Let's Rob a Casino! - GTA Cinematic Diamond Casino Heist Part 4

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest installment of the Casino heist in GTA 5? Well, Part 4 is here and let ...
Let's Rob a Casino!  -  GTA Cinematic Diamond Casino Heist Part 4
Let's Rob a Casino! - GTA Cinematic Diamond Casino Heist Part 4

Let's Rob a Casino! - GTA Cinematic Diamond Casino Heist Part 4

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another epic episode of Let's Rob a Casino! Part 4 is here and we're about to dive headfirst into some serious trouble.

simon: Oh yeah, trouble is our middle name! And by trouble, I mean failing spectacularly at robbing this casino. But hey, at least we're having fun, right?

appsro: Fun? More like chaos and mayhem! I can't wait to see how we mess up this time. But hey, that's what makes it our favorite video, right? Because nothing ever goes according to plan in GTA.

neebs: Exactly! We may be the worst casino robbers in history, but at least we're entertaining. And hey, failing is just part of the fun. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest installment of the Casino heist in GTA 5? Well, Part 4 is here and let me tell you, the crew is geared up and ready to go. Or at least they think they are - heavy emphasis on the word "think"!

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In this episode, you'll follow along as the crew dives into the Diamond Casino Heist. From the heist beginning to dealing with failure, planning their next move, and even a helicopter showdown, there's never a dull moment with this group. And let's not forget about the hilarious mishaps and unexpected twists that always seem to happen when they're on a mission.

So grab your snacks, settle in, and get ready to join the Neebs Gaming crew on this wild ride through GTA 5. With each episode packed full of excitement and entertainment, you'll be eagerly awaiting the next installment to see what crazy antics they get up to next. Trust me, this is one gaming channel you'll want to keep coming back to for more epic adventures in Los Santos.

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to smile normally dear you look like The1.585.98
Village Idiot come on stop making that4.984.74
thing with your denture I'm not okay7.567.94
ready one two three cheese and crackers9.725.78
come on16.266.32
come on come on18.8593.721
he's got to clean these idiots out yep24.064.219
okay I'm gonna push forward a little bit30.984.78
yep I'm with you I'm with you there's a33.964.34
guy in the booth35.762.54
hey I see you in there I see you there38.645.78
you go you got him41.5792.841
you're really confusing that we've49.763.94
dressed like security yeah I don't like52.023.42
it I think we got guys on the left and53.74.019
right I got I got left covered all right55.443.72
I'm left with you shoot this lady57.7194.081
because she deserves it59.164.379
go check61.84.56
I forgot how to63.5394.801
how to oh [ __ ] yeah I'm not prepared at66.365.24
all you're never prepared nope68.347.4
oh boy we got more in here71.64.14
oh wasted our only life we had oh the77.185.979
check your armor guy all right yep I see80.345.91
one over here yeah you're sneaky83.1594.32
all right I'm back with you sweet turn87.4795.28
on a dog you need I can't you got any90.4794.921
more lives oh god oh they do yeah that's92.7593.841
what I'm saying we're dressed like the95.43.3
damn security that one threw me all96.63.9
right staff Lobby this way follow me I'm98.73.0
the guy in the blue leaves trying to100.54.759
stay alive this time and I'm gonna101.73.559
did we not have keys thermal charges109.564.919
okay they work like keys they really do112.564.5
that's right yeah right yeah it's like114.4795.881
looking into Jesus's eyes117.066.539
these guys got shotguns perfect127.324.02
hey now129.6194.021
there we go133.645.5
clear in there uh so far I might stand136.145.04
back up I'm looking yeah I don't think139.144.099
he's gonna141.187.04
oh I mean buddy come on143.2394.981
keep me covered keep me covered149.425.299
all right you two go that way I'll uh157.924.399
all right160.022.299
oh what we got164.663.54
all right yep yep169.083.08
so where do we go uh we gotta get to the177.144.56
vault in the basement follow me179.8794.801
we're going about stairs right yellow184.684.919
things follow me I'm going upstairs186.485.039
kill this dumb [ __ ] in the locker room189.5994.56
I'll move ahead you kill her kid Lord191.5194.08
how many bullets does one guy take194.1593.181
machine enemy let's just kill people195.5993.321
that are enemies197.344.5
yep you guys keep an eye on our six201.844.22
we'll keep going203.4592.601
have to pack the keypad can we just take212.585.22
the stairs um yeah stairs are right216.03.42
around the corners oh wait the stairs no217.83.359
there's a there's a thing here too God219.423.179
okay I guess I'm hacking the keyboard221.1592.761
I'll place the thermite on this just in222.5992.251
put this in let me hit a couple buttons228.3795.801
here oh my God all right I gotta play a231.2994.741
mini mini game for some reason enjoy we234.183.779
got you oh what is this [ __ ] well you236.043.9
gotta identify a thumbprint a thumbprint237.9594.081
yeah well good luck with that yeah good239.943.84
okay so I think the stairs are open if243.785.36
you'd rather come this way246.2992.841
he's fine265.046.4
man uh we were not ready for that at all267.545.64
I mean I was playing like a champ I felt271.443.78
like I don't know you died you died273.184.26
twice I know but I was I felt like I was275.224.08
shooting them quick I didn't feel like I277.443.9
was fumbling I saw your last stephaniebs279.33.06
you weren't even looking in the281.343.06
direction you were walking so well the282.364.02
last death I was like after was like284.43.6
what's this keypad thing and I like look286.383.36
over I'm like yeah I don't know oh yeah288.03.12
that keypad thing I don't know what I289.743.06
was doing there okay well that was a291.125.7
good excuse not you absolutely oh hey292.85.64
you want to watch where you're going you296.823.72
damn dumb [ __ ] we're on an important298.443.18
Mission here300.542.879
yeah right301.624.82
side dug in secure303.4193.021
and find it and I'm sure we'll get it309.542.82
wait are we supposed to be sneaky what311.162.64
do you say I wouldn't see avoid security312.363.3
guards at the meeting and use the313.83.899
license plate number okay so we gotta315.664.44
sneak in there and take a picture of a317.6994.921
license plate number uh-huh all right320.14.2
guys I think if we're careful we can do322.622.58
this quietly324.34.14
oh god332.364.839
oh boy what happened did we lose rallies334.6397.141
I don't know did we I'm running337.1994.581
all right clean them out344.163.66
going behind this truck yeah don't blow345.844.56
up any of the cars I'm not but I see why347.824.439
you would say that all right where's350.44.019
this thing we gotta take a picture of352.2593.78
it's a good question search the meeting354.4193.361
for the car356.0393.6
all right looking at my mini how do we357.784.4
know which car359.6392.541
I guess it's this one open the trunk of365.063.4
the vehicle367.324.159
uh open in the trunk368.463.019
yeah hold on let me pull up my camera375.4193.06
needs I'll watch it back yep yep okay376.563.78
nobody shoot my friends he's taking378.4795.241
pictures yeah I got stuff to do380.343.38
yeah it looks385.1393.9
I just died in it last time and I hate387.124.68
that now get out of there they're coming389.0394.38
all right we'll come to you never mind391.83.26
gotta get out of here393.4195.72
are you driving I'm sure395.064.079
kill the cops408.9193.481
so we might need a an escape tunnel or415.0395.641
something yeah418.1992.481
all right423.962.359
yep hey be careful with this yeah you426.9195.141
know where any uh tunnels are I don't429.724.56
probably not toward the hills so432.066.51
where are you going I'm heading back the445.884.18
same way because I feel like there'd be448.563.24
more tunnel down here yeah you know what450.063.72
I might be able to get you to a tunnel451.85.02
Dora highways to the left take a left453.787.92
now there's some in front of us I see463.8194.72
him oh yeah there they are oh yeah466.1394.801
tunnels right here take it right now it468.5394.701
looks crazy470.942.3
now they know where we are it's okay474.3194.261
perfect good job Dora let's squeeze this482.7594.621
in here a little bit more sometimes you486.242.459
guys like to come down here yeah you got487.382.879
to really you gotta really get in here488.6993.421
yeah play it safe here oh yeah they'll490.2593.481
never look here no they're good they492.123.799
would never493.742.179
let me take a look did we do it yep504.784.979
Patrol routes is checked sweet so now507.33.959
they'll pop up on the mini map we'll be509.7593.301
able to see them that'll help us yeah511.2594.2
that'll help us for sure513.064.5
all right what's the next Advantage the515.4594.2
next we want to do is the what do you517.564.8
call it reinforced armor yeah okay well519.6594.32
better armor oh yeah that's definitely522.366.7
gonna help us 100 for sure you betcha523.9798.981
behind me up I am uh you know what542.364.479
you're having a break real quick break545.5193.681
I don't know you just can do it it's553.763.639
cool yeah can you do it while you're555.724.679
driving uh let's see oh yeah yeah that's557.3996.06
what I thought oh boy that's the problem560.3996.361
with the hood yeah that's one problem563.4595.94
um so we're going to Humane labs to get566.765.579
reinforced armor yeah God that place we569.3994.5
had to do a heist there once didn't we572.3394.021
it might get ugly oh probably because573.8994.5
it's Humane Labs might take me a while576.363.539
to um get there you could go on ahead578.3993.0
and do the mission we'll meet you all579.8993.56
think that the guards here would be588.123.899
using the armor they provide yeah590.043.359
they're probably going to be loaded up592.0193.301
see I wish we could prevent you know the593.3994.201
casino guards from Heaven body armor I595.324.38
wish we could prevent forest fires yeah597.64.799
that too like that bear yeah who growls599.75.22
and grunts it's all sexy about it never602.3994.861
saw it that way but yeah only you can604.925.28
prevent forests607.265.28
taking a shortcut Dora I don't know why610.24.199
you would ever not fly this second a612.543.66
shortcut to614.3994.261
because I went the wrong way616.25.18
thank you618.662.72
oh wow leaves yeah I just got here uh629.884.86
you might want to take a boat buddy a632.74.38
boat yeah yeah to get here there's no634.744.38
real Road here it's kind of an abandoned637.084.74
Beach ah but with a chopper or a plane639.124.8
work yeah I get a seapling it's perfect641.824.259
for a seaplane643.925.38
but you'd never asked ah do it baby646.0799.44
is this your first time am I playing655.5195.141
Simon oh yeah you actually uh I I told657.544.799
you recently I had a dream about you660.663.84
flying the plane oh man that must have662.3394.381
been a dream come true it was kind of a664.54.68
nightmare it's really being very erratic666.724.02
but I like the way you're deploying669.183.599
right now okay well wait till you see me670.744.86
land yeah I hope that I can672.7795.101
live through it yeah see you guys675.64.919
oh wow where should we land how many677.884.62
Indians landed right here on the beach680.5194.141
oh you are coming in hot yeah that's not682.54.2
good oh roll down slow down slow down684.663.179
yeah there's no way I got to come back686.72.94
around okay yeah go back around go back687.8393.24
around give yourself a little Runway get689.642.939
a little lower huh did you guys find an691.0793.061
entrance no we're waiting for you guys692.5793.361
to get here so we can equip scuba gear694.143.96
oh okay I thought y'all could just be695.945.1
halfway started already nope Doris come698.14.799
in the water's great I'm good I just701.045.359
very comfortable in my suit702.8993.5
Simon this is probably gonna be a bad708.8393.12
landing just warning you710.3993.0
oh wait that just might be one of my711.9593.901
better Landings yeah see I got this look713.3994.861
at that that was amazing715.864.26
I did a really good Landing well you're718.263.96
you're still on the land yet have you I720.124.74
mean this is what I call Landon okay oh722.224.02
yeah just bring it in just bring it in724.863.26
all right yeah726.244.08
we'll bring it in too far don't feature728.126.339
you know okay jumping out Simon730.325.88
that's how I land planes all right hey734.4594.38
good job Don't Drown I'm gonna try not736.25.16
to no I'm impressed you made it from the738.8394.381
plane to the beach thank you so it says741.364.919
a quick uh scuba gear right here this is743.225.59
awesome we are so professional now746.2794.821
thank you751.13.179
thank you766.4593.0
it's got to be around here somewhere777.05.459
these are the coordinates Lester gave us779.165.58
here yeah all right you guys with me I782.4595.101
just uh entered oh wow784.744.86
I like this this is cool man I feel like787.563.719
we're like a full-on covered up right789.64.08
now right there's one to you where's the791.2794.761
last one793.682.36
um headcount I'm not good at swimming796.86.479
just come to the dots on the map I know800.764.74
I just I was behind you I just can't803.2794.8
really swim where I want to swim gotcha805.54.98
it's got a very strong swimmer I'm not808.0796.721
nope not this is a lot harder than you810.486.539
would think it would be for me814.84.02
let's see if you hold age it's kind of817.0194.141
like you just kick your fins818.825.22
and they drive it in nah you can't seem821.165.46
to wrap my head around the swimming in824.044.22
this game826.625.399
I just want to hit every wall yeah828.266.34
you're almost in832.0194.201
oh yeah there he is all right we got834.63.46
Simon we got all right moving forward836.2210.14
oh here we go door's open872.424.599
they feel like we should have taken875.223.179
these swimsuits off right because we877.0193.0
think it'll be the way to go yeah878.3993.361
because we look ridiculous at least the880.0194.62
at least the flippity flips and the tank881.765.4
says there's an elevator to gain entry884.6394.741
to a lab no access without protective887.164.859
garments so we don't want to go in there889.384.38
it's Nate892.0193.481
this is like something out of a star war893.763.6
so you guys don't want to have weapons895.55.1
out in case you know bad things weapons897.366.659
out oh here we go elevator you'll never900.65.7
see guys in flippers and scuba gear904.0195.76
coming no we look like we fit right in906.34.48
here we go I'm back now it's over935.65.859
yeah there's ding dong you got your swim939.423.539
trunks on still I know and I'm gonna941.4592.82
keep them off I'm gonna do this with942.9593.601
swim trunks944.2794.201
we're looking for reinforced armor folks946.563.66
I don't know what it looks like but keep948.484.159
an eye out950.222.419
all right it was very calm walking up954.925.26
here neebs I know you got to keep your958.53.54
head together you know yeah good for you960.185.339
okay pushing through yep962.046.479
I might have killed them all just969.9593.301
because I'm pretty awesome did I sleeps971.3993.721
very nice I think we still do have one973.263.54
behind us though so we gotta be careful975.123.24
I'm watching a six all right yeah you976.82.94
know what this guy in this room it's978.362.64
bugging me979.744.94
hey buddy I know you're back here981.03.68
there you go985.163.419
going in the cold room oh boy988.686.06
every room has a bunch okay I mean two991.885.86
oh wait here's boxes yep I got the boxes994.745.039
is that a reinforced armor yep I got one997.744.019
Simon you grab that one got it oh sweet999.7793.48
we gotta get back to the elevator to1001.7593.541
exit outside why won't we just go back1003.2593.781
the way we came you know through the1005.33.719
tunnel with our scuba gear I'd rather1007.043.239
not swim1009.0194.461
Simon doesn't want to swim1010.2793.201
well I got a marksman's ride full I'm1021.1994.441
gonna be shooting some Choppers out with1023.34.499
this thing on the co-pilot I can press e1025.644.62
to use the rocket launcher oh I got a1027.7994.561
rocket launcher oh cool I think all we1030.263.9
got to do is lose the cops yeah this1032.363.719
isn't bad oh wait leave you want to see1034.162.94
if you can hit some of the Choppers1036.0794.701
following us I do heck yeah1037.13.68
he's trying to I'm trying to point a man1042.743.719
uh point you at them1044.365.64
oh boy1046.4593.541
off point at him1051.443.32
ah man it's so hard to find them oh wow1054.884.72
yeah nice shot whoever that was I think1058.0394.561
I got him yeah oh1059.65.939
man that's that does not go away no yeah1062.64.199
someone shot him out of this guy he's1065.5393.481
going down the highway damn right1066.7994.981
damn nice I'm not sure why I even have a1069.024.26
reticle because it's not where the1071.783.36
missiles go yeah whatever it is you're1073.283.899
using knees Nevis is crap just give me1075.143.72
control of the uh the Rockets I could do1077.1795.0
much better I'm gonna try to hit the Sun1078.863.319
my view is horrible1087.083.78
so all we gotta do is get back to the1089.4193.481
arcade we got reinforced armor huh yep1090.864.08
we did it1092.93.5
was expertly done1094.943.54
at least we got something done today1096.43.03
hell yeah1098.484.579
what was that1117.382.72

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Man, watching Neebs Gaming play through the Diamond Casino Heist in GTA 5 has been an absolute blast! Their cinematic approach to gameplay commentary and editing really makes you feel like you're right there with the crew as they plan and execute the perfect heist.

In the latest episode, the action kicks off right away as the gang makes their move on the casino vault. Even though things don't quite go as planned at first, the back and forth between Neebs, Thick, and the rest of the crew is hilarious as always. Their chemistry together makes every failed attempt entertaining.

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Overall, Neebs Gaming's playthrough is the perfect blend of comedy, action, and storytelling. Their unique approach gives you the thrill of pulling off an epic heist without having to do any of the work yourself. From laughing at their hilarious failures to cheering on their narrow escapes, it feels like you're part of the crew.

For anyone looking to experience GTA 5's Diamond Casino Heist in the most cinematic and entertaining way, without actually playing it themselves, Neebs Gaming's series is an absolute must-watch. Their commentary and editing brings the heist to life in a way that makes you feel like you're playing through it with a group of hilarious friends. It just doesn't get any better than this!

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