Sweet Cheese Money... - RANCH SIM

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode yet? It's the cheesiest one yet - literally! The guys are divin...
Sweet Cheese Money... - RANCH SIM
Sweet Cheese Money... - RANCH SIM

Sweet Cheese Money... - RANCH SIM

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen the latest episode of Ranch Sim? It's called 'Sweet Cheese Money.'

simon: Oh yeah, that one was so cheesy! Literally, there was cheese everywhere.

appsro: I couldn't stop laughing at how ridiculous it was. Definitely my favorite YouTube video now.

neebs: I mean, who doesn't love a good cheese-filled episode? It's like a dairy dream come true.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode yet? It's the cheesiest one yet - literally! The guys are diving into the world of RANCH SIM and things are getting pretty wild. I mean, who knew that dealing with virtual cheese could be so entertaining?

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The music in this episode is on point, as always. I mean, who doesn't love a good soundtrack to accompany their virtual cheese adventures? From Western vibes to suspenseful beats, the playlist is a perfect match for the gameplay. So grab some snacks, settle in, and get ready for another epic Neebs Gaming adventure. Let the cheese madness begin!

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hey guys are you looking for more sex0.563.28
appeal or hey check this out it's a2.04.08
doraleous youtubes figure don't you go3.846.519
buy it link in the description box6.084.279
all right guys rallied up come here we35.524.8
gotta have a talk okay all right are our37.25.359
animals safe right now with food wise40.324.16
the very minimal amount of animals we42.5593.921
have now are i know how to make cheese44.483.28
yeah oh you cheesy boy oh i'm a cheesy47.764.319
cheesy boy but gotta get a couple of50.0794.0
those like crock-pot looking things and52.0794.16
then we can use the ovens the stoves or54.0794.64
whatever in our in our houses oh stoves56.2394.561
i look can i make cake58.7193.761
looks like the ghost is gone jigglypuff62.484.639
is finally ascended into heaven thank64.724.079
goodness i was thinking we could rename67.1194.721
the ranch nope jigglypuff memorial ranch68.7994.721
yeah we're not gonna do that think about71.843.36
all right where you going i'm just gonna75.23.2
grab a couple of those crock pots and76.7992.96
we're gonna get that started we need78.42.24
yeah you do otherwise i'm gonna own this80.647.22
ranch the jiggly puff memorial ranch83.5217.32
hey there shadeed how how have you been103.524.639
oh okay okay106.324.0
i should get a few of these and we108.1595.121
always need to feed110.322.96
do we want a rooster we probably could113.4393.841
use a rooster no that makes us115.044.56
broke that's it thank you sateed you117.284.24
look lovely today119.64.559
simon you ever tried to milk a hog uh121.525.68
no no this hog says she wants milking124.1596.831
really yeah milk that hog127.29.54
you said it says to milk it yeah milk it136.86.159
yeah but it doesn't say to milk it139.283.679
hello there he is bring some milk144.84.96
absolutely grab an egg i'll meet you147.284.959
guys in the kitchen149.765.88
oh okay152.2393.401
add milk157.043.68
add milk158.8794.161
put down the eggs please yes sir right160.724.48
next to you yep there's one i'm putting163.044.64
an egg in one all right i don't165.24.24
understand it but i'm doing it i guess167.684.24
it makes the money better and then add169.444.079
the mold171.923.12
add the mold173.5193.601
so milk egg mold175.044.24
oh press e to start cooking177.125.28
press e to start cooking look at this179.284.959
it's already at 20 and then you got to182.44.8
like set it on the rack is that in here184.2394.401
yeah we can put it on these racks in187.23.759
this closet really you set the cheese on188.644.239
the racks to cool when it's done on the190.9594.0
oven which it's almost done we set it on192.8793.841
there to cool and take some time and194.9594.0
then we sell that for sweet sweet cash196.724.879
oh i cannot wait to find out198.9594.161
oh look at that look at this oh is that201.5993.681
is that your big old cheese pile oh203.124.72
that's a big cheese wheel excuse me i205.284.64
want to taste some of that207.844.319
it looks like blue cheese which is blue209.923.84
i guess you make the most money with the212.1593.841
blue it is expensive cheese it's it's213.764.64
the yuppies of cheese oh i do love me216.03.92
some blue cheese218.42.88
we'll just keep making it you know what219.922.959
we're gonna do some science this is the221.283.44
wallpaper and paintings you guys decided222.8793.761
to put in here224.723.84
so we're doing science here this one228.563.92
does not have the egg added we're gonna230.43.6
see what the price difference is when we232.483.28
do sell them oh234.03.92
no egg i didn't even know you can make235.763.92
cheese without egg i didn't know what237.923.44
was involved at all239.684.08
you brought this up before there sir241.364.159
getting a lawnmower yeah i mean the243.763.759
grass is a little long oh245.5194.0
i forgot that you could do that i would247.5193.28
like to at least do it for a little249.5192.961
while yes we might be able to do that250.7994.241
with our sweet cheese money252.484.08
hey let's go255.043.759
well to bed we got a few minutes you256.563.519
guys can go ahead and get out of here258.7992.481
now i thought we were drinking at your260.0792.721
house tonight nah not tonight we'll261.283.199
drink when we get profits from cheese262.83.119
how about that yeah we should stay awake264.4792.801
all night though yeah we could do a265.9193.941
party maybe a nice radio drama267.285.649
good morning273.282.639
good morning your cake is ready my cake276.166.24
yes your cake but i didn't order a cake279.285.6
i ordered a loaf of bread282.44.079
um we284.884.0
don't make bread here doctor286.4795.041
we just make cake well that's funny288.885.599
considering this is a shoe repair shop i291.525.2
believe i've caught you in a fib294.4795.761
like wrapped in grandma's sheets296.723.52
considering you're not even a doctor300.724.96
you're right i'm not a doctor let me303.364.64
take a look at that cake and how much is305.685.12
it no i i'd be happy to to give you a uh308.04.72
a very good price if we could just make310.83.6
this all go away312.724.84
i'm willing to consider it314.44.4
nice and that's 60 out of 100320.085.76
they make uh clear to say right because323.364.24
you never know yeah325.843.84
we could paint these trucks too and and327.64.4
and your place if you want buy some329.683.68
paint ooh332.03.28
yeah i'd give it a paint job wouldn't333.364.72
that be nice to do two yeah hey dora335.284.4
yeah thought you were gonna teach me how338.083.44
to make cheese come on are you in my339.683.76
place i am and i'm just kidding cause341.524.959
guess what what i just made some cheese343.444.319
he's a cheese making347.7594.961
you are funny okay here we go put in349.64.96
here we go did made my first i didn't352.725.52
realize it's super simple oh babies what354.566.16
what there's babies pigs we got baby358.244.799
pigs baby pigs oh i'm gonna name them360.724.16
ash and misty they're my favorite363.0394.16
characters from pokemon okay so they364.883.84
just follow mama around which i guess367.1993.761
makes damn sense because i start368.724.24
worrying when they follow you i'll be370.963.519
your mama come here372.965.679
we got cheese we got cheese oh374.4795.28
beautiful cheese oh my goodness379.7595.361
that does look good385.124.24
that's a lot that's a lot that's a big387.124.16
ass wheel of cheese i tell you that389.363.839
thing i think should bring us i'm391.285.039
guessing about 250 bucks a freaking roll393.1994.801
or whatever you want to call that wheel396.3194.0
yep that's a wheel simon they got these398.04.479
two the two stacker those are the ones400.3195.121
made with egg okay good we're not gonna402.4794.241
wait for these other two because one's405.443.759
at 81 so we're gonna go see what's up406.726.72
we're gonna do science yes let's do it409.1994.241
my god418.03.68
this thing's got a little bit more419.845.199
weight you're doing great yeah421.685.68
um where should we say should we do it425.0393.841
at the we should do both we should do427.362.88
one at the burger joint one at the428.882.8
market and see what you get the most430.243.679
money for loading area431.685.359
oh i've never been in here i don't433.9194.881
i'm just curious why437.0393.6
where these people are i don't know but438.83.36
i'm eating their food soon i kind of440.6395.12
want it too right so 165 a piece for the442.166.08
ones with the egg and you oh yeah you445.7595.44
were way too high cheat you get 15 more448.246.32
dollars per uh per cheese yeah per wheel451.1996.511
oh that's not worth an egg454.564.8
staying dry on this trip absurd yep459.364.08
you're getting my truck wet it's all461.9194.4
right it smells though like especially463.445.52
bad with bo when's the last time you've466.3194.72
showered well it's been a minute also i468.964.48
rubbed cheese on myself last night471.0393.84
hey deed yeah blue cheese is the best it474.8795.6
costs more for the uh for the mold but477.9194.4
the payoffs better sometimes you gotta480.4795.231
spend money to make money that's so true482.31910.72
ryden lawnmower where you at where you493.0394.801
at one thousand dollars ooh how much you495.1995.921
got 648. abstro yeah you want to figure497.844.72
out this color machine bring some paint501.123.6
back for your place502.563.75
one way to get in and out is the dumbest510.6394.04
what color you gonna paint it516.883.039
that's all right that's that's uh that's523.123.839
gonna stick out at night a lot more i'll525.5194.88
tell you that much that's a color526.9595.521
it's already grown on me it's striking530.3994.721
oh eat the paint535.124.08
that's black that's not blue didn't you537.5192.721
buy blue539.22.88
i'm not about blue but540.243.039
that's just an542.083.68
evil dark house543.2796.56
yeah perfect i like that545.766.72
i can paint paint this gate549.8394.801
oh yeah that looked good552.483.52
yeah that showed like that's where the554.645.04
damn gate is oh perfect good call556.07.279
whoa there's a latin stone whoa you look559.687.68
crazy on my screen right now oh you563.2796.801
you are holding paint this is some like567.365.44
floating in the air stranger things570.087.759
my wife curtis's family this is crazy572.85.039
he's back you're back now you're you're580.724.0
do you see this584.723.36
dora no i didn't see anything weird you586.083.439
don't see anything right in front of you588.082.64
i see him589.5193.521
okay i see him too590.725.48
all right593.043.16
how many cheeses do we have that are619.64.239
ready uh two so it's like we're gonna621.5194.961
need our cheese game better um we could623.8394.24
use another cow that's the best626.483.44
money-making game you got okay well what628.0794.32
if you go up and do uh wild dick rick629.924.32
maybe one more hunting mission of his oh632.3993.44
now we can go hunting now uh don't kill634.242.8
each other635.8393.281
uh sir you're gonna have to guide me639.124.08
oh to the hunting ranch641.65.08
yeah it's everywhere643.23.48
simon two deer to our left two deer to647.5194.801
the left oh there's three damn right i649.924.159
know it's like they're all sitting still652.323.519
let's i'm going one in the middle okay654.0793.041
okay and i'm going for the one on the655.8392.881
far right ready on the count of three657.124.399
yep one two three658.724.88
oh i didn't reload661.5194.0
yeah that's why you need to reload and i663.65.64
killed two of them665.5193.721
oh rick684.323.32
it says hunt nimble rabbits shooting690.164.16
predators let's choose some predators692.323.44
yeah i like i mean we already694.323.199
hunting rabbits could you shoot at least695.763.84
five of any of these predators for this697.5195.361
or what you uh with one of my guns699.66.16
a new gun702.882.88
all right so i'm gonna hit accept and uh708.03.68
dora just got stuff at the general store709.8397.041
200 okay we gotta kill five predators711.688.159
oh simon yeah what come up to me here i716.884.959
see a wolf okay719.8393.041
all right we're gonna hit him at the721.8392.56
same time you ready that's right all722.884.72
right three two one five724.3994.081
oh come on734.9593.12
come on babe736.883.44
yeah there we go well it took you three740.565.16
i might see a wolf okay could have also748.324.079
been a rock all right750.563.839
damn it that was a rock back to back752.3995.571
back over here754.3996.56
oh two wolves two wolves oh god one of760.9593.601
them's coming right at us all right762.9594.241
uh come on get the gun come at me come764.565.36
at me come where you going767.22.72
all right where's the oh good guess what770.163.28
i'm going to shoot at it771.762.96
oh i missed them all that weird's right773.443.519
by my damn head damn it how is that not774.724.4
hitting him i'm gonna get him oh god it776.9596.601
was right by my head again finally779.124.44
oh this is windy in my spanking cabin786.9594.32
you have a spanking cabinet yeah789.044.64
is it only for spanking yeah i see i791.2794.961
would enjoy either spanking or getting793.684.32
spanked in one of these trailers yeah796.243.36
it's not bad my personal favorite is the798.03.81
tent or you go down to the beach799.610.32
let's cut through these woods right like809.923.84
this yeah sure you'll screw it why not811.683.839
all right what about what go straight up813.763.12
the mountain no i wouldn't say go up the815.5192.721
well there's that was pretty much the818.243.44
left through the woods through the woods820.05.72
i didn't say up the mountain821.684.04
how much you pay for gas like 50 bucks831.127.36
good lord let's go brandon am i right833.66.64
i swear i love that838.484.0
i got the t-shirt i got the hat i got840.245.76
the flash for you i love that so much842.488.039
let's go brandon right846.04.519
i want to turn the headlights on simon857.1995.2
oh what is that uh lake yeah oh yeah now859.047.56
we can see a little better yeah862.3994.201
oh see some lights down there what's879.1996.601
that oh i see him too880.9594.841
oh i think that's doraleous that's gotta890.06.92
be yeah he's out in the truck892.244.68
i'm getting hurt and i don't know why915.8394.721
it's not wait wait stop uh it's going up918.0794.801
the mountain wait oh i see a light920.563.2
all right oh oh getting hurt again oh923.763.92
you got a wolf on you oh i do925.683.44
damn yeah927.684.08
there we go son of a the night929.127.48
hunt was a success it was931.764.84
oh i gotta reload942.323.04
i got him thank god946.05.279
here we go i killed the predators can i948.3996.0
have the hunting rightful yeah who has951.2796.24
completed shooting predators sure okay954.3995.44
now we're do i have like a hunting rifle957.5193.44
on me959.8395.521
damn i got a hunting rifle look at this960.9594.401
oh salmon it's the same way you do the966.3994.081
revolver except now now there's a hunt968.563.92
rifle oh yeah970.484.0
thank you hot dick972.483.599
oh man we can hunt all kinds of974.484.08
yeah we can have all sorts of fun978.5610.65

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