GTA 5 Back Stabbing Crew

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video from the crew? In this episode, Doraleous is up to his usual anti...
GTA 5 Back Stabbing Crew
GTA 5 Back Stabbing Crew

GTA 5 Back Stabbing Crew

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen that GTA 5 Back Stabbing Crew video? It's hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that one where Doraleous buys a Terrorbyte and a nightclub? That was epic!

appsro: I love how they always end up backstabbing each other in the game. Classic Neebs Gaming humor!

neebs: And let's not forget the music in that video. Baba by Jeremy Black? Pure gold!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video from the crew? In this episode, Doraleous is up to his usual antics as he buys a Terrorbyte and a Los Santos Night Club in GTA 5. You know things are about to get wild when Doraleous is involved!

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I love how the Neebs Gaming team always brings their A-game when it comes to their videos. From the epic cinematics to the awesome music choices, every detail is carefully curated to make sure we have the best viewing experience possible. And let's not forget about their signature humor and banter that always has me cracking up!

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we need to start a boy band18.644.0
another one yeah it's called essential20.243.279
yeah baby i'm in our first song is i23.5195.92
ain't poor no more26.482.959
i'm rich29.762.96
it's unbelievable how stupid they look34.3994.401
you know you know what i call that37.64.799
doraleous why i call that new money38.85.919
yeah make a little bit of cash and all42.3993.761
of a sudden they're gonna start acting44.7192.16
like fools46.163.28
yeah and then inevitably neebs is gonna46.8794.32
dress like he's going to prom49.443.68
and fix gonna dress like he's going to51.1994.321
thug prom this is a nice club by the way53.124.48
i'm glad you got it i really appreciate55.522.48
yeah i launder a bunch of money here oh58.03.68
i think i'm gonna buy a bengal tiger for61.683.439
your other one64.2392.801
they need one to play with don't they65.1194.0
yeah about a bunker67.045.2
really yeah baller status69.1197.04
get a need somebody screams72.243.919
you notice nobody ever screams when76.4793.041
someone else scream78.243.199
yeah because it's loud as [ __ ] in here79.523.36
can't hear that no81.4393.921
no nobody cares either barely hear you82.884.32
yeah hey i gotta show you something else85.362.88
hey guys87.23.76
what i'm gonna say something follow me88.243.36
hold on i'll be there in a second yeah91.63.76
oh it's crowded excuse me sir rich93.63.44
people coming through95.365.28
we know the owner97.047.28
go check this out oh yeah i got a truck100.645.92
like a mobile war station truckee thing104.323.439
you can do stuff with it yeah106.563.199
very nice all right now i've heard of107.7593.521
these things but i have no idea what109.7593.121
they do it's called terabyte111.285.199
um go ahead yeah have get go go on112.886.96
please help yourself oh this is nice116.4794.881
yeah so this is this119.842.959
love it it's fun i mean look at that you121.363.2
got stuff on the wall that122.7993.28
has green squiggly lines don't know124.563.36
anything about any of it you sit down126.0793.52
here you can fly a drone around shock127.923.76
people and self-detonate if you want129.5993.601
sit back over here and you can shoot131.683.36
missiles at things that's always fun133.23.92
missiles yeah there you can make some i135.043.76
want to shoot them pessimized weapons137.123.36
back here you can access some138.83.92
jobs on this big hand printy screeny140.483.839
thing yeah it's pretty fun142.723.68
all right drive it around and what's up144.3193.761
well kim hey can we do a mission146.44.0
of course sir go ahead and pick well i148.084.08
don't get i think you own it you have to150.42.64
pick it oh152.162.4
son of a [ __ ] yeah i don't know how to153.043.279
do that stuff but here we go man they154.563.12
just they made themselves at home didn't156.3192.241
they look at them i'm157.682.4
playing video games over here actually158.562.959
i'm just shooting your neighbor's house160.083.36
perfect i always shoot their house yeah161.5193.681
everybody's running for some reason163.443.439
probably because of missiles sure165.24.8
missiles will do that okay we've got um166.8795.121
uh identify the location of an ongoing170.03.519
bank robbery and steal the gold from172.02.239
data sweep multiple hack multiple174.2393.601
vehicles to identify which is carrying176.42.08
the data177.843.6
uh diamond shopping steel diamonds from178.484.24
jewel stone oh i like stealing diamonds182.724.0
as they're being delivered by a security184.82.24
shall we do that diamonds we all want187.043.919
diamonds diamond shopping189.123.44
are you sure you'd like to start diamond190.9595.121
shopping yes yes192.563.52
yeah coming up here guys you ready oh207.123.28
we're almost there huh209.123.679
yep like two more blocks i didn't think210.44.0
we'd be stealing diamonds today212.7994.481
right up here214.42.88
okay i've got to access a drone in the217.443.28
nerve center219.922.8
to the terabyte and use it to disable220.723.36
the alarm at bangla222.722.96
are you guys just like gonna be here224.083.04
hearing everything i do225.682.88
i don't know man i've never i've never227.123.36
done any missions with this damn thing228.564.399
okay well someone want to do the uh i230.483.92
guess it won't give you the mission will232.9591.84
you don't see that mission if you you234.7993.281
guys wouldn't see it would you if you236.7992.321
jumped into the drone238.083.28
this is bad absolutely we can't use it239.123.839
then oh i know it's terrible241.363.439
we're gonna have to wait on doraleous to242.9593.681
figure this out yeah which is typical244.7993.921
i don't know why you're um you're unable246.644.0
to access the uh oh248.724.799
okay let's see i'm just in here alone i250.643.599
yeah figure out the thing absolutely254.2393.601
should we let the traffic256.2393.041
i know yeah we blocked traffic didn't we257.843.44
let's see here here yeah259.283.68
so doraleous is in there here i'm gonna261.283.28
move his truck for him i'm gonna move262.963.28
your tractor alice in the middle of the264.562.0
okay okay okay i'm going in the drone266.563.199
right over here there we go it's your269.7593.121
joke's on you yeah just wanted to get it272.884.16
out of the road275.1992.961
you should you really shouldn't do a277.043.36
mission like that like what278.164.72
pants on280.42.48
okay what you couldn't hear what she290.723.759
told him to do i don't know what she293.1993.601
wants me to do but uh i'm gonna294.4793.921
i'm gonna figure this out okay i got296.83.839
oh i'm gonna stun people i'm gonna stun300.884.159
they're right around the corner guys303.123.519
you don't even see me because i'm like305.0395.251
oh steal the diamonds306.6396.481
they just shot me all right oh boy take313.123.519
them out316.243.6
taking out the guards missiles316.6396.201
uh yeah let's do something with your319.846.0
me thick i was not dressed for this i337.0393.841
told you that well i didn't think we339.0393.121
would be340.884.319
dropping to the damn diamond store today342.165.599
all right get those guys all right345.1993.041
you doing anything yeah yeah right348.246.72
right uh one second one second okay351.684.48
i feel like we should wait because354.963.2
australia is a big day oh is it and he356.163.84
got a club today and he got a new truck358.162.24
whatever i'm stealing the diamonds i360.43.359
can't expect to do a mission you know362.242.72
what i mean let's go363.7593.201
lady i am sorry i had no idea any of364.963.6
this was gonna happen we had we had not366.963.44
planned this but you know hey thanks368.564.639
any of this excuse me no that's not370.44.079
helping at all doraleous373.1993.521
okay we got a lot of cops got a lot of374.4794.401
all right we got to lose the cops where391.9193.28
are you at neebs um i'm hopping in the393.1993.44
big truck oh wait no395.1993.361
i'll just dick's in the big truck okay396.6393.361
got it go stick go398.564.079
i am400.02.639
absolutely you got the diamonds yeah i405.0393.44
got the diamonds all right follow us406.84.16
this says steal the diamonds from absorb408.4793.84
yeah what we got to get them from410.963.04
absolutely we should take them out well412.3192.88
you got to steal the diamonds from me414.02.4
that doesn't make any sense415.1992.881
i just helped you get them yeah oh i see416.43.519
you yeah i'm right above you418.083.679
what is this scanner thing what's this419.9193.361
here i can see the i got a421.7593.521
player scanner i'm i'm scanning yet but423.283.12
i don't know what i'm doing how do we425.281.919
get abstra426.43.04
out of the car to get his diamonds we427.1993.361
can hear you429.443.68
okay yeah we're on the same team how do430.564.079
we get abstro433.124.0
out of his434.6392.481
what are you doing down here i pulled439.123.519
the simon oh did you just440.44.48
jump out yeah i did there come back and442.6394.721
get doraleous needs cover him oh oh come444.883.039
yeah okay doraleous just steal a car447.9195.521
just steal the car yeah451.0394.56
this is really a mess isn't it oh yeah453.443.36
this is a big time match455.5992.801
okay we got no idea what we were doing456.82.959
i'm covering you doraleous i don't know458.42.48
why though cause it seems like we're459.7591.84
enemies now460.882.64
well we need those diamonds guys i don't461.5993.28
want to [ __ ] around with this463.523.119
well we got to lose a cop first and then464.8793.521
we can figure out the diamond situation466.6393.12
so let's lose the cops468.43.44
fair enough all right let's do it uh469.7593.44
where are we going all right we're471.843.44
behind you i may have got this thing473.1993.361
did you get his truck stuck in a475.283.84
swimming pool476.562.56
yeah go ah490.847.56
now go almost keep going493.9197.921
oh boy oh crap i probably should try and498.44.32
i'm trying501.843.039
man you guys are surrounded by cops oh i502.724.319
oh god they're shooting at me this is515.123.52
not going well all right i'm picking you516.642.959
up let's get out of here we're going to518.643.92
lose the cops okay519.5992.961
i know how to lose cops this is easy522.84.32
just parking a roof somewhere525.123.6
never parked on this building before527.124.56
it's not a flat roof528.722.96
this is the place they'd least expect531.764.079
trying to hide thick i don't know how to534.642.08
this it's like a punch bowl yeah it's536.724.0
not an easy thing to hide539.364.24
but i'm heading this way i think i uh540.725.28
might have outsmarted him there543.64.32
as i go down this culver stack and come546.03.44
right back okay547.925.599
we're going to go here and then here549.447.36
i got this all right we're going to need553.5194.641
to move556.83.2
i'm not a fan of this mission i don't558.163.119
understand it i don't know i don't560.02.399
either this is how you561.2794.881
i thought your car could fly it does fly562.3995.601
oh boy that was not flying i know that566.163.44
was that was bad there we go568.04.24
okay oh wait my monkey mask did not help569.64.72
that they saw us they'd all no but i575.043.44
remember being a monkey with the group576.3993.681
and then they would leave us alone are578.483.44
we being fired out by missiles what the580.082.56
hell was that581.922.88
we're just locked on to us and shut up i582.643.6
do not know584.82.719
all right we're losing the cops that's586.243.2
what counts yeah right here this looks587.5193.601
like a good flat building over here this589.443.28
is where i'm parking here we go here we591.122.88
go this is where we hide yeah592.723.36
right there maybe it's the monkey mask594.04.0
it's too uh i'll switch masks yeah596.082.8
switch mask598.05.12
oh no oh no598.889.28
oh no no603.125.04
we think uh what do you mean what do i612.723.28
think zebra mask614.9592.56
is it is our stars does it matter what616.02.88
the mask is god they keep finding us617.5192.641
with the damn choppers we're getting618.881.92
hounded here620.162.96
it says steal the diamonds from absorb620.83.52
this is one of those missions i'm sure623.122.719
people that play gta all the time are624.322.0
obviously what you do i don't obviously626.322.959
know what to do is there not a thing on627.923.2
the map for you to deliver diamonds i629.2793.521
don't see any well maybe once i lose the631.123.6
cops maybe then i'll have a place where632.83.12
i can deliver diamonds634.722.64
why won't this thing stop blinking we're635.923.2
well away from the cops there's no cops637.363.12
here okay here we go639.122.56
now we're going to lose the cops i'm640.483.599
just going to go up into the sky641.684.8
medarelius what do we do i think we got644.0793.76
to take capture out646.483.44
oh unless he just hands him over uh647.8393.361
willingly i don't know man649.922.64
i don't know what's going on right now651.23.12
i'm so confused it's like i've been a652.563.36
long binge night of partying654.323.519
yeah i i didn't expect this in the655.924.479
morning we should go to them and figure657.8393.201
this out660.3992.641
uh to the diamond is that on the map is661.043.6
that where yeah where are they at663.043.68
on the map i would imagine the diamond664.644.56
the dime666.722.48
so i lost the cops and now i have to670.83.76
deliver diamonds to the drop-off well672.643.28
let's just do that but it's still674.562.719
telling you to steal the diamonds675.922.88
yeah but i don't want to steal them from677.2793.361
you i know we i want to be all working678.82.32
as a team look i would rather you681.123.68
deliver the diamonds683.443.44
even though you were a bit rude about684.83.68
the mask the mask is stupid686.883.28
it helped us get away from it was that688.483.28
the mask didn't help dick let's just690.163.359
take the diamonds to the place691.763.28
and then you'll buy me something nice693.5193.121
give me the diamonds absolutely695.044.08
give me the diamonds are you shooting me696.644.199
really stop it we're delivering the699.122.959
you give me the damage oh he's got the702.0793.121
oppressor man he's dangerous703.763.36
oh i know he's dangerous so am i where'd705.23.199
he go where'd he go where did you become707.121.92
i've been dangerous oh there he goes709.043.76
flying towards fast711.2793.281
god yeah i know he's so zippy absolutely712.82.96
just hand them over that's all you got714.561.839
to do715.762.96
geez hard to keep up with him yep oh boy716.3993.601
yeah he is so fast718.723.28
i know where did he go he's over there720.03.2
sticky bomb722.04.32
come on come on at me come on up and see723.28.639
what happens726.325.519
that thing's a doozy all right i got the755.443.12
diamonds again757.5193.681
all right cool hand them over neebs you758.563.519
want these diamonds761.22.96
uh can you get rid of them huh can you762.0793.681
give them up no i don't think i can i764.162.88
think i'm supposed to hold on to them i765.761.84
think it's like767.042.0
this is kind of like an every man for767.63.28
yourself type of game gotcha769.043.52
drallis really wants those diamonds i770.882.88
know i don't know why we were helping772.562.24
him out to begin with773.764.16
oh come on all right let's take that774.86.0
thank you guys777.922.88
got him ah my diamonds781.686.159
oh this place is on fire788.163.52
got the diamonds oh792.6397.521
[ __ ] yep no you don't all right stop795.766.0
shooting each other now who has the800.164.08
diamonds oh boy crapstick 44 it's got801.764.079
the diamonds804.242.92
oh boy805.8394.401
whoa what the hell810.247.399
go here we go817.922.8
giving him sweet sweet sweet diamonds824.0795.281
all right yeah this is an oh god it's up827.2793.92
on a [ __ ] hill give them to me829.363.919
oh [ __ ] i gotta get out of here i gotta831.1993.521
get out of here quick damn around the833.2793.201
middle of the mountains it sucks834.723.84
oh there's a road oh sweet jesus get me836.483.12
to the road838.563.2
oh god god i was not just for this839.64.96
occasion at all841.766.4
hey give me your [ __ ] car844.566.8
get out pull that [ __ ] with me848.164.88
get in here get in the car get in the851.363.68
oh god now i gotta lose the cops again855.043.919
all right going down the hill oh no no865.66.08
the diamonds are mine869.923.24
okay here we go871.684.0
we need to work together this time875.683.44
oh god879.65.93
oh boy oh no882.888.33
yes give me893.366.24
yeah oh did you just get hit by a card896.3993.68
no no no you did not get hit by a car900.0798.241
someone has got to get these diamonds904.729.119
and deliver them908.325.519
look we gotta work together okay okay no915.125.2
truce troops all right are we trucian i918.164.16
guess i caught in my moon beam oh your920.323.759
moon beam yeah the moon beeps here just922.325.519
hop in that924.0793.76
neebs i'm gonna need you to give me933.042.64
those diamonds tell you what when we get934.242.56
there you can shoot me and you can935.682.0
deliver them all right936.82.959
okay we got seven minutes to lose these937.684.159
cops and then deliver these diamonds oh939.7593.681
wait i'm out of this cops941.8393.841
wait wait we can call lester right no943.443.199
let's put a mask on945.682.48
i actually think we can call lester call946.6392.88
lester tell them to get the cops off of948.161.919
there is that working no that's not950.0793.521
working you're saying if i call lester i951.5194.0
think he can get the cops off of you953.63.2
i don't want to talk to him i know i955.5193.12
don't want to talk to him either okay956.84.88
it goes on and on and on what's going on958.6395.681
okay uh remove wanted level yes remove961.683.279
wanted level964.323.199
400. i know it's 400 bucks you were964.9594.0
spending money at the club like nothing967.5191.921
all right but yep i could have bought a969.444.319
mask or something perfect971.2794.0
leave it to me all right you have the973.7593.361
mini map where do i go oh i have the975.2793.441
mini man yeah you have the diamond so977.125.76
you know where to go978.727.2
see some houses for sale do i need to982.884.079
turn around or if i head in the right985.923.279
direction come on neebs986.9594.24
good god this isn't a hard [ __ ]989.1993.44
question i've never done one of these991.1992.801
diamond things where992.6393.921
is the game telling you to go it doesn't994.04.639
say anything deliver the diamonds to the996.562.399
right now look at the mini-map you have998.9594.0
a line like in every other [ __ ]1000.82.8
i'm going to need you to turn around1003.63.01
you want to just stop and i'll take him1008.323.439
out absorb look wait till we get there1009.685.2
okay you can shoot me when we get there1011.7594.88
you didn't even put a mask on you're1014.883.68
making no effort i don't know how to1016.6393.44
look there's thick hey dick1018.563.839
all right come to give you back up don't1020.0794.24
trust him1022.3994.721
yeah he's the worst1024.3192.801
and we're almost there a little bit1034.7993.201
and just right up here on the right do1038.04.72
you guys smell that smell what1039.66.079
vic being mischievous in his mind i1042.724.64
smell it oh i'm sure1045.6793.36
oh hey you delivered the diamonds good1047.364.319
job you never got to shoot me sorry1049.0396.081
it's okay oh i got 14 000 dollars am i1051.6794.88
the only guy that got money no i got1055.122.0
five grand1056.5592.561
did you get money to rallies 25 grand1057.124.4
welcome 20. you got more money1059.125.36
you end up with 25 grand who's this lady1061.523.36
here to meet us hello miss hey miss are1064.883.679
you the one that sent us on that diamond1067.361.679
are you part of the rock oh no no outro1069.0396.0
it was ugly okay it's bad business at1072.243.92
least we're friends again1075.0393.281
well done everybody yep have fun walking1076.164.0
home we're not walking home we're riding1078.322.32
with you1080.164.56
no you're not come on man1080.644.08
not cool not cool1085.29.04
wow thank that neebs1089.9197.361
you made it that made it oh crap stop1094.245.6
shooting me with water it's a water park1097.2812.56
mobile water park1099.8410.0

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