A Portal To Where? - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 24

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't already, make sure to check out the latest video from our favorite YouTube channel, 7 Day...
A Portal To Where? - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 24
A Portal To Where? - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 24

A Portal To Where? - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 24

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you watched the latest episode of our 7 Days to Die series? It's a real gem!

simon: Oh yeah, the one where we try to get the golf cart back? That was hilarious! I love how we always end up in ridiculous situations.

neebs: Exactly! And that portal we stumbled upon? Classic! It's like a mystery box, you never know where it's gonna take us next.

simon: I know right? It's like a rollercoaster ride of chaos and laughter. Definitely one of my favorite episodes so far.

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

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Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't already, make sure to check out the latest video from our favorite YouTube channel, 7 Days to Die. In this episode, Simon and Thick are on a mission to retrieve the golf cart - sounds like it's going to be another epic adventure!

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yeah yeah oh you're over here now where10.7194.08
the hell did you go did you start you13.363.839
started running i did because there's a14.7994.4
lot of [ __ ] going on in journey's end17.1994.0
that i don't want to deal with because i19.1994.401
am poor yeah you are poor but damn i21.1994.08
mean when you left i didn't realize i23.63.2
mean you didn't even grab pants look at25.2793.521
me i'm all i'm better clothed than i was26.84.559
before you know what i love it i love28.85.36
the new gear yeah the new garb as they31.3595.04
say in the biz you're coming as weak as34.164.239
you can to run through the radiation36.3993.111
yeah wow38.3992.881
i'm expecting you to make it alive and41.284.799
then also get my stuff too after you43.444.48
make it alive you're the first time all46.0793.041
oh god what see look how bad did your49.126.4
health go down to 41. well yeah there's52.7194.881
no way in hell like you just ran in55.524.879
touched the line and then ran out our57.65.04
stuff is uh it's for another day it60.3993.921
doesn't disappear does it i don't62.643.28
remember i don't think it does play a64.323.68
lot of games simon i know but i don't65.924.72
think this stuff disappears so i think68.04.72
we should be able to get it on another70.643.76
day where we're prepared or have like72.723.439
hazmat suit you ran out here in your74.45.039
boxers i did yeah76.1595.681
come on79.4392.401
hey hey83.923.28
this is like a85.684.88
a memorial site now yeah it is but you87.25.279
did bring up a good thing or i mean a90.564.0
good point what would it have taken for92.4794.241
it to actually completely crumble on us94.564.239
how close were we to a certain death96.724.399
right probably pretty freaking close so98.7994.0
my guess is this door101.1193.36
right here okay102.7993.201
you want to knock down that door and104.4793.761
i'll knock down this next okay so we'll106.04.24
do the door first and see if that was108.244.239
all that was holding up yeah that'd be110.245.04
insane go for it okay let's see if i112.4795.841
brought my pickaxe a pickaxe i sure did115.285.04
why would you use a pickaxe um in that118.324.24
metal well yeah i figured like120.324.079
a sledgehammer probably better right all122.563.04
right you want to go through the door124.3994.401
one last time no i'm good okay125.65.12
all right128.84.159
all right i got a good view you do yeah133.525.359
come on137.24.96
okay that was dude that was not holding138.8795.44
really all right this is142.164.64
very hurt one more hit maybe that one oh144.3194.321
that's a good piece of it146.82.799
no it's uh it's stronger than we thought149.5997.321
i knew all along153.123.8
okay 730 car oh man i need so much more156.9595.36
concrete mix160.723.36
that's a mint mixer all right i'm mixing162.3193.761
some cement got everything takes so long164.084.48
40 minutes to make 490.166.084.72
okay do we have any cement168.564.24
just like laying around sometimes we do170.83.84
sometimes we do we don't i'll grab those172.83.68
cobblestone rocks though174.643.599
oh you know what and i got a big chunk176.483.44
of ford steel i'm gonna use that to178.2393.761
fortify certain parts of the base that's179.924.64
a lot of ford steel so hopefully that'll182.04.48
help me out let's see let's sort this184.562.959
there you go that's a little more186.483.52
organized what is that a blood draw kit187.5195.121
who the [ __ ] put that in materials that190.04.159
goes in medical that goes here in the192.643.2
medical supplies194.1595.08
yeah exactly195.843.399
all right simon we still have that200.1593.521
trader mission to do because we have to201.764.559
open up the trader routes oh yeah203.686.32
i know that there is some loot in this206.3196.64
house okay and i think i know where210.04.64
abouts it is212.9593.521
and if we could just lead these zombies214.645.519
out and get the loot i mean hell yeah216.485.119
and i don't mind running around with220.1593.841
them a few look at this look at that221.5994.0
right there yeah224.04.56
i think it's gonna be upstairs maybe225.5994.961
wait i thought you wait upstairs maybe228.563.44
you you came in here like i think i know230.563.599
where it is now you're going upstairs232.05.12
maybe yeah okay oh yeah there are a lot234.1595.201
of zombies in here i wanna i would get237.123.759
back okay239.365.12
oh hey hello sir all the sirs um all240.8795.601
right so should i even i mean i guess i244.483.839
could be killing them just to have you246.483.839
know or at least attempting to but i'm248.3194.521
kind of wasting ammo at the same time250.3195.361
yeah you got a [ __ ] snake252.845.72
oh yeah snakes snakes are sneaky kill255.685.279
that maybe i could kill it what are the258.564.8
odds that i killed with this come on260.9592.721
come on come on you're doing great265.9193.681
you oh268.43.84
did i hit you i did it did you kill the269.63.84
little [ __ ]272.242.64
and i'm gonna get you in the face just273.443.84
because come on i like that voice oh you274.884.56
do you like these you lie like that277.283.6
voice right there we're gonna get some279.442.88
snake meat well i'm going to get some280.885.84
sticky you got to get a i want the brace282.324.4
let me uh let me hop back over the fence288.564.72
here do that see what's happening uh-huh290.725.039
because i i feel like this stuff is on293.284.72
the second floor all right and i trust295.7593.841
you and i'm going to be positive and say298.03.44
that you're right you are correct watch299.63.68
out you got a couple of a couple of mam301.443.84
pajamas i love it when you say man303.285.6
pajama oh my arrow is true today looking305.287.68
great feeling great feeling okay308.884.08
hey lady i'm gonna shoot you in the face313.9193.761
i wanna get some wood316.322.56
hello sir i'm gonna shoot you in the318.883.36
they don't they don't even know i'm here322.244.16
oh i missed you son of a [ __ ] i missed324.4794.0
him i gotta just stop getting cocky and326.43.76
just shoot why are you why are you still328.4793.44
up come on330.164.72
face you gotta butt don't you jump at me331.9196.591
they're tough these zombies are tough334.887.17
dallas's mission is six and a half342.323.2
kilometers away i know it's kind of nuts343.9193.12
isn't it i didn't even know we were i345.523.2
was doing a mission no why are you347.0393.44
taking a left here the other way i gotta348.723.68
get food i didn't know i was going to350.4794.481
freaking across the country oh god okay352.43.68
all right354.963.28
it's all right it's called ladykiller we356.084.08
have to kill a bunch of female zombies358.244.079
and maybe we can advance the story on a360.164.879
little bit okay yeah all right well lady362.3194.801
killers i'm just going to grab food you365.0393.28
coming in367.122.639
what you coming in you want to wait in368.3193.6
the car i'm good on the food i'll be369.7593.681
hanging by the car all right see you371.9194.4
back yep don't even check your hair it373.445.36
looks great i'm a lady killer yeah you376.3193.281
put on that axe body spray yo379.64.159
thick thick yeah yeah drink that tea384.164.24
maybe that'll help the tea hold on386.6393.761
here's the bandage oh nice what's388.44.4
hurting you why are you almost dying oh390.44.639
you know just old age at this point no392.83.92
really did you get like hit up there or395.0393.6
something are you infected yeah maybe396.723.52
you know jeez i mean398.6393.201
you got to be careful what do you need400.243.92
hey i'm at 26 now did you get what did401.845.44
you get stuff yeah i was uh i was in the404.165.12
middle of breaking into a chest and then407.283.84
you got here some good stuff but i but i409.285.759
got hurt yeah yeah all right411.126.56
yeah yeah well here let me i'll get you415.0393.521
i'll try to help you a little bit418.562.079
because i can419.682.88
break into this pretty quickly with uh420.6393.921
this this thing you figure i could just422.564.56
pry it open you know you would think but424.565.039
you know i found i found a uh weapon to427.124.079
use so that's good uh doesn't matter i429.5993.761
don't need to use arrows anymore nice431.1994.72
wow this is a beautiful place it is it's433.364.0
been a while since i've been here i mean435.9193.521
i know i've we've been here but i'm in437.364.88
i'm in all lots of goodies goodies439.445.36
goodies yeah we got some gold442.245.2
uh we got some first aid bandages some444.85.76
762 some nine mil you use the bandages447.445.039
on yourself because you're really hurt450.563.919
yeah well i uh yeah i just found some452.4795.521
bandages okay and and now we can go454.4795.84
do that traitor mission okay so that's458.04.08
it so that that's all you wanted in this460.3194.081
place was what you got yeah that i mean462.083.92
there's going to be more but i think464.44.639
this will get us by okay that's that's466.06.24
my that's my life motto what what what's469.0396.321
the least we could do just to get by472.246.12
sorry i picked such a far away job names478.85.36
that's okay i got food now that was a481.5994.88
big thing yeah that's a big thing it484.163.92
looks like we're heading out towards486.4793.361
thick and simon they came all the way488.085.119
out here i guess without a car uh didn't489.845.359
they take the golf cart um493.1994.481
yeah but didn't they lose that oh yeah495.1995.84
probably let's not lose this man how far497.685.28
is it um501.0394.241
uh we're halfway there are you serious502.964.239
yeah we're living on a prayer halfway505.284.16
yeah really are you just making bon jovi507.1995.2
song reference no it was me dropping509.445.279
that fact that made me think of bon jovi512.3993.841
oh my goodness514.7195.32
hope i brought enough food516.243.799
oh yeah540.083.439
this is gonna be sweet541.364.08
stupid damn birds ain't gonna be able to543.5194.161
get us baby they're gonna like run up545.444.24
against this thing like a cow cow what547.683.599
oh it's so dumb551.2793.12
[ __ ]555.365.599
oh boy oh god turn around557.685.44
what was that radiation whoa and they're560.9594.401
running whoa they're running just go563.123.92
yeah why are they running the job you565.363.84
took is in a radiation zone567.044.16
it might not be in it it might be on the569.25.04
other side ah man they're running571.25.28
and it's getting dark okay let me get574.243.279
back here in the opening where they're576.483.039
not running at us yeah good move let's577.5195.121
uh look at the map i'm about to uh oh579.5194.081
yeah like directly to our west is thick583.63.76
and simon586.162.799
and i don't know if there's gotta be a587.364.0
way to go around i don't know so is our588.9594.56
objective is our mission in the591.364.08
radiation zone i wish i could tell you i593.5193.361
haven't been to that part of the map i595.442.959
don't know what it looks like down there596.884.24
we can't go that way no but uh i'd598.3994.88
imagine if thick and simon do you see601.124.0
them on the map i was i was watching our603.2793.361
backs for zombies well i'll watch our605.123.52
backs you look at the map okay uh let me606.643.92
see where those guys are uh-huh i'm608.643.52
pretty sure they're not camping out in610.563.92
radiation look how far we've we've gone612.164.0
i know it's it's ridiculous and i'm so614.484.799
sorry okay616.163.119
all right oh gosh620.644.72
oh i just saw a golf cart what i just623.2793.921
see a golf cart off to the left from625.364.24
here yeah look out to the left look to627.25.12
the south you don't see that maybe i see629.65.359
something kind of white oh my god that's632.325.28
the golf cart what is going on that's634.9595.761
the golf cart okay there's a bird okay637.66.16
let's oh we got oh god it's hurting me640.726.08
through the car i hate that for you643.765.04
why is that a thing646.84.32
why are you a thing what are you doing648.83.92
the car is not hurting the bird and the651.124.159
birds hurting me that's not good we're652.724.559
gonna have to fight this you ready yeah655.2795.12
help me help me i am give me a bird come657.2795.361
here oh oh he's on you660.3995.881
there you go god nice662.644.96
simon yeah dude i see you i had to run i667.66.239
see some sort of a gate really probably671.25.52
to hell it looks like [ __ ] okay673.8394.24
i'm gonna attempt to come to you but676.724.16
there was a dog on the way here's here's678.0795.281
the problem we're still at the radiation680.884.079
zone i don't know683.364.24
how in the hell to get to where we got684.9594.481
to go yeah i don't even like i don't687.63.2
even think i want to go to you i'm going689.443.28
to trust that it's cool690.83.039
and i'm going to hope that you're going692.723.119
to have to come back up here to go home693.8393.921
because i don't want to die today i see695.8393.68
hey you're right you're not too far from697.764.96
me i know but i'm riding a bike this is699.5196.401
not bike country and this is why i702.725.679
didn't bring a bike i know listen do you705.924.4
need me to get down there to talk i708.3994.081
would love for you to be like circle up710.324.319
with me i'll go on foot i'll leave my712.482.96
that's a good idea all right uh it's a715.445.6
it's it's about to get dark oh [ __ ] i'm718.05.2
going back to my bike it's about to get721.044.96
dark we gotta go we have to get the [ __ ]723.24.48
out of here i didn't even think about726.02.8
come on we gotta go728.815.52
what are they all doing out there simon744.323.84
and thick are going completely opposite746.483.919
directions door needs just sitting there748.164.0
what the hell is going on out there now750.3993.521
i'm here all at the base i'll buy my752.162.96
damn self753.922.64
with that prick755.124.719
stay away from our base756.563.279
fake are you inside i am second floor760.0795.76
second floor wha what was your entryway763.5194.32
oh you had blocks didn't you765.8395.521
nerd pull nerd pole okay767.8396.8
i am on the say hey buddy okay hey okay771.365.2
all right if we can uh just kind of get774.6394.32
up here i don't have any more wood okay776.564.24
so what do we need to do778.9593.44
get up there780.83.36
what's the matter just trying to get782.3994.481
here or let me let me i got i have a i'm784.164.72
a parkour master but i know you are but786.884.399
get out of the way okay oh that should788.885.28
do it for you parkour master okay well791.2794.56
the ceiling fan you know oh is that794.163.2
what's doing it because i'm up here i'm795.8393.521
a parkour master come on up all right797.365.039
yeah this is safe yeah i like this we'll799.365.279
just chill out here tonight yep that's802.3994.721
our spot good idea man i'm like i'm804.6394.481
gonna crouch me too we're crouching i807.125.44
got zero percent nobody can see me809.126.64
hey guys oh hello hey hey where are you812.566.48
at second floor okay actually uh third815.764.879
floor if there was a third oh crap we819.044.479
got a couple zombies running our butts820.6394.88
good no it doesn't look good for that823.5193.921
great spot we're in a great spot yeah we825.5195.041
did masters i'm not a parkour master oh827.445.12
yeah there you go there you go you don't830.563.12
think you can make it up there i don't832.562.399
know if i want to be in there like i833.683.519
feel safer in the car ah do you834.9593.44
seem like a pain in the ass to be in837.1992.88
this car then being with thick and838.3993.12
summon i mean840.0793.601
that's our those are our teammates hey841.5194.161
you got a lot of gas names we're okay on843.684.64
the gas also food if you have any food845.684.24
yeah we're we're getting a lot of848.323.519
attention out here jelly let me drop you849.924.08
off yep i'll take the drop off go ahead851.8394.56
and do a big ol loop by the front door854.06.079
popping out yeah okay here we go856.3996.481
oh boy oh this is dumb what am i doing860.0794.721
why why am i doing this how did you guys862.883.519
get up here how did you guys get up864.84.0
there weed nerf pulled up i just i just866.3994.321
shot a zom on the second floor that's868.83.039
pretty cool870.723.679
oh i should have made nerd pull stuffs871.8396.081
oh boy okay oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] what am i874.3994.88
doing what am i doing why am i doing877.922.479
oh boy oh god this is really dumb and i880.3996.161
can't get my weapons right883.684.0
[ __ ]886.563.92
[ __ ] there's a lot of stuff oh my god887.684.159
that's locked890.484.0
i am not in a good place y'all oh no are891.8394.56
you on the first floor i just want to894.484.88
switch weapons not that one896.3995.361
oh i just let myself on fire lift myself899.363.76
on fire901.763.92
yeah sure did are you on the first floor903.124.079
i don't know where i am right now oh my905.683.599
god there's a bunch of stuff here yeah907.1995.2
this is crazy balls really oh no perfect909.2795.12
that's what i wanted i'm going to die i912.3995.44
i [ __ ] oh no914.3993.44
sat down a bed oh yeah beds918.3995.68
all right sitting here with the lights922.324.24
off i don't even think he knows i'm here924.0794.56
that's all right this is not how i saw926.563.92
this day going i thought i was gonna be928.6394.0
getting some farming done maybe help930.484.0
abstra with the base932.6393.521
oh my god oh boy936.164.799
well i would like to attempt to help you945.684.159
what if we cheer him on that's not going948.05.639
to help me doraleous949.8393.8
i just killed the chicken it was the955.7594.08
show was amazing that chicken had it957.443.68
coming yeah959.8393.68
well we're on the second floor my friend961.124.399
yeah that's cool if you wanted to run963.5193.921
upstairs there's actually a place for965.5194.88
you to hide up here yeah oh i'm hiding i967.445.6
think i'm okay970.3992.641
all right that's morning see how the979.923.919
guys held up see if they want to grab981.925.039
that golf cart what's the horn is it hey983.8394.321
good morning oh good morning hey988.164.239
how did you guys sleep990.724.16
like a baby okay it's morning are we992.3994.56
getting that golf cart what's playing uh994.883.92
we probably can't it didn't look like it996.9593.68
was that far out you don't you gave up998.83.039
on it oh1000.6392.961
neebs i'm jumping to you okay can i get1001.8394.721
in yeah we need radiation suits oh my1003.64.56
god very least and i don't even know if1006.563.279
that's gonna be good enough okay here we1008.164.4
go names okay here we go1009.8394.0
can i get in oh there you are what are1012.562.959
you doing i'm trying to mow these guys1013.8394.481
over all right here we go1015.5194.401
we're going to go assist this golf cart1018.324.8
thing is a four-seater huh your car no1019.924.639
you don't think so1023.122.959
do you want to meet over there yeah1024.5593.351
we'll meet you there1026.0793.12
here we go1029.1993.921
i call these simon bars1030.5594.24
because if this place doesn't have simon1033.122.88
bars like1034.7993.201
you know what would happen only we know1036.03.12
what would happen1038.03.12
yep fall right down there oh my god i1039.123.679
and simon's dead but that's not gonna1042.7993.76
happen here no1044.883.84
i'm gonna baby-proof this thing1046.5594.881
this thing's gonna be perfect actually1048.725.28
it's not i wish i had way more cement1051.445.119
and i got a little bit of ford steel i1054.04.799
think i'm gonna utilize that on the bars1056.5595.041
that's gonna be priority but man i wish1058.7994.801
i could submit this place more but maybe1061.63.84
got a whole nother day two more days1063.64.8
this is the morning days 27 horde night1065.444.4
not tonight but tomorrow night i might1068.42.88
be able to pull this off1069.843.28
oh it's gonna be by the seat of my pants1071.285.399
though here we go1073.123.559
what's everybody's health at i'm 72 i'm1084.245.52
105. i'm 73. i'm sure i'm better than1086.724.4
all of you1089.762.96
i didn't hey i didn't drive it in there1091.125.36
what are you neebs let's see 167. oh my1092.726.88
god go get that [ __ ] golf cart seven1096.484.72
all right well look we're building a bed1099.63.36
we're putting all my stuff in a box and1101.24.4
then i'll give it a go1102.965.36
all right uh i think i'm ready all i got1105.65.199
on me is uh my little med things you1108.324.479
sure the golf cart still works um i mean1110.7994.161
it was working it was there's no reason1112.7993.841
why it should have stopped it didn't1114.963.599
blow up or anything is there any gas in1116.644.399
the car just in case i mean there should1118.5596.0
be it was running okay yeah yeah man1121.0396.081
okay i'm gonna do this there you are you1124.5595.201
got it neebs all right here goes1127.123.679
come on1129.766.2
please please please please go yeah1130.7995.161
i can't see that good okay here we go1139.0395.921
you got this you got this yep come on1143.124.559
baby come on baby come on yeah1144.965.92
i hit something i hit1147.6793.201
come on1154.5593.601
oh i got so close1155.844.48
i got really close how close is really1158.163.04
look at it you see where the golf cart1161.23.359
why did you run away how close to death1164.5594.881
i don't know five or something okay if i1167.123.84
heal up i can get the rest of it but i1169.444.32
need food and stuff good for you kid i1170.964.8
wonder if i can run in there1173.765.039
and get it yeah that quick of course you1175.765.919
can't let's see you got some time man go1178.7995.201
for it just run in go around whatever1181.6794.321
that was what is that metal yep go1184.03.2
around the middle come straight out it's1186.04.32
only a few yards ready ready yeah1187.26.16
go you got it buddy oh yeah there you go1190.325.68
yeah you got it everybody1193.364.96
there you go oh no1196.06.6
back up swinging that's right1198.324.28
he was the one that deserved it1218.03.84

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