The Best GTA 5 Video You've Ever Seen (GTA Cinematic Series)

Oh man, you guys HAVE to check out this latest video from Neebs Gaming on YouTube! It's seriously the best GTA 5 video I've ever seen, and t...
The Best GTA 5 Video You've Ever Seen (GTA Cinematic Series)
The Best GTA 5 Video You've Ever Seen (GTA Cinematic Series)

The Best GTA 5 Video You've Ever Seen (GTA Cinematic Series)

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen that new GTA 5 video we put out? It's the best one yet!

simon: Of course I've seen it, Neebs! That cinematic series we did is pure gold. Definitely my favorite video on our channel.

neebs: Agreed, Appsro! And you know what they say, businesses are better with friends. That's why we make such a great team!

appsro: Haha, that's right, Neebs! Our Patrons make it all possible, and our Xidax PCs power us through those intense GTA 5 sessions. Can't wait to make more epic videos together!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Oh man, you guys HAVE to check out this latest video from Neebs Gaming on YouTube! It's seriously the best GTA 5 video I've ever seen, and that's saying a lot because I'm a huge fan of theirs. The team always knows how to make me laugh with their hilarious antics and epic gameplay.

In this video, they're diving into the world of GTA 5 and showing us just how much better businesses can be with friends. I love how they work together to take on missions, cause chaos, and just have a blast in the game. It's so much fun to see them strategize and goof off at the same time.

And let's not forget about their amazing Patrons who make all of this possible! If you want to support Neebs Gaming and help them keep creating awesome content, definitely check out their Patreon page. Plus, their merch is pretty sweet too - I love rocking my Neebs Gaming gear and showing off my support for the team. And shoutout to Xidax PCs for powering Neebs Gaming - those computers are seriously top-notch.

If you're not already following Neebs Gaming on social media, what are you waiting for? They're always posting updates, behind-the-scenes looks, and interacting with fans on Facebook, Twitter, and their website. Trust me, you don't want to miss out on any of the fun!

Neebs Gaming
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what do you think what's this this is my7.0994.901
place oh you bought this yeah a little9.963.78
Fixer-Upper huh I'm trying to go clean12.03.719
neebs oh really yeah I'm trying to run a13.743.6
legitimate business here in Los Santos15.7194.081
make some honest money exactly17.346.68
so uh you want to help me run drugs19.84.22
um we're talking about like Flonase or24.5394.861
yeah yeah yeah yeah sure Tylenol26.764.98
ibuprofen neebs yeah buddy I want a new29.43.9
jacket what do you need a new jacket for31.743.659
my logo's too big it's too big let me33.33.9
see yeah look at that it looks normal35.3994.441
gigantic okay whatever anyway yo come37.25.4
inside check this place out39.843.06
ER yeah Megan hey Megan uh did you play57.145.559
world today I don't think she plays61.1993.841
Wordle so there's a first letter we62.6994.74
don't know H then a first letter you65.043.96
don't know you know I honestly don't67.4393.121
care about Wordle I'm just gonna look it69.03.18
up later right all right yeah we're here70.563.54
to get a job done so tell you what let72.183.42
me go see uh let me go see what kind of74.13.54
work I could must do okay you wanna keep75.63.839
making company I'll have a drink hey77.642.88
Moscow Mule please80.523.32
okay sounds like this motorcycle's on a89.14.019
rooftop names a motorcycle I thought we90.94.079
were doing drugs we're still on a93.1193.36
motorcycle just gotta get up there and94.9793.241
get it96.4793.901
easy yeah no one knows how to drive in98.223.78
this town that was you absolutely no it100.383.48
wasn't it light it was a red light you102.03.24
ran a red light you always have to look103.863.36
before you run a red light well you did105.243.72
you no he did he had a green light107.222.82
that's how it works you gotta look108.962.58
before you run a green light too if we110.042.88
have a red light he has a green light111.543.119
you should always look it's my point I112.923.54
agree with you there but are you taking114.6594.381
no fault here no it wasn't my fault at116.465.46
all okay neebs see that red container up119.044.859
there oh yeah I think yeah they're up on121.923.72
this roof oh I'll see you guys right123.8993.241
there yeah125.644.86
see we could go on ground but127.146.0
I do have a flying car130.55.72
it does seem easier133.143.08
you want to get your snipe on I got my142.684.139
sniper rifle tell you what144.783.84
yeah yeah yeah146.8193.541
it's right here right here yeah all148.624.619
right all right in position in position150.364.379
now let's see where I gotta go oh153.2393.601
there's a couple of red containers yeah154.7394.261
start hammering them cover me look right156.843.539
now yeah let's do it you're not gonna do159.05.12
a signal or anything no that's do it160.3793.741
I'm on the roof whoa I'm taking cover175.444.219
hey buddy177.424.5
oh I love being a legitimate Fitness179.6593.94
businessman I wanna see a guy who181.924.22
doesn't see me183.5992.541
boom all right I'm gonna check this186.723.299
see uh oh the doors are locked damn it I190.0194.201
need a cutting saw I didn't bring a192.543.119
cutting saw it's got to be one around194.223.42
here somewhere oh I see a fire truck195.6593.901
they probably have a cutting saw we197.644.92
can't rely on the fire truck memes okay199.565.94
oh there's a bunch of leaves come on202.565.459
what am I shooting people still yes I205.54.08
thought we got them all no we don't got208.0193.121
them all I'm really far over here209.583.719
they're hard to see okay do I need to211.143.54
pick you up and bring your clothes just213.2993.421
get closer should I take the flying car214.683.779
I don't have or what take a ladder come216.724.04
up here218.4592.301
oh wait let's see here's an office hey I224.944.439
found a saw oh I wish I could find a227.1594.921
ladder someone put me on a rooftop229.3794.801
man yeah232.083.719
all right we're cutting the container234.183.36
all right I think I found a roof I can235.7995.36
jump onto maybe yep okay I got this cool237.547.68
like in here come on damn it the bike's241.1595.261
not in this one I gotta check the other245.223.659
ones jumping the fence246.426.92
yeah oh man that was cool248.8794.461
anybody else anybody else huh I may have261.124.62
found a ladder oh wait I found a263.6994.5
helicopter oh God there's a punch up265.745.84
over here needs I'm coming268.1993.381
okay yep I bet it's in this uh last276.243.899
container over here anymore you idiots278.224.14
oh is that you need yeah beautiful it280.1395.06
was just parked out front282.362.839
there we go there we go downstairs286.1394.081
that's walking there we are287.45.34
showing this one290.226.14
cutting open the container yep292.746.54
thing good Lord all right here we go296.365.16
careful careful299.285.4
ah oh crap I found the oppressor we got301.525.38
it now what uh let's see we got to304.683.78
deliver this container to the buyer306.93.9
there's a cargo bomb up there we'll use308.464.519
five letters327.386.64
second letter H then a ends in I329.467.44
when you hear you're like ah of course I334.024.26
don't know if you give up I'll give you336.93.239
a clue first letter k338.284.38
h a340.1395.521
right and poop347.944.68
we have delivered now we gotta do is get349.865.16
out of here mission complete good job352.623.299
better being familiar to get a new355.022.64
jacket you know yeah let's go let's go355.9193.961
get that jacket changed yeah baby357.663.51
now you're talking359.8817.52
like this needs new digs for a new379.54.86
business venture yes sir we look like382.024.14
professionals what about skinny jeans or384.364.14
the hat to be honest that's like half my386.163.9
outfit skinny jeans look weird on a man388.53.96
I'm just saying it well I'm a thin man390.064.859
so yeah but okay that's fine hey you392.464.079
wear whatever you want to wear ladies394.9195.421
what do you think hat or no hat396.5393.801
well fine come on they want to talk to402.5396.481
you anyway okay holy crap I don't have406.1394.081
to you could have just said Don't wear409.022.94
the hat yeah the hats that has a little410.225.22
much okay I'll lose that sorry Miss411.967.4
the word was khaki by the way415.443.92
yeah it's good being a businessman neebs426.123.78
oh yeah you got some more jobs well I'm427.9193.661
actually gonna buy a new place a new429.94.699
place I am buying a warehouse431.585.82
okay why well I'll show you we're gonna434.5995.201
make more money man I hope so that'll be437.44.739
more confident than I hope so warehouses439.82.97
are expensive442.1393.731
this is your Warehouse yeah447.963.2
tables tables for now but uh once I get451.565.52
up and running this place is going to454.864.58
look great457.082.36
see here there's a new uh Girl Scout459.724.5
cookie no what is it a raspberry rally461.585.04
raspberry rally I don't like it I'm more464.223.84
of a mint guy well you haven't tried it466.622.699
I'll try it and then I'll just get the468.062.819
mid ones and you know what I know how469.3193.6
this story ends is what I'm saying not470.8794.201
really you don't know how it goes I do472.9193.541
know how it goes I try the raspberry475.083.179
ones I go all right that's okay okay how476.463.419
do you order them478.2593.66
from the Girl Scouts nope not this time479.8794.021
well how the how the hell they Girl481.9193.301
Scout cookies if you can't order them483.92.82
from the Girl Scout Girl Scout online485.224.319
only [ __ ] that no no no no no no not486.724.56
doing that they're in the future now oh489.5393.66
God no you come to my house and you work491.284.139
for it not going to your website all493.1994.081
right you sound creepy now all right495.4194.68
let's see I am gonna upgrade the staff497.286.18
here and all right we are set up500.0995.341
actually when this place is up up and503.463.54
running I'll be making what I like to505.443.72
call uh passive income passive income507.04.319
yeah that means I do nothing and I'm509.164.08
making money money while you sleep511.3195.72
exactly the American dream513.243.799
yeah needs you ever been to my airplane524.3995.521
Hangar is this the military base sure is527.164.859
I was here once and your people shot me529.924.8
oh well yeah listen I've talked to them532.0195.281
now everything should be fine part of a534.724.08
perk for working with me is uh you can537.33.24
come here on the military base anytime538.83.96
you want even if you're not here uh no I540.543.96
have to be with you but yeah I bought an542.763.48
airplane Hangar I'm reinvesting all of544.53.42
our Heist money but I tell you what it's546.243.36
going quick well because you keep buying547.923.599
stuff I doubt about a warehouse about a549.64.88
half play hanger551.5192.961
yeah what do you think I love it that's555.54.54
pretty sweet isn't it these all your558.63.12
planes and stuff yeah these are my560.043.0
plates you can just take them out and561.723.6
fly them sure can but yeah I use this563.044.02
place uh yeah we need to Source some565.324.62
materials we go out we get product we567.064.98
sell product everything you say is very569.944.62
vague you Source materials yeah Source572.044.02
material we sell product you know574.563.54
business business stuff cash money like576.063.779
if I made ties I'd say you know we get578.14.62
cloth we make ties you're vague okay579.8394.5
well I'll tell you what let's uh let's582.723.239
go get some product I'll actually tell584.3394.041
you what we're getting585.9592.421
all right so I'm going to use my589.323.0
contacts to find us some animal590.824.32
materials yeah animal material animal592.326.8
materials like furs595.143.98
so it sounds like Merriweather that600.24.0
security company they have uh signal602.2793.961
Jammers all over the place so we can't604.23.72
find the cargo unless we take out the606.243.18
Jammers gotcha how good are you at607.923.78
flying a chopper I am really good all609.423.539
right well you see that one over there611.73.42
on the left take it I got this one on612.9594.5
the right okay be thinking about my job615.124.02
title okay hey man you do a good job617.4593.601
I'll make you vice president okay I619.144.759
guess that sounds good621.062.839
all right this is ampstro this is abstro628.923.96
I am coming up on a Jammer looks like631.263.66
it's situated on the end of a pier all632.884.199
right what's your plan over to just hit634.925.96
it with a missile barrage a missile637.0793.801
that sucks okay hey I destroyed the641.183.279
oh almost destroyed the chopper too got644.4595.581
a little excited on that one all right I647.77.379
see a red arrow hit it okay bam650.045.039
just keep firing I'll just keep firing660.684.42
huh oh yeah I'm coming up on my second663.363.539
Jammer now all right you're making me665.14.1
look bad666.8992.301
oh got it is that what barrage means oh672.123.719
yeah you can just fire a bunch of them674.5194.461
at once got it675.8393.141
uh oh babes what I have engine failure679.55.519
oh man you may pick you up uh no you're682.325.04
too far away oh crap I'm going down in685.0195.0
the city uh687.365.52
what are you gonna do bail out oh no oh690.0195.081
let's do it I got it oh joy oh boy oh692.885.78
boy hey sorry sorry695.13.56
it's okay I'll call my mechanic I'll get699.424.56
my deluxo I got eyes on another Jammer701.74.74
do it703.984.38
first Missile hit it uh cool looks like708.363.599
we're starting to uh disrupt their710.5795.181
services so uh yeah keep hitting them711.9593.801
found another one and man I really oh720.125.719
boy I hit things724.383.6
you know what I'm just gonna get out for725.8394.44
this one727.982.299
let's see what do I get how about a731.223.66
grenade I'm gonna try to grenade this733.23.36
one all right734.883.36
turn that out738.242.779
hey it works sweet back of the Jabber741.65.66
looks like I got a gym over here by the762.685.26
uh prison I'm gonna see if I can lay on765.665.179
this uh trailer all right be careful767.945.28
right there770.8396.881
stay right there jabber thanks I'm Phil773.227.559
Chopper fail that doesn't seem good777.725.7
you think I can melee this thing780.7795.06
come on I mean if it blows up in your786.564.68
that's what I was talking about796.263.139
see ya sweet hop in baby catch me catch804.065.94
you what yeah I thought I'd just roll808.53.12
right into it like an action movie no810.03.06
that's insane that would have been811.622.399
awesome though that would have been813.061.8
all right I think the Jammer's right814.863.0
over this hill over here let's do it816.04.82
I'll get it from the window817.862.96
oh yeah I see it it's on top of this uh823.984.74
what is that a gas station huh yeah826.324.199
Straight Ahead see it which weapon you828.723.72
think uh sticky bombs if you got them830.5194.201
but uh hit it with anything okay I'm832.445.579
ready it's tough and Bam834.727.44
nope missed yep there you go look yep oh838.0197.221
wait that's where I gotta blow it842.163.08
show us the846.662.6
m a r Yep they're over in grape seeds849.65.099
the materials is Big too right yes very854.6995.041
big it's like Furs Tusk you know animal857.225.299
materials yeah859.742.779
all right good old grapeseed ain't been866.34.899
out here in a minute love grape seed868.624.32
it's a nice little Community isn't it do871.1993.181
they have houses over here you could buy872.942.88
a place here yeah they gotta I think I874.382.94
actually have a house over here875.823.3
oh wait these edible materials are on877.324.92
the Run oh really I think they're in a879.124.62
vehicle I thought they were in great882.243.599
seed now they've moved oh yeah they're883.743.899
up the road here and we probably can't885.8393.481
blow them up can we because uh yeah887.6394.56
let's stop oh yeah switch to uh oh boy889.325.9
sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry892.1996.38
ah gee895.223.359
oh yeah here's the vehicle okay okay got898.625.459
it goodness what a vehicle901.564.98
let me switch my gun here we go all904.0793.781
right you ready I'm ready take out the906.542.94
driver take out the driver907.864.279
hit him909.482.659
he's got bulletproof glass oh boy really913.443.6
whoa oh that's right you fly yep a few919.225.76
more shots I'll have him922.0792.901
I got him noobs yep926.5794.4
I bet this town doesn't seem this much941.543.94
excitement usually no they probably know943.743.899
okay get in front get in front get in945.483.84
yep that's out front but yeah easy fast949.326.72
all right can you hit him yep I think we952.826.939
got him what happened yeah stop it okay956.045.46
why do I drive the vehicle yeah I need959.7593.421
you to I need you to hop in the vehicle961.54.579
man let me get my jacket963.186.599
you're fine you're fine go okay yo I'm966.0795.921
getting in969.7795.39
sending more shopping yo Dave it's more1021.866.5
I'm going watch out [ __ ] coming through1023.9594.401
I'm getting some good speed now after1030.14.839
all right good keep it up and catch it1032.483.719
up to you I'm gonna try to get ahead of1034.9393.421
you and take these Choppers out whoa oh1036.1993.36
sorry you're good you're good you're1038.363.12
all right how about yep1041.483.979
let me hear you following you okay1046.6994.581
got him still got one on you though okay1053.0594.98
you want me to slow down no keep it1055.584.64
I think I'm turning right here1060.443.26
yep across the bridge all right coming1063.9195.221
up on that second Chopper I see you oh1066.025.58
sorry I bled a horn1069.146.14
I flew the horn I didn't mean to1071.63.68
be clear for now keep on trucking1080.94.639
oh God they just keep sending them1092.864.439
where are you back1097.582.839
got one one more keep driving keep1102.266.14
driving watch out you black man1105.083.32
shoot me I know I know I know I'm coming1109.75.28
to you but it keeps me distracted hey1111.9194.861
how about you leave my friends alone1114.984.14
buddy better run hiker it's getting ugly1116.784.7
out here1119.122.36
oh God1134.865.08
oh wait what is that it's the Air Force1139.944.02
Base yeah that's where we gotta get this1142.523.72
come on I can just drive in uh yeah1143.964.56
Drive in you're not looking for me okay1146.243.66
but you're not in my car are they gonna1148.522.7
oh damn I think we did it1158.964.52
all right neebs I'm thinking senior1168.384.32
associate that's my title yeah what do1170.484.079
you think kind of sounds like you know I1172.74.02
get free lunches on Tuesdays doesn't it1174.5594.381
no no no you work with me you got access1176.724.74
to my uh properties and businesses it's1178.944.38
basically my right hand man my senior1181.464.14
associate but that makes me sound old1183.324.26
though what the senior part yeah okay1185.64.319
would you prefer a different word Maine1187.584.86
Maine Associates let's keep working on1189.9193.841
that okay do you want to make up your1192.443.239
own title yeah yeah okay I'll just let1193.763.48
you do that man okay I'm doing that to1195.6793.061
begin with work on it yeah let's go1197.244.22
check this place out1198.742.72
whoa oh yeah now we're up and running is1205.724.9
this the same warehouse yeah it's the1209.244.799
same damn Warehouse what all right yep1210.624.98
that product we got we're working on it1214.0392.821
we're working on it hard we're making1215.63.5
Tylenol neebs1216.864.559
are they doing in their underwear I1219.15.22
don't know but I love it1221.4192.901

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Neebs Gaming has done it again with their latest hilarious and action-packed GTA 5 video. Their creative approach to gameplay commentary and storytelling makes their videos the most entertaining way to experience GTA 5 outside of playing it yourself.

In their signature cinematic style, this video follows the absurd misadventures of the colorful cast of characters that make up Neebs Gaming. The video opens on a motley crew of "business partners" debating possible new entrepreneurial ventures in the vibrant world of GTA Online. What follows is a nonstop whirlwind of laughter and mayhem, perfectly captured through clever editing and camera work.

Each member of the Neebs crew has their own unique comedic persona that shines through in their gameplay antics and reactions. The group's infectious camaraderie and quick witted banter adds to the hilarity as their various business schemes inevitably go awry in the most ridiculous ways. No matter how chaotic things get, the Neebs gang always handles adversity with plenty of jokes and good-natured bickering.

Neebs Gaming has an incredible ability to find humor and create captivating narratives in even the most mundane gameplay moments. Their masterful editing transforms random open world antics into fully cinematic stories filled with plot twists, stakes, and payoffs. The video production value on display rivals that of a Hollywood blockbuster.

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