Scrap Mechanic Best Challenges SuperCut 2

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fanatics! If you're like me and can't get enough of the hilarious and creative content from the Neebs crew, t...
Scrap Mechanic Best Challenges SuperCut 2
Scrap Mechanic Best Challenges SuperCut 2

Scrap Mechanic Best Challenges SuperCut 2

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neebs: Hey guys, Neebs here! Can we just take a moment to appreciate how epic our Scrap Mechanic Best Challenges SuperCut 2 video is? I mean, we really outdid ourselves with those builds!

simon: Oh, absolutely! That video is pure gold. I still can't believe we managed to create all those crazy contraptions. It's like watching a bunch of geniuses at work... well, mostly geniuses.

appsro: Hey, hey, hey now, let's not get carried away with the compliments. But seriously, that video is hands down my favorite. The creativity, the teamwork, the sheer chaos... it's everything I love about our channel rolled into one epic compilation.

neebs: Haha, chaos is definitely our specialty! And speaking of chaos, remember that one challenge where we had to build a flying vehicle out of scrap? Pure comedy gold. I still can't believe we managed to crash it into that tree.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fanatics! If you're like me and can't get enough of the hilarious and creative content from the Neebs crew, then you're in for a treat with their latest video, "The Greatest Scrap Mechanic Build Challenges Part 2." Trust me, you won't want to miss out on this epic showdown of engineering skills and pure chaos.

In this video, the Neebs team takes on some of the wildest build challenges in Scrap Mechanic, pushing their creativity and problem-solving abilities to the limit. From building insane vehicles to tackling wacky obstacles, you'll be on the edge of your seat watching these guys work their magic in the virtual world.

And if you're as obsessed with Neebs Gaming as I am, don't forget to hit that subscribe button and show your support on their Patreon page. Plus, you can check out their awesome merch to rock some Neebs gear and represent your favorite YouTube channel wherever you go.

So grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready to laugh, cringe, and cheer on the Neebs crew as they tackle the craziest challenges in Scrap Mechanic. Trust me, you won't be disappointed with the epic content these guys deliver. And if you're looking for more Neebs goodness, be sure to check out their other playlists covering everything from Minecraft to GTA V. It's a wild ride you won't want to miss!

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once you sync the video exit options0.45.28
invite options exit click3.045.279
oh [ __ ]5.682.639
great sync9.5193.321
ladies and gentlemen we have our good17.64.56
friend ada hop with us hello yeah we19.1995.361
missed the hell out of you uh so adahapp22.164.16
you have built another course it's an24.564.24
obstacle course only one of us can be in26.324.64
the course at a time so we're going to28.83.439
jump into a different server after we30.962.96
get the walk through and each build a32.2394.0
vehicle based off of what we've seen33.923.76
here and then we're going to come back36.2393.441
to this server and take turns and see37.684.0
who does the best this is dark right off39.683.92
the bat yeah this is this is dark as41.683.92
[ __ ] we never go dark let's get started43.63.6
with the tour so go ahead and hit that45.63.84
switch there yeah okay47.24.24
oh oh49.445.68
oh reveal very nice oh it's a51.446.08
no touch62.02.879
no touching the button63.284.0
you can if you want64.8794.161
oh no67.284.76
all right this is not part of the course74.723.68
this is just to get you to the course i76.4793.041
wanted to make it creative yeah you78.42.719
really did apparently one of your79.523.919
viewers uh has a uh a girlfriend named81.1193.761
julie who falls asleep during your83.4393.441
videos and he wanted her to wake up it's84.884.72
our sweet voices wake up julie are you86.884.48
and then91.363.77
what is that bipod92.965.88
okay oh knife99.043.039
this is the last thing right100.4793.371
yep and you're gonna go through that102.0793.281
so last time you guys had a had a tunnel105.363.759
and a lot of people called you out for107.843.2
stealing my tunnel uh idea well it's a109.1193.441
tunnel it's a pretty111.044.0
this looks great126.964.16
wow is that the course over there128.8794.561
so yes we've got the monorail the lake131.125.199
and the rock wall look at that well done133.444.72
yeah thanks for helping us plug our136.3193.121
merch adap138.162.4
oh no problem that's what you're here139.443.84
for this is the first obstacle140.564.88
yeah yep right the monorail is real143.284.4
three wide and two tall oh my god we're145.444.799
[ __ ] ah that thing's huge wow look at147.684.32
and then the next obstacle is to152.03.92
those beers take some sweet tea to154.563.36
nessie oh i see the handles kind of got155.924.399
a stein of tea uh-huh you want to keep157.924.8
the red uh buoys to your right and keep160.3195.041
the blue buoys to your left i can almost162.725.04
say that so go in the water165.365.599
and i gotta go between no no no no no no167.765.6
you gotta listen to the the directions170.9594.401
that he's saying with his mouth so stay173.364.72
to the left of the red buoys exactly and175.365.599
to the right of the blue okay178.085.12
and there there's our good friend you180.9594.481
put the t here yes you do this next one183.24.399
looks impossible this is the rock wall185.444.079
yes wow so then your vehicle has to187.5993.761
climb the rock wall189.5193.921
it reminds me of that jewel drop game191.364.72
bejeweled bejeweled's the game yes or193.444.879
bejeweled two either one all right so196.084.48
once you do the monorail get across the198.3195.041
lake climb the rock wall then you finish200.564.08
right yep the finish line is right at203.363.519
the end lovely course possibly our most204.646.44
challenging yet we don't know206.8794.201
how'd everyone's build go not so good261.844.0
two out of three might be yeah it's263.683.92
almost time for us to stream so we just265.844.16
had to go with what we got267.65.36
check this out nice rims i like yeah the270.05.759
rooms are tight rims are [ __ ] pimp272.964.0
there's that275.7593.201
your build's about five times bigger276.964.239
than mine ride it like this six times278.964.0
bigger than mine yeah wow see how i ride281.1993.361
that yep i can't even get up this282.963.36
[ __ ] thing284.563.6
start hold on should we skip to the next286.324.319
one nope the first obstacle is the288.164.88
monorail very nice which i call the290.6396.321
balance beam all right all293.043.92
did you practice no this no i wanted to303.045.439
surprise me what's the point in having306.244.56
that thing in the middle that's probably308.4794.401
like what the [ __ ] i mean maybe around310.83.839
this corner i could see why he designed312.883.2
it that way but314.6393.231
there we go yeah316.083.2
why do you gotta have these poles in the319.283.68
everybody gets a sticker326.163.68
see if i can stay on this328.083.04
oh crap329.844.16
[ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] now did we want all three331.124.72
sweet teams oh yeah334.03.36
just one i think so what is this335.843.919
obstacle you gotta take sweet tea where337.363.679
are you going we going to rallies what339.7592.481
do you mean where are you going i gotta341.0393.44
get sweet342.244.0
did you practice this one yeah i344.4793.921
practiced all night no but did you346.244.48
did whoa even drive yours before you351.683.44
what are you talking about353.522.959
well i mean355.123.44
this whole hinge system was designed356.4793.121
the hopes that it would work on the359.64.879
first obstacle so yeah361.525.44
it would never364.4792.481
there we go376.85.44
i don't want to come on nope nope no i'm380.04.88
rooting for you buddy382.244.48
yeah i want this to i want this to get384.883.92
there so bad oh yeah looking good we're386.724.8
all looking at you you never gave up no388.86.839
oh no never oh wow391.524.119
yeah you got a wheel halfway through the403.7592.56
not anymore406.3194.081
you're gonna glitch out no408.44.4
probably too late413.284.24
you're getting close to the audrey414.4793.041
oh [ __ ] i put it on backwards how much418.724.56
how much water is uh you've got a lot of421.0394.0
clearance around here oh really i can423.284.72
turn around yeah you should be able to425.0393.561
don't go too far428.04.4
thanks buddy make me look like a damn432.43.44
fool out here yeah that's the reason434.083.839
that's the one thing yeah i did it all435.842.96
right guys437.9192.881
all right so in other words this is not438.84.48
built to do that440.84.0
all right443.283.6
what were you doing for that two or444.83.839
three hours we were building what in the446.883.599
world you saw this448.6394.4
and said i'm gonna build this this isn't450.4794.481
happening man if the challenge was get453.0394.481
past one row i would bet against you454.964.72
he's not where he used to be yeah he's457.525.36
backwards now now he's farther away459.685.519
anthony you're up all right hands down467.1994.801
my worst performance ever469.1993.681
all right472.02.319
look at you472.883.28
here's my little guy474.3193.44
looks like it could drive now i'm476.162.879
concerned with these bumpers i didn't477.7593.601
think about them when i was okay479.0394.081
here they come these little side yellow481.363.92
things oh those things gotcha getting on483.123.519
might be a little hard but i think i got485.283.89
it okay all right come on486.6394.721
oh oh yeah it is a little bit wider so491.364.32
that's oh my bumpers are going to mess493.7593.201
it up for you aren't they yep but it's495.683.6
okay hang on okay we're hanging on496.964.48
god i wish you would hurry up499.284.16
yeah really what's taking you so long501.446.479
dick am i come on come on there you go503.445.68
come on507.9194.081
i made it further down oh god oh oh509.125.44
oh oh oh see that's sexy slowly easy512.05.36
good place give me that sexy good514.566.32
scooching three and stitch517.365.76
just give that rail a hug give it a go520.883.279
oh yeah523.123.44
up give it a hug come on yeah yeah524.1594.161
all right how's this turning now we're526.563.6
off guys yeah the turn is going to be528.323.68
wow now you just wake up this [ __ ] man532.04.56
what happens when you test your stuff534.9594.081
out there you go anthony you're a genius536.564.719
you're gonna make a turn you just539.043.919
come on little finagle a little541.2793.281
finagling give it a second yeah maybe542.9594.0
delete the rails nope there we go and544.564.959
we're off again all right546.9593.841
this is good549.5193.121
man whoever happy drilling is done with550.83.36
this thing whoever thought this could be552.643.6
so sexy you know what you're doing554.166.84
you're making a way in the world today556.244.76
that is awesome thank you it's just a567.042.88
little the little wheels get turned i568.562.56
think it bothers me because all these569.922.88
people have problems and they're sitting571.123.12
there in the bar drinking when they be572.85.039
working on the problems yeah574.243.599
now we know why you're here all of this578.483.52
everyone go wii i never test now i never580.03.6
tested going down this might be a582.03.839
problem well it's going to be fun it's583.63.84
already better we got to go fast full585.8394.601
that's really really super nice yeah594.884.56
if you fall up here at the end it's all597.8394.161
for the night the bumpers again599.446.16
oh wait i'm going yeah you are602.04.56
yeah and watch that get stuck there606.564.48
switch oh you can't climb you get stuck608.723.6
i forgot about the bumpers612.324.24
and so my my wheels the little ones are614.245.2
tied to the transformers man i wish you616.567.76
to test it beat this obstacle yeah fail619.444.88
we're kind of equal right now he's gonna624.9593.601
figure something out yeah seriously626.725.359
equally sucks yeah628.565.6
all right moving on to the next one632.0794.641
all right let's count that aside634.164.72
hey to me in my book that's a that's636.724.88
great your book is not published638.885.12
okay assuming we made it up here ice tea641.65.28
challenge number two644.06.8
hey i need some iced tea please646.885.199
it's like i'm seeing it for the first650.82.75
all right little claw655.925.68
uh-huh opens up very nice657.766.4
little claw goes in the handle yeah and661.65.359
then you hit three that's beautiful664.163.919
it's beautiful666.9592.961
wait until it goes down this ramp wow668.0793.361
this might be an issue could be a669.923.2
problem huh why is it not tell me671.443.2
explain to me why he doesn't have much673.123.44
clearance on his wheels also that sweet674.643.84
tea weighs a lot but what do you got to676.563.6
do i still don't even know what you have678.482.799
to do we just have to make it are you680.162.72
supposed to have your thrusters on they681.2793.441
are on you might want to back down this682.884.079
oh come on686.9594.641
oh wait a minute688.3993.201
not so different after all huh anthony692.483.84
well it's just a ledge694.564.64
why is there a ledge696.322.88
anthony this is your worst build ever700.486.08
come on i'll compare it to you right704.83.599
there right there right there get over706.565.04
the ledge it's a tiny lunge708.3994.88
it'll make it the entire rest of the way711.62.88
if it would just go over this tiny713.2794.111
little ledge714.484.24
all right718.723.52
here we go719.762.48
why don't you back down hey it's his728.164.88
last video i'll try doing that yeah729.5195.281
all right i'm gonna do doraleous idea he733.043.919
has good ideas bad execution but good734.84.32
ideas mm-hmm you got it look at that736.9595.281
[ __ ] it's beautiful all right yeah739.125.2
come on baby now i'm gonna try and do a742.244.48
k2 or three point turn purple dude all744.323.84
right right746.723.04
seems like a good opportunity to sing748.163.18
the cheers song749.763.36
making the way in the world today753.125.44
you could be working or learning a new758.565.92
skill instead of spinning all you got760.3994.081
well bring it home baby alcohol won't764.565.12
save the day767.364.92
this is a straight shot775.8395.281
you're gonna need some speed777.763.36
oh i am gonna oh i'm gonna wet my786.85.279
whistle oh man wait788.9595.021
oh wow look at that792.0793.521
i take that back796.3992.401
i beat them solid all right all right798.84.0
here you go nessie good800.84.08
set it down oh what are you doing802.85.039
sitting down i'm trying804.884.16
there you go807.8393.041
nice oh809.043.039
i appreciate it whoa put the engine back812.0795.2
down come on no you're gonna need it to815.5192.88
get up that hill817.2792.401
you know what i'm gonna leave it here818.3992.88
right all the way819.683.599
you might just floor it yep all right821.2794.321
disengage the grip wow you've got a lot823.2794.24
of faith simon well the thing is the825.63.6
only way you can do it is if it's by827.5193.521
accident i'm gonna put on my downward829.25.68
thruster and maybe that'll hold me okay831.047.919
nope nope nope nope nope834.886.399
go up backwards with with your engine838.9594.961
cranked and the downward thrusters on he841.2794.401
knows what he's talking about843.922.479
i believe in you doraleous yeah look at847.923.2
i look up to you man come on851.123.519
oh god it's working oh god it's working854.725.52
oh yeah860.6393.681
yeah i win oh nice i think i made it861.8394.881
further than that all right864.324.8
get the [ __ ] out of here866.726.0
okay looky looky here's my ride i like869.126.64
simple the looks simple pipe design very872.726.0
sleepy it looks cool i dig it how875.764.639
beautiful it is you're the only one that878.723.84
was you nice and prepared for those uh880.3993.841
those little good god get a little882.564.16
stripe things come on baby it makes it884.243.599
it makes me think of like one of those886.722.239
yeah the stag beetle snag beetle stag888.9594.801
beetle it's always dung beetle with you891.64.239
oh there is a difference893.763.079
okay all right damn he's on896.8395.481
this he goes he's balanced beautiful900.163.679
wait a second this might take a while902.324.079
are you not wrapped around it no903.8394.481
he's just on top this is what are you906.3993.841
doing oh god908.324.639
doraleous is at least went around the910.243.1
you are screwed i can't believe you're915.64.239
balance beaming i replicated this i can917.683.279
do it919.8394.0
this is crazy nobody here has built920.9594.88
something that warrants them critiquing923.8393.521
the way i built mine i made it all the925.8393.601
way to the end yeah his was great and i927.364.479
expected nothing less from you well he929.444.079
also couldn't get over the last bit of931.8394.881
it that's understandable933.5193.201
it's not it's more about the journey not936.85.039
the destination neebs938.723.119
what's happening943.763.199
well you're not945.8393.041
doing it i have all the faith in you946.9594.401
thank you about time yeah we should948.883.759
support each other tomorrow yeah you're951.363.52
gonna do great should i have that up952.6393.921
oh yeah that would do it that's that's954.884.879
the thing okay that's what made it wrong956.564.8
keep that middle tire man oh you're959.7593.44
looking at the back of the front oh god961.363.599
oh [ __ ]963.1995.281
oh it's silent waiting for the turn oh964.9596.401
no oh no968.484.32
i can do this971.364.24
my heart's beating this is scary because972.86.959
he's a stag beetle on a balance beam975.67.72
is that a theme song979.7593.561
and you are 10 through this course the984.725.119
problem is that the turning is so987.2794.881
jerky like when i let go of this turn989.8396.36
it's going to jerk into place992.164.039
hey i know i could do this but we're998.3993.68
streaming in like eight minutes 401000.165.359
minutes we all know you could do it1002.0793.44
yeah nice nice ramp thank you very good1005.65.159
there we go1013.5193.44
sweet tea anybody1015.364.0
i'd like some oh nessie wants some1016.9594.88
coming up baby hold on1019.366.8
there we go one of these and1021.8396.48
come on a little bit of that impressive1026.165.919
impressive pickup oh yeah yeah it's it's1028.3196.0
come on the wheel might be big enough to1034.645.199
go over it1036.643.199
are you stuck in the little ada hop lip1040.03.6
i don't really see any reason i should1043.63.68
be stuck if there's a little lip between1045.0396.601
the wood and lift those wheels1047.284.36
why don't you put these good ideas in1055.63.68
your vehicle1056.722.56
i pee in that water1062.725.76
he's got it holy [ __ ]1064.7997.041
yeah oh get back on there buddy1068.483.36
there it is there it is perfect1074.5594.0
all right now just breathe to the left1076.963.599
of the red left of the red1078.5593.681
take a right and stay to the right of1080.5593.36
the blue okay think about it like this1082.243.76
the buoys are technically connected to1083.9193.441
the floor1086.03.28
so turn it right out right yeah turn to1087.363.36
the right more reward and go to the1089.283.12
right of the blue around1090.723.28
gotta go past the blue one and take a1092.43.84
left after the okay are you turning that1094.03.52
way oh it's fine this is the way he1096.243.2
wants all right now it goes right around1097.524.08
this and line up with the ramp to the1099.444.08
left right yes line up with the ramp at1101.63.76
nessie and that's the road it's straight1103.524.88
on okay home stretch1105.365.92
there you go i got this1108.46.159
right yeah nothing but stuff yeah1111.284.399
i mean oh [ __ ] you where'd that come1115.6794.081
from what's happening where'd that come1118.084.68
stop stop1122.964.16
what is happening1124.44.639
i went the right way you veered a little1127.124.0
bit too far to the left final obstacle1129.0394.0
no one has even come close to this we're1131.124.0
kind of counting on you the first two1133.0394.801
were my strong ones right oh my god this1135.124.32
one is going to be worse1137.843.92
this looks promising put your uh claws1139.444.08
down it'll lift your front off yeah do1141.764.799
that and then undo that yeah climb1143.525.36
there you go i have the best ideas huh1146.5594.561
with other people's vehicles1148.886.799
whoa whoa hello oh hi nice i'm off look1151.128.4
how much taller it is1155.6795.521
and this is so far the best1159.526.53
you're technically the winner i mean1174.643.2
you've technically gotten farther than1176.244.4
anyone has true in this obstacle simon1177.844.95
you having fun1180.645.44
oh wait you're you're look at you dude1187.844.44
huh somebody's getting ready to [ __ ]1193.763.919
wake us up here huh1195.444.08
these yellow ones are kind of interested1200.722.0
oh my god oh my god you're not he's1202.724.64
turning me on baby yeah this is hot a1205.125.679
little hard right now stuff oh1207.365.76
oh my god halfway1210.7996.24
[ __ ] magic straddle around it oh oh1213.124.72
shake those1217.843.28
oh perfect1219.362.88
those are like little arms you're1221.124.16
actually climbing it oh oh man wow you1222.247.04
want to go do this1225.284.0
you're the little stag beetle that could1238.723.199
i need this to make it come on little1240.483.199
buddy oh1241.9193.12
watch out1243.6794.391
watch out1245.0397.07
come on1258.724.92
wait come on1259.9193.721
oh my god1288.842.839
i think you're clear come on1291.6794.641
come on1293.842.48
holy [ __ ] [ __ ]1298.084.27
perseverance kids1300.2412.64
hey everybody hello hey everybody hey1312.885.52
hey everyone anthony hi1315.9194.961
uh time we do another scrap mechanic huh1318.45.68
um about time i believe so1320.885.84
well hello there i know you1324.084.16
we're doing a challenge we haven't done1326.723.12
a uh like an obstacle challenge in a1328.243.84
while okay what kind of challenge needs1329.844.24
an obstacle challenge which one how many1332.084.32
is this now what five uh now this will1334.084.24
be the third what challenges are they1336.45.36
okay let's show the audience1338.323.44
all right this is how it works okay1382.644.399
simon should see this i want to see it1384.5594.48
follow us on our virtual tour anthony1387.0393.681
won't you walk us through the course ah1389.0394.64
well first we have the door mouth door1390.723.92
is that what this is supposed to be a1393.6793.281
mouth uh yeah it's like your vehicle has1394.644.56
to fit within these constraints it's not1396.964.0
that it's not that big of a challenge1399.24.0
yeah well somebody made it gigantic1400.964.4
checkpoint these are checkpoints then1403.23.76
you have to watch out for the tire right1405.363.199
what's with the tire just don't hit it1406.962.88
don't ask1408.5593.201
i'm gonna put that tire down good job1409.843.44
good luck getting around that what's1411.763.36
next anthony next we have the wind1413.283.759
tunnel of doom oh1415.123.679
that seems like [ __ ] you gotta get1417.0393.76
to the top all right you know ada hop's1418.7994.0
gonna think that we just copied and once1420.7994.161
you're up here you gotta come down1422.7994.491
over here or bounce on your butt1424.963.44
and there you go final challenge1428.44.8
is up this hill look who it is1430.44.88
oh hey1433.24.959
hey hey welcome to the final challenge1435.285.519
hey messi see that bar simon uh-huh your1438.1594.321
car has to reach that then your car has1440.7993.841
to swing over that checkered wall over1442.483.04
and win the game land in victory1445.525.039
oh victory1448.5593.921
yep simon can i just tell you something1450.5593.761
yeah my car's not been tested on that1452.484.4
obstacle shocker to be clear you don't1454.324.4
have to land on the little checker box1456.884.48
no doraleous first neeb second anthony1458.725.12
third okay1461.364.319
you like my color scheme i just switched1463.843.52
it up a little bit the unnecessary1465.6793.36
feature i had was i thought i'd get a1467.364.48
lot smaller than i really had to because1469.0394.401
this hole is [ __ ] huge you know what1471.844.24
my color schemes like simon uh no what1473.446.08
is it like the detroit lions ah i like1476.085.68
detroit lions i like them1479.523.92
i like their colors i think their1481.765.2
uniform sucks1483.445.04
what are you laughing at well the thing1486.962.88
i was liking1488.484.96
is the only thing that sucks to you1489.843.6
okay ladies and gentlemen drawing us up1495.125.039
on the three obstacle challenge in three1496.884.08
one go1500.963.599
i don't know if i can do this first one1502.724.319
oh my goodness what a toilet spinning1504.5594.72
what a twist okay i like this actually1507.0394.24
i've never even tested this one either1509.2795.0
big wheels big boy wheels come on get in1524.325.479
the big boys1526.483.319
that was great1537.363.319
oh [ __ ] all that other stuff was not1552.965.76
important down the stairs wow not a1556.324.32
problem i just figured you'd be out of1558.723.439
this you're back in the game buddy of1560.642.96
course i'm back in there you are killing1562.1593.281
this i never left the game welcome to1563.64.079
the final checkpoint sir oh boy thank1565.445.119
you oh [ __ ] i'm already scared back up1567.6794.561
and go fast there you go i'm not going1570.5594.321
to go fast i'll get right off1572.244.0
oh break1574.883.279
but you have to choke doesn't he have to1576.243.84
like shut your mouth all right it's my1578.1594.321
time this is my time to watch you do not1580.084.88
with your arms and swinging it yeah1585.2792.801
you've never swung from anything with1586.5592.801
your arms1588.082.479
used to pull up monkeys when i was a kid1590.5594.321
come on right all right so you guys made1593.0395.561
this way too long1594.883.72
i can tell you this is never going to1599.842.959
work i know1601.0393.52
punch it you don't know what do you mean1602.7995.36
i know you might get this1604.5593.6
hmm i can't believe you guessed this how1608.5594.24
do i do well this is never ever ever1610.5594.641
gonna work oh he's hooked on but1612.7994.88
here we go now swing here come do it do1615.24.479
something weird1617.6795.091
oh that was close1619.6794.721
dude so it's not gonna happen my turn1624.43.36
are you gonna win this time no are you1627.764.399
gonna finish i think so that's the1630.04.88
courage that's the courage who says that1632.1596.841
nobody that's the courage1634.884.12
all right1640.963.44
listen optimus what i am not proud of1642.1594.241
this vehicle you mean it doesn't work i1644.43.84
mean it works last time i saw your1646.44.159
vehicle you had like eight more tires1648.244.24
yeah yeah i was gonna try to like just1650.5593.841
have a bunch of tires and drive up that1652.483.12
it didn't i mean it would have worked i1655.63.28
just didn't have enough time to make it1657.2793.361
work ladies and gentlemen1658.884.64
neebs with the questionable vehicle what1660.644.72
do you call it uh that's fine i like1663.523.6
that name in three1665.364.72
two one go1667.126.48
okay first challenge is gonna be tough1670.085.199
damn this is tight1673.63.439
but holy [ __ ]1675.2794.0
come on hey come on1677.0394.801
come on you made it so that it just fit1679.2794.081
what's going on over here well i think1681.843.28
this was like built through around his1683.364.0
vehicle i guess it looks like it doesn't1685.123.2
it yeah1687.361.919
there you go dude1693.123.679
yeah you're right this is a piece of1695.0393.76
[ __ ] getting up this ramp is gonna be1696.7993.76
hard for you i know everything's gonna1698.7993.841
be hard for me yeah i hate this vehicle1700.5593.36
all right1702.642.14
let's see1703.9192.88
uh here we go and1708.323.68
good luck neebs let's try again1712.483.679
good luck neebs okay thank you tell me1717.125.439
that's your only way to get up uh1718.7995.6
you said that this thing worked did you1722.5593.84
test your stuff yeah i tested it it1724.3994.16
doesn't hey look it sucked in the test1726.3992.961
yeah but you said it worked1729.363.12
oh my1735.6794.24
god huh did that oh sidewall knees side1736.844.839
down over here oh no my wheel's stuck1739.9193.841
under the front ah son of a [ __ ] who1741.6793.521
doesn't hate that1743.763.76
oh oh oh oh1745.24.32
come on buddy come on i'm rooting for1747.525.36
you oh [ __ ] no it worked anything make1749.525.6
anything happen1752.884.159
this is a nightmare there you go your1755.123.13
nightmare there you go1757.0393.281
oh crap come on come on oh no don't go1760.323.68
yeah go up1764.02.96
oh no1765.24.479
oh [ __ ] i told you this was a nightmare1766.964.88
yeah this is a nightmare all right1769.6793.921
you're gonna make it though god this is1771.844.4
crazy come on almost there1773.65.88
come on1776.243.24
all day long1787.6793.041
smooth sailing wow be careful hey all1790.724.48
right hey1793.523.84
ellis how you doing fancy meeting you1795.25.04
here is it1797.365.679
see you at the top1800.242.799
checkpoint all right now neebs your1803.23.599
checkpoints don't work there you go1805.523.759
there it is come on1806.7994.321
all right am i winning i have confidence1809.2793.361
in you 1001811.125.6
thank you simon yeah okay you ready1812.644.08
okay oh1818.7995.521
okay yep this is this is contested1820.965.36
yeah no this has been1824.325.839
well thought out oh because oh1826.323.839
oh yeah oh no only one only one of them1832.245.36
oh damn it that's not good you can1835.524.639
recover come on kenny1837.64.0
we don't know i believe in him i got to1840.1593.921
get that other thing on there oh1841.64.88
that ain't happening [ __ ]1844.086.64
get on there finagle it oh oh1846.485.76
all right i just gotta go for it yeah1852.243.6
yeah okay1854.083.199
you can do that you can yeah you could1855.842.559
do it though come on you're like1857.2793.201
spiderman that's the colors now is the1858.3994.481
whoa okay reset reset1863.444.719
all right going back up come on1865.767.48
all right i need both of them right now1868.1595.081
all right hooks do your thing1880.725.28
here we go1883.442.56
how you go oh oh oh oh1887.446.16
all right and come on and we just this1890.486.24
is where you cross the fingers1893.63.12
oh no oh you're screwed you turned again1897.844.8
see this worked every time in the test1900.325.12
you went fast at it though didn't you1902.645.36
go at it1905.442.56
so those are just a little bit too long1908.484.559
aren't they just a touch1910.1594.481
yes no no oh no1914.645.159
tires off1924.243.919
there it is1925.6794.081
all right here we go1928.1593.041
i'm gonna do it on time1929.765.039
uh you're doing i mean let's just see it1931.25.359
neebs don't go too high you're gonna get1934.7994.561
hurt here we go do it1936.5594.321
i thought i need to be a little higher1939.364.96
yeah i think so too come on1940.883.44
oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ]1945.0394.601
that was great1952.485.36
that was great that feels great1954.03.84
don't you have another yeah i forgot to1961.444.719
do it oh boy1963.2794.961
oh we're good okay never mind1966.1593.921
i got this all right come on buddy wish1968.243.279
me luck people1970.083.04
bad luck1971.5196.4
there you go the tires are almost off1973.126.159
and they're off to the catch please1977.9193.76
catch yes1979.2796.481
here we go we got it this is the one huh1981.6794.081
official time 13 minutes and 18 seconds2001.5194.561
yeah that was fast all right anthony2004.1593.441
what you got this2006.084.4
this thing yeah black and yellow bumble2007.65.28
bee maybe it looks great are you ready2010.484.559
i'm ready to go activating my downward2012.883.279
simon are you ready with the timer i am2016.1595.681
emily you are here to race and race you2018.3995.76
will on the count of three2021.843.439
three three it's off2026.323.599
you did that three one two three2028.3994.0
challenge go through2029.9194.88
i did do it weird okay now up to this2032.3994.321
ramp can i do the ramp2034.7992.961
and you're going to jump on this within2037.764.159
a within like five seconds let's see2039.2794.841
come on anthony2041.9194.961
oh [ __ ]2046.883.36
why did that happen oh okay this has2048.323.599
never happened before all right all2050.243.2
right a lot of things right on track oh2051.9193.68
[ __ ] i fell off my are you you're on the2053.443.52
right side though2055.5993.441
yeah um this camera was you're good2056.963.76
you're weird you're good2059.044.319
get up there check it out come on2060.724.8
here i got it there we go there we go2063.3593.28
all right2065.522.319
down the stairs2066.6393.681
down the stairs2067.8392.481
checkpoint checkpoint this is how it's2072.244.639
done boys that's how it's done2075.1193.841
all right man thank goodness anthony2078.963.84
nessie you ready2081.24.36
oh hi hey2082.86.16
nancy you want to see2085.565.319
wasn't there to greet me i hope you do2088.963.919
good all right nessie you ready for some2090.8794.881
crazy yep2092.8796.291
oh [ __ ] here we go2095.766.54
i couldn't help but notice that you2114.643.84
[ __ ] up last time it's okay well i was2116.0793.76
trying to do it crazy should i do it2118.483.52
safe just to get the score sure just do2119.8393.921
it hurry up if you want to finish on the2122.04.76
you gotta be kidding me2130.163.04
off this boom on that is the most2134.165.76
impressive now by far it is you want me2137.684.96
to do it this way2139.922.72
oh wait wrong button2142.724.96
good luck2147.682.399
nailed it2150.963.76
looking good keep swinging all right2152.166.72
here we go come on go whenever2154.724.16
neebs wait one more time what i'm gonna2162.484.4
launch myself as far as humanly possible2164.83.36
i'll be talking about this jump for2166.884.32
decades they will yes2168.163.04
all right2171.444.159
now activating speed boosters2172.44.719
you have to go earlier than you did2175.5992.721
come on2178.324.42
make it right2180.3211.92
you missed the checkered mark board2192.243.52
rebellious yeah2195.763.44
i like what you built here sir yeah it's2197.284.24
our most complicated course yet okay2199.23.919
today's obstacles aren't very2201.523.599
challenging because our cars are2203.1194.401
i'll be the judge of that they're so2207.524.599
let's ahead2240.645.019
mine suck they're supposed to suck2268.163.679
mine's not even that wacky these cars2270.0793.441
are built in a way that an easy2271.8393.201
challenge becomes difficult do you want2273.523.839
to talk about the challenges first once2275.044.48
we get to that point or do the reveals2277.3594.081
how about the challenges first number2279.522.8
so one you have to start here at the one2283.1193.921
right your wacky ridiculous vehicle has2284.83.76
to come over here2287.043.76
knock this over right you did you2288.563.68
unwelded them from the ground right2290.83.84
doraleous i know how to do this [ __ ]2292.244.08
well you can't [ __ ] up last time well2294.644.16
he says he knows we'll find out then you2296.324.0
gotta come knock this one down and that2298.83.92
is challenge number one complete whoa2300.324.0
wait oh yeah you have to do the second2302.724.16
one first and my time and [ __ ] oh that's2304.324.0
gonna be okay2306.882.959
we'll just see if you can do it or not2308.323.12
all right challenge number two very2309.8393.681
difficult your vehicle has to get over2311.443.12
pump this is ridiculous this is the most2314.564.08
ridiculous thing yeah you said a little2316.723.84
pipe i mean yeah sure it's still a pipe2318.644.479
but the size is relative challenge2320.565.45
number three2323.1195.361
uh you've got to knock this barrel2328.485.52
thingy thing into its cradle does it2331.045.72
actually fit in there i don't know2334.04.839
oh can i go first i don't care if you2338.8394.361
guys could just follow me2341.5993.76
um so far i'm very bored we're going2343.22.8
simple challenge guys look corn i'm glad2346.04.24
simon's bringing the negativity yeah no2348.325.039
listen it's kind of a thing it is thing2350.245.359
that's your [ __ ] no but i mean listen if2353.3593.521
you didn't suck i wouldn't have to be2355.5993.601
negative well i that's why i'm going2356.883.92
first to get the suck out of the way i2359.22.879
know but that we didn't know the2360.82.88
marathon was going to happen so check2362.0793.04
this out uh we're here we're here this2363.682.96
is where i want to be oh good it's2365.1193.441
called the mountain climber so far2366.644.08
that's ridiculous it's kinda right i2368.564.16
think it's ridiculous it's got boots for2370.723.359
wheels you ready you guys ready to see2372.723.84
this yeah2374.0792.481
well that is just ridiculous no you have2376.884.479
no idea it's gonna go up the mountain2379.24.879
nothing stops this [ __ ]2381.3594.641
dude that's i think that's great it2384.0794.481
really works yeah yeah it works that's2386.04.56
pretty good doraleous thank you i like2388.564.24
the design thank you it's not fast but2390.564.16
it's kind of like the mars rover are you2392.85.92
gonna use this in the obstacle course2394.724.0
ladies and gentlemen welcome to course2404.883.199
number one brought to you by subway2406.483.04
all the colors yeah i mean yeah okay2409.523.52
they're brand man they got new uh2411.1194.24
wrappers for six different sandwiches2413.044.0
smaller wrappers2415.3593.601
good job yeah yeah no but the wrappings2417.043.2
are great what do you mean though six2418.963.28
inch what do you mean smaller paper yeah2420.243.92
you get a six inch sandwich then smaller2422.243.599
paper hey we're not sponsored by the way2424.163.919
no we're not we could use it what is2425.8394.0
focus on that it's saving on paper2428.0793.361
saving paper yeah they've got a small2429.8393.121
sandwich they only put it in one but2431.442.639
when you get when you get the big one2432.962.639
they still do it in the classic stuff2434.0792.801
good for that2435.5993.601
kick it not gonna oh geez you kick it2436.883.92
like a horse barely even knock you can't2439.23.36
even knock it over you cannot grill it2440.84.08
no i can't but neither can you not going2442.563.519
backwards you're just gonna push it2444.882.88
across the mat this way2446.0793.921
what are you gonna do not working man2447.766.04
no no i fight2450.03.8
good for you2455.924.159
all right i don't know if this is gonna2458.483.119
work can't wait to see what you've built2460.0793.681
and i don't know if it'll be so much lag2461.5993.841
it won't even be watchable uh-huh2463.763.839
everyone ready ready ready you wanted2465.444.72
invalid json what's that i don't know2470.164.8
does it mean the ground maybe let me put2476.05.119
in a different spot2478.165.36
you ready2484.45.28
yeah oh it's like rainbow road wow it is2486.06.48
reminiscent of another look at that did2489.685.04
you all talk about this whole square2492.483.839
foot thing no i mean when you think of2494.723.119
wacky you just think of shoes for wheels2496.3193.921
don't you well no i didn't i wouldn't2497.8394.401
have but two for two on the shoes you2500.244.079
only got so many things to build with2502.243.76
does yours climb mountains neebs no it2504.3193.201
didn't climb now okay fair enough all2506.04.64
right it moves like this2507.523.12
i like your little thing in the back2511.043.36
that just goes and i like whatever uh2512.484.24
the cactus up top there it spins around2514.43.919
yeah there's a cactus up there man that2516.722.32
oh hey2519.044.48
that's cool that's how it turns2521.285.36
that's how it turns kind of2523.524.48
encounter it2526.643.12
it kept falling over so when i was2528.03.359
turning i was like go over there so i2529.764.319
can turn this way2531.3592.72
i like2534.563.759
i'm ready for challenge number one yeah2536.84.24
you are do it should i go go yes okay2538.3195.121
i'm going2541.044.96
just missed the first one2543.444.96
oh boy oh boy get back up push yourself2548.45.52
up get up man2551.5993.281
you can't2553.923.28
come on push2554.884.16
why are there cactus reach they're2557.24.8
kicked out that is crazy looking2559.046.24
that is so ridiculous knock it over2562.04.88
it looks if you weren't attached to it2565.283.28
it might fall no2566.885.12
dude those things are [ __ ] great2568.564.64
they're like little fingers just2572.06.1
grasping for your life so tired2573.27.939
i don't think i can do it no you can't i2582.44.64
mean no i think if i come at it can i2584.85.12
try again yeah2587.042.88
i'm gonna be more careful this time good2590.03.28
luck i hope so2591.523.76
that's such a crazy2593.285.52
steering system that you have2595.283.52
it's so fun to look at yeah it is2599.924.88
gorgeous i really like the colors do it2602.44.88
okay that doesn't work nope maybe back2616.564.88
into it why wouldn't you put those2618.85.12
freaking kicker wheels and and wheel2621.445.12
right into it yeah and just use the uh2623.924.88
oh well this this should work there you2626.563.039
okay one down oh one more to go right2629.5995.281
all right now over on the anthony server2640.643.679
sorry guys so it works on your server2642.564.64
huh it does show us what you got2644.3195.361
house wow i built a two-bedroom two-bath2647.24.32
house whose house is that that's that2649.683.84
material it's just a house uh those are2651.523.599
brick blocks brick blocks yeah you guys2653.523.2
want to go for the tour yeah give us the2655.1193.601
tour the virtual tour you come inside2656.724.879
you got the living area wow the foray2658.725.92
right yeah um just your nice couch it's2661.5995.041
fully furniture first all those pillows2664.645.84
and stuff yeah i mean it's comfy wow tv2666.647.04
mug things is anyone else bored yeah2670.487.359
all right here we go forward2673.684.159
all right don't knock the first one over2677.922.64
you don't know you can't tell you have2680.564.0
no idea what i don't think i hit it and2681.8394.641
hey that one's as good as it's going2684.563.92
down that's going down all right all2686.484.56
right i did it hey i didn't hit that one2688.483.599
all right here we go guys you ready to2691.042.88
turn all the way around well we're ready2692.0794.641
for just anything2693.922.8
all right2708.43.199
obstacle number two yes get over the2709.523.839
barrel and this is gonna be in record2711.5993.921
time okay tell me when ready you're2713.3594.72
first there's no record okay ready and2715.524.88
the record has been set2722.723.52
well done sir thank you so much2726.245.92
that time cannot be beaten no way you're2729.924.32
really not doing time simon all i'm2732.164.32
saying is that was done so beautifully2734.244.0
that there's no way that yours can do2736.483.44
better it's almost like my vehicle was2738.243.76
made for that challenge ready when you2739.924.0
are neebs all right i'd like to be kind2742.04.48
of lined up straight there we go the2743.925.12
monstrosity okay2746.485.44
really is i think i'm ready yeah i think2749.045.039
you are too okay i just gotta get over2751.923.76
those barrels all right i'll count it2754.0794.081
down ready i might need some speed2755.684.48
let's get some speed all right i'm going2758.163.28
to count it down though all right count2760.164.4
it down all right three three two one2761.445.12
good going2764.565.44
come on baby hit it fast come on2766.565.12
hey wow2770.05.319
that was really good2771.683.639
moving forward2776.04.56
looking good lining up all right good2778.3195.681
now oh yeah hit the booster2780.565.519
yep kinda2786.0792.881
good for you come on keep thrusting come2789.444.159
on house come on in one house thrust2791.764.24
your little heart out2793.5994.24
come on2796.03.92
come on2797.8394.401
yeah of course you got it it's a touch2799.925.04
further man2802.242.72
all right good enough2807.523.12
alice let me know when you're ready i'm2809.1194.0
ready okay this obstacle is called the2810.646.0
[ __ ] kicker is it yeah2813.1195.761
we're going with that2818.882.56
uh doraleous go for it okay2821.444.679
no we shouldn't have i don't see how2839.5995.321
you're gonna do this2841.443.48
we should have made one of the obstacles2846.163.6
look at the block2847.923.36
ready yeah yeah here it goes2851.285.319
obstacle number three2858.244.079
i think i'm ready one second2859.8395.041
those arms make me laugh it it really is2862.3193.841
guys let me know when you're ready i2864.882.32
don't think you're gonna do it as2866.163.04
quickly as doraleous did it it's not a2867.25.919
time thing ah it is to me okay it is to2869.27.119
me that's how i determine a winner yeah2873.1194.96
yeah is that how you rank dancing or2876.3193.28
this pie is delicious how long did it2879.5993.76
take you want to be successful the point2881.1194.321
is to get it [ __ ] done quick it's not2883.3595.601
the dilly dally this is about style now2885.446.159
i'm going you're doing well in the style2888.963.4
get in there stupid2896.0793.921
wow look at that2897.685.12
dude you pushed it yeah2900.04.96
hey neebs neebs guess what you've won in2902.85.039
speed and style is it faster now do you2904.964.8
care are you happy2907.8393.76
that's irrelevant the style is what2909.763.2
really mattered2911.5993.041
oh my god neebs what's wrong with you2912.963.52
what's wrong with you wait am i am i2914.644.8
also yeah coming to get you oh2916.485.52
we all are2919.442.56
the fish was this big guess what what2925.287.52
today we're doing drag racing yes we are2929.3595.121
what's wrong with our arms i don't know2932.83.279
hey but this is how long the track's2934.482.72
gonna be2936.0794.48
this long how long this long that2937.24.72
doesn't seem long enough i don't think2940.5594.921
that's gonna do it2941.923.56
holy [ __ ] are we ready holy [ __ ] are we2998.04.079
ready uh3000.723.28
the audience won't know but that was a3002.0793.841
pickle we were in oh building the road3004.03.359
was the hardest part wasn't it and then3005.922.88
we had to delete a bunch of crash the3007.3593.681
whole game yeah this is a big road well3008.83.36
before it went the whole length of the3011.043.12
map now it goes like three quarters yeah3012.163.6
so we're ready to show off our rides3014.163.84
yeah let's show off a ride yeah yeah3015.763.76
here we go3018.04.24
drag car3019.522.72
that's that looks like look at you3022.964.08
you're really going for the lag aren't3025.3592.401
no put sharks in the middle of it there3027.763.28
is a shock in the middle yes i'm3029.523.12
thinking maybe it'll do something like3031.043.44
you got wheels and shocks in the middle3032.644.24
good lord your shocks have shocks i have3034.483.76
not gotten anything to work in this3036.883.6
challenge so another thing the audience3038.244.72
might not know is for some reason just3040.485.92
straight flat surfaces yeah they don't3042.965.359
work like it's crazy bouncy isn't it3046.43.52
yeah yeah that's why why is a flat3048.3194.0
surface bouncy it should work and i3049.924.24
noticed you didn't paint it not enough3052.3193.201
time it looks cool though it looks3054.163.6
mechanical yeah looks efficient it looks3055.524.48
great okay you want to see mine yeah3057.764.0
let's see let's see yours sounds over3060.03.119
here pull up the challenger to the oh3061.763.2
look it's okay it's a very thin and3063.1195.281
simple design ah cactus cacti3064.966.08
that's cacti you guys made really really3068.44.0
vehicles well it's a drag race car you3072.44.8
could cut it off right here which i want3074.883.439
to do3077.23.52
nice bill i like your color scheme yes3078.3194.881
cube looks fast okay any special3080.724.72
features on that neebs or uh enough we3083.24.56
had more time i wanted to add some stuff3085.444.48
some shocks maybe i've got two versions3087.763.76
of this and i'm not sure which one works3089.923.12
better on the track3091.522.48
it has lights wow looks like a dragon3095.24.8
it's got like a mohawk i got the3098.484.96
downward downward slant whoa3100.05.76
which i feel is uh that's beautiful3103.443.44
thank you so much3106.883.12
my one feature that i really really3108.43.679
enjoy did you get off the vehicle please3110.05.52
okay is this oh look at the back dress3112.0794.721
why are you why are you playing this3115.523.2
down man does it not work3116.84.16
not like i wanted to it looks amazing3118.724.16
all these uh oh look neebs come look at3120.963.52
the back on the sides like they go out3122.883.36
to the side and then3124.483.28
pushes it toward the middle this should3126.243.52
be called the dragon if it's not the3127.763.67
dragon okay it's the dragon3129.762.96
yep you win best looking car oh you3132.724.32
think oh look his head fits right in3135.284.0
there i had to build that differently so3137.043.76
that was the case otherwise the pipe3139.283.2
went through my head that's not good3140.83.92
who's racing first well it seems like an3142.484.8
obvious time to do a round robin okay3144.724.8
what's that i go against neebs i go3147.283.76
against anthony neebs goes against3149.523.44
anthony and the3151.043.6
winners go against each other so there's3152.963.76
four races total okay enough i i think3154.644.08
it would be hilarious if you guys went3156.723.52
against each other first because you3158.723.92
made monstrous yeah creations come on3160.243.839
neebs bring it up we're probably not3162.643.76
gonna fit on there together3164.0795.201
neebs scooch it scooch scooch scoop the3166.44.32
bill more in the back it starts with the3169.283.839
amber lights and then it goes green and3170.723.839
green is go what are you doing anthony i3173.1192.881
don't like how centered i am i want to3174.5593.601
move over a bit oh one time3176.03.52
no i want to ask what if we go creating3178.163.76
off the edge do we reset or3179.523.92
anything i don't plan on staying throw3181.923.919
it throw it on the lift and re-spawn it3183.443.84
whatever gets you to the end are we3185.8393.271
ready for this ready3187.283.6
is it green how do i know3192.164.32
whoa anthony you're fast up he's3197.684.159
spitting out it's fine it's fine it's3200.02.88
oh man3202.883.8
oh my3204.726.0
god oh boy oh boy3206.684.04
really bad lag on this end3210.84.4
oh boy3212.82.4
neebs could just play it safe now yeah3217.25.919
just go slowly is he still wrecking3219.1195.671
i see the end3223.1193.521
clear oh3226.644.46
finish line clear winner yep i got3228.04.4
good race anthony thank you neebs you3236.644.4
did well anthony you next i'm taking you3238.5594.8
on next okay i'm making adjustments to3241.044.319
play it safe yes i want to go down and3243.3593.841
see the photo finish that sounds like a3245.3593.281
good idea dude wouldn't that be fun are3247.23.28
you going to walk that entire distance3248.643.6
yeah that's going to take forever many3250.483.68
thrusters are now gone drivers are you3252.242.879
yeah we're yeah wait for the green light3255.1194.881
and go3257.522.48
oh bailey's off to a good start cut back3262.723.44
a little too much3264.83.279
come on anthony who knows what's going3266.164.159
in the wrong track3272.02.72
slow and steady3274.723.599
look i can outrun you anthony slow and3276.483.52
i took off all of the thrusters from the3280.04.64
first one a lot of them oh my god3281.525.52
some serious israelis mess up well i3284.643.679
oh [ __ ]3288.3192.561
yeah where are you neebs i thought you3298.03.52
were going to be at the end for the3300.0793.921
photo to finish3301.524.559
did you get because someone didn't want3304.04.64
me to walk over the worst position you3306.0794.081
could have been in doraleous good race3308.643.12
sir thanks buddy3310.163.6
yeah man your car's funny what side you3313.764.88
want neebs um don't take the right side3315.924.48
it's cursed i'm gonna take it get up3318.642.959
there we're using we're putting3320.43.439
superstition in this hey neebs yeah3321.5994.401
please stay out of my lane okay i can't3323.8394.321
promise that should i go push the button3326.04.24
yes hold on hold on this is a good3328.165.72
opportunity for uh3330.243.64
all right in the car3345.684.04
yeah neebs is faster but more squirrely3389.25.599
i was playing oh jesus3391.3593.44
looking good we got switch ups3395.25.76
yes to this point right side always3398.04.96
loses am i doing this you can do that3400.963.599
song thing again with your car no i3402.962.8
already got that i'll just use the same3404.5593.681
one again all right damn it dependent3405.765.92
today it's the dragon can i push it yeah3408.246.24
put push it okay push it real good yo yo3411.684.8
yo yo baby push3414.483.76
all right it's already let's say it3416.483.2
starts green3418.243.68
it's start screen no kind of sense that3419.684.08
mate what are you saying it starts green3421.924.639
it starts amber3423.762.799
oh crap oh3427.044.68
what are you talking about3440.5593.04
that was3442.5593.201
oh that was dirty on droughts park oh3443.5994.161
you speared him with that giant ass car3445.765.28
it was in front of me reckon3447.763.28
judges what's the rules there that was3451.763.92
dirty oh we gotta look at the photo was3453.684.24
i in the left lane and i won either way3455.685.28
well it bust the whole curse rule yeah3457.925.6
no no it maintained the curse rule i3460.964.08
don't understand your license wait what3463.523.599
no you won everybody on the left lane is3465.045.2
always one oh he was in the oh yeah okay3467.1195.521
look it's green right now no it's not3470.243.68
lit up3472.643.199
it's not lit up it's green i'm seeing3473.924.72
green right now it's very obvious okay3475.8394.561
but look i'm looking at it right now it3478.643.28
looks like the green is lit up but it3480.43.84
gets more green it's a green light3481.924.08
that's like green glass get it now wait3484.243.76
for it to get more green wait for the3486.04.079
light just how it is in the race in the3488.04.24
real races let's just do this push the3490.0793.28
get back in my car i'm a crazy killer3493.3594.881
he's going over the lane again that's3501.442.879
right be careful3502.724.48
i want to play dirty3504.3192.881
[ __ ]3508.244.24
get out of my leg3510.43.28
[ __ ]3512.484.599
on your leg3513.683.399
oh my god are you okay i'm fine thanks i3528.726.639
have a roll cage oh the curse is broken3532.165.84
yep right lane win3535.3595.121
are we tangled yeah we're talking double3538.03.68
fast now3540.485.079
yes double barrel3541.683.879
good race guys3550.963.48
ladies and gentlemen and welcome to game3558.3193.52
i'm your host zane zipperflip and this3561.8394.641
is everyone's favorite game show3564.0794.211
game show3566.481.91
today we've got two contestants they3577.764.24
gonna do that annoying voice the whole3580.483.28
shut up3582.02.96
hello hello neebs and simon hey hello3584.967.52
hey mom uh north carolina sport nope let3589.1195.44
me tell you let me talk now3592.484.8
yeah first neebs hey how you doing my3594.5594.8
name is zane hello zane tell us a little3597.284.0
bit about yourself uh my name is neebs3599.3595.041
i'm from north carolina i am a youtuber3601.285.35
uh-huh youtube anybody3604.43.36
and uh i'm on uh the lag is right3607.766.4
now this is called game game show simon3611.524.16
tell us a little bit about yourself yes3614.163.84
i'm also from north carolina i work with3615.684.879
this [ __ ] that's next to me3618.05.2
and uh and and i'm here to have some fun3620.5594.481
yeah we're all here to have some fun3623.24.56
yeah shall we get this game show study3625.045.519
come on let's do it it's gonna work okay3627.764.0
i think he is gonna do that voice the3630.5593.361
whole time so there's three separate3631.765.28
rounds each round has five different3633.925.679
trivia questions if you know the answer3637.043.84
as soon as you hear the question go3639.5992.641
ahead and hit that little clicker right3640.883.199
in front of you okay whoever hits the3642.243.52
clicker first gets to answer the3644.0794.48
question but there will be three choices3645.765.12
as far as an answer goes multiple choice3648.5594.161
so if you hit the clicker before you3650.884.08
hear the choices your turn is done3652.724.0
especially if it's wrong of course got3654.963.599
it after the first five questions3656.724.399
actually every five questions we will go3658.5596.081
into a certain type of a game but only3661.1194.881
one of you is gonna get there for the3664.643.199
second two rounds does that make sense3666.03.599
sounds good i'll explain it as we go3667.8394.081
along just do it let's get on with the3669.5995.52
game you got your brain caps on sure3671.925.04
first question3675.1194.161
what color was oscar the grouch3676.964.48
what color was it neebs i didn't hear3681.444.0
you say originally never mind3683.3593.2
well hey3685.442.639
you ruined you you ruined your chance3686.5593.04
i'm gonna get three choices now right3688.0793.841
you get three choices simon ready was he3689.5995.921
going to be orange purple or red3691.926.159
[ __ ] i don't know red the answer is3695.525.12
orange nobody gets any money you'd get a3698.0794.641
hundred dollars per uh right answer but3700.643.52
nobody got anything there question3702.724.639
number two pablo escobar's medellin3704.165.52
cartel spent twenty five hundred dollars3707.3594.0
a month on what3709.683.439
rubber bands or compact mirrors3713.1196.96
simon what you got uh rubber bands the3717.1195.521
answer is rubber bands3720.0794.801
with a hundred dollars did you know that3722.643.84
no it just seemed like it would be a3724.883.679
good answer yeah it was for them to wrap3726.484.16
money up here that money in yep i want3728.5593.76
to get a question right i bet you do3730.643.52
question number three3732.3195.841
which city is furthest west reno3734.167.919
los angeles or omaha3738.166.32
that looks like neebs to me uh3742.0794.561
los angeles it's wrong go right ahead3744.484.8
simon i'll say reno that is correct3746.644.719
simon with 2003749.284.16
where's reno further west than los3751.3593.601
angeles we got to go to a map all right3753.443.119
let's go to a map3754.965.2
holy crap you're right that's crazy yeah3756.5595.681
the things you learn on game show good3760.164.48
question zipper pants zane zipper flip3762.245.52
thank you question number four at fat3764.645.12
burger you ever heard a fat burger nope3767.764.4
fat burger is a burger chain okay a3769.764.48
veggie burger with crispy strips of3772.164.56
bacon on top is called a what a3774.243.839
two a garden pig or three a healthy3778.0796.321
heifer simon's got a guess i'll call it3781.285.12
the healthy heifer that's the wrong3784.43.84
hypocrite that is correct is on the3788.245.2
block that's a good name3790.725.2
hey listen so there's no penalty to3793.444.56
answering incorrectly except for the3795.923.439
fact that you're gonna get it wrong your3798.04.96
final question in the first round which3799.3596.641
mosquitoes can bite you males3802.964.399
i'm both3809.521.599
go uh3809.764.319
with both for 500. that is incorrect3811.1195.2
simon what's your follow-up oh it is3814.0794.801
females hit the thing oh3816.3195.52
females the females simon is correct3818.884.719
with a hundred dollars simon kicked ass3821.8394.24
that round3823.5992.48
what's going on i'm in the basement3827.3593.921
there are four treasure chests here you3832.7994.56
get to pick the first one neebs you get3835.523.44
to pick the second but you only get one3837.3593.121
a piece there's no way people are going3838.963.119
to enjoy that voice this whole video3840.482.8
they should3842.0794.881
go ahead simon all right bam me too well3843.286.0
that was simon all right simon gets3846.965.2
three chips three chips that's the most3849.285.519
chips you can get on any of these games3852.164.32
go ahead and pick yours you're good at3854.7993.76
this i know3856.482.879
two chips all right follow me let's get3860.164.0
back up top man i tell you what's the3861.925.199
guy that hosted that um zane zipper flip3864.165.36
no whoever comes out at the end of the3867.1194.561
game with the most money is the one who3869.524.24
gets the chance at the grand prize3871.684.72
whoever loses in the money department3873.765.12
they still get to use their chips that3876.43.919
they got from the first round i'll3878.883.52
explain that later i'm zoning out that3880.3193.841
voice is distracting quite all right3882.42.959
well you might want to hear the3884.163.28
questions so focus back on it all right3885.3593.841
question number one bill clinton3887.443.44
answered three questions correctly on3889.23.68
npr's wait wait don't tell me are you3890.884.4
familiar with that show no kind of it's3892.884.8
a great show what were those questions3895.285.44
about and specifically what television3897.686.48
show one the original batman series3900.725.839
two the golden girls3904.165.919
three my little pony friendship is magic3906.5596.081
simon golden girls that is incorrect3910.0794.321
damn it names of your follow-up i'm3912.644.0
gonna say batman you're both incorrect3914.44.959
it's my little pony friendship is magic3916.644.8
bill clinton knew a lot about that show3919.3593.921
wow have no interest in that question he3921.444.0
did have a delivery question number two3923.284.799
ben and jerry who make a fine ice cream3925.444.72
took a correspondence course from penn3928.0794.48
state on how to make ice cream how much3930.164.959
did that cost cost man these questions3932.5594.0
are dumb3935.1192.96
they're the best questions you can find3936.5593.681
on any game show number one3938.0794.801
thirty dollars number two fifteen3940.243.839
no i don't care simon gets the first3944.0796.48
guess number three is five dollars uh3946.5596.081
i'm gonna say i need you disqualified3950.5594.24
from answering fifteen dollars the3952.643.439
answer is fine3954.7993.601
but don't care moving on to question3956.0794.48
number three well you guys are doing3958.45.28
great this round all right in 19073960.5595.601
kellogg's corn flakes did an ad campaign3963.684.399
where a woman would get a free box of3966.164.08
corn flakes if she did what to the3968.0793.76
grocer number one3970.243.76
say that kellogg's corn flakes are her3971.8393.52
number two if she performed a quick3975.3593.44
or number three winked at the grocer3978.7996.0
oh that was a tie uh winked neebs get3981.764.72
the hundred dollars all right question3984.7992.721
number four3986.484.319
okay the arkansas school for the deaf's3987.526.16
nickname is what uh come again3990.7996.161
the arkansas school3993.683.28
that's pretty good okay3997.444.96
that made me giggle the leopards number3999.5994.801
two the defiers4002.45.36
are number three innately's4004.48.56
the death fires the death defyers4007.765.2
yeah you should be enjoying this zane4014.724.399
that's not the right answer okay4017.445.2
leopards are innately simon uh inately's4019.1195.041
it's the leopards good job guys you're4022.643.919
doing great question number five when4024.164.399
asked why he chose the name piggly4026.5595.361
wiggly founder clarence saunders replied4028.5595.921
our pork products are simply the best4031.925.28
number two so people ask that very same4034.483.76
and number three i'm not that skinny am4038.244.0
simon i'm not that skinny am i wrong4042.244.799
damn it uh people ask that same question4044.644.24
that is correct4047.0394.241
for you and neves gets to go on to the4048.884.159
game for this round simon you just stay4051.283.36
where you are4053.0394.161
i can't even watch nope nope loser turn4054.644.64
around look at the wall neebs you get a4057.24.96
chance to get some more chips go ahead4059.285.68
and hop up top of the dinko board yeah4062.164.879
place a block on one of those black4064.965.2
nipples facing your painting and then a4067.0395.76
small wheel on the single block and then4070.164.56
when you get rid of the block the wheel4072.7994.641
falls down into a particular chipped4074.725.359
spot i'm glad i didn't win because this4077.444.56
sounds annoying shut the [ __ ] up simon4080.0793.201
you're saying4082.03.52
here we go there we go there goes the4083.284.319
tire it's coming up it's gonna get4085.523.279
damn it i didn't make that hole big4088.7993.441
enough on the side there huh here we go4090.483.52
i hope that you get stuck again here4092.244.32
comes the tire making his way down4094.06.159
you're gonna get stuck again come on4096.563.599
maybe let's go somewhere more toward the4102.3193.84
middle here we go here comes the time4104.084.079
come on you're screwed all the way down4106.1593.52
okay oh4108.1593.281
oh get stuck4109.6793.761
up did it win4111.445.12
hold on nothing for you4113.444.799
i didn't even realize there was a zero4116.562.88
you guys are both tied with 300 apiece4119.445.12
whoever ends this round with the most4122.43.839
money gets to make the decisions4124.564.159
regarding the grand prize game which i4126.2394.0
know you both care about let's start4128.7193.04
round three's questions and these are4130.2393.681
the best questions of them all question4131.7594.241
number one kool-aid was originally4133.926.0
marketed as tropical rainbows number two4136.07.839
sweet and juicy number three fruit smack4139.925.52
that looked like it was simon yep i4143.8393.44
would say fruit smack that is correct4145.443.2
simon with a hundred dollars did you4147.2793.361
know that no but it sounded the best4148.644.48
they all sounded equally dumb no fruit4150.644.88
smack sounds the best question number4153.125.199
two the dot on the lower case i is4155.525.199
called a dot4158.3194.4
two a tittle4160.7194.721
three a spank4162.7193.681
spank that is incorrect oh is it a dot4166.45.279
or a tittle go ahead neebs uh i wanna4169.444.719
say tittle tittle is correct [ __ ]4171.6794.64
they're both tied with 1004174.1594.0
good ones good one nibs question number4176.3196.0
three the q in q-tips stands for4178.1596.0
number one quantum4182.3193.681
number two quilted4184.1594.961
number three quality4186.05.52
simon damn it quality that's correct4189.123.28
did you know that one no you're just4192.43.36
guessing all these aren't you you're4194.482.88
right at least he's participating huh4195.763.84
question number four a sequel to4197.364.0
beetlejuice was written but never4199.64.88
produced it was called beetlejuice goes4201.364.4
to hell4204.484.08
number two beetlejuice goes hawaiian4205.766.24
number three beetlejuicier4208.565.36
go ahead there salmon beetlejuice goes4212.05.199
hawaiian that is correct yeah4213.925.279
wow that's something that someone would4217.1993.681
try to produce in the 80s so glad they4219.1993.841
didn't make that yeah they still might4220.884.799
the final question the sum of all4223.045.28
numbers on a roulette will equal4225.6794.161
number one this sounds like a simon4228.322.919
question yeah4229.843.04
number two4232.883.44
number three4236.325.04
911. did you say the numbers on the what4237.885.96
on a roulette wheel 4564241.365.52
or nine eleven anyone4243.844.56
are you adding it in your head right now4246.884.16
for [ __ ] sake simon you got what's uh4248.44.88
the one that was with six six six six4251.045.6
six that's correct simon yeah simon4253.286.8
really took it on home yes i did now4256.645.36
simon you want to be like names you stay4260.083.76
where you are right okay4262.04.8
fine something new simon gets to4263.846.48
spin the game wheel oh okay simon if4266.84.879
you're coming right over here where i'm4270.323.52
standing on the line all righty you've4271.6794.48
got your hammer out i do no i don't how4273.843.92
do i get my hammer number two i'm4276.1593.761
picking him up go ahead get to smacking4277.764.88
all right let's smack it and i'll do4279.924.64
that's good enough matching whack all4282.644.48
right can't see where here we go4284.565.04
here we go it doesn't look quite great4287.124.72
all right look at you simon with the4294.884.56
overall money winner so he gets to make4297.523.52
all the decisions in the grand prize4299.442.48
neebs if we get a new announcer voice4301.923.84
yeah oh i'd like to request that could4304.083.36
you please talk like doraleous how about4305.764.0
this if you gentlemen could follow me4307.444.08
back here4309.763.12
all right4311.523.44
you guys seeing this nope how do you not4312.884.16
see that okay here's how this works4314.964.4
simon only one of these switches will4317.044.72
give you the grand prize you've got six4319.365.76
at your disposal neebs has two if you4321.767.04
try all six he still gets to try two if4325.125.92
you'd like him to try two off the bat4328.85.12
that narrows yours down no no i don't so4331.045.04
when do you want neebs to try his i want4333.924.16
him to try after i try well then you get4336.084.32
to place your six4338.085.68
no you have to hit the e4340.45.12
what a nut4343.764.32
i can't believe he's winning click click4345.525.28
e on there's one and that's not the one4348.085.119
okay oh so it will it just leave it4350.84.0
leave it switched and pick another one4353.1994.0
that's one you get five more4354.84.879
ah there's two and it's not the one4357.1995.361
that's three not the one not the one you4359.6794.801
got three more to go4362.563.28
two left two more simon4365.844.319
there's your final one would you like4368.83.6
neebs to go before you oh wait you can4370.1594.0
place them at any point of course not4372.42.96
all right this is your final one and4374.1593.281
then neebs gets a big two and hopefully4375.363.28
he'll get it because there'll be three4377.442.719
left at that point i hope not i hope4378.644.079
this is the very last one4380.1593.871
to pick from oh boy4391.844.2
what a weird game you don't deserve it4406.564.24
but good for you4409.364.48
good for you4410.83.04
go ahead and give it a give it a run4414.04.56
in here4417.283.76
yeah though that's great okay4418.564.56
i love it congrats4421.044.4
congratulations neebs thank you and4423.124.64
ladies and gentlemen thank you for4425.445.52
watching game show4427.763.2
you guys ready yes uh it's time scrap4434.1594.161
mechanic time i'm ready we're in the big4436.44.08
city yeah yes we are today we're4438.324.56
building wrecking balls that's the big4440.484.56
this is atlanta to scale that's right so4445.045.44
listen we're gonna build cranes that are4448.05.04
demolition cranes right and our first4450.484.8
thing you have to knock over is this4453.043.119
wiener tower then you have to destroy4456.1594.721
this building oh my goodness4458.484.8
and then the big boy now listen i got4460.884.24
this from the steam workshop that looks4463.285.68
good who made it apple4465.123.84
all right ready break4476.324.28
i built three versions of my lame thing4507.6793.761
nice how do you feel about that so you4510.1593.04
built three wrecking balls they're all4511.444.56
it's my buster series fair enough okay4513.1994.401
i'm in i'm in i want to see all three of4516.03.92
your business the thing with buster one4517.64.72
is uh obviously you get it going right4519.924.64
right oh yeah then it's all right when4522.325.359
it's at the top oh [ __ ] why is that so4524.564.4
it doesn't matter look this looks4527.6792.801
awesome i didn't want to hit that oh you4528.963.84
actually twist the entire oh that's not4530.485.45
towards the front oh4532.85.919
gonna work beautifully i don't know why4538.7195.561
you built three things4540.563.72
hey wrecking ball number one was a4561.1995.361
success you're a genius sir i'm so good4563.1995.201
it worked4566.563.36
all right bring it bust out your number4568.44.16
two man okay4569.925.44
do you like that laugh4572.562.8
um buster number two is a little [ __ ]4575.925.04
nuts and it's not a wrecking ball per se4578.05.44
you may have seen some of these my god4580.965.759
what is this is that4583.443.279
you're gonna make it so we can't use4586.883.839
this server anymore aren't you oh that's4588.1595.121
true i shouldn't4590.7194.401
i should put two back in my pockets what4593.283.76
does this thing do4595.123.76
hey i want to see this but let's save4597.043.36
that for the finale that sounds good4598.883.04
that's going to wreck this server a big4600.43.44
build up for the finale but anyway you4601.923.759
teased me you teased me with that thing4603.844.16
now you're taking it away from me all4605.6793.921
right buster number three i need a4608.02.8
oh yeah oh maybe what do i do4610.86.879
three two one shoot4614.05.239
[ __ ]4617.6795.56
oh no4619.2394.0
man this is starting to become doraleous4632.2393.841
thing this has been my thing like simon4633.764.24
falls in hole valley's cars get away4636.083.2
from him4638.03.679
are you back in there names i'm in man4639.286.399
this is a this is a perfect system4641.6795.841
very well thought out sir everybody4645.6793.681
ready ready ready4647.526.24
three two one go4649.364.4
teamwork it worked great4658.084.159
that was fantastic it was all right4660.1595.681
doraleous you got the best builds so far4662.2395.761
anthony you're up right all right yes do4665.844.56
you want me to spawn here we go crane4668.04.56
final build how far are you going to go4670.44.24
away from that well it's a uh there you4672.563.28
oh my god man that looks beautiful sir4676.85.919
gentlemen crane4679.842.879
come on man4683.444.56
that's always too big4685.843.6
i don't think you can reach this bottom4688.04.4
i never spawned that when i was doing4692.44.319
him before4694.2392.48
yeah all right uh4697.045.04
i'll just go ahead and4699.282.8
come on yeah let it4703.524.88
swing no don't go forward get too close4704.845.56
come on anthony moving forward i can't4708.44.16
stop moving forward it just doesn't let4710.43.36
it swing back4712.562.08
wait wrong button ah4714.643.36
all right it's coming back coming back4716.484.41
coming back on come4718.06.009
perfectly around it why wouldn't you4724.083.04
make a car that backs up there we go4725.6794.761
here we go4727.123.32
is that you up there yes save me4739.365.6
what are you doing save me this isn't4742.1594.401
really rescue equipment you should have4744.963.44
probably called the fire department yeah4746.563.84
we're the wrecking crew4748.45.279
i'm coming sir hang on4750.44.96
wait wrong button4753.6795.081
oh there it goes4755.363.4
anthony you ready for number three i'm4767.284.48
ready let's do it right now4768.882.88
on the way back well done4772.564.24
oh boy the legs are real4774.564.72
legs real hot you can't just run into it4776.84.399
yeah that's cheating you gotta hit it4779.285.36
with your wrecking ball i am4781.1993.441
this okay sucks man you look like a big4789.64.8
elephant trunk just swinging around4791.764.16
where's the bottom now now it's like a4794.42.88
real wrecking ball4795.922.56
all right wait i think i'm in a good4797.284.08
spot ah there we go4798.484.48
the way you're just gonna get wrapped4802.962.719
around the top4804.323.359
no you went over the top what are you4805.6794.801
doing i have a plan i think4807.6794.161
here we go4810.482.8
let's get out of there4811.842.24
what are you doing4813.282.72
what a coincidence twice in one day oh4816.05.44
i tapped it we'll save you in a second4819.445.44
doraleous okay sit tight oh here we go4821.445.52
hey what is that4824.886.52
what is that well maybe it'll help4826.964.44
wait it moved you guys didn't detach the4834.43.68
top of the building right yeah yeah i4836.43.52
know it's mine it's shifted you can see4838.084.72
it oh good god4839.924.799
get this [ __ ] tower down4842.84.56
you don't know that4844.7195.361
all right you're just tired4847.362.72
yes oh no you're still missing it come4851.364.4
on yeah you're getting it just move your4853.842.8
just move your vehicle now4856.643.599
you got your [ __ ] ball tied up at the4858.483.12
top of the building that's how they do4860.2393.44
you got it wait i have thrusters that4864.083.119
move forward let me just do my wiggle my4865.525.639
wiggle wait there we go4867.1993.96
a little unorthodox but it worked4875.045.119
okay here we go oh okay oh that's a4877.524.56
crane oh my god that's a straight tongue4880.1594.321
truck oh man it's beautiful neebs thank4882.083.76
you very much4884.482.96
all right i first started this thing4885.843.839
driving from here then i could i thought4887.443.759
i can't see enough so i wanted to drive4889.6794.081
higher so i drive from up here4891.1993.681
the ball has a button can i hit the4893.762.64
no i i do buttons4896.44.799
hey neebs this is after uh thanks for4898.884.4
calling neebs demolition what can i do4901.1993.52
for you today yeah we got a black and4903.283.68
white tower down on the second street i4904.7193.601
really need to come down could you get4906.962.64
your head on over there and knock that4908.323.359
son of a [ __ ] down could i do that yeah4909.63.36
i can do that4911.6792.721
baby look at that thing drive that's4912.963.52
great okay let's try this4914.45.64
and hey4916.483.56
there you go4931.043.92
babes yes sir hey we got a red building4932.1595.441
down on 42nd and he's taken down there's4934.964.88
a man up top living in it won't go away4937.64.0
named doraleous i don't want to leave4939.844.319
this building okay i see him yeah we4941.64.24
need to gentrify this area neebs could4944.1593.121
you get in there and knock that [ __ ]4945.843.2
down so we can put up with them we're4947.283.52
gonna just build a starbucks here neebs4949.045.679
yes sir we must protect eminent domains4950.86.0
we need to both justify eminent domain4954.7193.681
this guy okay4956.84.48
jim and jermaine and hey4958.45.88
there you go hit it again oh look4984.484.8
watch out4986.82.48
good thing you were driving up there all4989.364.72
right this is uh headquarters uh hello4991.124.16
headquarters i thought you were a4994.082.8
customer but no we got a big old4995.284.399
building down at um i don't know to my4996.885.04
left turden corn yeah i'm gonna hammer4999.6794.0
the magazine you gotta build a highway5001.923.52
[ __ ] highway coming through5003.6795.201
people need to travel guess who [ __ ]5005.446.48
it's the same guy5008.883.04
that's such a good idea to just have two5012.083.84
bars why did i make a whole chain on5014.02.719
the chain looked great if the chain5016.7192.96
worked yeah that would have been amazing5018.04.239
this is so much better here we go come5019.6795.121
on baby5022.2392.561
what do you got to say about that real5026.965.44
estate man i'm still here why not5028.485.28
he is still he's still there yeah he's5032.43.839
still there5033.762.479
oh he's not out of it yet5039.844.319
he's not out you5042.83.439
suck it leaves what happened there buddy5044.1594.0
all right too much gas baby probably5046.2394.48
time for a lunch break huh union worker5048.1593.721
hey union break5050.7192.401
names you gotta it's the union man neebs5053.124.559
yeah you're gonna get in trouble um i'm5055.6795.281
not union work to write state sir5057.6795.441
right to work you mean what'd i say work5060.965.92
to write work the right steps5063.123.76
we're uneducated here in these work to5067.283.359
write states5068.84.879
and here we go5070.6393.04
smacked him right in his office room i'm5082.083.92
part of the building now yeah right your5083.764.479
canker bank5086.04.159
i'm ready to fall5088.2395.201
oh no oh5090.1593.281
there we go hey look at that5097.525.04
that was amazing bonus points you get5100.1595.04
them full thrusters5102.565.44
he moved his offices guys hey guys i'm5105.1994.96
on the third floor5108.04.48
what are you doing there5110.1594.161
that's where i found out all right neebs5112.485.36
try to move forward a little bit okay5114.326.879
getting closer oh that's it that's it oh5117.845.28
that moved it good at the base that's5121.1994.96
moving perfect all right bring it back5123.125.599
let's nail this thing right here yeah5126.1594.721
you go for it go for it5128.7193.371
come on5130.884.16
come on5135.043.36
you gotta be it we're building a good5136.884.52
we just straightened it out no it's5147.044.639
straighter now5149.285.879
we made it better5151.6793.48
yo ass has been gentrified we got a5159.923.92
preview of this thing earlier but we've5162.083.76
not seen it in action it was too5163.845.6
dangerous to use cluster ii yeah5165.845.44
okay okay hold on hold on hold on i5169.443.04
don't remember which button it is i5171.283.2
don't understand how this works yet well5172.483.52
let's get these rockets off that's the5174.482.8
that's the initial i love it on my5176.03.199
screen rockets are going everywhere lost5177.283.56
one all right5179.1994.96
listen i love getting things off5180.844.839
come on rockets do your thing you just5184.1594.401
gonna ram into the building5185.6792.881
what is that is that what it's supposed5191.1994.241
to do you just deliver rockets to it and5193.043.36
let them5195.442.56
hang out oh there's another one yeah5196.44.08
that's looking great5198.04.08
how did you not get that military5200.484.48
contractor elias5202.085.28
he's not doing too well is he ducks5204.963.88
oh yeah there we5207.364.319
go yep could you imagine if this was a5208.845.96
real way to bring down oh there goes one5211.6795.52
there's one just in this rock over here5214.84.48
just chilling5217.1994.0
are all the rockets fired at this point5219.286.72
no not even close not even close well5221.1996.881
i don't think it's working5226.03.44
oh there we go5228.083.36
yeah those were great5229.443.33
holy [ __ ]5231.444.439
some prime grenade rockets you got going5236.1593.201
good job tony stark there you go5239.364.16
i think it's gonna fall oh5245.443.36
ah yeah misjudged you sir5251.364.0
you're still doing monsters right yeah5262.03.44
yeah why does this chair vibrate like5263.842.64
that i don't know5265.443.44
it feels wonderful how's your bath oh5266.485.04
good warm bubbly yeah my friend you5268.884.24
enjoy taking a bath next to someone5271.522.56
i have a real problem pooping next to5274.084.079
somebody who's pooping and something5276.03.92
do you guys put [ __ ] down do you guys5278.1593.361
take the pants and put it down to your5279.923.279
ankles because i think that's weird i5281.523.44
think it's i don't i don't want my pants5283.1993.201
on the floor though i don't know i don't5284.962.88
want anything i just bring it down to5286.43.12
the wear right right to my knee that's5287.843.6
why i take him completely off i thought5289.523.52
we were doing monsters we're doing giant5291.444.4
monster attacking giant monster city5293.044.96
stuff actually i'm going to take a thing5295.844.56
i've already built my chars commander5298.03.679
well that's easy5300.44.08
and i'm going to remodify it oh okay5301.6794.96
let's get to it but first first i have5304.483.4
to go number three5306.6394.721
how is everybody's builds uh pretty5355.364.64
decent pretty cool i don't know what i'm5357.923.44
up against i don't even know how big5360.03.04
your builds are i know your bill might5361.363.76
be three times bigger than mine5363.043.679
scale i saw a drawing on the board with5365.123.36
like a little box so i kind of had that5366.7193.601
scale well that nobody else saw that but5368.483.6
who drew it might have been abstract so5370.323.359
you made a dick monster yeah a little5372.083.28
bit who wants to show theirs first i5373.6792.96
don't care well we kind of know what5375.363.12
yours looks like already huh you saw me5376.6393.52
painting it didn't you basically go5378.483.44
ahead i'll just show you then all right5380.1593.121
i'll show you both5381.923.759
so like this was my char thingy whoa5383.284.72
yeah charizard you remember him yeah5385.6793.841
how could i ever forget and then i5388.03.12
modified him i didn't know you were5389.523.199
so there's the modified version oh so he5392.7194.321
hit the gym got a little skinnier does5394.884.08
it still do the back rub a little taller5397.043.679
i like the hands i want to see the hands5398.964.0
in motion yeah you look like that's a5400.7194.48
back scratcher i'd imagine yeah here he5402.964.4
is he uh he moves5405.1995.04
okay moves around yeah this oh5407.365.04
twist does it5410.2394.48
how is that possible he's like an owl5412.44.48
it's a monster it can do anything right5416.884.92
that's a hell of a spine yeah okay so it5423.364.4
moves and it turns around5425.923.04
smacks the building and that's the5427.763.04
smackers i just thought we would swat5428.963.44
each other yeah we probably will i don't5430.83.6
think we'll be5432.43.44
yeah i don't understand why you didn't5434.43.36
make the arms bigger uh well you don't5435.843.6
understand anything simon you know what5437.763.52
[ __ ] i can understand that mechanic5439.443.44
engineer i could understand that you5441.283.439
could make it twice as long i think it's5442.883.52
gonna be fine i think it's gonna be fine5444.7193.52
no it's good good job but it could be a5446.43.12
little good job repurposed lovely5448.2393.44
recycled build yes way to go green so5449.523.44
what's his name now though there's5451.6793.361
charizard yeah what is his name we all5452.965.04
want to know uh charzella charzilla all5455.044.88
right why do i think anthony should go5458.04.4
last i'll go last you guys ready yes all5459.924.4
right check this out and i know only one5462.43.92
person will appreciate it in this group5464.323.839
was it a sandwich is it a giant duck5466.324.19
nope oh my goodness5468.1594.401
that is creepy that is so cool5472.564.8
that's a strider from half-life from5475.443.52
half-life 2. but you know what it5477.363.279
doesn't work so it doesn't work it5478.964.32
doesn't walk no was your was your plan5480.6394.401
to fight in that thing i tried and then5483.282.8
i gave up this isn't what i'm going to5485.042.4
use but i started building this because5486.082.72
i wanted to make a strider but then i5487.442.719
realized it couldn't really uh it does5488.82.96
look cool doesn't it that is a great job5490.1593.601
i kind of want to see neebs's guy knock5491.764.0
him over if before you get rid of it i5493.763.36
was wondering i thought you said this is5495.762.8
your bill like my thing's going to tear5497.123.76
this up oh yeah tear it up show us5498.563.44
oh no there's a strider chasing me5503.365.359
it's very slow5510.565.679
but i'm in trouble for sure shoot oh no5512.486.759
how did you manage that5529.6793.881
the strider's injecting oh no what are5534.6394.161
you doing this straight as well5536.7193.841
started quitting5538.84.96
it's a parasite charlie's running oh no5540.566.2
come on oh man there's some sexual going5547.283.919
on right now you see that5549.044.32
come on come on let's knock this guy5551.1994.321
down on the ground i never expected this5553.363.359
to be an actual battle oh5556.7194.96
come on5559.443.52
it's like a trick you're balancing them5562.963.279
on your nose basically5564.43.839
you're like a seal yeah what's happening5566.2394.801
right he's amazing5568.2392.801
charzilla please help us i am here to5572.965.36
help you what can i do for you5575.525.199
it's not coming off is it no5578.324.24
i'll grab it and delete it thank you5580.7193.681
charzilla all right the real bill5582.564.8
director here's my real monster yeah5584.46.64
wow it's the jumping spider oh my god5587.366.24
that's great so i don't think your your5591.044.8
claw swing is going to reach it5593.64.24
it's too short5595.845.2
it doesn't walk that great well that's5597.845.44
the key part of a spider well it's a5601.043.679
jumping spider5603.282.72
it goes up so but it does5606.05.6
move in a forward5609.043.679
all right i'm gonna stand here and see5611.63.52
how long it takes oh and the face5612.7194.48
like the little little pincers of that5615.124.559
thing oh and it and it looks and it does5617.1994.641
turn roughly it was awesome wow look at5619.6793.921
this yeah look at the eyes are great the5621.844.48
eyes are green5623.62.72
so it will jump a little bit5629.444.719
okay but you can also like do like a5631.444.0
kind of jump oh yeah very nice and it5635.446.239
can uh it can like5638.45.68
you know do quick turns oh there you go5641.6793.921
you know5644.083.76
that's impressive doraleous very nice5645.64.0
go free willy go5652.483.679
that is great no that's wonderful that5654.43.44
might be one of your best all right so5656.1593.361
that's the that's the innards you want5657.844.48
to see my wiring huh see now now it's5659.524.639
just sad all right you guys ready been5662.325.76
ready okay okay oh that's a robot i know5664.1595.361
it's gonna go up5668.082.96
what's gonna go up5669.524.719
it all ah5671.045.92
i am robot5674.2394.4
damn you should have been first dude i5676.963.12
am robot5678.6392.881
he [ __ ] no but here's what's going on5681.525.56
very nice it turns like a tank5692.084.559
so it can spin around it can also get5694.83.439
low so i can punch spiders at this5696.6395.441
height yes okay and it can do this5698.2397.041
what is that blades of destruction oh5702.085.44
then you can just plow into stuff but5705.284.56
what was5710.42.319
on that on turn it up hey uh5713.044.88
bailey's had a real question with his5716.1593.921
mouth i did i i asked a question with my5717.924.16
mouth it is a robot voice5720.083.599
how did you do that there's a little5722.083.2
there's those little instrument things5723.6793.121
oh they can make robot voices yeah some5725.283.359
other things are like techno instrument5726.83.839
like that's a good build anthony very5728.6394.0
good thank you and the color scheme is5730.6393.761
something very specific if anyone in the5732.6394.56
comments can guess they win a prize5734.45.44
no they don't um let's delete these5737.1995.281
because i built a city though i really5739.844.24
doubt we're going to be able to fight in5742.483.6
the city it's going to be too much lag5744.084.159
but you said we could do stuff in there5746.085.36
like yeah we'll give that a shot5748.2394.161
let me get to my spot5752.43.799
okay let me go weld it get my well down5756.2396.241
look he's got little roads wow that's5760.323.52
what took the longest we could just be5762.483.92
the monsters yeah we're big aren't we5763.843.6
that's a big elf do you guys want to5767.444.0
make the buildings destructible uh yeah5769.364.64
we can try that so we just let one5771.445.04
one person like what about anthony punch5774.05.04
down some buildings yeah all right neebs5776.485.28
and i will be uh fleeing5779.044.639
very large citizens so obviously this5781.763.36
idea was kind of inspired by your5783.6792.96
wrecking ball the building's breaking5785.123.68
away yeah i thought the original idea5786.6394.161
was like we were building giant things5788.83.839
that would battle each other well that's5790.83.2
what we're gonna do see i was told that5792.6393.361
we were building things to only fight a5794.03.76
city not to fight a city to fight each5796.03.36
other in a city which that was some5797.763.28
really high hopes i was told that there5799.363.359
was going to be sandwiches here so5801.043.679
nobody knew the assignment5802.7194.081
nobody knew i think we all know the5804.7192.96
[ __ ] up the game of telephone yeah5807.6795.121
anyways uh a robot's attacking the city5810.485.04
neeb the robot a degree5812.84.48
he's talking to us5817.284.0
are you french i don't know what i am5819.043.679
yeah you should be5821.283.68
japanese shouldn't you hey going for5822.7195.44
this gray building first5824.963.199
that was good give me your money bank5830.44.16
float like a robot sting like a droid5834.7195.601
that's got to be it bam yeah but don't5837.044.88
[ __ ] with the park oh but that didn't5840.324.16
break apart5841.922.56
all right5845.363.44
sturdy brick don't [ __ ] with the5847.1193.52
hospitals but what are the hospitals i5848.83.52
just assumed the white ones5850.6394.681
sorry hospital it had to be done that5858.1594.881
was a children's hospital yeah douchebot5860.04.8
that's a good name keep it going keep it5863.043.119
going keep it going keep it going keep5864.83.76
it going keep it going all right keep it5866.1594.241
going no that's it is that it half a5868.565.119
beat would have been better but okay5870.43.279
he grabbed it and brought it to its5875.444.239
knees good super cool5877.285.439
we're all homeless now douchebag well5879.6794.401
well well5882.7193.881
if it isn't douchebag and5884.086.639
recycled dragon it's charzilla sir oh5886.66.76
spider jumping spider thank you oh i'm5890.7194.321
sorry do you jump i think you've seen5893.363.44
that once you're knocked down that will5895.043.199
determine you5896.84.319
losing yeah i would imagine that'd be oh5898.2395.601
let us battle ah5901.1194.961
i'll take on the monster first the big5903.844.0
charzilla even though the spider's not5906.082.76
here am i not here oh my god5908.847.56
he can't jump he was right wow5912.565.679
take him down there's only one way to5916.44.0
get him off5918.2395.361
evil spinning blades push him5920.45.04
i might have to go around5923.64.32
and some trees are in my way5925.443.679
what are you5927.922.16
yes i punched him look how far he's down5930.084.72
did spiderbot defeat himself by jumping5934.84.48
i think i did it5937.522.96
oh my god5939.284.32
i've defeated myself5940.483.12
very good and the champion5946.1594.161
did we take this fight outside the city5948.6393.6
i think that's probably the best call5950.323.839
yeah so let's not fight in the city5952.2394.641
because those people are innocent5954.1594.401
some [ __ ] took out a children's5956.884.88
hospital earlier what a douche uh i'm5958.565.119
here for the monster fight5961.763.08
where are you going you're leaving the5963.6792.641
monsters i hear the monster fights5964.844.12
outside the city yeah it's over here5966.325.44
they moved it this year okay oh [ __ ]5968.964.64
getting surrounded come on i mean you5971.764.879
have to attack this double team5973.64.32
oh [ __ ]5976.6395.0
gonna run into it5977.923.719
because this is if you really should do5993.363.759
something the jumping spider has the5995.284.48
best tactic in the world yeah5997.1194.641
go do spot this is your chance come on5999.764.8
spot take down the spider i'm gonna pull6001.765.08
you down with wait what is that pull you6004.565.44
down do i hear char6006.846.76
zilla is charzilla back up how can it be6010.05.28
it's all those push-ups i do every day6015.284.8
before my shower6017.043.04
oh look at him he's right on6021.62.96
that should get you trapped in his legs6028.2395.041
that's how i fight no6030.885.4
one more go round three going over here6038.966.239
good luck you and me spider i can't wait6042.2396.021
to take it oh wait you're behind me6045.1996.74
that's right6054.882.48
hold the flap come on flip them flip6058.43.04
that thing6060.562.4
spider down6061.443.199
oh no6062.964.4
back attack i can see behind me6064.6393.921
that's the trick6068.565.119
back into me back into it6070.086.8
oh he's going on come on6073.6796.371
oh my goodness6088.2394.4
all right6092.6392.401
and he's hooked on the tail6095.65.36
oh my goodness we have a fight6097.6795.281
you are not going to get out of there6100.964.48
all you got to do is back into them ah6118.04.4
come on6120.7194.241
come on6122.42.56
to the thorax square hit didn't do [ __ ]6126.2394.88
powerful enough you got to get closer6129.286.0
man there butt punch6131.1196.08
i feel gross6135.283.919
lick it your thorax is sticky and6137.1993.841
covered again6139.1993.681
click you know what would make this6141.043.28
frames neebs you could uh delete yours6144.325.76
and let us finish this like real men6147.846.24
well i might still be in this you're not6150.084.0
you're way out i'm gonna move charzilla6154.484.56
and now i'm free6159.1993.561
you're back on your feet all right i6163.443.6
gotta move to a more strategic position6164.884.72
he can jump he's got speed advantage6167.044.159
he's very flat6169.63.2
listen doraleous if you don't beat him6171.1993.601
i'm gonna be really upset with you i6172.84.879
already took him down didn't i6174.84.96
i think your best bet6177.6794.641
anthony's let him take himself out ah6179.765.12
punch to the base6182.323.68
what do you think memes what do you6184.882.96
think of this freaking mess man i hate6186.04.0
anthony's done6201.923.56
do you still hate it6205.6794.161
no because it's still like you're like6207.1996.561
if the spider can get back on his feet6209.843.92
no and walk away well no don't walk away6216.324.319
what are you talking about he walked6219.363.359
away he's going to be tangled up i still6220.6393.841
got better nope i still got him in my6222.7192.641
this robot might be a jiu-jitsu robot6225.363.759
i'm fine you got to walk my powers in my6227.444.48
tread all right walk away uh one final6229.1194.401
punch no6231.923.68
oh he looks like he's out6233.525.28
oh oh no [ __ ] face plant6235.66.32
dude recover6238.83.12
more one more punch6242.04.6
hey there is one monster still standing6252.2396.641
oh i wonder who it6255.443.44
hey is6259.280.68
the winner yet again great fight not6261.1195.04
really no not at all neebs reporting for6263.6794.48
duty that's a big ass building over6266.1593.841
there that's a warehouse6268.1593.761
yeah who made that i did good job6270.03.679
anthony and look what else we recycled6271.924.4
oh we're doing forklifts a long time6273.6795.04
coming i feel but a lot easier now due6276.325.12
to the pistons who wants to walk us6278.7195.041
through the challenge today i got it so6281.444.08
what we need to do is we need to deliver6283.764.8
a shipment of goods to a popular new6285.525.92
hipster store in this area oh the first6288.564.96
pallet bananas the bananas we're6291.443.6
delivering we take those back to the6293.523.44
truck can i can i tell the rest of it6295.043.84
yeah please what was i doing wrong6296.962.64
basic stuff get to it then you get it in6299.65.44
the truck and hopefully you can get the6302.44.56
forklift in the truck as well oh no6305.043.36
that's what these holes are forklift6306.963.279
loads on the back and we have the option6308.44.16
of ramp or no ramp uh-huh nice to have6310.2394.96
options this area simon yeah is really6312.564.88
up and coming it's okay it is right now6315.1994.401
it's got a warehouse and a little6317.444.16
hipster store called ducks wait duck6319.63.519
store it's just killing it out here6321.63.28
there's gonna be a chili soon as well so6323.1193.281
you have to drive the truck through the6324.884.56
cones and then deliver your pallet into6326.44.64
the duck store oh my god they're gonna6329.443.6
fit inside the ducks well there's a6331.044.079
loading guy guys guys there are ducks6333.044.4
with tiny bow ties and tiny top hats6335.1193.841
this is the loading area back here yeah6337.443.36
so neebs come in here and look initially6338.963.36
i thought the goal would be to put it6340.83.919
past that line over there but all we6342.323.839
have to do is just set it in the door6344.7192.96
neebs you're not looking at the star of6346.1593.04
the show right now look at the ducks i6347.6793.841
know they're doors okay we get it little6349.1994.321
hats and bow ties she got a [ __ ] duck6351.525.0
so who is going to go first i say6389.444.799
doraleous goes first i have a thing now6391.1995.04
i don't really want to test my [ __ ]6394.2394.4
before we start these right so you're no6396.2395.601
test johnny or no tester alias johnny's6398.6394.961
better doesn't it sound better neebs no6401.843.76
i guess if i was a johnny no test johnny6403.63.92
goes right out all right fine i've got6405.64.639
the the chubbiest build oh my god look6407.524.4
at those you should be fine though6410.2394.48
chubbiest this thing isn't that big it's6411.924.319
chubbier than both of yours by almost6414.7194.241
double it's a wide ride a little wide6416.2394.4
look at your nails6418.964.159
oh yeah that's very nicely spaced out6420.6394.401
we're doing a timer timing yeah we'll6423.1193.681
time this okay so i heard we have a6425.044.159
shipment uh-huh we got a two crates of6426.84.0
bananas that need to go over to the6429.1993.281
trinity duck store down the street why6430.83.839
are bananas going to the duck store6432.484.639
bananas can't just sell ducks can you6434.6394.48
three do you have your uh timer ready of6437.1193.681
course i do two6439.1196.721
one go doraleous going here we go6440.85.04
oh [ __ ] yeah okay come on come on baby6446.03.679
get over there buddy we didn't know the6448.43.2
first challenge was this lip6449.6793.601
oh oh god wish you would have painted6451.63.039
these blocks on the bottom it's a6453.282.72
warehouse it's not about pretty it's6454.6393.441
about functionality all right through6456.03.199
the door6458.083.28
over here huh looks like he's attached6459.1993.841
he's inside are those things full or are6461.362.96
they attached to the things that are on6463.043.199
top oh thankfully they are they're6464.323.68
they're strapped down good6466.2394.721
good rallies nice it's working oh no6468.04.8
that's a bad idea yeah that was a that6470.963.199
wasn't a good idea it's a really bad6472.82.96
idea you want to stay down low just like6474.1592.641
maybe lift when you go down oh no you're6476.84.08
hold on hold on6480.962.64
[ __ ]6482.1593.281
still there still good hey that counts6483.63.28
come on6485.443.84
you can do it doraleous oh [ __ ] slam6486.885.359
push push it in push it in push yeah oh6489.283.919
he's panicking right now you got this oh6493.1995.92
yeah yeah oh no shut the door anthony6495.65.36
come on hold it back in there come on6499.1193.841
come on slide it through yeah come on6500.963.92
baby there we go6502.962.88
untested don't test it it's fun it's6505.844.64
nice to have the jesus6508.084.639
oh my god that might be perfect oh come6510.484.0
on let's see how perfect it is mr6512.7194.48
perfect pants just no test johnny6514.484.639
look at that look at that beauty6517.1993.44
how did you look you didn't even test6519.1193.361
that no slide them right in there but oh6520.6393.921
no go in a little farther you should be6522.484.56
deeper yeah very nice this is the best6524.564.24
untested thing you've ever made look at6527.042.56
raise it up a little bit buddy rally is6529.64.24
backing up oh that tilt feature is6531.763.76
pretty important in it it is i wish i6533.843.12
thought of it yeah you have to be an6535.522.639
idiot not to make one it's pretty6536.963.44
standard for a forklift actually shut6538.1594.321
the door shut the door the door all6540.43.44
right this is this is now standard6542.484.48
practice this is how they do it6543.843.12
okay hold on suck it in hold on you6547.524.56
little [ __ ]6550.05.04
do it oh that would be phenomenal oh oh6552.084.8
no oh it's gonna fall down no it's gonna6555.043.84
fall out oh6556.884.0
[ __ ] [ __ ] open the door right there6558.883.92
right [ __ ] there now shut door shut6560.882.799
back it up hold up slide it oh that's6563.6794.96
gold those bananas come on6565.285.359
i'll use the ramp to push you away6568.6393.861
no oh that's good6570.6394.401
any chance your forklift will hook on6575.043.84
the back of there oh6576.485.639
right there6578.883.239
i might have to meet you over there i'll6583.763.12
drive the forklift you you continue a6585.365.44
truck okay heading on over to ducks6586.886.4
driving fruit in the big trucks good6590.83.919
thing ducks is just around the corner6593.283.359
huh yeah thank goodness seems like the6594.7194.96
truck's not necessary taking the stupid6596.6396.08
obstacle course on the way6599.6795.44
this is so dumb what the [ __ ] i gotta go6602.7194.48
around the other way yeah it's a crazy6605.1194.08
sharp turn this is gonna be an 18-point6607.1994.161
turn let's get the [ __ ] off i even6609.1994.641
brought it up dick just unloaded it all6611.364.24
how the hell can you get them out of6615.63.039
here both of them oh yeah the second one6616.883.6
is the second one screwed get that out6618.6392.641
of there6620.482.719
yeah go ahead knock it out thank you6621.285.6
knock it on out there we go good job6623.1993.681
good very good bringing nanners over to6627.844.0
our shipment team don't give a [ __ ]6631.844.08
[ __ ] there we go now hit it in we were6637.284.64
expecting one more palette6639.523.76
oh [ __ ] oh6641.923.04
i got this so yeah you please put it in6643.283.359
the store get in there how about that go6644.963.199
you're good you're good let's just let6648.1592.641
them knock it in6649.443.04
a little help from the back it out knock6650.83.76
it in knocking it off6652.483.92
all right6654.564.0
that was it it's uh 17 minutes and three6656.43.92
seconds all right6658.566.4
not bad rallies i say anthony's next hey6660.328.399
ta-da anthony we got a an order uh from6664.965.92
ducks go figure they want some nanners6668.7194.96
and they're really going through really6670.886.08
yeah we already know this three two one6673.6795.04
go okay so6676.963.52
all right first challenge we know is6678.7193.92
this ramp which was not really a6680.483.679
challenge but it is now6682.6393.201
let's see what happens you really should6684.1592.96
not try to do that in the corner like6685.842.48
that probably that's what probably6687.1192.401
should have just been right here in the6688.322.879
middle right go straight up let's do6689.524.159
this going on up going on up beautiful6691.1994.401
all right that's great i'm gonna go for6693.6793.44
the tall one first all right we need to6695.63.039
restock the warehouse don't we at some6697.1194.321
point going up6698.6392.801
that's the worst angle leaves you like6701.6794.161
this the worst yeah about this one a6703.763.28
little bit to the right a little bit to6705.842.319
the left they just called they really6707.042.4
need their nanners all right they're6708.1593.121
coming oh that's looking nice they need6709.442.96
their nanners we're getting them on6711.282.959
there here we go i think the non-tilt is6712.43.759
going to work in your favor a little bit6714.2393.681
up manners now i don't have but i just6716.1593.201
have that set up6717.922.799
all right go ahead6719.364.4
there you go and then i need banners oh6720.7194.641
[ __ ] easy6723.763.12
cowboy you're gonna be able to put this6725.363.12
down no problem i have a feeling i'm6726.883.279
gonna do what doraleous did by like6728.483.52
bouncing it up a little oh cause yours6730.1594.161
doesn't stop nope oh6732.04.96
sorry all right6734.322.64
step one complete just gotta ease in6753.763.76
just ease on it you're good man you've6755.763.28
already got it there we go all right6757.524.0
anthony specific to this uh particular6759.044.559
shipment yes apparently you have to sing6761.523.36
a song when you're driving the truck on6763.5994.08
the way there that's fair and6764.884.4
good call in the door that's gonna do it6769.282.72
you're calling the door i've got some6770.82.49
really good door instinct6772.02.48
oh yeah6774.481.92
drive that [ __ ] oh wait you got to get6776.42.96
your thing on the back yes i do now6778.03.599
bonus points for this one6779.364.64
oh yeah beautiful6781.5994.801
making my way in the world today i6784.04.56
wouldn't go there forklift is hanging on6786.44.4
awesome i can tell by the lag the fact6788.563.92
that the forklift fits in back the truck6790.83.04
though is pretty impressive yeah there's6792.482.8
bonus points there you at least buying6793.844.24
us a minute from that or 30 seconds man6795.285.12
all right a minute stop in the truck6798.085.039
are you ah well it's i'm trying to break6800.44.799
it's a big truck unload the truck6803.1193.441
there's that one6805.1993.52
oh okay come on get in there nice and6806.564.639
smooth let's see a nice pretty drop off6808.7195.121
go easy with it go easy with it6811.1994.161
maybe if i just do this it'll tilt off6813.843.6
oh yeah there you go there you go a6815.363.68
little smack real quick come on give it6817.443.6
a smack6819.043.44
there you go there's your [ __ ]6821.043.44
bananas that felt good6822.485.04
dump it out drop jumping it in6824.485.119
those things slide out there it is yeah6827.524.24
yeah ready ready here let me yeah seal6829.5994.401
the tail with them come on come on buddy6831.763.839
get in here6834.03.92
oh yeah here's your [ __ ]6835.5994.721
close the door we're done6837.925.04
man 14 10.6840.324.72
which is actually 13 10 because we might6842.963.679
just a minute very good simon thank you6845.044.24
you're welcome good game doraleous ggs6846.6394.801
all right fellas here it is doraleous6849.283.76
what is that in the distance well it's a6851.444.239
forklift yeah clearly and it looks good6853.044.079
it looks nice oh whoa whoa whoa where6855.6794.881
are you going fancy oh [ __ ] hey6857.1195.6
your thing looks like the alien like6865.763.359
loader you look like an alien loader6867.283.2
good one all right we're gonna count it6869.1193.361
down in three hey they need bananas go6870.483.199
ahead two6872.484.48
one bam i'm off and believe it or not6873.6795.44
ducks ducks needs bananas ducks needs6876.964.88
bananas okay ducks yeah oh man we really6879.1194.801
missed out on that explanation again i6881.843.759
didn't see this coming6883.922.799
all right there goes right really the6886.7193.601
truck does piss me off though be so much6888.563.52
quicker if you didn't involve the truck6890.323.76
seamless look how [ __ ] quick he's6892.083.76
doing this all right load and crew help6894.084.24
me out here i'm here there you go very6895.844.799
simple right there oh boy door what's6898.325.359
happening door door yeah i would say6900.6394.56
yeah there you go nice okay they need6905.1994.881
more nanners good forklifts get you laid6907.524.32
did you guys know that sort of good6910.083.84
magic tricks mm-hmm sorry i lost my6911.844.96
virginity to a magician no to a forklift6913.925.44
kind of a combo oh man he was so cute6919.364.879
all right6921.922.319
come on baby here we go all right there6927.6793.04
you go6929.922.48
final shipment of the day and you're6930.7194.081
only in three minutes my lord should i i6932.44.0
feel like i'm gonna jinx you saying this6934.84.72
but you're doing so great oh yeah i love6936.45.279
that you said that right then yeah you6939.524.0
might need to ram it in there oh here6941.6793.681
come you want me to do the door when i6943.522.88
feel fit6945.361.839
yeah really nice oh surely come on oh no6947.1994.881
hammer get in there you hammer6949.846.839
oh it's in there a little hammer6952.084.599
yeah get it all right all right6958.843.48
they might go out of business if they6961.1193.201
don't get these nanners in time6962.323.76
you guys know that you shut up with6964.323.52
these nanners man6966.082.8
it's all6967.842.879
snatters matters6968.883.68
situation yeah oh it looks like it's6970.7194.321
getting it is further it is it is there6972.564.24
we go look at that all right6975.043.599
that truck's breaking full penetration6976.83.439
nope you're lifting the truck get in6978.6394.08
that truck driving come on two three6980.2396.36
four banana ducks6982.7193.88
is the forklift gone yeah forklift's6988.564.24
gone what do you mean6990.7193.52
okay well you're supposed to watch that6992.83.839
for me well he did it i got it i got the6994.2395.841
forklift i got it banana orders here6996.6395.691
oh wait hit number number two7000.083.519
oh what's that time simon oh 11 23. oh7003.5995.52
okay you could still do this neebs let's7006.83.919
do it okay somebody flipping keep7009.1193.361
flipping yeah all right oh great there7010.7193.52
you go you gotta get on the side though7012.485.08
here we go7014.2393.321
is the door open dude you only have two7018.04.239
minutes of two minutes what was your7020.2395.281
time 14 what no yours was 13 minutes oh7022.2394.88
look at that [ __ ] you have less than a7025.524.48
dude you can get this ten7030.03.199
eight [ __ ]7033.1992.881
five count four get out of here7036.44.239
all right folks thanks for watching and7046.02.639
we'll see you next time on the next7047.523.199
scrap challenge guess who i met last7048.6394.0
weekend um7050.7193.361
michael keaton7052.6394.56
i did not meet the keats angela lansbury7054.086.8
not the landsbergs the fonzie no not the7057.1997.841
fonzarino whoopi goldberg no the rube of7060.887.44
the goldberg clan rube goldberg i met mr7065.045.76
rube goldberg was he in sister act7068.324.56
that's a goldberg mix-up common though7070.83.76
so we're doing rube goldberg machines7072.884.0
which are also known as mouse trap am i7074.564.159
right yeah i mean mousetrap was a game7076.883.44
based on rube goldberg machine kind of7078.7194.161
ideas it's a device that makes something7080.324.24
happen that also7082.883.6
it wastes time in the process but it's7084.563.52
fun to watch and they're going to fit7086.483.28
together aren't they that's the goal7088.083.44
well neebs why don't you show us yours7089.763.52
before you finish it up you need to drop7091.523.119
something in this box which is going to7093.283.359
set up these these sensors off and the7094.6394.401
chain reaction is going to happen yeah7096.6394.161
okay it's gonna be magic and that's all7099.044.0
you're saying about yours mine is just a7100.84.24
bunch of fingers that point things with7103.043.76
lots of ducks how's yours activated7105.043.36
there if i hit it with a hammer this7106.84.96
will go over and land over here correct7108.45.6
and then it delivers a special message7111.764.32
over to this guy okay what'd you make a7114.04.32
rube goldberg machine oh as seen in7116.084.24
sister act i have to place a ball but i7118.324.0
can pre-place it and then this uh it7120.323.68
rolls down there goes through the little7122.323.839
chambers and then ends its way up to7124.04.0
trigger something in a couple different7126.1594.321
ways to trigger these guys to fall down7128.04.639
when i show mine individually i'm going7130.485.52
to disconnect um the simon 5000 feature7132.6394.96
we'll save that for the grand finale all7136.03.199
right i still got some work to do do it7137.5993.6
farewell anthony7139.1995.121
what farewell usually there's like a7141.1995.04
like a trap door at that moment a bit of7144.325.64
a delay farewell7146.2393.721
all right you ready7180.43.199
there we go7182.483.679
it's off a little wet noodle7183.5994.64
that goes down there7186.1594.321
triggers another thing rocket goes up7188.2393.92
triggers another rocket to slow it down7190.483.52
whoa man7192.1593.361
oh i see7194.05.679
the reentry rocket yep boom7195.527.44
there you go with a little spinny eye7199.6794.96
all right and then that will trigger the7202.963.6
next piece beautiful all right i like7204.6393.681
your dinosaur that's a good dinosaur i7206.563.119
didn't say it was dinosaur it's up to7208.322.96
the it's up to the reader there look if7209.6792.641
you put it at the edge of the screen7211.283.52
like that it could be a whale with teeth7212.324.319
they don't have teeth whales have teeth7214.83.6
no they don't they're like bristles i7216.6393.441
feel like i've seen pinocchio i feel7218.43.68
like i've seen science programs i have a7220.083.68
well teeth necklace7222.083.119
yeah there you go7223.763.28
so mine you have to start with a little7225.1993.281
hammer and7227.043.92
and it starts the thing moving we got7228.484.719
some pistons doing their thing yeah7230.963.759
lights the candles it's going to go over7233.1994.48
there to poke a little thing in the hole7234.7194.96
i like that then the wheel starts going7237.6793.361
and it hits that7239.6792.641
that goes over there and pokes the7241.043.52
pillow yeah the pillow pokes the thing7242.324.48
and then the ducks just start going yeah7244.563.679
and the first part of our message is in7246.82.96
the background so that's not actual7248.2393.44
that's like simulated hold that back7249.764.399
there i couldn't get it to work but then7251.6794.56
this hits this thing and that spins7254.1593.841
there and hits that which then activates7256.2393.281
this underneath7258.03.52
man this is like wheel of fortune it7259.524.159
goes under that goes up and it activates7261.523.84
the final thing by coming through7263.6794.791
it's dick isn't it7265.366.08
i heard dicks ducks what so if you7271.444.719
gentlemen would just come up onto the7273.6795.201
invisible floating walkway because that7276.1595.04
walkway is designed to give you the best7278.883.839
shots we're gonna get the best shot ever7281.1993.44
needs as it goes it'll be great like i7282.7194.4
said about fifty percent success rate go7284.6394.0
go oh7287.1193.201
all right it's going down now that's a7288.6393.841
rube goldberg machine there it is7290.324.399
okay you just stay there and enjoy your7292.484.32
oh it gets pushed gets pushed7296.83.28
oh yep oh where's the fifty percent7300.084.559
usually stop that [ __ ] right7302.43.52
there hang on7304.6392.801
i'm gonna have to do a little tweak oh7305.923.679
we're moving again okay we'll7307.444.159
yeah that's interesting7309.5995.04
oh oh i guess we're going here hey7311.5996.241
holy [ __ ] did it just get launched okay7314.6393.921
rube goldberg was involved in his own7318.562.88
that was a tricky move uh oh that one7321.443.84
didn't catch but maybe it'll go again7323.763.839
why is it not there we go hey7325.284.24
that's brilliant yeah buddy that's7327.5993.441
then it goes down in the back7331.044.8
okay triggers um a little pushy push7332.884.319
nope oh no7335.843.759
they end up in the waiting pool oh no7337.1994.881
splash which is frozen7339.5994.0
alice if you get that one thing fixed7342.083.039
that's incredible yeah that took some7343.5992.881
time now we gotta figure out how to7345.1193.761
connect ours together simon you've got7346.484.32
quite a show in store apparently if this7348.883.759
doesn't work there's a lot of resetting7350.83.68
to do oh we're not doing it again and7352.6394.321
simon guess where it's likely to [ __ ] on7354.484.8
us guess where it's likely to [ __ ] on7356.964.56
you on all of us where is it most likely7359.284.16
to go wrong oh you mean with which7361.524.639
person which build the final one that's7363.443.36
final one7366.83.839
all right it's the final one i am ready7368.2395.36
to start this on your count can't wait7370.6394.721
till you do go ahead simon7373.5994.08
oh yeah and three7375.363.359
one go7378.7195.121
releasing come home baby the wet noodle7380.85.52
oh boy in action the wet noodle wet7383.844.96
so good all right so far i've hit7388.883.04
that's doing that oh look at that slow7391.923.759
that's spacex that's elon musk right7395.6795.121
there oh [ __ ] oh boy here okay wow we're7397.5994.241
damn this is fun7401.844.16
yeah okay rainbow7403.924.96
look at that pretty rainbow7406.03.84
all right7408.884.4
trigger the second one go over here7409.843.44
look at this good job7414.6393.361
i love it this is pretty wonderful i7418.084.88
love it all7420.322.64
look at that7430.483.36
come on ducks7432.083.599
keep going7433.844.64
go ducks go beautifully so far so slow7435.6795.661
those dominoes this is great i heart7438.484.719
it's like a cheer i don't know7443.1993.04
oh [ __ ]7447.1192.48
don't mess this up i can't do anything7459.444.08
at this point machine don't mess this up7461.524.32
oh no7463.522.32
no no no no no7466.484.8
let's do it one more time7471.282.959
all right i'm in place i'm ready to7476.6393.04
start it all right we're in place as7478.084.559
well ready to go neebs7479.6795.761
all right give me a countdown three7482.6393.6
one again7486.2395.081
we're off7488.083.24
what exactly happens the wet noodle what7493.523.04
does it even touch i don't think it7495.442.64
doesn't trigger it's a trigger on the7496.564.159
trigger okay bam oh whoa it didn't7498.085.039
activate the slowdown7500.7195.271
oh god7503.11913.04
i like the wet noodles so far7516.1595.601
let's see come on stay on here buddy7519.364.08
everybody loves the arrest7521.763.04
of justice7523.445.679
oh god super fast [ __ ]7524.86.399
oh my god7529.1194.48
come on i have to delete this brace7531.1994.801
oh my god farewell oh my god7537.844.56
everything's going up7542.486.08
holy [ __ ]7545.365.839
okay that's off that's off i've changed7548.564.639
the button so that it hits the ground7551.1995.04
anywhere uh zone one ready7553.1993.92
zone three is good to go three two one7557.1196.201
go going7559.6793.641
do you know what you need to do7576.6394.96
you know what you need to do7578.483.119
you know what you need to do do the same7581.6793.52
[ __ ] thing the way you did it7583.764.0
originally on the ground three hours7585.1995.561
all right i already liked your yeah your7599.443.36
it's just7602.82.24
all right nice and easy let's do what7606.2393.281
it's supposed to do oh7608.0793.281
god it's not slowing7609.523.52
all right oh no look at that7611.364.68
[ __ ]7613.043.0
jesus okay neebs this oh hit oh boy well7621.766.08
you're gonna see what i just saw7626.04.159
see it's going through the logic gate7627.844.08
when it goes over the top so all you got7630.1594.881
to really do is delete that little block7631.927.279
this is the one please magic moment here7635.048.159
slowing it down man7639.1994.0
oh my lord it's on okay oh god now i'm7643.925.52
scared yeah i've seen this rainbow in7647.524.559
hours oh wow it's amazing7649.445.52
watch my thing break all of a sudden7652.0793.761
oh no7655.842.72
what happened there7658.563.28
slow down's working slow down's perfect7662.2396.641
come on baby look at you perfect7664.564.32
come on7671.6794.741
yes all right7673.11925.841
right now7698.965.759
what happened the ball went under the7706.7195.44
little trapdoor [ __ ] right ready you7709.1994.561
just want to prove it works huh trying7712.1595.641
to keep my spirits up7713.764.04
rolling is working pretty good doraleous7718.6394.0
yeah yep that part's pretty fail-safe7720.2396.641
all goes there it there you go okay7722.6398.241
come on we got bread and we have bread7726.884.0
come on why is it not falling fall in7736.6394.011
there i don't know7738.483.52
up you know7742.02.639
this is like those coin things at the7745.1991.881
perfect okay7749.845.04
lettuce in the best position yet7752.0794.801
i mean the sandwich is looking on point7754.883.839
it's looking like a half of a it's an7756.883.43
open face sandwich7758.7194.98
that's a sandwich right there well done7769.1193.6
simon missed it of course someone's7771.1992.801
already left probably eating a sandwich7772.7193.041
in bed so guys7774.04.88
yeah yeah we've worked so hard yeah i've7775.764.64
not done anything you asked me to we7778.883.92
worked so hard i just figured we could7780.44.16
have done anything either nice day7782.83.52
getting day drunk or as they call it7784.564.079
drunk you know7786.324.399
there's a cool bar out here i'm going to7788.6394.0
call an uber what's the app say how long7790.7193.761
is it going to be um this is going to be7792.6394.0
about a minute one minute a whole minute7794.483.84
what are we looking for well they should7796.6393.44
do that what's the last what's the last7798.323.919
three numbers on the license plate five7800.0794.961
z four five z four what kind of car is7802.2395.84
it uh i guess it's a hover car i see it7805.045.039
i see something coming in uber from the7808.0795.361
distance oh nice right on time hey7810.0795.761
yeah sometimes they get lost you know7813.444.799
so cool7815.842.399
are you gonna stay there i mean i like7826.02.88
this bin7827.5993.761
come on come on you do look right comfy7828.884.16
i'll get shotgun um yeah you have to7831.363.759
talk to the driver then okay uh i'm7833.043.52
weird at talking to the driver small7835.1193.6
talk that's you hey man i like to kick7836.564.8
it off with it so you've been busy busy7838.7194.88
day the other day you do that's what you7841.364.48
do every time do you lift as well or7843.5994.08
just uber are you from here all right7845.843.92
here we go oh man there we go okay crazy7847.6794.0
driver he's up buddy7849.764.56
no that's fine let it go god7851.6794.721
look at those arms7854.323.44
what the hell's wrong with exactly how7856.44.48
they do in l.a yeah oh [ __ ]7857.765.919
look at that he took the long way jesus7860.885.359
this is how i masturbate oh hold on7863.6794.56
slowing down oh nice look at that7866.2395.601
sticking balls are we here7868.2393.601
in years yeah i know not everyone tips7873.043.52
but you tipped the guy all right where's7875.043.36
he at getting uh duck and nanners out7876.564.159
here somewhere oh no ducks is this the7878.44.08
bouncer how are you doing sir busy day7880.7192.641
i've been this big are you are you from7883.363.04
oh my god7889.284.0
oh yeah7890.82.48
this is fun oh this is silly uh busy day7895.6794.4
today sir7898.84.72
are you from here do you also lift yeah7900.0794.961
i feel like the guy right beside me is7903.523.119
really uncomfortable because doraleous7905.043.36
yeah you and i are like right7906.6393.201
right behind them and in between them is7908.42.96
this whole video gonna be us looking at7909.843.759
your bar that's it i swear that's it no7911.364.879
watch it no you you did say that there7913.5995.52
was a game so with all those mod packs7916.2395.601
there's pool balls so i made a table7919.1194.401
right no you did not i did i made a pool7921.842.48
make a pool7924.323.6
there's some there's some twists okay7925.5994.321
because you can't hold the stick right7927.923.36
you know what i mean yeah yeah i get you7929.922.96
do i have to use my hammer hammer no7931.282.879
because that would send it flying across7932.883.68
the room basically with the pool cues7934.1594.401
that i made when you take a shot it has7936.563.36
to be at the level of the table so you7938.562.88
can lower every7939.922.56
see what i'm doing so does this work or7942.484.159
what okay that's a really good question7944.44.64
it's a loaded question well it's it's a7946.6394.08
very straight forward question just say7949.044.639
no did you test it come over here guys7950.7194.801
what's up baby so all i want to do today7953.6793.841
is one game of pool is that too much to7955.524.0
ask for could be depending on how much7957.524.4
oh that's a very lazy day uh one versus7959.524.559
one and the the third person will be the7961.924.319
guy that like lowers down those7964.0794.0
individual sections okay actually guys7966.2393.201
let me show you something come here7968.0792.241
follow me7969.443.04
so there's darts you can't play them but7970.324.48
that's a it's a rim7972.484.32
yeah that's that's a hubcap7974.84.399
wall you can't place women so stick and7976.84.96
balls is a gay bar apparently all right7979.1994.4
well i i thought that was so the title7981.764.16
of it there's just the men's room7983.5995.281
all right very good hey what's up buddy7985.924.319
now he's being here7988.884.4
put your arms down that's weird7990.2394.96
oh look there's some shoes under here7993.284.56
open the door7995.1992.641
oh look at that jokester you know how um7998.324.56
sometimes like owners of these places8000.963.84
have like weird office places oh you got8002.883.44
a weird office place you jump on this8004.82.879
table and look back here and hit the8006.322.72
secret switch8007.6793.201
with the manager's office8010.883.199
it's like a two-way mirror i found like8014.564.159
a little glitchy loophole oh god so you8016.1593.92
could bang up there no one would even8018.7193.281
look at that there's a bang spot it's a8020.0793.441
bang spot names what are you doing out8022.03.44
there please don't step on the table8023.524.48
uh-huh let's play pool okay first step8025.444.0
first step so you see all these switches8028.02.96
that lower down the sections right knees8029.442.639
you onto that oh8030.963.279
darts yeah hey i like this idea let's8032.0795.761
get to the sticks you ready yeah oh [ __ ]8034.2396.48
if i hit it do it8037.842.879
it should have been a little higher the8041.1994.161
game now is uh who hits that first all8042.7195.52
right it will be abso will be neebs8045.366.68
ready here we go8048.2393.801
oh boy that's bad all right i'm ready oh8052.964.239
close here we go8057.1993.361
man it was closed all right neebs you8060.563.92
ready for this ready8062.2395.121
yeah oh boy8064.484.639
oh yeah you have a second chance i guess8067.363.759
well that's fine i'm gonna get a drink i8069.1195.52
have another dart ready here goes8071.1193.52
so close8076.0793.241
all right it's over by the chalk this is8080.324.0
a very unsafe game of darts okay so8081.764.399
there was like only one way to rack did8084.324.24
you make this i did i made it it took8086.1594.801
science if i delete the whole top layer8088.565.4
oh okay8094.2393.92
okay yeah it's very good and then i i8095.844.96
removed this8098.1592.641
not too bad that's almost perfect8102.84.96
it's as close as you can get man wow8105.1194.321
yeah i mean the eight ball is even in8107.763.6
the right spot i'm not a rack hey guys8109.445.679
check it out here's the two cues8111.365.68
all right now now i'm liking this better8122.1593.44
there you go8124.2392.321
someone took a while to get here but8126.563.92
someone's going to have to open the door8129.044.24
i'll open the door oh jesus all right8130.484.96
boys let's play some poo so check it out8133.283.839
here's what you need to learn so excuse8135.444.0
me it's just michael it looks like8137.1194.321
you're just like licking this pole8139.443.92
while it gets better check it out all8141.443.279
right so one8143.363.359
lowers the queue yeah so that's why you8144.7195.841
have to drop one of the sides right two8146.7193.841
oh my god that's very cool8152.6395.281
three is your shot8155.1194.321
it's like a little red rocket like a dog8159.445.12
looking now8164.565.039
and then i'm stuck where are you at8165.845.68
oh [ __ ] the [ __ ] wrong with you over8169.5994.64
there neebs dude8171.524.96
come closer to him8174.2394.801
okay well8176.482.56
i know this is great8185.363.96
you want a drink yeah can you get me a8192.3194.24
margarita sure hey can we get a8194.883.36
margarita from my friend do you also8196.5593.441
live did you grow up here putting down8198.243.439
the queue8200.04.16
oh he was down8201.6794.88
what are you doing back there8204.164.0
why i just went to the what are you8206.5594.641
doing back here do anything8208.166.559
yeah but it's your build that did it8211.23.519
easy easy8215.284.399
oh god easy somebody drank a little too8216.885.28
much am i right oh boy all right so8219.6794.161
doraleous you're gonna break yeah yeah8222.163.519
i'll break will you drop this side8223.844.0
please sure we'll8225.6795.521
oh thank you kind gentle sir this looks8227.845.519
so stupid8231.23.519
look at that i've got these little8233.3593.761
rockets that can do the fine tune moves8234.7195.201
was that what those are rockets8237.124.16
count it down doraleous that's great8243.3593.441
this is uh the least tested thing i've8245.043.439
done is the actual game of pool which8246.83.519
this whole episode's based around you8248.4794.88
surprised no no8250.3193.04
oh that was a horrible break good job is8254.164.479
it my turn what kind of song you want on8256.7194.481
the jukebox guys um i tell you what how8258.6394.161
about a little country okay i'm gonna8261.23.519
put some country on i don't like country8262.83.28
but it seems fitting for this8264.7193.041
environment this is a good song it's8266.084.8
about jeans and trucks and guns8267.764.639
sometimes they're about your dog and how8270.883.2
good they are anybody want a beer8272.3994.561
round's on me uh after the game if it's8274.085.2
on you8276.962.32
come on need something to work with here8281.042.8
break that [ __ ] up i'm gonna put a8282.84.759
little english on this8283.843.719
oh no the white ball went in8290.05.12
oh wait no you got a couple it over here8292.245.199
hey that's the game we have left nice8295.124.08
break neebs that was a good break names8297.4393.521
that sped up the game significantly i'm8299.23.439
glad you did that yep let's see i guess8300.963.679
i'm gonna go for the one you're doing a8302.6393.601
yeah it's about as good as you can as i8306.245.76
can get yeah yeah try it8308.3996.96
oh man no scratch8312.03.359
it's your go names okay you all ready8316.05.2
oh there you go8319.045.76
well you know what now i've got a shot8321.23.6
i love the sound it makes8326.084.479
it's still so dumb8328.243.6
all right you're shut down i'm going to8330.5593.361
get that in there red what is that8331.844.789
actually no i should get that yellow8333.926.399
oh you look mad now8340.3195.12
quit hexing me [ __ ]8342.3995.441
oh boy that worked that works for [ __ ]8345.4393.441
maybe you'll go i go all right the eight8348.883.759
ball should be the winner right now8351.23.04
eight ball is the winner a ball should8352.6393.441
be the winner i like your oh shoot this8354.245.76
is a very doable bank yeah do it8356.085.279
jesus yeah8360.03.84
oh [ __ ] i'm going to win 58. i'm totally8361.3593.921
going to win wait are you stripes or8363.843.04
silence well i'm just eight he's the8365.284.56
eight ball we're going eight ball8366.883.839
oh oh oh oh [ __ ]8370.7194.241
it's not in8373.3593.2
are those balls connected with a8374.964.16
chocolate over here by that exotic plant8376.5593.84
i love that you've actually put chalk8379.122.16
over there8380.3992.971
nice little detail directly you ready8381.284.119
oh they are stuck8385.3996.121
this should be the game ender ready guys8388.884.8
ready yeah i'm ready to do it man do it8391.524.64
oh yeah they're stuck together they're8393.684.24
stuck together man why don't you just8396.163.44
leave the eight ball take the other two8397.923.2
away there we go all right i'm gonna8399.63.04
have another beer you guys want one i'm8401.123.68
gonna finish this game first i'll take a8402.644.4
moscow mule thank you i mean if you can8404.84.88
just get one shot to work exactly then8407.044.56
we'd have a great video wouldn't we whoa8409.683.759
let's not go that far we'd have a video8411.63.839
wouldn't we right you ready yeah for you8413.4394.561
ready do it8415.4392.561
no it's a scratch all right i'm gonna8419.683.44
have another beer like right here8421.045.12
yeah i mean come on it's gonna be hard8426.164.159
enough to get this to work yeah i know8428.563.759
at this point give it some english oh my8430.3195.281
god that's bro yo wow yeah i've had a8432.3195.441
couple i'm glad we got an uber i wonder8435.63.92
if he's had a busy day i wonder where8437.764.08
he's from all right i mean look at this8439.523.76
it looks great yeah go for that that8441.844.4
looks good come on8443.282.96
i didn't scratch oh wait oh yeah you're8447.285.28
up at the corner yeah that was great oh8449.764.719
[ __ ] all right should we overhaul yeah8452.563.52
we should probably uber home i'm8454.4793.361
stealing one of these [ __ ] open8456.083.04
the door8457.842.4
follow us8459.124.08
oh yeah oh yeah how you doing sir busy8460.245.199
day are you from here8463.25.6
we're driving backwards oh [ __ ]8465.4393.361
that was the invisible uber line oh8469.045.12
gotcha oh god8471.123.04
hey easy8474.242.8
follow us what am i on8477.4395.281
what the hell just stay there you're8480.166.56
looking good okay oh yeah8482.724.0
is how you're starting your video all8498.4792.481
right i'm unsubscribing i'm8499.682.799
unsubscribing too what are we doing8500.963.68
we're gonna do spy cars a car that's got8502.4794.561
little gadgets and james bondy stuff on8504.643.52
it okay8507.043.04
that's all i got that's your challenge8508.163.92
you thank you anthony you have no plan i8513.763.92
do have a plan make spy cars and then8515.524.799
they do what spy car things8517.684.719
why don't we have like uh i don't know8520.3195.361
you have to get these secret files8522.3995.04
you're making this up as we go yeah8525.683.6
cause we're improvers i'm just gonna8527.4393.441
follow your lead abs are you down to8529.283.52
like drive a cop car or something yeah i8530.883.68
can be the mr po-po you have to get away8532.83.84
from the po-po's okay yeah i get to meet8534.564.16
a po-po i'll build a spy car uh-huh and8536.643.84
we'll see how it goes8538.724.839
hey names look back here i'm the lion8554.164.08
king a clue8558.243.44
i couldn't mentality here sir i don't8560.04.59
think they say that there pennsylvania8561.6833.04
who's gonna show theirs8594.724.719
uh this is top secret stuff guys got it8596.646.0
i'll show mine i went for a proper like8599.4396.241
60s 70s type spy car it could be captain8602.645.12
america batmobile could also be british8605.683.84
i like it it looks like american james8607.763.76
oh it's a classy vehicle the first8609.525.12
function it has is the spy visor spy8611.524.959
visor yep8614.645.04
block sun from your spy eyeballs8616.4795.761
again i want to see it oh but seriously8619.684.4
though spy balls cue really outdone8622.243.68
himself i like that8624.083.359
thank you put your eyes on the board for8625.923.439
something funny write down spy balls spy8627.4393.681
balls and put it on the calendar uh spy8629.3592.801
oh what's under the hood nothing jesus8632.166.81
documents maybe for your eyes only oh8634.965.6
you are stuck i honestly8640.563.68
i'm trapped8642.563.6
that's my spy trap wait try that again8644.244.56
nothing spy trap go ahead drop it mount8646.164.96
the board spy trap oh8648.83.92
i just ducked out on the board for spy8651.123.279
trap nope doesn't work it sounds like8652.722.96
floor trap all right i'll put it on the8654.3993.681
calendar um there's this8655.684.96
oh it's a low rider8658.084.8
look at that stability yeah i don't need8660.645.28
it but there's this oh my god oh my god8662.885.28
got a little bit of8665.924.16
oh it flies oh8668.162.72
you never know if you're gonna need one8670.884.08
of those before this hey what is that i8671.924.32
don't know8674.963.28
i don't know the assignment the bumper8676.244.239
is cool you did make a spy car and then8678.244.72
you never know8680.4792.481
do you have lasers8683.284.72
back lasers front lasers yeah neebs yeah8684.725.679
great build thank you stylish is that8688.04.399
did i do it right yeah all right anthony8690.3993.441
you're build i went with something a8692.3993.04
little bigger but it's a master of8693.842.72
whoa is that a limousine i present the8696.565.04
spy limo so there's a a bachelorette8698.565.36
party full of spies at least hell yeah8701.64.48
if you want to get in you just8703.925.28
oh yeah we gonna get drunk tonight girls8706.085.52
yeah come on guys prom party let's go8709.24.72
and there's a privacy screen yes how do8711.63.36
i get the back8713.923.84
it does not what does sad spy limo do it8714.964.88
has to blend into its environment out8717.763.84
here being vegas and all yeah if i saw8719.843.04
one of these the mojave desert i8721.62.64
wouldn't think anything of it don't8722.883.68
you'd be like oh what is that wolverine8724.244.0
number two it makes the hood oh you've8726.563.52
got similar nibs features in case you8728.243.76
gotta go in there yeah change the truck8730.083.76
goes up too the only feature i could8732.04.0
figure out from james bond is the8733.844.559
changing license plate yeah wait wait8736.05.92
wait wait gimmicky give it8738.3995.281
that's what this is well done anthony8741.923.439
what else you got as soon as you change8743.683.84
that the cops are gonna be off your tail8745.3593.921
it gets tall8747.522.879
oh wow8749.282.64
it's an easy way to get through traffic8750.3993.521
then if i got to make a quick turn8751.923.6
i could just be like8753.923.04
back that way8755.523.2
jesus oh no8756.963.28
and now you're a lame dog you're8758.723.2
supposed to turn when you're not8760.243.04
up there you go you can make a really8761.923.28
quick u-turn yeah giant limit that's a8763.283.36
good option yeah they're chasing yeah8765.24.32
jason you got to get away8766.642.88
anyways hey guys there's the limo we8769.764.639
spotted him8772.246.4
no you didn't yep i'm not a limo8774.3994.241
i'm just a store8779.3594.721
hey i could go for some ducks how about8784.083.76
hey guys a minute that was a8793.4394.0
bachelorette party all along okay8795.284.32
doraleous uh-huh what you got i wanted8797.4394.801
to be inconspicuous and it didn't end up8799.63.5
that way8802.244.0
yeah that's inconspicuous at all8806.244.96
this is not a spy car be careful you8809.3593.12
don't want to get close those wheels8811.23.84
have sensors that are grinding8812.4794.241
sensors it attacks me with a chicken8815.043.04
feet what if you're just trying to drive8816.723.04
to the store8818.083.12
you're going to [ __ ] some people up yeah8819.763.2
okay so i've got the downward thrusters8821.23.52
for uh stability all right yeah that8822.964.08
whole thing seems to drop good it drives8824.724.0
okay it's a little squirrely8827.043.279
it was that light you described every8828.724.08
car in this game8830.3194.561
oh my god8832.84.24
okay now you're now you're a spider it's8834.884.4
the it's that i'll get over a car or let8837.044.16
a car go through underneath right here8839.283.76
we all did that i think we did good no8841.23.279
there's a lot of similar themes here8843.042.96
okay the thing you did different those8844.4793.201
you didn't make a spy car8846.04.0
there are spy cars that turn into boats8847.684.32
in james bond yeah mine only looked like8850.05.439
captain america's batmobile8852.03.439
i'm out unsubscribed8855.844.479
i mean8858.244.0
okay and the final thing which was the8860.3194.641
um i guess the initial vision i have an8862.244.56
autopilot option right so i'm not8864.963.92
driving right now okay8866.84.559
for that reason no no it goes straight8868.883.439
and you just hope it doesn't hit8871.3591.841
but when it's8873.23.119
when it's on autopilot you can jump out8874.3194.401
and these that's why these rails exist8876.3194.16
to hold you in okay8878.723.28
and then i can8880.4793.281
set off this trap8882.04.319
and delete a block and lay it behind me8883.764.16
and then hop back in the vehicle well i8886.3194.241
can't wait to see that oh it's gonna8887.924.399
not work and you could have bachelorette8890.563.12
parties with this as well if you'd like8892.3193.281
oh yeah as long as there's one person we8893.683.92
should probably get to it huh challenge8895.63.68
time yeah are you gonna explain the8897.63.44
rules yeah explain as you go who's this8899.283.52
with me i'm with you me and you got a8901.044.16
spy mission oh i know you ready i got it8902.86.16
from hq really yeah i hear there's a old8905.26.56
flippity jam down at the old compound8908.964.64
yeah but i heard there's some security8911.763.599
involved and here it is we need to get8913.64.48
the flippity jams to mexico and on top8915.3595.04
of heavy security they also have lots of8918.084.319
sun today8920.3993.521
are you ready to go8922.3995.201
now i am let's hit it8923.923.68
taking the sneaky way in case we're8929.764.48
being followed right all right doraleous8931.523.68
when we get in there i'm going to need8934.242.56
you to go steal the flippity flu are you8935.23.199
going to go through the front door i'm8936.82.8
going to try8938.3994.481
hey guys hello hey that's the security8939.65.92
enjoy your stay at the compound uh we're8942.884.4
not staying at the compound don't steal8945.523.12
nothing while you're in there hit it8947.283.92
where is it what do you mean where is it8951.682.96
oh this is it8953.044.24
oh you shut the alarm off go hey that8954.644.88
alarm's going off are y'all trying to8957.285.36
steal something oh i'm on to you we8959.525.76
gotta lose them yeah uh you're driving i8962.644.56
can't do [ __ ] from here okay come back8965.284.48
here james [ __ ] i'll try to lose him by8967.24.64
turning around8969.764.48
i caught you wait did i do i win now we8971.844.559
haven't established any rules okay rules8974.243.68
regarding oh do i have to flip you guys8976.3993.841
over maybe8977.924.16
you'll never flip me over because i have8980.243.6
my face is too wide8983.844.559
take that8985.842.559
oh [ __ ] go get him go get him car8988.846.68
well it stopped perfect i feel bad about8993.525.12
running now it seems too easy8995.523.12
oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] come here man i was8998.964.72
really hoping to use all my gadgets9001.3595.04
yeah we have more gadgets to use so hey9003.686.32
neebs yeah let me change that flat tire9006.3996.881
come here come here make it easy for you9010.04.8
you guys might come picking me up and9013.283.28
taking me to my cop car should we go9014.83.36
pick them up i thought we were fixing a9016.563.44
flat tire here9018.164.8
i was just trying to kill time9020.05.359
oh that's looking much better yeah yeah9022.965.12
wow perfect guys i see it i almost got9025.3593.441
see what your car yep oh come here no9028.84.24
you little bastard uh yeah we're just9030.964.64
here for a bachelor party the limo9033.044.72
should be coming through any moment with9035.63.759
the bachelorettes9037.765.44
it's gonna be a great weekend wink wink9039.3596.401
adios amigas you didn't get to use any9043.24.0
of your [ __ ] huh i got to use the sun9045.764.88
visor i've almost got it guys9047.23.44
next yeah let's do it all right had to9058.083.68
hire a little bit extra security you9060.03.92
gonna work with me neebs yes sir did you9061.764.559
flip sides i'm a different character in9063.924.72
this story ah9066.3194.481
nothing suspicious out here just the old9068.643.679
duck store over there they must have9070.83.36
built that recently if someone got a9072.3194.0
hold of this flippy jammer it'd be quite9074.164.159
tragic yeah it would especially if it9076.3194.321
got to mexico9078.3195.521
hey wait a second9080.643.2
i'm just just trying to that next door9084.05.56
has a wheel no9085.843.72
wait a second that's not a duck store9090.645.28
it's a bachelorette party9092.965.04
good luck ladies9095.924.72
enjoy your night9098.05.68
going downtown getting stuff9100.644.799
now why would a bachelorette party go9103.683.44
into the compound where the flippy9105.4394.0
jammer is i don't know there's no dicks9107.123.92
in there after should we go in there and9109.4393.361
check that out seems a little fishy to9111.043.359
me nah i don't want to be the creepy guy9112.83.2
that goes up and knocks on the limo of9114.3992.96
the bachelorette party you know yeah9116.03.6
they probably get that all the time yeah9117.3594.0
hey wait a minute that limo's gone9119.63.839
there's a duck store in the compound9121.3595.601
they are expanding boy how'd that happen9123.4394.88
oh wait9126.963.519
this is my first day on the job9128.3193.761
huh wait i think then bachelorette9130.4794.561
[ __ ] have stolen something9132.084.8
you gonna pursue them yeah the pursuit9135.043.92
is on baby9136.883.92
looking creepy no i'm not worried about9138.963.28
looking creepy9140.84.16
oh damn show me your tits9142.245.119
show me your tits i'm not i'm not gonna9144.965.28
show you my tips weirdo i'm in pursuit9147.3594.321
i'll try to catch it before it gets to9150.243.04
the border9151.683.36
they'll never find me now9153.284.159
oh there it is9155.044.319
can i can i help you officer wait a9157.4393.441
that's a different license please sorry9160.883.36
i mistook you for somebody else oh it's9162.3993.361
all right it happens damn that9164.243.44
bachelorette party must have got away9165.766.84
congratulations by the way thank you9167.684.92
come on through9172.83.12
damn i'm gonna get fired that's two9174.05.15
thingamabobbers i've lost9175.926.0
hey hey9181.924.08
astrid we lost him oh crap all right9183.24.32
yeah just just run back to the office9186.03.359
all right okay you guys hear that9187.524.08
there's duck stores in mexico now i hear9189.3593.051
they're expanding9191.62.0
hey neebs yes sir needs to do a better9193.64.56
job this time yeah hopefully there won't9195.684.96
be a this time right yeah you're right9198.163.92
no one else is gonna try to steal this9200.642.88
thing good thing we got three of them9202.083.52
huh yeah no [ __ ] i should probably just9203.525.04
keep it on my person seems safer nah put9205.64.799
it in the compound okay hey you hear9208.563.68
that bass off in the background no9210.3994.08
what'd you hear i hear i hear some bassy9212.244.079
music i'll put a tire in front of the9214.4795.121
door yeah that might help here we go9216.3195.04
hold on we got visitors9219.64.48
welcome to the compound hello welcome to9221.3595.681
the comp went wow he's got lasers might9224.084.96
be one of them bachelorette parties9227.043.439
excuse me9229.044.8
congratulations thank you9230.4796.801
[ __ ] the title is working9233.845.599
i was the best man for a guy one uh one9237.283.92
time i made him carry a blowup doll9239.4393.601
around all night i handcuffed it to him9241.23.92
yeah yeah it was fun that doesn't seem9243.043.52
like a handcuff would work on a blowup9245.123.44
doll yeah it did you just squeezed the9246.563.12
wrist a little bit come right out9248.563.04
wouldn't it yeah it did you never catch9249.684.16
me wait did you hear that9251.65.96
you might catch me9253.843.72
that bachelorette is acting like a nut9258.723.28
over there9260.562.32
dudes i don't know if that's a9262.03.28
bachelorette that may be a criminal i'm9262.884.16
starting to think it could be a spice9265.285.96
that hasn't been titled this video9267.044.2
should we go over there we may as well9272.563.919
don't wait9274.244.96
oh my god i'm getting away this spice9276.4797.92
vehicle looks insane on my screen here9279.27.119
neebs help me get him i'm coming sir i'm9286.3194.481
a bit laggier than you on this computer9288.84.8
no excuses9290.82.8
you'll never make it to mexico9294.03.88
here i come9298.242.56
am i here i think so yeah yeah am i here9301.124.72
yeah you'll never make it to mexico spy9310.05.52
[ __ ] i think i'm helping9313.4396.241
i'm not sure wait am i trapped [ __ ]9315.526.48
[ __ ]9319.682.32
did it work it worked he was stuck9325.285.119
i gotta get my vehicle9328.084.88
i got you9330.3992.561
oh rock one9334.882.88
yeah you'll never get the mexico spy i9339.124.08
neebs are you stuck i'm stuck ow i9344.724.88
cannot move because of the clever spy9347.4393.281
engage boosters9350.723.48
i don't know how to let go of this9365.523.959
i can't drop off the goods9370.243.68
nice try9377.843.68
oh it's walking9380.03.6
look at it oh my god look at that one9381.524.959
tired suckers9383.64.719
that's right9386.4795.281
did you catch him um no he got away9388.3195.521
good luck in your marriage ma'am neebs9393.846.0
doraleous neebs doraleous announce this9396.3195.441
welcome to our video folks we decided to9399.845.12
revisit monster trucks because of tires9401.765.92
i don't know if i remember the first one9404.964.32
i don't think i was in the first one you9407.683.36
remember the first one no you weren't9409.283.36
even born anthony this is like a year9411.043.84
let me refresh your memory i drank way9420.3994.241
too much this was it we didn't have a9422.165.12
real big wheel so i just had to9424.644.24
do this9427.283.039
oh okay9428.883.28
but see now it's been made harder you9430.3193.361
can't make it through the course is9432.164.0
tougher the second challenge is it's9433.684.48
slightly heavier slightly heavier yeah9436.164.319
and then the ramp is now um slightly9438.164.08
taller all right everything's just9440.4794.0
slightly bigger all right last time we9442.244.4
just had to like take the ramp and now9444.4796.601
we at least have to clear this9446.644.44
do i need to to whip out my trusty stop9474.85.44
watch probably who's going first neebs9477.286.56
doraleous anthony anthony anthony okay9480.246.56
is this a monster truck oh yes where is9483.844.72
it where are you9486.83.92
one second you know what's interesting9488.564.16
is he spent the least amount of time on9490.723.28
it and it's probably still going to be9492.723.679
the most impressive well9494.05.04
classic simon classic simon well he is9496.3994.401
good oh that's not it damn it yeah at9499.043.68
times he really is yeah at times he's9500.83.679
great i've been i've been shining lately9502.723.28
though i don't know about that i think9504.4793.441
it means less when you point it out9506.03.6
yourself too9507.923.2
been doing really good kind of winning9512.564.16
uh i don't know the last eight or so9514.4795.281
what maybe two maybe one winning did you9516.725.44
win the spy car one i think so i didn't9519.764.48
even see that one you didn't invite me9522.163.68
it was top secret i would think i'd have9524.243.52
clearance by now here we go come build9525.843.519
yours buy my old one i want to see if9527.763.44
it's bigger9529.3594.161
slightly bigger holy [ __ ] goodness look9533.924.08
how skinny it is9536.644.48
damn well it's just good old mad max9538.06.24
truck oh man he's recycled good lord9541.124.319
well i showed up this morning and i9544.242.96
wasn't sure if i had time so i quickly9545.4394.081
made this guy but it was so good i just9547.24.8
couldn't not use it it's my masterpiece9549.524.32
let it go9552.04.0
uh ladies and gentlemen the second9553.844.72
annual monster truck rally of first9556.04.399
anthony csn9558.563.08
and go okay timer started yes9561.646.6
okay well those tires look like they're9566.083.76
[ __ ]9569.844.24
all right you can i did not expect that9571.25.199
resetting it is we mean how do you9574.085.6
didn't expect that9576.3994.96
all right he's back here take it easy oh9579.682.639
i'm not driving yeah9582.3193.361
oh [ __ ] did i wait does it do without9584.03.52
you it's better that time i don't see9585.684.56
how it's so skinny so far nobody's made9587.525.52
it to the scrap yard or the water park9590.245.199
easy does it did you take that advice9593.045.2
yep going easy9595.4392.801
what's going on with that front end well9599.043.04
you went for the rock yeah but it9600.3993.04
doesn't matter the front end shouldn't9602.082.8
turn like that that shouldn't be an9603.4394.481
option right no it shouldn't okay there9604.884.62
we go here we go come on buddy9607.922.8
there you go9610.724.4
oh geez huh easy does it i don't know9611.924.96
what's going through your head9615.123.279
it's a giant monster truck it just9616.882.8
doesn't have shocks you should have put9618.3994.161
two tires on each one9619.684.88
why are they freaking out okay how's9622.564.56
that time looking uh two minutes 119624.565.12
seconds he's actually making additions9627.124.4
to his thing now like that's unheard of9629.682.88
yeah you should have done this from the9631.523.68
get-go it even looks is it twice as good9632.565.04
like cooler yeah is it too heavy now9635.24.0
probably not how you like the different9637.63.759
colored tires names it bugs me9639.23.279
i'm leaving them just because i know9641.3592.801
it'll bug you9642.4793.041
and here it goes made a world of9644.162.88
difference yep so much difference look9645.523.44
at that wow and you're not tipping over9647.044.16
yeah all right okay well that thing is9648.964.399
that was the big problem all right this9651.23.56
game is just freaking out9653.3592.801
who's that whose idea was this um9656.164.64
corellius what9658.83.599
was your idea9660.83.679
i was going to say thank you9662.3993.841
oh for the oh that i thought you were9664.4793.121
just going for an attack9666.243.36
all right you got it good job i honestly9667.63.92
think i should remove the big tires now9669.63.52
we're ready for the second part of the9671.524.0
monster truck challenge this weight has9673.124.88
to be pulled across this line and9675.526.0
anthony once again is extremely cocky um9678.05.28
as he was going into the first obstacle9681.523.2
and we saw how that went9683.283.76
all right are we ready ready three two9684.724.56
one go9687.045.2
okay uh justifiably cocky9689.285.119
all right it's pulled through the the9692.244.079
heart is attached there you go you did9694.3993.841
it i did it that's a strong truck and9696.3193.601
you'd think you'd want to have some sort9698.242.72
of uh9699.923.76
uh headway headway lead way9700.964.8
what yeah you'd want to have some more9703.684.24
room to start off i think i got enough9705.764.32
acceleration in this truck all right are9707.924.399
we ready to start the third phase i'm9710.083.52
ready neebs9712.3192.481
yes i am also ready okay and start time9714.87.2
start time starting9719.047.12
oh boy oh damn oh dude9722.06.88
better than i thought wait for the back9726.165.72
he hit the ground before that went over9738.4794.0
the line oh that's true i'm gonna try9740.643.92
simon's headway lead way speedway9742.4794.0
whatever what are you talking about what9744.563.2
are you talking about you said get some9746.4793.121
distance get some headway a running9747.764.32
start that's what they say isn't it here9749.64.719
we go9752.082.239
pretty sure this is not the winning9754.563.839
no i got it9759.24.4
maybe you need more uh leeway yeah more9760.883.84
more runway yep more seaway9766.3194.481
all right the failed time is six minutes9768.963.92
and 33 seconds9770.84.72
yes you're up man i know what you got so9772.885.12
here's my first one let's get a look why9775.523.919
do you have two it's none of your9778.03.68
business simon okay well it kind of is9779.4393.761
because we can make this video longer9781.683.36
and more painful all right make it more9783.24.88
painful thanks ladies and gentlemen the9785.046.16
loch ness monster truck oh my we're all9788.085.92
recycling things wow9791.24.72
i love it9794.03.92
i love it9795.924.24
i had to do it loch ness monster why the9797.924.559
hell wouldn't you want to it's a monster9800.164.48
and a truck good for you9802.4793.601
remember the two-way mirror thing you9804.643.2
really are knocking it out of the park9806.084.319
aren't you late wow huh uh-oh the head9807.844.0
the head oh yeah i forgot about the head9810.3992.881
you just [ __ ] yeah i got enough oh it9811.844.08
makes it it makes it it makes it listen9813.284.4
it makes it yeah because i could always9815.923.84
do the you're like oh9817.683.12
oh that's fine too9819.763.12
how do you think you're gonna do nessie9822.883.12
gonna do fine9824.3193.441
i think you're gonna finish all this9826.03.84
stuff in under two minutes i don't know9827.763.679
if i should do all the stuff with this9829.844.88
why wouldn't you neebs i i yeah i don't9831.4395.121
i think switching vehicles isn't part of9834.724.0
the rules is it i mean it's not but the9836.564.24
other vehicle i made is probably one of9838.723.92
the best things i've ever made oh [ __ ]9840.83.599
nessie runs the obstacle course you9842.645.12
ready nancy yes i am9844.3994.241
all right nessie9850.724.4
let's see you oh look at barreling9853.3594.0
through what a champion9855.123.92
oh no a little bit9857.3593.361
technically yeah9859.043.52
i went up a little out kind of went off9860.723.52
course huh okay so there's one thing9862.564.48
about this it's significantly smaller9864.245.28
than all these other big wheel ones okay9867.045.2
it's got bigger wheels um so this first9869.524.72
obstacle is going to be a [ __ ] come on9872.244.32
show us boys show us9874.244.0
wow that is small oh you didn't even use9876.564.0
the big wheels no i use bigger wheels9878.243.92
gotcha but not the big wheels look at9880.562.96
that grill9882.163.92
that is stylish dude it is a pimp ass9883.524.64
vehicle a light good yeah9886.083.52
it does look nice you know what it looks9888.162.96
like it looks like you've been playing9889.64.879
too much rocket league maybe9891.123.359
well the proof is in the pudding9895.25.36
but it's always nice to have an underdog9898.963.68
you know what i mean like the little guy9900.563.919
is that what you are the little guy9902.644.0
i mean significantly smaller than i9904.4793.521
don't think you get to deem yourself the9906.643.52
inner dog i know you said nobody9908.03.6
everybody wants the little guy he is the9910.162.88
little guy though yeah you're literally9911.63.04
the little guy but you're not the little9913.044.08
guy in how that is used he did say it9914.644.4
was the best thing he's ever built9917.123.44
it once you drive it you'll see what i9919.043.04
mean okay cause i don't know if i see it9920.563.52
yet i hope this flops because you're so9922.083.359
cocky about it yeah i don't know how9924.082.72
it's gonna do here i don't test it i9925.4393.521
all right i'm going to count it down9929.3595.681
ready yep three two one go9930.564.48
come on doraleous come on buddy underdog9937.524.959
yeah the underdog9940.84.0
looking good oh this one right here9942.4793.201
oh yeah good work oh come on man uh-oh9945.685.96
ready to start her up are you feeling9957.684.59
rallies i feel great three two one go9959.24.56
oh it's moving quite nicely oh yeah oh a9963.764.96
little little hug up there but man very9965.924.8
strong vehicle yeah9968.724.24
i love this underdog you got it good9970.724.32
full time killed the time for 309972.964.16
challenges or what9975.043.359
not when you build them so good you're9977.123.279
ready to rally i am sam are you ready on9978.3996.561
time ready and start time9980.3997.281
oh oh [ __ ] uh-oh i'll keep the time9984.965.6
going oh god oh wow tom is going still9987.685.36
alice recover good cover all right good9990.565.12
you're good come on come back baby i9993.045.2
should have never started with the it9995.685.599
ran slow it's all right yeah excellent9998.244.96
boost out of the ramp oh yeah there you10001.2794.801
go oh what a [ __ ] oh my goodness10003.26.32
come back you won10006.085.92
that was wonderful mark your spot sir10009.525.759
your final time is 106. good job10012.04.96
doraleous thank you10015.2793.601
all right here's my new truck yeah10016.964.399
uh-huh oh bigger than the old truck yeah10018.884.8
yeah it is i'd say so i can't see this10021.3594.481
thing beating doraleous i'm just saying10023.683.599
because it doesn't look like it's10025.843.439
something that's going to be fast okay10027.2794.481
well it's pretty fast all right well i i10029.2795.281
i wish you luck my friend okay i too10031.765.04
wish i could say i say neebs that you10034.564.32
are the underdog yeah yeah i like the10036.83.76
underdog yeah you're the under the10038.883.36
underdog in this race yes you are i was10040.563.44
the underdog no well you're not anymore10042.243.68
because looking at this one i'd say this10044.03.6
is why because it looks10045.923.6
or what no it looks great i think it's a10047.63.6
good [ __ ] vehicle i just don't think10049.523.919
it looks fast but we'll see oh god this10051.24.4
thing can't even turn you can't turn all10053.4393.441
right well10055.62.32
come on nine minutes all right go10057.924.16
come on10062.082.56
do it10063.62.719
rooting for the underdog i love the love10064.643.839
the big guy which would be me no10066.3194.0
this is the underdog10068.4793.121
all right that was10070.3193.361
oh wow snap10071.63.36
pretty good wow that was 14 seconds10074.966.319
and neebs in the count of three two10077.846.0
one go going10081.2795.921
what the holy [ __ ] am i done done a new10083.845.599
record that was two seconds this10087.23.76
underdog here is becoming the new10089.4393.92
all right you ready i think so all right10094.964.0
let's count it down in three10097.045.76
two one go going oh donut come on he's10098.964.96
going to hit the things on the side10102.85.32
across the line oh my god10103.924.2
oh [ __ ] keep on going buddy10119.844.439
should i put a mark here i wish i could10131.924.16
take you on one on one and something10133.844.24
anything watch you do it right now i10136.084.319
don't know what to do who can pull who10138.084.64
where are you guys oh a10140.3994.481
tug of war if he destroys me in the tug10142.725.52
of war then anthony and i both pull10144.884.72
against him10148.244.4
yes two events for the price of one10149.65.52
which underdog is the true underdog10152.644.32
because i think that uh neebs is gonna10155.122.64
doraleous like a little ragdoll10157.764.08
that's what i think is gonna happen you10160.085.68
guys ready ready yes ready and on three10161.846.32
you're gonna do your thing one10165.763.28
oh interesting oh my god i became part10173.043.35
of a tree10175.522.48
i like your new axle there doraleous10178.04.479
thank you damn yeah no that's that's now10180.244.8
part of the car okay we should weld our10182.4794.401
cars together that's what i'm talking10185.043.279
all right you're welded together all10188.3194.561
right i am the underdog i am too no yeah10189.846.16
doraleous is definitely the underdog10192.886.479
your car is smaller than one tire yeah10196.04.8
all right i'm gonna count it down ready10199.3592.241
one go10203.3594.801
stop okay stop real quick bye i know i10208.163.6
mean you made your point10210.3192.641
let's give let's give uh the underdog a10212.965.12
little bit of some leeway some leeway10215.4395.201
some headway headway let's do that let's10218.084.319
let them like go full throttle10220.644.0
and then you start dallas head start10222.3993.92
yeah you tell me when to give it full10224.643.12
throttle all right i'm gonna tell i'm10226.3193.681
gonna give you the uh the cue doraleous10227.766.0
doraleous this is you three two one go10230.08.16
all right and neebs three two one go oh10233.764.4
yeah goodbye all right anthony i need10239.2793.2
your help all right we got this10241.23.92
doraleous you are still even though10242.4794.161
anthony's working with you you're the10245.123.76
one and only underdog10246.644.32
hitting this i feel like i'm a victim10248.884.24
yeah you're screwed simon of course10250.964.0
ready and three10253.125.6
two one go10254.963.76
no come on back in the way10264.966.16
come on push it come on10267.683.44
we lost10274.963.24
dudes versus girls oh yeah we are on10278.564.16
teams did we do that on purpose i don't10280.884.16
know me and a hopper girls yeah hey and10282.724.4
you guys are boys yeah yeah i love it10285.044.399
yeah epic intro shot what are we doing10287.124.4
doraleous everybody what we're doing10289.4394.481
today is two separate vehicles with two10291.524.48
drivers of beast that ring10293.924.8
rings with the lance get rings it's a10296.04.96
ring ringer race sonic cars does that10298.724.08
make sense nope horrible description10300.965.72
you'll just have to watch the video10302.83.88
a peanut butter chocolate cake with10343.25.04
kool-aid what do you want to know how10346.3994.08
many pieces are here four or five didn't10348.244.88
we decide on two very specific heights i10350.4793.84
thought they were going to be between10353.123.199
those sizes yeah why would you do that10354.3194.08
we can't well but the ground10356.3193.761
i thought that was the challenge yeah me10358.3993.761
too that you had to aim two sizes i10360.083.76
thought it was easy you make your own10362.163.44
we wanted to work we're not scared it's10365.63.759
the work he's not scared apparently well10367.3594.481
we're a little scared i'd like to just10369.3594.08
say that um10371.843.84
neebs and ada hop cheated go ahead and10373.4393.92
anthony speak your mind well i'm just10375.683.44
just wanna say i can verify this not10377.3593.281
leaving you on your own you know this10379.123.52
happened yeah we kind of had a set way10380.644.4
we're gonna do this yeah last minute10382.644.24
changes because uh they're designing the10385.044.16
course well contrary to how we talked10386.884.64
about the course design would be they're10389.24.56
making it work for their good which yeah10391.524.48
it seems like fair don't you think fair10393.764.73
yeah that's fair yeah10396.04.399
let's do it we built yeah we built two10400.3996.08
yeah oh hey simon hey hey re-explain the10403.125.68
challenge because we have 10 things out10406.4793.84
there with rings on them10408.83.599
you have to use the little arm on your10410.3194.96
car to joust the ring and collect rings10412.3994.96
if you're able to collect all 10 rings10415.2793.921
and get get across the finish line first10417.3594.881
you win you need to penetrate the ring10419.25.84
can you finish without 10 rings no why10422.244.56
if you drop a ring is it a race over i10425.043.52
don't know so penalty's got to be a10426.85.2
20-second penalty or 30 because of math10428.564.799
how about just whoever has the most10432.03.52
rings at the end let's do it 30 second10433.3594.721
penalty per ring missing yeah like it10435.523.68
all right let's take a look at your10438.083.84
build real quick there it is yeah there10439.23.68
it is10441.923.28
yeah the captain's wheel up there yeah10442.886.32
i could see this being uh hard to drive10445.25.52
that's the illusion that we went for10450.723.679
doraleous you want to get in your seat10453.22.8
and show him our special feature i'd10454.3994.241
love to this way he can get aligned with10456.06.319
every ring get it10458.646.24
oh wait do i have a laser pointer10462.3194.881
on there oh wow10464.884.72
dude that's [ __ ] killer right there10467.24.32
good call [ __ ] moves like do you guys10471.524.72
have a laser guys we don't have a laser10473.844.96
do not we have plants though all right10476.245.84
i'll show you our vehicle simon10478.83.28
come on i feel like doraleous is10482.4794.96
cheating somehow but i'll allow it10484.085.76
you guys [ __ ] come on anyways neebs10487.4393.941
nice car look at this car10489.843.76
i think they like each other uh look10493.64.96
ours has a finger on it10495.687.48
if we grab loops we can hang on to them10498.564.6
because they might be falling off if it10504.644.32
falls you have to carry the ring across10506.645.36
the line for it to count10508.964.72
all right we got to pick left and right10512.03.68
i'm going to flip a coin okay all right10513.682.719
neebs it's uh channel's named after you10516.3993.92
you get to call it i mean what do i pick10518.563.44
a side you're gonna what you're gonna do10520.3193.201
is you're gonna pick out your tails just10522.03.279
give me a side i don't care no [ __ ] you10523.523.36
pick out your chest uh give them those10525.2792.641
now what does that mean what i get it10527.922.8
means it means you get to choose what10529.123.04
side you're on oh well that worked out10530.723.36
good left or right10532.163.68
i've never done that you do it left10534.083.76
[ __ ] left i'm already here all right10535.844.479
deal i'm not gonna time it i guess it's10537.844.32
just whoever gets across the line yeah10540.3195.521
just we'll figure it out10542.163.68
and three10546.724.48
two one go we're off10547.925.439
stay on your side sir slow and steady10551.25.199
doraleous yep yep slow and steady10553.3596.481
wait a minute oh jesus10556.3993.441
we're all like going all right okay here10560.643.92
we go go forward and i think this height10562.964.0
will work yeah and eve neeves has one10564.566.08
got a ring uh oh10566.966.0
i can't10570.642.32
oh [ __ ] guess what they still haven't10580.82.96
gotten one yeah why is that not well10582.242.56
that should have been on the ground keep10584.82.96
on going10586.4792.96
both sides dropped on that one let's10587.764.4
just keep going oh you're you're oh they10589.4394.641
knocked that one down10592.164.72
they got nothing okay go forward oh god10594.084.72
okay go slowly10596.883.68
all right get it we got it all right we10598.83.519
got that one i would say that that's two10600.564.0
if it glitches through i don't know10602.3193.601
but you've got this thing all right i'm10604.564.32
gonna go up higher yes in you're in too10605.924.32
okay we got a little to the left one10610.243.76
fell off but it's okay that's still oh10612.3192.801
wait nope they're still both on them now10614.02.64
we're good all right oh neebs you got10615.122.72
number three10616.643.6
knock it down10622.725.24
coming in you're ready10624.4793.481
you guys haven't missed one yet have you10635.042.88
just about go forward let me tilt up10637.924.6
it's all right let's move on y'all10655.3592.96
should probably grab some rings while10656.724.48
you're doing the course10658.3192.881
stressful needs10661.4394.0
one oh10662.82.639
go forward never goes too high10665.763.44
is it too high completely it's10667.842.8
completely too high because someone10669.22.72
changed the rules halfway through and10670.642.799
our car doesn't work for it now there10671.923.84
was no rule changing we all knew this oh10673.4394.081
you guys changed them yep we were10675.764.48
designed for the two specific heights10677.524.799
oh look another ridiculously tall one10680.244.079
that wasn't designed for nobody said it10682.3193.681
was going to be this tall man bring it10684.3193.361
down just caught that one didn't it it10686.04.64
did all right10687.682.96
did they finish10692.162.72
hey we should just sprint across the10695.043.6
finish line then do it do it oh yeah no10696.244.4
go full speed please drop them all10698.644.4
please well look we got all these drop10700.644.32
drop rings we have to dodge so we10703.043.92
skipping these last ones yeah skip them10704.963.92
well you can't reach them probably10706.964.56
lower myself down so we can write it10708.884.399
there's no there's no keeping time look10711.524.64
at what you guys did time who won no10713.2793.841
they got two there are two towers out10717.124.08
there that are higher than anything we10719.523.36
ever talked about i thought we all10721.24.079
understood the assignment you guys made10722.884.72
taller [ __ ] towers okay you you10725.2795.361
yourself in a car that had to adjust to10727.64.64
reach different heights10730.644.639
you yours neebs please you yourself said10732.245.039
it was between the big one and the small10735.2794.881
one that was at the beginning10737.2792.881
well i think it was fair we skipped10747.042.96
three of them we gave it10748.4794.401
back to this got it you shut it rematch10750.04.72
how do we make this good now i don't10752.883.76
know i have so many rings i don't know10754.724.16
we all do push off them what are y'all10760.3193.441
stand up10763.762.559
come on man10766.644.16
i just can't even stay up vertical10767.844.8
don't leave me to rallies10770.83.04
they don't have one ring10773.844.72
hey you still got by you're the tonya10776.3195.04
hurling a scrap mechanic10778.564.48
what does that even mean10781.3594.641
it means exactly what he said teamwork10783.045.2
brings us together we're going to get it10786.04.72
all done together lower it i can't i10788.243.36
ring guys so easy there's a rock10791.65.6
doraleous get a ring they don't have any10794.563.919
rings if you can yeah you're not going10797.22.8
to die10798.4793.441
you do you do need a ramp that's the10800.03.439
point yeah10801.923.04
there you go10803.4392.561
i'd like one more go okay why you got to10806.03.439
cut one of these out because no one10808.242.96
wants to sit through too many of these i10809.4394.241
know how to edit10811.24.079
don't show three of them10813.683.36
are we gonna play this like we didn't10815.2794.321
just do what we just did no okay so you10817.044.239
played it like you might show them all10819.63.04
exactly what you just said you wouldn't10822.645.759
do it keep the part where neebs cheated10824.3194.08
hey simon you tell tell them how they10831.2794.801
should definitely stick around to watch10834.4793.92
the next scrap video man you should10836.085.359
because usually this stuff ain't this10838.3995.441
shitty all right are we ready ready10841.4395.04
ready count it down in three10843.843.599
one go good luck everyone good luck good10847.4395.521
times guys what are you doing is that10851.123.6
more is that it right there yeah all10852.963.28
right you're gonna have to turn go ahead10854.722.719
good steer in there come on doraleous10857.4394.0
all right a little off there but it's10860.163.279
okay we'll get the next one okay that10861.4393.361
looks pretty good10863.4393.441
oh you guys yeah10864.84.96
that thing got hooked oh [ __ ] oh but now10866.884.72
what are we upside down what are we just10869.763.679
attached i think we're just attached oh10871.63.92
god they're attached we're spinning okay10873.4394.0
we're out oh10875.523.2
all right we got the first ring right10877.4393.201
here we got it dorellis do you guys have10878.722.719
yeah we got them all day yeah sure of10881.4393.681
course look at this10883.523.68
they don't have one10885.123.04
one they got one10888.164.96
whoa nibs are you doing well10890.84.32
focus anthony focus anthony we're right10893.124.0
there what are you doing anthony [ __ ]10895.123.76
focus let's see uh how about this one10897.124.8
and that one no uh this one in four no10898.884.399
i don't understand your system at all10901.922.72
there is no system it's a bunch of10903.2793.281
random pistons that go up to a certain10904.644.799
height go forward we're good i got it10906.563.68
i mean10909.4392.0
don't worry doraleous after this race10910.242.56
i'll show you how it works i got it i10911.4393.761
don't this one and10912.83.519
this one10915.22.8
oh no10916.3193.12
drop it drop it down a little bit drop10918.03.84
it drop it drop it10919.4393.761
uh yes10921.842.96
neebs how many got three we have four10924.84.559
right now four four they got three oh10926.963.439
[ __ ] it's all right10929.3592.401
still on there10930.3993.201
this is neck and neck take it slow we10931.765.16
don't want to lose10933.63.32
good job thank you10949.25.279
oh damn i can't skip oh10951.3595.441
dude doraleous is screwing the pooch man10954.4794.401
you can win this neebs what happened did10956.83.679
something happen oh just screwing the10958.884.24
pooch no big deal oh wait there's my10960.4794.721
problem i was zoomed all the way in i10963.124.0
thought i was all the way out10965.24.079
that looks good what are you doing it's10967.123.279
all over the place it's all over the10969.2792.881
place on my end i think ada hops10970.3993.521
screwing a pooch no i know he is yeah10972.164.48
there we go no all right hey there you10973.924.8
go how many you got doraleous i can't10976.644.08
count we both have six guys one two10978.724.16
three four five six i believe simon both10980.724.08
teams have six10982.884.479
we got seven they just got seven and10984.84.24
again it comes down to the tall one10987.3594.481
that's ridiculous you're ridiculous i10989.045.76
can't see it either oh no all right go10991.845.04
forward let's see if i have it10994.84.24
lower it oh god they're going for it all10996.884.88
right oh boy straight straight on till10999.046.16
morning drilling straight on11001.764.39
locking it down god yes11011.044.72
wait a second11013.764.24
and we're a girl all right now hold on11015.764.88
hold on so let's see what we got neebs11018.05.439
how did how did you do uh we have one11020.643.839
three four five six i think seven rings11024.4794.641
we have seven rings oh well that's a11026.963.92
good number all right so it happens to11029.125.12
be uh one two three four five six seven11030.885.68
and we crossed the line first wow wow11034.243.92
and what does that mean doraleous that11036.564.32
we won that one thank goodness11038.164.64
it was starting to feel like a bully11040.883.599
yeah you were feeling bad let us have11042.83.92
this neems please11044.4794.481
we need11046.722.24
hey everybody welcome to another scrap11061.764.559
mechanic video hello hello11063.684.88
hey yeah it's been a minute11066.3193.761
and look we've already built our stuff11068.563.44
oh but let's not show the stuff11070.083.52
we've already showed it no but we have a11072.04.08
way we do this we show the building and11073.65.04
then we reveal you want to reflect11076.083.6
you want to remember when we were11078.641.69
remember how cool that was11085.523.44
those times were great11089.2792.961
god that was at least two hours ago11095.2796.08
how about this neebs yes sir don't you11109.763.84
explain what the [ __ ] going on all11112.04.8
right so ada hop built this track yeah11113.66.879
uh the the track just goes on forever11116.85.519
and we got to build cars that will hook11120.4793.84
onto these tracks and hang from them11122.3194.0
uh-huh it's like a hanging race a timed11124.3194.16
hanging race you go down the elevator11126.3194.641
and onto another hanging thing that goes11128.4794.721
through a canyon through a canyon you go11130.963.359
through the canyon at the end of the11133.23.52
canyon there is a rainbow flag to knock11134.3193.841
i know who built some of these i know11138.163.44
that uh11140.04.08
ski resort looking thing yeah well i11141.64.879
started buying and i heard hey11144.084.399
make a train that hangs i was like okay11146.4793.761
i could do that nobody said make a train11148.4793.681
well i i saw a railway and i thought11150.243.199
train i didn't know it was a race till11152.163.279
later it makes you think train huh so11153.4394.481
it'll it'll be done and it's from a11155.4394.721
special uh game you guys ever play11157.924.32
half-life i like it looks good it does11160.164.159
look good great that door is awesome so11162.243.92
we're going to be timing this [ __ ] yeah11164.3193.761
we'll time it why not i also did not11166.163.44
know this was timed this will be great11168.083.04
oh god just stop11169.63.679
stop with the excuses i know seriously11171.124.0
so then there's mine i have the green11173.2793.761
one i like your color scheme thank you11175.124.88
very much uh the red one's ada hop11177.045.84
that is right mine's very minimalist um11180.07.8
i had quite a lot of exploding problems11182.884.92
so i got it working to where it could11191.923.2
actually steer without flying through11193.683.679
the map uh and i left it that way and11195.124.88
then doraleous is a very simple vehicle11197.3595.04
as well i tried to keep it super simple11200.03.92
it looks a little uncomfortable it11202.3993.121
doesn't uh make it around the little11203.923.92
corners really well but it does make it11205.523.839
around the corners11207.844.88
ready ready yeah oh no i'm in trouble oh11209.3596.801
oh it's the air bag11212.724.8
all right i'm curious to see how these11217.523.6
work who's going first who do you think11218.884.559
is the worst that should go first i'll11221.125.199
go first can i go second yep yeah i love11223.4395.281
second i built mine way too big and does11226.3194.08
barely fits on the entrance here i'm11228.723.599
really proud of this door11230.3993.04
nick do you want to put yours back on11232.3192.401
the lift11233.4393.521
the door's nice but no one really gives11234.723.679
a [ __ ]11236.962.8
i got to show you the things that are11239.762.16
cool because it's not going to be cool11240.82.559
once it gets up on the rails i see what11241.922.96
you're doing fluffing11243.3593.201
somebody fluffed me yeah swapping your11244.883.439
feathers all right we've got little11246.563.52
wheels all right are we ready to hit11248.3194.481
that timer you tell me let's do it11250.084.8
bam three11252.83.36
three four11257.23.36
look at you all right that's my phone's11260.564.08
password that seemed really complicated11262.563.44
now go11264.643.36
and i made my thing really wide and the11266.03.68
turns are way shorter than i thought11268.03.52
does this help is this how fast it goes11269.682.96
once it goes straight it's a little11271.522.4
better give it11272.642.96
a little better we were worried if i11273.924.08
could keep up with this okay so in five11275.64.24
minutes you'll be off the platform it's11278.03.84
gonna take you an hour no it goes fast11279.844.96
okay all right here we go hang on11281.844.96
a little something here we go oh now11284.85.12
we're done now we're off all right11286.84.96
oh god you're gonna fall off for that oh11289.924.479
no i'm gonna be fine really oh yeah i11291.764.4
feel like you should be like giving a11294.3993.761
tour and talking about the sights on the11296.164.0
way below us you can see the little hill11298.163.6
oh you're this is dude you're timing11300.163.36
you're being timed i'm working on it i11301.763.92
know i didn't stop on purpose oh okay11303.524.879
simon all right sorry now i've gotten11305.684.32
stuck in the front in a place that's11308.3993.601
never been stopped before god tell me11310.02.8
about it11312.02.24
well go ahead and tell us more about the11312.83.679
tour there we go there we go11314.244.48
tell us how many uh pounds of metal went11316.4794.161
into this track or how long it took11318.724.4
expert adap uh knows how much went into11320.646.16
the track ada uh about 37.3 tons of11323.125.52
metal went into this track thirty seven11326.83.44
point three times and they started11328.645.01
working on it in 2003. it feels like it11330.245.28
oh it's gone11338.03.52
that's just what i wanted to see you11339.684.16
gotta love it all right thank you scrap11341.526.0
mechanic that's a fail at 1 42. yeah is11343.845.599
that how we leave it just i'm done it's11347.523.759
over we have four contestants so we11349.4393.441
don't have time for your [ __ ] we really11351.2792.801
don't there's a good chance mine's going11352.883.2
to fall off too all right how is this11354.084.319
going to work do it let's get it is he11356.084.64
going to fret right up there yeah ready11358.3993.281
and start11361.683.12
how cute that was11366.3993.92
that was that was beautiful oh god oh11368.3994.161
[ __ ] he's going back11370.3193.441
that's rough11372.562.719
it's not pretty it's not pretty it's11373.765.36
smooth but he'll make it oh god11375.2795.12
i never would have thought this would be11379.123.12
that difficult you said you said you11380.3993.601
practiced giving yourself some severe11382.243.52
concussions there on them i feel a11384.03.68
little bit better now not great but11385.762.88
what do you mean by practice i'm going11388.644.0
aren't they okay he's making it but if i11390.725.04
did this i would go i'm not done11392.644.799
right all right man that looks scary11395.763.519
from up there oh it does you're up high11397.4393.92
it's the first slope11399.2794.641
[ __ ] all right oh this where it fell off11401.3594.641
weird angle i'm sorry about that11403.924.32
all eat11411.62.48
all right so you've officially beat him11412.4793.84
on the distance correct good job11414.084.399
thank you and on the time all right11416.3194.561
straight away i'm on now baby tiny ledge11418.4794.641
a little more wiggle a tiny turn oh [ __ ]11420.883.12
oh [ __ ] there11424.02.88
what's going on here all right your11436.963.2
oh [ __ ]11446.967.84
2 22 at the elevator11450.085.92
all right so11454.83.76
you can't fly back up there11456.04.399
the hell i want11458.564.0
if you wake on right now11460.3995.201
oh my god11462.563.04
dude that would have been great that11465.922.479
would have been amazing11466.964.64
okay will we see the entire course so i11468.3994.241
guess everybody's been starting from11471.62.48
back here i was starting from the slant11472.643.6
before but all right you ready yes i am11474.083.68
all right and go11476.242.88
and then what was the other oh no11479.123.68
those aren't the buttons you know what11481.4392.561
i'm just going to take my time i think11482.83.28
that's a good call honestly though11484.04.0
you're screwing the pooch there's turns11486.084.16
like this down the way though well we'll11488.04.479
see what happens oh there he goes that11490.243.68
looks pretty good11492.4794.84
the first turn11493.923.399
that's the biggest one isn't it the11497.522.879
hardest i think it is and i i didn't11498.883.76
build this to go out anthony and i both11500.3994.0
made it past this well you know i built11502.643.92
it to start on the platform11504.3993.841
and you can't even make it i built this11506.563.52
to start on the platform excuses are11508.243.84
like [ __ ] right11510.084.08
if i recall simon you agreed with me11512.083.12
that i should be able to start on the11514.162.96
platform but it's more fun somebody out11515.23.76
there simon doesn't have one and you're11517.124.0
stirring up all kinds of emotions one11518.963.84
would think that the race would start11521.124.08
where the ice starts you know i only11522.83.76
built it that way so that i could attach11525.22.48
it to the platform well stop wasting11526.562.719
time keep the time going get off the11527.683.44
rail and get on the other part there you11529.2794.0
go do your cheaty way all right is this11531.123.359
close enough11533.2792.721
i would have completely redesigned my11534.4794.241
car had i known this was at the start11536.04.8
oh he's awful11538.723.84
look at that now it's like a dream just11540.83.12
that one turn you couldn't do that one11542.562.56
time i need a little momentum going11543.922.72
around turns because i've got my my11545.123.199
middle little steering things hooked up11546.643.12
to an electric engine so it's in it11548.3192.96
right it's a little stun you put a11549.762.639
rocket on11551.2792.801
a rocket like a rocket would have got11552.3992.96
you around that wow11554.083.76
oh yeah this move mine was smooth until11555.3594.481
then no you what all right listen we're11557.844.88
at 240 right now yes look how fast this11559.844.559
thing's going though11562.723.44
come on we might get to see the second11564.3994.481
part of the course we might11566.164.319
that's my goal god it's almost like you11568.883.439
built this course11570.4793.121
well that was beautiful yeah though11573.62.879
thank you some pretty transitions can11574.965.6
you unhook oh yeah the thing is11576.4796.321
yeah i really [ __ ] up here11580.564.16
now can you steer around this thing i11582.83.519
yep put that up got my big old headdress11586.3196.641
on all right uncharted territory11588.727.28
yep yep there we go not too bad yeah11592.964.96
you're in the lead sir i'm in the lead11596.03.68
you've gone where no one's gone before11597.922.26
i like the little jingle yeah11603.25.279
i put these out to be a little more more11606.722.96
man that thing11609.683.92
is already good but11611.764.08
looks fun i'm sure you don't want to11616.564.0
start like way up ahead from that11618.2394.721
yeah let's just do it11620.566.0
that's a spurt very nice oh yeah smooth11622.965.92
so here we go you're home free now i'm11626.564.08
basically yeah there i think there's11628.882.8
something at the end i have to knock it11630.642.56
over there's the third obstacle which11631.683.52
you might not be able to do oh11633.23.84
we have an issue11635.24.4
come on straighten up you're almost into11637.044.399
clear valley11639.63.52
you jinxed it i went a little bit too11641.4394.481
fast over the thing11643.122.8
balls of steel11651.682.96
actually he lost his balls in an11653.2793.04
accident oh no i don't like to talk11654.644.0
about it no that's why i do but now11656.3194.241
they're oatmeal factory steel balls11658.644.639
aren't like opinions simon11660.564.32
that's true11663.2793.12
i should have known i'm sorry you just11664.882.559
never know11666.3992.401
all right this is a this is great11667.4392.481
footage huh11668.84.479
this is super oh it's intense11669.924.8
it took it took so long to build the11673.2793.04
rail i didn't have any time for uh11674.723.44
decorations so on the right you can see11676.3193.601
where i wanted to put a spotlight11678.163.119
got one more thing after this because i11679.924.16
haven't seen this11681.2792.801
what do you mean you haven't seen this11686.163.92
what build yeah how would you ever do11688.084.64
this scared of my slap bridge here11690.084.399
you know how it works i haven't tested11692.723.599
this particularly how many times11694.4793.121
that's for balance11696.3194.641
yeah yeah basically that's great simon11697.65.839
how about this final challenge whoa come11700.964.88
on now people fear it and yeah you know11703.4394.241
nothing's not for the faint of heart it11705.844.559
is not as a faint of heart sure it is11707.685.12
right yeah the faint of heart not for11710.3995.441
the squirmish or the timid my heart is11712.87.08
saturated oh11715.844.04
getting ballsy all right here we go and11720.563.28
a tight up here make sure those big arms11722.3992.88
are going to fit i'm actually worried11723.843.5
about the dirt the high five machine11725.2792.691
that should have been the final11729.4392.641
challenge i can't wait to see how you11730.3194.561
make this exciting doraleous11732.084.319
music music oh11734.882.88
and talking about his balls yes yep for11737.764.8
lack thereof you could also uh flip the11740.565.78
footage upside down flip it upside down11742.566.909
i forgot i was timing this oh boy how11759.844.16
long's it been oh he ran out of numbers11762.164.319
on his timer11764.04.96
i feel like i'm in the wrong oh my god11766.4794.241
do you have any way to get back right i11768.963.04
used to i had to delete it because11770.722.559
ah we almost saw the end i can't wait i11773.2795.921
can't wait no11776.3992.801
but he's still not there so i'm not i11780.2393.761
don't have the traction to get up this11782.642.639
this hill here i might have to change my11784.02.56
engines a little bit no you can't do11785.2792.881
that no you can't i'm kind of hoping11786.563.44
this isn't just now11788.163.92
oh really not this race okay this is11790.04.16
hardcore this is hardcore scratch11792.083.76
he's doing the same thing i'm hoping you11794.163.44
failed i feel sorry for you because11795.843.04
you're missing testicles but i still11797.64.24
want you to fail this11798.882.96
you don't think if they're up is the11802.162.239
right answer11803.4392.701
oh turn over you deserve it11804.3994.911
we can do this put them up now put them11809.523.68
up but they're going to maybe11811.2794.241
all right11813.22.32
easy does it that's it11816.04.96
you're a crazy person how do you not11819.2793.601
know that that's the way to do this let11820.963.519
me know some has never even driven that11822.882.8
thing and it seems like it's working11824.4793.92
okay just focus on my turn focus we're11825.684.08
on a severe grade and all the all the11828.3992.801
weights on top now but you made it11829.763.44
further already11831.24.48
don't argue us right people all right oh11833.25.44
yeah final thing what do i look you have11835.684.639
to knock the flag over to knock it over11838.644.719
okay i'm gonna try to do it this way11840.3193.04
never happened never11843.843.04
what's the time all right it's 9 38. so11849.125.44
neebs yeah yeah means you're feeling11852.723.84
pretty confident uh i mean after what11854.563.12
i've seen from the first three11856.564.0
contestants i can't do too bad i really11857.685.36
hope something goes horribly awry i am11860.565.04
ready to complete the course all right11863.043.6
i'm ready to11865.63.28
pretend to start the timer but forget11866.643.56
are you ready11868.886.96
ready and go going okay all right pretty11870.26.6
very smooth so far and moving nice look11876.84.559
out look man look how good that works11879.124.239
yeah i like the side wheels they fix the11881.3593.681
issue of the top try to keep up better11883.3593.92
hop okay i'll do my best11885.044.0
oh wow oh11887.2794.16
going to that take a shortcut can't wait11889.043.92
i'm trying to do this11891.4393.281
take a shortcut oh11892.964.72
here we go baby11894.726.12
i'm trying11897.683.16
what's that i see there in the distance11909.123.84
what is that you see in a distance it's11911.044.48
a burning building where where is it oh11912.964.24
hello who is this where this is me11915.524.4
doraleous hello doraleous hello neebs11917.24.64
good to see you my friend it is nice to11919.924.16
be seen my friend anthony guys i heard11921.843.439
there's a burning building around here11924.085.64
somewhere yeah it's right behind you11925.2794.441
look anthony's had a hard day he worked11953.2794.721
hard on a fire truck and it blew up and11956.085.56
he had to start over11958.03.64
so who's going to go first wait you guys11972.2394.321
should also come check out my behind the11974.963.76
scenes video on my channel of me11976.564.16
building it and it being destroyed and11978.724.559
i think i'm leaving11983.3594.801
anthony csn stay the [ __ ] out am i going11984.565.2
first i shouldn't go first mine's11988.163.44
amazing i should go last i'm the grand11989.763.519
finale anthony why don't you go first11991.62.719
i'll go first11993.2794.08
i'm going second now boom build11994.3195.04
oh i sure liked your first one better11997.3594.08
well i think we don't show the audience11999.3594.161
the challenges they just see it as you12001.4394.321
slam all right12008.163.279
driving nice and slow because you have12009.843.439
no choice no firemen do it well they're12011.4393.521
also fire trucks aren't usually off-road12013.2793.12
vehicles right yeah but you knew the12014.963.279
terrain you knew you didn't have a road12016.3993.601
to go on right all right i'm at the tree12018.2394.0
tree with where's cat should be a cat12020.04.16
the tree you need to save it got it cat12022.2392.961
and tree all right we're getting this12024.162.88
cat what a good cat bill neebs that12025.23.6
looks a lot like a cat with very few12027.042.96
that is really good i wish i could see12030.03.2
it better it actually looks better from12031.523.36
back here probably does it really well12033.23.119
guys maybe we can get a better image if12034.883.359
we get it down from this tree let's see12036.3194.481
step one this seat wait a minute12038.2393.681
okay so it works on a bunch of12040.82.88
electrical engines like this that's a12041.924.16
great story this cat's gonna die the12043.683.759
cat's been in the tree for like eight12046.082.72
hours actually the cat's fun yeah12047.4393.04
there's no threat that's happy12048.82.4
cat would prefer we not be here12051.24.88
all right we're getting real close to12056.082.48
this cat i'm gonna activate oh wait12057.123.52
gotta go up a little i gotta go slightly12058.563.679
to my left12060.644.08
or right this is efficient12062.2394.08
all right now ready i'm glad you went12064.723.36
first i'm gonna use the fire the water12066.3194.241
to get out of the the thing oh wait12068.084.88
laser and12070.564.24
where something was supposed to happen12074.84.0
huh where was it where is water12076.3195.361
um just punch it out with the oh12078.84.4
is my thing attached to the thing what12081.682.719
okay we got it we're back in business12084.3993.361
there we go boom we're getting close to12086.163.84
this cat come on let's do this get out12087.764.96
of the tree yes12090.05.2
dude it only took you four minutes and12092.725.28
47 seconds to knock down a cat is the12095.25.039
cat safe hurry up the cat's safe all12098.06.0
right good land on his feet kind of12100.2393.761
yo i'm a lady in distress oh lady hey12106.086.159
hey you want to be saved yeah there's a12109.524.799
fire balloon all right you gotta hop12112.2394.24
right into my truck you understand it's12114.3194.481
a long way down it's all right wait a12116.4793.681
minute i got to position myself a little12118.83.599
better oh god it's not clear what's12120.164.96
happening me as a viewer i'm confused12122.3994.241
you guys it's what that challenge like12125.122.8
the fire truck that has a little12126.643.2
trampoline you jump into like in dumbo12127.923.92
with the little clown be like a catcher12129.843.599
all right a people catcher all right so12131.843.68
let's see oh and the success is if it12133.4393.761
gets caught in the thing here's your12135.523.12
trick you got to launch yourself right12137.23.76
into the truck by falling into this ramp12138.644.0
are you [ __ ] kidding i'm jumping onto12140.963.76
a hard ramp yes i had a much bigger ramp12142.644.0
before but it uh well we all know what12144.723.28
happened well we didn't want a [ __ ]12146.642.719
bigger ramp12148.03.439
it's all fire you're gonna die12149.3593.521
yay all right12151.4393.761
get in the truck hurry is that it please12152.884.32
lord nope now i gotta do all this [ __ ]12155.23.44
it's gonna take like 20 minutes can i12157.23.199
get out of your taco truck yeah you can12158.644.48
get my taco truck here we go12160.3993.951
all right step one12163.123.76
oh i think that you know i hate you guys12166.883.68
because you're like oh it's gonna be so12168.963.359
quick it's gonna be easy it's gonna be12170.563.6
20 minutes for him to put his [ __ ]12172.3194.0
chat all right i'm hitting the button12174.163.52
that does the thing and it's not doing12176.3192.721
the thing oh wow it's so weird that12177.682.96
something's going wrong what the [ __ ] is12179.043.92
going on all right put the fires out all12180.645.36
right far out fire one12182.965.359
fire one is out wow look at me shoot my12186.04.319
water finger my apartment is the top12188.3194.721
middle uh i'd really like to save my tv12190.3194.481
i think you just need to put out one of12193.044.08
the fires the other ones will go out on12194.83.31
their own12197.122.72
how logic is that12199.843.439
well it's me trying to get past this12201.524.16
[ __ ] it's not gonna be much longer son12203.2794.241
no look this is surprisingly efficient12205.683.2
for an anthony build12207.523.28
i like the fire department laser system12208.884.32
thank you very accurate it's new three12210.84.479
left man12213.24.88
how's time looking12215.2794.881
oh it's at nine minutes uh you know what12218.083.76
i'm kind of wishing you would have done12220.163.199
12 fires12221.843.439
that would have been fun12223.3594.08
you know just to really make it like you12225.2794.721
know like a big six on there i know so12227.4394.561
if i just just do it12230.04.16
duplicate it let's [ __ ] do that simon12232.03.76
mine's gonna be more fun12234.163.44
you hear me simon oh i'm sure it's gonna12235.763.84
be more i'm sure yours will12237.64.32
anthony doesn't work here anymore bye12239.64.4
it's been a good run12244.02.8
at 9 29 yeah i did the goal at least i12249.24.32
think that's the first time you did do12252.083.44
the goal yeah so12253.524.0
if you're bored at home imagine us we12255.522.66
didn't have any12257.526.37
lieutenant girl editing banning um12265.124.56
[ __ ] start fired12269.684.24
this counts against his time right just12272.2392.481
it's good enough i know the time12274.726.0
shot i started it pretty fast good thing12278.164.079
i got that head start but i got some12280.723.04
boosters but i don't think i need them12282.2393.441
smash them to the tree will that do it12283.764.0
just smash into the [ __ ] tree make it12285.684.24
ugly who cares12287.763.92
get in there dabelis come on you gotta12289.924.0
get in getting in all right uh you're12291.683.759
probably not in the best spot neebs oh12293.923.2
don't you go to the back you're backing12295.4392.641
in huh12297.124.08
oh we got here oh god a missile system12298.085.52
oh god you're shooting oh my god please12301.24.88
lord do this he is gonna poke the [ __ ]12303.64.24
out of that cat so if you've seen the12306.083.44
wrong one if you miss12307.844.96
then what don't miss12309.523.28
blow them out whoa12313.2792.881
[ __ ]12315.3592.561
that no let us know when you're going to12316.163.68
shoot then we're i just i'm i was12317.925.04
shooting ready okay well then i can't12319.844.08
get him12323.922.24
[ __ ]12325.2793.601
it's a branch12326.165.68
now i gotta go to the other [ __ ]12328.884.24
i'm a [ __ ]12331.842.72
that's not how they get cats out of12333.123.84
trees well it would have been great it12334.564.719
worked have you used my final technique12336.963.6
on this sucker it would have killed the12339.2794.401
cat though um no guarantees on this12340.564.64
i like your lights off the tree to riley12343.682.96
thanks buddy it makes it look official12345.24.84
oh my god12346.643.4
oh no i don't think i can reach it you12350.83.36
gotta drive right forward yeah but i'm12352.2393.521
not gonna you might you just nowhere12354.165.04
near it are you coming over12355.763.44
yeah yeah12361.724.0
hey man and you're only at 2 30 right12370.2394.721
now wow 30 seconds totally good head to12372.643.839
the fire man12374.964.319
hey help me oh my god oh my god12376.4794.321
all right just stay stay calm12379.2792.881
ah jeez you're ruining it what the [ __ ]12382.164.96
is wrong when you get up there stop12384.963.68
moving your head around so quickly12387.123.72
you're making me [ __ ] have a12388.644.24
seizure damn it what is wrong with you12390.843.96
that was he's [ __ ] jittery that was12392.883.68
not the end12394.83.599
all right i'm way back here now can you12396.564.0
can you see me yeah all right12398.3994.0
and just look down with your [ __ ]12400.563.6
angle anthony because we need the camera12402.3993.84
here we go12404.165.52
i want to get in there what is that12406.2395.601
cushions yeah i'm pretty sure you can12409.684.559
hit that now small target though anthony12411.843.599
we're pretty close12414.2392.641
don't jump don't fall i mean don't jump12416.885.439
don't jump just fall12419.23.119
oh i'm okay there you go and by the way12422.965.439
he jumped by the way thank you sir12425.524.719
he jumped now he's dead12428.3993.121
you're doing really good doraleous12430.2394.601
thanks buddy12431.523.32
that is efficient sir yeah very nice all12444.85.27
right let's get these guys12448.168.339
oh there you go12456.883.8
i i i got a text hold on12462.3194.16
you guys [ __ ] with my time what the time12466.4795.041
what's the text say okay okay oh five12468.3194.561
minutes yay12471.523.6
minus like eight seconds12472.884.559
you're a winner so i'm going to minus12475.124.72
eight seconds on that i like delay i12477.4393.92
like that all right12479.842.479
452. okay good game dorelli slapped me12482.3193.521
on the butt12484.883.359
yeah come on sportsmanship yeah yeah12485.845.36
you're too annoying today uh12488.2393.841
oh [ __ ] oh my god12492.085.199
oh my god wow well winner thanks for12494.3194.0
holy [ __ ] it's good doesn't it it looks12498.3195.681
great steve this looks exactly like i12501.683.52
was hoping mine would look in the12504.04.16
beginning how long did you work on this12505.23.92
i don't know12508.163.199
three hours maybe i'm ashamed of myself12509.123.61
right now12511.3591.471
uh this is a fire department named12516.084.48
gaming we have a distress call there's12517.924.88
apparently a pussycat uh stuck up in a12520.564.32
tree uh kind of straight in front of you12522.84.4
okay yes sir we're on the way after that12524.885.2
there's a big fire but go ahead first12527.25.89
always i'm12530.086.129
you're amazing but i think that12541.123.68
doraleous did the best thing with the12542.883.76
fire yeah he's uh we don't know yet12544.83.28
who's gonna have the fastest time i12546.643.759
would say i think so this is usually the12548.083.44
opposite usually i make something that12550.3993.04
looks good but don't work for [ __ ] this12551.523.919
is gorgeous this might do both you12553.4394.081
cannot get more gorgeous of a fire12555.4393.92
engine you got a chance at this if you12557.524.32
can get this [ __ ] cat right away okay12559.3594.801
dave your ladder is beautiful thank you12561.843.92
anthony i'm gonna go be the12564.163.44
stressed woman okay go be distressed12565.763.679
come on get it right away i need you12567.63.44
right up there it's gonna be underwater12569.4393.201
that is just get it in under a minute12571.044.319
come on buddy you could do this okay12572.645.2
we're in 48 seconds right now i'm coming12575.3594.721
cat come on neebs i'm so glad you saved12577.844.08
the thumbnail here12580.083.279
get out of there come on12583.3592.401
under a minute 59 seconds okay i'm going12587.046.08
59 seconds he's off12589.845.28
now i am rooting for you you're such a12593.125.6
flip-flopper i am i flip i flop i flap i12595.125.84
i do everything12598.723.36
uh saved me i hope you didn't um12602.086.0
my cat's deathly afraid of12605.3594.561
hammers the cat's fine don't worry about12608.083.68
it i hope you didn't hammer12609.924.88
him no are you ready12611.764.719
yeah what up yeah12614.83.679
that looks awfully hard oh my god look12616.4794.081
at that that's like four feet off the12618.4795.521
ground trouble material look at that go12620.566.799
ahead jump move you [ __ ]12624.06.52
oh yeah12627.3593.161
that was awesome 227. i jumped on the12631.2795.12
wood wow neebs you have some really nice12634.723.519
rims on that fire truck well thank you12636.3993.761
sir i didn't know if you would notice or12638.2392.961
you were on this i have to put out each12641.24.159
fire individually which i know you like12643.124.159
i don't know what you're12645.3593.201
yeah it does12647.2793.521
what what is your what is your strategy12648.563.919
um i don't know i'm just gonna get up12650.83.12
there and start squirting water at it12652.4792.8
that the fire department does it they're12653.922.08
okay so12656.03.52
maybe start with this middle one it's a12657.846.639
time sign oh god 3 12. up what whoa12659.525.839
come on12664.4792.081
oh come on12666.562.879
[ __ ]12668.3192.401
you're gonna put a laser pointer on12669.4392.88
there huh i could have used the laser12670.724.639
pointer oh oh that went right through it12672.3196.241
it went to the side12675.3593.201
you are okay you got it though you got12680.3993.761
it back up12682.4794.0
hey did you do something oh my god it12684.163.44
clicks down12686.4792.721
oh god i hope12687.64.16
no i don't know am i going to flip again12689.24.56
i might want you to lose no12691.762.8
now back it up buddy12694.564.28
you got this this is12696.963.92
unconventional those fire hoses are12698.845.399
powerful they got a lot of pressure12700.883.359
come on fire go out you've got12705.2794.321
that one out12707.843.599
less than one minute12709.65.52
two fires out of foot12711.4397.84
another 40 seconds and you can do this12715.124.159
it's glitching out there's no way it's12721.23.039
going to do the thing i'm going to reset12722.4792.481
all right you got to see this work how12724.963.519
it's supposed to work okay all right12726.3194.0
goes up well i'm really far away now12728.4793.121
left you go right12730.3193.281
i mean that that ladder that looks great12731.63.36
how do you make it go left and right i12733.64.0
should have got close oh oh nice wow12734.965.84
look at that very nice bam12737.64.879
i shouldn't have got so far away yeah12740.83.2
you're pretty far12742.4793.041
do you want me to get in the vehicle and12744.03.92
drive forward a touch i am it i don't12745.523.6
know i think he's in a good position12747.923.04
he's got more fires today got it only12749.123.84
two more you don't need me to drive12750.963.2
how do you go left12754.164.4
uh i made a thing i did i used12756.84.479
engineering what's this thing12758.564.96
all right12761.2792.241
one more one more12766.2395.411
oh too far yep i didn't even move12768.3196.241
you got that nice fire12774.563.36
come on come on12778.3195.881
save the day12780.83.4
all right folks that's our fire truck12785.844.479
build on scrap mechanic yeah and thanks12787.684.32
for watching we'll see you next time we12790.3193.92
got a problem up top for the building oh12792.04.72
my god a cat all right boogity boo12794.2394.16
[ __ ]12796.723.44
oh this is what this is the scare i12798.3993.681
didn't realize we're doing a haunted12800.164.56
mansion ride oh turn around again happy12802.085.12
halloween everybody that looks12804.724.8
that [ __ ] is12809.523.12
unreal yeah12810.843.08
i can't believe i didn't even notice12812.643.839
that either right away props to props to12813.924.64
durf uh the same guy who made this12816.4794.401
nightmare nightline nice work derp12818.563.28
possible by you so guys yes we're going12821.844.37
into a haunted mansion12824.3994.921
why do i have that out can i paint12829.842.72
something are you painting something12831.64.28
that's spooky12832.563.32
there are four sections to this haunted12844.4794.081
mansion okay the first section of the12846.83.84
haunted house is doraleous and then12848.565.44
neebs and ada hop and then anthony are12850.645.679
we ready to start yeah everybody ready12854.05.92
yeah i'm ready yeah here we go12856.3193.601
oh yeah yeah like i like the looks of12860.2394.721
that already all right keep your hands12863.2793.601
and feet inside the vehicle folks okay12864.964.88
so here we are12866.882.96
we're entering the dark12870.083.52
it's very very dark12871.766.08
god it's dark okay super dark12873.65.44
oh what's go12877.843.2
loading oh god that's a nightmare12879.044.399
already unloading12881.044.239
that's a [ __ ] nightmare oh my god12883.4393.601
these loading times are atrociously12885.2794.241
scary so you're not moving for a reason12887.044.72
because it's loading right that's a12889.523.839
this is a nightmare really is this12893.3593.761
scrap bills go to die12916.564.0
oh yep there's that one there's the fire12918.563.28
is it really yep we bury them here12921.844.479
oh look mad max truck for the next truck12924.563.2
yeah right over there12926.3192.96
is there anything spooky going to come12927.763.28
out give me no this is this takes a12929.2793.281
little while12931.043.439
but i wanted you to take it12932.563.759
you wanted to soak it in that is12934.4794.161
beautiful i like that lightning and it's12936.3194.481
creepy it's getting bigger12938.645.599
it's growing what lightning12940.83.439
there's this the scat lightning that's12944.3193.12
happening oh you mean the castle12946.163.119
lighting up with the lights that's what12947.4395.361
lightning does to things12949.2793.521
i just thought that was gonna be like a12954.82.559
lightning strike12955.843.439
no like it sounds like a strength when i12957.3593.841
add the sound effects12959.2794.16
it's gonna be amazing right go to hell12961.23.84
for every strike you're gonna for every12963.4392.8
light you're gonna have yeah every12965.043.84
single one oh we got blocked here12966.2394.801
blocked one no what a nightmare12968.885.2
this is where i add the sound12971.043.04
open the door12974.164.48
oh what was that hey aydah who was that12976.3193.841
what was12978.643.44
jump out and12980.163.52
and and open the door it sounds like12982.082.72
it's dangerous to be standing right in12983.682.24
front of the car12984.82.639
that's not routine for people get out of12985.924.16
the car oh my god12987.4395.361
what did i get that you didn't see the12990.084.88
feel like i'm in like disney world13007.043.359
there it is13010.887.0
good job sir perfect13013.124.76
all right wow13023.3593.601
as scary as that was doraleous that was13025.4394.641
awesome so this is where we um13026.964.56
we have to get out and this is the13030.084.56
theater room okay so uh i'll pick the uh13031.525.44
far left this is all your [ __ ] doraleous13034.644.56
yeah i made man you rock man dude i13036.963.439
really am you really did have a [ __ ]13039.23.039
bucket for this didn't you you did yeah13040.3994.641
okay ready yeah yeah let's start the13042.2395.601
show i guess13045.042.8
oh [ __ ]13048.088.629
i don't want to go to her crotch god no13061.4393.84
oh god you are oh13063.2795.361
are you doing that oh my god13065.2797.12
that's [ __ ] great man13068.643.759
oh the meat13074.84.96
oh holy [ __ ] dude13076.844.599
this might be the funniest thing you've13079.762.8
ever done13081.4393.281
look at these bodies holy [ __ ]13082.563.839
oh my goodness13084.723.759
her vagina is lined with the walls of13086.3997.08
dead souls because it smells funny13088.4795.0
and uh and we move on from here damn13095.844.639
dude where'd you go13098.3196.16
oh there we go i'm in okay out of boys13100.4794.0
let's continue13104.645.92
this next part is my haunted section13106.726.0
we're going out the other end poke me13110.563.759
are you going down i can't even tell13112.723.759
which we're going for who knows it's so13114.3193.841
you never know what the witch's vagina13118.163.36
is this is the witch's butthole13119.763.519
this is all inside of the other hand13121.524.04
we're out now13123.2795.491
what's his name13131.64.639
spooky monster13133.043.199
i'm the spooky monster so it was made13136.3994.241
clear that yours was gonna suck13138.644.08
yeah okay yeah i said that so we all13140.644.16
know yours is gonna suck and who else is13142.726.759
gonna suck oh mine's gonna suck too okay13144.84.679
that's cool look at that spooky bat13154.3994.161
oh that's a spider13159.164.4
don't be so hard on yourself dude13168.3193.441
that spider's really cool looking13172.164.72
that is good13179.63.839
those legs are awesome that was creepy13181.523.44
good for you i didn't build that that's13183.4393.04
from the workshop i'll put a link in the13184.964.519
there it is it's good for you that makes13190.03.359
sense now scary how little time you put13191.682.799
it doors13193.3594.721
door door no one is going13194.4795.281
to get off the road13198.085.72
this is scary oops13199.764.04
this is tight13206.723.04
prepare for the spooky section of13207.844.639
vaderhop ooh the track changed13209.764.32
yeah the track is glowing i like the red13212.4793.041
glowy track13214.084.64
i'm scared all right i like it all right13215.525.28
oh my god money there's money up ahead13218.724.0
yeah what13220.84.559
okay so so i took a different uh13222.724.48
different approach oh yeah13227.24.88
so hey guys let's uh let's upload some13230.085.44
original content to youtube13232.085.52
original content isn't it scary what13235.524.719
game is it based on uh well it doesn't13237.64.32
matter it's just original content but is13240.2393.2
it like a parody of something like how13241.923.76
to cook something it could be yeah fix13243.4394.081
something maybe some tutorials what's13245.683.84
the point dude this is pissing me off13247.524.32
are you confused like me talking about13249.524.56
you're not medieval funniness13251.844.32
i can't wait to see the view count oh13254.083.84
yeah okay so here we go we're uploading13256.163.52
it we've got our video going up oh you13257.923.28
more loading going on yeah more loading13261.24.239
yeah interesting we've got a spooky13263.25.199
doraleous thumbnail over there13265.4394.481
a lot of perks i think it looks great oh13268.3992.721
look look forward hey we've got that13269.923.519
youtube money coming oh yeah nothing13271.123.52
could go wrong here right we're gonna13273.4392.161
up nothing could go wrong nothing could13275.63.04
go wrong no of course not it's right13276.963.12
there she's right there i'm gonna get13278.643.52
that youtube money oh no no oh no13280.085.84
warning guys we're being demonetized13282.163.76
we're moving on to anthony's haunted13295.843.68
i think i executed what i was going for13299.525.36
quite well13302.3192.561
are you guys ready ready ready we've13305.044.88
been activated13307.122.8
oh no13310.4792.96
all right13311.764.679
the experience oh my god i just13322.2394.961
rewatched that the other day me too13324.3194.561
all the paintings on the walls so yeah13327.23.84
just a house oh there's the clock what13328.883.76
time is it13331.045.12
2400 11.59 oh 11 59. i forget what it13332.645.599
was cups everywhere guys look at this13336.163.92
yeah that's nice the floor is not13338.2393.521
herringbone but it is wood this is what13340.085.44
is close all right there's no crown13341.763.76
see that girl in the back available is13356.962.64
it is13358.3193.761
i didn't i missed the men's room13359.65.92
ooh sideways person13362.083.44
why are you sideways13365.923.92
yeah this is great this is amazing all13369.845.519
right there's someone behind us too13372.2395.521
oh [ __ ] oh so we're about to go back13375.3594.321
into the room on to the next room guys13377.765.679
whoa the next room of the house right13379.683.759
i have a feeling i know what room that13383.64.16
but we're we're technically still in the13387.763.76
vagina right no we came out the moment13389.4394.481
we came out the butt oh okay13391.523.759
keep up simon13393.923.279
what's that on the sides of the hallway13395.2795.601
it's the same hallway13397.1993.681
there's an upside down lady there's13407.685.88
plants and how weird oh13409.2794.281
oh [ __ ]13427.682.96
it works every time but now like oh here13430.645.679
we go and it's oh it's stopped thank13433.64.16
seamlessly oh yeah13437.764.8
oh that was a closed one close one it's13439.1995.841
close oh that was a close one oh yeah13442.565.759
closed we're going to close the door13445.043.279
oh the light's around now it's more red13451.123.359
more spooky13453.1993.361
yeah i remember when it got red oh13454.4794.481
there's a there's a fidget and like13456.565.839
shark on the wall red and spooky13458.963.439
at the same time13462.888.14
it's a lot more scary than lightning it13474.964.08
is that's a cross13476.563.919
but it's red13479.043.76
and it's wet sometimes it's kind of13480.4796.241
creepy though it is creepy wow oh13482.86.32
they should be singing like hymns now oh13486.724.24
my goodness oh you could have like a13489.123.44
choir music13490.964.479
oh my gosh above us really worked out oh13492.566.16
my god13495.4395.121
that is creepy though they are13498.723.679
sacrificing us13500.565.28
to the demon god13502.3993.441
eyes that's great13507.123.68
oh that looks so good13508.884.16
what looks good the eyes are the little13510.84.0
blinking eyes13513.043.359
wow they're they're little blinking red13514.83.28
guys oh they're in the walls they have13518.084.239
really big eyelids but they're letting13520.3193.521
us go13522.3193.04
do not enter oh13523.844.16
well are they glad the sharks are safe13525.3594.08
you know13528.03.439
there's death on the lap duck13529.4395.441
oh what's in the bathroom now oh13531.4395.601
it's blinking there's blinking in there13534.885.2
oh boy13537.045.359
this is a lot like pt like i'm done i13540.083.199
yeah i'm way done13543.2794.061
the toilet demon the toilet i don't know13549.1995.981
but please just carry on13553.045.279
we're safe from the demon up13558.3193.841
no we're not oh13560.4794.241
man i have them rushed now have them13562.163.36
come with you quick we already made this13565.524.08
do it13568.642.719
back to reality13569.63.36
oh we're safe oh it's almost no this is13573.764.08
a nightmare it really is this this13575.843.68
should have ended officially13577.843.359
i love how long this is of course you13579.523.6
did do you want to go home simon no but13581.1993.28
seriously do you want to go home are you13583.123.92
tired of pt same time it's having the13584.4793.92
same effect there you want to go have13587.044.399
some werthers and a nap yeah13588.3994.561
oh there's a little duck with the top13591.4394.84
hat yeah13592.963.319
you're supposed to do13604.83.439
you're so used to turning right all the13606.645.599
time right guys here we go we'll then13608.2394.0
much spookier all right never mind13615.4394.8
let's move on it's breaking that's13618.724.92
probably a good idea13620.2393.401
guys i think we made it out now we can13634.645.759
get to the full game i don't believe you13636.563.839
no it's not it13640.564.0
cancels oh we've been canceled that's13642.4793.92
not your finale13644.563.2
that's the end of your finale well there13646.3992.241
would have been something better but the13647.762.96
game got canceled okay13648.644.0
right so i think that was a great ending13650.723.92
because it's over happy halloween13652.644.16
everybody happy hour halloween13654.644.37
anthony yes we need to find neebs where13660.564.639
is he i don't know it's very dark out13663.3594.801
hang on all right that should do it13665.1995.921
all right oh he's right there13668.162.96
i swear to god i can't believe you guys13672.2393.921
didn't see that13673.522.64
what a journey they just had13676.564.12
neebs what you doing with the fire truck13685.763.679
i thought i would pull it out because13687.2794.241
it's got the word fire in it ah are you13689.4392.96
sure you're not just showing us13691.522.48
something good before we see something13692.3993.601
bad well it's lights and it's night time13694.03.279
let me tell the audience what we're13696.04.8
doing okay i just had this off idea uh13697.2795.92
to utilize the night mod again because13700.84.639
the lights are [ __ ] cool durf did a13703.1994.321
great job derf can you make a flashlight13705.4393.76
that just stays on13707.524.08
headlamp headlamp my initial idea was13709.1994.801
light machines whatever that means neebs13711.65.36
is like fireworks fireworks13714.05.199
it's a better idea two13716.963.439
three of us13719.1994.24
made fireworks13720.3993.04
mine kind of can turn into a firework of13731.524.64
sorts if you use your imagination should13733.843.68
we should we start off with the13736.163.68
non-firework or end with the non-fire13737.523.919
it's a really good question yeah cause13739.842.72
it's one way or the other you're not13741.4392.161
going to slap that [ __ ] in the middle13742.563.12
and you're with the non-firework i saw a13743.64.16
tiny glimpse of it it looks impressive13745.683.28
names you want to start i don't think13748.963.519
mine's even viewable you've been having13750.644.16
some issues huh even if it worked not13752.4795.281
worth looking at why it's that bad it's13754.84.559
horrible holy [ __ ] i didn't know you've13757.763.439
been spending the last four hours making13759.3593.681
something that doesn't work well i've13761.1993.04
been i've been telling you it doesn't13763.043.199
work i didn't know that goodman told me13764.2394.401
[ __ ] simon the more complicated it gets13766.2394.321
sometimes uh you know it's to your13768.643.679
detriment so it's his fault is what13770.562.719
you're saying you're saying it's13772.3192.88
absolutely false13773.2793.841
let's see here talk about it it hasn't13775.1993.521
worked yet i'm trying to make it work13777.123.92
right here in front of you okay ooh live13778.724.4
build so this might be the time where it13781.044.48
really it works for you oh yeah never13783.124.64
works in practice but then damn it13785.524.08
worked then all right get ready to crash13787.763.92
you're ready let positivity is on point13789.63.21
no crash no crash cause we got positive13794.83.92
vibes let's keep going we did a fraction13796.963.6
of uh well we'll then do more why not13798.723.44
one more because it's gonna crash okay13800.563.2
well then do this and then we'll do more13802.165.039
after this works off the list13803.763.439
hold on13812.564.879
oh you just did it huh13814.163.279
see why would i do that he's not happy13818.565.04
not every episode is gonna be the best13820.85.28
episode right then you don't upload them13823.65.28
no you do how it works no we upload them13826.085.44
and we make it funny otherwise it's our13828.884.96
job yeah that looks great over there13831.524.32
let's do that oh13833.843.439
[ __ ]13835.843.599
you [ __ ] just go to somebody else's13837.2793.04
mine's a13839.4392.8
abomination babes if you don't watch13840.3193.04
you have to do it i will be so13843.3592.721
disappointed in you all right anthony13844.563.839
you're up anthony hey we're coming back13846.084.0
to this neebs get it working mine are13848.3993.521
simple but they work do you want to see13850.083.84
just one doraleous you said that before13851.923.279
you wanted to see one first yeah let's13853.923.92
see one okay you gotta milk this13855.1995.601
oh look at this anthony hey look it's a13857.845.12
rocket and this is one but you have a13860.84.559
setup of eight as well i do i have a13862.964.16
whole set up a little bay to launch a13865.3593.361
bunch but this is just one and so you13867.123.279
gotta load it like a good old-fashioned13868.723.599
musket shove some blocks in it they13870.3993.92
always jumped on lips back in the civil13872.3193.761
war names if you want to have fun press13874.3192.88
that little button on the side when13876.083.119
you're ready uh this one right here13877.1994.401
correct yeah all right i'm gonna step13879.1994.0
back because i want to keep my fingers13881.63.04
it goes off right away so you're not13883.1993.12
gonna have much time i don't get to run13884.643.839
not really are you ready yeah i'm gonna13886.3194.16
light it do it okay13888.4794.241
i'm running13890.4794.561
that worked that's great yay firework13898.645.04
and now this thing goes nuts still close13901.4393.76
to it that's fun ignore this part it13903.683.12
looks like an octopus in minecraft do13905.1993.12
your eight then we ready for the big13906.83.2
thing yeah13908.3194.16
oh you got one two three hang on this is13910.04.239
actually six not the right one hang on13912.4792.88
that was the13914.2393.12
sixth banger but this year we've got the13915.3595.12
the also six banger the six banger but13917.3595.201
it has more so i can load it this might13920.4793.361
take a little while actually you gotta13922.562.639
do all of oh i thought it was like all13923.842.96
made and saved well it is except the13925.1993.441
parts that are oh the13926.84.32
inside need to be built separately13928.645.52
simon uh yeah how was your halloween13931.125.04
it's a great halloween let's talk about13934.163.199
it even though i know you're gonna cut13936.164.319
it out one more color guys maybe i'll do13937.3595.601
a mix of colors oh this last one's gonna13940.4794.481
be crazy if you're gonna do a mix you13942.964.0
put it in the middle you put the mix in13944.965.519
the middle turn it twice put the mix in13946.965.65
the middle make it nice13950.4793.361
is this video 10 minutes yet oh wait13953.843.599
[ __ ] i really [ __ ] up i was supposed13955.65.04
to erase the connection first so13957.4394.88
hopefully they all stay intact prepare13960.642.32
for lag13962.3193.281
back in whoa13965.63.36
all right all right this is kind of13967.523.839
amazing is it ready13968.963.89
oh goodness oh13971.35912.801
all right neebs are you ready ready sir13984.164.64
deebs countdown uh from three no start13986.163.84
from 40 because we're going to milk time13988.83.679
40 yeah 3913990.03.68
oh boy14006.3192.481
wow hey yeah14010.86.32
it was good it was14013.923.2
hey all right nice job anthony thank you14018.04.88
so doraleous14020.3194.641
neebs i see a colorful thing in the14022.883.76
world is that drilling14024.963.84
[ __ ] i love it i love it the initial14026.643.839
thought was like a light machine14028.84.24
um basically that's what this is14030.4794.561
like you could rent it for parties and14033.044.48
make an instant rave or something right14035.044.64
but i put rockets on it so it can14037.524.16
eventually be a firework so you ready14039.683.28
for this isn't the party supposed to be14041.683.44
in the rear so we can start playing14042.964.399
some music like dude oh yeah it'll be14045.124.079
all right ready i think am i in the14047.3592.961
right spot sure14049.1994.241
yeah exactly so there's that thing14054.2395.521
get those things going uh-huh nice maybe14057.1994.401
get a little closer i don't know if it's14059.763.599
gonna be any better son14061.63.679
all right14063.3594.241
all right14068.883.76
there's your party right there14070.3194.0
no it's not that impressive no but if it14072.643.52
flew in the sky it would be oh let's try14074.3193.521
that look at the sky look at the floor i14076.164.48
mean oh oh that's what i'm talking about14077.845.519
goodbye party yeah that okay that's a14080.644.32
well neebs i guess the party's over dude14084.965.92
best one so far14087.683.2
i was having fun what are we gonna do14091.124.079
for a video today neebs yeah i need to14092.884.96
see your rocket okay i'll try even if it14095.1995.361
works bad video no might be great video14097.845.28
might be great man listen doraleous can14100.565.2
edit like a [ __ ] champ14103.125.279
he's so good i am he makes things so14105.764.16
has doraleous not returned yet where is14109.922.72
[ __ ] gone ballis where are you14112.645.2
there ellis14116.2393.521
holy [ __ ] i overshot you guys oh did you14119.765.439
get lost yeah doraleous14122.3194.0
where are you right here where coming up14126.3194.08
on you nobody can see this [ __ ] oh hey14128.883.599
there you are put a light up really i'm14130.3993.361
gonna try this again doraleous yeah14132.4793.201
nobody can see it doraleous is modifying14133.763.84
the bottom of the rocket no i'm not14135.684.4
touching the rocket i'm making a little14137.64.16
like a guiding14140.082.88
so it doesn't fall he's making a guiding14142.963.439
is that good neebs you can make a yeah14146.3993.04
if it's going to keep it from falling14148.3992.721
over again he's helping you out look at14149.4393.04
this all coming together like a14151.123.76
community i don't think it'll fall now14152.4794.321
names should we try it14154.883.76
don't crash don't crash don't look at it14156.84.399
don't even play the lights don't crash14158.644.559
are they in there yeah they are pretty14161.1995.04
stable to me all right close the top14163.1995.28
oh yeah yeah [ __ ] that's a serious14166.2394.16
looking firework dude needs more light14168.4794.161
on it14170.3993.92
look at that it's good for something14172.643.92
that looks fantastic there we go that14174.3194.321
looks pretty good it really does doesn't14176.563.839
it you will be charged for the rental14178.642.559
what i'd like to do is delete this chair14181.1995.601
i hope this doesn't mess it up14184.2394.24
let's watch it freak out14186.82.479
no [ __ ]14190.962.72
was deleting the chair did that it14194.884.64
doesn't make any sense does it you ready14197.124.159
yeah you got a good angle of this i got14199.523.52
it three14201.2792.881
lighten it14205.043.68
stuck it's stuck hold on we can change14206.4795.241
what kept it from going14221.843.8
stay straight14233.683.799
all right you're ready ready and up14241.924.24
up too far14244.84.11
this will work this will work14246.165.829
might have been poorly placed14252.85.99
everybody calm down14260.83.679
get a good place okay14262.164.64
you feel okay i feel okay yep14264.4796.96
nope oh oh oh easy easy oh it's looking14266.86.32
good hit the button no it's going to get14271.4393.121
caught on the legs oh we need another14273.123.359
one up to the left here neebs i say you14274.564.0
hit the button and you delete it14276.4793.601
okay it's got to be on the same time14278.564.24
actually mia a hair after him yes i14280.084.48
think it's slipping so let's go go go go14282.82.72
all right um14285.522.64
i launched it launched it14288.564.639
come on baby come on buddy come on baby14290.963.76
look at that sucker14293.1993.761
look how fast i am whoa look how fast14309.1994.881
that's as fast as any one of us today14312.03.52
we're doing a race yeah we are it's14314.083.44
gonna be a very special race foot race14315.524.56
uh no go a funny wheel race oh that's14317.525.04
better yeah we all three have to build a14320.085.68
car and then we race this track yeah the14322.566.32
dirt track yeah three times yeah but14325.764.96
each time one of us gets to pick what14328.883.599
you're using for wheels right we each14330.724.08
get to have one pick and none of us know14332.4796.481
what the other is gonna pick right now14334.85.2
would have been better if you looked at14338.963.31
me look at me look at me14340.07.279
the mayor well there's like a mayor14365.3592.96
right and he doesn't let people leave14366.964.16
he's a shark you should watch the movies14368.3194.08
they don't make shitty references like14371.122.8
that what do you mean mayor there was a14372.3993.361
mayor have you ever seen the movie it14373.923.12
all starts because the mayor won't14375.763.519
evacuate the town but the mayor is your14377.044.08
point of reference at the point of14379.2793.92
description of the movie oh yeah jaws14381.124.079
man the movie with the shark it was my14383.1993.681
second one you already said jaws so that14385.1993.28
was all i had it's is that the movie14386.882.84
where the guides launch in it14388.4794.361
this is rap time yo14396.3194.321
yes it is simon let's go we're building14398.3194.401
silly wheels building silly silly wheels14400.644.639
yeah the cars without wheels other than14402.724.24
wheels building silly wheels building14405.2793.92
silly wheelie wheels yeah do these cars14406.964.239
have wheels i don't know one thing i do14409.1994.16
know silly wheels silly silly silly14411.1994.0
wheels yo ho14413.3594.161
they're not real they're not14415.1995.28
in case you just forgot oh14417.524.719
they're not wheeled what are they14420.4794.081
there's something else like a cup14422.2393.761
they're not wheels14424.563.28
they're not they could be a ball they14426.04.399
could be a pipe they could be a cup or14427.844.559
even a kite what about14430.3994.321
puppies or freaks there's no puppies14432.3994.481
what the [ __ ] are you thinking simon i14434.723.519
don't know i'm just trying to why would14436.883.599
they kill me i don't know14438.2394.321
i really don't but let's not forget this14440.4793.521
what we're building silly wheels14442.563.28
building silly silly wheelie wheels14444.03.68
they're not wheels they're not this is14445.845.12
going on too far silly14447.683.28
it could be a box what about a puppy14459.526.4
with some locks could be a cup but not a14462.647.92
puppy a cup puppy puppy cup14465.927.6
they're not oh14470.562.96
in case you just forgot i gotta tell you14473.64.48
what what14476.083.84
you gotta tell me14478.083.84
what what once i think about what i14479.923.92
gotta tell you i'm gonna tell you i like14481.924.04
to say what i'll be patient14483.843.84
simon you14487.684.32
this is a bathtub oh yeah look at that14489.1994.641
so what's the deal with for today silly14492.02.96
they're not wheels they're not we went14494.963.12
over they're really nice but they're14496.563.6
silly i felt like i needed to ask we14498.084.08
have three builds mine's the red one14500.164.079
anthony's is the black one doraleous is14502.164.079
the blue one we have our wheels off14504.2394.0
because we're gonna pick what to use for14506.2394.401
wheels it's compliment time compliment14508.2394.721
time anthony i like the angle of those14510.644.4
bars thank you yeah they're the cool14512.965.88
little angles yep14515.043.8
uh ladies and gentlemen here is our14520.4795.121
track today that is the start slash14523.3594.401
finish line we're gonna do one lap14525.64.0
around the lake all the way back to the14527.764.8
finish line uh with our wacky wheels14529.64.16
okay weren't we gonna split it up14532.562.56
someone does tiny someone does big14533.763.2
someone does small or medium can i have14535.124.239
tiny i need it but you already have tiny14536.964.319
that was a penis joke i had something i14541.2794.401
wanted to use he really wants it well i14543.63.839
never even tried them i didn't even try14545.683.04
any other wheels of them of course you14547.4392.641
did me neither why would you why would14548.722.96
you practice14550.082.96
i didn't try either don't feel bad14551.682.88
because it's everything throws14553.043.359
everything out the window in this14554.564.24
challenge yeah you you make the worst14556.3994.561
points i've ever heard of anyone14558.84.399
like if you practiced with seven14560.963.6
different things and then i throw an14563.1992.881
eighth thing that you didn't even touch14564.563.28
that works completely different so give14566.084.239
the [ __ ] what you do do any testing i14567.844.559
know mine drives okay14570.3194.721
oh it's a puppy pumpkin okay first one's14572.3995.84
a pumpkin first race is a pumpkin race14575.044.88
good pick on the wheels doraleous you14578.2393.441
know what's good when he snorts give me14579.923.359
a minute i'm coming14581.685.92
i got a snorter i shop at snortscrims14583.2796.881
get off of me sorry i'm trying to help14587.64.639
oh we got doraleous oh great oh boy14597.64.96
neebs is in the water pushing me off the14600.564.4
thing and torelli's just oh oh i forgot14602.564.0
to hit that but you can14604.964.0
forgot to hit my stabilizing button all14606.564.48
right stabilizing button huh14608.963.519
i don't have a stabilizing button14611.043.04
they're not wheels needs you looking14612.4792.641
good buddy14614.083.76
backwards one lap right one lamp look at14615.124.72
this you got this you're oh boy14617.843.519
come on dude you just got to stay out of14619.843.599
turn oh wait hey14623.524.0
it's still working though right14626.03.76
[ __ ] doraleous you coming up14627.524.64
it doesn't turn oh man you're doraleous14629.764.24
you got a chance now in the water it's14632.164.96
in the water deep this is so bad nigga's14634.05.76
out all right watch you pick pumpkins14637.124.64
the worst thing in the whole thing i14639.763.12
have a feeling they're all going to be14641.763.679
shitty i found one thing i love i love14642.884.479
it holy jesus14645.4394.561
he's on you oh boy14647.3594.641
come on14650.04.239
doraleous rallies i'm coming you're14652.04.319
shoving him in the water aren't you14654.2395.481
you're gonna [ __ ]14656.3193.401
right i'm flipping the bibs come on14660.164.239
oh all right doraleous just don't be14662.563.36
dirty anymore just trying to get the14664.3994.481
[ __ ] back get out i'll look at you neebs14665.924.88
i'm doing the old underwater surprise14668.884.72
yep oh there's a [ __ ] thing there14670.85.28
i'm stuck on things oh then you're good14673.64.639
again neves i flip flop all the time14676.083.52
back out of the water back out of the14678.2393.841
water since i'm stuck good to go yeah14679.64.96
well you you put yourself there though14682.084.239
you tried to push him in yeah i did it's14684.565.28
your own fault oh boy oh yeah got some14686.3195.12
speed come on14689.843.84
finish strong buddy oh14691.4393.361
turn it14693.682.4
come on14694.82.559
you're not even going anywhere harlow14697.3595.401
it won't14700.565.279
i really [ __ ] that up that that was my14706.2393.761
race all day long you shouldn't have14708.3993.361
tried to push me in the water i couldn't14710.04.64
go any other way14711.765.76
i'm coming hang on anthony it's done all14714.644.719
right who's picking the next wheels not14717.524.32
i anthony it might be the obvious choice14719.3595.681
a duck i want duck wheel oh boy i didn't14721.845.359
see that coming why does mine just slip14725.043.359
yeah i'm doing the same yeah the ducks14727.1992.881
are very slippery we got to start this14728.3993.521
damn race14730.084.399
i'm sorry it's just going i'm ready14731.924.8
hurry do it hurry all right three two14734.4794.88
one go going14736.724.479
oh this is way better than pumpkins yeah14739.3595.761
much better race oh yeah anthony in the14741.1995.921
lead he's in the lead low and steady14745.123.68
slow and steady baby make a move in the14748.85.28
inside knees in high lane australia14750.85.439
oh look at that this is a [ __ ] race14754.084.0
pull the head14756.2394.481
come on14758.082.64
duck whales duck whales duck wheels14761.525.12
this is way better than pumpkins get out14764.883.439
of your head get out of here are you14766.643.36
trying to trying to rub i'm just cutting14768.3194.561
you off a little bit robin's racing14770.04.64
get him real tight on the inside now14772.883.359
this is honestly i'll go inside there oh14774.643.92
you're gonna get stuck all the way the14776.2393.04
all right it's their race i got a14780.963.2
feeling uh i can still win this all14782.3193.361
right come on you're not going to win14784.163.68
oh you're going fast dude yeah14788.2394.881
why would you do that earlier because i14791.2793.761
was gonna saving it was my secret weapon14793.123.279
he was using pumpkins as wheels well14795.045.52
damn it's oh it's almost over come on14796.3996.721
i can't lose the duck race you lost yeah14800.564.879
you did lose the duck grace two14803.123.6
i'm gaining14805.4392.721
better finish14806.724.08
there he is yeah at least i can finish14808.166.56
the duck race all right third place okay14810.84.72
item of choice is the beach ball three14815.526.32
two one go14819.1996.0
oh that was that was smooth14821.845.2
oh oh [ __ ]14825.1994.0
watch out you got a [ __ ] race nope14827.044.08
nope get out my way14829.1993.12
oh boy14831.123.6
come on balance why are you always tired14832.3193.601
of water14834.722.479
oh you're still in it14837.1994.08
oh he's gonna hit that water14841.2793.281
bush you never know which bush you're14843.1994.0
gonna hit my leg slow and steady anthony14844.568.2
oh doraleous up oh boy it's up to you14847.1995.561
oh that was easy for you wasn't it14856.82.639
easy breezy wow guys where are you14859.4397.201
right behind you oh hey oh [ __ ]14862.883.76
hey there you are they're not wheels14868.2394.401
they're not doraleous where's neebs14870.164.64
got knocked in the water by doraleous14874.83.84
he's a dirty racer14876.564.32
so we need a tie breaker yeah we've all14878.645.36
won one with a new a new wheel picked by14880.886.16
pick by me give me some toilets toilets14884.04.88
they're not wheels they're not tie14887.045.12
breaker winner takes all three two one14888.885.599
anthony csn oh god14894.84.08
you're in the water already who pushed14897.4393.681
you in the water this time nobody yep14898.883.38
back out14901.124.209
really laggy out of that water14906.164.56
oh you're good looking good neebs don't14908.564.0
even think about them14910.722.639
stay away from the water though oh boy14914.884.399
right now14916.882.399
you're on my way14919.524.24
oh [ __ ] oh i'm flipping14921.1995.841
look at i'm taking the [ __ ]14923.763.28
you looking good bud i just need a turn14928.84.16
turning helps14931.682.96
take them out take them out neebs i14932.963.439
don't think i can man he's not fast you14934.646.24
might be able to don't give up no heels14936.3994.481
don't go in the water doraleous i don't14945.2792.96
want to14947.124.159
oh [ __ ] oh boy oh oh neebs14948.2394.401
oh crap14951.2794.561
a lot of rocks around here14952.643.2
he's got it14956.04.56
oh neve's end i thought someone was14958.3994.161
right on my ass but anthony in the water14960.563.28
you can still take a second i'm in a14962.563.43
onion boxes14969.923.92
as per simon fair enough are we ready14971.4397.401
sure three two one go going14973.845.0
all right everyone's kind of close which14983.2793.601
is nice14985.63.52
yep go backwards back into that just14986.885.68
trying to get on the track14989.123.44
slow and steady wins the race no no no14992.724.32
slow and steady has done nothing but14995.63.36
make me lose14997.044.08
well needs you hear me out slow and14998.964.0
steady slow and steady wins the race15001.124.64
that's right keeping it slow15002.964.64
how's it going back there well let's get15005.765.2
out of the water i'm trying15007.65.04
he's coming out of the water all right15010.963.439
yeah like that counts yep15012.642.96
you guys have been doing it the whole15014.3993.281
[ __ ] [ __ ] i know that every time15015.64.0
it's happened oh boy i'm feeling the15017.684.32
pressure now slow and steady might not15019.64.96
be a good idea anymore15022.05.359
dude he's right on you15024.563.52
come on neebs come on christ it's like a15028.085.44
clumsy turtle i know i got a locker here15030.883.68
get out of here15033.522.32
you got it15034.563.04
all three of you are right here knees15035.843.76
are we yes15037.64.799
oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ]15039.64.48
oh my god15042.3994.721
did you see that go15044.083.04
oh [ __ ]15048.524.0
might have been15054.3195.04
nice finish doraleous15056.4795.201
that was it man15059.3593.441
they're not wheels i know welcome ladies15062.84.8
and gentlemen gaming doraleous yep uh15064.884.319
explain what these pipes are they're15067.63.36
mario pipes part of one of the mods15069.1994.08
imagine a giant pipe like five times the15070.964.08
length of this and then we're on a15073.2794.241
rocket circling the entire map that can15075.045.04
avoid the obstacles in the way on the15077.524.24
path yeah you can swing out and avoid15080.083.52
trees and stuff it's gonna go perfectly15081.764.16
is it possible you know what we do so15083.64.96
good in all the other ones and so little15085.924.08
that we're allowed a failure every now15090.04.88
and then we're about to do15091.922.96
nice bounce15102.3993.401
we have a prototype built um we say15110.724.08
prototype but it might be the final one15112.883.519
it might be it's a single glider right15114.82.88
now right we're gonna have to do some15116.3993.121
modifications we're hoping we can race15117.683.599
yeah rocket15119.524.48
carol cell15121.2795.601
save okay we have to test this thing out15124.05.12
ready i'm ready let's see what happens15126.884.319
oh we're gonna be fine that's promising15129.124.4
already it's gonna be fine okay15131.1993.921
this is nothing we didn't figure out how15133.524.32
to get into it15135.122.72
excuse me yep uh delete that chair i15139.124.4
deleted it15142.163.199
oh crap what happened15143.523.679
i'm down15145.3593.281
can you get the seat i feel like i'm15147.1992.961
gonna fall straight through it but catch15148.643.12
look at that15151.763.84
steering test one steer left15153.123.68
yes yeah all right all right15156.85.84
all right let's do it work yeah this is15160.3193.281
all right full full thrust here we go15164.565.919
engage engaged15167.764.08
yeah that's actually working now there's15170.4794.8
some steering as you go left and right15171.843.439
oh yeah all right you're proving me15175.523.12
wrong i was grumbling the whole time no15177.122.96
you were super grumbly and i wanted to15178.642.799
kick you out15180.084.319
yeah it's working mostly15181.4395.76
bravo guys kind of works oh except is15184.3994.321
that top arm breaking15187.1994.321
oh i'm hitting bro15188.725.519
all right make changes got two seats see15191.524.879
if this works oh wow is it bending down15194.2393.441
it is15196.3993.04
it's trying to shake me off the whole15197.683.599
thing is aiming towards the ground15199.4393.04
one of the seats that's already on the15201.2792.96
whoa i fell ah15204.2396.16
holy [ __ ] okay yeah that's not good no15207.764.24
well we're having problems we don't want15210.3992.96
to do that15212.03.76
come on15213.3594.161
up i'm off15215.762.88
i'm going15217.522.38
i'm going15218.644.43
what we should do is maybe add a few15229.1994.16
thrusters underneath the arms pushing up15230.724.719
to counterbalance to fall okay hey you15233.3594.401
guys are the genie okay who's doing that15235.4393.76
nobody's doing that we're all here15237.763.28
thrusters underneath decorate the car is15239.1994.481
ready to go yep yep rallies yep we're15241.044.64
ready for the next test do you feel15243.684.16
confident enough to weld it correctly15245.684.719
really do i really yeah do i feel15247.844.479
confident enough to weld it correctly15250.3993.201
have you seen some of the [ __ ] i've15252.3193.601
built yeah15253.63.759
so the answer is yes you already knew15255.923.12
the answer all right hop where are you15257.3593.361
i'm at the welding spot i think we were15259.043.359
backwards you were going to weld i was15260.722.96
but that's okay because you were15262.3992.8
concerned about doraleous ability to15263.682.639
no okay you know what [ __ ] you guys i'm15266.3194.321
just going to hop in the seat yeah15268.4795.76
do you think you can weld this in huh15270.643.599
how you feeling15274.3993.441
i'm fine you nervous no you're doing a15275.524.719
test yup this could go horribly wrong15277.844.8
here we go15280.2392.401
oh boy aydah15282.965.199
brilliant idea sir getting in the uh15285.925.439
seats before that was15288.1593.2
why am i not going forward15301.64.0
we are you are oh maybe there's no point15303.683.04
of reference15305.63.2
exactly well this is lame i can't tell15306.724.639
what's going on am i even moving uh15308.85.679
it looks like you're just stuck there oh15311.3594.88
now you're falling look out eight15314.4794.76
i feel pretty safe15319.842.72
i think you're just collapsing there15321.2792.801
neebs i mean it's obvious we're just15322.563.04
collapsing with you so what did you guys15324.084.239
do wrong was it the welding15325.63.92
it may have been the welding it's still15328.3194.361
in the laid15329.523.16
we're up15344.644.32
it's gonna work beautifully once we get15347.63.04
in with trees and everything it's gonna15348.964.16
be great we have to make changes oh yeah15350.644.96
we definitely do more upward thrust and15353.124.96
more forward thrust maybe maybe then it15355.64.4
would work perfectly really good job so15358.084.72
far let's fix it15360.02.8
all right15367.764.0
i would say go whenever15370.083.119
just go ahead hit it turn my throat15371.764.399
upward thrust hit upward thruster15373.1994.561
this is better right why am i not going15376.1593.521
forward you're going up15377.763.439
oh that's really going up why is mine15379.682.88
going up so much more turn your upper15381.1992.96
thrusters off i just did15382.563.44
now you're going down are you gonna pass15384.1594.32
me he's coming pretty fast well you guys15386.04.479
need to calibrate these it might just be15388.4793.361
i'm better at raising rallies no that's15390.4792.72
not what it is though that's we got to15391.844.72
consider that go around15393.1993.361
see you next lap balance15397.046.119
why is this so much faster15399.1993.96
he's already back around again15407.64.719
i think we're ready for the forest is15412.3193.92
this welded down no it's attached to a15414.2393.361
thing right now so we can get on it you15416.2393.12
might you might have to weld doraleous15417.63.52
well that's it you feel up to it i've15419.3593.92
welded before dick [ __ ]15421.123.68
this is some pretty advanced welding15423.2794.96
though is it whoa crap okay i'm down you15424.86.16
fall yep i don't know how to get over15428.2394.96
you couldn't walk across the the pipe15433.1994.0
like kicked me off it almost kicked me15434.84.8
off i had the balance of a cat though do15437.1993.681
you yeah15439.63.839
the welding abilities of a welder yeah15440.884.559
of a welder yeah oh hey neebs what's up15443.4394.161
doraleous long time no see what is this15445.4393.361
i want to try to weld it down there15447.63.679
first okay i want it to be lower so the15448.85.76
obstacles are more obstacles uh-huh15451.2794.321
ah-ha did you see that that was like15455.64.32
that was good oh i see you15457.3594.641
you do yeah i see him too he's a little15459.924.08
dot see now it's getting really shaky a15462.04.8
little dumb dot15464.02.8
we need to lay this down on its side you15469.4395.04
tell me when okay hang on i'm hanging on15471.4394.8
hey to hop is uh trying to get the green15474.4793.601
seat all right i have no i have no sense15476.2393.761
of depth hold on this is working i'm15478.084.079
hey there we go i'm in15482.3195.281
ready we're ready i'm gonna do this hang15484.2396.561
on it's gonna get weird15487.65.55
oh god oh [ __ ] up15490.83.76
oh oh boy15494.562.879
okay i got it okay this is gonna work15498.963.68
perfectly eight o'clock i have faith in15500.644.0
it yes as long as drows can figure out15502.643.599
the weld function15504.644.719
[ __ ] up i bet people at home are saying15506.2395.681
what am i watching or15509.3596.481
how do i get that time back15511.923.92
talk about master [ __ ] welding all15520.1595.2
right we better go before uh it sinks15522.4794.321
before it doesn't yeah15525.3594.08
okay yeah guys count it down in three15526.84.72
two one go15529.4394.481
oh wow you're so much faster is it is it15531.526.08
faster yeah yours is faster15533.925.04
oh boy15537.63.44
mine's kind of lilting15538.963.76
oh yeah i think i'm stuck to yours there15541.044.08
we go i i just went through the tree15542.723.55
all right you're in the lane15545.123.279
i'm coming for you i'm going how do we15548.3994.88
know when we win i don't know we all win15550.646.839
okay everybody15553.2794.2
yeah what the hell is going on here15568.848.519
oh jeez i feel like needs just won15573.045.92
but i've done a backflip over the entire15577.3593.521
course having a hard time counting these15578.963.04
how many left are we doing you just did15582.05.04
one right there i did one up three oh15583.765.76
three mountain tree mountain trees15587.044.56
oh geez there's my second lap i finished15589.526.0
it i've really done it now okay i'm off15591.66.08
is there enough obstacles over here uh15595.523.6
it feels like it15597.683.2
neebs uh15599.123.039
i keep hitting trees but now i'm15602.1594.841
clearing them yeah because you're just15603.687.32
out there15607.04.0
hey what's up man i'm actually going15625.123.92
back oh hello is that you drownish yeah15627.1993.521
hey doraleous you gotta try this i want15629.047.199
to uh let's uh reset hey neebs uh oh hey15630.727.519
it's like we're at an amusement park15636.2393.521
yeah it's getting ready it's kind of15638.2394.561
like the swings15639.763.04
oh my god that's a great start for me15643.3595.681
this is my strategy15649.044.319
yeah i see that collapse i'm gonna go15651.4394.321
through there i can see my target racers15653.3595.84
are you ready yes i think so in three15655.764.399
one start starting15660.1595.04
oh man15664.084.44
oh yes15665.1993.321
yes doraleous has almost finished the15680.844.359
left [ __ ] oh i don't want to go that far15682.965.04
i'm not going anywhere dude i'mma except15685.1994.481
for that15688.03.76
i was about to talk some [ __ ] are you15689.686.2
stuck in the same tree oh yes15691.764.12
oh man i'm kind of killing it huh seems15700.083.56
that way15702.3994.31
wow you know he's done three laps i15708.844.92
think he wins15711.122.64
so neebs you're doing good15714.643.44
nope stuck in a tree man he's stuck at15716.1593.681
the start line it seems to be15718.083.52
i'm gonna go down through here15721.67.44
how am i the only one that's really good15729.043.68
at this oh wait am i working my way out15730.4794.241
of here15732.724.8
oh he flipped you15734.724.45
oh i jumped out15737.523.36
now's your chance you're five laps15740.882.72
behind but you can catch him five in15742.1594.08
here six laps i win15743.64.4
is that a turkey oak what kind of tree15746.2393.361
am i in it doesn't matter get out of it15748.05.04
okay that's a burr oh we're trying15749.63.44
is still beating you not in his car15760.966.199
i'll catch you fcc15763.523.639
the race of the century15778.1596.401
got five more lappings to do past it one15781.2795.04
treat okay i'm good15784.563.12
turns out the key to dodging everything15786.3194.721
is to fly over it hold on15787.683.36
almost we should have uh doraleous15791.2795.681
versus adahop all right let's do it15793.3593.601
you fall down i fell down he fell down15805.3595.681
are you going first person as well15807.845.04
i can try i'm just that confident you15811.043.52
know what i mean15812.884.96
do you need a master welder15814.563.28
timing how's that gentleman start your15818.04.08
they've been started15822.082.399
and three15823.2792.08
one go15825.3593.091
oh wow15827.62.08
i chose the losing car again15829.684.2
this is what it looks like from the15844.05.12
bearing um15846.2392.881
i'm bored looking at you two stuck in a15861.3594.321
mountain well if you could see my screen15863.64.639
right now well from here it looks stupid15865.684.479
i'm resetting all right oh no i feel15868.2393.441
like we're about to break free give us a15870.1593.28
couple more seconds couple more seconds15871.683.28
i'm i'm on this one little lip myself15873.4393.121
and he's stuck inside me are you serious15874.963.199
yeah i'm not stuck don't ever say it15876.562.719
that way again15878.1594.24
you're stuck inside my kneecap15879.2793.12
i've never been stuck inside him15883.4393.84
why yes he is i see you down there15885.63.2
behind that tree putin on the ground15887.2793.521
putin on the ritz15888.82.96
is that a thing that russia does putting15891.765.679
on the ritz putin on the ritz i doubt it15893.526.4
yeah right right ah here we go here we15897.4395.481
oh wow this is a tricky little area15919.045.76
hey i'm doing a lot better this time15921.523.28
this is15925.1993.081
just a15926.2395.2
lazy i missed it yeah15931.883.96
i don't know which direction i'm going15935.923.2
oh oh oh15937.043.3
not sure what happened15939.122.64
our tree happened hey good race yeah15941.764.399
good race who won anyone who liked that15944.083.52
putin on the ritz15946.1594.481
joke one should i rewilled yeah i think15947.65.12
we're good so what are you saying i'm15950.645.12
saying we're done okay so is it time for15952.726.08
the musical number yes all right hit it15955.765.04
if you're blue and you don't know where15958.84.72
to go why don't you go wear fashion15960.84.559
putin on the reds15965.3595.441
different types of wear a day coat it's15968.3194.561
been stripes with a little white coat15970.84.08
big fits15972.884.96
pooping on the ribs15974.882.96
dressed up like a million dollar trooper15977.928.479
trying hard to look like gary cooper15982.727.2
super duper come let's mix fellas walk15986.3997.76
with sticks and umbrellas in the midst15989.925.81
putting on the reds15994.1592.961
we've got a full house we do fibo's here15997.124.72
to witness this challenge that anthony15999.2794.801
csn has built what a nice treat i know16001.843.84
nothing about it i've won16004.083.279
i've gone too far neebs i remember16005.683.36
thinking about this with you yeah these16007.3593.361
challenges i wanted to do this climb and16009.042.96
then someone else was like hey we should16010.723.12
do monkey bars and then you wanted to do16012.04.0
a pipe a pole yeah you secretly want to16013.843.359
be a pool dancer all three of these16016.02.64
together are really hard challenges so16017.1993.28
we're going to go through each build16018.643.679
i've built one anthony's built one well16020.4793.521
yeah and then ada hop built one aydah16022.3193.601
hot built one raleigh's built one and16024.04.239
simon's here just to witness16025.923.92
the ingenuity we've come up with so we16028.2393.92
got the two a holes the two a-holes are16029.844.319
yeah apparently16034.1593.04
i'll take it16035.842.72
that's a good nickname put it on a16037.1994.361
and we're starting out with i'll go16046.3994.561
first i'm not looking forward to this so16048.3195.92
i'll set the ball very low the ball ball16050.964.8
bar ball16054.2393.281
well i think i feel like i'm saying i'm16055.762.88
going to drop the ball like dropping the16057.523.12
ball i know you can't mix those kids you16058.644.639
can't mix them but that's okay yeah yeah16060.644.4
on using expressions today yeah that's16063.2794.481
the courage ta-da i'm on all four wheels16065.044.399
now okay so this is my build one two16067.764.8
three go go all right see16069.4395.84
this goes up this goes forward it's kind16072.565.04
of a rushed go wasn't it it's all right16075.2795.04
let's just get this over with16077.64.719
so you load up on the bar like this16080.3194.401
all right fully automated ready done now16082.3194.801
you just wait16084.724.4
oh man we're going to see a lot of the16087.124.4
same [ __ ] yeah this is going to be oh16089.124.48
you yours is all automated huh automated16091.524.32
fully auto which mine was oh you didn't16093.65.44
go automated okay shut up16095.844.88
yeah different strokes he was low16099.044.08
yeah i like that and i'm ashamed of mine16103.1994.561
completely now anthony is the host16105.844.0
computer yeah so it looks a lot smoother16107.763.679
on his angle than mine oh god yeah i see16109.842.88
that that one's more entertaining though16111.4392.88
look at it yeah it's not really16112.722.96
glitching like that it's just what it16114.3193.04
looks like from here yeah and now this16115.683.679
usually works there's occasions where it16117.3593.601
does freak out a little bit did you just16119.3592.96
do that16120.963.04
yeah because sean over there oh i know16122.3193.521
it's bringing it adahop does that too i16124.03.92
learned that last week yeah looking good16125.843.599
anthony look how tense it is look how16127.924.08
high we are we fell now oh my god it16129.4394.321
would be a tragedy here's what happened16132.04.0
with this challenge simon yeah you work16133.763.92
on the first obstacle because obviously16136.02.96
you need to do that and then you start16137.682.96
doing things to your vehicle to get past16138.963.6
the second obstacle and then it affects16140.644.08
what you did first obstacle course like16142.563.28
all these challenges of course what do16144.722.88
you mean of course i know he knows16145.843.439
what's going on he's a scrap that's what16147.63.44
happens okay all right things are16149.2793.521
wiggling so let's let's move on so you16151.043.6
get up to this rung you stop it then you16152.83.92
chomp it just grab right on there you go16156.723.92
you got it you wiggle it a little bit16159.4392.72
make sure it gets fully in there nice16160.644.08
then you hit four let it do its magic16162.1594.721
all these automated features and it's16164.726.84
gonna swing around i want to see it work16166.884.68
all right we're happy all right oh crap16181.4393.681
i fail hold on16183.685.12
you hit one you go wide is it uh16185.126.319
seven yes yeah it's seven yes so i don't16188.84.639
think any of us did it as monkey bars no16191.4393.76
i cheated no no i think it's important16193.4393.04
possible it would have taken another16195.1993.601
week to at least yeah so you get up on16196.4794.481
the rails you go forward as far as you16198.83.76
can we should have just deleted the16200.963.92
monkey bars probably probably ready16202.564.0
because no one's done it no nobody16204.884.399
activate eight16206.562.719
okay and now we just all hang out for a16209.63.24
bit very it's very16211.4393.281
smooth i like that that's great god mine16212.842.76
elegant it took forever i i took my uh16215.65.2
my build out of this why were you hating16218.883.439
on your build anything because it ends16220.82.88
this is about as far as i'm gonna get16222.3192.96
well i don't know you're gonna do it i16223.682.88
bet you you're gonna do the other one16225.2793.361
for the first time no it doesn't even i16226.563.36
didn't even attempt to build something16228.643.28
to do it oh so this is as far as i've16229.923.76
got he's gonna park i'm gonna go i'm16231.922.88
gonna jump16233.684.08
so you're ah you're done and so i'm done16234.84.96
who's next um i might as well get my16237.763.599
[ __ ] out of the way all right hey16239.764.8
doraleous yeah yeah i got a wide shot16241.3594.241
it's a nice shot it looks really big16245.63.599
from back here you can see all the way16247.63.28
up to where we're never going to get yet16249.1993.601
hey realize16250.884.92
okay here's this guy did you build it16256.724.0
out of sherbet purple i like this16258.724.16
sherbet you don't say sherbet do you16260.724.08
it's weird to add an r isn't it um16262.883.76
that's a big boy so here we are here's16264.83.439
your big boy16266.644.599
don't start it like you're going to cut16272.02.8
this the first part out16273.2793.2
i don't want to watch this twice good16274.83.2
lord nobody wants to watch it once16276.4792.8
that's why16278.03.12
okay i would like to make a bet that it16279.2794.08
will not make it for a dollar against16281.124.8
anthony to where to the top rung16283.3594.561
i think you're going to win that bet16285.922.8
okay so far so good yeah we're good i16289.683.36
just i16292.03.6
i got the the buttons wrong okay so it16293.044.0
happens to everybody you're hooked on16295.64.4
there this one goes up oh they they16297.045.359
splay out so they like display layout16300.04.08
that's how you solve that i solved my16302.3993.121
problem a different way16304.083.119
oops i never thought of splay that would16305.523.52
have solved my play out is that a real16307.1994.621
word it is a weird word i'm like i like16309.046.37
do you ever make progress or no he's16319.764.16
he's great i shouldn't talk [ __ ] it16321.923.2
shouldn't take too long to get all the16323.923.6
way up there yeah16325.124.159
i think to change my bet too you guys16327.523.839
have something to do or see go pay a16329.2793.361
bill or something16331.3592.321
this ladder could have been three wrong16332.641.839
well yeah but then it wouldn't be16334.4792.96
intense if you fell yeah because look at16335.763.76
this yeah if you fail but that would16337.4393.04
have been good that could have been16339.522.4
right that's wrong right about there16340.4792.72
yeah because this is already painful16341.923.6
enough come on doraleous i'm making my16343.1994.601
way i just don't want to mess16345.526.32
up everything you know16347.84.04
come on16352.2395.861
so much tension in it yeah16364.1594.251
i'm gonna jump16366.3995.08
oh [ __ ] maybe you can knock this thing16372.3192.801
out with your hammer oh what and i don't16373.762.8
even do that16375.124.0
you did fix it16376.562.56
oh thank you16394.843.64
nice save oh thank god i need that16396.244.0
doraleous i really don't have a dollar16400.245.119
please i know oh [ __ ]16401.683.679
and that was my best obstacle16409.4394.321
perfect are we putting two dollars on16412.162.879
this one no we're doing double or16413.763.359
nothing what happened what happened did16415.0394.881
you do a seat neebs no i might have made16417.1195.68
a block you don't don't do that don't do16419.924.879
oh my god oh wow how fast oh my god16424.7993.762
he was busy standing at his face are you16428.5614.798
[ __ ] kidding me is this how it works16430.8794.08
i should have just kept going with that16433.3592.561
i win16435.924.24
you owe him a dollar16438.243.039
all right16440.162.719
you're not getting that dollar16441.2793.44
alias whatever you already owed me a16442.8793.92
dollar fighting me for the call yeah16444.7196.041
what a great angle though huh16446.7993.961
going fast baby come on come on oh16457.1196.801
god you're still on there16460.7994.48
you shouldn't be like that keep those16463.924.719
thrusters on really be that way16465.2793.36
this is so exciting you haven't tried it16470.9594.0
yet yes your first attempt totally the16472.7196.16
first second oh good come on guys16474.9596.08
for a split second i saw the arms trying16491.4394.0
to grasp like i the timing was off i16493.1194.561
didn't scratch my vehicle at the very16495.4396.241
end we could show you fail again16497.684.0
come on when the challenges happen i get16503.1994.881
this weird this weird anxiety definitely16505.683.92
i hear you you don't want to embarrass16508.082.959
yourself like my fingers are like16509.65.199
shaking sorry everybody16511.0396.08
who's up i'm up great good luck my16514.7997.08
friend thank you i'll need it [ __ ] off16517.1194.76
how could you see from back here oh you16522.43.76
just have a huge head16523.844.32
yeah my large head makes me see better16526.164.559
not darker16528.162.559
your large head keeps him from seeing16531.2794.401
i have a large obstacle got it obstacle16533.683.599
head what's your name that could be the16535.682.959
new obstacle course16537.2793.121
yeah you just have to do it looking16538.6393.922
around aydah's head16540.43.84
you know what it looks like from the top16542.5614.158
one of the bug things from uh galaga no16544.244.321
it does yeah i'm gonna shoot you before16546.7193.761
you drop little guano on me is that the16548.5613.439
one that sucks up the ship gotta push16550.484.239
this button right here16552.02.719
oh yeah see yeah there it goes all right16554.7994.16
look at that you're locked in i'm locked16557.3593.44
in all right so so i've gotta push this16558.9593.76
button and then i just watch it does16560.7994.56
your splay mine does not splay mine uh16562.7194.72
just kind of like shakes his fingers16565.3594.08
down just tilts up huh16567.4392.881
yep and then it's got a little16569.4392.0
i thought about a different way oh i16571.4393.6
like that wow it works yeah he's latched16572.7993.681
on all the way behind like did it have16575.0393.92
to be that slow though uh yeah it starts16576.483.84
getting a little weird i got you the16578.9593.281
bottom's cool yeah yeah i like it yeah16580.323.6
so the wheels hold it hold a lot of the16582.243.52
weight is it automated it is automated16583.923.76
i'm just watching you did it16585.762.959
we're all just watching a different16587.683.92
angle look at that16588.7195.281
after his thing it's like does it have16591.64.24
to be so sweet yeah i was thinking about16594.04.0
that yeah that's so funny you know16595.844.08
really you're working i think you know16598.02.959
what it was16599.922.719
it was an honest question though hey16600.9594.16
we're at the top hey now can you16602.6394.56
actually swing yourself up there uh well16605.1193.68
we'll see all right16607.1994.561
hey eight of times16608.7992.961
don't ate a flop i pushed the wrong16612.9592.961
button for a second there that was my16614.484.081
fault all right that's for yourself16615.923.76
all right i've to put in my little16618.5614.0
stabilizer see if you can watch it16619.684.64
thank you for following me16622.5614.478
you're welcome editor oh nice yes all16624.325.36
right oh so it's going to hold me on now16627.0394.881
i just have to hope that nothing else uh16629.683.759
happens when i push all these buttons at16631.923.92
there it is all right so let's let go16635.925.199
and i can just do this and yeah16638.04.32
look at that16642.325.28
just so yeah my my vehicle can do that16644.7194.72
too no one cares yeah i really haven't16647.63.519
vehicle's so good i need to make my16649.4394.0
pincers go down this time16651.1194.24
so that i can then deploy16653.4396.68
my extra arm that's underneath in there16655.3594.76
my underneath arm yeah straight through16662.05.76
very nice no one is impressed with this16665.523.679
what i am16667.763.439
look how good that is all right that was16669.1994.401
well hit in this little tiny thing i'm16671.1995.92
making a new i like it underwear16673.66.48
that one that's already around all right16680.083.68
no this aren't it's a wordplay thank you16681.64.88
oh gotcha just focus on the obstacle16683.764.4
if you have right16686.484.239
this part's a little uh16688.164.16
we'll just see what happens let's go16690.7193.92
yeah it's a little jank16692.324.08
hey there we go16694.6394.56
steady slow hands-free i like the wheels16696.44.161
to make it look like the gears have been16699.1993.041
in sleep yeah it looks like it's going16700.5614.318
pretty slow doesn't it honey16702.244.719
did i have to go that slow honestly all16704.8793.041
this is the grammy shot if i get hooked16707.925.199
on your little thing okay perfect man16710.45.039
all right sure see if i can oh he's got16713.1194.16
guidance oh i didn't know it would stay16715.4395.36
balanced that's a good sign all right16717.2796.0
come on you can do it man oh dude oh16720.7994.721
look at that i got this this is not at16723.2794.16
all how i expected it to go perfect can16725.524.16
there we go look at this look at this16739.1194.16
i can't believe you're not gonna try to16741.685.119
go around that pole come on i've16743.2795.84
doesn't that front arm do it nice yeah i16746.7995.041
can get up here you just rock it up16749.1194.881
all right so now now aydah listen yeah16751.844.4
your thing might work if you just spawn16754.05.359
it on the other side yeah16756.245.52
so you just fly16759.3593.76
hold on i'll come back i'll come back16761.763.76
one shot one opportunity come coming16763.1194.641
back coming back you're just timing the16765.524.56
did it sir16772.9590.0
i did it16775.4393.761
first time yeah16777.1994.001
you did not do it ladies and gentlemen16779.24.56
if you're still here thank you16781.24.88
this is the latter climb mine is not16783.766.08
automated rookie16786.083.76
i use the weight system16790.6383.202
so we'll just sit and wait that's so it16793.844.48
knocks it out yeah okay16796.05.32
first i'm going to try the faster method16803.363.76
to save you some time so hopefully i can16805.044.8
just hit these two buttons16807.126.0
and it will switch places16809.843.28
come on get in there16813.364.56
that's a really great idea very nice16814.7185.682
brilliant oh it's wonderful okay gotta16817.924.958
hate you why wouldn't yeah of course16820.43.76
you're good16822.8783.442
so you should have learned how to all16826.324.558
right neebs i gotta16828.242.638
what inspired this vision16832.325.2
uh did you see something or did you no i16834.7984.242
thought oh you know what inspired this16837.524.32
yeah uh i don't the ladders the ladders16839.044.08
that exist16841.842.878
once you pull the string and the thing16843.123.28
kind of flops up the side of it yeah16844.7183.282
exactly so the ladder you're talking16846.43.6
about the type that goes into the attic16848.04.16
no it's an extending16850.04.16
you gotta bring in your granddad or16852.164.4
whoever i know my great grandfather so i16854.164.88
may fall off hey am i mine if i got up16856.565.28
here you're good i i was a winner yep so16859.044.4
hopefully i won't fall off that was the16861.842.878
smoothest thing i've seen that was16863.442.88
really great that's really great i could16864.7182.962
end the video right now16866.324.08
i deserve a grammy cracker16867.684.88
get it get it grammy crying again yeah i16870.44.478
got it that's good okay16872.564.96
i got there oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ]16874.8785.282
violently i didn't expect that and now16877.524.32
he's in it yeah you are clipping16880.164.0
straight away oh my god16881.844.08
that's when you press five is it working16884.165.12
because you jumped out whoa hurry up hey16885.925.76
okay what's happening you jumped out16889.284.32
oh crap oh [ __ ]16891.683.76
hey oh hey all right i'll give it to you16893.63.52
go just just go16895.443.04
good snag16897.124.72
i'm watching it16898.483.36
this this i kind of saw the same way16904.6383.122
everyone else did everybody yep if this16906.163.52
gets around you aydah that might be the16907.763.28
most entertaining part of this video it16909.684.72
might be this close call16911.043.36
come on squeeze through oh yeah16923.284.678
another song16941.125.2
all right am i there uh i don't know uh16943.684.16
can i drive up16946.323.36
the hill this will that help yep there16947.844.08
we go16949.683.36
check it in16953.046.24
neebs okay come on all right16954.846.92
oh he's going oh there we go16959.285.12
very nice16961.762.64
yeah very nice that was and neebs makes16964.8785.282
it to the top of the room okay beautiful16967.65.038
do you like do like a cork screwy spin16970.164.32
all the way up that was the goal that's16972.6383.602
the plan well it didn't have to16974.483.2
corkscrew it just had to get up yeah16976.243.04
yeah i mean i i thought it had the16977.683.84
corkscrew okay exactly16979.283.79
you run around it and then16981.523.76
i'm engaged come on baby here we go okay16985.285.438
engage and go16987.523.198
all right that's pretty i hope you hit16999.763.198
that switch gotta hit the sensor17000.7984.16
hit the sensor17002.9583.92
i hit it you're on top of it did i17004.9583.602
activate it uh it doesn't look like you17006.8785.962
might have to manually do it17008.564.28
you have this connected to nothing17022.03.44
there's nothing to happen wait where is17023.682.48
i'm sorry but not even connected17026.163.2
something's glitched out oh yeah they17027.683.198
aren't even like they're not even dots17029.362.96
they're not even dots17030.8784.322
you did it you did it17032.325.28
so what was supposed to happen is those17037.63.118
two platforms are supposed to close so i17038.9583.76
could land on them well done everyone17040.7184.24
cheers everyone everybody well not me i17042.7183.682
was saying everyone else oh good job for17044.9583.122
you you bring up the first one doraleous17046.44.0
names gaming uh steam workshop you can17048.083.68
download this obstacle and try it17050.43.44
yourself uh so long everybody thanks for17051.763.52
hey guys17055.285.04
hello merry christmas merry christmas17057.445.518
hello everyone to all a good night so17060.324.318
today we have a christmas challenge yeah17062.9583.122
we do i'm a little surprised you didn't17064.6383.042
put any christmas decorations on the17066.083.84
house like not even like a wreath on the17067.684.64
door that's weird i couldn't find a17069.926.4
breeze no mod those yes no well we tried17072.325.76
that last minute didn't we well why last17076.323.12
minute i didn't know there was one17078.083.2
[ __ ] you wouldn't think i'll check and17079.443.278
see if there's where's your christmas17081.283.04
if if neems was put in front of in17084.323.44
charge of a christmas video i'd go hmm17085.923.2
i'm gonna do a little research before i17087.763.6
do this oh come on be nice that's my new17089.124.08
year's resolutions could be needs more17091.364.48
needs-ish no don't do that we don't the17093.26.16
world doesn't need any more of him17095.843.52
all right what's today's thing what are17104.8784.722
we doing so you two made slaves in santa17106.245.2
reindeer slaying reindeer we got to show17109.63.52
the bill oh yeah show it show the bill17111.444.89
do it now17113.1247.359
what a build wow that was amazing how'd17161.765.038
you do that so quick how long did it17164.484.88
take it took several hours yeah what you17166.7984.642
have to do and one is going to go at a17169.363.76
time and you cannot the one that's not17171.443.438
going who's going first neeps neighbors17173.123.678
are going to go first anthony you can't17174.8783.682
watch yeah i'll be on the other side of17176.7983.762
this hill the first mission is to land17178.564.238
on the uh the house then you jump down17180.563.84
the chimney okay once you're at the17182.7983.84
bottom of the chimney your goal is to17184.44.64
get to where the x is on the floor by17186.6384.802
the christmas tree okay and then once17189.043.52
you're standing on the x you can put17191.442.88
down a gift and you put down a gift but17192.562.96
the thing is you don't want anyone17194.323.6
inside to see you no so there is a17195.525.118
mother a father there might be a dog17197.925.44
and there is a a a young boy so a family17200.6385.122
of three we don't want them to see you17203.364.8
father dog and boy yep and uh if they17205.764.24
see you they're gonna call the cops like17208.163.36
think mission impossible with santa17210.04.08
claus all right17211.522.56
you got the tip and the money17216.084.638
okay got that all figured out man17218.084.798
it's been a while but we did it yeah we17220.7183.362
worked together17222.8783.042
a lot of work you know17224.084.0
but we figured it out you did you were a17225.924.08
big role in that you played a big part17228.083.92
in that i'm proud of myself if this was17230.04.4
a play you'd be like in one of the top17232.04.0
play bill17234.43.36
yeah it'd be like one of the top three17236.03.44
you wouldn't get laid but you'd be proud17237.762.64
of it17239.443.358
no i would get attention though but17240.44.558
that's the same style i think you would17242.7983.92
because there's people in in plays like17244.9582.962
that oh they're in sexuality it's just17246.7182.722
like working at a restaurant oh yeah17247.923.038
everyone's just [ __ ] you know every17250.9583.84
single department like i'm [ __ ]17253.124.16
wardrobe one week next week i'm [ __ ]17254.7985.202
lighting which is the same person17257.284.96
[ __ ] sex it's a small production oh17260.03.84
yeah oh god we all [ __ ] each other17262.244.32
though men men [ __ ] men17263.844.798
oh it's theater yeah you gotta get close17266.563.92
everyone but if you even if you're not17268.6383.362
into it you go i don't normally [ __ ] a17270.483.36
dude but now i'm gonna [ __ ] this dog i'm17272.02.958
gonna because i'm doing this i'm in17273.842.798
theater yeah you're acting that's one17274.9583.362
reason they do plays they don't yeah17276.6384.0
just a [ __ ] i have a wreath now yeah17278.324.318
good for you much better doraleous it17280.6384.882
looks much nicer better yeah okay are we17282.6383.762
yeah yeah go santa go all right i'm17286.44.16
going that's santa something else isn't17288.7183.682
he yeah he's something else here comes17290.564.72
santa cottontail hopping down the bunny17292.45.12
trail hippity hoppity christmas is on17295.282.95
its way17297.522.0
bringing presents for girls and dogs17299.525.92
boys to and not the moms17301.523.92
do you like the house you could have17306.563.6
built an awning out like that thing17308.323.44
above the door17310.163.04
you could have you could have framed17311.764.24
that out and actually made it 3d it's17313.24.56
not just for show that's for when you17316.03.44
you have to open your door rain it gives17317.762.878
you cover17319.442.96
so maybe you should do that just be17320.6383.202
thankful for what you have but why don't17322.42.64
you add that it'll take you about a17323.842.798
minute yeah it could use a bay window17325.043.758
too those look nice on houses like this17326.6383.922
the colonials don't have bay windows17328.7982.962
what which type are those where it's17330.563.44
like slightly sunken in bay windows are17331.764.72
bowed out yeah yeah but like there's17334.03.76
houses where the second story is like17336.482.88
below the ground great what's that17337.763.92
called boy that's like a uh that's okay17339.364.16
i do uh no uh hold on17341.683.92
level it has yeah but it has a term guys17343.525.278
i really hope you guys17345.64.8
would have been good all right ladies17348.7984.562
and gentlemen here is my santa sleigh17350.45.52
yeah i only have six reindeer because17353.365.518
you know it costs a lot to feed mush17355.926.08
mush never huh what's going on i've seen17358.8784.402
you take off in this yeah it takes a17362.03.04
long time17363.283.518
doesn't it i just know the house has to17365.045.838
reach there you go okay how's it going17366.7985.602
i like your17370.8782.802
showed off a little bit let me see those17372.42.8
feet moving they were feet moving right17373.682.72
okay yep17375.23.2
that's impressive yeah yeah okay oh17376.43.68
you're going in for a dab all right so17378.43.44
that seems to fly pretty good no it17380.082.96
doesn't fly good at all what are you17381.842.48
talking about17383.042.48
it looks like it's flying good to me17384.323.12
this is very difficult to do17385.522.72
now looks like you're tapping with your17388.243.44
pointer finger and you have your it's17390.083.28
very difficult this is what you do when17391.683.44
you're santa and flying like you don't17393.362.48
oh act like santa17397.044.4
ho ho ho17398.6385.042
that's not good i hear i'm up i'm coming17401.443.68
you're all crashing crashing you don't17403.681.98
know what you're doing17405.123.86
mary lawsuit no they're still kicking17411.763.36
aren't they17413.924.92
it's just their nerves17415.123.72
you got you're gonna squeak through no17420.6384.962
no no oh i can see the house though17422.565.44
here we go all right okay17425.64.32
there go two more deer keep on going17428.03.68
what if you just landed the driveway17429.923.12
well the relatives are coming there's no17433.043.28
room in the driveway ah17434.43.92
nor is there a driveway you should have17436.325.04
a relative you should add one17438.325.2
is there even a landing pad this is a17441.363.358
it's just a roof17443.522.72
you have a landing pad on your house no17444.7184.482
well but there's magic in santa's sleigh17446.246.0
there's nothing in this sleigh17449.25.2
like this sleigh does not have magic17452.245.6
he's got a rental roof up higher17454.44.398
on the roof17457.842.57
you do this i'll be so proud of you oh17468.7184.482
all right come on there is kind of a17474.8783.602
platform okay though that's right17476.7183.602
backwards completely i made it too i17478.484.238
thought that was too easy17480.324.398
come on get up17482.7183.282
you got this17484.7183.202
come on all right now go forward and17486.04.24
then drop her down17487.925.6
sit up don't get it you better stay17490.245.92
just staying yeah17493.524.4
good on you17496.164.32
good on you good right get a nice side17497.925.28
shot of that last time that's gorgeous17500.484.398
quit running we're here all right i'm17503.25.36
going down the chimney wish me luck17504.8783.682
oh [ __ ] all right17509.22.56
here they are17510.6384.16
okay i have to decipher what is going on17511.765.84
in doraleous head17514.7985.042
is that supposed to be a living person17517.65.038
yes that's the mother yeah so the mother17519.845.68
already can see you you lose no she's17522.6385.522
she's gonna know the tree okay she what17525.524.56
she's zoned out at the tree right now in17528.163.36
all its lust and she's got no17530.082.878
peripherals is he supposed to be17531.523.198
sleeping yeah well he's just he watched17532.9583.362
he's watching tv on his side but17534.7183.312
balancing on a hand17536.323.2
all right so go down go around17539.523.68
okay i don't know what's going on in17541.923.6
there but it sounds weird shut up santa17543.24.88
number two17545.522.56
all right you're fine17549.043.918
i don't know that's a dog17554.162.96
he's got to do something you got to put17557.123.28
present under the tree and she's right17560.44.08
there on that x so how do you get how do17562.084.08
you get that i mean there's ways there's17564.483.68
ways deduction17566.166.478
oh oh this is a stupid puzzle wow17568.164.478
oh that guy up there can see you looking17573.523.118
right at you i don't know nothing's17575.442.96
happening yeah nothing triggered him as17576.6383.122
it should have why don't they leave me17578.44.96
cookies there's no trigger sister17579.765.28
oh you're getting a cookie17585.043.28
can i just uh17591.922.798
hammer it17593.63.118
oh you got the cookie i got the cookie17594.7183.442
surprise you can walk now there's a17596.7183.042
i push that button yeah17599.762.878
oh she's turning around17603.845.84
god he says now go around the other way17609.683.52
she's facing the other way17611.63.198
watch out that guy can see you hug the17613.22.88
wall how does he not see me what's that17614.7983.442
option go ahead now is anyone playing on17616.084.16
tv there's nothing on tv maybe get rid17618.244.558
of the present17620.242.558
okay you did it17626.844.28
you did it now you just gotta get out17629.442.64
get out17631.123.2
so get in there and look up hit that uh17632.083.92
get on the thing and you can hit that17634.323.04
get on the thing17636.03.76
right there17637.362.4
that was pretty awesome yeah all right17640.484.238
and then i'm i'm uh back on the thing17642.6384.202
it's a christmas miracle mush17644.7184.402
there you go17649.125.28
anthony you ready my santa now yeah all17654.44.16
merry christmas everyone already much17658.563.84
better than you ever were it really was17660.565.12
oh oh oh you're done hey now now you're17662.44.08
giant up i see him you're looking pretty17666.485.12
darn good flying17669.24.0
where's that house well he's not trying17671.63.92
to land yet i can fly i'm looking for17673.24.0
santa right now17675.522.8
i don't know how accurate i'm going to17677.21.81
be but17678.322.08
go down low17680.44.92
going down17682.03.32
santa always comes in low in the17697.362.88
beginning this is what you got to do are17698.7983.522
your deer running higher oh my dear17700.243.84
aren't moving there you go that's the17702.322.88
get this in one shot17705.23.2
oh you're doing it oh i hit the wrong17706.9582.882
i'm so sorry hang on17709.843.118
oh well look at that you didn't have to17711.683.68
reset nope nope we're good that's good17712.9584.242
all right it's a nice feature santa17715.363.518
oh boy looking good anthony i'm i'm17718.8785.522
going to just forget about going17721.127.758
oh [ __ ] get it get it he got it17724.44.478
nice merry christmas good job santa and17729.444.8
bernie first attempt17732.243.68
yeah that was impressive that was really17734.243.44
good gonna get my hammer be careful in17735.923.52
there i gotta defend myself from the17737.684.32
child and the dog father and the dog the17739.444.24
dog father i don't remember seeing the17742.02.958
dog it's because it didn't look like a17743.682.32
dog right17744.9582.962
that's why you didn't see a dog santa's17746.03.12
damn yeah you don't want to be seen oh17749.125.04
oh that guy's turning i'm gonna crash17751.764.32
down he's going upstairs that's the kid17754.163.68
that didn't trigger on neebs's go all17756.082.718
the kid doesn't see anything17758.7984.242
i'll defend myself all right you got to17761.284.16
put the present without being stand on17763.044.16
the x17765.444.4
the mom is looking at me that's an issue17767.26.0
watch out for the guy in the window17769.843.36
get out of here it's my turn that's17774.9584.602
creepy you scared me17776.7984.802
all right i want to tell i want to tell17781.63.118
all the kids on the stairs kids got to17782.9583.282
go upstairs i want to tell them what to17784.7183.742
do because this is painful17786.244.08
go in the kitchen anthony17790.326.08
go to sleep kid17792.9585.202
looks like the coast is clear anthony17796.46.0
what is this thing to do go run run now17798.166.0
pass the steps17802.44.558
go into that room17804.162.798
now what17807.283.04
wait a second wait where are my cookies17808.6383.522
you didn't get a cookie17810.324.08
how do you know about the cookies17812.164.32
you've been naughty this year santa17814.43.76
you've been with my cookies i ate it17816.483.12
it was really good17819.63.118
i was mad about cookies you won't know17821.364.96
what kind it was okay macadamia17822.7185.122
the best for sure17826.323.68
it's probably the worst17827.844.16
i feel like oh because it's got a nut in17830.04.32
simon hates17834.322.558
what did you nuts17837.443.518
what is that hit the button oh okay17838.44.72
i'll give you a hint anthony kitchen now17843.522.88
checking on the timer that went off17846.43.6
now what anthony oh there's a small17850.03.52
child coming down the stairs who gives a17851.683.038
[ __ ]17853.522.72
just go past17854.7183.202
that's right that is against the rules17856.244.32
simon yeah really santa has ruled morals17857.924.24
this goes against the rules of17860.564.398
don't you think yeah yeah it's gotten to17865.24.72
the point17868.084.4
just [ __ ] go still there hit that17869.926.958
kill like a hammer and go around17872.484.398
okay i think you're clear17877.365.598
well yeah you did it too it's great hey17880.9583.76
go knock out the dad real quick with17882.9584.322
your hammer from behind sure17884.7183.842
well that didn't work look the kid's17887.283.358
gonna watch you beat his father17888.563.76
go ahead kid17890.6384.422
hit that button hit a button17892.326.88
merry christmas17899.24.4
and he took off yeah good actor dude17903.65.84
clearly the santa i want clearly the17906.565.84
best santa so far you're a good santa17909.445.68
anthony thank you mother santa sans the17912.44.64
[ __ ] duck gifts17915.123.36
do you want to go see what the people do17917.042.72
now i'll just give you a tour of the17918.482.478
home because we're selling this next17919.765.038
month hey santa's back holy [ __ ] oh17920.9586.562
that's a good park spot this will work17924.7984.802
oh boy and then the dog turns around to17927.523.84
check on his owner he just got clubbed17929.63.358
in the back of the head17931.363.76
and then the cops get called see the cop17932.9583.522
the lights17935.123.2
man that doesn't translate at all you're17936.483.52
like why would you hit the dab with a17938.323.36
hammer because you knock him out and17940.03.12
then the dog turns around and he's not17941.683.36
looking at your path over here anymore17943.123.838
gotcha you guys got around easily hey17945.043.838
doraleous yep were we supposed to go17946.9584.162
upstairs i designed that17948.8784.642
uh thinking i might do something up here17951.123.838
but i didn't look there's a whole17953.522.96
there's ever there's even a bathroom17954.9583.202
there's like a hole is the boy triggered17956.483.04
the cops too17958.163.2
yeah you guys coming up or can't the17959.525.04
boys in the way not anymore17961.364.56
thank you17964.563.04
the kid has a bathroom built on right to17965.922.56
his room17967.63.84
put toys in here17968.484.64
this wasn't in the video this wasn't in17971.443.6
the video i have time to make things17973.123.838
that linked up to here neebs neebs don't17975.042.96
leave there's a duck17976.9582.802
hold on do they share a bathroom yeah17981.524.8
they do that's a jack and jill hey17984.084.96
should we sing a christmas carol17986.325.45
ish song yeah17989.045.809
it's christmas time yeah17995.445.6
i said it's christmas time that's right17997.925.68
christmas time is a special time spend18001.045.44
your money watching all the way put a18003.65.52
dead tree in your room and put boxes18006.484.64
underneath it today18009.123.678
it's a fun but creepy holiday if you18012.7985.682
think about it santa's watching you18015.845.118
touch yourself and you didn't know it18018.483.92
was there18020.9584.242
how did you get my house i don't even18022.45.76
have a chimney what's that all about18025.25.598
dude pull your pants up man18028.164.718
we don't want to see that there are kids18030.7985.442
here merry christmas everybody have a18032.8785.202
wonderful time18036.244.96
please take these cookies and go and18038.085.68
never come back to here18041.24.56
merry christmas everyone18043.765.4
merry christmas18045.763.4
i'll follow you yeah well you don't18054.083.76
follow me you can see him can't you uh18056.163.84
okay yeah i can doraleous come here18057.843.92
we're doing another scrap mechanic video18060.04.56
it's been a while uh welcome audience18061.765.36
don't don't touch things yet okay18064.564.238
all right i built this real quick last18067.123.12
night but you didn't build it no i18068.7982.882
didn't build because you told me that18070.243.84
somebody else met ellis built this he18071.684.958
sent us a message and he said simon and18074.085.44
neebs are dumb shits let's see how big18076.6385.842
of dumb shits they really are simon it's18079.524.48
good to have you in here man well it's18082.483.36
good to see you why do i have a book he18084.03.6
didn't write that guys this is a18085.843.92
labyrinth he made okay i don't know18087.64.08
really what a labyrinth is it's amazing18089.764.32
shitty movie no it's a great shitty18091.686.64
movie i love you ends magic damn right18094.087.28
as soon as david bowie started singing18098.325.12
i was out this is cooperative you guys18101.364.08
do this together okay all right i'm not18103.444.16
gonna say [ __ ] okay but the only two18105.444.88
items you can use your sledgehammer18107.65.76
slide hammer and paint tool so get those18110.324.558
ready boys18113.363.518
let's paint great work18114.8784.322
no don't no stop it hey stop playing hey18116.8786.0
no let's paint man i'm practicing18119.23.678
are your brain caps ready rain capture18128.43.84
whatever comes off go ahead are we doing18130.242.638
do it do this together edu's did you18132.8784.162
push that button yes it did yes it did18135.523.52
good job so you we just got to figure18137.043.918
out the labyrinth yeah i mean there's uh18139.043.44
don't even know what a labyrinth is it's18140.9583.362
a maze we just covered this just amazed18142.484.238
though all right that's it gray hallway18144.324.96
blue hallway which way simon uh i don't18146.7183.682
know but i'm gonna be painting the whole18149.282.64
[ __ ] way i think you should use your18150.43.92
paint uh like make sure it's there's a18151.924.08
reason for it i might as well i don't18154.322.96
run out of paint do i don't want to18156.02.878
paint let's see i'll pick a color why18157.283.438
are you guys painting right now because18158.8783.84
we know that it's a labyrinth18160.7183.602
in here yeah you want to paint no it's18162.7183.522
not like a real it's not like a get lost18164.323.76
type of labyrinth no okay no there's18166.243.36
like puzzles you'll come in all right18168.082.878
all right let's see should we put like18169.63.118
an arrow so we know which way we went18170.9583.122
yeah like i'll put it in that right here18172.7183.202
they did that in the movies so i'll go18174.082.96
like this18175.922.21
this is the way we came in18177.043.12
hey neebs yeah pretty proud of myself18180.164.0
check this out how long have i been18182.483.04
how long 30 seconds it's hard look at18185.523.278
that [ __ ] arrow hard to hit a button18187.23.598
look at that arrow it's a [ __ ] arrow it18188.7984.08
doesn't have the it's not coming in18190.7983.042
all right18192.8782.08
oh wow18193.842.878
that looks like a torch it's a good job18194.9583.202
on that torch isn't it it does looks18196.7184.24
good so we need to18198.165.44
do what we need to figure out puzzles18200.9584.482
yeah i want to go through the door18203.64.16
um it might be a [ __ ] door well how18205.443.92
do you open the door i don't know that's18207.762.958
what i'm saying it might be a [ __ ]18209.362.24
you have to figure out how to open it18211.63.278
yeah you do don't you yeah i don't see18212.6384.722
any sensors or buttons to click right18214.8784.08
well i could turn off the light that18217.363.358
should open it yeah that'll do it if i18218.9583.282
turn both of them off you never know it18220.7183.682
could be a puzzle right you said puzzle18222.243.04
i mean18224.43.44
it's sizzles puzzles edus range two18225.284.32
buttons over here simon you stay over18227.844.24
there stay here stay stay there stay18229.64.16
back where the door is18232.082.96
all right now keep your eyes peeled i18235.042.96
don't know what this button's attached18236.6382.722
do you want me to look at you or do you18238.03.44
want me to look around look everywhere18239.363.84
i'm looking around push a button ready18241.443.6
yep anything happened i didn't see18243.25.12
anything okay push the other button18245.045.2
i'm hearing something anything happening18248.323.52
you're hearing a button18250.243.52
nope stay there18251.843.71
coming through18253.766.0
see sensors18259.763.36
anything happening do it again18261.044.24
i'm still doing it18263.124.96
i want to look in one area or this this18265.285.04
i pushed two buttons and i stood on some18270.7184.882
sensors nothing why don't i remember18272.8783.92
why don't i do that remember it's a18275.63.92
coopie thing remember that ah simon you18276.7984.882
push that button i push this button18279.523.92
ready yeah ready18281.685.64
one two three18283.443.88
we got balls18287.62.8
all right18289.044.08
you do have balls okay you ready18290.44.16
i think we18293.123.04
knocked these balls to the other end18294.564.56
that's what i was thinking okay18296.165.36
come on oh that's a good hit neebs that18299.124.72
was a good hit thank you simon yours was18301.523.68
probably good too i don't know i don't18303.843.68
see you yet my first hit now i'm still18305.24.24
in the [ __ ] room18307.524.4
my first hit was that hit there we go18309.444.48
that's a good hair right there did you18311.923.84
paint the ball a little bit i got one18313.924.16
don't paint the balls i got one simon oh18315.765.28
okay i didn't paint the ball18318.083.84
shots not sure if you guys see the18321.924.48
color of the balls18324.7983.442
they're red one's a different kind of18326.43.76
red isn't it i don't how would that how18328.243.68
would i ever know that that meant18330.163.84
something yeah because it's a because18331.923.12
it's a puzzle18334.02.4
but that's not it though because he was18335.043.52
saying the color no red but one of them18336.44.16
has a green thing we got to bring it18338.564.48
you painted that green i didn't i18340.563.84
haven't had the paint out i'm not even18343.043.68
in this video18344.410.318
all these balls are red one's a18354.7184.642
different kind of red18356.42.96
okay i'm looking18359.525.358
down a tunnel where are you18362.325.52
good question hello18364.8786.182
do you see me18367.845.28
watch this18377.524.72
can you do that18379.62.64
nope because you're not a gamer18383.123.44
what's in here some stuff in here18386.6384.962
you got a crouch jump18389.683.84
yeah i don't know what that means hold18391.65.038
your hold your control button okay18393.525.76
crouch holding control jump that's18396.6384.882
crouch what's crouch we have regressed18399.284.88
control what is what is crap18401.524.48
that message that mattel is didn't you18404.164.638
said crouch control hold control down18406.04.878
just push the control button simon just18408.7984.562
push it one time and hold it there there18410.8784.242
you're crouching you're a gamer now walk18413.364.48
over here and jump18415.122.72
come on buddy18421.923.6
oh my god18423.843.6
what the [ __ ] is wrong with you18425.524.24
it's it's not easy for me follow me18432.085.92
that's what's that's what's wrong with18435.763.28
it's not easy why aren't you following18439.043.758
you know what i see now you know what i18442.7983.762
see now i see a18444.7183.682
close-up of my back i don't know where18446.565.2
the [ __ ] i'm going c and x okay okay how18448.44.558
about this look at that where i'm18451.762.64
looking c18452.9584.082
clicking button clicking button c c c18454.44.96
not a [ __ ] thing not a [ __ ] thing18457.043.838
all right x b b18459.364.88
also x x x x not a [ __ ] thing hold on18460.8785.282
come on over there oh my gosh i'm in a18464.243.36
[ __ ] hole here18466.163.76
yeah you say oh my god but guess what18467.63.76
you're in a hole then go ahead and have18469.923.36
somebody else [ __ ] play this game all18471.363.438
right cause i'm i'm trying here you're18473.283.92
in first person don't push crx until18474.7983.92
further notice there you go i don't want18477.23.598
to be no just never push it all right go18478.7184.0
ahead there's sensors it looks like on18480.7983.682
the ceiling18482.7183.122
so what18485.843.84
i'm going to bed [ __ ] moved18487.044.56
it opened for a second who made this18489.684.32
again doraleous metallus18491.64.64
what are you what a champ what a [ __ ]18494.04.08
dick no you're18496.244.32
seriously yeah this is his fault yeah18498.084.48
all right i'm done with this18500.564.158
yeah okay you can get back in here you18502.564.158
want to crouch this ball is a different18504.7184.16
hey hey doraleous hey i'm just i knew18506.7183.362
where you had to be are you talking18508.8783.76
about this this pink one do you see the18510.083.84
color of this18512.6382.32
do you see18513.923.76
the color pink one yeah18514.9584.962
you see the color above18517.683.92
this challenge18519.924.64
yeah also red yeah but there's different18521.65.52
shades of red dip [ __ ] wow and we got18524.564.96
the colorblind guy [ __ ] giving a [ __ ]18527.124.24
i can see different shades i know18529.523.438
they're different well they look pretty18531.363.92
[ __ ] similar to me come on get out18532.9584.082
you little [ __ ] get out no no no18535.283.598
keep the one with the green get out of18537.043.678
get out18540.7182.722
whoa what's that all about did you hear18547.765.198
something is something open18550.165.76
up door's open yay18552.9585.122
[ __ ] me18555.924.32
now drownish the very first ball i put18558.083.21
in there was that color18560.245.12
we're moving forward good yeah great18565.364.56
everybody likes that18567.524.88
i bet you i can make a puppy i make i18569.923.52
can make something that looks like a18572.43.44
puppy okay uh maybe one more of this18573.445.198
right there longer tail it's not bad man18575.845.36
yeah that's a decent minimal puppy yeah18578.6385.282
all right let's split up okay oh i found18581.24.56
a question mark18583.924.878
a glowing question mark okay i found the18585.765.68
puppy okay there's a door in here okay18588.7985.362
guys this is the riddle room all right18591.445.518
if you have me you want to share me18594.165.44
but if you share me you no longer have18596.9583.362
what am i that's anything18600.324.16
thickness pick knows it we should use18602.564.158
thick i'm not even in the video now you18604.484.08
chocolate it's not chocolate love you18608.564.48
don't have love once you share it no18611.64.4
once you share it it's dead18613.044.48
that's not right you know what i'll18616.05.04
accept that it's a secret it's true18617.524.88
good job guys18621.044.08
open the door i like chocolate better18622.45.12
i like love better18625.124.48
look at this this looks dangerous this18627.524.08
is great spikes all over the wall yep18629.63.76
and there's red down there like there's18631.64.48
sit there with a thumb up your ass all18636.083.68
right hold on oh [ __ ] i was just who's18637.764.8
not moving i'm not moving why because i18639.764.16
get the door18643.924.48
there you go very nice very nice very18645.65.358
very nice18648.44.88
all right18650.9586.962
144 yeah 144 or 1440.18653.286.48
maybe the wood parts numbers maybe it's18657.924.24
quadruple zero maybe it's a puzzle18659.765.118
here's something over here yep18662.164.0
you're gonna need your paint tool in18664.8782.662
this one18666.164.638
when i saw this i didn't think you'd18670.7984.642
even think close to this one here's the18672.9585.442
first step here's the second step here's18675.444.8
the third step and we need to draw the18678.43.28
fourth step18680.243.44
so wait you follow me18681.683.36
is this like something if we do18683.683.038
something then you activate something i18685.043.2
don't activate [ __ ] i don't activate18686.7183.122
anything from here so these rules are18688.243.44
all over the place right no no they're18689.843.76
not so i'm going to go like18691.683.118
nope wrong color that's it right18694.7983.84
is that it18697.682.64
it looks it looks18698.6383.002
that's it hold on18700.324.49
so this would be this18705.043.52
and that18708.562.398
that's that why would that make that18710.9583.602
open what do you mean i don't know but18712.563.12
it made it open right what do you mean18714.563.52
what do you mean why because he18715.684.08
hey because because look even though18718.084.24
this is a simple thing i got that how do18719.765.28
you not get that needs what what does18722.324.638
painting this what triggers this door to18725.043.678
open it doesn't matter it's the puzzle18726.9584.162
it does matter is there a sensor oh you18728.7184.16
just i don't know18731.123.04
it's yeah it's what do you mean you18732.8783.122
don't know it's the color sensor however18734.163.84
you accept it there's no sensor anywhere18736.04.16
he's behind it18738.04.56
he looks foolish oh yeah look this is it18740.163.92
how are you not curious this is18742.563.44
incredible there's no use you can't use18744.084.08
that tool one two three four five look18746.03.68
at all these sensors are you asking me18748.164.24
how i'm not curious i just got the first18749.685.44
paint tool that i ever used before i'm18752.44.398
curious about this stuff not all the18755.124.24
other things hey come on tell mattel18756.7984.402
that was genius i like that yeah18759.364.8
metellus all right so one two three four18761.26.0
five six seven i'm dreading this one i18764.164.88
might pick a nap eight18767.25.2
nine ten eleven twelve in roman numerals18769.045.598
then we got on the ends here it looks18772.44.64
like it's nine o'clock three o'clock and18774.6385.282
six o'clock if those are clocks they18777.045.36
look like [ __ ] look at me being i'm18779.924.718
like sherlock holmes in this [ __ ] remind18782.43.76
me to never do an escape room with you18784.6383.442
guys uh-huh i'm looking to see what18786.164.08
these lights are doing they're changing18788.083.52
damn it's one of these things they're18790.243.76
all lit18791.62.4
six is lit18794.7982.482
nine is lit18797.282.56
they're all lit so there's a pattern we18800.563.84
have six18802.563.52
there's a button on this chair and we18804.43.84
have nine it's a button on this chair18806.084.558
but we have three what are we trying to18808.244.398
do here we got to figure it out man i18810.6383.522
know but what do you have what are you18812.6383.442
working with right now you need to try18814.163.6
the buttons on the chair not yet i don't18816.083.2
want to mess anything up okay that's how18817.763.118
you mess things up i know but three the18819.283.76
three's missing a light so we need to18820.8784.722
now try to utilize six and nine and18823.044.24
three is the only one that's lit right18825.63.198
now where are these buttons that you're18827.282.96
talking about that are on here yeah i18828.7982.722
don't sit in this but when you sit in a18830.242.8
chair you can hit a button all right i'm18831.523.68
gonna try pushing it you ready yep see18833.043.678
mine controls the left one and the18835.23.28
middle one and mine controls the middle18836.7183.282
one and the right one so you have to18838.483.6
work together and do we have to get all18840.04.08
the lights on that's a good guess it's a18842.084.32
really good guess18844.083.12
look at that hop out it's a happy18849.123.518
accident we'll take it so we ended up18850.9583.362
being six18852.6382.482
and nine18855.122.48
okay whatever18858.03.4
who gives a [ __ ] as long as we move on18862.9584.482
there's a button yes please hit the18865.64.16
you hear that right uh-huh so did that18870.9584.082
frowny chicken just happen i didn't look18873.042.74
at it before18875.042.72
looks like a frowny chicken right here18877.764.4
what a chicken yeah we gotta do music i18879.044.56
hope not to read music because i can't18882.163.44
read music what was the noise that we18883.64.88
heard we have to mimic that boop so you18885.64.24
know that right18888.483.6
that makes sense yep that's the first18889.844.16
that was it that sounded like it was it18900.162.638
same thing18901.763.28
did i do it i i i it sounded like it18902.7984.562
didn't it18905.042.32
yeah it just had to be more suspicious18909.445.278
yeah all right man all right look at18912.244.398
that [ __ ] i should be a musician yeah18914.7183.442
that's pretty cool i'm i'm thinking18916.6383.602
we're doing pretty good so this is you18918.163.28
guys have to make this decision18920.244.24
apparently who who's one of you survives18921.444.64
we will not one of you die we'll do18924.484.96
hunger games we both die tell the uh18926.084.558
guy with the makeup uh we both die oh18930.6384.32
and the for the reading berries well you18932.7983.442
just took that one now i got a button18934.9582.482
does yours have a button18937.443.76
i have a butt you go in that chair18939.043.838
simon yeah you're not really gonna die18941.22.96
simon it's just going to squish you a18942.8783.522
little bit ready you ready three and18944.165.84
then hold it hold it down okay three two18946.46.478
one hold it18950.02.878
we just got launched18956.483.6
it's a pretty good launch too it's a18958.484.478
really good launch18960.082.878
and simon you seem to be just fine nice18963.284.48
you guys did it hey let's both take off18965.843.84
on that thing well it's already broke18967.764.0
now reset i don't know how to reset it18969.685.198
dora elias we go together simon yes we18971.765.28
do did we rebuild this right18974.8784.722
no hit it18977.042.56
he hit it absolutely [ __ ] good job18980.6384.882
really good work can i start this video18983.124.64
yeah yeah you ready i feel weird it's18985.524.24
been a long time since we got our scraps18987.763.68
well there's new stuff there's new stuff18989.764.48
which is why we're back world builder or18991.444.88
tile builder tile builder first so if18994.243.84
someone wanted to build the wrong thing18996.323.76
they would go18998.084.48
yeah so you need to make a new tile19000.084.08
you see this is when somebody should19002.563.36
have played the game beforehand i mean19004.164.4
exactly what to do i did but where's the19005.924.08
with the controller nobody wants to19010.03.04
watch this video nobody wants to watch a19011.23.678
video where you try to figure out how to19013.043.838
go don't share it you should figure out19014.8783.282
how things go19016.8784.802
make the videos what does this19018.163.52
jesus christ so you've got a whole menu19022.43.2
of stuff on the side there you can pick19024.242.398
whatever you want to put in there you19025.62.48
can change the size you can change the19026.6383.602
color you can change the rotation scale19028.084.08
you can make it bigger yeah bigger and19030.244.718
better bigger better and fatter19032.164.4
oh wow there you can rotate the tree19034.9582.882
yeah you've got other stuff on the side19036.563.52
you can paint the ground oh and you can19037.843.76
adjust the terrain of the ground make19040.084.24
hills and yeah right oh god yeah when19041.65.198
you do two pipes rotate that pipe oh19044.324.96
yeah yeah yeah19046.7985.202
so people have made some phenomenal19049.284.64
creations they have obviously that's19052.04.16
what i want to see what people have made19053.923.52
i don't want to watch autographs i don't19056.162.88
want to watch need okay19057.443.198
but i made it i made something so19059.043.2
doraleous you've made something i made a19060.6383.442
track and it took way too long it's19062.245.88
called the tapeworm gross19064.084.04
so this is doraleous19073.124.4
yeah it's beautiful wow that's a cool19075.762.8
looking track19077.522.72
you better have some good music playing19078.564.078
right here doraleous yeah okay heavenly19080.244.398
music it's like oscar winning stuff yeah19082.6383.442
this needs this music needs to make19084.6382.562
jesus come19086.083.6
he said he's coming i said that he is19087.24.16
he's gonna come again19091.364.08
have you tested a car on this track19093.284.32
uh until i fell off yes please feel free19095.444.4
to copy and paste this vehicle gentlemen19097.63.84
and do what you will to it the number19099.843.6
one button puts the downward thrusters19101.443.92
that keeps you on the track number two19103.443.278
gives you a slight boost forward thank19105.362.8
you all right i got a vehicle here19106.7184.562
created by gomes or goms19108.163.73
it would be19111.282.08
here i go onto the tapeworm with abstra19113.365.12
go get him killer little wonky chances19116.164.638
of this working are very slim why do you19118.484.72
say that lag too many cooks in the19120.7984.962
kitchen yep we'll try though can i ride19123.24.24
with one of y'all doraleous you said you19125.763.52
almost got through the first loop i got19127.444.08
to the bottom of the first loop19129.284.4
you've never done the whole track yes he19131.523.198
he never does a long time yeah i built19136.04.32
this thing i haven't tested it like what19138.163.76
was that19140.323.44
nothing nothing not judging [ __ ]19141.923.92
yourself he's judging i judge it he's19143.765.038
got his judging mouth open i see it yeah19145.844.32
neebs is there anything i can do to help19148.7982.642
on this rig you should put a horn on19150.164.96
that thing everybody ready yeah this is19151.445.438
not gonna work ladies and gentlemen the19155.123.92
tapeworm what's not gonna work nothing19156.8783.76
you're negative at it three two one go19159.042.8
okay oh19160.6383.682
that was it19161.842.48
this car is really unstable you're19171.63.6
unstable that's true19173.444.56
there's no way no no no no no there's a19175.24.8
all right just go straight look at him19180.03.6
move out of the way ada hop nope the19181.683.84
winner's coming through19183.63.68
the what the winner19185.524.72
the winner the winner said winter there19187.283.92
you go19190.242.718
there you go neebs19191.23.598
there you go neebs19192.9584.882
do it yeah this doesn't work19194.7984.562
hey you know what they're poorly19197.843.52
designed you know what you're right the19199.364.32
thrusters i didn't save my changes now19201.363.598
you can raise what's up with all the19203.683.038
grass here on the racetrack what's up19204.9583.92
with your grass on your racetrack wait19206.7185.122
we got to say take your mark19208.8786.322
before yeah where we resetted the wind19211.844.72
look he's doing pretty good19216.562.96
there's a left19218.243.28
that's your chance19221.524.08
yeah go ahead without me well it's a19223.524.16
race there was no taking martial left19225.64.16
when you go down19229.762.878
good neebs19234.47.36
there we go i tried to skip earlier it19241.764.24
didn't work good luck thank you so long19243.525.358
ada oh yeah i'm coming for you enjoy the19246.05.2
back road all right don't you [ __ ] this19248.8784.482
up put on the boosters out of my way19251.24.4
there you go whoa damn19253.364.4
damn you got smoke neebs yeah but he's19255.63.68
gonna go too fast he's gonna make him19257.762.8
[ __ ] up19259.282.96
look at this i can slow down i feel like19260.563.68
this track's very doable as long as you19262.244.398
don't get too greedy like that nope your19264.244.16
car just fell off look at this it's19266.6384.32
gonna fly19268.42.558
we're crazy at the wheels19271.523.358
watch out19278.482.398
yeah man there's a left turn down here19285.843.6
easy easy19289.443.4
there we go19294.484.478
one let's try that all right look at me19295.844.878
this is like a little uh little mario19298.9583.92
kart guy yeah you got this tiny tiny19300.7183.92
thing i'm right behind you all right19302.8783.042
here we go19304.6383.042
oh boy a little squirrely19305.923.28
little squirrel yeah big time all right19307.682.8
we hit the boosters19309.23.12
you got it you got it19310.484.398
looking good19312.322.558
all right come on leg19315.844.56
you got this i'm doing it19317.444.81
you're doing19320.44.96
jump off the side aid hop19335.363.84
you did really good that last round19337.843.36
thank you man it was the forward thing19339.23.598
that you got19341.23.36
oh man this camera's not helpful yeah19342.7983.202
aydah yeah19344.565.56
wait where's ada what's that19346.04.12
a little bit left a little bit left19359.64.118
there we go here we go here we go second19367.63.76
loop second loop i can do this holy [ __ ]19368.8784.962
us here to yeah in the sky19377.24.64
i can go twice as high you need to turn19379.284.64
left up here all right come on turn it19381.844.24
there you go you're doing great thank19386.562.88
holy [ __ ]19389.444.64
there we go19392.7184.24
whoa whoa straight away here we go balls19394.085.2
i'm going punch balls i don't know19396.9586.982
as fast as i can to the moon to the moon19399.289.419
holy [ __ ] we might actually do this yeah19417.045.44
oh [ __ ] at the end in front of us19419.285.28
the impossible [ __ ] you made it the19422.484.478
impossible track remember did you do it19424.565.44
in your bigfoot no oh you cheating [ __ ]19426.9584.802
i used my brain i would like to thank19430.03.84
spexie subscribe to retrospects on19431.763.76
youtube well i think we're about to do19433.844.4
it with dresses names with dresses oh19435.525.358
crap what happened19438.244.478
what happened why aren't you [ __ ] up19440.8784.162
now i didn't do anything at the end all19442.7183.842
right we need to move on from this [ __ ]19445.043.598
yeah we do ooh what the parking lot is19446.563.92
pretty cool actually i see why you might19448.6383.842
say parking lot looks neat hey19450.484.0
hello parking lot looks pretty cool yeah19452.483.36
it does look cool you know what i like19454.483.12
better than the parking lot what the19455.843.84
tape the thing behind you19457.64.64
i love that the skull yes this probably19459.684.24
looks better further away doesn't it no19462.243.2
it looks better the closer you get hey19463.923.44
to what you got there oh just flying19465.444.0
around nothing but did you build that19467.363.68
not my cool transforming car yeah i did19469.443.518
build it holy oh right okay19471.044.24
i have a cool video about it dude did19472.9583.84
you find any treasure up there i'm in19475.285.2
the mouth no treasure um19476.7986.16
the tooth looks gold let's mine it all19480.484.398
right let's go to the parking lot boys19482.9584.642
we're ahead of you boys19484.8785.76
so long ada hop boom19487.64.16
i don't know if you guys have seen this19490.6382.0
the bigfoot yeah it's a real piece of19492.6386.0
[ __ ] perfect for this19495.363.278
all right we're at the top i mean it's19500.44.0
just is this just that parking lot i19502.324.08
mean it looks nice i will say that it19504.44.0
looks nice looking parking lot thank god19506.43.76
we got this wonky ass transformer and19508.44.8
then we get down the easy way yep19510.164.24
here we go19513.23.2
oh [ __ ] did i jump19514.45.0
yeah i think it's great but why'd you19520.324.558
pick this uh because april really wanted19522.44.0
to see it that's that you pinned this19524.8782.642
[ __ ] up19526.42.96
you were really hot for this thing yeah19527.523.76
no it's well made it looks great but19529.363.68
it's just a [ __ ] parking lot neebs19531.283.76
what did you pick out i have picked one19533.042.8
i think scrap man he puts effort into19535.844.0
his stuff scrap man right created by19538.483.44
scrap so does speccy skee-ball so we all19539.844.24
need a car and see if we can get in in19541.924.24
the hole oh my god with your car where19544.084.718
is simon he loves throwing balls in the19546.165.12
hole he would bust a nut if he saw a19548.7984.402
dude this looks great good luck out19553.23.36
there guys19555.283.598
good luck thank you thanks all right ada19556.564.48
hop in his rolling uh my thing yeah19558.8785.202
circle car whoop here we go19561.045.678
that's great yeah go general grievous19564.086.24
i'm going come on i'm trying19566.7184.962
it's a little bit laggy here we go might19570.323.2
get stuck at the bottom nope i've got19571.682.958
yeah i can just fly right up oh damn19574.6383.762
he's doing all right19576.327.2
yeah that's okay oh come on all right19578.46.88
up you're only getting 10. you almost19583.523.84
got the 60. i almost got the 60. i got19585.286.0
greedy wish me luck good luck19587.363.92
i don't know you got some speed going19591.844.0
man i might be able to do it19593.524.88
come on19595.842.56
what'd i get19602.482.318
i went through the world19604.7983.442
everybody ready to go at the same time19606.483.2
yeah let's do it i'm sure you want to19608.242.8
drive this19609.683.6
sure all right somebody count it down19611.043.2
one go19615.123.2
how are we looking you're looking good19621.124.88
blistering speed19623.045.96
gg because he's finishing19643.123.518
no no no no oh my god19646.6386.682
come on19650.03.32
we got scrap man with us we do we do19659.284.88
yeah i'm here i hate it he makes good19661.844.16
things in scrap mechanics yeah so you19664.163.92
said even us we'll find out today19666.03.52
doraleous what what have you drugged us19668.083.28
here for all right guys why don't you uh19669.524.32
come up the obvious approach together19671.364.32
hand-in-hand may happen did you build19673.845.28
that yeah where are you19675.684.8
he's up at the top already i think what19679.122.88
do you mean shut up that's a good19680.483.36
question [ __ ] he's been like standing19682.03.44
up there the whole time19683.842.958
all right i think we're supposed to go19685.443.518
up there yeah wasd is uh yeah that's19686.7984.402
your typical that's how you move simon w19688.9584.162
you know what you know what scrapbook19691.23.438
and he's dropping tips you could you19693.124.24
could you could honestly just watch your19694.6384.562
tone my friend19697.364.56
tread lightly it starts already yeah19699.24.64
right off the bat i've been informed19701.923.28
that you're not too familiar with the19703.843.68
game so i just want to make sure no i'm19705.26.24
not going to i know how to walk wise19707.526.16
you know that's our lawyer's name19711.442.96
initially i was like simon versus scrap19714.44.478
man in a build-off but then i i was19716.8784.0
looking to use my brain i know no it's19718.8783.042
going to happen we're going to have a19720.8783.042
little build off at the end good wonder19721.923.2
who's going to win that one in the19723.922.878
meantime i figured we'd have a little19725.123.92
bit more of a fair uh mini challenge of19726.7985.042
sorts mini challenge in the form of19729.044.72
everyone's favorite game show you're19731.844.56
kidding me it's zayn zipper19733.764.64
flip thank you for asking simon you're19736.44.238
happy to be back remember i was talking19738.43.84
about an intervention simon you're happy19740.6382.562
to be back yeah i remember the19742.242.24
intervention conference we had we were19743.24.0
saying how uh snapman welcome to game19744.485.52
show his surprises are very i'm excited19747.24.56
yeah you shouldn't be you shouldn't be19750.04.08
scratching everyone's excited ada hops19751.765.118
excited i'm excited you look it hey yeah19754.084.878
he jumped simon scrap man take your19756.8785.202
spots wow am i sc19758.9585.92
the blue one oh his color is red whose19762.084.878
color is red scrap man's color is red19764.8784.0
well you're blue today it's only all19766.9583.6
over the channel i'm glad you looked at19768.8783.282
it like once before in preparation for19770.5583.362
this i don't know listen hey guess what19772.163.6
i'm colorblind the word doraleous and19773.923.92
the word preparation are two you don't19775.763.84
hear in the scene very very similar and19777.843.76
now and now he's using now he's pulling19779.64.16
the color blind right because this all19781.64.0
magically created itself didn't it is19783.763.76
this just going to be game show no i19785.63.68
hope it's a build off at the end it's19787.523.438
going to be great okay oh my gosh let's19789.283.598
get through this party there's only two19790.9584.482
gallons of five questions each you guys19792.8784.322
see the little switchy on your uh in19795.443.92
front of you yeah uh you'd have to hit19797.23.678
that if you know the right answer19799.363.438
there's gonna be three options for every19800.8784.322
question i'll explain the game as it19802.7985.682
goes number one what was auctioned off19805.26.0
at christie's in 1969 you ever heard of19808.485.04
christie's oh jesus christ it's a famous19811.25.678
auction fame it like uh like a a pompous19813.524.96
kind of auction very expensive things19816.8784.482
what was auctioned up19818.482.88
at christie's in 1969 is it a van gogh's19822.324.398
b napoleon's penis19826.7185.362
or c da vinci's toe19828.8784.802
go ahead simon19832.085.04
van gogh sucks that's wrong scrap man19833.684.24
da vinci's toe all right you're both19837.924.08
wrong it was napoleon's penis let's move19840.04.08
on to question number two what is it19842.05.44
illegal to duel with in massachusetts is19844.087.28
it a water guns b nerf guns or c stun19847.446.56
oh scrap man's first what you got scrap19854.02.558
water guns you're absolutely right scrap19856.5585.042
man what that's a stupid point is that a19859.24.48
real fact that's a real puppy i was19861.63.92
raised if you guys have never heard some19863.683.6
of these crazy laws around the country19865.523.358
you're absolutely [ __ ] yourself19867.283.04
we're not supposed to talk anymore let's19868.8783.042
get to get this over with19870.324.88
all right number number three uh or if19871.924.878
you win the round scrap man you get to19875.23.84
spin the uh the bonus wheel and you get19876.7984.042
these little uh these19879.044.16
chips we're moving on19880.845.16
what is banned in japanese restaurants19883.26.64
is it a tipping b kissing or c farting19886.06.638
go ahead simon tipping you're right so19889.844.56
you're both tied 1-1 question number19892.6382.562
most jello contains what is it a crushed19895.24.88
b crushed antler or c boiled tongues go19900.086.638
ahead simon you're mr brainy pants c19903.845.36
boil tug that is wrong with the hooves19906.7184.722
the hooves one it's the hooves scrap man19909.24.56
takes the lead ghosts19911.443.84
now i don't ever want to eat jello19913.763.36
unless you're a hoof guy shut up19915.283.76
question number five19917.125.598
one trillion germs live on each what19919.044.56
is it19922.7185.522
a foot b hand or c eyeball19923.66.0
anyone go ahead scrap man what's your19928.242.24
ball that is wrong take it simon take it19930.485.44
uh i forget what the other two choices19933.64.24
handle foot19935.924.638
hand that's wrong it's the foot damn it19937.844.24
i'm sure hands got plenty too but one19940.5584.482
joke all right so uh scrap man you get19942.086.4
to spin the uh bonus wheel the the first19945.045.518
that was round one first time19950.5583.602
well there's only two rounds i don't19952.7182.322
[ __ ] say that look at this this is19955.043.28
all right all right so scrap man i'd19956.9583.68
suggest uh standing right about here and19958.323.76
go ahead and hit in one of those little19960.6383.682
hands uh with a different amount of19962.084.478
germs on them all right now this is19964.324.318
there we go all right oh that was a good19966.5583.602
spin look at that one i must have made19968.6384.482
it and he's got no chips no chips all19970.165.12
right let's head on back to your podium19973.125.12
great all right what do krusty the clown19975.286.72
and chandler from friends have in common19978.245.84
is it a a foot fetish19982.05.52
b both failed clown college or c a third19984.085.6
nipple simon you already19987.523.68
third nipple you never turned your thing19989.682.878
off did you nope i turned it off all19991.22.96
right does anyone have an answer third19992.5582.482
yeah you're right simon takes the lead19995.043.28
now turn your light off now simon19998.322.88
there's a button that does that there20000.03.28
you go i've been doing it all right20001.24.56
that's you know what san is so far most20006.7183.84
entertaining yeah yeah yeah i like the20008.7983.042
lights taking me smiling wake me up20010.5583.362
again all right [ __ ] you20011.843.76
turn your light off i mean it's still on20013.923.44
all right question number seven former20015.64.4
president grover cleveland served twice20017.363.92
as what20020.05.12
a a beauty pageant judge b ohio's chief20021.287.12
taxidermist or c an executioner20025.125.598
go ahead scrub and what you got a judge20028.43.84
that is wrong20030.7182.722
go ahead and tell me what you got20032.243.28
taxidermist nope it's an executioner20033.444.24
you're both dumb all right question20035.525.198
number eight what people's name means20037.685.6
eater of raw flesh20040.7187.442
is it a eskimos b chippewa or c comanche20043.287.84
chippewa you're wrong20048.165.84
that's eskimo it is eskimo i also20051.125.2
learned that that's a very derogatory20054.04.558
term inuit is the right way to say it20056.324.558
eskimo is the equivalent of the inlet i20058.5583.522
call them20060.8783.84
all right i'm going to cut that out wow20062.084.16
like without a doubt20064.7184.16
and so is scrap man i guarantee it20066.244.96
happy to have you here absolutely20068.8783.84
i can hear him face palming through the20071.23.358
mic number nine and scrap man should20072.7183.282
know this20074.5582.962
porn star20076.04.08
candida royale was named after what was20077.525.118
it a a dead prize horse20080.084.798
b a vaginal yeast infection20082.6385.042
or see a notorious prostitute matter go20084.8786.482
ahead murderer that's wrong the horse20087.685.36
that's wrong she was named after a20091.363.358
vaginal yeast infection20093.043.678
let's go into question number 10. all20094.7183.762
right this is the winner right here how20096.7184.16
many letters are there in the german20098.485.92
alphabet is it a 27 b20100.8786.562
30 or c3220104.44.08
go ahead scrap man i know you're20107.442.88
guessing what's that 30. that's20108.485.36
absolutely right scrap man20110.323.52
and then we'll move on to the uh the20115.65.038
final uh the the the grand prize uh20117.365.68
what good job there trebek20124.085.52
all right that was a big money equally20126.8784.642
crappy spin20129.63.6
all right everybody let's come down to20131.523.358
the base of the hill ready so far this20133.23.758
has been a waste of everyone's time yeah20134.8785.282
no not mine oh boy yeah20136.9585.042
here's what would have happened if you20140.163.84
got any of those tokens you would have20142.03.92
advanced the amount of tokens up these20144.03.52
little white spaces you know what i'm20145.924.24
saying start if you follow me there are20147.525.038
five different uh little points you'll20150.164.398
go through like when you pass this point20152.5584.0
you hit number one when you get to this20154.5583.922
second one you turn off number one you20156.5583.442
hit number two you have to turn one off20158.483.04
and turn that you turn one off and you20160.03.28
turn on the next one now simon you're20161.523.198
going to struggle with this that's why20163.283.2
apple's right next to you let's get back20164.7183.92
into everyone's favorite mystery vehicle20166.484.478
i call it the mystery vehicle actually20168.6384.32
i'd like to call it the you never know20170.9585.122
mobile how about that one here we go in20172.9584.082
two one go20177.044.64
okay so fast i'll see if this is so long20182.168.36
all right20187.363.16
all right this is actually kind of fun20201.683.198
all right when you pass this third one20203.122.96
i'm going to skip that whole first one20204.8782.722
and number two20206.083.52
oh no nobody saw that coming you saw20207.64.56
that coming that was crazy20209.65.198
it's a wacky race20212.164.16
all right all right turn that up hit the20214.7984.08
next one three four20216.324.238
wait mike20218.8784.08
all right there we go oh there we go oh20220.5584.32
you got wheels on the bottom20222.9583.84
stuff right what is going on with this20224.8783.122
all right and four and five oh man this20228.04.798
is uh this is a this is neck to neck20230.7984.322
what did five is five working i think20232.7984.0
you passed it did you do it yeah it's20235.124.16
it's a matter of uh oh [ __ ] scrap really20236.7985.76
oh okay why is five not working uh oh oh20239.284.64
oh oh20242.5583.602
open there it's thrusters is that what20243.924.32
it is it's like a thrust a random cut oh20246.163.52
there you go oh20248.243.76
oh oh oh that's great20249.684.48
it's a backflip machine now this is20252.03.84
timing it's very difficult to progress20254.163.6
you got a chance20255.843.36
you might have to hit one turn it off20257.764.08
all right all right now am i am i20263.445.438
hopeful is that his flips back over on20266.8783.042
its own but it's not looking like it's20268.8782.562
gonna oh yeah20269.924.718
it's not looking good here why is this20271.445.04
happening i got this this is a great20274.6383.362
idea for a race start hitting buttons20276.483.2
lift those other wheels yeah just yeah20278.03.28
use you can use all the buttons down how20279.683.198
about that okay20281.283.84
there you go new rules there you go20282.8785.362
there you go i like that come on [ __ ] i20285.126.64
know you can do it number one number one20288.245.04
simon oh20291.762.64
you're doing great20293.284.16
come on baby okay just left the track oh20294.45.04
oh it's like you guys are break dancing20297.443.92
yeah yeah you want you guys are killing20299.444.48
it out there come on20301.366.64
oh oh boy that was slim okay oh oh i you20303.925.84
know i think once it flips i'm not gonna20308.04.32
know how to stop everything am i up am i20309.765.36
up scrap man flipped himself right he's20312.325.2
up he's happening oh no no don't do it20315.124.56
again okay he's finishing20317.523.198
no no no no no no no20320.7185.202
come on20323.765.118
okay all the time20325.922.958
scrap punch come with me here and you'll20337.843.76
uh get your grand prize what's it gonna20339.765.24
be i'm so excited20341.63.4
i wouldn't drive that to work he's20348.9583.522
elated thanks let's have a build off20350.324.478
build oh let's do that yep you get 2020352.484.078
minutes abso you're going to be an20354.7984.0
advisor for simon and i think in 2020356.5585.122
minutes build the best functioning robot20358.7985.202
you can build you pick the worst person20361.684.08
to advise simon i don't play this damn20364.03.36
game that's kind of the uh that's20365.763.44
perfect that's exactly why i did it you20367.364.0
guys can find a robot like what do you20369.24.08
like well i mean it's kind of up to your20371.363.438
little creative noggins isn't it yeah20373.283.12
let's start it up let's do this i'm20374.7982.802
going to do a robot i'm going to20376.42.72
freaking make a robot's going to knock20377.64.64
you go knock your ass off scrap man20379.124.48
you're not going to have an accident all20382.243.44
right hey i have no idea what my robot's20383.63.76
gonna do of course you don't yeah you20385.683.36
have no imagination you haven't even20387.363.518
started building simon yeah there you go20389.043.2
look at that you lift it up and lift it20390.8783.84
down let's just make this already kind20392.244.24
of it's technically20394.7184.122
a robot20396.482.56
this the [ __ ] tool we've got20398.841.08
don't even know how see20399.040.88
something there [ __ ] okay20401.524.24
abandon the first thing which looks like20404.083.28
a dog20405.763.28
we're making so much progress or a20407.363.76
turtle with one leg is that thing20409.043.8
to the ground it is20411.124.24
oh oh we can't yeah we can pick it up20412.844.2
with the thing though right ada you're20415.363.76
now his new advisor oh god all right20417.044.48
yeah good i'm going to the bathroom20419.124.88
for like 13 minutes20421.524.72
yeah all right paint them up you may20424.04.24
want to turn it off you paint it20426.243.6
all right so time's up hey scrap man you20429.844.718
ready to suck it ladies and gentlemen20432.325.6
our first scrap off simon vs scrap man20434.5586.682
here we go20437.923.32
so let's take a look at20449.682.878
bot i've got [ __ ] connected with wires20452.5584.4
man yeah do you want to turn it off look20455.362.88
at that yeah that's right let's see what20456.9582.322
toilet's like20458.243.28
look at my head head arms move yeah20463.927.84
please [ __ ] in me the the robot's left20467.688.56
arm is going backwards in a counter20471.766.24
motion that's hard to do20478.04.958
people have trouble doing that okay yeah20480.04.638
it's supposed to shake your stool loose20482.9583.522
i'm gonna exactly i'm gonna say that20484.6383.92
this is the most fun i've had dropping a20486.485.28
deuce in my life well done simon thank20488.5586.16
you and now look at this 20 minutes and20491.765.6
we have got e.t they're really not that20494.7185.682
different his has three moving parts and20497.365.92
mine has three moving parts so really we20500.44.72
kind of just built the same thing um20503.283.598
right you know what i'm gonna i'll let20505.122.88
i'll let you press the button yours20506.8783.042
doesn't like your snare all right let's20508.03.36
turn turn it on yeah20509.923.038
let's look at it20511.365.04
oh the the leg even goes for the base20512.9584.802
it's a drummer20516.44.398
drummer i like it but i say that20517.765.038
that the lack of head movement i'm20520.7983.92
thinking i win20522.7983.76
i'm just saying i'm just saying mine's20524.7182.892
more creative20526.5583.842
i mean let's face it obviously scrap man20530.44.96
kicked his ass but but but toilet box20532.325.04
yep yeah all right20535.364.24
clear winner is scrap man we have a new20537.364.64
winner and now a new and you're welcome20539.63.6
by the way20542.02.638
because you never would have did it20543.23.678
thank you thank you well thank you scrap20544.6385.602
man for being part of this [ __ ] show20546.8785.522
thank you for the invite this is uh an20550.243.52
honor to be honest i've been watching20552.42.88
you guys since i started youtube20553.763.198
beautiful and thank you simon for20555.283.518
muscling through that hey i had fun i20556.9583.68
want to build more things and this is20558.7984.642
aidan zipper flip signing off you could20560.6384.402
have done without that part yeah i know20563.443.92
i'm aware hey neebs hey how are you sir20565.043.838
i'm doing well i'm actually here for a20567.363.278
scrap mechanic video for once uh20568.8784.0
congratulations and welcome i like this20570.6384.32
thing potato gun yeah i got one of those20572.8782.802
i got one too i'm excited about it20575.683.76
so let's get into this let's show people20580.9583.042
how this works here i'll build a little20582.43.2
bit of a piece of cardboard you got to20584.03.04
use cardboard because right now the20585.63.52
potato gun only works on what cardboard20587.043.918
and glass that's right yes20589.124.0
yeah open fire20590.9583.6
we have been20593.123.12
waiting for something like this for some20594.5583.682
time this is amazing this is a game20596.244.318
changer and there's a mountable gun as20598.244.318
well that you can like hook up to uh20600.5583.842
buttons and stuff have you mounted one20602.5583.442
yet i have there's two on this uh20604.43.12
vehicle i just shot you with let's take20606.02.958
a look at it oh it's right here on the20607.523.68
front yeah i just put the uh i put those20608.9583.362
two mountables you have to get the20611.22.96
driver's seat too sure it's not the20612.323.6
easiest thing to do but yeah once you're20614.162.398
i've got it to uh number four and20616.5584.16
they're accurate20618.7983.92
super accurate can you aim20620.7183.602
well when i turn yeah you have to aim20622.7183.92
the vehicle there's no reticle there uh20624.324.88
no no no just uh hooks up to a button20626.6384.32
okay so we're gonna do a challenge yeah20629.23.04
and we are thinking about building a20630.9583.442
tower on top of that hill ada hop and i20632.244.638
are going to make a tank you and apstro20634.44.64
are going to make a tower yeah and20636.8784.242
you're gonna make a tower okay aydah hop20639.043.12
you're gonna make the tank i'm gonna20641.122.32
make the tank i think we're gonna win20642.163.12
i'm rooting for the tank it's hard not20643.443.04
to you know all right but you got to20645.282.96
make it out of cardboard and glass dim's20646.483.68
the rules all right let's get to20648.245.6
building all right go20650.163.68
i'm scanning the horizon neebs pretty20675.123.758
good job on this tower i think yeah i20677.123.598
think the tower looks great it looks20678.8784.722
good but honestly guys what i think20680.7184.562
you're gonna go down i'm here cause i20683.63.84
think it's gonna be more fun here right20685.284.24
yeah to see you crash and burn i don't20687.443.84
know we got some tricks up our sleeves20689.524.16
simon we got two rifle ears is that what20691.283.92
you call someone that shoots a gun right20693.683.92
a rifle man michael man20695.24.72
bang bang right and we got two guns on20697.64.32
the tower itself oh yeah they're going20699.924.48
down you think yeah oh i think well you20701.923.52
don't know where the hell they're coming20704.43.04
from they got their own surprise no they20705.443.518
don't i see them out there oh you see20707.443.92
them it'll happen what's up i think they20708.9584.242
see us out here oh we're visible aren't20711.363.358
we well yeah i can see the [ __ ] tower20713.22.64
you know all right you've got a switch20714.7182.482
in front of you it's really important i20715.842.48
just added it20717.22.72
should i hit it it'll it'll enhance our20718.323.92
yeah it's gonna enhance our stealth no20719.924.718
it's a it's an american flag that goes20722.243.76
all against our20724.6384.402
our camo not to mention you added the20726.04.16
we were camouflaging until you added20730.163.76
headlights i wasn't thinking about that20731.843.84
and when you mentioned it it makes a lot20733.923.76
of sense to me now oh we're uh20735.683.68
okay we're starting out well with the20737.685.278
swagger the flag almost off to the stop20739.365.04
all right you know what in the name of20742.9583.76
puerto rico we are going to20744.44.08
take over that tower pretty much is our20746.7183.84
flag maybe they went behind the mountain20748.483.68
they're scared man20750.5583.202
they saw this tower and they thought i'm20752.164.24
gonna go play uh i don't know what's a20753.765.84
game that's safe twister twister well20756.45.28
actually you could you could really hurt20759.63.76
yourself you can't playing twister20761.683.6
that's one of the most dangerous of the20763.363.278
family games20765.282.48
all right they're gonna be coming around20766.6382.962
this corner any minute i bet you think20767.765.118
that way uh yeah damn it20769.64.8
i'm coming20774.42.64
i don't know where they are i don't20779.682.4
oh neebs i seize them you see them open20782.084.4
fire oh they're shooting at us already20784.7183.522
i'm gonna turn on your guns okay hold on20786.483.68
i gotta oh no oh [ __ ]20788.243.44
stop stop stop i don't know how it came20790.163.44
out the back uh yep20791.683.92
yep came out the back20793.63.118
this isn't good20795.63.358
they look confused they look real dumb20796.7184.882
man i feel sorry for them they look like20798.9584.642
is that a puerto rican car20801.63.118
do you want to patch your whole grill20803.62.64
yes before we start moving well that's20804.7183.122
the one i fell out of so maybe i i20806.243.28
passed i can't turn off our gun so we're20807.843.2
just going to keep going okay let's go20809.523.438
for it go for it all right yep all right20811.043.12
here they come20812.9582.962
someone jumped out oh wow who jumped out20815.924.48
i don't know but they're going faster20818.8782.962
now oh [ __ ]20820.43.92
what are you doing buddy what's going on20821.845.2
i'm vegetarian i'm trying to hop in20824.324.08
maybe maybe you want to stay in the in20827.043.678
the seat we're getting everything right20828.44.08
right until you cause you keep moving so20830.7183.762
all right are they gonna fight back i20832.483.6
don't know are you all gonna fight back20834.482.72
or not20836.083.36
oh here they come oh oh yeah there's a20837.23.92
lot of fire happening now they're20839.444.48
shooting back all right20841.126.36
take out their wheels20843.923.56
the tower has cannons and it turns and20849.525.038
it turns oh oh yeah look at that i'm20852.084.24
gonna get their wheels oh there you go20854.5583.202
there we go go for their wheels maybe20856.323.76
try to stay upright they're kind of on a20857.764.0
steep slope up here well i don't know20860.084.16
why you'd go up said deep slope there we20861.763.76
go we're getting we're making holes20864.243.04
we're making progress20865.523.76
oh yeah we've got we've got them in our20867.282.88
oh [ __ ] we're just gonna [ __ ] it on top20870.163.68
of them oh [ __ ] stay right there keep it20871.684.64
going back in20883.763.84
oh okay i fell where's the where's the20885.045.678
thing what's going on yeah we're taking20887.64.24
a lot of damage i don't know where the20890.7183.92
tank is though oh my gosh there it is20891.844.958
oh i'm back memes our tanks in the sky20894.6384.16
hey okay it's in the sky20896.7983.92
oh [ __ ] it just came from what the [ __ ]20900.7183.92
oh it's over there dancing oh man the20902.6384.08
flag is yeah20904.6382.962
what happened to it it's it's up in20907.63.038
orbit again i'm watching it20908.9584.562
a wheel came off after we got out yeah20910.6385.202
no uh the wheel's over there i see it20913.524.64
put your wheel back on20915.843.28
that's me20918.163.2
i was shooting at the wheel all right to20919.123.92
show them where the wheel is20921.363.198
over that way i'm pretty sure i saw a20923.043.28
potato come at me20924.5583.682
hey stop20926.323.04
i swear doraleous it's like you're seven20929.365.518
we're playing shoot em up of course i'm20933.23.92
seven i don't know no but we're trying20934.8783.76
to do something20937.123.28
put your wheel on we're putting it on20938.6384.482
reset and it's battle time yep better20940.44.64
fix that wheel20943.124.08
pick that wheel i'm fixing it20945.043.758
all right fix it fix it20947.23.518
whoa whoa whoa oh there it goes yeah oh20948.7983.84
god what what's back on20950.7184.0
jesus christ20952.6383.442
where are you going what are you talking20954.7183.84
about i'm up in the freaking the deer20956.085.478
get up and go there20962.8784.482
is the truce over yeah truce is over oh20964.484.318
here we go there's more cold war20967.364.4
straight to war that's it i now i'm20968.7985.602
going for the tower i'm gonna take that20971.764.798
wheel out take it out all right i'm20974.43.84
gonna hop out you're hopping out yeah20976.5583.602
i'm gonna i'm gonna add to the fire are20978.244.0
you guys shooting at us what's going on20980.163.6
down there20982.243.84
oh i [ __ ] fell out again20983.764.48
oh yeah oh yeah you go you should be20986.083.2
i feel bad for them no don't it might20989.284.24
take forever you they might take you out20991.523.84
you never know what's gonna happen oh20993.523.358
they're getting close they're close i'm20995.365.16
moving in hold on20996.8783.642
yeah you should keep taking it easy on21006.7984.16
him neebs come on really want to get one21008.6383.842
of these wheels21010.9582.962
it's a pretty tough tank isn't it it is21012.483.84
taking a lot of time21013.923.6
here i'm going to rotate let me shoot21016.322.8
the other side for a bit wait doraleous21017.522.88
you just hopped off i didn't know this21019.122.64
was the rules21020.42.96
you shot too many holes in he fell out21021.764.32
oh gotcha i'll allow it okay there we go21023.364.96
oh no no oh man those two little ones at21026.084.638
the bottom are killing me take that21028.324.96
aydah hop oh oh no we've lost our guns21030.7183.682
yeah oh [ __ ] keep it alive we're still21034.43.76
wait our flag is still flying21038.163.52
right there on the ground21040.083.36
keep rotating that sucker raise your21041.683.118
flag [ __ ]21043.442.88
how do we know when the tank is like21044.7982.802
dead for good21046.322.72
all you got to do is take out one of21047.63.92
those tires and you win doraleous hurry21049.044.96
it's on you21051.522.48
hey so that's the puerto rican flag21059.442.8
we'll play that we'll play their21060.9586.442
national oh that's our anthem and then21062.245.16
also simon is here i'm excited hey it's21144.44.88
been a while yeah i like to call this21147.126.838
challenge the monkey box challenge21149.284.678
okay so here it is this is where you21160.244.24
start and then a guy's like click and21161.843.92
that means go21164.482.72
what you want to do is take the vehicle21165.763.84
you've built to accomplish all these21167.23.358
you can either squeeze through here21170.5584.32
or straddle it if your car can go up21172.9584.242
above that now if you straddle it do you21174.8784.322
have to straddle the whole thing nope21177.23.04
you just gotta be able to fit through21179.22.88
there you can't go around what do you21180.244.24
call this obstacle neebs uh i call it21182.083.6
straddle the hallway the divider okay21185.684.32
let's go with straddle hallway how about21188.324.478
a the divider nextly you want to knock21190.05.28
this over freeing those balls and the21192.7986.0
two beach balls go into this soccer goal21195.286.0
what do you call this obstacle neebs a21198.7985.362
beach soccer ball goal21201.283.76
and then you want to take the soccer21205.043.598
and put it the one that's scored or does21208.6384.08
it matter huh does it matter which one21210.6383.122
you take21212.7183.362
because the one that scored might be in21213.764.4
there what is he saying okay21216.083.84
scored doraleous we're scoring the ball21218.162.478
wait a second you don't hit the beach21220.6384.16
balls nope i misunderstood that oh wait21222.5584.4
i thought you had to hit both beach21224.7984.722
balls into the soccer goal yes that's21226.9584.162
correct both of them21229.523.92
the beach balls and the soccer goal this21231.124.24
one soccer ball and the monkey box all21233.445.04
right that is crazy i misunderstood that21235.365.12
with good reason could i possibly21238.483.6
instead of hitting the soccer ball hit a21240.484.96
beach ball into the monkey box oh sure21242.084.718
thanks i appreciate whatever all right21245.443.358
we're ready to begin who's going first21246.7984.0
of course yeah they listen21248.7983.442
i don't know where the timer is on my21250.7983.442
new phone so we'll find it doraleous21252.243.12
you're up21254.243.92
doraleous you ready sure three21255.363.76
one go activate stabilizers21259.126.88
ada hop you're here yeah who do you21263.444.96
think is gonna win i think anthony will21266.03.84
win thank you21268.44.08
he went for the over-the-top21269.844.798
method i like it interesting i'm21272.483.28
oh and it and it lines up on the walls21275.765.198
stabilizing it that's working smooth man21277.845.038
very clever you just you gotta hit this21280.9583.202
is that it was quick just knock it over21282.8782.482
doraleous knock it off just not gonna21284.163.12
walk the [ __ ] out of him you got this21285.364.08
run into it21287.284.88
yeah oh no i got it21289.444.8
oh boy now get him in there see that21292.164.08
coming remember the beach ball don't21294.243.84
touch the soccer ball does it matter how21296.243.76
you get it in whoa21298.083.84
just do one at a time buddy oh wow he's21300.02.718
like he actually like a little21301.922.4
that's great oh you guys are just21304.323.92
bumping it up wish i could see it21306.326.08
oh [ __ ] oh oh okay oh boy what did i hit21308.246.88
what did i hit what what did i hit21312.45.12
oh [ __ ] what's going on all right we're21315.125.28
good we're good just drive i'm driving21317.525.038
it looks a little buggish21320.43.76
i think you need one at a time because21322.5582.642
you're going to hit the ball into the21324.162.718
ball yeah21325.23.358
bump it in man all right bump it in what21326.8783.76
do you think about this kick thing21328.5583.602
oh oh oh21330.6383.282
that's gonna all right well this just21332.163.91
needs to be a time lapse then21333.926.62
but you're supposed to use the soccer21355.522.64
ball field yeah i don't know if i can i21356.7982.882
can grab it here i'll get it out for you21358.163.2
it's only fair that'd be cool look at21359.684.56
that monkey face pretty wonderful you21361.364.24
want one of those don't you in your21364.243.36
house i do i'd love to i'd love it in my21365.64.958
backyard okay guys that'd be my garage21367.65.44
this requires perfect timing21370.5585.642
all right21373.043.16
ball is gone21380.083.84
that ball is nowhere to be found go get21381.64.4
it go get it21383.925.2
that was amazing21386.06.68
timing is key21389.123.56
there you go that was impressive21397.763.76
oh yeah i'm sorry i didn't i got so21399.763.36
excited uh21401.523.52
six ten left that doesn't matter about21403.124.0
six ten six ten all right write that21405.044.08
down anthony six ten six ten right we21407.124.16
need to remember that no all right reset21409.123.598
the cause21411.283.278
neebs i don't think we've explained21412.7183.92
explain what what order are we going in21414.5584.882
uh you then me then21416.6385.042
nope doraleous than me we're going in21419.444.24
order of confidence oh confidence21421.683.92
doraleous was like eh you're pretty21423.684.24
confident but i think i got this so do21425.64.0
you think you got this to the point21427.923.2
where you're gonna kick his ass like21429.62.958
you're gonna be you're gonna fly right21431.122.88
through it i think i got six minutes and21432.5583.362
10 seconds no but i'm talking about21434.04.0
against neebs i got to see how he does21435.923.84
but right now i'm i'm confident i'm on21438.03.6
top of the world but he might throw me21439.763.52
down i think if i didn't use my ball21441.63.68
kicker i would have been a contender21443.284.64
yeah ball kick or bad idea yep21445.284.64
loved your monkey box placement thank21447.923.12
all right we're ready yep all right21451.043.44
one yep green okay21456.483.84
okay here we go21460.43.84
i didn't like that countdown by the way21462.164.0
it's a little weird yeah21464.244.478
oh so you guys both went for the above21466.165.2
both went above interesting interesting21468.7184.16
and so far21471.363.358
uh doraleous actually went through it21472.8784.802
quicker just saying yeah i believe you21474.7185.042
you're alias you might got this21477.684.0
i might got this that wasn't words21479.763.84
that's how you say it nope you might got21481.684.08
that takes you a while huh neebs yeah if21485.844.878
i fall over i'm i'm like21488.165.2
oh boy okay21490.7184.722
all right he's still going somewhere oh21493.363.76
there we go look at you21495.444.32
one more time yeah dude21497.124.32
all right come on21499.763.6
here get off me boom yeah all right man21501.444.0
that thing drives good well whippy nips21503.363.76
all right all right just gotta get these21505.443.68
balls in here oh two words i got two of21507.124.72
them oh you're kidding me wow you know21509.126.64
[ __ ] on there that is okay21511.846.718
you're good still thank goodness21515.763.68
for that21518.5582.24
one in21519.443.84
i might have lucked out neebs you're on21520.7984.16
fire just got to keep it slow you get21523.284.16
easy get too excited i know21524.9583.68
look at this21527.443.358
this is a dream21528.6384.802
that is a really boring way to put a21530.7985.042
ball in at least it takes ten minutes21533.443.84
does it21535.843.6
this is unreal21537.284.72
okay what do i do here i can't mess this21539.443.358
um i think i hit21542.7984.802
this and then this21544.7985.602
that's what you do21547.62.8
well done21554.324.238
oh you get the clown21555.523.038
how much time was that uh actually oh21559.045.04
six minutes 11 seconds21561.924.08
it seems so much faster21564.084.558
well it was that first obstacle 208 20821566.05.68
208. beat that anthony21568.6384.482
check this out i want to take this off21571.683.16
the lift because it's weird21573.125.28
ready oh boy oh yeah oh it looks like21574.845.798
that'll carry a ball good lord yeah21578.44.558
probably a little bit this thing looks21580.6385.442
badass we'll see if it works you ready21582.9584.0
and three21586.9582.482
one go thrusters on just like doraleous21589.445.198
is very similar now you guys went for21592.5584.32
the above thing you're going between21594.6383.282
looky there21597.926.638
what oh oh what i have never had21599.764.798
beautiful already gone with the thing21617.044.24
that's it look how easy that is21621.286.16
very nice looking good anthony thank you21624.484.96
thank you looks good from up here too21627.444.24
thank you21629.443.438
does that count no yeah don't worry21632.8784.402
about it all right you're good to go now21634.5584.08
we gotta go get the soccer ball grab21637.283.2
that soccer ball so21638.6386.202
if i remember my buttons properly five21640.486.72
yes six little hands on that thing look21644.845.56
at the little hands they're adorable21647.23.2
you are a builder21650.8784.322
oh wow21653.764.08
i love it look at that there you go slam21655.23.84
that thing now we're gonna come over21657.843.6
here man you're like michael jordan21659.045.04
today i could probably slam it in but i21661.444.0
have a different method you better hurry21664.083.04
you got my time to be all right all21665.443.84
and it should go in right about there21670.6385.442
we're gonna go ahead and21673.845.68
drop the ball with six21676.084.638
all right21679.523.198
all right actually i need to do this and21680.7183.762
then this you know this time right i21682.7184.562
know he's doing it and okay ready it's21684.485.84
gonna pop in three two one21687.283.04
it has been the most consistent i made a21693.24.4
laser it was really consistent reset i21695.124.48
got this now you got to beat doraleous21697.63.52
what was this thing oh i love i might21699.64.0
get second place deservedly you might21701.125.28
get you might yes if you fail that bad21703.65.76
how do i get back in there21706.42.96
what's causing this thing to pop up here21709.923.52
what's happening the two things squeeze21711.63.24
together and then it just pops up21713.443.518
because you know outside now21714.844.118
you're you're a madman oh dude it worked21716.9585.122
great i should sure the build i did21718.9584.882
and once it falls to the bottom it rests21722.083.52
ready rest21723.843.44
and then21725.65.358
boom come on that21727.283.678
337 man sorry anthony you got scrap21735.5586.442
mechanic yeah your build is by far the21739.045.758
most impressive it's it's foldy and mine21742.04.4
hey ain't nothing wrong with bronze good21746.43.44
game guys good game good game good game21747.843.36
hey maybe we'll do another one these21749.843.28
builds soon fun challenge thanks for21751.23.518
watching everybody have a wonderful week21753.124.08
and we'll see you in a day or two21754.7184.642
you okay i was the only one saying yeah21759.365.84
has the video started officially i guess21762.7184.402
yeah dallas said just talk to ourselves21765.23.84
because i'm in here i'm the employee21767.122.64
hello hello in there that's my facility21769.764.08
you're the employee or you're you you21772.163.68
own it i own this yeah i'm the only21773.844.64
employee you started with employee21775.846.08
your owner operator operator and and the21778.487.88
name of the place well shoes21781.924.44
come come in21799.042.8
hello doraleous hey guys hey how are you21807.24.64
good how are you pretty good we're gonna21810.163.36
take advantage of the potato gun all21811.845.6
right oh well shoot that's crazy21813.526.08
doraleous i'm concerned why do you have21817.444.32
two dead people laying over there21819.63.68
we had a little mishap when the place21821.764.08
opened so okay are they still warm what21823.284.24
is this a security camera what do you21825.843.44
want to [ __ ] up well i got to keep an21827.523.76
eye on things doraleous runs a tight21829.284.8
ship i do i do that's ready people died21831.284.64
who's going first i mean we got i'll go21834.084.16
first let's do this we've got three21835.924.16
different portions of this so that can21838.242.6
please go on with it21840.844.68
picture of a shark come on21843.284.96
all right neebs yep you ready for this21845.525.198
yes okay big time there's gonna be a21848.244.0
point system21850.7184.642
that i'm not sure of yet you are [ __ ]21852.245.36
slack ass look at this [ __ ] place21855.364.0
simon uh well look at this place but you21857.63.6
got to come up with a point system here21859.363.278
we go all right neebs are you ready i21861.22.32
don't know how i'm going to win because21862.6381.682
no point system but anyway let's do it21864.324.96
is that a head there's no head21866.7984.802
there's no [ __ ] head it's a neck21869.283.76
what am i shooting what do you think21871.63.358
they're echo targets21873.042.96
is there anything i'm supposed to get21874.9583.282
rid of i don't know what are the rules21876.04.08
no point system this is the worst what21878.243.28
am i trying to do21880.083.12
how do i know if i'm winning this is so21881.523.68
great and yet it's so bad at the same21883.25.51
time that's what's good okay21885.25.2
did i win21890.42.398
how did you do21891.63.52
no no i was just challenged i don't know21892.7984.0
what the rules are what do you mean21895.123.518
nobody tells you like how you're doing21896.7983.602
while you're shooting no but [ __ ]21898.6384.402
shoot but i mean there's no there's no21900.45.12
points on it there's no like bullseye21903.044.48
it's an echo target it's a very common21905.523.038
at a range well nobody here knows what21908.5584.16
you're talking about except for you or21910.7984.562
the entire military21912.7183.92
do you know what he's talking about how21915.362.88
do you gauge your headshot all right so21916.6383.522
we got one point down here see i got the21918.244.96
shoulder okay uh this one he got a21920.165.12
shoulder uh two points21923.23.92
oh man will someone write this down21925.283.76
please this one's a head shot so that's21927.123.36
three points all right that's five so21929.043.36
that's five points thank you okay i'm21930.484.0
sorry audience no21932.44.08
it's okay that's okay another three21934.484.64
points neebs you got 15 points as far as21936.485.2
we know stay on the uh stay on the21939.124.88
yellow please uh-huh okay there's no21941.684.08
there's no way people are still watching21944.04.32
this video there's no one hey listen21945.765.44
oh there they are look at that21948.326.0
okay oh hell hang on21951.26.56
you get three shots three shots yep uh21954.325.04
okay there's21957.763.6
one well there's a so nothing you got21959.363.84
nothing did i hit it21961.363.68
was he close21963.23.518
is there a drop21965.043.62
tell us thick yeah there's a drop okay21966.7183.042
hit the very top very top the tippy top21970.6384.722
okay let's go decide what these points21978.7183.682
are wow21980.244.478
that is a bull's-eye holy moly so this21982.44.08
should be four three no there should be21984.7184.16
five four three two six six points neebs21986.484.318
good job add that to my imaginary number21988.8783.68
simon so this is the third and final21990.7983.84
round and i tell you what it's the best21992.5584.562
okay where do i where should i look21997.125.36
where should i look22000.5582.722
i don't know what's happening i won't22002.483.68
tell you anything oh it's turning22003.286.32
up okay okay22006.165.04
okay oh22009.64.32
no game of duck hunt22011.23.518
good nice work thank you very much this22014.7184.802
looks amazing yeah22016.5582.962
there are ten ducks ten ducks and one22020.5585.042
bonus fish and a bonus fish every duck22022.7186.562
that you hit one point okay bonus fish22025.65.44
five points i can't wait to count this22029.283.438
at the end so all you have to do is say22031.044.72
pull for each one you want to go at okay22032.7185.952
did i get it22040.6383.282
no you know that well i'm not gonna get22042.03.2
it with our eyeballs it's not gonna get22043.924.958
your eyeballs yeah ready22045.23.678
didn't see it that one didn't work for22050.6384.402
some reason22052.5582.482
where was that22056.324.558
this really is i'm not hit the sun22058.7185.202
whenever you're ready for the next one22060.8783.042
ready i adjusted these i swear to god22065.64.72
there we go and22067.362.96
it looked like it tried to come out but22071.844.878
then didn't they stuck in the thing22073.444.56
i see all the things on the other side22076.7183.682
stuff on the ground great looking ducks22078.04.32
good looking duck isn't it yeah22080.43.12
i wish they came out where you could22082.326.0
shoot them yeah stop it i'm practicing22083.524.8
what's going on here they don't work22089.523.278
hold on22091.122.56
why why22093.682.8
let me oh good lord whatever22096.5585.202
that went [ __ ] backwards22099.364.88
ready for the next one22101.764.0
up oh there it is22104.245.16
come on are you serious22105.763.64
and then there's the the final one is22118.244.16
the bonus one22119.684.878
oh get it22122.44.238
oh he got that one what do you mean he22124.5583.762
got it how can you tell he's getting it22126.6384.722
because i i saw smoke hit it uh22128.325.6
oh here's the fish where uh that fell22131.364.4
back in the hole you didn't hit it nope22133.924.24
are you sure hit one neebs22135.763.84
wait what did you make it out all right22138.163.44
22 total for needs hold on what'd you22139.63.68
make this fish out of22141.63.6
it's mostly cardboard but it's got the22143.285.04
what if what if my potato hit the fin it22145.24.32
wouldn't have fallen back through the22148.323.2
same hole it came out of well22149.525.438
i think i hit it i hit that fish 22.22151.525.68
why is he getting one point oh right he22154.9584.402
didn't hit [ __ ] did he this game is22157.25.04
rigged suck it he doesn't know if i hit22159.365.04
a duck or not thick you going last who's22162.244.24
up now i would like to go last okay i'm22164.46.318
gonna check every duck here simon22166.484.238
hey neves would you recommend reticle or22173.64.32
no reticle you wanna do what i did cause22176.03.76
i did really good okay i'm gonna do i'm22177.924.638
gonna do reticle22179.763.92
doing good22182.5583.842
keep shooting shoot the heads oh we got22183.685.038
that one22186.43.76
there you go22188.7183.672
doing good simon yeah simon go22190.165.04
i can't wait to count these22195.24.0
count i'm getting ready to count them22197.842.4
right in front of you yeah22200.243.52
feels like that would have been an easy22202.5584.16
head shot yeah come on22203.764.48
all right shall we22206.7183.362
you did it everybody's favorite part i'm22208.243.6
gonna stay here while you count i did22210.083.44
math last time22211.844.0
six okay six six total you could just22213.524.48
count it as you go man the best are six22215.845.16
you're right i don't trust this county22221.443.68
no it's it's my math was fun the whole22222.9583.6
thing's a charade man you're gonna tell22225.122.8
me i got nine the whole thing you're22226.5583.042
dreaming this is like when you play a22227.923.44
game with a four-year-old you know what22229.63.358
i'm gonna go back and i'm gonna watch22231.363.438
everything in slow motion that i [ __ ]22232.9583.6
hit and if his number's off i'm gonna22234.7984.08
[ __ ] kick his ass should you better22236.5584.562
be the upper teens my friend you hear22238.8784.962
that maybe even 21. upper teens all22241.125.2
right guys i got simon's uh first round22243.843.52
and his first round score is 22. good22247.365.438
lord beat you [ __ ] yeah well i22249.925.038
was kind of the pioneer you were i kind22252.7984.16
of led the way for people you were and22254.9583.6
you know what i'm sorry i called you22256.9583.522
[ __ ] actually that's a good22258.5583.522
thing you want to [ __ ] moms they deserve22260.484.0
it what do you does your is your wife22262.084.718
not a mom simon she is no there you go22264.484.0
well go [ __ ] her why does no one ever22266.7983.76
say father effer i know your father22268.483.04
[ __ ]22270.5582.962
three shots all right let's see how that22271.523.358
one looks22273.523.438
ooh right above the bull's eye really22274.8783.92
like one lower just a little bit22276.9584.802
really just a smidgen a snooter tote was22278.7985.92
lower oh gosh oh god i just moved a22281.765.28
whole bunch more than i wanted to22284.7184.322
damn two more shots simon22287.044.16
this is gonna be low isn't it don't move22289.043.44
it was a little low yeah i was in the22291.23.358
black up a touch22292.484.158
yeah i feel like you're gonna beat me22294.5584.482
up a touch22296.6382.402
that seven or completely22303.040.678
what the [ __ ] just pushed me off neebs22304.5583.682
gave me you just pushed me off neebs22306.163.12
[ __ ] four three yeah you got seven22309.285.12
there all right simon's got 29 so far22311.364.64
good god how am i gonna beat that i22314.43.36
don't know hey maybe doraleous will make22316.03.28
up some weird counting system and you'll22317.763.52
magically win22319.284.08
all right all right we're ready22321.286.4
you gotta say pull uh pull22323.364.32
nope nope all right nothing pull okay22330.5585.762
all right same [ __ ] this doesn't work22334.43.12
okay when you said that one next how22337.523.438
about this22339.922.878
i'm not gonna say pull just [ __ ] keep22340.9584.882
on going until then here we go22342.7986.722
nope nope i don't know wow okay22345.846.16
just tell me when you're going just went22349.524.8
shot another one nothing22352.05.36
what's going on there what's that22354.323.04
oh nothing feel like i should have22359.63.52
almost well you came close you were22360.8783.362
here we go22364.243.04
no nope22366.244.478
i swear next one yep go come on22367.286.0
not so much22370.7184.562
oh everybody22373.285.04
come on you [ __ ]22375.283.04
next one here goes go22378.5582.722
that looks spinning nice that's like a22381.285.438
throwing star next one22383.447.6
nope not so much never well ready yeah22386.7185.602
oh it's coming down yeah yeah yeah22392.325.2
you got it that's right [ __ ]22395.25.678
nice shot simon i like it22397.525.438
and what's he got 34. i was [ __ ] on22400.8785.282
it oh look at my prey the fish man22402.9586.642
listen i would love i would love to go22406.165.04
out well this is a fish but i knocked22409.62.88
its head off22411.24.88
headshot it didn't have a head oh well22412.486.158
there you go22416.082.558
did you do hip fire nibs22421.64.16
i did hip fire thick hey get out of here22423.525.76
and you saw how well i did let's go22425.765.198
come on thick22429.284.32
atta boy22430.9583.84
come on thick22433.62.958
oh he's gonna get a head shot on every22434.7983.202
one of them22436.5583.842
so far he has well he gets kills so far22438.04.08
he's got a head shot on every one22440.45.2
pressure oh god everyone22442.085.04
oh except for that one and that one oh22445.63.52
you missed that always choking no i got22447.123.518
that one there you go22449.123.2
wow you're gonna miss it though oh he22450.6384.08
got it got it oh [ __ ] dude he [ __ ]22452.323.52
nailed it22454.7182.802
all right guys give me a moment i think22455.844.24
you did a really good job thank you22457.524.48
i did do hip fire by the way yeah you22460.083.44
should because it's the smarter way to22462.03.36
go yeah um but i will tell you this22463.523.118
thick yeah22465.363.92
if i'm going to lose today22466.6385.042
the fact that i lose to you22469.283.678
it's okay okay why is that why is that22472.9585.202
because he is worthy where neebs if i22475.364.4
were to lose to you22478.163.36
i would be very upset i don't know i'd22479.763.52
be like i didn't i didn't man up this22481.523.198
was a friendly competition you had to22483.283.76
make personal i feel like i should get22484.7183.122
extra credit for being the first guy to22487.843.84
go through alice's crazy nonsense you22489.445.04
should neebs you got two bonus points so22491.686.48
that puts you at 23. simon got 34 total22494.487.44
fix started his first round at 26. okay22498.164.638
serious drop dude yeah a lot of drop oh22502.7985.92
my lord like straight down22505.65.118
it just falls it just rolls out of the22508.7185.042
barrel you gotta aim way the [ __ ] up man22510.7185.122
aim for the star stick22513.764.24
that's it and then adjust from there22515.843.36
oh boy22520.42.64
oh god i gotta go way up huh what do you22524.084.478
hit i didn't even see it i saw it hit22526.163.6
the wood22528.5583.442
did he [ __ ] kneel right now22535.525.118
you're kidding me right below it and22538.085.44
right below it yeah22540.6384.32
thick nice shot thick thank you dude i22544.9584.402
kind of want to kiss you right now i22547.763.68
haven't been touched in a while if you22549.364.56
know what i mean i do22551.444.8
i feel so bad about you so here we go22553.925.12
into the final uh round of fix round22556.245.12
yeah who who has already won22559.044.48
yeah but uh you know you want to shoot22561.364.16
some ducks and maybe a fish yeah i can22563.523.84
see your ducks now doraleous so we can22565.523.358
see what was going wrong i mean this22567.363.76
stuff looks broke already why is that22568.8783.282
look at this22571.122.64
summer forward somewhere backwards22572.164.24
[ __ ] genius is what it is oh is that22573.764.32
summer back somewhere it's the it's got22576.43.6
to be the what's the thing the circle22578.083.6
thing with the you know when you put the22580.04.16
yang yang bearing the bearing i'll bet22581.684.72
the bearings are just the wrong way22584.163.44
do you want to fix that now we got to22586.42.238
keep going yeah22587.61.92
we got to keep it right because you're22588.6381.682
already waiting22589.522.24
to be a waste of time right all right22590.324.238
i'll change them in post okay22591.764.56
all right you tell me when22594.5584.24
where'd it go22598.7983.76
i didn't see it22601.283.12
anybody i didn't see it nope didn't see22602.5584.642
it okay pull22604.42.8
nope just stuck there up keep going keep22607.525.84
hitting it my yep set yep knob went to22610.5585.202
the ground22613.362.4
all right that's right you're doing22616.243.52
great thick oh it just shut off into the22617.842.798
nope nope going great next one pull22621.67.358
nope i'm four heaven22625.443.518
all right thanks a piece of crap drop no22629.684.48
it's not all right okay22631.442.72
oh there we go22635.042.64
oh you hit it i think you got it i think22637.843.76
you got it yeah yeah that's a real22639.763.36
hunter right now these things you have a22641.63.198
i think you shut the tail okay perfect22644.7984.962
okay uh pull22646.8784.802
up again22649.763.08
yeah that was beautiful oh you whipped22652.844.6
it like a [ __ ]22656.162.718
who's whipping it like a [ __ ] i did22658.8783.362
that was me22661.22.64
uh pull22662.244.92
let's go22663.843.32
what's he shooting at i don't know did22668.323.2
it go back up there oh yeah it's over22669.844.08
here i hit it all right okay22671.525.038
all right pull22673.922.638
good luck22676.6382.402
oh boy yeah pull last one22679.845.28
yeah that's not happening yeah22682.7185.84
oh god it's freaking out over here22685.125.28
okay you ready for that fish22688.5583.082
oh fish yeah22690.43.04
come on fix you got it oh i didn't get22693.445.118
the fish though smelled another big22696.7182.802
thick win hey22699.523.52
i'm here for my reward well we're closed22709.764.72
so we'll shoot22712.7984.482
what you got going on here neebs you22717.283.278
need a jump hey once you explain what22719.042.88
we're doing why don't you explain what22720.5582.802
we're doing why don't you explain what22721.922.878
we're doing who was that too i don't22723.362.64
know i just wanted to say it you guys22724.7982.882
said it two of us are gonna be in planes22726.04.0
two of us are making anti-air vehicles22727.685.278
right yep yep there we go done22730.05.44
holy [ __ ] there it goes22732.9585.482
aydah what's up where should our secret22743.285.358
uh where should our22745.443.198
why are you guys here talking about hey22749.044.0
we got planned over there i'm gonna make22763.842.958
our anti-air turret should probably move22766.7983.76
right you have wheels on yours yeah no22768.7983.122
mine's got mine's gonna be able to move22770.5583.442
and park and then hopefully shoot you22771.923.44
know you know me and building in this22774.02.958
game they don't really work do we even22775.363.518
have a target i don't know like they're22776.9583.522
supposed to drop a bomb on something and22778.8783.042
i'm supposed to stop them i'm just here22780.483.6
to be nice22781.924.4
what you got right here22784.084.558
i never throw anything away in scrap22786.324.398
look at this abstract the hell is that22788.6384.722
that's a target a22790.7183.042
this bomb22793.363.518
fly what's with all the thrusters oh22793.765.44
oh my god oh dude22796.8784.0
okay i'm already feeling like you're22799.23.438
building something that's bomber-sized22800.8782.802
and i'm building something that's22802.6382.722
fighter-sized so i'm gonna be your22803.684.08
support while you go into bomb i think i22805.364.16
like it22807.763.68
um you sounded confident too i like it22809.523.52
i'm confident in you22811.442.8
that's good22813.042.8
we're gonna cream you guys you guys are22814.243.6
going down wait do you see what i've22815.843.6
made yeah i can't wait to get cream pods22817.843.118
it's gonna be great how are you doing22819.443.118
over there those sensors neat good lords22820.9583.122
a lot of sensors it's probably not gonna22822.5583.362
work and i'm gonna be mad that i spent22824.084.0
this much time doing this well hey it22825.924.0
looks cool all right so do you have to22828.085.92
program every one of these sensors yep22829.924.08
oh wow look at you22834.5583.522
okay yeah did you figure it out damn22838.084.96
right i did looking good yeah looks uh22840.05.12
looks airworthy right it's a gonna be a22843.043.918
secret features will yours have it'll be22846.9583.6
able to fly and look good22848.7984.882
uh and and that's all we need carry on22850.5586.442
here we go22853.683.32
how you feeling getting pumped up22991.283.598
getting pumped up i think i'm ready man22992.6383.92
all right i'm ready to do let's start22994.8783.202
this bad boy22996.5584.562
is ready there it is22998.083.04
doraleous this is terrifying do you hear23003.443.84
what i said i have no idea what you just23005.64.64
said oh paige23007.286.72
that's falling to formation oh uh okay23010.245.52
oh two nope23014.04.718
nope i'm your commanding23015.762.958
feel pretty good about this neebs you23019.923.84
feel good huh yeah look at this thing23021.63.84
all right so you built a stationary23023.764.24
turret well you helped yeah so uh here's23025.444.72
here's the target fatahop or doraleous23028.03.76
can come in by airplane and drop a bomb23030.163.68
on this thing this thing should ignite23031.763.44
right ain't gonna happen because i'm23033.844.32
gonna be right here be like23035.22.96
we've got a couple douche bags uh across23038.485.12
those uh hills mountains we gotta take23040.7984.882
them out got some intel from command and23043.63.76
um what are you gonna be flying today23045.684.08
maureen i'm gonna be flying this uh23047.364.24
beautiful little craft over here oh yeah23049.764.4
yeah oh it's like a you call it a swift23051.64.72
uh or sparrow what do you call it you23054.163.44
actually got it exactly right i call it23056.323.36
swift sparrow swift barrel yeah23057.63.68
i feel like if i change anything about23059.683.84
this it'll uh it'll fall okay straight23061.283.518
out of this guy i think it's i think23063.523.92
it's lovely thank you uh yours yours is23064.7984.722
not mine you can like dry you know you23067.444.48
can like follow them okay and then you23069.523.92
go there they are then you can hop out23071.923.76
and boom now you're in here okay and23073.443.92
you're like trying to track them23075.684.32
oh it's got some kick to it yeah it's23080.03.04
got a lot of kick to it23081.523.278
you just got to be careful23083.042.56
you look like you're going to get23084.7982.562
whiplash on that thing yep it's a23085.63.198
machine of death23087.363.92
uh yeah uh and it's called fatty that's23088.7984.402
what that face says to me is death fatty23091.285.04
it's uh it really is it's a uh thomas23093.24.88
the train vehicle that will haunt your23096.323.52
dreams so i've got the23098.082.76
nice i haven't been looking at yourself23100.845.08
this is beautiful no no why would you23103.923.6
because you knew i had it under control23105.924.798
actually i'm scared i'm scared to death23107.525.278
why am i so taller than you are you23110.7183.602
taller than i think i'm taller than you23112.7983.042
i'm looking down at you right now really23114.323.2
i'm looking down at you23115.843.118
what the hell's going on with this game23117.524.08
i don't know cameras23118.9584.0
they're in the same room as us i don't23121.64.32
want them to hear our plan um i mean you23122.9585.122
guys are just coming to bombay listen23125.923.92
okay you're gonna fly over and you're23128.084.558
gonna we're trying to23129.845.36
my goal is to be able to fly23132.6384.562
that far keep an eye out yeah yeah23135.23.2
they're gonna be coming soon let's get23137.22.24
in position23138.44.52
manus stations23139.443.48
i'm ready go for it we going go we're23147.764.16
going okay oh nobody nobody told me to23149.763.118
i got to push all my buttons hold on i'm23152.8783.442
trying how many buttons so much pressure23154.5584.08
here we go23156.325.04
right behind you23158.6382.722
there we go23165.444.08
i hit a tree23167.763.118
i hit a mountain because my camera23169.523.438
wasn't on there we go23170.8783.68
it's all right i can i can pull out of23172.9583.362
this i can't23174.5583.842
oh [ __ ] i set something off [ __ ]23176.324.558
bad start bad start bad start restart23178.43.6
yeah man i feel like this is gonna be23183.363.358
easy because those guys are stupid oh23184.8784.242
you think that's a factor yeah okay you23186.7184.24
remember the castle thing yeah we23189.123.28
probably should have switched up teams a23190.9583.362
little bit yeah they were really stupid23192.43.68
last time uh we should have put somebody23194.323.6
smart on their team yeah23196.084.478
a little bit no i mean that's the thing23197.924.4
like you and adah are probably the best23200.5583.362
at this game man don't let doraleous23202.323.6
hear that you hurt his feelings oh i23203.923.36
ain't trying to hurt no feelings i'm23205.922.638
just trying to be honest i think23207.282.72
doraleous is pretty proud of his builds23208.5582.962
sometimes listen doraleous has good23210.03.28
builds well listen i think they had a23211.523.358
harder challenge than us this time oh23213.283.678
yeah they had to build planes uh but but23214.8783.522
there's no excuse for that tank they23216.9583.122
built that thing was awful all right so23218.43.68
aydah yeah where'd you go where'd you go23220.083.84
i i blamed it back where we started oh23222.083.6
okay i'm a little bit forward all right23223.923.36
you and i are clearly the best at this23225.682.878
this is the time let's do it now let's23228.5583.602
hit let's hit the skies that's it go for23230.02.33
good luck good luck to you23234.7183.442
see anything neebs nothing yet sir i23240.8784.962
moved my seat man yeah okay yeah you're23243.284.4
up top now huh i couldn't see on the23245.843.6
side very well i'd like to see better23247.684.878
here whoop all right i see a fatty yep23249.444.88
yep yeah yeah there's a fatty oh okay23252.5584.562
hold on i'm floating where up no i'm23254.325.12
back all right it's all good i see him23257.123.438
right behind you23259.444.08
oh boy he's killing it hot oh crap23260.5586.0
oh boy can't see23263.524.88
where'd he go oh he dropped the bomb oh23266.5583.842
it missed damn it almost hit me oh23268.43.52
really oh was that a23270.44.8
that's a that's a gun23271.925.12
it's just firing off oh there's what the23275.24.56
hell is this23277.042.72
how do we stop this23280.5585.282
stop watch what's wrong with you23282.325.44
nothing's wrong with me i think he he23285.844.32
dropped a gun off of his flame23287.764.4
is this his bomb there's a red plane23290.163.52
it's coming in oh [ __ ] i'm going23292.165.638
backwards getting back in that position23293.684.118
ah you son of a [ __ ]23299.924.558
i wish i could fly straight oh crap oh23302.44.96
crap oh crap help oh why can't i turn23304.4785.362
now uh23307.362.48
get back in your plane get out of here i23310.03.44
can't there's no reverse on planes hey23311.844.32
you're lucky my um my thing won't turn23313.444.96
now for some reason are you serious yeah23316.164.558
i'm serious try race put it on the thing23318.45.76
put it back down good god23320.7185.442
get out of here if i start shooting i'm23324.164.478
that was happening23330.02.638
all day23331.284.0
lucky [ __ ] i did it23332.6384.24
so doraleous just dropped something off23335.285.198
that just keeps shooting yep23336.8783.6
my sensor's off hold on he's back how'd23343.524.32
my sensor fall off23345.764.32
oh god all right hold on i got to delete23347.844.56
this whole thing respawn it23350.085.32
probably doraleous is a23366.9583.68
spud yeah i'm sure it's just that one23370.6383.84
thing compared to all the other [ __ ] i'm23372.6384.0
sure it's that one tiny thing all right23374.4783.922
i'm back in action neebs you got the23376.6383.602
thing to respond are you working i think23378.44.558
doraleous spud may have actually shot23380.243.44
my sensor you're probably right man23383.683.92
broke my turret i bet that's what's23386.03.76
happening genius all right i'm looking23387.64.56
around neebs i'm looking around too man23389.763.76
see anybody23392.164.718
all clear skies23393.524.958
oh oh there he is23396.8782.722
what do you see what do you see he's23398.4784.0
flying right overhead oh god23399.66.08
he's too high can't get him23402.4783.202
here it's stuck inside me23406.165.68
man he's so squirrely23408.5583.282
so you're over there in a hopper23416.084.398
yeah i do23418.166.88
blue fatty to my left oh yeah i see him23420.4788.48
oh boy he's gonna crash yeah he is up23425.046.08
oh boy oh23428.9584.322
did he get it i think he got it he got23431.124.32
nicely done23437.365.198
yeah yeah did you drop a bomb i did nice23438.7985.92
with the big old fatty pants23442.5584.482
i'm coming back for more coming back as23444.7183.362
you ain't gonna hit [ __ ] i don't think i23448.084.398
will either23450.163.49
you did it23452.4782.48
all right uh planes won that first one23454.9586.162
good shot doraleous yeah thanks oh so we23458.5584.642
gotta reset and we gotta hopefully get a23461.124.0
win for the turrets see you thought you23463.23.12
guys thought the planes were gonna be23465.122.8
all that hard i did i didn't think i was23466.323.84
gonna be so incredibly good you know23467.924.558
what i mean23470.162.318
neebs yeah man this time23478.5583.602
you and me you and me we're gonna win23480.44.8
this i hope so man aydah yeah all right23482.164.638
we did really good last time and those23485.24.16
[ __ ] retreated to a different map all23486.7984.322
right one question though what's that23489.364.24
can we get around this tree23491.124.64
i look out there good luck out there sir23493.63.61
i'm going red leader's ready23495.769.35
neebs you already see them i see a blue23505.285.518
fatty uh this direction23507.043.758
there we go oh boy it's like i saw23511.525.6
[ __ ] pellets from going by me wow23513.765.28
come on baby let's see there's the blue23517.124.16
one where's the red little tiny one23519.044.24
coming back around aydah little tiny23521.283.84
ones just popping all over the place23523.284.96
don't you worry your little heart23525.123.12
oh it took some more of the wings23533.63.52
dropping the bombs dropped with the23535.124.24
bombs if i could just drop the bombs too23537.124.48
you can't fly with them dumb ass wings23542.6382.712
look i'm lagging all over the place i'm23548.9583.52
sorry i'm stuck on the top of a mountain23550.7983.68
here we come oh i see the uh the the red23552.4785.842
one who's over there neebs which way man23554.4783.842
that's fast23559.682.56
he is he's faster oh he dropped23560.8783.68
oh i want you so bad23575.524.64
oh yeah okay just stay right there a23578.5583.282
minute stay right there stay right there23580.162.798
i'm good i'm good you're just gonna23581.843.038
drive into this rock get stuck yeah come23582.9583.442
on stay right there you screw a little23584.8783.202
[ __ ]23586.45.8
neebs are hitting me sorry23588.084.12
you just took off one of my turrets you23597.762.64
[ __ ]23599.442.56
all right23600.44.64
wait is that neebs i'm excited no that's23602.04.24
to be somebody else yeah that's23605.044.24
doraleous he's shooting from somewhere23606.247.12
i love it you cheeky little [ __ ]23609.284.08
i love it oh yeah there he is he's over23613.524.32
there he's got his regular gun out foot23616.04.958
soldier behind enemy lines23617.845.84
am i getting him23620.9582.722
jealous no one agreed to these rules23626.164.84
and i still got one turret left23640.8783.68
initiating mary poppins protocol23645.046.49
thank you mary poppins and [ __ ] off23648.246.0
here we go23654.242.718
i can't see what i'm doing but i think23655.762.718
i'm doing it right i think you are too23656.9583.442
you're doing great thanks i'm gonna blow23658.4783.922
your ass out of the sky23660.43.12
it's all right because i'm going23662.44.318
straight down on your target23663.523.198
that was intense though turrets win23668.7185.482
[ __ ]23671.23.0
absorb yes tie breaker yeah tie breaker23682.7185.122
because this is going to be so much more23686.43.76
interesting we're on the dead hey look23687.844.0
this is like in the wars they have23690.164.398
battles yeah and they have tie breakers23691.844.32
and this was this is the third battle23694.5583.202
we're in a new place yeah remember world23696.163.68
war ii when they had that tie breaker23697.765.44
yeah yeah here we go let's do it aydah23699.845.92
doraleous we failed last time and uh23703.24.08
they still ran like little [ __ ]23705.763.36
that's weird that's yeah why'd they do23707.283.518
that i guess it's called the tiebreaker23709.123.758
remember world war ii yeah i do hey23710.7983.84
neebs i see a jerk he looks like him23712.8784.242
he's in a holding pattern yeah see him23714.6384.882
up there i see something yep23717.123.758
all right he's gonna be coming for our23719.523.438
target we ain't gonna let him have it23720.8784.08
nope can't have it23722.9584.0
oh look at that there's no way i can hit23724.9584.482
him yeah he's in one spot he's bouncing23726.9583.76
all over the place23729.444.278
that was close that bomb was so close23738.5584.722
man up the blue fatty23740.9584.082
oh where's the blue face right above you23743.283.438
oh [ __ ] i'm dropping it come on get up23745.043.04
there get up there shake it off the23746.7183.84
bottom oh [ __ ] upgrade23748.084.24
are you coming for you hey the red guy's23750.5584.882
gun still works oh god23752.325.04
you son of a [ __ ]23755.444.24
i'm focusing on a23757.364.08
you keep firing you ineffective little23759.684.16
[ __ ] i can't stop actually i can't i23761.444.48
can't see the blue fatty uh well blue23763.843.44
fatty still in this he was in this23765.922.798
direction after23767.286.358
oh [ __ ] he's working my way over here23768.7184.92
hold on23777.842.798
oh yeah that would have been helpful23780.6382.722
like a minute ago i didn't want to shoot23781.923.76
you i thought i was going to sleep23783.363.48
it i got blue fatty visuals23786.844.68
[ __ ] going down more than i wanted to go23791.8419.68
i guess you got me i don't know he set23811.524.88
it off man um right limit the rules i23813.524.958
think they won lims is the rules i think23816.43.68
you guys did win what are you guys doing23818.4783.602
later uh i think it's time for a sexy23820.085.32
dance party23822.083.32
fire yeah take that me take that23842.847.08
spectator cam you stupid [ __ ]23845.64.32
hey simon welcome to battlebots scrub23852.325.6
mechanics man this is gonna be so weird23855.045.04
we're here to shout cast i'm shouting23857.924.32
yeah it doesn't mean literally shout oh23860.084.12
does it not no you don't have to23862.248.099
next level23870.4783.32
so we got four contestants here23911.123.598
competing against each other in this23912.7184.962
crazy competition yeah why don't we go23914.7185.522
to cuts and eaves now uh hello my name23917.685.038
is neebs i am the owner of the23920.244.8
battlefrog it's my first time entering23922.7184.24
the scrap mechanic battlebots23925.045.28
competition he has two potato guns and23926.9584.882
two uh23930.323.68
uh saw blades i just kind of threw it23931.844.32
together i hope i win by far the23934.04.478
friendliest battlebot i think i've ever23936.165.76
seen wow wow i tuned out halfway through23938.4784.882
yeah i don't really know what's23941.923.6
happening yeah who's next anthony what23943.364.72
you got hello i'm anthony and i built23945.524.56
the extra mobile now i call it the extra23948.084.558
mobile because i spent way more time on23950.084.398
it on how you get in it rather than the23952.6383.602
actual combat part let me show you real23954.4783.682
quick this is what i call23956.244.398
ready for battle23963.682.798
wow i've seen [ __ ] that are more23967.764.32
interesting simon i have it oh really23969.284.24
you should meet one i know her name's23972.083.36
tina is she very interesting very23973.524.32
interesting okay yeah side gigs is an23975.444.88
ems worker you know what i admire that23977.844.08
yeah i do too that's why i think she's23980.324.238
an interesting [ __ ] anyway ada hop i am23981.925.44
ada hop this is the both angle uh and i23984.5584.562
don't really want to show off all of the23987.363.92
secret features yet but it does have two23989.125.28
potato guns and two saws inside of it23991.284.4
and i can show you those real fast you23994.42.558
just have to enter23995.683.278
through the rear get all nice and cozy23996.9584.402
up in here23998.9582.402
got some nice saws in there24002.163.12
what's that supposed to be i don't know24006.8782.882
i heard it enter through the rear and it24008.5583.202
made me very happy yeah it makes me look24009.764.64
big of an ass like that's an ass like24011.765.118
cheek on each side of that center like24014.46.0
it's curved in rallies24016.8785.282
shut the [ __ ] up24020.44.88
hey guys i'm doraleous uh this is my uh24022.164.96
battlebot it's like a hybrid between24025.284.88
like a a blender and a roomba it's got24027.125.92
two blades two potato guns as we all do24030.165.52
that that was the rules it's see-through24033.045.438
you can see through it uh24035.685.44
yeah his enthusiasm is infectious simon24038.4784.08
i'm not gonna lie to you i like the24041.123.2
see-through thing i'm thinking this24042.5584.08
one's gonna [ __ ] the bed probably let's24044.324.318
get started on what is this battle24046.6383.602
battle box all right our first24048.6384.642
competitors are anthony versus knobs24050.245.44
five bucks on anthony you're on three24053.284.96
two one go let's go all right we're24055.683.92
going already24058.243.12
you ain't going already that seemed very24059.64.08
unofficial yeah where whatever someone24061.365.48
shut the door the the public is at24063.685.038
risk ah24066.843.32
are you taking damage they're just gonna24068.7183.76
shoot at each other a little bit24070.164.16
shooting each other yeah get in there24072.4784.802
getting close me too24074.324.72
oh yeah24077.283.84
oh my god oh my god those are super24079.044.08
effective extra mobile souls they're24081.123.92
really getting into that frog diamond24083.125.12
that's not good neves yeah five bucks24085.044.96
five what do you mean five i bet five24088.243.68
dollars on you i haven't really joined24090.04.558
anthony so nate please shut the bad oh24091.924.48
he's somebody's lost the blade i lost24094.5582.802
the blade24096.43.84
no neebs yeah you need to not suck i'm24097.365.198
not both blades are down nope24100.244.398
both blades are down mobile has lost24102.5584.16
both blades both blades are down and24104.6383.762
it's only his guns left there's a long24106.7184.882
range game now oh looks like extra24108.45.92
whatever is going to not do well there24111.64.8
you go neebs seems like thieves only has24114.323.68
one oh oh there's also spikes in the24116.43.92
corner watch out for those corners24118.05.28
check our spots on them come on baby24120.324.0
that was24123.283.76
good commentating24124.324.398
listen i don't think we're cut out for24127.044.48
this extra mobile is really wearing down24128.7185.202
on that frog from a distance sure first24131.524.958
time commentating yes yes that frog24133.924.718
really looks mean yeah yeah you called24136.4783.202
we didn't want to do this24140.5582.962
come on baby24144.243.84
oh the frog is trying to ram extra24146.323.84
mobile into the spikes seems to be doing24148.084.478
a good job of it too uh i really feel24150.164.398
like this is gonna be dragged out and oh24152.5584.08
boy we're kind of stuck on each other24154.5584.16
get out of here neebs24156.6382.882
oh my goodness look at the front of mine24162.243.92
it's gone24163.844.638
boy the blades are coming in oh look at24166.164.398
that neat frog stick that blade in that24168.4784.32
extra mobile oh i'm behind him he's24170.5584.642
really working that saw in his ass24172.7985.042
behind him work him hard from behind oh24175.24.72
extra mobile's pulling away doing the24177.843.76
distance game look at that sweet24179.924.0
distance game thomas look at it he's24181.65.84
scared running away and neebs is also24183.925.6
for some reason hesitating because i'm24187.444.32
shooting him with my potato gun how's it24189.524.4
going down there extra mobile oh man you24191.763.36
know i didn't expect to lose those24193.922.718
blades so quickly so i'm trying to hold24195.123.28
out the long game as long as i can you24196.6383.442
still have those arms can you smack him24198.43.76
i do have arms there you go box him get24200.083.44
in there the backing is going to punch24202.163.36
him a little bit there you go24203.525.118
maybe i'll push him right into the wall24205.523.118
i need five bucks24210.03.76
for it wait are you guys betting on this24212.03.36
yeah yeah i got five bucks on you oh24213.762.798
that's why you're so invested there you24215.363.598
go all right look look most of his that24216.5586.562
layer where my guns are is gone on his24218.9584.162
just got to keep wearing him away24223.23.678
eventually he'll disconnect oh boy this24224.6384.962
isn't looking good oh oh it is it is24226.8784.722
really collapsing in there open in for a24229.64.56
side attack oh boy24231.65.44
what was that all about oh [ __ ] oh i24234.165.76
lost some wheels oh no yes it just got24237.045.28
more exciting i believe the frog's24239.924.48
wheels are off the front wheels are down24242.323.84
i'm at the perfect level where his oh24244.43.04
oh no yeah looks like i'm losing some24247.444.56
money oh neebs is coming back he's24250.163.92
turned it on can't catch me24252.04.16
where's your gun it's in the front and24254.084.32
the back okay but you only have one my24256.163.92
doubles in the front will kill you oh24258.44.558
you're screwed24260.085.44
give me that wheel oh man i want it dead24262.9585.76
get in there i want it24265.523.198
against the wall not looking good for24269.044.4
the frog24270.9582.482
my wheels are still intact the extra24273.684.0
you're losing some pieces anthony all24275.843.84
right just fell off all right the extra24277.683.84
wheel protection is keeping me mobile24279.683.92
also the guns are stored way inside24281.523.76
you'll never get to him except for maybe24283.64.16
that one he does still have one24285.284.32
i heard him i saw pop24287.763.84
so what wait what did you see down there24289.63.358
so something popped something popped on24291.63.84
his vehicle didn't look good24292.9585.202
oh watch out for that oh24295.445.358
it's on my face24298.164.638
neebs is still in it anthony and the24300.7983.84
extra mobile just avoiding getting his24302.7985.282
head taken off this frog refuses to die24304.6385.84
the the rear right here is oh24308.085.2
oh oh oh24310.4782.802
oh yes come on that one you have one row24314.04.0
of blocks still holding your car24316.7983.122
together neebs hanging in there with his24318.04.0
saws just try it just hang it on by a24319.922.878
oh i'm hitting him really hard right24322.7983.362
there extra mobile just slapping this24324.164.16
frog as hard as he can just really24326.164.08
getting into this frog simon slap the24328.324.158
frog that's what it has to do he's got24330.244.558
to slap it sometimes you have to frog24332.4783.682
right there24334.7982.642
he's down24336.163.68
almost almost there's one block holding24337.444.4
them together extra mobile going for24339.843.68
that one block look at that one block24341.842.878
right there24343.522.08
it's at one point24345.64.958
he's been disconnected from all wheels24348.165.12
extra mobile wins the match that's right24350.5585.522
i get five dollars simon yes you do24353.284.96
i'm just happy it's over all right simon24356.083.84
the arena really took a beating during24358.243.92
that last match yeah it did all right so24359.924.24
we got a bloomberg over here in the24362.164.16
corner which one's bloomberg that's uh24364.164.718
doraleous that's mine oh gotcha yeah and24366.324.72
ada hops this is pig24368.8784.882
pita pig what is that both angles24371.045.04
dumbest name yet your pay i'm calling it24373.764.56
pig [ __ ] i'm betting big pig fucker's24376.084.558
gonna win okay yeah all right doraleous24378.323.92
yep you're my man you better not lose me24380.6383.762
five dollars oh boy double or nothing24382.244.8
three two one go there you go24384.43.76
look at doraleous boy24388.163.44
doing there we go24390.083.12
what's he doing over there in the corner24391.63.84
i'm already stuck oh my god oh wrong24393.23.518
button okay i should just stay over here24395.442.24
i think i shot something off already24397.684.038
around like a ballerina out there i24404.5583.522
don't i don't even feel inclined to use24406.43.44
my special weapon24408.083.2
oh there you go get in there with24409.843.2
himself doraleous24411.283.358
oh whoa24413.044.48
what look he has not tested this vehicle24414.6385.442
guaranteed what's going on here24417.524.48
doraleous in the corner with his rocket24420.083.84
boosters just thrusting him into the24422.03.2
don't do anything let's see how long it24425.25.438
takes for him to destroy himself24427.046.96
all right i'll back off honestly24430.6385.282
doraleous with this wonderful flying24434.03.44
vehicle back on i don't think it's24435.923.12
supposed to fly on all right is that24437.444.64
supposed to fly doraleous24439.045.2
all right here we go i got him now do ya24442.084.08
yep it's right where i want them right24444.243.68
where i want them24446.164.24
sun the the pig [ __ ] all over the24450.5583.282
place feel like i've got you right now24452.4784.262
catch a little ride for a bit oh whoa24453.844.32
i'm not sure what just happened there a24458.164.798
lot happened to me oh no he's upside24460.164.96
down oh wait oh [ __ ] come on24462.9583.76
just upside down right24465.123.04
back over oh24466.7182.482
the game is glitching out though okay24469.26.08
well i'm still mobile24471.766.48
wow rallies has one saw left and uh come24475.286.64
at me looks like a wheel come at me oh24478.245.68
come at me bro go adam doraleous get him24481.924.08
in his guts he's vulnerable right now24483.923.6
i'm happy24486.03.92
look at this24487.525.118
hey hop go at him bro whoa whoa i'm in a24489.924.878
different universe right now uh i'll24492.6383.762
report back to you when i get home nope24494.7983.92
here we go we're good we're good24496.44.0
everything's fine all right do we need24498.7184.322
all right so we're good to go yep24500.46.88
all right doraleous i'm i'm gone again24503.044.24
rally says uh the glass cage is quickly24507.64.24
falling apart yeah24510.324.68
i've lost24511.843.16
all right24524.243.2
i think the bloomberg might have one24525.443.438
wheel left24527.443.358
and it's completely reliant on its24528.8783.92
rockets big [ __ ] has eight wheels oh24530.7983.042
wow slowly24533.844.638
what's wrong with you that's just mean24536.04.638
camera guy fell down on the ground let's24538.4784.4
get a close look24540.6384.16
i got you replicated really showing off24542.8784.242
its quality physics engine today i don't24544.7983.522
think i have any24547.122.48
weapons left24548.323.2
what's going on you both look like24549.63.84
you're oh [ __ ] all right it's like24551.524.16
you're trying to pin them yeah24553.444.4
pile is what he's doing so you've got no24555.684.0
weapons left to rallies i don't think i24557.845.2
do all right counting it down one two24559.685.52
three you're out son of a [ __ ] damn it24563.044.56
doraleous it was close24565.25.12
good job aydah thank you all right uh24567.64.72
the pig [ __ ] moves on to the last24570.324.478
round and it comes down to24572.326.158
extra mobile versus a big [ __ ] who you24574.7986.08
thinking oh man i don't know well you24578.4784.882
know what i mean so right now we're even24580.8783.92
yeah but piggy's performance was good24583.363.598
that last i'm i'm betting on piggy are24584.7984.722
you yeah piggy better not let me down24586.9585.282
i'm excited aren't you not really the24589.524.958
sooner we get into it the better right24592.244.478
anthony you ready i'm ready hey ahab are24594.4785.762
you ready oh very ready one go24596.7186.24
i like how quick you do that after yeah24600.244.0
it takes me off guard every time it's24602.9583.68
the best24604.242.398
all right anthony anthony's getting in24607.63.118
there with his wiggle going into the24609.25.12
kill shot wow right away whoa24610.7185.76
whoa what is happening madness happening24614.325.04
out on the field absolute madness24616.4784.32
oh if he could just24619.364.08
now i wonder i wonder if he could if24620.7984.642
the extra mobile can actually sniff24623.443.84
those long arms that are coming out24625.443.358
negative can they get no24627.283.438
that sucks24628.7984.402
only one blade left again extra mobile24630.7184.962
really digging into this pig i break my24633.24.72
own blades i just learned oh no all24635.684.72
right that was beautiful flaws were made24637.924.4
extra mobile was about to have extra ham24640.44.478
but no him24642.324.398
look at him like a turtle24646.7185.122
flipped him like a turtle in louisiana24649.444.72
starving through my turtle dinner24651.846.24
tasting wow oh man that was quick24654.165.44
well i don't have a way to turn back24658.083.12
over so oh24659.62.878
all right24662.4786.442
you're hitting the pilot oh god24664.6384.282
um but he's still alive uh i forfeit big24681.125.518
[ __ ] wins24684.43.76
simon owes me like i don't know what 1024686.6382.562
you owe me a lot of money oh we started24689.23.278
over again it was five you know i owe24690.7183.522
you five give me five bucks get them24692.4784.0
five bucks in my pocket we'll see all24694.244.398
right guys welcome to neebs gaming and24696.4784.08
another scrap mechanic episode today is24698.6384.722
called death race ah it sounds dangerous24700.5584.642
because of the word definition right24703.363.358
yep if you look around the map there's a24705.23.12
guy way up there there's a guy over24706.7183.682
there we have all these angles yeah this24708.324.398
is the size of your chassis is that what24710.43.2
you call it what do you call your24712.7182.562
undercarriage undercarriage we have24713.63.358
three of these things you can use as24715.283.04
cardboard and glass because they're both24716.9583.6
destructible small wheels so they won't24718.324.478
protect your car too much and small24720.5584.24
thrusters and we have 30 minutes to24722.7984.242
build and then oh there's also some24724.7985.362
dangerous obstacles yes there is a jump24727.045.838
there are some spiked cubes and there24730.165.12
are uh some saw blades that come out the24732.8784.322
weapons you can use the potato gun and24735.283.84
the saw blade we're having what four24737.24.32
potato guns three saw blades why is your24739.124.32
limit to three if the whole car saw24741.524.56
blades and no one's in the structure24743.444.24
well then you next time don't ask me to24746.083.28
get involved well didn't think you'd24747.684.08
talk so much well [ __ ] it okay let's24749.364.4
start building yeah and i can't wait to24751.765.798
our voices heal right24753.763.798
eleven minutes how you guys doing24806.8784.522
[ __ ] me hello and welcome to death race24861.848.4
hi simon hey hello hello uh we are going24866.47.28
to have three laps during those laps all24870.245.84
of you will have the opportunity to24873.684.48
uh mess up and if you do24876.084.638
flip over you can flip yourself back if24878.165.04
your vehicle gets uh broken and it can't24880.7184.24
move anymore you are allowed to stay by24883.24.24
the vehicle and use your potato gun and24884.9584.242
shoot the other drivers that are still24887.442.88
and something else i can't remember24890.327.04
three two one go24893.364.0
oh oh my gosh down the gate24897.765.36
oh crap oh crap dude24900.085.44
oh no24903.124.48
boy this shit's still shooting though hi24905.524.56
everyone i'm stick over here24907.64.4
got some catching up to do yeah you do24910.085.28
get there doraleous hey buddy24912.03.36
here we go yeah okay24916.325.36
oh they're getting away oh goodness oh24918.9585.282
that ramp24921.682.56
that's a lot of bullets you got there24924.7184.962
spiders ah boy you can drive a little24926.9584.402
who's in the lead that'd be me hi there24931.364.88
neebs how's it going24933.684.48
let's oh all right24936.245.16
go go back go back blades there we go24938.164.88
how you guys doing what's going on24943.044.56
i'll come back around and shoot you then24947.62.958
who's in the lane all the blades the24950.5584.32
blades the blades24952.084.32
it's not the blades you got to worry24954.8784.722
about sir oh no24956.43.2
bunny ahoy wait my turn24960.324.158
is rounding the turn and about to finish24965.765.52
the first lap oh my god24967.523.76
i finished the first lap24973.843.92
hey neebs you put a lift over here24976.242.8
you're going to screw someone up that's24977.762.798
cheating what are you talking about24979.044.32
there's a lift over there i deleted it24980.5583.762
didn't i24983.363.358
it's right there okay maybe it's mine24984.325.6
all right don't run into it do it okay24986.7186.402
release is over the first24989.923.2
hey stop shooting me with potatoes24998.45.2
the whole name of the game no it's not25001.364.4
it's a race don't hurt me what's your25003.64.16
thing do anthony it doesn't oh i've got25005.763.44
plenty of time to wait for these blades25007.765.198
oh let's catch up to him it's our chance25009.23.758
up and neves is upside down oh man i get25016.4784.48
to come that's like your spot neebs i25019.443.118
get to come shoot you25020.9583.84
i'm gonna confuse you25022.5584.642
your eyes around the turn get ready25024.7983.92
oh lost25027.22.48
that might have been for me25029.683.798
looks like doraleous is25034.9585.282
just kicking ass just about to finish25037.925.44
his second lap25040.243.12
i like how we're all just separated25043.844.32
enough not to do any damage or attack25045.445.038
and well neebs is doing enough damage to25048.163.36
i'm on my final lap oh neebs you'll have25051.524.24
to saw blade in the same spot as that25053.63.84
can you grab it for me all right next25055.762.798
time around25057.444.4
doraleous is about to cross over the25058.5584.562
thing thing25063.124.08
on the third oh i think we're catching25064.7984.242
up to him oh oh25067.23.12
here we go25070.324.08
here we go oh boy there we go oh25071.445.518
wow go25074.42.558
and then i'll do my laps in a minute yes25089.045.28
you win oh my god you're going down did25091.044.96
you take them out25094.326.04
now anthony take out these25096.04.36
oh god get out of here25115.043.8
don't worry about names you're fine25119.125.2
all right i'm flipping i'm flipped get25122.084.478
off of me this is a reset25124.325.76
all right i'm gonna do my laps now25126.5585.042
i don't have wheels25130.084.398
i have no wheels there you go doraleous25131.65.52
thieves is on his way back to finishes25134.4785.522
you son of a [ __ ]25137.122.88
and move on to flap three and half of my25141.044.16
car is missing25143.443.278
oh i'm flipping25145.23.2
come on baby25146.7184.0
i'm just25148.42.318
left number two25151.65.958
now you're on lap number three25153.24.358
okay you have a friend waiting for you25162.8784.162
hey there neebs hello how's it going25164.9584.402
over there ron how you doing good why25167.043.918
don't you don't you come on this side i25169.365.56
will come on this uh25170.9583.962
enough move i've done enough damage i25187.124.32
just ran into spikes25188.5585.362
are you missing the wheel neebs25191.444.72
i'm missing all my wheels25193.925.28
did that happen a while ago25196.164.318
it might have happened on that attack25199.22.08
oh boys doraleous25201.284.8
shoot that [ __ ] down25203.045.918
shoot him take out the other front wheel25206.086.398
take it out oh god25208.9586.84
come on25212.4783.32
oh crap i lost another wheel yes25220.7186.482
low and steady25227.25.358
hey there doraleous how's it going25230.244.88
good this is so close if thieves gets25232.5584.4
hung up on one of these spikes it could25235.123.518
do them in25236.9583.162
oh no oh no25238.6384.24
oh how are you doing this i got two25240.125.32
wheels i'm good25242.8785.522
it's a motorcycle now25245.445.038
doraleous looks like we took doraleous25248.44.75
took one of my tires25250.4785.751
my god where's the rallies i'm gonna go25258.03.76
shoot them it's a race for second place25259.64.878
oh oh i want it i want it i want it25261.765.28
here i come25264.4782.562
oh oh and i think i weighted myself to25268.6383.84
the left i'm going to do this25270.4784.24
what the hell happened there25272.4783.842
another backflip that was what happened25274.7183.602
that was beautiful hey25276.324.398
hey oh crap i can't get over this thing25278.324.318
yeah you can yeah25280.7184.0
okay victory lap you should have the25282.6385.202
checkered flag25284.7183.122
i'll shoot you then25289.284.72
take them out neebs take them out25290.9586.082
we could have been friends25294.06.76
second place25297.043.72
in the world today it's everything you25307.684.4
got taking a break from all your worries25309.685.278
sure would help a lot25312.082.878
hey everyone welcome to neebs gaming25338.5584.16
scrap mechanic hi we're gonna call this25340.7184.482
wall buster i like that anthony yeah you25342.7184.962
built the majority of this oh just the25345.24.88
world some of the walls25347.684.4
you know the giant the giant fields of25350.084.478
corn what would you call it wall buster25352.084.478
uh yeah buster i like wall buster it25354.5584.08
works who you gonna call wall busters25356.5583.842
yeah i like it should we do a quick25358.6383.92
walkthrough of the course yes well25360.43.52
please because i have no [ __ ] clue25362.5582.882
what's happening so you start here on25363.923.12
this platform25365.443.92
you come to obstacle number one which is25367.044.32
this cardboard wall which you have to25369.363.518
break through with your vehicle once you25371.363.438
do that yeah wall number two you gotta25372.8784.162
break through okay once you through that25374.7985.522
you are here to this obstacle where you25377.046.56
have to destroy that rope holding that25380.325.12
weight which will then activate a thing25383.64.72
that that sends you way up there25385.446.32
all right simon what whoa crap25388.325.6
take your time25391.764.718
once you're on top of the mesa yeah i25393.925.44
like to call it way up here uh you have25396.4784.802
to come to this obstacle25399.365.198
which is cut the bottom of this wall the25401.286.32
wall will then drop and cover the canyon25404.5584.482
once you're over there hey who's that25407.63.76
that's me hello i was looking ahead and25409.044.16
i knew i'd take over from here you take25411.364.16
over once you get across to this side25413.24.32
all you have to do is get through this25415.525.68
uh-huh easier said than done25417.526.48
there you go let's build yeah25421.25.56
i'm doing a really cool uh tilt down25465.66.24
shot to doraleous whose vehicle is ready25468.7984.882
impressive we can't afford that that25471.843.44
one's on the house next one's gonna cost25473.684.32
you yeah how much um eight dollars all25475.286.16
right so uh this is green machine very25478.04.878
simple car i'm surprised it does25481.443.118
everything i don't know i haven't tested25482.8784.162
one thing you know how i like to do look25484.5583.602
at this feature25487.043.438
shaking the junk at the trunk that's the25491.043.2
bronco that's the bra it's the bucking25492.6385.042
bronco three two one go i'm just gonna25494.247.2
start shooting off the bat okay25497.683.76
okay um all right just get this going a25503.67.44
little bit of shimmy side by side25507.765.28
it looks good like what you're doing25511.045.04
seems very efficient yeah25513.045.12
well get that bottom layer yeah it is25516.083.6
okay i thought i was thinking maybe you25518.163.04
might so you can't bust through it you25519.683.118
gotta get those bottom lines this is a25522.7983.522
strong word simon but he chose honestly25524.6383.042
i get those25526.323.2
so let's see and then i gotta activate25527.683.76
the upsy downsies25529.524.72
stop that25531.442.8
this thing is25534.7984.642
this is very efficient the upsy downsies25536.325.28
if you are our host back in the stone25539.444.72
age where we'd be right now25541.64.56
yeah this i i wasn't i was worried this25544.163.52
would take a minute25546.163.04
oh look at that there was falling25547.685.08
falling halfway oh25549.23.56
oh god minute 30. no i'm going to be the25563.443.438
longest one i think now i'll know that25565.64.24
that wall went pretty okay so no no no25566.8784.642
no do it again this wall's already got25569.844.48
holes in it yeah that's a strategy25571.524.64
well he did it flip upside down and then25574.323.52
shoot the wall25576.164.24
no yeah that was part of it all right25577.843.76
all right you know what there should25580.42.8
have been six of these walls that would25581.63.198
have been great25583.23.31
you know25584.7985.672
all right all right25600.03.12
uh oh25601.922.558
what i do25603.123.358
stuck out of the wall that's not good25604.4784.08
probably delete some of the wall that's25606.4784.722
not good25608.5582.642
oh crap yeah careful careful oh boy time25611.446.08
back on all right on25614.4785.362
oh we're going to go okay okay25617.524.958
so i got a i gotta turn and face that25619.844.718
thing you just gotta shoot that rope25622.4784.962
yeah but i gotta face it uh25624.5587.951
it's very efficient everything is done25632.9584.442
that's impressive25647.765.28
nice there is there you go very nice25653.043.518
build anthony25655.122.96
i didn't build that part oh that was25656.5583.362
neaves oh wow well i built the toilet i25658.084.16
built the giant corn world so there you25659.924.32
got suckered in to compliment me there25662.243.84
son hey25664.243.92
i don't mind complimenting you it's just25666.084.32
difficult because you very25668.163.84
seldomly do something good enough to25670.44.51
compliment yeah it gets old25672.035.789
here it goes come on25712.084.2
all right here we go25719.64.56
oh boy25721.682.48
okay all right be careful easy buzzer25725.126.88
easy dozer you got it25729.444.16
look at this i'm finishing this25732.03.68
honorably seamlessly good for you at25733.64.4
least you're finishing25735.684.798
okay okay okay there you go who knows25738.04.24
you still might win no no it's gonna25740.4783.362
happen no i'm not gonna win25742.243.84
mike um let's see hey let's see what was25743.843.76
here we go25747.62.4
gonna go right through seamlessly yeah25751.364.64
oh boy he's stuck in a wall25753.844.798
stuck in a wall oh he's losing weak in25756.04.21
the wall25758.6385.042
come on baby come on now you were at 1025774.4786.962
10 30 when you got to that point yep so25777.925.36
10 30 people know what my button's doing25781.444.96
yeah because maybe yeah okay well i give25783.285.84
up all right one piece of [ __ ] it's time25786.44.558
for anthony's25789.122.96
uh he calls it the white uh tiger25792.087.12
the white fire ah white fire so how do25796.324.158
you feel confident25799.24.24
i feel a little confident in the wall25800.4784.24
it's probably good that i went first25803.443.038
then huh maybe yeah for everyone to feel25804.7184.882
more confident yeah three two one go all25806.4785.042
right but can you get there as quickly25809.64.0
as the question man i hope so so i went25811.523.438
for a different approach with the wall i25813.63.52
like that25814.9582.882
no it's approach25817.121.838
hit a button25818.9582.482
and then25820.242.638
there you go25821.444.8
just let the machine do its thing25822.8785.042
oh that's beautiful25827.925.038
manual once25830.082.878
yeah yeah there you go push through push25838.084.798
through okay25840.9584.562
that's lovely that's something that's25842.8786.722
that's some bank robbery [ __ ] yeah it is25845.524.08
good for you anthony i love it25849.685.6
that is fantastic25852.083.2
it's almost a heart25856.162.398
but that's a butt heart but at the end25858.5583.682
the heart is25860.8783.92
that's lovely anthony all right thank25867.64.24
you big fan okay now we got to do this25869.364.88
thing this is the last obstacle i25871.844.48
actually worked on this might not even25874.243.28
number six25877.523.4
why would you pause it all right25894.5583.122
remember when i did this one and it25896.082.96
didn't fall off do you remember that25897.682.798
part that was so much better than what25899.044.08
he just did seriously all right25900.4784.32
everything he's done is so much better25903.123.28
than that of course it is what'd you do25904.7982.962
wrong were you too close to the front i25906.42.96
was too close to the oh you remember25907.763.52
when i got up on this thing like and it25909.363.198
was not a problem it was really easy25911.282.8
right but it's really it's it's been25912.5583.362
started again okay listen i'm talking25914.084.558
out of insecurity alone number six25915.924.48
here we go five you forgot to paint one25918.6383.202
of your pistons that's fine i actually25920.43.04
carry it much less remember when i25921.843.52
painted all my pistons25923.445.72
just a little bit closer25925.363.8
come on25935.63.84
come on are you messing with him25936.9583.68
trying to help him i want this to be25939.443.76
done all right dinner25940.6384.24
oh god wrong one25943.24.64
oh boy no wrong one six25944.8784.242
hang on25949.842.56
hang on25950.7983.442
go back run backwards go drive drive25952.43.84
backwards good all right25954.244.238
this thing is completely jacked paws25956.244.478
[ __ ] oh you're adjusting the track25958.4784.16
yeah cause this thing's a disaster you25960.7183.84
can't adjust the track we put those25962.6385.202
zooming fine add ten seconds go25964.5584.962
neebs get lit get ready with the lift25967.844.48
i'm ready okay i'm on already25969.524.08
towards the back all right towards the25972.323.52
back straighten up uh25973.63.278
like a swiss army car hey perfect25976.8786.08
back up look at that happen25980.246.16
look at that it's leaning a bit25982.9583.442
okay there you go25996.084.42
we're all pulling for you25997.687.6
forward please26011.845.92
it's because you adjusted those forward26014.8784.882
anthony you deserve that because you26017.764.4
adjusted those i'm still on it can you26019.763.92
put the pistons back to the way they26022.163.68
were please i can are you cutting or am26023.683.44
i shooting oh yeah i don't have an arm26025.843.52
anymore yeah shoot that okay arm's gone26027.124.88
so guess what doraleous beat you had 2026029.364.88
seconds no no you didn't do one of the26032.04.0
things on your own so that's exciting26034.244.0
for the rest of the video no it is it is26036.04.08
oh it is exciting you just gotta finish26038.244.638
there we go hang in there anthony oh boy26040.084.96
if the thing stopped why because you're26042.8783.76
australia grab me on the lift please for26046.6384.722
the love of god back up hurry hold on26048.7186.482
now hurry find the lift26051.363.84
i shouldn't feel stressed right now26066.5583.522
there it is she'll be able to grab me26068.6383.122
and then put me over26070.082.718
look at that all right you come up here26072.7983.76
blade comes over here26077.282.96
it works it worked one time26081.364.358
hey there we go yeah that's beautiful26086.44.318
that's gorgeous oh that was beautiful26089.043.758
that's smooth come on baby go first26090.7185.122
let's move come on yep26092.7985.042
one more come on yeah26095.843.68
that's it and i think i might have26097.843.52
pushed that too far watch as the bridge26099.524.16
falls down and we go nowhere no you're26101.363.198
oh no26104.5582.4
all right ready through the wall26109.523.6
oh yeah26124.163.52
very nice26125.64.878
time and i landed it times 8 29 and it's26127.684.4
debatable whether or not it's that26130.4783.442
actual time26132.084.398
talk about it later i say we both failed26133.924.558
but we're comparable just a handshake26136.4783.922
and let neve show us how it's done no i26138.4784.08
beat you anthony neebs yes sir are you26140.44.318
ready i am ready can you do better than26142.5584.24
us i hope so i feel like we we need to26144.7184.802
look at yours but no26146.7985.282
we didn't really i recycled my car from26149.525.6
the death race smart move yeah it looks26152.084.718
interesting cool all right let's do this26155.124.72
everybody all right three two one go all26156.7985.522
right here we go26159.844.718
i saw your approach before neve26162.324.318
ram i love the ram26164.5584.642
come on26166.6384.642
yeah oh that is [ __ ] great look at26169.23.438
that come on26171.282.96
oh it doesn't look good does it no it26174.243.28
doesn't it doesn't like i can get26176.03.92
through there keep ramming26177.525.92
more ramming speed yeah one more26179.926.24
i love all the different approaches26183.444.88
come on break up26186.163.76
there you go there we go there we go26188.323.12
there you go26189.923.6
there now26191.444.72
only if you go26193.522.64
what's wrong with my wheels she's wobbly26222.8784.722
you're wobbly i'm freaked out oh boy26224.5585.522
here we go26227.62.48
am i good26232.44.478
well almost26234.02.878
i love that yeah you think you'd26237.283.76
there you go26239.443.438
now let it drop back up let it drop and26241.043.28
then oh it's got to stay there doesn't26242.8783.202
all right26247.042.24
all right i'm through that excuse me and26249.524.24
you're only 150 right now okay please26251.444.16
[ __ ] this up nothing could go wrong26253.764.878
please [ __ ] this one up26255.64.24
i mean good luck26258.6383.602
thank you26259.842.4
here we go look at that yep and he's off26264.8784.882
wow moving on26267.63.118
that was26269.763.6
almost too easy yeah26270.7185.522
don't get crazy26273.362.88
that's it you hit the ground i hit stop26279.046.08
it seems like a potato gun's a little26283.683.36
simple there we go a weird comically26285.123.758
long arm it is26287.045.518
all right looking good so far26288.8785.912
oh yeah26292.5585.381
thank goodness26300.43.28
that's wonderful26302.322.88
it's a close one neebs26303.684.56
all right what's your plan for this26305.25.278
yeah that's26310.6385.362
simple as well exactly26313.283.76
there it is26316.03.6
that should be it is it fallen it is yes26317.044.8
it is bam it locks in that's what it's26319.64.71
supposed to do and then26321.845.2
all right look at that on the move26327.043.838
good job neebs26332.166.318
come on don't screw it up now26334.8784.882
doraleous have you turned on the wall of26338.4783.762
dude i'm right there shut it how are we26339.763.76
doing tom26342.242.8
four minutes oh we might get to eat26345.044.08
okay while the doom coming up all right26349.764.798
i'm doing it all right26352.5583.762
there's no reset in here26354.5583.282
if you're getting screwed up26356.325.318
oh look at this oh26357.843.798
427 good job bravo names thank you very26365.685.198
much thank you very much hey and thank26369.043.918
you folks for watching our uh what are26370.8783.84
we calling this corn world i'll come up26372.9583.042
with something thanks for watching folks26374.7184.08
see you next time ladies and gentlemen26376.05.04
welcome to a fun episode it's going to26378.7984.08
be fun guys26381.043.438
today we are experimenting with all26382.8783.76
these explosive barrels which uh you26384.4784.48
place one anyone got a gun i do shoot26386.6384.302
they added explosions into the game yeah26393.363.598
so we played with this a little bit in26395.63.68
the last video but uh we're gonna go26396.9583.84
through all these things we've been26399.283.518
building over the years the nostalgia is26400.7983.522
gonna be real and if you haven't seen26402.7983.362
some of these videos uh26404.323.6
you should check out youtube all right26406.165.04
let's see oh oh boy everybody grab a gun26407.924.4
i'm sorry26411.22.11
geez i'm sorry i couldn't resist but i'm26414.9586.442
so sorry26418.163.24
oh wow that was like a buster keaton26423.764.92
you want to pick the first thing we blow26434.244.08
up it's on you baby um26435.64.48
how about this26438.324.96
the spider okay okay that's nice26440.085.6
the giant robot fight video thing that26443.284.64
we did right right ass26445.684.72
now can you set that on like autopilot26447.924.798
so it'll blow up it's moving i feel like26450.44.0
maybe someone should jump in here with26452.7183.84
me yeah that's a good idea we'll place a26454.43.6
bunch of these someone who's going to26456.5582.962
come in with uh [ __ ] you know what here26458.03.52
here i'll i'll do it you should put a26459.524.48
bunch of barrels in there yep doing that26461.524.08
and you call why don't you come up here26464.03.28
absorb all right come on up here you get26465.63.358
off to the side somewhere before i jump26467.282.88
into the seat oh he's going to be in26468.9583.122
there with you yeah he's going to shoot26470.163.76
one to shoot okay put one right in the26472.083.68
middle of the hallway so they they all26473.923.28
affect each other in the hallway that26475.763.6
you keep avoiding i'm26477.24.72
there this one to connect the explosions26479.364.8
you guys okay in there yeah26481.924.0
will they blow up if they're yes beside26484.163.6
each other26485.923.68
did science all right you guys did the26487.763.36
science we did all the science i'm26489.63.118
hopping out tell me i think you're26491.123.518
supposed to shoot it coming out26492.7183.362
i'm staying inside and shooting this is26494.6383.602
a one-way ticket after okay well i was26496.083.76
gonna shoot one on the outside and it26498.243.12
would it should trigger the okay26499.844.56
whatever i'll stay inside idiots are we26501.365.118
idiots you know how this works we're26504.42.96
uh i don't remember how this works let's26507.364.64
see that's the okay hold on hold on26509.524.64
i feel like these rockets ought to be26514.9582.562
setting these things off it's hot in26516.163.6
here it is hot in here and don't hot box26517.523.84
it quit turning i got a good i want to26519.762.798
see your face26521.363.04
yeah you want to be up in the air when26522.5584.802
you're doing it though ready hit it yeah26524.43.92
you got to tell him when go ahead there26528.324.72
we go it's26530.4782.562
blew the entire thing apart we don't26541.366.48
have to clean up uh let's not clean up26543.444.4
uh remember this uh no i don't we did an26548.245.12
episode called spy cars26550.9585.52
okay every spy car has a skeleton26553.365.598
yeah super super nostalgic okay yeah26556.4783.842
yeah yes26558.9583.362
uh there's all kinds of oh did you see26560.323.6
the visor feature26562.324.158
yeah oh yeah i'm seeing it now now26563.924.4
now you remember it huh yeah i still26566.4783.202
don't all right we're gonna load this26568.323.52
thing up yeah let's put explosives on it26569.684.24
there we go that's it i tell you what26571.843.92
would be a great shot neebs you're26573.923.84
driving towards me right uh-huh i'm a26575.763.038
you're a spy and then i shoot it before26578.7985.122
you reach me i was hoping to do a jump26581.683.84
can i shoot you in the air i think it26583.923.28
also might be good to not put too many26585.523.76
bombs so you're just not obliterating it26587.24.24
but maybe you could blow it in half did26589.283.358
you just make up a word simon26591.444.4
obliterating yeah is that not a word26592.6385.362
obliterated obliterating being26595.844.31
i'm obliged that you would say something26601.63.358
like that26603.842.958
uh what's the word now26604.9583.68
obliterate obliterate obliterate you26606.7983.92
added an h in there yeah26608.6384.882
i just had a little i just uh put the26610.7183.76
are we ready i'm ready i'm ready as well26614.4785.282
spy car jump explosion26617.044.96
i'm not ready i'm kind of ducking down a26619.764.0
little not ready all right come on there26622.03.84
we go i'm doing it no idea nobody has26623.765.24
any idea26625.843.16
i wish my shot was better look where i26634.6383.202
landed how was your shot absolutely26636.244.08
that's good good shot that's a wrap put26637.846.06
it in the can move it on26640.3212.398
behind the right ear behind the right26652.7184.562
ear eh the that's the left side okay26654.5584.32
well all right this is behind this like26657.284.16
no no but behind the ear so like here26658.8783.92
camera's right yeah there's a there's a26661.444.48
shorter fatter one oh okay but now this26662.7984.562
is what i got to show is that oh yeah26665.923.44
that's perfect no no no you don't need26667.364.0
too many not gonna put too many two how26669.364.4
about two just two just two two you're26671.364.72
crazy take the back off put them all on26673.764.718
the inside i hate working on this movie26676.084.718
and so far uh the dp is a real pain in26678.4783.682
the ass26680.7983.602
serious such an arrogant diva26682.163.52
yeah all26684.43.36
we never will the sun's stayed there for26685.683.198
three years i don't know how to get26687.763.52
inside this thing that's what she said26688.8784.882
who built this she wouldn't say that no26691.283.678
well it depends she could have had26693.763.92
something strapped on oh yeah26694.9584.482
hanging out with her dog26697.682.68
should we rap all right i think i think26702.4783.122
we're ready to shoot i think we're ready26704.322.8
to shoot here26705.63.76
wait who's driving i'm driving i thought26707.124.24
you were he was driving26709.363.518
he was there26711.364.16
i'm the bad guy i said i was the er okay26712.8784.482
rolling all right you rolling south26715.525.3
speak all right ready action26717.369.099
turn it to powder check the gate check26741.044.24
it out26743.124.24
that's true yeah what's up you remember26745.283.678
this next one right26747.364.24
how can i forget26748.9583.982
yeah how are you doing i'm doing real26762.03.92
good nessie how have you been i'm super26764.03.6
good thank you for asking it's really26765.923.76
good to see you good to see you too26767.63.52
nessa yeah26769.684.16
so nessie we're doing uh explosions26771.125.438
explosions huh yep explosions nessie26773.845.68
sounds fun i'd love to oh excuse me26776.5585.282
oh [ __ ] excuse me26779.525.438
excuse me wow26781.844.958
okay this you ought to be ashamed of26784.9584.242
get some michigan for lunch26790.7184.402
yes you're getting a little too gassy26793.842.48
i'm afraid we're probably gonna have to26795.124.8
put you down no no no no no no26796.326.078
oh boy26799.922.478
i love you nessie26802.7182.802
are you okay26806.3982.642
it's hard to watch abstracts26810.6383.362
here we go26814.3984.282
go ahead26815.523.16
all right for our next uh explosion we26828.164.558
have the ada hot plane with ada hop26830.3984.24
driving hello way to hop he's not on26832.7185.76
mike but i'll say i'll i'll talk hi hi26834.6385.84
i'm idahop all right he's gonna take off26838.4783.362
and we're gonna try to shoot the barrels26840.4783.042
as he does a flyby yeah we got him uh26841.842.958
here on the side26843.524.13
i'm the same person as anthony26844.7986.562
all right who's gonna are we all26855.042.72
shooting around shooting dude okay it's26856.163.76
gonna be hard to shoot william shots we26857.763.92
got this okay here he comes start your26859.924.08
oh i think i clipped the clip i clipped26864.04.958
the wing26866.7182.24
got it26879.22.48
like in the26893.924.558
stratosphere very uncomfortably low26894.845.58
uncomfortably low26898.4783.762
anything come on26902.242.8
all right can i blow it up it should be26907.843.44
maybe mid-performance huh is this a26909.363.76
matinee hold on hold on hold on hold on26911.283.278
everybody nobody26913.123.04
hold on am i the only guy watching this26914.5583.282
show we're improving well then who's26916.163.52
shooting the damn baby shoot the barrel26917.843.76
okay i can do it from here yeah yeah26919.683.84
yeah yeah i'll be stage actor and shoot26921.63.76
the barrel i'm a pyrotechnic guy as well26923.523.68
local theater man this is i don't know26925.364.08
why yeah i don't even okay oh there's no26927.23.598
hold on yeah26929.444.24
yeah very good very good26930.7985.122
yeah thank you26933.683.68
thank you thank you26935.923.68
this is a disaster i would blow it with26937.364.96
the curtains down there we go26939.65.118
oh a night scene26942.325.2
at a matinee26944.7182.802
oh my goodness26949.25.04
play words play words oh my god look at26951.046.16
this explosion26954.242.96
thank you26959.683.52
thank you26961.763.84
kick me way out here yeah we're making26963.24.48
our way back26965.64.24
that was good hold on this will be this26967.684.16
will be a fun reveal how many bombs was26969.843.28
i don't know thank you26973.124.0
thank you26975.283.598
is there more26977.123.92
more what play was that the whole show26978.8783.76
or is there more26981.043.758
good night everybody26982.6384.32
that's what i'm talking about26986.9587.282
thank you oh there's one more26989.846.718
there you go26994.247.478
and you wanted to leave the toilet yeah26996.5585.16
after do you want to get closer if you27018.6383.92
just go straight where you were don't27020.6383.84
run into me the thing is i gotta explode27022.5583.522
before i get to doraleous really should27024.4782.962
be okay27026.082.798
he's over there he's over there from27027.444.08
here you ready yep give me the countdown27028.8784.722
all right i'm rolling camera three two27031.525.08
we are definitely checking the gates you27047.285.04
don't even need to check the game27049.285.278
all right everybody in places i'm on one27052.324.558
yep we're watching one now neebs you27054.5584.16
gotta blow this thing right yeah you get27056.8784.08
you you call action all right i'll call27058.7183.92
action before you blow it you gotta yell27060.9584.802
witness me uh when are you gonna wait27062.6385.282
action and then blow it yeah but right27065.764.16
before you blow it you gotta say witness27067.924.24
me but when do i blow it right before27069.924.798
you get to me what's the cue27072.167.04
witness me witness me it's the key blow27074.7184.482
okay i'll say roll vehicle and then i'll27081.763.76
say action when i say action you yell27083.763.36
witness me and you blow it okay we're27085.523.6
gonna lose we got a real sound too so27087.125.838
we're rolling we're rolling speed all27089.123.838
all right now27100.6385.802
action then say witness27102.5583.882
yeah that was awesome that was great was27109.364.64
that good i'm going to have to shift the27112.4783.682
audio he said witness me when he was27114.05.2
blown up thank you thank you oh thank27116.164.96
you thank you yeah you're done real good27119.23.84
i'm a movie star27121.124.24
dallas yeah i think we got time for one27123.043.838
more explosion i think i know what27125.364.16
you're thinking let's spawn it27126.8784.722
oh yeah27129.525.198
i know where i belong yep so now it27131.64.08
we're gonna put the explosions on this27135.683.118
guy how do we get up27137.22.88
you would think you would think you27138.7983.522
would want to have several at each joint27140.083.84
like it'd be fun to blow the head off27142.323.04
and then maybe blow the arm off and then27143.923.68
the shield and then one leg yeah like27145.363.198
yeah i like the sequence go to orbit oh27148.5584.32
okay so you want to blow him sky high27151.282.8
wouldn't that be great we could put a27152.8782.882
bunch on his crotch and then shoot his27154.083.2
crotch and hopefully it'll detach from27155.764.16
his legs and send the body flying27157.285.358
okay crotch bomb megazord yeah let's do27159.923.68
man that's okay this yeah i like where27163.63.71
we're going and i don't even27165.923.12
much more27169.042.96
that should do it huh you would think27170.3983.362
that's gonna make for that's gonna be27172.03.36
nice is that a good looking crotch bomb27173.764.878
looks like megazord got some kind of sgd27175.365.78
oh he should have worn a rubber27178.6383.462
all right yeah doraleous you hop inside27183.683.68
of him well there's three parts to hump27185.443.518
inside yeah if you can just like maybe27187.363.118
maybe rotate the waist a little bit one27188.9583.92
second good i got it doraleous you're27190.4785.682
the bull weevil people doraleous yes how27192.8785.76
you doing in there i am good and27196.165.12
fighting for justice are you in the one27198.6384.482
that makes it walk27201.284.96
no okay are we just gonna leave it okay27203.125.12
yeah we don't have to watch this youtube27208.244.318
whatever okay all right somebody shoot27210.164.08
it you ready to clear up this std here27212.5582.482
we go27214.245.558
it hurts it really hurts27215.044.758
wow well thanks for watching everybody27226.324.558
that was amazing that's the best one27228.8784.482
easily it feels better yeah27230.8784.322
all right yeah do you feel better there27233.363.92
voltron or megatron whatever your name27235.23.12
holy [ __ ]27238.322.638
i do27239.762.16
thank you27240.9582.242
hey guys27241.923.12
hey stop it stop it put it away put that27243.23.598
away right now okay you might ruin27245.043.838
something oh we don't want to ruin27246.7983.442
something before we've even started27248.8782.882
something i'm really good at ruining27250.243.2
things you guys seen this what is that27251.764.92
now look27253.443.24
yeah with explosives oh you've made a27265.045.2
battleship yes i did and there's not a27267.844.08
lot of room here but there's a obviously27270.243.36
the other stand on the other side but27271.923.68
check out the wiring all right27273.64.16
jesus how long how long does this build27275.65.118
take you i don't want to talk about that27277.765.36
good lord it's [ __ ] dumb i don't even27280.7184.0
understand how this works well i'll27283.123.92
explain that you weld the ship onto the27284.7183.92
board you know how to play battleship27287.043.518
yeah okay please don't hit any buttons27288.6383.76
yet i have to reset the whole thing okay27290.5584.0
but these are the hundred spots that are27292.3984.08
um you know tied to the other side right27294.5585.84
right right so that so j one right right27296.4786.962
um you hit it and that square blows up i27300.3984.882
scienced it to see how far the uh the27303.443.84
spread was and stuff like that okay so27305.284.48
it stays within the particular block you27307.284.4
don't see what happens to the other side27309.763.52
you know they're gonna see okay but when27311.683.278
you're making your move you can pull up27313.284.24
this piece and it'll go red it'll be red27314.9584.802
if it gets a hit oh wow how did you do27317.524.0
this what do you mean this is amazing27319.763.68
it's outside of your pay grade why is27321.523.76
when you place your ships you break away27325.284.8
the yellow piece yeah and then it'll27327.765.198
fall on this like rail so you can still27330.084.878
hit the bottom to weld one of those like27332.9584.482
black nubs but when you place it the27334.9585.042
squares that your ship is on you hit the27337.445.92
coinciding switch that will make the red27340.05.84
alert work for the other person like the27343.364.72
red hit mark who have you been colluding27345.843.44
with what are you talking about you did27348.083.04
not build this i built the [ __ ] out of27349.283.92
it it's crazy this is what happens when27351.125.278
you're you know in a hurricane okay27353.24.8
like as soon as i had power on i was27356.3983.682
like i'm gonna make battleship i've not27358.04.08
played a game i've never placed a ship27360.084.24
on top to blow up okay so this may not27362.084.08
work it's gonna work the only thing that27364.323.92
might not work is if i got the wiring27366.164.238
for the red hit mark wrong yeah good27368.245.36
luck out there good luck on your side27370.3985.282
just take it just take it27373.64.32
it should take it holy [ __ ]27375.683.92
there you go27377.923.76
yeah now i'm gonna go and hit these27379.63.68
switches dude this is genius yeah it27383.285.278
really is like i know like people say oh27385.685.198
you everybody's done battleship i get it27388.5585.042
but now that there's destruction yeah it27390.8786.76
was the time it was yeah27393.64.038
the troop ship it's not a um27400.246.238
a refugee march i swear this is troops27402.9586.0
it's troops not uh not poor bastards27406.4783.842
from cuba27408.9585.122
just want to make that clear27410.327.52
all right i'm placing the uss ness27414.083.76
okay it's down hey there you're right27425.843.36
let me run to my seat so you can take a27427.763.6
look i think neebs is going to win i too27429.23.92
think neebs is going to win so there's27431.364.32
my layout everybody i mean thick saw it27433.124.08
from his angle but27435.683.6
all right the board is set the pieces27437.23.598
are in place no cheating no looking at27439.283.76
each other's boards nope by design are27440.7984.402
you up top names yep can you just barely27443.045.22
see me uh oh can you barely see me yeah27445.24.48
just so we get a little taste27449.683.52
why did that do that i fixed that can27453.64.958
you pull yours up neebs yes sir27455.924.558
they're all turned off okay so this one27458.5584.32
is uh i fixed it before but it didn't27460.4785.282
take i'll let you make the first move27462.8788.6
okay i think i'm gonna go with the d327465.765.718
whoa oh no it's a mess oh it was a27473.443.76
minute it is a mess27475.842.958
that's amazing27477.23.12
i love this doraleous should run for27478.7983.202
president i am honestly i'm running27480.323.28
along with avenatti best thing you've27482.04.0
ever made this is fantastic27483.65.76
all right i'm gonna pick27486.03.36
that was a mess27491.044.0
all right it's great so now was that27493.63.44
supposed to lie okay if it hits it'll be27495.043.918
red oh okay based on how long he put his27497.042.8
and i'm really hoping that works i never27499.843.36
tested it even with that without that27501.123.438
even there this is an amazing building27503.24.16
there's like uh 800 to a thousand wires27504.5586.4
run come on i'm going go ahead for man27507.366.64
oh lit up oh oh [ __ ]27510.9586.0
um nothing happened on this27514.05.12
which one did you pick e7 [ __ ] me27519.366.98
why yeah why did it go up i don't know27523.685.36
no you didn't sink it no it might be27529.043.598
filling up with water27531.23.438
let's see one no it's not a good it's27532.6385.442
like a man that registers a medium27534.6386.562
let's just go for this one27538.084.398
that's a miss27541.24.32
uh let's just try this guy all right f227542.4785.522
another miss that is a mess27545.524.32
[ __ ] [ __ ] f727548.03.12
that's a miss right yeah that is a mess27554.8784.0
before i put it on the steam workshop i27557.23.358
will check those27558.8784.68
looking for one hit27568.3983.522
come on nope27569.844.16
that is a miss [ __ ]27571.924.718
come on baby27574.04.878
boom did i sink it or you you have to27576.6384.562
say it when i sink it right you say that27578.8783.84
i sunk your battleship yeah yeah that's27581.24.24
usually what you say once uh27582.7184.962
i'm picking this27585.445.358
didn't register as a hit yes27587.688.36
was it close at least nope far far away27590.7985.242
oh it lit up that's a hit hey that one27597.64.72
went off wait was that good no no no27600.164.718
that was a mist27602.322.558
should i blow up that one yeah all right27606.5588.08
bye ness got your wires across27611.764.718
boom it sounds like that chunk still27614.6383.522
hanging out there's still chunks on my27616.4782.562
wait did i sink a boat or not you sunk27619.044.56
finesse i'm gonna get one hit and it's27620.9583.52
this one27623.64.878
nope come on nope nope this27624.4786.32
i just fired one that's a miss27628.4785.122
oh yeah there you go neebs27630.7984.882
that is a miss27635.683.58
all right all right27637.043.598
a miss27640.6382.562
that was a miss as well firing27644.163.84
you're getting hit and registered27650.083.12
no register27662.7184.16
that's a miss27664.242.638
yeah it was a close it was a calamity oh27674.323.65
you guys are cheating27676.8782.322
that was a hit oh oh boy did it register27681.924.798
as a hit on yours didn't light up [ __ ]27684.8784.402
balls all right oh why did i go there i27686.7184.08
don't know why i wouldn't27689.283.518
that was a hit though27690.7984.642
oh that's another hit you're making27696.4783.762
notes of what to fix right he's not27698.7185.122
going to fix anything that was a miss27700.243.6
a hit oh boy it was it's like he's27705.046.0
didn't register as a hit because it was27711.043.518
a miss smith are you just randomly27712.7983.442
pushing buttons over there27714.5583.202
what are you doing you getting intel you27717.763.76
had a hit before i know i'm going around27719.444.4
the hit i think firing you can rip on27721.524.4
this leg27723.844.4
two of them oh boy wow you should get27725.923.44
the same amount of time you should get27728.243.12
three yep three turns that's the other27729.364.4
one doesn't matter they came off27731.365.118
three go yeah bam but listen27733.764.4
i'm not gonna know which which button to27736.4782.722
push don't worry he's gonna miss all27738.162.35
no messed them up okay27744.5583.682
all right27746.8783.76
it was that one i wanted it hit it27748.245.28
registered yes that was a hit whoa27750.6385.122
whoa that was a hit hey27756.4784.642
great it didn't register awesome i guess27759.22.96
i wanted27761.123.438
this one27762.163.44
is that right27764.5584.24
nope that was a miss yes27765.67.278
that didn't register that was a hit27768.7984.08
let us sing let's see absolutely is27773.765.48
oh yeah it's a hit27783.843.68
looky look you want to cook it did you27785.64.798
just make that up nope27787.525.12
that is a mess27790.3985.042
and that is a sink27795.444.72
what do i think aircraft my lever broke27798.163.44
doraleous what do you mean the thing27800.163.44
that makes my screen pull up look at27801.63.76
your wires you just see where that wire27803.63.68
is and see if it goes to the oh yeah27805.363.278
there's the problem27807.283.278
do you see it no there's27808.6383.92
crap everywhere27810.5583.92
well i'm flying blind here you are we go27812.5583.84
you're gonna be all right i did but that27814.4783.682
was oh missed i came back27816.3984.48
oh nice we're good27818.164.798
that was a hit hit oh oh27822.9585.44
daddy there27826.323.52
come on baby27828.3983.072
that's a miss27829.843.2
a miss okay i feel like i was close on27833.045.04
the last one no you weren't not at all27835.524.8
nowhere near that27838.083.2
that was a good hit was it a sink nope27842.244.0
but the lovely couple's evening's been27844.5585.202
ruined shut your mouth27846.246.558
that was a mister elias damn it um27849.765.44
this one27852.7982.402
i fired yup27855.284.16
and that was a sink you sunk your27857.524.24
speedboat all right doraleous answer27859.443.518
there you go yeah27862.9583.282
you're not messing around it was a sec27864.7183.92
sank a speeder boat look at that yeah27866.244.238
that was a hit oh27870.4784.962
oh no wow that was a good hit goodness27872.6385.202
that was a miss oh okay27879.044.72
that was also a hit oh boy27883.924.32
hit come on baby27902.844.038
that's a miss27905.63.44
okay firing27906.8784.162
also a miss27909.044.24
that's a miss man27911.044.96
that's a hit and a snake wow i got one27913.284.24
ship left27916.03.84
that was a hit oh okay27917.525.52
make america great again27919.843.2
uh firing27923.443.118
that's a miss27924.8784.162
and that is a sink27926.5584.562
wow the comeback kid27929.044.48
that's a miss neebs close though holy27931.126.08
[ __ ] that was good okay shut up wow27933.524.72
that's a miss27938.243.52
it's a miss27940.5582.482
oh boy27941.763.118
that's a miss27943.044.96
that's a miss god you hit me27944.8784.722
miss oh27952.3982.882
and let's try27953.683.198
that's a hit oh27956.8783.84
snap no27958.8784.08
come on get it doraleous27960.7184.882
that's a miss sucking this so hard oh27962.9584.722
man i was close though27965.63.6
it wasn't close not going gambling with27967.683.6
that's a miss27972.8784.482
you got to pick a good one27974.9586.562
nope damn buffoon uh here27977.366.48
i'm [ __ ]27983.925.038
that's a hit hey27985.684.878
wait maybe he should get on the on the27988.9584.242
boat with him on it yep you ready take27990.5584.24
your pick27993.23.92
there you go27998.6383.92
getting on with you yeah there you go28000.7983.92
that was great driving i mean28002.5583.362
the build uh yeah there were a few28004.7183.282
problems with it but still wow it could28005.924.718
be fixed28008.02.638
well thank you28012.4785.202
guys are you running around them below28014.844.92
all right hey guys uh guess what we're28019.763.52
gonna try something today hey doraleous28021.63.68
hi uh even simon's back there building28023.285.04
something hello hello hey buddy hello28025.284.24
you're gonna build today i'm going to28028.323.6
try all right check this out yeah so28029.524.958
this is just a simple prototype what28031.924.08
we're doing today we're building rockets28034.4783.762
but our only thrusters can be explosive28036.05.52
barrels right hop on that seat okay28038.246.08
i'm only going to watch this 3d radar so28041.524.16
you shoot the bottom barrel let's see28044.322.96
this should propel us up are you ready28045.683.278
it's a bad build yeah go for it here we28047.283.198
hang on simon all right28050.4784.802
ah we didn't go anywhere did we28052.4787.16
nowhere it's gonna be a great video28055.284.358
holy [ __ ] the whole thing just blew up i28139.285.53
should probably teach you how to say28141.4442.939
oh boy28203.363.68
did you save it [ __ ]28204.5585.522
how do i save mine again28207.0418.33
i think we know the uh the order of this28225.845.36
like which order best first abstract is28228.4784.562
here hey yeah what's up i just came to28231.24.48
watch i didn't build anything okay what28233.045.2
the heck is that it's a 3d radar listen28235.685.118
this is not working what's up this just28238.244.96
this challenge let me show you something28240.7984.402
okay we don't know if mine's mine might28243.23.518
work just oh does yours work i don't28245.24.24
know okay for example holy28246.7183.362
i built this thing right uh well you28250.084.16
almost start touching the top i don't28252.7182.722
even know if i can get in that thing i28254.243.2
think you win yeah how would you get in28255.443.76
there oh do you have to ride it can you28257.443.6
be on it when you do it i tell you what28259.23.84
we got to knock this over28261.043.918
it's going to blow up uh28263.044.08
knock it over it's going to blow up28264.9584.322
maybe not oh wait where's that28267.123.598
you know what we before we do that we28269.284.0
should let off uh simon says exactly he28270.7183.84
built his to the ground let's do that28273.282.72
first right yeah we don't we don't we28274.5583.042
don't want to ruin simon right right28276.02.958
right well mine's going to be good28277.62.798
because look at this you see that blue28278.9583.202
and black material yeah that's the28280.3983.362
rocket that's like the rocket well the28282.163.36
whole thing is the rocket28283.763.44
this is actually needs this thing that28285.523.198
he said here you can use this to build28287.23.04
and i tried to build and i'm like screw28288.7183.042
it oh that's my scaffolding that's just28290.242.558
got to be there28291.762.798
i turned your scaffolding into because i28292.7983.68
couldn't even build that28294.5583.602
all right so i know you haven't tested28296.4783.442
this no of course not okay let's see28298.164.238
what we got here it's very strategic and28299.924.32
fun you're gonna get in it nope but then28302.3983.602
i can't track your height well someone28304.244.8
should get it okay okay okay28306.05.12
i'm in it perfect fire it off salmon all28309.045.358
right and go28311.123.278
oh wow i actually i came up with good28317.365.198
ways [ __ ] i uh i was too close with the28319.526.0
radar hey oh wow i bounced wow i was too28322.5584.16
close to the radar because it blew me28325.523.118
away from seeing it i was higher than28326.7184.642
neves rocket yeah yeah28328.6384.482
he's up there you mean what28331.363.358
i thought the challenge was to get part28333.123.04
of your rocket up high not just your28334.7183.442
body it was he was riding the rocket28336.163.44
technically i was part of the rocket28338.163.92
once i sat down the seat was gone he was28339.64.878
just a body at that point oh he was but28342.084.718
also part of the rocket well it's well28344.4784.4
hey you win in my book thank you who's28346.7983.84
next i want to try to get in this thing28348.8783.6
just to show you how crazy i'm ready for28350.6384.08
that so we got to tilt it over uh tilt28352.4784.32
it's crazy like how this thing just28356.7984.08
bounces around like this28358.02.878
you're not leaning here hold on i'll28362.8783.442
attack i'll tackle it from this side28364.7184.402
yeah you tackle it28366.322.8
there you go here it comes all right28370.4784.4
listen uh somebody jump in it jump in it28372.03.92
how can you it's tough i don't even know28375.925.24
where to jump in the world28377.283.88
i was gonna grab it i had a plan i was28383.043.438
gonna grab it if someone jumped in it28385.042.56
that was28386.4782.882
horribly communicated i'll get on top of28387.63.038
this cliff we'll build it and i'll get28389.362.88
them up there and this is all for your28390.6383.522
test to show it doesn't work i'm sure28392.244.238
you see me yeah i'm looking can you get28394.164.478
to the seats okay all right a minute you28396.4784.32
got a good view yeah yeah i guess so i'm28398.6387.08
looking at you and blast off28400.7984.92
you like get lower it's a rocket that28408.5585.362
takes you lower yeah so far i'm winning28410.5584.08
good job there elon you did it this is28414.6384.08
going great one day28416.6384.32
okay this is your rocket huh what's it28418.7184.24
called the uh flying diamond there's28420.9584.0
barrels under there huh oh yeah four28422.9583.84
four tiers of them four tiers or28424.9583.52
explosive barrels in there yep i'm gonna28426.7983.84
go from one to four and28428.4784.48
make my way up okay they will all blow28430.6385.202
up at once no because this diamond plate28432.9584.962
oh you got some shielding under there28435.844.798
blocks it okay it's also very heavy okay28437.924.558
so the price you pay for that you know28440.6383.682
we tested it by accident remember when i28442.4782.562
it up earlier everybody ready did it28445.044.72
count down sure uh rocket launch drellus28446.7185.042
in t-minus three28449.762.958
oh jeez28457.284.64
are you um i seem to just disintegrated28459.125.12
oh there it is i see it way back there28461.925.2
yeah let's pretend i'm in it28464.245.04
i don't know that's a like a shock put28467.123.438
do you want a second goat maybe try28469.282.8
another one yeah i could try another one28470.5583.602
rallies rocket launch take two and t28472.083.6
minus three28474.163.52
blast that [ __ ]28477.682.958
it's just okay you know28483.524.16
i'm i'm up here you did go up oh there28484.9584.162
you are28487.684.718
huh so you win the sideways award yeah i28489.126.24
got that covered uh um neebs i might28492.3985.042
need a few tries too so let's let's28495.363.92
let's spawn this thing mine landed by28497.443.518
each other28499.283.678
kind of cool do i have to stay here stay28500.9584.402
where you're at damn it28502.9585.84
all right that's my rocket man28505.365.518
uh it's probably not gonna work either28508.7983.84
how do you get up there you gotta have a28514.323.52
you back it now i can see you from afar28517.843.68
here's how this works um there are28521.523.438
i've got pistons to stretch it out28524.9583.52
is it falling i'm falling aren't i yeah28529.364.56
i better launch oh boy you better launch28531.444.32
it's never gonna work28533.923.76
we'll just chalk this up as a fail28535.763.118
oh god28538.8782.562
oh look i'm pretty high28542.6384.0
and i'm still in the seat28544.6383.522
damn what do i look like on the thing28546.6384.24
simon dude uh you didn't move this thing28548.165.36
doesn't work okay okay28550.8784.562
that's probably the winner28553.523.52
that's probably the winner28555.442.56
all right28557.042.24
he was up in the air when i was looking28558.03.04
over on his screen and it's still28559.283.358
sitting right there all right let's28561.043.358
let's try again28562.6382.802
you're gonna you're gonna try yours28564.3983.522
again doraleous i can't help it man i i28565.443.438
feel like28567.923.12
it goes so good sideways28568.8783.042
let's do that28571.923.52
i want to see you do28573.924.16
oh gosh28575.442.64
oh yeah okay28578.3982.642
so are you just did you drop it what28582.6383.362
happened i dropped it28584.4785.4
okay right yeah28586.03.878
in the middle isn't it a lot cattywampus28602.9584.722
i didn't know that was a word oh it is28605.444.48
it hasn't been since the 20s okay never28607.683.92
heard of caddywompus but it it28609.924.32
immediately makes sense 20's redneck28611.65.358
it's the best way to describe this uh28614.245.52
this rocket once i extend the pistons we28616.9584.082
start falling28619.764.48
all right so i gotta move quick rallies28621.045.598
yep you looking at me i'm looking at you28624.244.398
about your rocket aren't you no28626.6383.682
no i figured if i'm running if i'm28628.6383.602
flying towards the wall i'll go against28630.323.6
the wall and hope it'll propel me up28632.243.44
gotcha all right well look at me i'm28633.923.36
looking i'm looking at you you ready28635.685.198
like a three-year-old extending28637.285.62
here it goes me28658.7983.042
oh where are you oh you're over there28660.6383.522
like a roll of the dice i had a great28666.8784.162
angle of that just one more of yours one28669.123.92
more mine at the same time approaching28671.045.678
the rocket astronaut in place lowering28673.045.04
gantry that's what it's called the28676.7183.522
gantry that's right it came to me man my28678.085.2
brain is an amazing28680.243.04
thing of art yeah28683.523.84
i love it the question is gonna make it28685.763.28
to the fence this time28687.363.118
i'm hitting a different button to lead28689.043.04
off with this time one can only hope28690.4784.16
here we go firing rockets28695.123.758
jesus blew us up28700.844.68
oh god28704.243.68
oh sorry i didn't28705.523.6
going to the beds going to the fence28709.124.4
come on are you going28711.365.4
do that28713.523.24
that is perfect28718.7183.722
yep you're a lady in a barrel oh yeah28732.7184.562
yeah doraleous in a barrel i am in a28735.443.6
barrel yes you got the good end of this28737.285.358
stick why i'm in a box thing i think why28739.045.838
i don't know neebs put me here28742.6384.16
i just live in it now huh it's an28744.8783.6
interesting start to a video can i come28746.7984.0
out neebs uh you the one that chose to28748.4785.92
be in there okay whoa28750.7983.6
hey everybody anthony's back what an28754.6384.08
that was better than my entrance28758.7183.202
so this guy on the left is from a movie28767.525.118
called star wars many of you may not28770.164.718
have seen it i recommend you check it28772.6383.84
out so what we've done we're going to28774.8784.962
take this atst walker designed by gomes28776.4785.122
thank you gums thanks combs yeah he28779.843.2
makes walkers we don't make walkers that28781.63.038
takes forever28783.043.438
so we're going to modify his into a mech28784.6384.562
suit we're gonna add potato cannons28786.4785.202
popcorn cannons that's a thing now yep28789.25.278
um what else uh flamethrowers28791.684.958
and we're gonna have a mech suit battle28794.4784.642
and also on each side of this middle28796.6385.282
rock structure there are two towers of28799.125.518
death that shoot out flaming skulls show28801.925.84
them how it works i'll be the heat28804.6383.122
where's it gonna go where's it gonna go28809.923.74
come on28812.04.32
grab a template walker and build your28816.324.0
mech suit let's do it28818.325.68
clean up this mess oops28820.323.68
without doing i'm gonna do it it's my28824.244.638
that's the only rule here28828.8782.962
i can imagine you in bed oh yeah28840.9583.84
oh god28850.7984.562
i almost prefer that over hearing like28852.7983.6
oh yeah oh yeah right there28858.245.36
right there that's28861.685.958
pretty quick real good28863.64.038
i think i just blew up my whole build28885.23.278
when's the last time you saved it there28886.9583.122
was no like i was looking out i think i28888.4783.362
should save this i'm like no there's no28890.083.04
way i'm accidentally hitting the28891.843.36
explosion why were using the gun i don't28893.124.08
but i was wrong28897.212.169
come on28921.842.638
are you ready yes goodness i made one28924.9584.642
tweak leave me alone the legs were28928.162.88
already made for us yeah they were made28929.63.6
legs neebs you will race your entire mac28931.044.4
halfway through and then rebuilt it and28933.24.4
then break it up mistakes happen28935.443.76
let me add them let me add them hold me28937.62.958
back break it up28939.24.48
hold me back we got three mix uh28940.5584.962
shall we show them off yes in the knee28943.684.798
let's see it okay it's blue oh28945.524.48
oop help face the wrong way but come28948.4783.122
over here28950.02.798
yeah i had a nice blue skirt a few28955.283.198
seconds ago but they messed it all up28956.7984.802
okay very cool bird collaboration28958.4784.882
away with you what do you call it guys28961.63.278
what should i call my robot i didn't28963.362.8
even name it28964.8783.92
any ideas bluebot you came unprepared28966.165.68
it's bluebot bluebot neebs okay um i28968.7986.722
didn't name mine but i'll call it fido28971.848.68
oh oh yeah i like the top oh my god28975.525.0
okay i was on this side and i saw the28983.843.68
tongue and i was like expecting a dog28986.03.84
face yeah no it's a human face the only28987.524.64
thing dog about it is tongue it's got28989.844.798
dog ears too i like the untested i'm28992.165.28
sure it's very minimally tested you want28994.6386.642
to see mine sure yeah all right sure28997.444.88
there we go29001.283.518
oh man29004.7982.562
do you have cannons on the side of29007.683.76
cannons things i stumbled across those29009.443.76
during building and i figured loophole29011.443.76
so there they are what do you mean we're29013.23.678
casting them on the board it countertops29015.24.08
a four i assumed you said we had 1629016.8784.562
points corn guns counts as four potato29019.284.08
gun counts as four flame throwers too29021.443.198
yeah we're trying to balance this out i29023.362.8
thought i would just make this cannon a29024.6382.642
four all right29026.162.718
where are those on the don't worry about29027.283.438
it i found them it's a loophole where29028.8783.68
are they don't worry about it hey who29030.7184.16
wants to fight first oh i'll go who29032.5586.282
wants to fight anthony versus29034.8783.962
when there's seat on the back that you29042.8784.562
get into on mine yeah no not on mine i29044.245.36
added one you got a seat i really should29047.442.88
yep we thought good nibs we both had29050.325.2
good thoughts except for names29052.5585.442
to set this up you can reset your robot29055.524.0
in the middle of battle because they do29058.03.44
fall over kind of easy if your robot29059.524.4
falls you're done if it falls yeah you29061.444.16
just pick it back up and get back in29063.922.638
fighters ready ready ready29066.5585.522
and fight29069.125.278
all right gotta get him in range yeah i29075.524.4
bet you do buy those floppy ears are29077.923.28
i don't know if that was the best idea29081.25.598
my tongue swaying ah kinda29083.045.85
almost there yep it's29086.7985.76
it's adorable you can't shoot this29092.5585.042
oh fine a little oh29097.64.72
oh what i'm already tipping29099.924.558
yeah oh get up29102.323.04
hold up29104.4782.48
hold on i'm stuck inside my robot oh oh29105.364.4
oh wait actually pause somebody help no29106.9584.882
there's nobody no please i'm stuck29109.765.118
inside ah jeez i'm inside and helping29111.845.52
nobody test the robots29114.8783.76
all right get back in there all right29117.362.8
thank you all right29118.6384.08
hey get back here behind that rock29120.164.478
your strategy29122.7183.92
you're gonna fall over again you took29124.6384.482
two steps my goodness29126.6384.16
what happened to it it was so good until29129.122.72
a certain you29130.7983.76
you happened to it29131.846.558
around the corner spider come on around29134.5586.962
fire corn fire29138.3986.16
oh [ __ ] close corn fire some close29141.525.118
quarters long range mortar wait why is29144.5583.682
it going so far now it never went that29146.6384.32
far before all right you're falling29148.245.84
if you can hit that skull right now29150.9584.882
wait why is mine not29154.083.68
something's off on mine right that29155.843.76
didn't stay oh29157.765.48
anthony seriously29159.63.64
all right so last time thank you get29165.24.4
back in there29166.9582.642
worst fight i've ever seen went so much29170.323.68
better in practice29172.084.24
all right29174.02.32
that's it i'm just going forward29177.365.198
this is happening29179.922.638
let's go get him oh boy let's go burn29183.64.64
him oh flamethrower oh wow walk back go29185.364.24
get him that's a lot of fire i didn't29188.243.04
realize how much fire there was there we29189.64.24
go you'll never make it there we go29191.285.598
come on there we go29193.843.038
don't you give up they're coming in hot29198.7185.202
get in there29201.685.56
get closer29203.923.32
let me huh of here29219.522.8
ah wait wait29222.4782.48
i did it29223.842.16
oh no29224.9583.902
good game doraleous29234.5584.802
what's wrong with your dog i don't know29237.125.438
he's happy he's a happy boy fido are you29239.365.038
snow thing are you ready uh uh-huh all29244.3984.4
right then29247.522.16
do it fighting go29249.683.92
uh approaching each other i just threw29253.63.68
those the wrong way seems like doraleous29255.924.92
has released some foreign29257.283.56
against all odds you can beat them just29283.043.918
like rocky29284.5585.522
these great kings29286.9583.122
all right you're out of the range you're29293.682.16
just cannon29294.6383.84
get closer29295.842.638
my cannons tilt up and down oh my god29298.6385.902
run doraleous nope29301.286.389
wow you just popped right out of there29308.9584.482
sorry for cheating is that what you29312.243.68
apologize for lupo i found it neebs you29313.444.72
proud of yourself uh you feel good about29315.924.24
it in the middle we could build a29318.165.28
snowman ah let's not change the subject29320.167.74
you're a douche well i can't help it29323.447.198
what the heck is that29330.6383.84
is that the first version part one of29332.9582.722
the mech29334.4782.802
that's creepy looking awesome i'm glad29335.683.68
everyone's cheating today what if it's29337.283.84
anthony and i versus you because you've29339.363.84
got a clear advantage it's a cheater no29341.124.24
the melon cannon is clearly overpowered29343.24.08
right we all know this so okay both of29345.364.4
us versus you yes fido and flesh bot29347.284.08
versus uh29349.764.56
snowbot should we start uh sure i can't29351.367.038
stop walking so i say we start soon and29354.327.078
he's coming after the clear threat29363.045.12
oh my god i got some fire on him though29366.3983.762
if i get these horns working i'm so29368.166.92
afraid of watermelons okay falling down29370.164.92
what a weird face29387.285.04
okay back up29389.765.28
oh okay29392.322.72
what's happening nothing hey29397.927.038
just almost self-sabotage29401.286.0
i am self-sabotaged29404.9584.242
my robot there we go29407.283.76
that's the good body29409.24.16
oh it's the slightly better walk all29411.044.56
right we're back go at them go at him29413.365.518
hard walking's hard coming in hard29415.64.4
oh god29418.8784.962
[ __ ] oh my god take that fight out29420.06.16
he's a good boy oh bear named eat my29423.843.44
oh crap29427.282.48
oh not at all too good at dodging too29438.5583.92
sneaky cornball coming in from behind29443.523.438
yep yep29446.9583.52
corn long-range corn get them29451.67.24
get them corn i'll be right back29454.244.6
oh wait you got a leg down okay29480.5584.522
save me godzilla29494.6383.562
watch out boys29501.445.118
watch out oh no oh come over here29503.365.358
sorry i cheated that's all good it was a29510.7984.08
loophole all right let me forgive you29512.8784.242
good entertainment couldn't pass on it29514.8784.402
yeah good my oh boy29517.123.758
oh oh29519.284.16
oh who's been a bad boy oh who's been up29520.8785.042
how you doing29523.442.48
gg guys gg gg29526.324.32
thanks for watching29528.4783.92
all right soldiers yeah this is a a29532.3986.642
military base but this is the bad base29535.925.28
it looks like a terrorist base sir okay29539.043.838
so good deal so we got to build tanks to29541.23.438
infiltrate the base that's the front29542.8783.282
wall you got to break through this wall29544.6383.522
yes you do two points of interest over29546.164.478
here is the person of interest uh who is29548.165.92
maybe uh uh general general nancy29550.6386.08
general nancy is up up in that piece29554.084.398
hello nancy you gotta take down general29556.7184.322
nancy's quarters meanwhile avoiding the29558.4784.882
turrets there's a turret on top of this29561.044.56
building and turret on that building29563.363.84
there's four turrets in here then you29565.62.72
gotta take down the satellite29567.23.678
communications array yeah cut them off29568.325.04
from reinforcements is array right it's29570.8784.642
the communication center then you got to29573.363.598
get through here and if you need to29575.523.198
retreat if you happen to be playing as29576.9584.802
the terrorist oh yeah boom29578.7186.08
complimented rallies29581.763.038
all right might be the best thing you've29589.363.038
ever built so once we build tanks if29590.3984.32
you're in the defending team you can man29592.3984.4
these turrets there's two in here and29594.7185.84
then there is the pirate terrorist tower29596.7986.0
yes you gotta shoot through like seven29600.5584.562
layers of this wall everybody understand29602.7983.76
yeah i think so you gotta build your29605.123.438
tanks out of cardboard and you get one29606.5585.202
melon cannon understood yes sir get to29608.5586.202
we done built them how'd everybody go29655.64.24
how'd we go on your build i i mean i29657.64.48
feel okay about it okay i'm happy with29659.844.48
mine all right yeah who wants to give29662.084.08
their tank a go first we rock paper29664.323.28
scissoring yeah we'll rock paper29666.162.71
scissors all right29667.64.36
tank oh29672.164.478
space tank29674.9583.44
it went a little more sci-fi than i29676.6384.16
thought oh yeah it looks great oh wow29678.3984.48
it's uh here let me get in real quick if29680.7984.482
you want to look at the top that is sexy29682.8784.0
um there's my door there's a little29685.284.0
hatch okay good for you yeah hey29686.8784.322
hate that you're going first thanks29691.23.438
coming oh and you've got electric29692.6384.642
it's a tesla spins29694.6384.802
tank tank style yep that's a good tank29697.284.0
anthony thank you neebs are we doing29699.444.64
this we're doing it okay anthony versus29701.285.678
neves and doraleous on defense29704.084.558
man you're stationed relish once he's29706.9585.042
through the wall open fire yep ready yep29708.6385.682
oh i didn't hit any of them hang on29714.7183.84
there we go29719.043.28
coming in come on wait what's the button29720.163.28
for shooting29722.323.12
okay [ __ ] all right29725.445.76
let's take that terrorist29728.8784.162
first i'm gonna take what's her name29731.22.88
i don't have a shot oh god wrong button29735.925.68
i do screw you nancy29738.5586.16
come on nancy come on nancy take him out29741.65.118
i'm working on it29744.7183.522
what makes this building blow up where's29746.7182.562
i'm switching29749.283.24
there we go nancy's down nancy's down29754.05.36
nancy's down neebs i heard that i'm29756.8784.322
following you hear that you won't hear29759.365.518
it soon when i go to the communications29761.23.678
wow tower was the easiest thing i've29765.24.56
ever felt all right i'm doing the escape29767.283.438
falling back29770.7182.562
but we can still fight him from here29775.924.2
all right29788.02.32
i'm not sure about these29790.7983.802
that's the trick there we go yeah29809.285.118
oh hey doraleous hi buddy hey how you29811.926.44
doing over there buddy29814.3983.962
remember when you said you should put29832.6382.722
explosives here yeah it might have been29833.523.6
a good idea actually29835.363.92
yeah probably huh cause that's gonna29837.123.678
take forever29839.284.16
time lapse29840.7982.642
neebs we're breaking one second one29843.765.038
second teams we're breaking take that29846.325.478
did you just get29862.083.76
from like a million miles away29863.364.32
we were breaking remember that yeah you29865.843.52
were shooting at me29867.683.52
i'm gonna defend myself the potato you29869.363.358
have to do this we should put more29871.23.278
explosives near the door no we're29872.7183.522
learning yes this is a learning process29874.4783.682
i went first you're a hero a little29876.243.44
penis sticking out there you go here we29878.163.44
go coming in29879.685.198
coming in needs damn it29881.63.278
not at all29885.122.48
not at all29886.4782.562
well what if i can't get in i guess i'll29887.63.68
just get it from here29889.046.32
no you have to be through the wall29891.286.56
you can't reach it29895.365.118
okay do you want to play that way29897.845.36
come on wall29900.4782.722
come on wall i just learned something29903.284.08
these parts are indestructible which29905.364.64
part the the stainless steel parts then29907.365.598
dude go through the bricks29910.02.958
look at that29913.362.4
i'm coming terrorists29915.845.44
watch out oh my goodness they can29918.8785.52
rebuild so quickly that's right29921.285.118
we're pretty crafty let's grab these29924.3983.842
rallies first huh29926.3983.282
yeah i'm just hanging out on the website29928.243.638
because you're29929.685.278
dangerous you29931.8783.08
why would i want that29941.443.118
is there some kind of reason29945.443.958
we're breaching the wall29952.7982.962
wall breach imminent29956.3983.522
oh yeah29958.245.52
corn bombs are on the way oh god whoa29959.925.76
oh my god welcome29963.764.0
somebody i didn't hit that29965.683.92
do i still win29967.763.198
did you blow me up29969.63.76
i could i i couldn't no he hit it i29970.9584.882
think the cord might have hit it29973.365.84
jeez well we've learned so much i win we29975.845.44
need more guns on the turrets agreed29979.24.48
reset so neebs you want a rematch yeah29981.284.08
man let's make this interesting we29983.684.878
beefed it up we got three guns uh per29985.365.358
turret now we have more firepower and29988.5584.4
are we allowing handhelds yeah oh yeah29990.7184.322
without a doubt if this doesn't do it29992.9582.962
but i don't think we'll need the29995.043.04
handhelds now that they're beefed we'll29995.924.16
see the wall is explosive now so you can29998.083.28
get through quicker as soon as you're30000.083.76
through the wall we open fire yep bring30001.365.76
it anthony round two30003.843.28
oh wait my turret doesn't work30011.044.0
there we go30014.163.84
oh oh the wall is going to get me this30018.04.798
time yep some chunks of the uh oh30019.923.68
you're getting it now this is really30023.65.198
oh my god what's happening30026.323.92
i think you're done we're fine we're30028.7983.6
fine we're fine we're fine save the30030.245.04
general why you always shooting me first30032.3983.762
all right30035.282.88
you're the closest thieves oh yeah well30036.163.68
i got a handheld gun so30038.162.88
i'll be shooting you on the way over30039.844.2
there we go all right all right time to30053.763.52
move on to the objective wow i'm about30055.044.08
as hurt as last time after the entire30057.283.118
please die quickly30061.443.198
please blow up what's her name30064.6384.802
nancy nancy30066.7184.882
you gotta go nancy30069.444.958
you gotta go30071.64.56
she's had a good run30074.3982.56
come on there we go nancy's done30076.9584.402
we made this other tower a little harder30079.683.36
let's see what happens oh this is a30081.363.518
horrible place for a tower it's on the30083.042.96
other side30084.8784.84
come on go down30086.03.718
geez that thing takes a lot of potatoes30099.764.4
it really does i don't feel any harder30101.925.6
way harder this time um30104.163.36
i've blown it up yeah how is it possible30108.164.238
come on30111.122.88
blow up30112.3983.122
i wanted to blow up because30114.04.878
all right that blew up30115.523.358
oh no30120.083.04
oh would you lose no i got knocked out30121.63.118
of my seat somehow30123.123.278
we're still functional we're still30124.7184.08
hey buddy how are you good how are you30128.7985.442
doing crap oh crap30131.285.84
okay oh i got one gun30134.242.88
all right my retreat didn't work30137.447.16
there it is30141.23.4
come on you wanted the rematch30156.6383.602
very good30159.122.72
all right30160.243.36
he's screwed thanks30161.844.32
get the big tower name okay we'll do30163.64.56
launch some popcorn in his ass they own30166.165.0
he'll never climb he'll never climb30172.6383.042
inside shoot him30174.243.36
i'm shooting dude30175.685.6
break the walls break the walls30177.65.76
break the walls it's not easy to get30181.284.8
into this thing30183.362.72
oh look my back wheels are off look at30196.7184.24
this duralis we almost got him i know30198.3984.48
he's just a mess oh i got a jigsaw30200.9584.162
look at all that damage neebs what have30206.3984.08
we done differently we have added two to30208.165.52
three guns per turret he's [ __ ] neebs30210.4785.282
this doesn't seem fair well you've won30213.684.32
everything so far yeah you're the one30215.764.08
who keeps putting me up against it i i30218.03.68
want to retire we want to see your tank30219.843.2
go down30221.682.878
i don't as soon as you breach those30223.043.598
walls you're in for it oh you're done30224.5583.442
like look at this look where i'm aimed30226.6382.642
right there neebs30228.03.2
see that right there30229.284.16
should go ahead and get get locked on30231.24.48
first person30233.445.84
so immersive are you ready yes bam30235.686.08
i'm coming in no you're not all right30239.285.118
got to avoid the door because that part30241.764.4
really screwed me last time30244.3984.08
all right come in here30246.163.84
oh yeah you're [ __ ] man no i'm fine30248.4782.802
i'm fine dude30250.03.6
dude i'm fine you always come for me30251.284.64
closest you're right there oh boy look30253.63.92
what happened all right30255.924.0
we're gonna go ahead and and there this30257.524.16
little bit this is it30259.923.92
this is it right here this is it i'm30261.685.44
fine with it i'm fine30263.843.28
you did it you win i didn't i crashed no30268.084.16
i won30270.9584.082
barely has one rally good job good game30272.245.84
i mean that just shredded you can stop30275.047.07
anytime i'm done okay30278.084.68
we got logs today folks yeah we do yeah30291.844.16
welcome to appsro's log factory this is30294.03.76
yours yeah i'm cutting up all the logs30296.05.68
cut cut cut cut i'm a cutter cutting up30297.763.92
yeah appsource here because i made this30303.843.76
log thing which takes the logs in but it30305.63.6
works most of the time but if anything30307.64.0
goes wrong30309.26.56
let us know all right yeah that's my job30311.64.16
safety is important anthony's a terrible30316.5584.602
someone want to walk us through this30326.163.44
today so three of us uh all of us with30327.284.32
the exception of abstract made logging30329.64.32
trucks and one of us made a tree which30331.63.92
one's the tree oh god that blend right30333.922.718
in this one30335.523.038
over here so the neeps tree is actually30336.6383.84
able to be cut whereas the in-game trees30338.5584.0
cannot be cut then once you cut them30340.4784.642
they should go in your truck and end up30342.5583.92
being dropped off30345.123.518
over here in this country system that30346.4783.92
neebs came up with then they come down30348.6383.522
well you build it down the conveyor belt30350.3984.802
to the chopper and if it messes up30352.165.28
that's wraps where it comes in yep easy30355.23.678
she's going first i don't know that's30357.443.278
where you pick30358.8783.52
your company doraleous doraleous i'm30360.7182.962
gonna need those logs man can you get30362.3983.042
those logs from me ladies and gentlemen30363.684.56
i present to you doraleous amazing30365.445.518
logger truck30368.242.718
mods missing30371.362.88
here comes here comes the new reveal30375.684.6
look at this thing30384.164.08
oh the lag is real30386.244.96
but that is the lag is real industrial30388.243.76