Helicopter Rescue - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 28

Today in Darkness Falls, Appsro tries to rescue Thick from the desert. ► SUBSCRIBE ------- http://bit.ly/1NOKqlU ►SUPPORT us on PATREON https://www...
Helicopter Rescue - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 28
Helicopter Rescue - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 28

Helicopter Rescue - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 28

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey friends! So, I just watched the latest video from Neebs Gaming and let me tell you, it was a wild ride. Appsro is on a mission to rescue Thick from the desert in Darkness Falls, and things definitely don't go as planned. You've got to see how it all unfolds!

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The music in this video was on point too. From River Lume to G-Yerro, the soundtrack really added to the intensity of Appsro's desert rescue mission. And of course, you can always count on Neebs to provide a list of the tracks used in the video so you can jam out to them on your own time.

If you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like I am, you'll definitely want to check out their other playlists. From cartoons to games like 7 Days to Die, Scrap Mechanic, and Subnautica, there's something for everyone. Trust me, you won't regret diving into the world of Neebs Gaming.

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ER yep screamer geez Louise I just heard9.126.66
her scream lady listen we don't need you13.982.719
I did one shot surprisingly16.6994.741
thank you keep getting21.722.899
the second one that's been like right28.144.08
here in just a day and a half yep just29.884.38
keep your ear out for him all right they32.224.06
like it hot ain't the only ones34.263.18
okay what's up door hey what's up with37.445.52
you hey um do you want this bike uh uh39.485.579
yes all right yeah you are welcome to42.965.16
the bike no now let me see first things45.0595.041
first something really important I gotta48.125.88
do oh it's blue okay yeah I gotta give50.16.42
you some yellow paint okay check this54.05.579
out power slide ah oh nice names did I56.526.24
did I do it yeah well all right I'm59.5795.04
working good to see you good to see you62.763.6
all right I'm gonna go rescue thick64.6194.201
because he is what 6.3 kilometers away66.364.68
so yeah you guys hold down the fort I68.823.839
will hopefully be back by the end of the71.045.52
day we miss him so much yeah yeah we do72.6596.171
I'm Coming For You Tech76.5613.3
oh [ __ ] Simon yeah I've had time it was91.465.74
crazy I was shooting this dude and then95.44.32
I hit your your golf cart oh you hit the97.24.919
golf cart yeah yeah with the with the99.724.32
arrow oh okay well here I'm gonna run102.1193.54
the sucker's empty are you wrench that104.043.78
I'll go and rinse these over here metal105.6594.621
metal okay yeah we got a feud around oh107.826.299
yeah oh yeah oh yeah I wonder if I could110.286.18
use I got a pickaxe I wonder if I could114.1194.68
use that on the on those trailers you'd116.465.76
think a pickaxe yeah like holy [ __ ] why118.7994.5
wouldn't I be able to harvest metal122.223.719
what's up got a new auger tool and die123.2995.16
krumble you just got new auger well like125.9394.8
out of this uh working stiff128.4594.081
um over here yeah let me get my wrench130.7394.441
out nice what uh what number is that it132.545.4
was a seven damn I got a one we've just135.185.16
upgraded my friend and look at this my137.944.379
ratchet both my ratchet and my pickaxe140.343.78
get the same amount of metal per swing142.3194.681
that's good science that science all144.124.68
right can't believe in science it's147.03.36
ridiculous you know what you need to148.83.9
believe in the Lord Lord science Lord150.365.06
with my gyrocopter163.145.04
yeah I just angered some people yeah165.144.42
that's a big building there's gonna be a168.183.62
lot of angry zombies in there oh yeah169.566.0
yeah they're coming out after me uh uh171.86.159
can are you here to rescue me uh yeah I175.564.5
brought you a present there you are dick177.9594.521
how you doing buddy oh my God I'm so180.065.34
dead no you're not we got you baby okay182.485.32
good man you had to get stuck in a185.45.04
desert well that's where the trader told187.86.18
me to go and I hate him I'd hate him too190.445.159
here I brought you uh let's just take193.983.0
care of this guy and then I will give it195.5994.981
gifts there we go okay and this is for196.987.5
you okay oh Pop It Down Baby minute bike200.585.64
all right do you want me to help you get204.483.6
back because I could be your eye in the206.224.56
sky that'd be good yeah because uh I208.083.84
don't think you'd want to go through the210.783.3
radiation zone or over the mountains no211.924.319
I don't you're welcome by the way you're214.086.86
welcome too I love you love you back216.2394.701
oh [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] man I hit this lady222.2996.421
and she's attacking me well oh cause you226.3794.5
thought it was a zombie no I just I228.723.96
didn't think that they reacted in a way230.8793.78
where they could hurt me oh no I'm sorry232.684.619
to hit me with a bat yeah okay sorry234.6597.021
ma'am I guess we can damn don't hit my237.2996.5
all right thick yeah there's a Trader up244.7394.821
here on the left247.142.42
so really I need to dump okay okay you250.264.86
wanna you wanna sell some stuff I would253.4393.601
love to oh man you know I don't want to255.123.839
stop but I tell you what uh we'll stop257.043.96
but you gotta give me half okay half the258.9593.541
money half the money you make what you261.03.6
sell is mine absolutely man you you262.54.38
saved my life yeah exactly and I'm a264.64.319
swindler yeah what traitor is this I266.884.68
wonder all right you you scour the place268.9195.34
for goodies uh yeah I will do that but271.565.52
who do we have here Trader here oh this274.2596.901
is you okay and then uh oh and this and277.085.04
I just281.163.66
I'm taking all of this stuff in his gun282.124.92
safe do it sell it back to him for284.824.08
profit I will I'm gonna go well I'm287.043.3
gonna go dig around yeah there's this288.93.56
well out here I'm gonna get into that290.344.139
what's he selling by the way what'd you292.464.6
get anything good oh there's a chainsaw294.4793.901
an auger297.063.54
Simon's got those already all right298.385.22
thick can you see me I can see Trader Q300.66.18
I'm under the floor I can't see you yeah303.64.68
I think I'm behind the counter on the306.783.9
floor yeah hey you I'm down here pull308.284.44
his pants down man if I could reach his310.684.98
pants I would give him such a shank all312.724.08
right sell your [ __ ] let's get out of315.663.56
here all right316.82.42
that's the sound of the knees working on320.7594.94
a chain324.4796.621
gay all day long I am325.6995.401
we're through here we go335.825.78
a little bit's way a little welcome well338.223.38
can I get through here ah we'll we'll341.7594.38
fix that in a minute what we do need344.15.819
though is stairs because these zombies346.1396.0
are my clients and I want them to know349.9194.62
they're getting top grade quality352.1395.641
service from a neeb's horde base you354.5395.461
want me jumping or stumbling getting357.783.67
into lawsuits and all that mess360.04.259
there we go you can tell this is a neeps364.2594.601
property first class366.311.939
hey thick yeah Sun's getting low should378.363.839
we bunk up somewhere for the evening380.943.599
yeah I guess uh if there's somewhere382.1994.261
close by do you see anything uh yeah if384.5393.301
you keep following the path straight386.463.179
ahead I'm gonna land right on the path387.843.72
oh oh God that was a little bit harder389.6393.12
for a landing than I should have done391.564.259
all right set my gyrocopter for running392.7595.521
if necessary and yeah I see you up the395.8195.761
road okay this place yeah this place398.285.639
okay no I don't think we should go deep401.584.14
into this place this place oh this place403.9194.681
it looks awesome and awful at the same405.726.539
time right no we just need to bunk up408.65.64
all right get low get low get low oh get412.2594.681
low uh okay oh I see God is a414.244.019
radioactive zombie right there on the416.942.18
hold up hold up I'm gonna I'm gonna get419.124.079
nice Okay Okay423.1995.5
Hand Boop all right you know what I425.784.78
think this room's perfect dick you want428.6993.541
to uh tell you what secure that wall430.564.38
yeah I can do it all right I am gonna432.244.14
can we secure all right this door is434.943.18
locked all right so yeah just uh secure436.383.0
that wall as soon as it gets nighttime438.123.479
stay crouched and we will try to survive439.383.18
the night441.5993.271
oh we gotta oh [ __ ] we got some action450.244.2
here what's up Simon neebs you see right452.524.019
in front of your place oh yeah we got454.443.539
some Runners oh I doubt they're gonna456.5393.6
come here because they you know oh wow457.9793.541
what is that over there there's460.1393.541
something red glowing over there really461.523.959
I don't want that coming over here what463.684.079
is that I don't I don't see anything or465.4793.541
are they running towards what you're467.7592.34
saying is right because I don't see469.022.579
anything red oh you know what I think470.0993.481
that's a Survivor is that a Survivor471.5994.741
yeah these guys are busy busy busy they473.585.1
didn't mess with him I don't know all476.344.199
right man they really don't give a [ __ ]478.683.54
about nothing that's going on right now480.5393.901
that's great hey do me a favor come back482.225.16
this way okay coming okay keep going yep484.445.099
yep and then I want you to turn to the487.386.18
right tell me when uh let's say now boom489.5396.241
right turn yep keep going oh there493.564.079
there's a red guy right here yeah495.783.84
where'd he go I lost track of them you497.6393.601
see him the red one's right here is he a499.623.359
Survivor what is he no looks like he's501.244.859
just on fire like oh [ __ ] hey lady watch502.9795.22
it oh you running after me now all right506.0994.201
neebs I'm gonna go back home all right508.1994.321
great seeing you nice seeing you too510.33.72
looks like what you're doing is is512.524.04
really good514.022.54
what does it do yeah it takes shotgun522.366.18
shells so it's loud I also found this oh524.585.879
that's that's a nice assault rifle you528.544.26
got done yeah well like there was an530.4594.44
option for me to uh I'm spinning some532.83.599
perks you know some points you've been534.8992.88
spending your points536.3993.421
um I've been saving up so I probably537.7794.021
need to spend some points what's up well539.823.959
yeah well there was an option for me to541.84.68
I I can make coil gun weapons I don't543.7794.321
know if that's necessary it's like546.484.62
shotguns but more rounds okay all right548.15.34
good dog what way what do you think's551.15.04
through this door it's locked I know can553.444.68
I can I just peek I mean yeah you can be556.144.02
go for it what do you see out there uh558.123.839
that's not peeking560.165.16
it's unlocked oh [ __ ] didn't mean to do561.9596.361
that it's okay but hey experience points565.325.1
they come in here and they're coming oh568.324.92
yeah they are here we go all right do570.425.52
not go loud thick come on look at that573.244.219
look at that all right listen listen I577.4596.101
think we got it all right now we did I581.14.859
wanna you know do the wall because I583.564.32
don't I don't I'm not equipped yeah yeah585.9594.401
I'll do the ball587.882.48
hey Dora yes I thought it would be like592.0195.101
I figured out a cool way to gamble like595.145.16
if you know in this game what like you597.125.1
know uh if if you and I were like600.34.08
traveling tomorrow yeah like we were in602.223.96
like the same vehicle and then we saw604.384.38
like a rabbit uh-huh we could say all606.184.62
right we see a rabbit whoever whoever608.764.079
kills the rabbit first gets the other610.84.44
person's like inventory from their five612.8394.62
slot from their five slots or you know615.243.659
whatever you could pick anything or I617.4593.721
could say I'm gonna bet you uh 33618.8994.801
ratchet that I could kill this rabbit621.184.8
faster than you can and we have to do it623.74.199
with like said thing like you know like625.983.479
bow and arrow let's just say all right627.8995.361
I'm gonna put paper in my five slots629.4593.801
that what and us uh no I'm just doing a633.624.719
little test over here it's probably636.9593.601
premature but let's see oh there he638.3393.201
Oh I thought it was that us yeah warning641.544.78
shot did you get them they're not really644.763.48
going where I want them to go but kind646.323.42
of you got some action over there648.243.18
because I could use some points yeah649.744.02
come on me me too they're coming all651.424.26
right where they at where are they at653.764.5
let me Adam says the most annoying655.685.04
Scooby-Doo character Scrappy was a piece658.264.86
of [ __ ] he was a piece of [ __ ] Greenback660.724.52
command coming in663.125.1
sharing this XP oh you got a lot of665.245.2
action yeah is it a way for you is there668.223.66
a way for me to get up there and jump670.443.899
into your little uh protective cage671.883.54
there yeah let me know when you're674.3392.761
coming you ready675.423.72
um hold on I feel like I probably677.14.26
shouldn't be doing this but all right679.144.68
I'm coming okay there's a glowy guy681.364.2
right in front of the cage yep you going683.824.56
for it I'm going for it okay ready and685.565.399
come on in there we go shut the door688.385.579
yeah bam yeah how cool is this this is690.9594.861
cool hey buddy how you doing I'm gonna693.9593.181
shoot oh you don't even have to shoot695.823.12
this guy this the dick punchers they do697.144.02
the work for you that's right your smart698.944.38
man work work smart not hard right or701.165.04
both work smart and hard both bam703.325.639
dropping some knowledge and some zombies706.25.13
that's true yeah remember how you were712.684.86
talking about points to spending yeah715.266.12
what you got I can be a master scavenger717.545.64
see that's perfect for you you are Luke721.383.959
Goblin yeah yeah you absolutely should723.184.14
be a master scavenger unlocks desert725.3395.161
vulture and titanium Knuckles recipe oh727.325.28
man so you can craft a gun you can craft730.54.32
a desert vulture I need 10 points what732.64.32
the [ __ ] yeah it's Tempo oh that's your734.823.72
master voice yeah you gotta yeah you736.924.26
gotta save up points God bless [ __ ] how738.544.56
many points you got right now buddy four741.184.14
four well yeah just keep killing you743.13.78
know keep saving all right all right745.323.24
yeah I had to save up 10 points to be746.883.12
able to make the gyrocopter man I748.563.06
thought I could just do it right now no750.03.54
no we've all made sacrifices take all751.623.6
right all right all right all right753.544.46
Simon yeah tailoring bench or765.9594.921
workstation can you yeah that's that's768.8994.201
that's what I was just looking at in770.885.04
here in see what I searched for it I773.16.179
have to be in here okay which says all I775.927.2
need is uh 25 forged iron all right 20779.2796.601
electrical parts 20 electrical that's it783.125.219
and then just I got some 25 forged iron785.884.74
and 20 electrical yeah all right well we788.3393.541
gotta make some forged iron unless790.622.58
there's some over there there should be791.883.66
forged iron in materials no uh no793.23.6
there's not but let's make one of those795.543.06
okay what's it for the tailoring796.83.42
workstation I want to make the final798.63.96
item in a full hazmat suit which would800.224.2
be the mask and I've got the supplies to802.563.66
make it I just don't have the tailoring804.423.84
bench if you would get a hazmat suit806.224.559
would you get my [ __ ] back but yeah me808.265.0
sure hey boys810.7795.701
did you you get thick yeah fix back I'm813.267.06
coming hurry up oh yeah oh man I got a816.485.64
bunch of stuff to drop off though I know820.324.199
hey and uh trade routes that's the thing822.124.74
oh hell yeah dude yeah but before824.5194.021
anybody goes out on another trade826.863.24
Mission uh you know what just give me a828.543.0
minute and uh I'm gonna call a group830.14.799
meeting oh really I don't like that it's831.545.099
been a while since we've had one of834.8993.151
right I guess I could uh hey this will843.64.979
be good you ready DP he's gonna come845.944.079
over I want to see how this cage does848.5793.961
you're still coming right there he is850.0194.081
all right DP look alive we got a852.543.84
customer right this way sir you're854.14.2
looking the wrong way man turn around856.383.12
turn around858.33.779
turn around there you go okay is it859.55.22
gonna fall through hmm he almost fell862.0794.801
through oh he's crawling oh there you go864.724.38
yep he fell through all right so what I866.885.759
want to do is put these these big spikes869.17.62
like this is he a dick is he dead hey I872.6397.081
think you killed him crap all right this876.724.26
that should keep him from falling879.723.059
through though right and then these880.983.299
things can be tough if we upgrade them882.7794.161
but this like that and884.2796.3
yeah all right oh now he's back he's886.947.0
back look alive you ready I mean you see890.5795.281
him right why would you even look this893.944.62
way this is fortified he's coming895.865.46
oh there it is yep now he's on the898.565.459
spikes that's hurting him look at that901.325.4
man you don't know what to do and nope904.0195.101
still he's still got some fight there it906.723.92
oh baby baby baby oh what did you grab913.6396.461
it oh man this is the finest this is917.883.42
really well I didn't want to put it920.12.58
there where's the club yeah over here by921.32.88
the uh by the clothes yeah that makes a922.685.219
lot of sense how big is it not huge I924.185.159
didn't want to get in the way of927.8993.961
anything I could uh looks like it would929.3394.081
block if you put it anywhere over there931.864.02
right yeah I want it to be fully933.424.979
appreciated it is quite a work of art935.886.6
um well here this will be fine oh my God938.3995.341
old singers942.483.659
no one wants to death nice my mom's got943.744.38
one of those yeah this might be your946.1393.841
mom's can we all make clothes or is that948.123.6
just specifically you Dora it's not949.983.78
letting me do it oh wait I need a sewing951.724.26
kit a sewing kit I think I gotta put953.763.9
that man I used to pick those up all the955.982.94
time and think they're worthless so this957.663.479
is what we use them on I think so yeah958.924.68
it's good for us to know let's see put961.1395.521
the sewing kit up there and the tanning963.65.52
the I still can't do it what is that oh966.663.9
you need a tanning rack we got one of969.124.26
those don't we didn't I didn't I see one970.564.56
in this box out here we should have973.383.959
probably been selling them maybe fool975.124.2
yeah I think someone sold it I think it977.3393.781
was in the trader box well that's why I979.323.24
sold it981.124.1
but I I don't know who put it there982.564.8
Simon yeah let me give you this [ __ ] and985.224.179
see if you can make this all right give987.363.479
me stuff989.3995.101
either use Hazmat mask Simon you can do990.8397.141
it huh uh well I'm just clicking here it994.56.779
says uh craft and it's crafting there997.985.039
you go all right so Simon's our Mass1001.2793.841
maker yeah it's gonna be done in one1003.0192.841
I see a wolf out here1009.6993.961
you ready shut the door oh boy he's1014.55.98
probably not down keep an eye on him yep1018.445.42
he's up TP get him well1020.486.42
over the gate baby1023.866.52
nice work he's not down is he1026.95.159
you think he's dead1030.383.419
I doubt he's dead1032.0593.481
I don't see him1033.7994.16
oh yeah okay1035.546.84
whoa okay the sun is it something1037.9598.921
let me out okay boo oh okay1042.386.48
man that was one of those direwolves I1046.883.9
think you see his eyes we're going to do1048.862.819
something about that how'd he come1050.782.16
through I guess he slipped through the1051.6797.341
top man good job DP saved my life1052.946.08
I just want you to look like this from1059.1793.421
now on I like that a lot I've got my1060.6794.62
pants and my jacket on right now okay it1062.64.86
doesn't appear to have the jacket on my1065.2993.841
gloves you can see your nipples oh I see1067.463.719
gloves wait you have the jacket on yep1069.144.98
huh all right now where are my I don't1071.1795.161
seem to have boots I gave you boots you1074.123.9
did okay it has my boots here they are1076.344.26
they are they were hidden boots did you1078.024.62
see the boots okay and now I should have1080.63.84
the mask or is that not ready yet well1082.643.84
did you grab it out of the singer eye1084.444.08
sewing machine I thought that you were1086.483.36
getting you said it was ready and you1088.523.42
handed it I did not all right and then1089.845.52
I'm taking that final piece of the1091.946.599
puzzle come on baby come on baby show it1095.365.4
to us do it put it up we don't want to1098.5394.801
wait anymore do it now there we go1100.765.299
why can't we see the jacket did it all1106.284.92
come together the jacket is weird I1108.325.219
swear it's on boy that looks comfortable1111.24.38
I like that look yeah I can't wait to1113.5393.181
all right you're gonna try to go in the1115.583.0
radiation Zone yeah so I'm gonna give it1116.723.18
a shot we're gonna do it's gonna move1118.582.82
it's gonna work it's gonna be great in1119.92.639
the meantime quick real quick guys1121.44.04
follow me follow me1122.5392.901
all right boys what's better than a1126.324.38
um a Jet Plane two Jared couples1130.75.54
I'm gonna unlock this one so the white1136.245.02
one is the community gyrocopter I1138.9193.901
recommend if you guys get any kind of1141.263.779
crazy missions that are six kilometers1142.825.7
away thick yep take a gyrocopter okay1145.0395.76
well hey we didn't have that before yeah1148.524.44
well we do now no crazy long no crazy1150.7993.781
far away missions without some sort of1152.962.94
flying device I'm gonna work on making1154.583.42
another one so at least two people can1155.94.56
go out on crazy runs we're killing it1158.05.32
okay we are killing it big time1160.465.93

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