieved865.24.8
Mitch says how you boys doing we're868.265.06
getting close man we're uh in a bunker870.06.18
yeah now it says uh required Keys873.326.639
requires Keys yeah so we had keys well I876.185.94
mean did you take keys with you or do879.9593.781
you need to carry them we were free882.124.14
drinks yeah I mean I vaguely remember883.745.52
that maybe are the keys uh hey I'm sorry886.265.939
this thing requires uh keys889.265.579
okay find the keys I mean at least in892.1994.5
that one door doesn't mean we have to go894.8393.601
to that one more right let's look around896.6993.961
maybe this way huh yeah we're dealing898.444.079
with an issue too we turned on the900.663.359
generator but uh we still don't have902.5194.081
power to the doors something's draining904.0194.68
the power I'm guessing it's a tick Dora906.64.32
a tick probably a tick sucking on our908.6993.901
generator let's follow these power lines910.923.84
or this power conduit until we find the912.65.52
tick oh it says switch I hit a and then914.765.1
nothing nothing because it's yeah it's918.124.68
busted it's busted919.867.08
shoes we thought it was too easy right I922.86.5
mean you think926.942.36
you think maybe all right Dora I think930.243.12
maybe down932.042.58
yeah but there's no933.362.88
there's no can do it we can open this934.622.82
earlier I could not oh hello oh there937.445.759
you go all right we might have found our941.3993.861
a tick you kill a ticket at work maybe I945.267.199
don't know yet yeah949.622.839
I don't know what I what hey I'm fine I954.566.12
just really958.685.279
I'm good we're great thank you960.685.44
all right963.9594.44
you follow me Simon yeah okay so there's966.125.7
another icon looks like a man grabbing968.3995.701
what was that a man grabbing a bottle of971.825.28
wine or something a tissue a tissue you974.15.64
know what I think tissue paper like took977.15.099
like I just use toilet paper for what979.745.219
for like blowing my nose I mean yeah you982.1995.221
could yeah no no I do that's my go-to984.9594.68
like I I don't think I've ever gone out987.424.08
and bought tissues unless somebody said989.6394.14
will you go buy a tissue box we can't991.53.839
get to the tissue hand993.7794.92
that's true the tissue hand yeah they995.3395.041
had the hand reaching into the uh998.6993.901
unnecessary tissue box well there's got1000.384.019
to be a way to do it1002.64.76
all right well1004.3992.961
all right I think we fixed our power1008.724.58
this should be the command bunker1013.65.039
oh that's a nice command bunker it looks1018.884.679
just like all the other ones1021.625.76
can you do it yes sir1023.5596.52
there you go one more to your left oh1027.385.1
they would never do we got lights no1030.0796.201
more we got lights we got lights1032.483.8
oh you better go to that one we'll be1037.5794.26
back okay entertain yourselves explore1039.264.98
yourselves might be behind this door1041.8395.401
guys yep here Simon I already did I1044.245.46
think this is it double door says1047.243.66
something check the blue door if you1049.72.88
want okay I'm coming with you in case1050.93.54
there's a date yep we found the War Room1052.585.76
yep yeah so now what's more here we're1054.445.88
bored we got it1058.345.06
the radio signal1060.323.08
is coming fire from the south confirmed1063.624.86
racial now it's1065.965.06
god what the [ __ ]1068.488.0
position right acdp grenade fire fire1071.025.46
hey good job nibs yeah1077.865.04
okay now that we've found these bunkers1083.6796.421
we got more missions oh we gotta locator1086.0597.801
we gotta go to the Village of Kilby we1090.16.28
gotta locate a radio man so we gotta1093.864.92
find the bridge oh we gotta locate the1096.384.4
Readiness storage1098.786.0
your burger oh man out I'm getting too1100.785.26

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