Diamond Casino Heist Finale - GTA5

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out their latest video on the Diamond Casino Heist finale in GTA 5? If not, you're miss...
Diamond Casino Heist Finale - GTA5
Diamond Casino Heist Finale - GTA5

Diamond Casino Heist Finale - GTA5

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another epic heist in GTA 5! Today, we're tackling the Diamond Casino Heist Finale and it's gonna be wild!

simon: Oh man, this is definitely one of my favorite videos on our channel. I mean, who doesn't love a good casino heist in GTA 5, am I right?

appsro: Absolutely! And the best part is all the planning and strategizing we have to do to pull off this heist. It's like Ocean's Eleven meets Grand Theft Auto!

neebs: Haha, exactly! And let's not forget all the hilarious mishaps and close calls we always seem to run into during these heists. It's like we're professional criminals... with a side of chaos!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out their latest video on the Diamond Casino Heist finale in GTA 5? If not, you're missing out on some epic gaming action!

In this video, the Neebs Gaming crew takes on the final heist at the Diamond Casino, and let me tell you, it's one wild ride. From sneaking in through the back entrance to navigating the casino's stairs and elevator, the team faces some intense challenges along the way.

But the real excitement kicks in when they reach the vault. Watching them work together to crack it open and grab the loot is both thrilling and hilarious. And let's not forget about the thermal charges - things definitely get explosive as they make their daring escape from the casino.

If you're a fan of GTA 5, this video is a must-watch. The Neebs Gaming crew's chemistry and humor make every moment entertaining, and you won't be able to look away. So grab some snacks, settle in, and get ready for some high-octane gaming fun with the Diamond Casino Heist finale!

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all right let's go for it people I'll be0.686.219
calling the shops for Mission Control3.786.06
all right boys for real this time yep6.8994.261
okay we're not gonna fail we're gonna do9.843.36
it we're gonna do it 100 we'll give it11.164.58
your all no deaths13.26.3
maybe one all right next stop the15.745.98
diamond mine the driver's gonna torch19.54.199
this car as soon as you're inside we'll21.723.66
set up the getaway cars along your23.6992.241
Escape Route25.381.979
we're using the side entrance very smart27.3594.981
we'll be right in the thick of it before30.244.44
they know what hit him32.344.2
yeah I should probably be driving a34.683.48
little bit more inconspicuous right yeah36.545.3
should we pop this guy yeah38.163.68
all right let's do this43.3793.36
okay oh I gotta put a thermal charge46.7394.32
uh-huh put it back keep me covered yeah48.63.779
there look at the minivan they're coming51.0592.941
around the corner okay they're coming52.3793.481
around the corner oh we got those crap54.03.66
weapons yeah they don't let you bring55.863.12
your normal weapons that'd be crazy57.663.78
right yeah you see anybody oh yeah good58.985.66
job someone's shooting me61.443.2
all right66.746.46
elevator of stairs your call stairs69.266.82
stairs for sure oh yeah I remember73.24.68
fighting in here we just gotta fight76.083.96
again well now oh yeah they're coming77.884.26
yeah okay I don't want to squeeze in and80.043.78
shooting by in the back so that's82.143.18
probably a good idea83.823.119
got my little pocket here all right yeah85.324.02
I see you back there86.9394.701
gotcha oh89.345.4
that poor guy oh you fall back you look91.647.42
like hurt are you hurt me everyone's got94.746.72
mask on you know this guy walking around99.063.5
back here101.464.019
around the back of the room me health is102.565.65
already full that's how hurt I am105.4794.621
uh on me boys let's go all right110.15.4
oh yeah I remember this guy hey buddy me113.284.46
yeah cause there's a guy right here yeah118.024.22
they can see your faces123.743.659
no no I'm good I'm good I'm good129.064.7
it was uh130.9792.781
I know what because we had a guy coming133.85.299
from behind I just got him okay135.543.559
I was at thermal charge all right it's145.923.98
okay almost done boom and that's our151.084.62
last thermal charge and we got some154.262.94
enemies behind there155.73.84
there was one157.25.819
he's dead nice let's move in we gotta go159.545.82
to the basement I'm guessing that's down163.0195.701
makes no sense right yes165.364.62
hey yeah we're further where we were168.723.68
last time169.982.42
sorry buddy okay keep it slow because172.84.98
keep it slow yeah I like it now let's go175.084.2
slow I'm just looking back behind us177.783.679
one is this all right this is wild184.0194.381
access yeah we're here we open this door186.03.84
can we open this door188.43.0
okay nobody jump in front of each other189.844.88
careful oh God191.43.32
you good I think so unless there's194.763.54
anybody behind me that's what I'm196.83.18
looking yeah you're good all right yeah198.34.5
in between you guys cover our asses I'm199.985.22
up front body armor right here202.84.2
okay I'll keep watching this way you205.23.959
guys good207.08.22
oh hey easy easy oh [ __ ] careful that209.1598.541
was you guys215.222.48
nope nope nope okay I need a Healer heal218.544.259
[ __ ]222.7994.901
all right if you're down here and you225.264.539
got a gun and you're in my way you're227.76.72
gonna die oh yeah baby oh yeah baby I'm229.7999.681
a man man okay oh yeah get you yeah234.425.06
there we go there we go oh yeah oh more239.9595.801
idiots I'll take all you idiots on is243.2993.541
that a guy right there that's a guy245.762.119
right there246.844.38
trying to ruin our Heist sneaking in you247.8796.28
you yep all right I got this room fairly251.224.68
clear oh you got coming in right here oh254.1595.04
everybody push forward all right all255.94.16
we're doing all right I think yeah all260.064.3
right we got to go to the keypads we're262.624.24
getting close our six264.363.839
you got somebody back there he's good268.1993.481
all right hey you guys come to me we're269.6994.741
coming all right uh neeves I think you271.684.68
and I need to uh look at this keypad we274.443.3
got to do this at the same time what's276.363.18
that someone ship me in the back277.743.78
somebody popping us oh yeah Dora Simon279.544.92
you uh keep us covered yeah I know we're281.524.02
at the door so I'm Gonna Keep Us covered284.464.16
I'm with you all right you ready285.545.04
I think it's on the count of three we288.623.94
gotta hit right on the d-pad ready one290.584.679
two three right292.566.12
I think we got it come on come on do it295.2595.401
ready and then we gotta press a oh we298.683.66
got oh we have to hit a we're both ready300.663.42
and back okay ready yep all right you302.346.66
ready yep Ready one two three guys304.084.92
a press day okay let me try it again311.884.8
ready one two three eight okay that313.684.079
would work something that should have316.683.9
worked oh [ __ ] that [ __ ] work guy behind317.7594.561
us guys behind us yeah I just got one320.583.36
all right let's try to get names ready322.324.74
okay yeah one two three swipe323.944.74
what'd I just do I just wave my hands327.064.26
what the [ __ ] I hit him waving his hands328.684.739
all right we gotta try again ready one331.324.14
two three penny333.4193.921
and that would have done it for sure335.466.06
yes okay we're in what the heck man I337.346.1
don't know all right yeah guys come on341.525.36
let's do it vaults this way343.443.44
you might be out of snack Simon [ __ ]352.525.38
hold on a second weapon wheel and when I355.025.34
do it it's not allowing me so please for357.95.46
the club of [ __ ] everything holy left360.365.339
bumper hitting up on the d-pad and363.364.26
nothing's happening right you must oh no365.6994.261
I just ate it just now okay367.624.44
Stitch all right hey we are in the369.963.54
middle of the heist there's cops after372.063.419
us we should probably move damn it it's373.53.479
okay look we're almost at this damn375.4792.881
Vault we're gonna Rob this [ __ ]376.9793.06
Casino boys I still don't know how to378.363.66
put on you said I didn't put on my armor380.0394.5
right our click yeah that's that pull up382.024.56
the weapon wheel and push in right on384.5396.081
the d-pad there it is386.584.04
with the Explorer392.522.72
explode sides of the door it's only do395.464.04
go run to her get out the way get out400.2595.361
the way here we go402.63.02
all right let's make us some money all410.163.72
right we gotta loot quick now I think412.023.6
there's places Gonna Fill with gas at a413.884.099
certain time415.622.359
grabbing loot grabbing loot oh I think I420.743.64
can put a thermal charge back here and423.182.88
get more stuff yeah well you better do424.382.7
it quick we got a minute and a half426.062.759
minute and a half all right are you guys427.083.6
just slamming on a yeah you got to go up428.8193.481
to a pile of cash you hit a and then you430.682.82
start tapping you'll start grabbing it432.32.88
that's it right yeah I think so that's433.54.44
what I said that that's what I did oh435.184.26
man I just want to make sure I'm doing437.943.12
the right [ __ ] thing439.443.599
that door opened are there any paintings441.063.78
back there here we go here we go I got443.0393.421
some loot you can still paintings get a444.844.88
lot of money too let's see446.463.26
I see a painting here can you cut like454.54.56
cut it and take it with us if there is I456.4194.081
don't see a prop I've never done this459.063.0
before I've seen people do it online460.53.84
well then Dan why did you do it I don't462.063.96
know I'm ever getting money see if you464.342.82
can do it hey you're getting money466.022.82
you're getting mornings man I'm not I'm467.163.86
not getting as much money as I want to468.844.799
handheld drill yeah I'm not Simpson471.024.119
there's no way to Breaking this painting473.6393.68
thermal charges right it says I have to481.444.86
throw two thermal charges oh does483.724.14
everyone have thermal charges we must486.35.179
have all had thermal charges then okay487.863.619
all right let's501.9795.92
listen come on come on come on yep I'm508.083.72
out okay510.33.84
all right gas is on all right Neves it's511.84.799
the key card game again okay uh you want514.144.019
me to do it with you uh sure I'm in516.5994.44
position okay I'm in position I think518.1596.0
all right in one two three eight that521.0394.561
should have been perfect524.1593.36
was it perfect that was perfect yeah525.64.679
damn we're good let's go let's go let's527.5195.361
go okay boys530.2796.541
we're professionals here we are go532.885.32
through the Man Trap this thing's called536.823.06
a man trap538.25.52
oh man if our duffel bags get damaged uh543.724.08
it'll decrease our taking the money oh546.185.06
boy that's okay we're gonna take it easy547.83.44
oh here we go552.062.959
gotta go all the way we came right neebs555.483.6
I think so out the back door ain't557.2794.041
how is this glass not destroyed from our561.64.56
you know what I mean yeah exactly so yes566.164.76
and win it through this way sit down you579.8995.661
stupid [ __ ]582.8392.721
dumb's fingerprint game again yeah that589.444.32
bigger prank gave [ __ ] hey but yeah591.34.2
quit doing that thing stairs stairs593.763.6
stairs stairs right here right yep oh595.53.48
God are they locked again wait who has a597.363.419
thermal charge oh maybe Me Maybe I don't598.983.18
know let's see watch out make a hole get600.7792.281
a Dallas602.162.1
um right uh yeah you gotta look at the603.063.899
keypad right on the d-pad I think you're604.264.74
looking at the door proximity what no606.9594.981
not proximity oh [ __ ] [ __ ] oh God it609.05.7
gives you a bro my bad yeah pull back we611.944.68
need to blow this614.74.74
all right no it's the keypad Dora I616.625.82
gotcha well I messed up you [ __ ]619.445.88
is it open no it's not he's got it he622.445.04
put a damn proximity charge on the door625.324.26
doesn't tell me what to do all right627.483.479
Simon you said you had thermal charges629.583.06
oh because I used all mine on that other630.9593.721
all right hold on looking at the the632.644.08
keypad here and then you said something634.684.32
about right on the d-pad I think so yeah636.724.02
that looks like it's doing yeah I didn't639.03.6
have one why do we have to do this twice640.745.82
neebs man you think someone came in642.65.58
and tried to triggered or it just goes646.563.719
off oh guys check it's working uh mini648.183.779
map oh yeah no they're in the stairway650.2793.601
for sure do I have to trigger it no no651.9593.541
no it's doing its thing it's a thermite653.885.22
charge you did it Simon yeah655.54.5
surprise buddy660.03.3
all right let's push it lose the money663.8394.56
don't get shot try not to baby okay I'm665.5194.38
right behind you be careful668.3993.361
nobody shooting by in the back check669.8992.641
your help671.762.759
cleaning them up let's see let me put672.545.12
some body armor on real fast674.5193.141
all right nobody in the back suit682.323.74
anybody in the back683.5794.921
just watch the six Dallas yeah that's686.064.899
what I'm doing it688.54.079
go out and look left someone want to690.9593.361
look right I'll look right and one two692.5793.781
three go on oh this guy right behind you694.324.639
oh yeah696.362.599
you good yeah701.043.78
all right so we went out through come on703.264.04
follow me704.822.48
all right I'm looking left real fast719.544.12
it's clear yeah we got to go out through721.923.599
these metal detectors come on everybody723.664.44
behind us yep725.5195.041
this is it everybody with checkbox now728.14.08
we gotta get out of here this door yeah730.563.06
we gotta go yeah this is the staff door732.184.26
oh God just came in yeah but he's all733.625.12
right good736.442.3
you gotta surround it follow me follow746.3994.56
me just run and Gun I'm running and got749.13.84
it running again got him chill his way750.9596.301
okay [ __ ] keep an eye on your health752.945.94
see we gotta get to the uh the Escape757.263.54
Vehicles there this way we can't take758.883.54
that vehicle can we I don't think so760.85.599
that makes too much damn sense762.423.979
am I following you yes I can't tell769.3395.5
who's who I'm the blue guy I know but772.444.38
there's no blue guys then follow both of774.8395.461
the blue guys I'm a more aqua blue776.825.28
I think our Escape vehicles are right780.34.02
over here in this lot got it slow782.14.88
running this side784.322.66
good on health yeah hear the Escape787.444.74
Vehicles I'm getting in this one okay789.724.14
everybody uh before you jump the vehicle792.184.38
throw some armor on oh armor yeah yeah793.864.74
all right hurry up and get a load up796.564.579
guys come on798.62.539
I am all right blue team let's do this809.126.12
oh boy812.163.08
we're good I think825.323.78
why am I blowing up829.6393.601
yeah yeah834.985.799
he really this car is horrible God is so837.325.5
squirrely I'm doing fine in mine well840.7794.141
you don't have I'm already throwing842.823.9
stuff I'm hitting the wrong controls I844.923.479
don't know how to get the wheel my846.724.26
weapon wheel up when I'm in the car848.3994.74
are so how do I get this bucket how do I850.984.82
get my gun I853.1392.661
did you sorry yeah maybe I should have I864.485.06
had some868.54.44
oh wait we gotta lose the cops oh man we869.546.46
got four stars uh you're gonna follow me872.944.62
are you with me I'm with you it's gonna876.04.079
be the tunnel you got it don't lose me877.564.86
we'll see so we can't do anything in880.0795.541
here just um882.423.2
it's crazy we couldn't just bring like a888.545.0
gun right maybe890.2793.261
oh wow904.6993.241
four stars we just have four stars908.484.56
officer we don't know those we don't914.185.099
know those idiots916.82.479
oh God why did they lose them we didn't924.363.3
lose them I don't know because I'm good926.223.419
I was doing the same thing you was doing927.663.6
and now I'm just giving them the finger929.6393.541
because I have no bombs I guess we can931.264.019
go ahead and turn our money in okay I933.184.2
mean yeah935.2794.261
it's all on you baby yep oh I don't want937.383.66
to go this way it's not a good way to go939.544.08
is if you were able to find your way to941.044.979
the uh the tunnel nope this isn't the943.624.38
way the tunnel I know that much946.0195.101
very very very guilty right now uh yeah948.04.26
door you want to hop back in the car951.122.399
yeah I'd like to thank you I don't know952.261.94
why you got help953.5194.5
train tracks958.0193.541
to be959.6993.901
beautiful no you're you're flashing I961.563.42
like this a lot right now what do you963.63.179
have going on is good oh yeah let's keep964.983.359
it going all right we're turning ours in966.7793.12
oh we gotta wait for the rest of the968.3393.18
team so yeah all right we're just969.8993.0
chilling door and I are gonna hang out971.5193.841
have a drink with these people behind us972.8995.041
apparently oh hey guys oh this might be975.364.74
the buyer don't worry leaves and Simon977.943.3
are coming they ran into a little980.13.9
trouble but uh it's all good oh God981.244.62
Simon there's Choppers above us yeah are984.03.36
they gonna see us stop I don't know but985.864.02
there's cops right there hold on you987.363.96
where you were going oh they saw us989.884.44
again okay keep moving yeah all right991.326.0
good absolutely you guys just install994.324.92
them we'll be there in a bit Yeah guys997.323.24
don't worry they'll be here in a bit999.243.959
it's got to do a thing smell good by the1000.564.199
way it's a really nice car my master1003.1993.721
this is Dora hey guys what's the uh1004.7594.14
what's the lady's name in the back nice1006.923.779
hat all right so you're flashing right1008.8993.481
now we need to get to a place where1010.6993.901
you're not gonna keep on going and cops1012.385.04
are gonna come you're flashing hide1014.64.44
in the in between buildings do something1019.046.739
in between train cars maybe yes1021.384.399
just sit tight no I mean you stopped1035.03.6
right where you could see the street1037.523.179
right there that's not very good do you1038.63.78
think that's a problem maybe did they1040.6993.181
say mad I'm sorry that we're not there1042.383.48
uh no I'm entertaining them don't worry1043.885.22
about it they seem very patient backup1045.865.46
memes backup needs them back up back up1049.14.86
that's forward back up back up back the1051.324.2
[ __ ] up1053.963.959
Simon we lost them all right good thank1055.524.56
all right now get back over here1060.085.76
yep please okay good why didn't you back1062.664.62
up when I set back up because there were1065.842.94
cops behind us no there weren't there1067.283.36
were cops in front of us I saw blue dots1068.783.48
behind us on the map there were red dots1070.643.89
coming from the front1072.266.26
oh ah there they are there they are see1082.4194.901
I told you guys you had nothing to worry1085.763.9
about nothing not a thing there they are1087.324.02
yeah you're fine we just want to clean1089.663.54
the car up a little bit yeah good job1091.345.339
fellas all right hey Juan Pablo here you1093.25.4
go as promised it's good to meet you1096.6793.541
brother take it easy1098.63.3
when did y'all learn that can I learn1100.223.54
that shake if you want to I wouldn't1101.94.38
call that [ __ ] because that's a tap it's1103.764.5
a secret fist bump it's like ankles the1106.283.96
secret fisting okay I want to learn the1108.264.7
secret fisting1110.242.72
we made a lot of money for us for us1113.25.68
you're right for us yes I made sixty one1116.244.939
thousand dollars that's a lot for you1118.884.919
yeah that's like three t-shirts it1121.1794.721
wasn't even worth it how much did you1123.7993.961
make me about a quarter meal God damn it1125.95.159
I got robbed cost me two million though1127.764.74
thank you1132.52.539

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