Thats Not Flying Its Falling With Style!!! - Grounded

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out their latest video yet? This one is a real doozy, featuring some crazy stunts that...
Thats Not Flying Its Falling With Style!!! - Grounded
Thats Not Flying Its Falling With Style!!! - Grounded

Thats Not Flying Its Falling With Style!!! - Grounded

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another Neebs Gaming video! Today, we're talking about why 'Thats Not Flying Its Falling With Style!!! - Grounded' is our favorite video.

simon: Oh man, that video had me in stitches! Watching you plummet to the ground thinking you were flying was hilarious.

neebs: Yeah, I mean, who knew dandelion tuffs wouldn't actually make us fly? And don't even get me started on the disclaimer in the description.

appsro: I still can't believe we tried to reenact that in real life. Good thing we had those crash mats handy!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out their latest video yet? This one is a real doozy, featuring some crazy stunts that you definitely should not try at home. I mean, I know we all wish we could fly like Dandelion Tuffs, but let's leave the dangerous stuff to the professionals, right?

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it got you hello7.744.02
all right dandelion tuft a tough uh yep24.3595.16
could be used to drift down from Great27.663.66
there goes nothing31.324.64
nope nope nope33.365.76
's what are you doing out here I was35.964.9
trying to use a dandelion tough and now39.122.64
I'm hurt40.864.039
you know no I don't how do you use those41.765.88
I'm not the guy to ask okay well we'll44.8995.32
figure it out yeah Sun's going down you47.643.96
know what today50.2193.901
oh part of my job is to kill some red51.64.979
ants kill them are they gonna get pissed54.124.439
at you and tell their friends I mean56.5794.201
maybe maybe but that's uh I think that's58.5594.02
what Birdville wants me to do yeah I60.783.419
mean listen I don't mind we can kill one62.5793.481
real close to home here and when we die64.1993.121
it's not a big deal I feel like I've66.062.879
been seeing them around all day and then67.322.94
now you know when you want them to be68.9392.821
around they're not around sometimes70.262.58
they're right by the base because they71.763.06
want to get in and eat oh that's right I72.844.5
cook some food yeah and uh if anyone74.824.2
sees a gnat flying around I need that77.343.06
nap fuzz so I can make you guys some79.024.5
bows are all sorts of busy oh there's a80.48.78
red ant get it and here we go oh83.529.32
god oh yeah all right89.183.66
he's running he's gonna go tell his92.95.94
friends all right oh [ __ ] I got that guy94.867.259
oh damn two more two more over here oh98.845.62
there's a problem oh boy oh yeah that's102.1194.081
a bunch of them here we go tear them104.463.479
apart okay106.23.919
thank you107.9395.18
I was trying to fly but it didn't work113.2994.121
out man yeah yeah we got to figure that115.4394.5
out because that would be cool so if I'm117.425.76
up here and I do119.9396.481
nope okay all right it's on the list123.185.4
we'll figure it out today nobody has any126.424.38
Nat fuzz right that's nobody now fuzz128.585.82
let me check uh inventory net fuzz net130.86.6
fuzz I do not see any net wait that's134.44.559
some oh yeah I got two net fuzz right137.44.08
here yeah someone's getting a bow boom138.9595.161
oh that's good neebs check me out look141.485.479
at this144.122.839
oh you got an ant Hammond yeah I do well147.686.52
that's pretty cool can you make me one I151.923.899
helped you kill some Kim and someone's154.23.48
gas sorry we'll add an uh ant stuff we155.8193.181
can kill some more ants okay guess what157.683.779
I was supposed to kill four soldier ants159.04.62
so that didn't count towards my burger161.4594.021
thing in the top right corner top left163.624.56
corner if you have more carrying spaces165.484.32
when you wear ant stuff oh thank you168.184.26
you're welcome do I have more carrying169.84.14
space when I have more in stuff yeah172.442.76
because I think when you read it it says173.943.06
something about Carrie and more like175.24.259
have a more strength oh because I'm177.05.099
wearing ant stuff you need more slots or179.4596.721
let's see he doesn't look like it man I182.0995.581
should run to the analyzer I think I got186.183.6
a couple things that I haven't analyzed187.684.44
yeah I'm gonna do that I'm gonna cook189.784.5
some meat that's a big feather huh I192.124.14
mean it's a feather we're just small so194.284.26
it's a normal sized feather yeah but but196.264.199
yes it is Big to us can we get anything198.545.04
from this chop it okay chop it that's uh200.4596.301
that that was a hammer oh higher higher203.584.92
tier two oh well I just learned to make206.763.119
a better Hammer but yeah we got to208.53.0
figure out how to make a better X I209.8793.181
guess we just need to go out and211.53.48
discover more resources to analyze yeah213.064.679
yeah always should we go to the tree at214.989.38
night do it Dora yeah you me tree [ __ ]217.7396.621
so you don't like coming out at night235.44.619
huh I don't like going to the tree ever237.424.739
I mean all you gotta do is be careful we240.0193.401
just gotta watch out for spiders right242.1592.701
oh is that what it is yeah be careful243.423.48
yeah but they're so very fast and stuff244.864.019
sometimes it's just too late yeah I246.93.36
think we can see it well we need to also248.8794.08
set up a base by that tree I agree right250.264.02
by the water we're gonna have to haul252.9593.96
some [ __ ] but whatever man I want I want254.284.5
more red ant armor I want you to have I256.9193.961
wanna yeah we should do that yeah258.783.84
because I like this hat I got it's like260.884.44
a samurai red ant oh it's a really cool262.624.44
hat but you know what it's uh we can't265.323.659
all look the same right oh yeah no I267.064.02
like your Acorn get up because that is268.9794.081
Acorn that you're wearing right one-eyed271.085.16
deal yeah your one-eyed Acorn get up oh273.064.98
man look how pretty this is I know it's276.244.32
so pretty oh it's that oh it's okay it's278.044.62
that solar light lit up man this looks280.563.84
awesome oh it's just so pretty it's282.664.14
magical okay you know that's bad news in284.43.96
that case yeah we probably don't want to286.83.899
go under that cave how about up here up288.364.38
here okay hold on290.6994.681
look at all those the bugs by the Light292.744.86
wait are they gnats I mean it's not295.383.72
gonna be Bees No that's what we're after297.64.62
oh yeah oh my God holy okay wow you299.14.92
ready for this oh are you gonna you're302.223.78
gonna hit it with a bow and arrow oh my304.023.02
that's great I'll knock a couple out307.044.659
okay yeah keep knocking them yeah you309.364.02
grabbing them oh my God I can yeah311.6994.5
that'd be cool yeah yeah yeah let me get313.384.44
this guy oh hell yeah oh I got your316.1994.201
arrow back too okay hold on buddy where317.825.58
are you rolling to you little skill oh320.44.859
dude this is the best spot in the world323.44.139
it's a great spot that worked out oh325.2593.961
they're just rolling down to me oh yes327.5394.88
yes and I got your arrows get that pause329.227.199
ah stop it stop moving332.4195.62
come on try it again I want to catch him336.4194.881
I know ah338.0396.121
yeah boy oh [ __ ]341.34.66
oh no damn it I wanted to catch him so344.163.68
holy okay so we know where to go to get347.845.139
net stuff yep for sure the light at350.343.12
fighter [ __ ] I'm in a web356.466.42
come on you little piece of [ __ ] Simon360.244.86
there's a spider out there oh you think362.884.86
are you telling me Oh there's a spider365.14.439
out here it's all about you you know I'm367.744.019
trying to [ __ ] live my life here pal369.5396.121
are you close reasonably okay you should371.7595.581
you shouldn't be out right now375.663.479
um oh I'm running to you what do you377.343.96
mean I shouldn't be out because Danger's379.1393.661
out there I know it's dangerous there381.33.44
you are come on382.86.0
oh God [ __ ] what the hell do I do now384.746.519
pull yourself together you're falling to388.86.38
pieces yeah I guess so391.2593.921
oh God I heard it holy there was a cave397.224.599
down here I'm gonna jump into that oh400.446.06
[ __ ] do it whoa okay no oh you got I'm401.8197.44
right by the entrance to the cave oh oh406.55.16
God Dora hey spider's going away you got409.2593.841
a chance get in here get me I'm coming411.662.64
I'm coming okay413.13.659
oh okay oh yeah where are you at okay414.36.08
okay I see you Shadow hey hey buddy416.7595.581
oh yeah420.382.759
okay all right we should sneak into this423.1395.981
cave behind us okay all right to the to426.35.88
the other spiders uh no space is too429.125.4
small for spiders let me see if I have a432.183.78
light I got one434.523.78
whoops here we go435.964.2
here we go all right438.35.22
can we see where this leads ah it can't440.165.34
be good oh did you say look it just goes443.523.959
out over here it's perfect okay okay445.54.56
it's just a through it's a thrill oh I447.4794.141
see something I hear something moving450.064.82
that's a bigger451.623.26
got you456.07.259
oh gotta go go go go go it can fit458.468.48
through there abstract I know463.2593.681
what are you doing up there I'm trying471.384.659
to get this uh dandelion thing to work474.05.34
it says left ship I hit eight it goes476.0394.621
away I hit it again479.343.0
I should be able to hit left shift and480.663.9
like Glide I think oh that's right you482.346.479
could fly maybe yeah it goes boom oh oh484.567.44
yeah there we go look at this that's488.8195.401
amazing oh that is pretty awesome and492.03.66
then did I use it no I think I can use494.223.539
it over and over you're kidding man we495.663.78
gotta go higher where the hell do you497.7593.481
get I want to get some water right now499.444.74
where did you find that uh you chopped501.244.739
down a dandelion and then I found some504.184.38
on the ground the water I got one I'll505.9794.141
give you one so uh how about I give you508.562.94
one and we go somewhere real high510.124.32
together okay hold on I like that idea511.55.76
let's do it all right let's let's find514.444.32
something so far I just found something517.264.459
fun about this place518.762.959
that's gorgeous it's beautiful Dora why526.225.08
push it any further it's not that we're529.84.08
thus far like it's not that far yeah no531.34.38
we're not too far away533.884.019
um I do want to try to start building an535.685.099
outpost out near this Lake yeah but I537.8994.321
also want to go back to the hedges540.7793.661
because that hedge lab I'm looking for542.224.38
yep I think it's over there in these544.444.74
Hedges that makes sense to me yeah all546.64.14
right yeah there's the bird feeder we549.184.2
were at mm-hmm there it's a great view550.743.779
it's a great view up here all right but553.382.94
yeah for here let's get the acorns you554.5194.38
want to NAB them what yeah what what are556.324.74
you gonna do no I'm looking at you okay558.8994.44
yeah keep an eye out561.063.899
what is my character doing right now563.3393.901
just standing there on the top of a564.9594.021
stick okay what did I do I have my hands567.243.18
like I'm looking at you yeah you're568.982.64
holding it like it through your hands570.422.52
like your make-believe and you have571.623.54
binocs no they they work as binoculars572.945.1
it's real oh well that's that's good for575.165.82
us okay keep an eye out please because578.045.0
uh we know there's spiders580.985.22
I got my binocular my binocular hands583.045.32
okay I think the spiders go away during586.24.139
the day though that's not true I've been588.363.36
killed several times during the day590.3393.421
thank you wolf spiders those big ones I591.723.54
think those are nice they all kill me593.764.74
the same way dude I don't know I don't595.265.34
see any right now yeah okay but they're598.53.839
here hey come over to me then real quick600.64.2
check this out no I'm getting these okay602.3394.861
yeah but yeah I'm right here so all604.85.159
right all right now I get real sneaky607.25.4
about it and then yeah like boom right609.9594.5
here what do you what do you why why are612.63.66
you doing that because I just want to614.4594.261
show you what I've seen in here what'd616.265.519
you see look oh see what I'm saying618.725.52
there sleepy little biscuits they sleep621.7795.161
together the other ones wake up yeah the624.244.8
uh the orb weavers or whatever yeah they626.943.66
wake up with these wolf spiders during629.043.06
the day this is where they like to come630.64.5
and nap yeah that's cute God I wish I632.15.1
could just make a Molotov cocktail oh I635.14.08
would love that and then block them in637.23.72
there could we make a wall right here639.184.099
yeah come in on both sides yeah lock643.325.3
them in then what I don't know645.063.56
all right Simon you got it your [ __ ] I649.3395.981
do and it should say like L shift in the652.0794.221
yep okay we're gonna go kind of towards656.35.2
that the big tree Okay jump the way of658.85.099
I'll follow you now I'm going your way661.55.76
that way turn around 180 see the big663.8995.281
giant tree yep jumping that way that way667.263.96
I'll be right back I'm gonna gonna jump669.185.58
and then hit left shift right all right671.226.359
gonna do it jump left shift you did it674.767.259
yep jump left shift yeah yeah677.5796.601
now we're sinking faster than I wanted682.0196.0
to we are but it was still fun man okay684.185.94
it gets you out of a you know a high688.0194.861
spot yeah no that's very cool you know690.124.98
you we can make zip lines later no I did692.884.139
not know that that's gonna be amazing695.14.32
yeah did you notice I'm wearing697.0194.201
something uh you're wearing a cat shirt699.424.2
oh the head the head thing yep my first701.224.38
armor yep703.624.14
you doing great take a picture705.65.04
did you yeah yep do I look good you do707.765.639
this too I I could but I don't want to710.647.86
take yeah hit x x yep okay oh here we go713.3998.521
oh look at this look at that hey I like718.55.7
that look I can count the freckles on721.928.7
your nose yep one two three four five724.212.78
six seven eight nine ten eleven I think730.628.7
there's twelve thirteen there's tiny736.984.799
ones 14. okay there's yeah there's739.324.8
probably about 40.741.7793.811
okay let's make some stuff man let's753.985.2
Okay uh what kind of stuff you want I'm756.9593.841
looking at a bandage myself because I'm759.182.48
what the holy moly just threw that stuff761.665.14
out hey corny stuff that's big stuff764.15.52
that's how that comes down yeah I guess766.84.2
I'm nabbing it769.623.12
um yeah make some Acorn armor while you771.03.3
can and I'll make a couple more bows772.744.68
okay good yeah okay you should probably774.35.339
put the in the basket next time or just777.424.32
throw it out right that's a lot more fun779.6395.221
to see in it oh [ __ ] listen I I need uh781.745.46
I need might fuzz before I can do a damn784.866.24
thing hey but for starters here you go787.27.699
oh boom here you go hey we all have bows791.16.84
nice I got no arrows but I got a bow794.8995.321
yeah we'll make arrows next thing at a797.943.24
time I'm gonna go research something800.222.1
thank you801.184.02
make armor thanks Dora thank you guys I802.325.4
made a I made a hood that's about as far805.25.699
as I'm going today okay but I need other807.725.4
things with it that I don't have thank810.8994.401
oh boy815.6392.661
all right hide in the corner820.945.74
I had to lose that orb waiver824.15.66
Lord Weaver826.683.08
did I yeah I threw oh science830.4597.161
or Weaver's creeping around this hole839.14.56
it's hard to fill in this hole at night841.385.899
I gotta abandon this spot843.663.619
oh my God855.487.7
okay oh back to this spot863.184.38
oh yeah I want to go home now [ __ ] [ __ ]867.565.76
so you're looking for water right yep873.625.62
did you build a acorn armor uh yeah I876.425.279
mean you don't see me wearing it uh is879.244.68
it chest plate yeah okay yeah I wore one881.6995.101
too yeah yeah yeah so that's that's the883.925.58
extensive oh [ __ ] stuff moving spider886.84.74
web and some things moving over I see889.53.24
water right there by the spider web891.543.12
though how bad you want it uh pretty bad892.744.14
oh I see it too all right watch my back894.664.2
there's a spider to your right is there896.884.5
yep oh [ __ ] I do see it hold on I see898.864.44
you I feel like he's dead he's not901.384.259
running though got the water had a boy903.35.099
oh you you jump right in there you slow905.6395.101
I didn't see it for my view I'm hitting908.3994.44
the there you go how does that spider910.745.82
not see you oh he doesn't see me because912.8395.401
I don't know I was gonna try to think of916.562.88
something smart to say but it didn't918.245.12
work listen I also built this919.448.04
huh oh it's a shovel oh crap I just923.365.62
threw it at you what the hell is wrong927.482.82
with you if that button would do928.983.84
something different yeah well please930.35.099
don't okay I'd appreciate it if you see932.824.5
like the ground moving like there's935.3993.841
something under the ground yeah let me937.323.66
know okay because I'm gonna dig it up939.245.659
okay I want to see this [ __ ]940.983.919
this is epstro spider experiment number948.56.699
one I have built a little wall with a951.545.06
cute little torch out in front of it955.1994.26
night time has come and I'm waiting for956.66.099
these wolf spiders to emerge I did find959.4594.921
two other exit doors that these wolf962.6993.061
spiders could use964.384.139
this may be completely ineffective but I965.764.56
want to see if they even approach this968.5193.12
oh here come the gnats971.6395.281
as they are want to do they are drawn to974.3994.081
the light976.923.96
like flies to a bug zapper978.485.099
they are adorable980.885.18
you gonna wake up988.0793.841
you're gonna be like oh what a lovely989.6394.2
day or what a lovely evening I'm gonna991.923.96
go out for a big Advent993.8395.521
what is this oh gee I'm stuck in my995.885.1
house for the rest of the day what was999.362.11
oh yeah I see it I see it right here1003.745.64
I'm gonna go for it you ready yeah I1006.945.48
don't even know there he goes1009.385.24
sorry buddy oh yeah great okay go1014.626.279
analyze that [ __ ] yeah we need more of1018.744.98
them so yeah you're looking okay yeah oh1020.8995.641
right there right there oh yeah yeah1023.724.619
good oh where'd he go oh there's right1026.544.879
here two oh there's two1028.3393.08
oh good work all right pick that [ __ ] up1037.644.559
while we're out here let's just keep1041.03.36
grabbing maybe we can eat those we can1042.1994.081
build some stuff my inventory is full so1044.364.89
you got to pick this [ __ ] up all right1046.287.62
oh is he asleep1053.93.74
he's snoring1056.0593.841
this is where this son of a [ __ ] oh1057.644.24
wolf spider's coming back gonna try to1059.94.38
distract him with a rock thank you1061.884.44
distract him with a rock what's that1064.283.18
over there1066.323.26
what's that over there1067.465.16
what's that over there1069.585.38
wolf spider does not seem to give a [ __ ]1072.623.98
about the rocks1074.963.6
what was that1082.04.36
wolf spider1084.285.8
oh what was that was over here what was1086.364.819
oh it's over here what was that1091.1796.461
wolf spider seemed very confused right1094.964.92
what if I beat him in the head1100.43.74
oh my God okay run run spider experiment1105.645.62
has failed fail we have failed we're1109.523.26
[ __ ]1111.265.22
oh right there peebs watch your back1112.785.86
come dead center the legs are popping1116.484.38
through disguise is all over the place1118.644.44
gotcha go dead center1120.863.6
hey guys1123.083.3
hey I'm back in face I see his power1124.464.26
leaving yeah there's a spider yes1126.383.6
man we got to figure out how to take1129.984.8
these guys I know welcome back abstro oh1131.665.22
thank you thank you thank you probably1134.783.84
gonna be a spider coming back for us we1136.883.419
know they Patrol here at night don't we1138.625.04
yeah anybody got any um you know fiber1140.2997.581
here oh thank you oh my God1143.666.48
it's like a Harry Potter spell or1147.884.48
something just fiber appeared all right1150.145.159
grub hard crude rope bam here we go1152.365.58
Simon this is for you buddy I better1155.2995.221
know yeah because I know how much you1157.945.4
like to die from not drinking1160.527.1
dehydration right oh God don't tell me1163.347.5
how is that made out of GrubHub oh I1167.625.679
look gross it's like scared or some [ __ ]1170.844.8
next time you see a drop of water scoop1173.2995.641
it up with your canteen wow1175.646.3
oh wait I'm in hot pouch too I don't1178.944.739
want to be in hot pouch too hot pouch1181.944.38
too is the worst guys it really is hot1183.6795.401
pouch too slam a jam I don't know stay1186.324.2
still for a second so let me get a look1189.083.66
at that thing take a peak stir oh yeah1190.524.74
that's gross isn't it nice though like1192.744.14
look at the inside I bet she's a little1195.264.08
slimy still no man it looks like yeah it1196.884.44
looks like hey abstract let's open1199.345.219
together a nut sack1201.328.04
two three four seven nine fourteen1204.5596.48
eleven why are we counting up I don't1209.363.059
understand I don't take a sip from the1211.0393.441
nut can you you see that the nut sack1212.4194.201
I'm done what you're not saying we're1214.485.04
bonding okay1216.622.9

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